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Your Company Here, LLC

PO Box 26962
Fresno, CA 93729-6962


Motion Picture: Movie Title Here

Person Name Here (Who you will hire)

Producer (<-- Their credit name here)


City, State, Zip:________________________________________________________

Cell Phone:____________________________________________________________


Social Security Number:__________________________________________________

Fixed Compensation: $5,000 for the pre-production, production, and post-production

periods, and an additional $80,000 deferred.

1. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: This deal memo is between the independent

contractor (employee) named above and YOUR COMPANY HERE, LLC (Production
Manager). The employee shall be considered an independent contractor for employment
purposes, and as such shall receive a form 1099 at year end for wages paid. No taxes will
be withheld from wages, and no social security taxes paid.

2. PAYMENT OF COMPENSATION: Wages shall be paid in equal installments on the

15th and 30th of the month in which services are performed. Services to start March 1,
2009 and to end June 30, 2009.

3. EXEMPT EMPLOYEES: Exempt employees shall not be beneficiary of additional

overtime, turnaround, or other hourly payments.

4. NIGHTS, WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS, WORK TIME: No increased or additional
compensation shall accrue or be payable to employee for the rendering of services at
night or on weekends or holidays, or after the expiration of any particular number of
hours of service in any period. Wages paid are for a 6-day work week.

5. MEALS: The producer will provide meals and/or food service at approximately six (6)
hour intervals.

6. PERSONAL CAR: No mileage payments or car allowances will be paid. Employee is

responsible for liability and collision insurance and deductibles on his personal vehicle
used in conjunction with this employment.

7. ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE: The use of alcohol or drugs during the hours of
employment will result in employees immediate termination.

8. EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: Employees services are on an exclusive basis to the

production of MOVIE TITLE HERE for the time period required.

9. SCREEN CREDIT: Screen credit is at (credit name here)s discretion subject to

employees performing all services required through completion of term.

10. EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITY: Employee will be held personally responsible for

purchases, rentals, and expenses not approved in advance by production.

11. AT WILL EMPLOYMENT: Producer reserves the right to discharge employee at

any time, subject only to the obligation to pay the balance of any wages due for time
worked. Employment is subject to immediate suspension, postponement, or termination
without further obligation on the part of the producer, by reason of labor controversy,
strike, earthquake, act of God, governmental action, regulation, or decree, or for any
other customary force.

12. BINDING MEMO: The terms and conditions of this deal memo are binding on
producer and employee and shall not be waived or altered by any method.

13. OWNERSHIP: Producer shall be the owner of all of the results and proceeds of
employees services, including any copyright, trademark, and any other intellectual
property rights in any work or property created by employee, or anyone under employees
direction. Employee acknowledges that employees work is a work made for hire
within the scope of employees employment, and therefore employer shall be the author
and copyright owner of any work created under this memo. In the event that any
proceeds of employees work are not considered a work for hire, then employees
copyright to such work is hereby assigned to employer. Employer shall have the right to
use employees name, voice, picture, and likeness in connection with MOVIE TITLE
HERE, the advertising and publicizing thereof, and any promotional films thereof,
without additional compensation therefore.

14. PUBLICITY: Employee shall not directly or indirectly circulate, publish, or
otherwise disseminate any news story, article, book, or other publicity concerning
MOVIE TITLE HERE without producers prior written consent.

15. DVD: Employee will receive one DVD of MOVIE TITLE HERE upon its release to
the public, and employee has permission to show the DVD in connection with seeking
future employment.

16. ARBITRATION: Any controversy or claim arising out of this deal memo or any
breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American
Arbitration Association; and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be
entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The prevailing party shall be entitled to
reimbursement for costs and reasonable attorneys fees.




Independent Contractor Signature Date

Executive Producer Signature Date