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Dear Sirs, Madams

I am interested to apply for a Masters Degree Program in {name od the

programme} starting in 2013. I graduated in 2011, from the University of {name od
the University}, USA and hold a Bachelors degree in {name od the programme}.

The four year undergraduate program in {name od the programme} formed the
basis of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of .
As a part of my degree course I studied various subjects relating to diverse aspects
of {specify} which includes {specify}.

During my bachelor studies, I underwent the experience of developing a {specify}.

Under the supervision of Prof {name} along with my colleague I have prepared
the {specify}. While submitting the assignment, our lecturer observed {specify} and
recommended our product for {specify}-.

Upon receiving this acknowledgment of my work I would like to carry on my

penchant for {specify}, as this {methodology, issue} is gaining increasing
importance, in all aspects and is having significant impact on almost all industries
and all areas of society. There is an ample scope to prove ones ability, competence
and intelligence in this revolutionary and potentially very beneficial {methodology,
issue, theory}.

Besides the college academics I was actively involved in the extra-curricular

activities. The driving force behind all this was my aim to develop all the facets of my
personality. In this process I could not achieve the grades I wanted to, in the first and
second year. But soon I garnered the skill of judicious allocation of time and energy. I
do not feel that the marks I scored are the sole indicators of my understanding of the
subject. A cogent reason to augment my belief is the final year of my studies, where
with strong focus and hard work, I excelled in my graduation with distinction.
Considering my excellent record, my college offered me for a job as a lecturer.

Also for the past twenty months I have been working as a {specify}- in -{specify}
department of -{specify}. My work has helped me develop a thorough insight into
return to the academic world for further growth. It has given me the confidence to
pursue a Masters degree and also kindled a desire to do research.This career with
open prospects has given me constant incentive to improve myself and to gain more

Today I perceive that life for me has been a process of conscious evolution. An
integral part of this growth has been the value system imbibed in me by my parents,
teachers and mentors and an immense liking for science. As I embark upon a new
stage of my life, I believe that a postgraduate study will provide a milestone in my
career along with invaluable experiences that will allow me to become a successful,
innovative professional and assist in accomplishing my goals. Ten years from now, I
envisage myself as a full-fledged research professional in an organization, or a
faculty member at some leading university.
My decision to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom is underscored by my
desire to be a part of the graduate program at your institution. The pioneering works
going on at the -{specify}-department , which include the development of {specify},
perfectly match with the field of my interest. The interdisciplinary nature of {specify
programme, field} has convinced me in taking this decision as it is the ideal choice
for an exciting research career. At the same time, I am confident of contributing
originally to the ongoing work at your department. By working under the guidance of
distinguished faculty, I shall certainly be able to exploit my potential to the fullest.

The department web site revealed very strong faculty like Prof. {NAME} involved in
extensive research in the area of {specify}. This has strengthened my resolve to
study at University of {NAME}. I am confident that the erudite faculty will make my
learning experience extraordinary. If I get the opportunity to be a part of that
intellectually stimulating environment, I am sure my talents will be put to optimal use.

I am confident that overall opportunity to study in Europe will broaden my horizons

and give me an opportunity to gain world class education and help me become an
excellent world citizen.

I would therefore, feel obliged to be able to secure admission in your prestigious

university with full financial assistance and pursue my M.S. program. I am sure that I
will match all the credentials and will be able to maintain high standards at your

With regards,

I am James Smith, the 3rd year student of XXXX University of Power Engineering and

I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person
and generally finding my own path in the life.

Almost all my family including my uncles, aunts and cousins have their jobs which somehow
connected to the field of technology. I have grown among intelligent people and it had great
influence on the development of my personality so since early childhood I have learnt the
importance of education.

My school teachers always noted that I had good abilities in such subjects as mathematics and
physics. This increased my interest in exact sciences, and I decided to connect my future career
with technological area of activity, wishing to gain success in the future. And if I become
successful I will pay back my parents for their warmth and loving tender, as they have been those
who have been supporting me throughout my life.

For that reason I constructed a plan for achieving this long-term aim. By the plan I accomplished
some small objectives: graduated from school in the number of the best students and won a
scholarship to study in XXXX University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications. This
year I am going to graduate from the university, and plan to enter one of the best universities of
the world for my Masters degree. As it was before I started to find one with an opportunity to win
a scholarship. I spent much time searching, and at last I chose the XXXX University among other
universities of the Netherlands.

The first acquaintance with your university began from collecting particular information about it.
From the data I had found I managed to make some basic picture explaining why I chose it.

XXXX University is the biggest innovative centre which takes active part in the field of
fundamental and applied sciences. Furthermore, the research investigations of students and
scientists make a great contribution to the development of high technologies in and outside the
Netherlands. In addition to investigative work the university keeps on stimulating entrepreneurial
abilities in its students. It favoured the establishment of more than 600 thousand industrial
companies which successively function on the basis of mutually beneficial collaboration with
students and research personnel of XXXX University. Furthermore, I was astonished reading
about implementations which are conducted there. For example, the development of virtual
satellite dish or microchip with a solar cell which does not need batteries. All the articles about
achievements of the university let me conclude that XXXX University is the most suitable
institution to realize my potential.

As far as my pertinent work experience is concerned, I would like to mention that last summer I
was undergoing training in local telecommunication company for 5 weeks. This company devotes
itself to providing wireless broadband Internet access to its customers. As a trainee I had many
duties starting from reconfiguring equipment and finishing by arriving to a certain client to set up
a network. During the training I managed to acquire some specific skills, for example, how to
organize conduit in different kinds of buildings or how exactly a cable laying is implemented.
Likewise, I got to know the structure of telecommunication agency. In addition, I learnt the
principles of team work and improved my communicative abilities. As a result, after completion of
the training I was given a qualification of assistant engineer.
As regards my interests, I am glad to say that I am not a person who is only engaged in studies. I
have dozens of activities which I like to do. Generally, I would like to note that I have always kept
healthy lifestyle. I was taught that it is much better to struggle with your sicknesses by developing
your health rather than taking drugs infinitely. All these clearly define my high interest in keeping
healthy lifestyle that is reflected in my big love of sport. For instance, I am a real football fan
which means that I enjoy playing and watching it. Thus I always try to find some time to go out
and play such a wonderful game with my friends. What is more, the fact that football is the most
famous sport in the Netherlands so there are plenty of professional football clubs which are
recognized worldwide is another plus for entering your university. In addition, I also like such
kinds of sports that upgrade strength, stamina, reaction and flexibility. That is why the list of my
favourite sports is very wide including not only football, but also basketball, swimming, long-
distance jogging, sprint, table tennis and recently I have found myself in martial arts especially
Boxing and different kinds of wrestling. Finally, I cannot forget that reading books is another
passion of mine. Thus, most of all I prefer science fiction, fantasy and detective novels as my
favourite genres.

With respect to my future career, as I mentioned before the fact, that XXXX University links its
activity with investigative work and at the same time develop entrepreneurial skills of its students,
is a fundamental reason of why I desire to study exactly here. The question is that our nation is
lack of highly qualified specialists in the field of telecommunication. What is more, as user I am
not satisfied with the level of provision of different telecommunication services that are also very
expensive and I am sure that I am not the only one who supposes so. I believe that our country
has much more potential; therefore, as a true patriot, I wish to contribute to the development of
the national telecommunication. In other words, if I gain the Masters degree in your university
then I am going to return back to my homeland to make efforts to establish my own
telecommunication company for the purpose of providing telecommunication of a high quality at
a reasonable price. To implement such goal I need to improve my leadership qualities and
acquire special knowledge in chosen field of education, which will be possible if I join XXXX

In conclusion, I would like to say that if I become a student of your university, I promise to be a
worthy member of the team.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

James Smith
With this letter I wish hereby wish to apply and state my motivation for entrance to
the Master program in Welfare Economics at the University of XXX for the 2014/15
academic year.

I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself at your University and I perceive it

as a perfect opportunity to support my application for the Master program in Welfare
Economics offered by your University. With my educational background and working
experience, I strongly believe that I am suitable candidate for the programme. I have
chosen this University as my first choice because of valuable scholarly resources
and well-known reputation of the highly qualified education of the University of XXX.

Since I was young I have always had a keen interest in Economics. I began to
subscribe to the periodicals dealing with current events since middle school. At the
university, I focused more on the economic welfare and took some elective courses
in political economy and economic theory. Through the program, I not only made a
systematic study of principle of economics, but also learnt the economical analytical
methods to public policy, such as Game Theory, Principal-Agent theory and Taxation
theory and principles. My dissertation was in the field of public finance and policy
impacts on social welfare. My research results were accepted provisionally by the
relevant department of municipal council and I was invited to contribute to the
dialogue. Since then, I found my passion on welfare economics, and I set my
profession goal being an economic adviser of welfare policy and contributing to
improve the lives of ordinary people.

I believe that countries in North Europe are perfect place for studying welfare policy.
Since your University is the only university which offers a program combining
economics and social welfare policy in a masters degree, I have decided to place
my application for Master degree programe here. After I read carefully the curriculum
and the course requirements, I believe that it perfectly matches my research
interests and profile. Thanks to the University website, I gained useful information
about the University campus and the student life. Bearing in mind the previous I
believe I can fit perfectly achieving ideal academic results.

As I understand, this programme is very competitive, attracting highly motivated

students, but I am convinced that my good record at the University and professional
experience give me a strong recommendation for a place at it. Therefore I would be
honored if you decide to accept my candidateship for Master studies. In the same
time I am aware of possible challenges and high investments of effort I will have to
place in order to successfully complete this course.

Thank you in advance for considering my application.