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By: Sophia Wiest

If I Die Young by: The Band Perry
I picked this song because it talks about how someone died. It goes along well with Act 1
scene 1, because King Hamlet was murdered by his brother Claudius. The song doesnt say
how the person dies, kind of like when the play first starts out. We didnt know how King
Hamlet died, we only know that his death was very sudden. The line The sharp knife of a
short life connects well to this Act, because its talking about how someone was killed.
Similar how Claudius killed King Hamlet except Claudius didnt use a knife. Claudius used
Poisonous sap to make it look like King Hamlet died peacefully. Claudius didnt want to get
caught so he hid the evidence so no one would find out who did the evil deed. Like the line
Sink me in a river at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song this line also
sounds like someone didnt want to get caught.
Hes no good for you- Meghan Trainor
I picked this song because it goes really well with Act 1 scene 3 when Laertes leaves he

tells Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet. Laertes tells Ophelia that Hamlet is to good for

you, and his status is above theirs. After Laertes leaves Polonius tells Ophelia the same

things that Laertes told her. Polonius told Ophelia to stop seeing Hamlet, and do not

return his letters of affection. The line But he's no good for you, he's no good for you and

I'm sure he's worth a lot of gold. This line really connects to this scene, Laertes and

Polonius say Hamlet is no good for you. Plus Hamlet has a lot of riches and a rurality in

his status.
Im Not the Only One By: Sam Smith
I picked this song because this line connects to a main part of the play You say I'm crazy.
In Act 2 scene 1 Hamlet begins to acts crazy, but Hamlet does a pretty convincing job. No
one can tell that Hamlet is just pretending to act crazy, everyone ends up believing him.
Hamlet is trying to convince everyone that he is crazy. He wants Claudius to confess about
murdering his father. Another Line from the song is Cause you don't think I know what
you've done. This could be referring to how Claudius thinks that no one knows about the
murder. Even though Hamlet knows he murdered his father, Claudius doesnt know Hamlet
knows yet. Mainly because Hamlet is acting crazy to throw him, and everyone else off their
Like Im Gonna Lose You By: Meghan Trainor
I chose this song because it connects to Act 1 Scene 1 when Hamlet recently lost his father.
This line goes with how Hamlet lost his father so quickly one second he was alive and
healthy, and the next day he finds him dead. "In the blink of an eye, just a whisper of smoke,
you could lose everything, the truth is you never know. This talks about how Hamlet lost
everything in one moment. He went from having a normal life to an out of control messed
up life. His father is dead, his mother remarried his uncle recently, and his girlfriend isnt
returning any of his affections. Everything is not going his way right now. The line just a
whisper of smoke represents King Hamlet because hes a ghost now, so now hes just a
whisper in Hamlets head. Hamlet is one of the few people that can see his fathers ghost,
when Hamlet and Gertrude were in her room and the ghost appeared the only person that
could see the ghost was Hamlet. Gertrude at that point thinks Hamlet has completely gone
Thinking Out Loud By:Ed Sheeran

I picked this song because it connects to Act 1 scene 3. This line from the scene goes
well with how Hamlet and Ophelia love each other And, darling, I will be loving
you 'til we're 70, And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23, And I'm thinking
'bout how people fall in love in mysterious way Maybe just the touch of a hand,
Well, me - I fall in love with you every single day, And I just wanna tell you I am. I
think both Hamlet and Ophelia love each other even though they are two different
people, because of their different classes. Hamlet is a Prince and Ophelia is in a
lower class, thats one of the reasons Polonius tells Ophelia to stop seeing Hamlet.
What do You Mean- Justin Bieber
I picked this song because theres a lot of contradiction in it, the song is saying someone
cant make up their mind. There is a lot of self contradiction with Polonius, especially
when Laertes leaves for France. Polonius would say something like Dont get into
fights, but if you do win, or have fun, but not to much fun. Laertes doesnt really know
what he is trying to tell him. Everyone becomes very annoyed with Polonius talking,
because everyone doesnt want to stay to hear him rambling off about nothing. Just like
in this line theres super contradiction. All the people who get annoyed with him
through out the play include: Hamlet Gertrude, Ophelia, Laertes, Rosencrantz, and
Guildenstern. All the characters in this play were probably happy he died in the play,
because there was no more rambling or contradictions to be confused about.
Chains By: Nick Jonas
I picked this song, because it connects to when Hamlet talks to Ophelia, while
Claudius and Polonius spy on them. Hamlet says many hurtful things to Ophelia,
Hamlet says to her that he never wrote the letters she tried to return. This line from
the song goes along with this Act she nothing but trouble, Cold to the touch but
she's warm as a devil, I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul, She takes 'til I
break and I can't get more. Hamlet gets broken in this conversation he goes
completely off on Ophelia, and blames her for everything thats went wrong. He
calls he a lier for knowing where and what her father was and what he was up to.
Rude By: MAGIC!
I picked this song, because of this line Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human
too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway. This line goes well with the love
that Hamlet has for Ophelia. All Hamlet wants is for something in return, but he doesnt get
anything. Just gets ignored by his girlfriend, because of her controlling father telling her to stay
away from him, and not respond to his letters. Polonius is being rude to both Hamlet and
Ophelia he is breaking them up because of their different class, and tells Ophelia that Hamlet is
to good for you. Also Polonius says their relationship wont last long, and that Hamlet might
love you today but not tomorrow. Thats why this song fits into this play so well, Polonius
doesnt even give Hamlet a chance he just makes assumptions. Polonius actions ruined
Hamlets, Ophelias, Laertes, and his own life, just because of his own actions.
Human by: Christina Perry

I chose this song, because it goes along well in the Act of when Hamlet starts to
act insane. The line And I crash and I break down, Your words in my head,
knives in my heart, You build me up and then I fall apart, 'Cause I'm only
human. This part on the song sounds kind of something that Hamlet would
say. He said he could here voices in his head, and Hamlet was also broken
down. Everyone kept making situations worse for him and then he was using all
of the events that recently happened to be the reason for his madness. Also this
line goes along with the act Hamlet put on I can fake a smile, I can force a
laugh, I can dance and play the part. really Hamlet played the part, and fooled
everyone else with his act of madness.
Stitches By: Shawn Mendes
I picked this song, because it relates a lot to Hamlet how hes gotten beaten up so much
through out the text. Especially this line I thought that I'd been hurt before, But no one's ever
left me quite this sore, Your words cut deeper than a knife, Now I need someone to breathe me
back to life. This line relates to how Ophelia has urt him with her words, and how hes so
hurt this time he feels like he doesnt want to go on. Hamlet thinks about killing himself in the
text. Hamlet wont kill himself, and the only reason is that killing himself goes against his
religion. Hamlet wont commit suicide, because hes close wit his faith, and if he killed himself
he wouldnt go straight to heaven. Also this line relates to how everyone just watches what is
happening, and how no one is doing anything to help. You watch me bleed until I can't
breathe, Shaking, falling onto my knees.

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