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Sukarno, who fondly called Bung Karno, born in Blitar on June 6, 1901. He was the son of a
public school teacher, Raden Soekami and woman of royal blood Bali, Ida Ayu Rai. As a
child prijajis was clever, Sukarno could get a higher education and graduated from Technical
High School in Bandung (ITB now) in 1925 as an engineering student, Soekarno fairly
clever. However, the ideas of nationalism seems to have made him hooked. Three months
after graduation, in 1926, the man known as an orator is loading his political ideas in the
mass media in the article entitled "Nationalism, Islam and Marxism". This paper emphasizes
the idea of unity among groups which then marked the political thought throughout his

The political struggle for independence continues with the establishment of the Indonesian
National Party (PNI) in 1927. Sukarno adopted a non-cooperation with the Dutch who made
several times in custody. In 1929 he was arrested by the Dutch in prison Sukamiskin,
Bandung, for his political activities, but was released two years later. He was arrested again in
1933, exiled to Ende, then to Bengkulu, until he was released by the Japanese in 1942.
During the Japanese occupation, Soekarno got a greater opportunity to promote the ideals of
national Indonesia in cooperation with Japan against the Allies. Attitude to cooperate with
Japan is not inevitably invite strong criticism from various circles "hardliners" who want the
attitude of non-cooperation with Japan.

On August 17, 1945, shortly after the Japanese surrender to the Allies, at the urging of youth
activists who had kidnapped Sukarno to Rengas Dengklok, Sukarno and Hatta proclaimed
Indonesia's independence. A day later Soekarno-Hatta was appointed president and first vice-
president of Indonesia. They soon became involved in the struggle against the occupation
back in the Netherlands. At that time the Soekarno-Hatta was thrown back to Parapat and
Bangka. However, when the Netherlands officially recognized Indonesian sovereignty in
1949, the position of Sukarno as president reinstated.

When the system of parliamentary government proved ineffective, Sukarno in late 1956
calling for the dissolution of all political parties. He then formed Guided Democracy in 1959,
and the following year dissolved the elected parliament. Sukarno tried to apply the idea for
the three pillars of the nation, namely Nasakom (Nationalism, Religion, and the
Communists). However, the economic and political crisis in the country continues to grow

In the field of foreign policy, Soekarno be suspicious of the US and the Western powers. To
offset Western powers, he served as leader of the new states nengara against the colonial
powers and the "neo-colonial". She managed to "force" the Dutch to turn over West Irian
(later in 1963 called Irian Jaya, now Papua). Soekarno proclaimed "confrontation" with the
newly formed Federation of Malaysia in 1963. In 1965 the Indonesian withdrawal from the
UN and Sukarno increasingly active as a character states "new emerging forces". Great
charisma affect not only the people of Indonesia, but also the peoples of newly independent
Asian-African. He is also known as one of the most prominent non-aligned countries.

Indonesia's political situation culminated with the seizure of power failure on 30 September
1965. This event then continued with the carnage, the dissolution of the Communist Party,
and the tail Soekarno eliminated.

Military leader Major General Soeharto asking Sukarno to hand over power Supersemar
effective through March 1966. Suharto then became the President Sukarno in 1968. Until the
death of Sukarno in Jakarta on June 21, 1970, he remained under house arrest. However, the
government granted the Hero of the Proclamation.

As a Founding Father or Father of the Nation Indonesia, Bung Karno has led to the
independence of the Indonesian nation. With selfless struggle, Bung Karno has built the order
of justice which the welfare of Indonesian people and managed to align Indonesia with other
countries. Hopefully what it does is it can inspire people of Indonesia towards a future more