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Interface 4 Unit 4

1. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 Runners and athletes wear _______________ clothes they can't be loose.
2 I'm not sure if this jacket goes _______________ my trousers.
3 We don't need these old clothes so let's give them _______________ to charity.
4 My granddad's clothes are so old-_______________. He bought them in the 1970s!

2. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 These shoes aren't very _______________. They really hurt my feet.
2 My mum picked an amazing shirt _______________ of the new catalogue.
3 This T-shirt is too small for me now. I'll throw it _______________ with the rubbish.
4 You should wear _______________ clothes to the wedding: a suit, a tie and a shirt.

3. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 Trainers are _______________ for walking in the mountains. Their soles are too soft.
2 I'm going to the shops because I'm looking _______________ a new scarf.
3 Don't wear tight clothes for skiing. You need _______________ clothes so you can
move your arms and legs.
4 It's winter now so _______________ your summer clothes away in the wardrobe.

4. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 I wore my shoes every day for a year and in the end, I wore them _______________.
2 You can't borrow my top. I'm 'M' and you're 'XL'. You won't _______________ into
3 His T-shirt was really _______________: red, yellow, purple, green and blue!
4 Nick always wears _______________ clothes: basketball tops, shorts and trainers.

5. Read the definitions and write the words.

1 Something that is not very useful, wrong for its purpose. (first letter is i)
2 When clothes become old and you can't use them any more, they do this. (two words)
3 A word for serious clothes, eg for work. Not casual. _______________
4 Yo place something in a cupboard or wardrobe because you don't need it now. (two
words) _______________

6. Read the definitions and write the words.

1 To see how clothes fit you in a shop. (two words) _______________
2 To put something in the rubbish. (two words) _______________
3 Clothes that are not formal, that make you feel relaxed are this. _______________
4 Another word for traditional. (first letter is c) _______________

7. Read the definitions and write the words.

1 Clothes that a film star wears, eg with diamonds, etc. (first letter is g)
2 Another word for fashionable. _______________
3 To start wearing something. (two words) _______________
4 To try to find something. (two words) _______________

8. Read the definitions and write the words.

1 The latest clothes by famous designers are this. (eleven letters) _______________
2 To take something from the ground. (two words) _______________
3 To stop wearing something and remove it from your body. (two words)
4 Clothes that fit very close to your body are this. _______________

9. Complete the dialogue.

A: _______________ a great T-shirt! What do you think?
B: _______________ really suits you.
A: Do you really _______________ so?
B: Yes, I do. _______________ you going to buy it?
A: Yeah! I've wanted a T-shirt _______________ looks like this for ages!
B: Do you want to buy _______________ else?
A: No, just the T-shirt. That's enough for today!
10. Complete the dialogue.
A: Wow, Laura, you _______________ great! I love your dress.
B: Thanks, Mina. I put it on because I'm _______________ to go for a job interview
this afternoon.
A: Well, you made a good decision. The dress really suits _______________.
B: Do you really think _______________?
A: Yes, I do!
B: I'm glad you like _______________.
A: So what time _______________ you going for the interview?
B: In about half an hour. I'm really nervous!

11. Complete the dialogue.

A: I'm going _______________ throw this coat away.
B: Why? Is _______________ wrong with it?
A: I've worn it out.
B: Oh yes, I see. Well, there's a place in my street _______________ you can recycle
old clothes.
A: Really? I'll take it there. Do you want to recycle _______________, too?
B: Yes, can you take the jeans _______________ are in the bathroom? They're really
A: Sure. I'll do that.

12. Complete the dialogue.

A: I want to try on this jumper, but there's _______________ one here.
B: You're right. I don't see _______________ in the shop.
A: We just need to find one person _______________ works here.
B: Oh, look! There's _______________ near the changing rooms.
A: Perfect! I'm _______________ to ask her if I can try on the jumper.
B: OK. I'll wait for you in the department _______________ they sell the sporty
A: OK. See you in a minute.
13. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.
1 Last night I met _______________ who knows you Kim, from your English class!
2 Mark and Joe _______________ going to come to my house tomorrow.
3 Look for a place _______________ we can get tourist information.
4 What _______________ you study when you go to university?

14. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 The teacher _______________ coaches the football team is from Galicia.
2 We need to buy Judy _______________ for her birthday.
3 Call me this evening. _______________ be at home all night.
4 What time _______________ you seeing the dentist?

15. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 No _______________ was on time for class, so the teacher was really angry!
2 _______________ glad you like my new jeans. I love them, too!
3 That shops sells clothes _______________ are really trendy.
4 It _______________ going to rain tomorrow so you don't need an umbrella.

16. Write one or more words to complete the sentences.

1 That's the shop _______________ I bought those really colourful gloves.
2 Do you know _______________ in town with a free internet connection?
3 Dad is _______________ to put all the skateboards away in the garage.
4 I'm really pleased _______________ my new sandals. They're really comfortable!

17. Put the words in the correct order.

1 ride / bikes / won't / tomorrow / We / our / .
2 likes / clothes / one / formal / No / .
3 Dana / where / shop / That's / on / works / Saturdays / the / .
4 pleased / He's / with / really / watch / his / new / .

18. Put the words in the correct order.

1 old-fashioned / shoes / won't / Nicole / wear / .
2 the / won / the girl / science / Shirine's / prize / who / .
3 see / doctor / going / I'm / school / after / to / the / .
4 go / to / dancing / There's / nowhere / .

19. Put the words in the correct order.

1 piano / the / play / Does / anyone / ?
2 you / like / I'm / my / photos / glad / .
3 a / message / has / Someone / me / sent / text / .
4 really / you / Do / so / think / ?

20. Put the words in the correct order.

1 really / you / sunglasses / Those / suit / .
2 doing / today / not / She's / anything / .
3 a / give / to / Mum's / school / lift / going to / us / .
4 your / something / write / on / I'll / blog / original / .

21. Write the questions using the words in brackets.

1 (the / school / going / be / open / on / Sunday)
2 (you / know / anyone / who / have / a / scooter)
3 (Tom / going / try / that / shirt / on) ________________________________________
4 (they / sleeping / in / a / youth / hostel / tomorrow)

22. Read the answers. Write the questions using the words in brackets.
1 No, I won't. ________________________________________ (you / throw / those /
old / trainers / away)
2 We're going to wear 70s clothes! ________________________________________
(what / you / wear / to / party)
3 No, he doesn't. Nothing! ________________________________________ (Phil /
know / anything / about / computers)
4 It's Kemal. ________________________________________ (what / the / name / of /
Turkish / boy / who / go / to / our/ school)
23. Make the sentences negative.
1 They'll stop their art lessons next year.
2 I'm going to put these earrings away.
3 I sat next to Rachel. ________________________________________
4 We had a chemistry lesson last week.

24. Correct the mistakes.

1 You look like great. ________________________________________
2 I glad you like them. ________________________________________
3 We didn't buy nothing in the supermarket.
4 Let's find anywhere to sit down and have a coffee.

25. Read the letters in a teenage magazine and write True or False.
Dear Gillian
I'm writing to your magazine because I have a serious problem. My class is finishing
secondary school this year and everyone's going to a big dance. I'm really worried
because I don't have anything to wear! Please help! I don't know anything about clothes!
I usually just wear a T-shirts and trainers.
Dear Kat
Thanks for your letter. This is always a problem for us girls, isn't it? Boys just wear the
conventional dinner jacket, shirt and tie.
Well, first of all, remember it's a school dance. You don't need to look like a film star.
Just choose something that suits you. Go shopping with your friends and pick out a
dress together. Try on lots of different ones. If you pick the clothes out in a group, you'll
know that someone else thinks you look good and you can check that you aren't all
going to wear the same thing!
Secondly, think about what you're doing that night. You don't want high heels if you
can't dance in them! Wear ones that aren't too tight but that fit well.
Lastly, get the opinion of your family. You might think they're not very fashionable, but
a compliment from your mum and dad will help you feel good about your look. If you
feel great, you'll look great!
Good luck

1 Kat hasn't left secondary school yet. _______________

2 Kat feels trendy. _______________
3 Kat usually wears casual clothes. _______________
4 In Gillian's opinion, boys usually wear formal clothes to dances. _______________
5 Gillian advises Kat to be glamorous. _______________
6 Gillian tells Kat to wear the same clothes as her friends. _______________
7 Gillian advises Kat to wear comfortable shoes. _______________
8 Gillian thinks it's a bad idea to ask her mum and dad for their opinion.

26. There's a new student, Jackie, who is starting at your school next week. Write
her an email to tell her what clothes people usually wear to school.


Write a description of the clothes styles you wear to school and at the weekend. Are
they the same or different?