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2015 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge

Elimination Level Grade 2

NAME ___________________________________ SCHOOL_____________________SCORE _______

DIVISION ________________________________ REGION_____________________TIME 60 minutes
Direction: Write the correct answer for each of the following in the blank before each number. Use scratch
papers for your computations when necessary.

__________ 1. Mina, Vina and Mona had lunch together. Each girl ordered the P84 lunch special.
_ Mina agreed to pay the bill. How much did she pay?
__________ 2. Nano and Milo went fishing. Nano caught 5 small fish and 3 big fish. Milo caught 3
_ times as many fish as Nano. How many fish did Milo catch?
__________ 3. Diannes bedroom has a bed with 4 legs, four stools with 3 legs each, and three
_ chairs with 4 legs each. How many legs are there in all?
__________ 4. Mother baked cookies and put them in 12 small boxes. She placed 8 cookies in
_ each box and had 4 cookies left over. How many cookies did she bake?
__________ 5. Lorna, Sanet and Irene bought 12 candles each. However, because of the hot
_ weather, 5 candles melted. How many candles did not melt?
__________ 6. What is the tens digit in the sum of 528 and 875?
__________ 7. In the figure, more squares are added until the last column is 10
_ squares tall. How many squares are there in all?
__________ 8. Kay and Debbie had the same number of pens. Kay gave Debbie 4 pens. How
_ many more pens does Debbie have than Kay does?
__________ 9. What number multiplied by itself equals the product of 6 and 24?
? ? =6
__________ 10. In a box there are 4 smaller boxes, each one of which contains 4 even smaller
_ boxes. How many boxes are there in total?
__________ 11. A box holds 4 dozen glasses. One-third of the glasses were broken. How many
_ glasses were broken?
__________ 12. How many numbers between 325 and 564 end with 0?
__________ 13. How many numbers between 325 and 564 end with 0?
__________ 14. A group of kids sit in a stadium to watch a basketball game. Counting from the
_ aisle, Juan is the 7th and Pedro is the 18th. How many kids are there between Juan
and Pedro?
__________ 15. An even number, between 10 and 20, is multiplied by 9. The product obtained is
_ less than 110. What is this number?
__________ 16. Andrew has 4 boards. Each board is 5 m long. He needs 3 m of board to make
_ bird feeder. How many bird feeders can Andrew make?
__________ 17. Mike is reading a book that has 168 pages. If he reads 8 pages a day, how many
_ days will it take him to finish the book?
__________ 18. The recipe for a dozen cookies calls for two cups of flour. Ella is making 42
_ cookies. How many cups of flour should she use?

__________ 19. The product of two numbers is 144 and their difference is 10. What is the sum of
_ the two numbers?
= 144

+ = 10
__________ 20. Two numbers have a sum of 15 and a product of 44. What is the bigger number?
__________ 21. Two numbers have+ = 15
a differnce of 5 and a quotient of 2. What is the smaller
= 44
__________ 22. - A= 5 of 37 candies are placed in 7 jars. Each jar
_ = ?of candies. No jar has exactly
has a different number
= 26 candies. No jar is empty. What is the greatest
4 nor
number of candies that any jar can have?
__________ 23. Cathy had a sum of money. She spent 1/5 of it in September, of it in October
_ and P120
__________ 24. The perimeter of a rectangle is 30 meters and the measure of the each side is a
_ whole number. How many rectangles with different shapes satisfy these
__________ 25. One side of square A is three times the length of one side of square B. how many
_ times greater is the area of square A than the area of square B?
__________ 26. In the diagram, there is an equilateral trianlge and a square. All the sides of an
_ equilateral triangle area equal. If the area of the square is 25 cm 2, find the
perimeter of the triangle?
__________ 27. Gino forms three numbers with the digis 1 to 9. All numbers
_ have three digits, and each digit is used only once. Gino added
all the three numbers. What is the greatest sum Gino can
__________ 28. Nina cooked 121 hotdogs for the Christmas party. There were 16 male and 18
_ ?
female guests. Each male guest ate 1 more hotdog than each female guest. Each
of the female guests, including Nina, ate an equal number of hotdogs. How many
hotdogs did each male guest eat?
__________ 29. There are two sections in Grade 2, Rose and Lily, with a total of 58 pupils. Six
_ pupils were transferred from section Rose to section Lily. The two sections then
have an equal number of pupils. How many pupils were there in section Rose
before the transfer?
__________ 30. Jose began to read at 10:30 in the morning. At 2:20 pm he stopped reading. How
_ many minutes did Jose read?