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Parameters API

ANSI B73. 1 for horizontal end suction top
API 610 for horizontal single and multlstage
Type Pump and discharge pump.
pumps. vertical in-line, vcrtical single, and
Specification ANSI 873.2 for vertical In-line pumps.
multistage centrifugal pumps.
All are single stage.
Maximum Minimum 700 PSlG
Allowable Working 275 PSIG Some API pumps are designed for pressure
Pressure (MAWP) above 500 PSIG.
Minimum 1050 PSIG
Hydrostatic Test
415 PSIG API pump hydrostatic test pressure will be 1.5
times the MAWP.
300# raised face is standard.
150# flat faced is standard. 150# raised
Flange Rating 600, 900, 1500 and higher ratings are
face is available.
available if required by the service.
2SOF 800F
Pump casing is foot mounted which limits Pump casing is centerline mounted. No casing
allowable thermal growth thermal growth limitations.
Ductile Iron
Materials of Carbon steel casing is standard.
Constructions Stainless steel is also available.
Alloy 20
(Casing and Impelller materials are cast iron, carbon steel,
A carbon steel casing or impeller is not
Impeller) and stainless steel.
commonly available
550 to 600 feet
Practical limit is 10000 feet.
Maximum Head ANSI pumps are only single stage.
Horizontal API pumps can have as many as 14
Differential Maximum impeller diameter is about 13
Open impellers are common. Some All are enclosed design. Some open designs are
Impeller Design and enclosed impellers are available. available for special coke crushing services.
Attachment No standard for attachment to the shaft. Impellers must be key driven with a lock nut
Most are threaded on the end of the shaft. attachment.
Standard ANSI pumps are built for
No standard dimensions apply.
Dimensions interchangeability between manufacturers.
Are required to prevent shaft damage in the
Not required but are available. Fit to the
scal or packing area.
Shaft Sleves shaft and extension past the gland are not
Sleeve and stuffing box design is part of the
ANSI specification requirements.
API 610 specification.
Oil lubrication is required. Usually ring oil
Lubrication Can be grease or oil lubricated.
system is provided.
Antifriction ball bearings must be duplex,
single row, 40-degree angular-contact type,
Antifriction bearings only.
Thrust bearing and installed back to back.
B-10 bearing life of 17500 hours at design
Life L-10 bearing life must exceed 25,000 hours at
load is required.
rated condition, or 16,000 hours at maximum
axial and radial loads at rated speed.
Case and impeller, front and back wear rings
Not required and not available in most
Wear Rings are required. Wear ring clearences, attachment
designs due to the use of open impellers.
and hardness differential are specified.

Conclusion : API-compliant pumps are always a better choice than ANSI or ISO pumps