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SUPRA" 6 02220
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Take Your 64's Video

I 1 T

Beyond the Limits"

o 7K86
Thud and ten on your own 30 yard line. Forty-three seconds left on the clock and you're
down by two points. Suddenly the end zone seems to be a hundred miles away. I: you're
going to be a hero, bow's Ihe lime. You call the play:
'Tellow-runeteen! Yellow-nineteen! Hut! Hut!! HUT!!!" The ball is snapped. There's a crunch
ol armor on the front line and you drop back. You look for a receiver but the blitz is
on. Roll to the right - you keep dancing, you look lor an opening bui your
Mockers are starting to crumbie. Keep pedaling back... you're
in trouble now, you're too deep. But wail! You spot an open man down
field! You cock back, ready to fire, when suddenly an ugly-looking
tackle is all over you. Do you try and throw? Ol duck and run!
Football action so real you can almost feel [he pigskin in your
hands. Designed under the watchful eyes of the game's premier
quarterback - John Etway - this faithful computer version
of the f 1 arcade winner brings all the strategy and ground
pounding excitement of the world's greatest sport nght to your
computer screen, one or two players!
Play big league football the way it was meant to be played...

Screen Shots taken

fromtf'c IBM wersi


New Shipping for: IBM PC and PS/2 and Tandy 1000 ($29.99)
Commodore 64/128 ($29.99)
In Fall '88 foi: Apple II series ($29.99)
Apple IIGS ($39.99)

Ihe LelandCorp .
licensed from

Melbourne House. 711 West 17th Street, Unit G9
Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Tel. (714) S31-1001
:pmm;-- :>tm

& direct line, thai is, from your home to

■j Commodore* Headquarters via Q-Link, the
J.JL telecommunications service that's everything
a Commodore owner could hope for.
Using a Commodore t>4J1 or 128", disk drive,
modem, and the Q-Link software, you're
connected to inside information and help Irom the
programmers and designers here at Commodore
who built your machine. It's the best way I know
to get you the answers quickly and personally,
Q-Link is also your link (o leading Commodore
software publishers and their wares, to over 15,001}
public domain software programs you can MAX TOY
download and keep, to teachers who'll help your President
kids with their homework, and to clubs, contests, Commodore
games, and a host of other services that run the Business
gamut of your imagination. Machines
Experience it for yourself. And see why I've put
my company on the line for you."

Get a FREE Commodore modem and FREE Q-Link software when you join Q-Link.

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membership at S9.95. □ Check enclosed.

■-YOU KISK NOTHING. Try Q-Link for 30 dnyi. If you're not completely satisfied, send uj (within 30 days of registering
online) your leiler of cancellation along with Ihe Q-liok software and modem you received, and you'll get a full refund o( your Q-Link monthly membership fee.

8619 Westwood Cenler Orive This offer is only valid foi new members
Vienna, VA 22180 who respond I a this advertismenr
1-800-782-2278 exl. 1564 Offer eipires March 31, 1989.

TheCommodort (imneetion

Role-Playing Action Utility

Pool of Radiance fulfills all your gaming Heroes of hie Laike gives you non-stop DWGEOH MASTERS ASSISTANT,
fantasies. The legendary ADVANCED excitement and fully animated action on Volume ft EiKOimms is a utility program
DUridEOMS & DRAQOrfS® role-playing the mystical DRAQOMLAriCE® game world. designed to help Dungeon Masters gener
system springs to life on your computer! Guide eight Companions, each with differ ate encounters for AD&D® campaigns.
Embark on dangerous quests in the magi ent skills, deep into the treacherous rains It provides more than 1000 encounters,

cal FOROOTTEM REALMS'" game world — of the temple Xak Tsaroth. They will need and over 1300 monsters and characters,

made incredibly real by advanced com all of your skills to help them survive the including all of the monsters found in
puter animation and combat that adheres attacks of giant spiders, demons, dragons ADSD® Monster Manuals I * //. DMs can
strictly to AD«D® game standards, Frepare and countless other terrors. Retrieve the modify the existing data and add original
yourself for precious monsters

the ultimate Disks of and encoun

fantasy role- Mishakal if ters to the

playing you can! database.
experience! IBM
IBM C-64/128 ton


C-64/L28 ATARI ST C-64/128

ADuuicED Dunotons a: wwoons. ad*d, roRoonui realms How To Order; Visit your retailer or call 1-BOO-245-4525.
and DMOOflLANCEaretrademaiiu owned fry and used uncta license To receive SSI's complete product catalog, please send
franTSR. Inc. $1.00 to: Sfrategic Simulations, inc., 1046 «. Rengslorff

B19aa TSR. Inc. CISB8 Slralegic Simulation!. Inc. All rights reserved. Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043.


TTL November 1988 Vol. 6, No. 11

GEOS 2.0: A Major Upgrade—New, Improved, Faster, and Friendlier Robert Bixby 10 *
Computers in the Real World Tom Netsel 20 •
Buyer's Guide to Word Processors and Spelling Checkers Caroline D. Hanlon 67 128/64

Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate Neil Randall 30 64
4X4 Off-Road Racing Tom Netset 31 64
Crossbow and Karnov Steve Hedrick 36 64
Master Nlnja: Shadow Warrior of Death Jesse Cohn 37 64
Mainframe Ervin Bobo 38 64

Rally Racer Scoff Elder 46 64
Block Out Jason Wellington 54 128
Quolerus James Knesak .55 64

The Programmer's Page Randy Thompson . 73 128/64/ -4/16
BASIC for Beginners: Variables Revisited Larry Cotton 74 120/64/ 4/16
Machine Language Programming: Kernal Keys Jim Butterfieid 76 128/64
Easy LoaDIR Randy Thompson 78 64
Sprite Killer James Host 79 64
Notepad 64 Basil Cox 80 64
Supratechnic Jeff Litz 81 64
Custom Boot Don J. Reynolds 83 128
Magnifier Robert Bixby 84 64

The Editor's Notes Lance Elko 4 *
Letters to the Editor 6 *
News & Products 40 *
User Group Update Mickey McLean 47 •
Feedback Editors and Readers 58 *
Diversions: What Is a Robot? Fred D'lgnazio 71 *
Horizons: A Pirate Tells All Rhett Anderson 72 *
The GEOS Column: Font Grabber Mystic Jim 77 128/64

program listings
MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Commodore 64 and 128 104 128/64
The Automatic Proofreader 114 128/64/+4/16
How to Type In COMPUTEl's Gazette Programs 116 *
Advertisers Index , 100
' Getwt.v 04 COTimotJc
W +4 PiuS'J 16
Commoiloio 16 12B
Comnxxkxo T2B
Cmvr art by Hlwtt AllilrrS'iit

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postage pati at New Yori< NY nncJ additional maikng attices

Ed-to< Lance Elko

Stfr-Qf Art Director Jflmco H. Fary
rpiituriA EcAlor KeiEh Ferrell
Technical Ed-tor Patrick Pamsh
Assists": Edilc Flheti Anderson
Assistant Techncal Editor Dale McBane
Assisfani Features ErJitor Tom NetseL
Assistant EdrtDT.
Submissions & Disk Products David Hensley
E r:■: r..r Assistant MicVey McLean
Copy Editors Karen Siepak

How far has the personal computer revolution really come? In 1984—the heyday Tammie Taylor
Knren Uhlendarf
of the boom—some industry analysts sanguinely predicted that by the early 1990s, Programming Assistant Troy Tucker
ContritHjlinq Cditors Jim BuiterTield
every U.S. home would have a computer. Now, with the benefit of four years of (Toronto, Canada)
hindsight, we can see this statement as hyperbole borne of enthusiasm. Yes, per Fred D'lgnaziQ
IE Landing, Ml)
sonal computing has feme a long way in a few years, and it's here to stay. But David English
prognostication h a risky business. Randy Thompson

Long-range forecasting is especially chancy in this industry, where techno ART DEPARTMENT
logical breakthroughs, changing consumer needs, U.S./japan trade relations, and Assistant Art Diretlor Robin Slrelow
Junior DfinujrKjr Meg Me Am
the stale of the U.S. economy are just a few of the volatile variables that affect the Machnruca Artiste Scolty Billings
future of personal computing. Robin Cose

IJul the revolution has in many ways already happened. Personal computers PRODUCTION

are fixtures in the office. U.S. business would be at a standstill without them. DEPARTMENT
Production Direclor Mark E. Hillyer
They're slowly, very slowly, increasing in ihe home market. Currently, 15-211 per Assi&tant Production Manager De Potler

cent of U.S. homes have personal computers, a modest increase in the past four Production Assistant Kim Potts
Typesetting Terry Cash
years, but a long way from the miscalculated 1984 forecast. Computers in educa Carole Bunion
Advertising Production
tion is altogether another issue. Computer literacy has happened in a big way in Assistant Anita Arm held
higher education. Many colleges now require students to have computers. If they
computei publications
don't, they at least provide ready access. There have been efforts made in the Gruuii Vi^e President,
Pu&isnfrf/EdHorial Difoctor Willinm Tynan
public school system—but here's where the computer revolution has suffered the
ManagiD^ Editor Kathleen Maninek
most blatant failure. Sure, there are well-heeled, progressive school systems with Senior Editor Lance Elkn
Editorial Operatons Director Tony Roberts
state-of-the-art computer labs and dedicated staff. But not every school district has Eiocutive Ass^ian: Sybil Agee
the money or personnel to make the most of computers. In too many classrooms. Senior Ad/nmistrat-ve
AssfSlam Julia Fleming
we have a pretty dismal state of computer affairs. Admimstiative Assistants Ins Brooks
School budgets are tight, many classrooms are overcrowded, and teachers are Cathy McAllister

overworked. The job of computer education has. unfortunately, fallen to these ABC CONSUMER
teachers, many of whom are treading water just to help keep the standard curricu
Senior V>ce PresuJenl More Flench
lum afloat. They themselves have not been trained, yet they are compelled to Vco President. Adverting PfiLftr T. John&meyer
Vice President. Finance Richard Willn
quickly become computer-literate, software-literate, and then to translate to stu Vice President. Production I lens Berson-Werner
dents of various skill levels. It's unfair to teachers. And it's a situation of unwanted
burden-;, so much so that two teachers recently walked out of the profession when CIRCULATION
presented with computers for the classroom. Vice President Robert I. Gursha

The problem is only one of many in U.S. education. The computer industry at Circulation Subscription Staff Ora Blackmon-DeBrown
M ■■ ■!■! i-.,- '- !■■■,

large has made some laudable efforts, most notably those of IBM, with the Write to Milch Frank
Both Hpjly
Read program; the Software Publisher's Association, with its annual Computer Thomas D. Slater
Learning Month; and Apple Computer, with a history of heavy discounting to James J. Smith
A. Heather Wood
schools and continued support. (Commodore's renewed commitment to the edu
Subscnbur Service jBOO) 727-6937
cation market is worth watching,) In software, Broderbund, Davidson, The Learn
ing Company, and Mindscape, among others, have developed Intelligent, One of the AIK IWUSMNG ® Compares
innovative software that works at a variety of primary and secondary educational President RoDert G. Burlon
1330 AwniH3 nt the Americas
levels. New York. NT 10019

Inevitably, today's public school students will be thrust into a college or busi *.DVLHTI5!NG OFFICES

ness environment where computers—and the ability to use and understand HtwTDfli: A(IG CoriiLKTttr Mjipnrinfli. lnc,flMS*rt«ltti A**.Nw
Vo.N. NY 10019 lm |2I2|M5 836O 0<wti*rd J ThoQGflM.-K . &DuP
them—are prerequisites for successful performance, it's difficult and premature to
: CQWPuTE1 PuUcatnm Sun* ZOO. 32* w«iWendov*r
hope for initiatives from the federal government a! this point, before the national Ava . QfBWWKro, HO 27403 TO <919f 27S-M09 Kathleen Ingram

election. Regardless of the outcome, good things can happen for our students at Hf» England 1 Mid<Atlantic: l> ■■ ■•--. J. Tf. -;■ -i J-. (212)
/■■ 1-y.-- fi-r- Hardy iMSj 6B1 WCO Ka-'-Gin Ingram iSi^j
state, county, and local levels—at the grass roots, where revolution always begins.
t j^y nvunpvn. Luc*e Dems. Jem^er Dam
If our children are our future, we should consider it a mandate to take an active role 3J 731 W05fTexfl5|. (303] 5K-9299

in computer education at the home and school levels. We cannot expect more from 'irmnit 4 Bmnri CutanbH. .-•• - ■""
our overworked teachers. We owe them—and our children—our full and enthusi nnr»l(n D#P* |HS( 34BB272
it 4 hll*rn«bon*l i\--y Hi'1,450fl) Gfll I
astic support.

ft*. UK. 724 W«l Wonttow Aifl SuH -

',. ;r^.. I

EKwuli -qi#n« Wyj*: be adV»5«] to Tn#? £$■; r. COMPUTE.' i,

1 Suie 300 jj' West W?rdm«r Ave. Cd

Lance Elko
Senior Rditor i*RINTED IN IHE LJSA.
4 COMPUTE'S Gazette October 1988
F-19 STEALTH FIGHTER will turn your computer into the hottest You'll discover hundreds of action-packed scenarios in real-
flying machine on today's electronic battlefront. The graphics are world regions — Irom a deep-strike mission in North Africa to
that vivid ... the game play that challenging ... and the realism a reconnaissance flight over Central Europe. We'll train you in
that convincing. the basics, bul only your skill and cunning can save Ihe day.

Learn the secrels of steatth flying — maintaining a low

mastering the tactics that only a sleallh pilot dares to Advanced electronics, counter-measures
try. MicroProse has painstakingly researched stealth Intelligent enemies — land, sea, air opposition
technology — and we make it real! 5TERLTH FIGHTE Realistic flight experience

for Commodore C-64'128

Cani Knd F 197 Outside MD c.i" 800 645-BK12, weekdays 8am to 5pm EST
and order by MCAflSA: ot mail eheek/monoy otdei for S4J.95 loi C-64 I2S.
U S. funds only MO residents did 5% sains tax Frci? shipping in U S.: S 1 u U I * I I O H • AO'TWA"!

15 00 mtiirnalional. Allow 1-3 «™ko lo> U.S (k'Nvery.

160 LaKhoni &TW!. HuM V*ey. MO 21030 |M1)T7t-11St
Send questions or comments to "Letters swooning in the heat, so no one would no Better Late Than Never
to the Editor," COMPUTERS Gazelle, tice. Our only mistake was to number the I waited for months for an article like
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, NC 27403. pages 17-32 rather than 1-16. You're the the excellent one on desktop publishing
We reserve the right to edit letters for only reader who noticed. you ran in the September issue. How
clarity and length. Actually, the July issue was shipped ever, the article said nothing about
normally. But it appears that someone at Timeworks' Desktop Publisher. I've
the printing plant mau have, indeed, been heard about this program for almost a
No More Self-Pity suffering from the heat. We ship the maga year and "have seen ads for a long time.
zine in lots of 16 pages (each lot is called a
I'm writing in response to the "More on Jeff Rupert
signature), and the bindery assembles River Falls, Wl
12SD Woes" letters of this column in
these into a magazine. Apparently, six
the September issue.
identical signatures were bound together, We didn't mention Desktop Publisher in
I'm curious as to why some of
and you were the lucky recipient. the story because it is not yet available. A
those complaining about their 128Ds Timeworks spokesperson told us that their
Your copy is probably now worth a
did not contact the Better Business Bu
fortune, but we're not interested in a staff has been concentrating on some other
reau regarding Commodore's lack of re products and that Desktop Publisher is
trade. You can keep it. We hope you enjoy
sponse in getting their machines fixed. slated to appear this coming January.
the normal issue we're sending along.
Commodore has to stand behind what
it sells or get its hands slapped! If a
Millions of Points and Counting Screens on Film
company has too many complaints re-
My sister and I have played "Cross How about an article on taking photos
yarding what it sells, it is investigated,
roads" (December 1987) a lot and think Oi programs on a monitor?
fined, and, in some instances, required
to provide remuneration. it is the best game you've ever pub Dick Randall
In my opinion, if people stood up lished. We're way beyond the num Livermore, CA
for their rights as computer owners and bered levels into graphics characters
A full-blown article would be overkill. We
demanded support of their equipment, (about level 385), and scores are now
take our screen shots using a fairtif simple,
hardware and software developers 5,179,080 and 6,853,840. Please tell me
Straightforward method.
wouldn't put out shoddy equipment how to add levels.
To take good screen shots, you'll need
and buggy programs. We would get Randy Gingery a 35mm camera with manual controls for
quality. Let's get out of this "poor me" Cheyenne, WY shutter speed and aperture, a tripod, and
syndrome and make hardware and
film (we use Ektachrome 100). First, load
software companies realize that we We can't tell you how to add new levels, your program and display a motionless
don't take just "anything" because it's but we can tell you that author Steve screen (any moving objects will blur). To
new. Let's do something that will bene Harter has written "Crossroads I!: Pande stop an arcade-style game, tru "Sprite
fit the computer users' community! monium," which includes new mazes and Killer," found on page 79.
Wanda M. Hatgbt creatures. If you liked the original, you're Place your camera on a tripod. The
San Francisco, CA bound to like this one. We'll have Cross camera lens should point squarely at the
roads II in next month's issue. center of the screen. Focus on that point.
The author is president of OVEST Bay
Now turn off the room's lights. Set the
Area Commodore Users.
shutter speed to one second and then take
The Right RAM Expander
five shots in the fS-f\6 range.
The Case of the Missing Signatures Several members of our users group
If you are using a single-lens reflex
My July issue had pages 17-32 inserted (myself included) bought 1700 RAM
camera, we suggest using a lens in the
six times In the issue. There was noth expanders to use primarily with CEOS.
SQmm-WOmm range. If you're using a
ing else. This is no way to make up for The Berkeley manuals indicated that range-finder camera with a telephoto op
lack of printing material. Once the first they could be used together. We found,
tion, switch on the telephoto tens,
section was read, the other five were to our dismay, that they cannot. The
kind of repetitious. Do 1 have a unique new GEOS manuals no longer state
French GEOS
copy or did they all end up that way? Is that the 1700 RAM expanders can be
My native language is French, and 1 use
it worth something besides the original used, but nowhere have I seen it said
that the 1700 RAM expanders will not a 64 with GEOS. The main use of my
purchase price? Are you interested in a
computer is for word processing, but
trade of some kind? In any event, 1 work with GfiOS. It would be a real ser
GEOS lacks all the crany French accents
wouldn't mind having a normal issue. vice to your readers to inform them of
that we like to put here and there.
this situation. RAM expanders are ex
Antrim Maillet Could you help me find a way to con
pensive, so maybe you can prevent 128
New Brunswick, Canada vert my system into a real French thing?
owners from purchasing a 1700 when
Yes, we couldn't think of anything to put they need a 1750. Incidentally, Berke Daniel Girard
in the fitly issue beyond 16 pages. But, we ley sells 1750s at an excellent price, Quebec, Canada
figured thai in midsummer everyone Mary E. Wilson You'll find just what the doctor ordered in
would be vacationing or sitting at home Cleanvatcr, FL this month's "GEOS Column." 9
6 COMPUTED Ggzotte November 198B
TRILOGY fealurinc
A high energv
KNIGHT GAMES Venom - Shard of
simulation of Two on
All Ihe atmosphere of Inovar- Kobyashi Nanj
Two" basketball that
Medieval England feeteOke the real thing. Sam-dunks, lay ups, ally 3 different lands 3 different adventures 1
brou ght vividly to Erte in oops and Hat features, great sounds and 3 dilferenl challenges
this superbly animaled multi-level action game animated graphics ■ All the three graphic-
thai contains 8 diflerent Medieval everts. 6 generate exciting and text adventures
Battle against other • adcictrvegameplay. J featured in TRILOGY
Knights using swords, l| AvalableforC64J128 combine super
axes, slaWs, ball and 13 (joystick required) S9.99 I graphics and
chain or test your skills AvailablefotlBMPC text into a challenge guaranteed to stretch your
with crossbows and and companies fall 88 mind.
longbows. Available lor:
Commodore 6*128
Features include;
One on One combat mode (2 player)
One playerversus the computer (1 player) or IBM PC/Tandy and
compatibles (CGA or
Available (or:
EGA card and color
(joystick required) monitor required) S14.99
compatibles (CGA or OH CALL
monitor required), $14.99 711WEST17thST.,UNITG9,
i mn'«i r inm^n* Lwh»i i
TEL. (714) 631-1001


Sit down and grab on! You're \X% Hot car. Hot music. Hot scenery —
driving the fastest and most ■ beaches, cities, snowy mountains,
beautiful machine on 4 wheels! .— Cl .-. deserts and the blonde next to
So kick up the engine revs, down you will tempt you to take your
shift the gears, hear the tires eyes off the road. At close to
squeal and grab the pavement— 300 KPH, our advice to you is
on your computer! a 4-letter word. DON'T.

Out Run. One of ihe big Space Harrier. You ore Alien Syndrome. Genetic
gest arcade hits ever, and Harrier, the extra-terres lab overrun by hideous
fne ultimate motor-sports trial warrior. Space is your organic mutations! Scien
simulation. Now you can battlefield. Your mission tists captured! Activate the
bring the action home! is to save the Land of lab's self-destruct mecha
With 4.4 liters under ihe Dragons from the vicious nism! Break in and blast
hood, you're driving a followers of the vile one- away the slimy hordes
beast of a machine only eyed mammoth. Grab and fhe biggest, most gro
lop drivers attempt to your laser bloster because tesque mutants guarding
drive. Can you handle it? (his game is 100% action, the doors. Can you do it
Maybe. Maybe not. non-stop clashes, power before the bomb explodes?
ful combat scenes.


Viiil you VISA and Ma&lerCardarefBrs To purchase by nta^uind your card number and expiration dale chacfcar
d«fo*{OufHupJ#*I?95J5pa paLBKnrrwn^
d"romp), I TniooOrd Atari 5T),(pfi«W 00 honndMnaioMinrfKup^rrn. P.O. Bo-1W, NoMUjjwI. IIII u0065
u0065 Allow
Allow 3<5waeks
3<5waeks for
for <fehv«y
<fehv«fy ly
lawyer* I ikolU
pan i'l?BflMind^i:apeJkc1pyindicapoiiaipadfffwrko1
BflMmdsCa0flJi-c MindicapoiiaipipadfrfKipkQf MndjcopOneCoprqM
lurid under Iiceri*fl Irom S*m tniorp*uti, l.1d.,JopaPk. OulR it □ trodemaric af Ser Ei Ltd Con-nnodorp&* and Commodore 12flQrefeniifar*rf
ondM»^^ AmJflO
a'toPlir^ rUodpin U 5 A. Sirrm ihoti
■■-- r i ■. , -,\<-,

Robert Bixby

After two years of surprises, GEOS, the

software package that turns the Commodore
64 into a convincing impersonation of a
Macintosh, has reemerged vastly improved,
faster, and friendlier than ever in version 2.0,
the first major upgrade of this alternative
Commodore operating system.

Anyone who has been using GEOS tential, my high school guidance packaged with new Commodore
intensively over the last couple of counselor's favorite phrase, disk drives. You'll have to purchase
years has probably assembled a summed up the state of the early the productivity package (geoWrilc
lengthy wish list of needed fea GEOS releases. 2.1, geoPailtt, geoSpell, and their at
tures. Evidently Berkeley Softworks However, Commodore users tendant utilities) as a separate pack
has been listening to our wishes. are a forgiving group. GEOS prom age. Why bundle only the operating
The latest GEOS upgrade has virtu ised them a new look in 64 soft system when it's also available in
ally everything users could want. ware, a new flash and dazzle that the productivity package everyone
would appeal to the users' creative has to buy separately? One must
PROMISE FULFILLED side. Over a million of us felt the at presume that the profit motive en
The original GEOS package con traction of a graphics-based inter ters into the situation somewhere.
tained the operating system, a face and responded, making GEOS But, after all, Berkeley is a compa
handful of fonts, and a cheezy word one of the more successful ventures ny, like others, doing business.
processor that was murder to work in home computer software. The bad news: If you purchase
with and whose principal attrac At last our patience has paid a new Commodore disk drive, even
tions were its fonts, its WYSIWYG off. GEOS 2.0 fulfills that early with the 1.5 operating system bun
(What You See Is What You Get) promise. The basic GEOS 2.0 pack dled with it, you'll still have to buy
display, and its ability to paste pic age, with word processor, spelling a GEOS-compatible word proces
ture scraps into text files. It also checker, and graphics package, is a sor and paint program to make use
contained a graphics package that real productivity machine. of the new GEOS. The good news is
was somewhat more impressive, Commodore will no longer that they're worth every penny.
but which often failed in the midst bundle geoWrite and geoPainl as More about them later. For now,
of a project. freebies with the 64C computer. let's concentrate on the centerpiece
What sold most people on Soon, only the upgraded operating of GEOS, the program that over
GEOS wasn't its productivity, how system, deskTop 1.5, and some sees and coordinates all others; the
ever, but its promise. Unrealized pO- product demonstrations will be deskTop.

rn COMPUTED Gazette November 1988

The most Instanily recogniz The new deskTop allows mosl The clock Is an obvious
able new features of the desk- menu ilems to be selected Improvement in the new
Top are a visible clock and with a key-combination. This deskTop.
two new menu choices on the adds convenience and re
command menu bar. duces the need for mouse and
joystick manipulation.

deskTop 1.5 or remove notepad pages. Remov files each provides room for 144
The first thing you'll notice about ing a page provides a very quick files, the maximum allowed on a
the deskTop version 1.5 is that way to scratch up to eight files from Commodore disk drive.
there are more choices across the the disk. Simply move your unused To select icons from the key
command menu bar. The new items files to a single page and then de board, press the Commodore key in
on the menu are Select and Page. lete the page. A dialog box will combination with the number keys
Select allows you to select all warn you that you'll lose the files 1-8. The numbers 1-4 correspond
of the items on a disk's directory at when the page is deleted, just click to the top row of file icons and 5-8
once, to select everything on the on OK, and they're history. correspond to the bottom row. To
visible page, or to select all the files deselect a file, press the key combi
in the border area. KEYBOARD COMMAND ENTRY nation again. Berkeley seems to
You con also select more than As you look at the menus on the have left nothing out when it comes
one item by holding down the deskTop, you'll recognize an addi to convenience.
Commodore key and clicking with tional improvement: You can select
the pointer on an item. By clicking nearly any function from the key THE CLOCK
again on the same icon with the board via a key combination that The second instantly apparent im
Commodore key depressed, you uses the Commodore key. This en provement in the deskTop is the
deselect that item. This powerful hancement for GEOS 2.0 reduces clock at the top right of the screen.
addition allows you, for instance, to the need to provide both keyboard It's always visible and can be set
select a group of files and move and mouse input. The View, GEOS, simply by clicking on i! and typing
them to a ramdisk en masse. That and Options menus, more rarely the current date and time. Unless
way you can take advantage of used, aren't provided with Commo you have a built-in clock, you'll
ramdisk speeds without having to dore-key equivalents. have to set the GEOS clock at the
supervise moving all the necessary In addition to the improved beginning of each session. But hav
files into RAM. You can either place keyboard selection of deskTop ing it visible serves as a reminder to
all the necessary files on a disk or menu items, you can select icons set it, and an accurate time-stamp
on a page of the notepad or select from the keyboard and flip to pages on your files can be very valuable.
them with a mouse click and depos beyond page 9 with the keyboard.
it them on the ramdisk icon. A min As before, the number keys flip to COLOR deskTop
ute or so later, your ramdisk is pages 1-9, but now, by pressing the An interesting option is the ability
ready for action. This very closely SHIFT key in combination with the to change the color of the deskTop
approximates batch processing. 0-8 keys, you can move instantly to icons and the notepad foreground
Selecting the Page pull-down pages 10-18. Eighteen is the maxi and background. You can make the
menu, the other new addition to the mum number of pages in the desk- icon for each type of file a distinc
command menu, allows you to add Top notepad because 18 pages of 8 tive color of your own choosing, or
COMPUTE'S Gazette November 1988 11

larofisis hwe taksn then Isi! hostage Sotrw-
One rwfn:exi>rtv!erf0f!Stswt)3t tenor
HM ^
J^IP ^^

^^^ _ ^^
•Jttf gtpr otT ran1 A=rr»riJj&?iv.tfnedr ^*^ _
'OppiBtion Vfttltscontov /

/ •

Now you can take U'Q world's number ono arcade game hamt't AH (be acUon-pack^d rntade thrifts ot
this •tuvesoirm ttostdffv rescutj nre rajiify for home video play.


graphics lakes you to i magicalland ot advpnrun? and t

■ArtantM/«RCn,w,i!e!"Alcor>.'« Bubble Bobble;" SiyStwt.'VRaslw™ TP^^~ -s^il ' !sse-A" "ylitsrvwrved.Commcton'is a trademark ol Commodore Etecin
and Ouer.Mon Wolf" ore WrtMOTfa of Isito Amonai Inc. Copyright \ ^^-^5 rt » 'W- MvanbtmtM by; Dually & Company. Ire- /Chicago).



The "I game in Furrtpe for 3 months Scramble through 100 screens as your Doti'r setae /or imifevons. 7fitr game voted ~or>eof tha best home videogames
bfontosaurus buddies, BubindBob, tltwtt you entry with non-stop actwn evet" by ftectrvmc Game Plavvr Magazine is ready to blast into your home.


Jake t"Q oremfo'i meanest tfr t'ollt" homo for kpitp.i Sfrnn in for otptosivtr This is tho oigintil orcailo hit. Tlmll to the arcnfo quality graphics of this tost-
htt/h-ftytiitj action. HtrtifiH) tot ytntr lilt- us yini sour through increthbtu yrnjihtcs. tmcvit, struLt-ztyle kumtf hr/iwl Find out wtwt <oal PCtion is nil utruutt

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fioma Wi Ifie ultimata rtrtn-ptjnaltiry conibol. You've novt'r j<wi action til"? tnis. anywhere in the US. by calling 1-800-663-8067.
you can use one of the three de you want them. The standard 256 modore key. If you have a 64 or
faults provided. Plus, there's Color REU can emulate a 1541 diskdrive. 64C, you will have to purchase a re
Off, an option that leaves the desk- If you customize your REU by set switch or have a hardware wiz
Top monochrome. packing it with an additional 256K ard in your user group install one
This is an interesting extension (or operate GEOS on the 64 side of for you.
of the Preference Manager. Perhaps a 128 with a 512K REU), the RAM (The value of the reset and re
imaginative GEOS users will be expansion can emulate either a boot feature was brought home to
able to make good use of this fea 1541 or a 1571 disk drive, and at me while preparing this manuscript
ture. It's an example of how far the the same time it can shadow the with geoVfrite on the ramdisk when
Berkeley programmers will go to 1581 disk drive, causing its already one of North Carolina's nightmare
make GEOS as flexible as possible. fast action to accelerate further. But electric storms rolled out of the
So far nothing has been done for sheer speed, nothing can beat a mountains. As lightning crashed all
about the polka-dot background in ramdisk. Ramdisks make long, around my house, I thought it
the deskTop that causes weird, frustrating pauses while loading might be prudent to save my work.
strobing vertical bands of blue and applications and files things of the No sooner had the disk begun to
red proximity colors on some color past. Once the file has been placed spin than the lights went out. They
monitors. It would be nice to have a in RAM, it can be called to duty in a were only out for a heartbeat, but
Control Panel feature like the Mac's, second or two. Even a massive ap the computer reset. The article was
in which you can adjust the mouse plication like geaWrite or geoPautt gone. 1 remembered that the RAM
travel and the background pattern will load and be ready for action in chips in the 128 and the REU are
on the deskTop. Maybe in 3.0. .. . a little over two seconds. relatively persistent, so I tried
It should be mentioned that RBOOT. Sure enough, the file—the
TRASH AND PAINTER ICONS the three disk drive icons aren't only copy in existence—was still on
The selected printer driver has to be quite equal. There's no C drive. You the ramdisk, completely uncorrupt-
on the currently selected disk in or can't copy files to the third drive or ed. It was the first time I'd heard of a
der to use the printer. If it isn't on open it by clicking on it. However, ramdisk more reliable than a floppy.)
the disk, the words Not on disk ap by dragging the third icon up to the
pear beneath the printer icon. first, you can switch drives from the INPUT DRIVERS
Berkeley has thoughtfully deskTop. Whatever had formerly 1 was disappointed to note that the
moved the printer icon to the lower been your A drive becomes your in touch-tablet input driver is still
left corner of the screen. That should active third drive. Although it awkward to use. It will still move
prevent absent-minded users from might have been nice to have three the pointer and pull down a menu,
dumping their printer files into the active drives, the convenience of but once the menu is down, all ac
trash by mistake. For those who do trading the third drive in and out is tion stops dead. You have to search
it anyway, Berkeley has added an almost as good. It's certainly easier on the pad for the pointer. Pulling
other laudable improvement: A file than rearranging your daisychain the stylus downward and to the
thrown in the trash is retrievable. every time you change drives. right usually picks up the pointer
When you throw a file in the without too much difficulty on most
trash, its name appears beneath the REBOOTING menus, but selecting the font size is
trash icon. If you click on the trash One of the best things about GEOS nearly impossible, and moving the
icon, the file will return to its former 128 is its ability to recover from a geoPaini canvas with the move tool
position on the deskTop. Bless them. crash without losing the contents of was beyond my abilities" after sever
They really do care. the ramdisk. Crashes are rare with al minutes of trying. It's a shame
This state of grace is tempo GEOS 2.0, but when they happen, that this wasn't fixed, because
rary, however. The next time you RBOOT is your lifeline. To effect a there's nothing more natural to use
access the disk, a file in the trash is warm boot, insert the boot disk into in geoPaint than the Koala Pad. I am
gone permanently. the A drive and type LOAD told that fixes for some of these de
"RBOOT",8,1. If your ramdisk is ficiencies are available through
DISK DRIVES functioning, this should recover shareware and on QuantumLink.
GEOS now supports up to three your operating system, and you'll There are many more minor
mass-storage devices: one or two be able to preserve those volatile improvements to the GEOS 2.0
disk drives and one REU (RAM Ex ramdisk files. If you are running deskTop, but it's enough to say that
pansion Unit). If you click on Con GEOS 2.0 on a 128 in 64 mode, you as good as GEOS deskTops 1.0
figure, you will be given the can reset by pressing the reset through 1.4 are, 1.5 is a major im
opportunity to set up your drives as switch and holding down the Com provement. It leaves little to be de-
14 COMPUTE! s Gazette November 1988

geoWrite 2.1 provides a host of geoPalni Is improved again Pasted Images can be cen
Improvements over earlier ver with surprising cut-and-paste tered In a paste box or scaled
sions, Including search and re features, ovals, and a con to (It. They can also be reposl-
place, wider margins, and straint option. tioned. resized, smoothed, or
justification. pasted transparently.

sired from the Commodore 64. agree that geoWrite 2.1 is truly a mouse around. All of the Style and
second-generation word processor. Edit menus and most of the Page
geoWrite 2.1 Early releases of geoWrile of and Options menus are given key
In order to put word processors into fered word-wrap; tabs; block de board equivalents. For instance,
perspective, it helps to recall the lete, copy, and paste; page breaks; you can select the entire page with
price you would pay for a word and a WYSIWYG display. All of a single key combination. The cur
processor for another machine and these plus a formidable array of sor keys move the text cursor
the prices the machines themselves power features are offered by geo around the document page.
fetch. A Macintosh SE can cost Write 2.1. The 2.1 version supports geoWrite also features line
$3,500 or more. A high-quality margin, decimal tab, and paragraph spacing, which can be set to single-,
word processor for this machine indention for individual para one-and-a-half-, or double-spacing.
typically weighs in at 300K-600K graphs. You can also center a para You can work with the entire page
and ranges upward from $200. For graph, fully justify it (providing width, extending the margins to
that price, you're provided with smooth margins on the right and zero inches on the left and eight
useful features like kerning and left side), or justify it with smooth inches on the right. Operation is
footnotes. By comparison, you can margins on either the right or the much faster and more reliable than
buy a Commodore 64 for under left. earlier versions.
$200, even if you buy it from a cam It features decimal tabs, which geoWrite 2.1 is an incremental
el dealer, and geoWrite 2.1—which allow you to line up a column of improvement over geoWrite 2.0
doesn't provide for footnotes or figures on the decimal point. You available with Writer's Workshop.
kerning, but which does come with can insert headers and footers that The most striking improvements
geoPaml and geoSpell at no extra extend up to a third of a page. The are the decimal tabs and the eight-
charge—sells for around $60 ($25 if headers and footers can be time- inch page width.
you're a registered GEOS owner) and date-stamped, and the page One problem that must be
for a 35K program. number can be inserted. mentioned with regard to geoWrite
The striking difference isn't be geoWrite 2.1 contains a fully 2.1 is the fact that in order to
tween geoWrite 2.1 and a high-end featured search-and-replace option, squeeze its optional eight-inch vir
Macintosh word processor; in fact, including settings for whole words tual screen into the 40-column
they aren't very different and cer or parts of words and for searching Commodore 64 screen, geoWrite 2.1
tainly aren't as different as the price the current page or the whole text. has to make two transitions to get
might lead you to believe. The real The search is remarkably fast if all the way across the page, while
difference is seen when geoWrite you're using a RAM Expansion Unit. the six-inch page width requires
2.1 is contrasted with geoWrite ver There are many options that only a single shift to accommodate
sions 1.0-1.3. When you compare can be called from the keyboard for its relatively restricted virtual
them feature for feature, you must people who would rather not screen. When you begin a new doc-
COMPUTE's Gazette November 1988 15
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Pfoject Stealth Fighter

Enpflfrence ITie Uirill1 Silent Service ■■■--■ w
Pilot a state-oMhesrT U S Apr
Ground-pounding e* Pirates'.
Fo#ca COSArR {covet l_ suf- New submarine s
vivaI4e. m-wealher. recon| qenLrirtely teoeaTes
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slfitu? lighter. From MicfoProse fi undoiABler warlaio. From
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Greensboro, NC 27403

(Nitv \i»k Ot> .■;■. per demo iiisk-t

(\nnli .nl.l 11% pi-r tlcmo ili>k.)
ument with geaWrite 2.1, it will to be used should be placed closer The former circle feature now
have a six-inch page width. Unless together as you work through the draws ovals. The ovals can be con
you really need the fuller page various levels of dialog boxes. strained to circles. Likewise, rectan
width, perhaps you should leave There seemed to be far more repeti gles can be constrained to squares,
the- default in force. If you prefer to tive mouse manipulation than nec and lines drawn with the straight-
work with a wider page, choose the essary in this module. Also, they line icon selected can be con
full-page width selection from the should remove the DO button, strained to multiples of 45 degrees
Options menu to change the page which carries out the correction, from the horizontal. As yet, there's
format. Once the eight-inch page and replace it with a double click on no polygon feature or Bezier curve,
width has been selected in a docu the action selected. as can be found in many Macintosh
ment, it cannot be changed to a six- programs, but I am sure someone in
inch width. geoPaint Berkeley is staying up late working
During the transitions, as the The real star of the GEOS 2.0 show on them.
virtual screen is shifted sideways to for the right-brained is geoPainl. It
bring another region into view, the has always been the most fully real MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES
central processing unit is preoccu ized and complete GEOS utility. There are large improvements in
pied with keeping track of memory Now it's even more powerful. In the familiar GEOS desk accessories.
and will often miss keypresses. addition to its familiar features, the Photo scraps can be given names
There are two options: Type more cut-and-paste option has taken one and searched for with a special
slowly or write your first drafts with step closer to being a draw pro search feature within the Photo
narrow enough margins to prevent gram. Paint programs essentially Manager. This makes collections of
shifting. chisel the image into RAM. You can clip art more manageable. The
It should be noted that gcoWrite erase the image, copy it, or draw package also includes geoLascr, a
2.1 for the 128 doesn't need to make over it, but the image itself isn't utility that allows you to print your
any transitions because the entire flexible. It can't be adjusted. Draw file to an Apple LaserWriter if you
eight-inch page can be displayed at programs, on the other hand, create have a serial interface. You can
once on the 80-column screen. an image out of mathematical for print out masses of merged docu
mulas. Since the image is an abstrac ments with gfoMcrge. Text Grabber
geoSpell tion, it can be manipulated at will. imports text files from virtually all
An exciting adjunct to geoWritc is geoPaiiit achieves this flexibili kinds of Commodore 64 word pro
geoSpetl, the spelling utility. It has ty with an option to stretch and cessors for editing, formatting, and
been rewritten for the GEOS 2.0 shrink pasted images to fit a prede printing with geoWrite. Finally
package, and Berkeley claims that fined rectangle. When the image is there are the Paint Drivers that con
it's 38-percent faster than the geo- pasted into place, it's equipped vert a geoWritc document into a gco-
Spell released several months ago with MacDraw-like handles that Paint file, which can then be edited
as a separate package. can be used to reposition or adjust with geoPaiitt.
Its action is interesting. It scans the size of the pasted picture scrap. To long-time users of GEOS,
the geoWrite text file until it finds The picture scrap pasted into the the environment will seem strange
445 unique words, Then it com geoPaint file can be pasted transpar yet familiar. Although all the well-
pares them against a 96K diction ently (that is, 90 that the graphic al known GL-OS features are Ktill
ary. Words without matches are ready on the screen shows through there, it seems that around every
kept in a buffer. When it finishes the white space in the scrap), and corner some revolutionary im
with the unique words, the un the black areas of the scrap can be provement has been added to make
matched words are checked against pasted in any of the patterns avail the operating system and its appli
your personal dictionary. The able in gcoPaint. cations many times more powerful.
words that couldn't be found In Another of geoPaint's features Those who haven't yet turned
either dictionary are then displayed has also been vastly improved: the to GEOS should examine this ex
in context, You have the option of airbrush. You can select whether the traordinary package posthaste. It
correcting the spelling, skipping the airbrush will spray a pattern in neg works beautifully with the basic ar
word, or adding the word to your ative or positive—whether it will rangement of the Commodore 64
personal dictionary. It's one of the spray only the black areas of the se and 1541 disk drive, but its speed
most flexible features of GEOS 2.0. lected pattern or only the white and power are dramatically en
If there's any improvement to areas (erasing where the pattern is hanced by the 1581 and 1571 disk
be made to this handy, friendly util white)—or whether it will spray drives and the 256K or 512K RAM
ity, it's that the buttons most likely both (as in the original gcoPniul), Expansion Units. ©
18 COMPUTE'S Gazette November 1988
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l1> <n\\y fN y Wim Fn hlhM HAMli-jIrrmr

*. Jiuhjnllit UrJivjiUlulriv
i >Vn-up

l Umix IV oir. U.SA.

Tom Netsel 128 Puts Finger
Assistant Features Editor
on Bad Guys
Have you ever hud friends or relatives ask you what you use your
computer for? Games and entertainment are popular responses, but
OMAHA, NE—-Fingerprints found
many of you put your machines to work at home or in the office. We
at the scene of a crime can mean a
posted a message on QuantumLink and on more than 15 electronic
major break for police, but they can
bulletin boards from Maine to California, looking for interesting
be a major headache for crime-lab
64 and 128 home and small-business applications. Many of the
technicians who have to find a
boards were operated by Commodore user groups, and the system
match among the two million prints
operators (sysops) went out of their busy ways to be helpful. The
in the city's files.
Greater Omaha Commodore Users Group—North BBS even posted
A computer can help with the
an announcement that appeared when callers logged on, encourag
sorting, but commercial fingerprint
ing replies.
systems are expensive. "It's Liecom-
We've printed a sampling from the dozens of real-world appli
ing common for states and large po
cations you supplied. Since the applications are so varied, we felt
lice divisions to use computers for
each one deserved its own story and headline.
fingerprint matching," according to
(A special thanks goes to the management, sysops, and support
Richard Ingraham, crime lab tech
ers of QuantumLink. Their help was invaluable in putting this fea
nician for the Omaha Police Divi
ture together.)
sion. "But that doesn't really help
your medium or small locations

Radio Station Gets that don't have $1 million to invest

in a fingerprint system."

Signals From 64
To help meet the challenge,
Ingraham took a public domain
database-management system and
PHOENIX, AZ — Call any of She's 65 years old, ami she thinks modified it on his 128 for finger
KTAR's listener-participation radio your guest is full of beans. print identification. The Battley fin
programs, and the show's host Other information at the bot gerprint system is the core of the
knows your name, your age, where tom of the monitor tells the host the program. Ingraham first demon
you're1 calling from, and what's on time for the next commercial and strated it at the FBI Academy while
your mind by the time he picks up whether he's to do a live spot for a attending a class there. The system
thi1 phom' ant! puts you on the air. local furniture store or play one permits fingerprint characteristics
[lowdocs he do it? His 64 tells him. that's recorded. The host keeps tab to be entered in data fields and then
When you call any of the sta of who's on hold and when to break matched by the computer.
tion's news, sports, or talk shows, a for a commercial, and the other em It's not practical to compare a
producer, engineer, or other staiion ployee screens calls and runs the set of prints against all two million
employee answers the telephone tapes. in the city's system, Ingraham said.
before you go on the air. At KTAR, The operator also has the op Witnesses can be a big help in re
the employee answering the tion of marking callers as calling ducing the number of possible sus
phones sits in front of a 64 that's from a mobile phone or a telephone pects by providing a description of
connected to two 19-inch monitors, booth so the host can get to them the criminal. Knowing a suspect's
according to Ed Wilke, assistant di sooner. sex, approximate age, and weight
rector of engineering. One monitor The program, Talk Screen, was helps eliminate some of the prints
is in the control room and the other written originally for a V1C-20 in the program has to check.
is in the studio in front of the host. 1982 by then-employee Tim Greer. In an effort to eliminate the pa
Shows often have guest ex The program has been upgraded per search, Ingraham plans to up
perts who field questions and com several times and now operates on grade Omaha's system by adding
ments from listeners, and the a 64. It now also boasts a realtime an Amiga with an optical reader
listeners often disagree with the ex clock and space for oilier comments. that will display actual fingerprints
perts, Wilke said. When a host is Talk Screen and the 64 get a on the monitor. This will give the
ready to take callers, he checks the good workout at KTAR. Except for Omaha police an effective tool to
monitor and sees something like times the station carries a network help fight crime, he said. "And it'll
this: Culler number 1 's name is Mary. program or a Cardinals game, the cost a heck of a lot less than $1
Slie's on line 2. She lives in Sun City. two are hard at work 24 hours a day. million."
20 COMPUTE-s Gazaira November 1988
Air ForceVets Swap Rekindles Fund
With 128
Props for Profits TULARE COUNTY, CA—When
funding problems stalled county of
ficials' efforts to computerize the fire
NICEV1LLE, FL—After careers in cost per share—a figure that helps department, a Lemon Cove fireman
the Air Force, two south Florida resi him determine whether to stay in or decided his 128D could do the job.
dents not ready for rocking chairs get out of a particular fund. "Several of us who have Com
have put their 128s to work for It prints the net worth of his to modore computers got together,"
them. Dick Kirk, who retired two tal investments and monitors his said Tom Bales, fire engineer at Sta
years ago, spends time buying and total capital gains or losses tion 13 in Lemon Cove. "We're run
selling mutual funds with a program throughout the year. "At the end of ning our own individual stations
he wrote for his 64, and William the year, I print all this out, attach it with our own little program pack
Schaal, an Air Force colonel ap to my Schedule D, and say, 'Thank ages until the county can come up
proaching retirement, uses his 128 you, IRS.' It's not exactly in IRS for with something."
to write resumes and cover letters as mat," Kirk said, "but so far they Officials in Tulare County,
he prepares for a new career. haven't kicked about it." which is about 50 miles south of
Fidelity Mutual Funds offers its White Kirk's program has auto Fresno, had hoped computers could
customers an electronic means for mated his bookkeeping chores, it help eliminate some of the paper
buying and selling its family of mu isn't smart enough to advise him work involved in running a fire de
tual funds. Its FAST (Fidelity Auto about which funds to buy. "I have to partment. They want to buy $4,500
mated Service Telephone) system tell it what to pick, unfortunately." Sperry systems for each of its 28 fire
lets account holders buy and sell Across town, William Schaal, stations, but the county is having
funds via a touch-tone telephone. who has just retired from the Air trouble finding the money.
By calling an 800 number and en Force, wants to put his master's de "In an outfit like this, there are
tering certain codes, they can get gree in civil engineering to use. tons and tons of paperwork," said
the current share price of a fund, "I went through the resume Bales. Fire incident reports, investi
the number of shares in their ac route that's advertised in all the pa gation reports, and emergency
count, and the dividends paid. pers," he said. "I gave them all my medical service reports must be
They can also place orders or ar material and took one look at their kept on file for five years. Station
range for transfers between funds. product and decided my Commo inventory, fuel records for each ve
The service is fast and convenient, dore could do the same thing." hicle, and training reports are some
but Kirk and his 64 have improved Using Professional Software's of the other records each station
on the system. Fleet System 4 with his 128, Schaal must complete and keep on file.
"I've taken a Hayes modem prints custom resumes and cover Some of the firefighters with
that generates touch tones and letters on a Panasonic 1091. He's 64s and 128s decided their comput
written a computer program thai al pleased with the results. "The qual ers could handle the work. Bales
lows me to do all these transactions ity comes out equal to what 1 used wrote several programs in BASIC
from my 64," Kirk said. to pay for," he said. on his 128D to generate most of the
The Fidelity computer answers Schaal bought his 128 to use reports. "These are all custom pro
with a recorded voice and prompts primarily as a hobby, but he be grams, so individual stations can
customers to enter their fund codes, lieves computer skills are fast be tailor them to fit their needs. The
their account numbers, security coming a requirement in the job program is strictly BASiC," he said,
codes, and transaction codes. Kirk's mnrket. "The last executive who "so even the people with IBMs can
program stores all this information has no computer knowledge has al adapt them to their systems."
and transmits it at the touch of a ready been born and already has a Bales said he "got stuck" with
function key. job. When I told my wife that, she writing the programs last year. He
The program has grown over said go ahead anO buy one." stores the data in random-access
the past two years until it's finely As of this writing, Schaal has files that can be printed whenever a
tailored to fit Kirk's investment turned down one offer and has in hardcopy is needed. Bales claims
needs. It keeps track of all his trans terviews scheduled with several he's not really a programmer, but
actions and computes an average major corporations. See "Fireman" page 21
COMPUTErs Gazelle November 198B 21
Farmers Spread Seed
the Martins take their projections
for the coming year to the bank to
arrange for next year's financing.

with Spreadsheet
"We've always done some
thing like this, but each year we had
to start from scratch," said Martin's
UNION, [A—By using a 64 and a penses required to produce a crop. son, Jon, who set up the program
spreadsheet to record income and These expenses, which include on his 64, using Timeworks' Sivift-
expenses, Dale Martin and his fam such items as rent, fertilizer, and Calc. "It took a little longer the first
ily keep an accurate eye on the fi herbicides, are entered into the year to install it on the computer,
nancial health of their 1200-acre spreadsheet. Each field has its own but I anticipate this coming year it'll
grain and livestock farm in this sheet, Martin said. go rather quickly. Once you've got
farming community of 500. The Martins use an electronic the format, it's just a matter of fill
In addition to tracking their device that measures the number of ing in the blanks."
cash flow, each winter Marlin and bushels of corn as it is harvested. "At the end of a season, it's
his two sons prepare an analysis for This gives them an exact produc easy to compare what we said we
the coming year. An accurate anal tion figure for each field. This infor were going to do with what we ac
ysis requires a complete listing of mation also goes into the program. tually did," Dale Martin said. "And
the approximately 25 different ex Based on these calculations, that's what the banker really likes."

Berkeley Softworks' geoPul'lish to

Desktop prepare eye-catching announce VIC Wins
ments, bulletins, and handbills. He

Publishing A uploads his promotional material

through QuantumLink's laser-
OMAHA, NE—Winning a lottery
takes luck in most cases, but Moni
printer service to get a quality mas ca Sudds credits her computer for

Blessing To ter copy and then makes copies of

that for distribution.
helping her win.
A local radio station sponsored
"It's been very effective. It's the contest, and tickets were avail
Church something a little out of the ordi
nary, and it's even spurred some in
able from local merchants. The more
numbers announced that matched
terest in computers. I'm beginning the numbers on the winner's lottery
ASHEVILLE, NC—Advertising is to develop an interest group in cards, the bigger the prize.
effective. It helps sell soap, and one computers just because people "With the help of my teen
minister finds it helpful for spread have seen some of my fliers and agers," Sudds said, "I gathered
ing the word around his church. handbills and they've said some about 500 tickets." The radio sta
As minister of recreation at the thing about them." tion read a list of numbers, and
First Baptist Church of Asheville, Allen posted handbills around winners had to call within 30 sec
North Carolina, the Rev. Phillip the church announcing a white- onds to claim a prize. "I couldn't
Allen is responsible for the opera water rafting trip one weekend, and keep track." She turned to her VIC-
tion of the church's recreation cen another series reminded the con 20 for help.
ter. It has a gymnasium, craft gregation of a children's pet fair Sudds wrote a small program
center, game room, racquetball and a hot dog cookout. to load numbers into an array. As
court, and weight room. Allen over the station called the winning num
sees all the recreational activities bers, Sudds entered them into her
for the church in addition to plan program for comparison. The V1C-
ning special activities, including Fireman continued from page 21 20 checked the numbers in a flash.
sporting events, crafts, outdoor ac As the contest progressed and
tivities, and social gatherings. he manages to keep up with the 5udds entered more numbers, her
Making the congregation aware county's demands. "It seems like VIC ran out of memory. A memory-
of these activities has always been a every time we get one done, some expansion board solved that prob
problem, and getting the members body comes up with a new form," lem, and a few days later Sudds hit
to respond is another problem alto he said. the jackpot.
gether. The usual Sunday-morning Bales has no idea when the ex "1 did it with my old VIC-20
announcements are often forgotten, pensive equipment will arrive—if and ended up winning $2,600 in
and small printed reminders are fre ever. Until then, his 128D is staying cash and prizes," said Sudds. "It
quently overlooked. on the job. "It's nothing fancy, but more than paid for the $59 memory
Allen decided to use his 64 with it works," he said. expander." conlhmed on page 26.
22 COMPUTEVs Gazette November 19B8
Cr Commodore and LOWER PRICES
OH ONLY FROM & C£ Commodore
The Complete
IBM® Compatible Machine
For The Whole Family! Cs Congnodore®
$699* 64C
w/o Optional Commodore 1004
Color Monitor

■ 640K RAM/Dual Floppy Drives I Built-in MonochromefColor

■ Dual Speed - 4.77 3 SMHz Video Card
■ Parallel, Serial & Mouse Ports I Includes MS-DOS 3.2

With Commodore 1084 Color Monitor $»95*

..ith Samsung Color Monitor $899*
With Hi-Resolution Monochrome Monitor $769*

* Receive An Additional $50 Off List Price.

Offer Good Thru 10/31/88 ,/K 64C w/1541 II Disk Drive $309*
64CW/1541 Drive &1802C Monitor $489*

ommodore* Rcceivo An Additional $30 Off Ltit Price.

Offer Goad Thru 10/31/88
■■:1,28k Memory
Built-in 1571
Disk Drive
Cs Commodore**
Detachable. Keyboard 1084 COLOR
640 x 400 Resolution
4 Operating Modes
128Dw/Commodore 1084 Color Monitor $719
128D w/Magnavox 8762 Color Monitor $679
MAGNAVOX8762 ■ 640 X 240 Resolution ;"!>
■ 3 Modes ■ 1 Yr Warranty $249
SAMSUNG RGB ■ 640 x 240 Resolution
FREE COMMODORE GAMES ■ SO Column Mode (Only) ■ 1 Yr Warranty $219

s Commodore*
= Commodore"
1351 MOUSE
Mousfl & Joystick

See Following Pages For Details

Operation '
GEOS Compatible

C= Commodore* 1670 C= Commodore* 1764

MODEM 256KRAM C= Commodore



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Musician's 64: sical sequence, manipulate it, and
If This Is
then play back several sequences
No Mickey Mouse into a song. I can layer one se
Tuesday, It
quence on top of another, and 1 can
merge sequences together. All the
ORLANDO, FL—A Walt Disney
World musician and entertainer
things you can imagine. 1 call it a Must Be
word processor for my music."
finds his SX-64 is an ideal computer
for making music with a pair of dig
Most of Charles's MIDI appli
cations are used for demo tapes and
ital synthesizers.
Number 4
for composing at home. His act at
John Charles, who sings and ^he hotel is too spontaneous to
plays guitar and piano at the Magic make use of the sequencer. Kicked
Kingdom's Grand Floridian Beach power cords and voltage fluctua RIW3H, 5AUDI ARABIA—While
Resort Hotel, has entertained vaca tions are another reason the SX-64 Westerners use computers to track
tioners for ] 6 years at the entertain usually stays home. "Once you've sales, inventory, schedules, and the
ment complex in central Florida. MIDl'd a synthesizer, two drum like, those in other cultures find
Charles uses an SX-64 as s machines, and your computer all rather unusual ways to use their
MIDI sequencer and librarian, con together, you're all set to go," said computers. At least one man in the
trolling his Korg Ml and Casio Charles. "Then along comes a little Arabian capita! uses his 64 to keep
5000 synthesizers. A 16-sequence, power surge and everything de track of his wives.
eight-channel sequencing and re faults back to zip." Saleh has four wives—which
cording studio program from Music The SX-64 is popular with pro is permissible under Moslem law—
Digital provides Charles with a fessional musicians because it's each in a different house. His big
wide range of musical tools to use small and compact, Charles said. gest problem, if you discount four
in expressing his creativity. With its five-inch built-in screen, mothers-in-law, is remembering
"It allows me to work musical the SX-64 fits right on a musician's which wife he's supposed to be
phrases very similar to the way synthesizer rack, yet its memory is with and for how long. To solve
you'd use a word processor with large enough to handle a profes this problem, Saleh wrote a pro
words," he said. "1 can write a mu sional's requirements. gram to manage his connubial
schedule, according to a story that
allegedly appeared in a Saudi

Gymnastics Instructors newspaper.

Saleh has four wives because

Doing Flips over 64

he wants lots of children, according
to an unconfirmed report. While the
law doesn't object to multiple wives,
HOT SPRINGS, AR—It's hard to Each screen contains a month's bill
Saleh's family refused to talk to him
keep your feet on the ground when ing information for one student. In
after he married wife number 2.
you're working with 400 young addition to regular fees, a student
Saleh walked down the aisle
gymnasts, but an Arkansas couple may have additional items, such as
with wife number 3 when he learned
finds that a 64 helps keep their uniform and travel expenses. The
from doctors that wives 1 and 2
gymnastics school on its feet. Manager's built-in math function
could have only four children each.
Becky and Doug Garner own totals fees and subtracts them from
Less than two months after
and operate Hot Springs Gymnas any balance in the student's account,
that wedding, Saleh met another
tics. When Becky's mother, )ulii' The difference is the amount owed.
woman, and a week later her name
Cathcnrt, bought a 64, Becky asked Cathcart buys preprinted
was added to the program as wife
her to handle the billings. tractor-feed statements, and The
number 4.
"I didn't know anything about Manager's report function prints the
The 64 apparently keeps
computers," Cathcart said, "but 1 student's name, address, and bill
things running smoothly in the
got Commodore's The Manager. It's ing information on each form.
Saleh households, according to the
out-of-date now, but I customized "Becky does her work at the
Saudi newspaper, but it'll probably
the screens and it works." center," said Cathcart, "and I do
need a memory-expansion unit if
The 64's memory is too small this at home. I also print out an al
he wants to keep track of all his
to hold a year's worth of the gym phabetical list of how much the
children's birthdays.
nastics school's billings—400 kids owe with blanks 'or her to fill
If you have an interesting Home t>r smali-lmshiess
transactions each month—even in as she receives checks. She
application for your 64 or I2S, we'd like lo hear
with a 1764 RAM expander. So brings this list back at the end of about it, Write to Tom Nelsct, COMPUTE'/s
Cathcart keeps about four months' each month and I update the bill Gazette, 324 West Wenttovtr Avenue, Suite
worih of information on each disk. ings. It works great for us." ZOO, Greensboro, North Carolina 27405. ©
26 COMPUTED Gazelle November 19B8
Now available lor Tandy 1000,
IBM PC and 100% Compatibles?
Apple II Series, and Commodore 64/128.
See your retailer or call
800-227-6900, to order direct
"iiiCfudas both 5'A and 3% inch disks


MlB Co *H wrrixir"shown SrriHifnmay viU . . ti . i , ., i. vi'tl by Li mil i ill wxtrnt1

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I **■■■■■■■■■
■■■(■■■■■■■■I IBB,"-^"*- «■■■■■■■!
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Top experts in home and business computing will be there
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■ HIIIIHI (■■■■■■■■■■■■■■BBBBBBBI ness, lor home, lor school, lor your creative life.
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■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■llllimi Get in on the excitement.

Adults $10.00
1 ::" ' biii ■ "'' - ■ i ';'■■'.'■ Produced in asso&ation with' Students & Seniors $8.00
■■■■■I {■■■■•■■■■■■■■Commodore Business Macluriesi
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I Admission price includes seminars
The Canadian edition ol the WORLD OF COMMODORE is in Us sixlh and stage presentations.
successlul year at the Toronto International Centre, Dec. 1 - 4,1988
Thurs. Nov. 3 & Fri. Nov. 4 10 am-9 pm
Exhibitors, contact
The Hunler Group (416) 595-5906 Fax (416) 595-5093 Sat. Nov. 5 & Sun. Nov. 6 10 am-6 pm

COMPUTERS Comprehensive Resource Guides

For the Commodore 64/128 and the Amiga

COMPUTES's 1989 Commodore 64

and 128 Buyer's Guide D Yes. please send me copies ot COMPUTED
Commodore Buyer's Guide. I enclose S3.95 plus S2.00 postage
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The complete Buyer's Guide to software
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and 128, D Yes, please send me copies of COMPUTEi's Amiga
User's Guide. I enclose $3.95 pfus S2 00 postage and handling
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COMPUTEl's Amiga User's Guide
Get the most from your Amiga!
City . oiuic
State _- £.iyj
Industry experts on: desktop video, Amigas in the
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in-depth software reviews and a super software
COMPUTEI'S Buyer's Guide
buyer's guide to 1989 Amiga products.
Single-Copy Sales
p.o. Box 51 ae
Both Issues available on newsstands nationwide Greensboro. NC 27403

Reserve your copy direct Irom the publisher now. Just (III In The Buyer's Guide will be sent to you shorlly after publication.
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resources. ORDER TODAY
28 COMPUTERS Gazette November 1988

Ever had that urge to be in command? To lead men against superior enemy forces ...?... Sure you have, But only the "legally brain
dead" want to be shot at for real. Well partner, fire up HEAVY METAL for an experience infinitely better than the 'real' thing.
Start out in the War Room devising a strategy to overrun enemy positions. Now
jump inside an M1A1 Abrams main battle tank and feel the power of one of the
most destructive land combat vehicles ever built. Your trigger finger itches when
your 120mm cannon is loaded ... An enemy tank appears on your laser range
finder... fire ... a direct hit and pieces are scattered from here to Anchorage.
Or hop behind the wheel of the XR311 FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle). This hot little
beauty looks like a dune buggy, moves at speeds over 100 mph and is armed
with TOW missiles. It's not a Lamborghini or a Porsche, but it easily blows them
off the road.
Time to power up your ADATS (Air Defense Anti Tank System) and start knocking
down incoming MIG Fighters. Seems easy until they start coming in 6 or 8 at a
time. Mow you're in serious trouble. But don't forget, you're also the Company
Commander. Charlie Company is on the horn and wants to know what to do.
Attack? ... Fall Back?.., Just received word that your
defense perimeters have been overrun and the General's
on the Line. He wants to know
what's going on up here???

Do you have what it lakes to move up

the ranks in todays army? Take the
Some were born to lead, others
HEAVY METAL challenge and find
to follow. Maybe it's time to re-


it you un"t lino our prwucis ,ir yow Irjul turn, you on orotr direct. For
mailorders.enclosechecKm rrantyrxfler.plusSl OTJsNppirrrjarKirianaiing.
jno SMtlly micnint nOMn OesirW Order by phone on VISA. U«KrCsrrJ
M CO D by calling TOLL FREE |UO0i 8JJ-J1W
ACCESS SOFTWARE, INC., M5VV 550 E . Suit) 130. BounMul, LJT 8JO10
Software incorporated
Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate levels, some extraordinarily tough,
stand between you and victory, and
All right. So far you've liberated Skiira As you move along and enter you'll have to visit all seven dimensions
Brae, and you've saved the Six Cities of buildings and dungeons, you meet a on your way to defeating the Evil One.
the Plains from great evil. But now, just variety of creatures. A few are friendly To help you play the game more easily,
as you've begun to understand the and will help the Party for a limited BT III lets you save the game in places
meaning of your victory, Tarjan, Ihe time. Most, though, are trying to kill other than the Adventurer's Guild (a
Mad God, has returned to Skara Brae you, and these you must kill if you wish big help), and dungeon movement is
and destroyed it. As you sit on the to survive. You fight either with weap automatically mapped for you. Finally,
ground, warming your hands in the ons, with spells, or, in the case of a Bard, some of the weaker character classes
small fire that lights the ruins of the Ad with songs. When you defeat a monster, have been enhanced to make them now
venturer's Guild, you hear the Bard you receive experience points and gold. worth taking with you.
sing of one last hope. You must cross You need experience points to advance Despite the new features, this is
the dimensions of time and space, and in levels; you need gold to purchase still the familiar Bard's Tale system.
then you might just have a chance to items, pay for healing, and so on. Monsters still appear with often annoy
stop Tarjan. ing frequency. Keeping straight who
That's where Bard's Tale ill begins. has what item remains a mind-boggling
The third installment in Electronic Arts' business. And simply figuring out what
highly successful fantasy rule-playing to do is still occasionally frustrating. But
series, The Thief of Fate lets you import those are, after all, characteristics of the
your favorite characters from Bard's genre, ones that have come to delight
Tale 1 or // or simply begin from scratch. role-playing addicts. These games de
The principle of this game is the same mand an enormous commitment of
as the others, but the plot and several of time: It's often several hours before
the features have changed considerably, your Party is strong enough to tackle
The result is yet another must-buy for anything other than the lowliest mon
the fantasy gamer, a gem in a field that sters. There's nothing inherently wrong
has had more than its share of gems. with this, but new gamers may be
The inspiration for Bard's Tale, as frightened off quite easily.
for most fantasy role-playing games, is Then, too, you could object to the
Dungeons and Dragons. You begin by The purpose of all this is lo com whole premise. While the quest against
creating characters, Each character be plete a quest, In BT III, the quest is to evil has become an integral part of the
longs to a race, including Human, Elf, defeat the Mad God Tarjan. To do so, fantasy market, the concept of monster-
Dwarf, I lobbit, Half-elf, Half-ore, and you must travel to the seven dimen bashing is just plain silly. Though few
Gnome, with each race having its sions to discover the source of Sk.ira and far between these days, good fanta
unique characteristics. Each character Brae'8 destruction. Eventually, you will sy novels attempt to integrate fully de
has five numerically expressed attri battle tiie Evil One; if you defeat this ul veloped characters and the theme of
butes—Strength, Intelligence, Dexter timate monster, you will save Skara humanity's battle with the natural ele
ity, Constitution, and Luck—which Brae. Otherwise, all life will be lost. ments into a true mythic tale. Role-
determine his or her chances of success For experienced role-players, none playing games, however, have taken a
at specific tasks. Finally, each character of this is new. In fact, tin1 idea is now so much less ambitious path (although
must belong to a class or profession; commonplace that BT /// includes a Ultima IV and V are trying very hard).
Bard's Tale III has 13. Classes range utility that lets you transfer characters The authors of most role-playing games
from Warrior and Paladin through vari from Bard'i Tale 1 or //, Ultima HI or IV, would have us believe that these worlds
ous kinds of spell-casters. or Wizardry I, II, or III, It seems fantasy are populated with powerful monsters,
After creating several characters, role-players never tire of endless quest all bearing gold, whose destruction is
you form them into a Party. The Party ing after evil, so the designers of B T III not only valid, but necessary.
then leaves Ihe Adventurer's Camp and have tried to make things more interest- Enough diatribe. For those who
moves out into the surrounding area. In ing, more challenging, and more enjoyed Bard's Tale I and 7/—and I was
Bani's Tale I, the surrounding area was involved. certainly one of them—Bard'i Tale HI
the city of Skara Brae; in BT 111, it's the They've succeeded. The game has enough enhancements and a strong
wilderness outside the ruined Skara Brae. boasts over 500 monster types, most of enough plot to offer hours of thoroughly
As you move from place to place, the top which you will have to fight. There are enjoyable gaming. This is a first-rate
left corner of the screen shows a picture seven varieties of spell-caster, including work, putting the Bard's Tale series at
of what you're looking at. If you're fac Geomancer, whose power comes from the forefront of the computer role-play
ing west, for example, and a street lies to the earth itself, and Cbronomancer, ing genre. As long as the Bard's Tale se
the west, the view window will display a who enables the party to move among ries competes for honors with SSI's
perspective view of the street. the dimensions. A total of 84 dungeon Phantasie series and Origin's Ultima se-

30 COMPUTE! s Gazelle November 1988

ries (and occasional upstarts like Faery Come to think of it, road is too po and a lough British import. Each is rat
Tale Adventure), the fantasy gamer has lite a term for the four courses the Epyx ed on seven factors, including power,
a lot to be thankful for. designers have prepared. If the Baja gas mileage, endurance, and weight.
—Neil Randal! Challenge leaves you thirsting for more Remember, a heavy truck burns more
desert madness, take on the treacher fuel, but it takes more punishment. And
Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate
ous terrain waiting in Death Valley. If there's plenty of that down the road.
Electronic Arts
mudbogglng is your sport, try sloshing After selecting a basic truck, head
1820 Gateway Dr.
through the slimiest red clay Georgia for the Custom Shop for such personal
San Mateo, CA 94404
has to offer, or head for Michigan if you touches as a winch, an extra-capacity
want to test your rig and driving skills fuel lank, and special tires.
on ice and snow. Then stop by the Auto Mart to
Once you've decided on a course, stock up on tools, spare parts, extra fuel,
it's time to select a truck with four- maps, and flashlights. You're working

4X4 Off-Road wheel drive that will gut you to the fin
ish in front of the competition. You
on a budget, so watch your cash and
don't overload your rig. Be prepared,

Racing have a choice of two powerful Ameri

can vehicles, a sporty Japanese model.
but don't try to take the whole store
with vou.
Holding the pedal to the metal is risky
business in Epyx's 4X4 Off-Road Rac
ing. It's almost impossible to avoid
rocks, logs, and other obstacles waiting
lo slash your tires or rip open your radi
ator, but you can't win races driving
cautiously. So I kept the speedometer
pegged as I raced south on the Baja
Challenge. 1 had a tough truck under
me—it was customized to my specifica
tions—and I could smell victory.
So far 1 had avoided serious dam
age. I had the right spare parts to make
repairs, and I'd studied the map and
memorized the shortest route to the fin
ish line. Things were looking good as 1
moved into seventh place. I'd passed
ten other rigs and was about to leave
another in my dust when disaster struck.

forget them—this is a

race. And it's one that

your adrenaline


Just a moment ago. the speedom

3 entertainment triumphs from FIRST ROW!
eter needle showed 80 mph, but now it
A space odyssey—from the
was the only thing moving fast as it
raced toward 0. My 4X4 crawled to a
STAR EMPIRE people who brought you ELITE"

halt as the Mexican desert disappeared

and a damage report filled the screen. The HONEYMOONERS Ralph and Ed
Damage was light: The radiator had a
slight leak, but that shouldn't sideline
me. Uh-oh! There it was: Gallons of fuel * The TWILIGHT ZONE Out of the 6th dimension comes
the long-awaited graphic thriller
on board: 0. Gallons of fuel in ianks; 0. 3 computer games destined
The race is over for you. Out of gas just
short of the finish! to rise to the "Top of the Charts"!
Racing with a heavy foot won't
guarantee victory in this fast-paced but
grueling off-road racing simulation. It's OR CALL DIRECT 215-337-1500
fun, but it'll probably leave you ex
hausted, especially if you do your best
to avoid the rocks and debris. A heavy FIRST ROW SOFTWARE PUBLISHING, INC.
foot can also exhaust your fuel supplies. 900 East 8th Avenue
Use too much gasoline too fast and King of Prussia, PA 19406
you'll become a spectator at the side of (215) 337-1500
the road.
The Twilight Zone «1988 CBS. Inc.
no Honaymoonafs ^IBBB VIP Corp.
Graphics in the Opening sections-— id ice. Hit one and it will total your rig. Another problem is the length of
as well as the whole game—are great. If you do crash, you have two more the courses. The map doesn't reveal
You move a man into each store and chances to make it to the finish on each how long they are. 1 know a rig's gas
press the joystick's fire button to select of the courses. (I particularly like the mileage, but without knowing how
the items you want. Remaining cash, crash that wipes out the truck and driv many miles I have to go, it's difficult to
total weight, and volume are calculated er but spares the dog.) know how much fuel to buy.
for you. Careful Strategy and planning The manual clearly explains such One final gripe-—and it's a minor
at this point play an important part in features as checkpoints, how lo make one—concerns the finish line. I usually
the outcome of the race. repairs, and how to get out of soft sand fly past the little guy waving the check
On the starting line, you have a or mud. It also includes driving tips and .1 ered flag, and the race is over before I
driver's-eye view of the course. Your warning about the dreaded Doombuggy. know it. It's anticlimactic.
rig's dashboard contains .1 clock, speed Your adrenaline really gets flowing
ometer, tachometer, and icons reveal with 4X4 Off-Road Racing, A typical
ing the status of ten engine parts. When race takes 25-30 minutes of intense
you're ready, steer with the joystick concentration. After putting in all that
and accelerate by pleasing the (Ire but work, I'd at leasi like to see a finish-line
ton. You have brakes, too—but forget banner across the road and maybe a
them, this is a race. few people cheering. I think it would
A couple of seconds after the start, provide a more satisfying conclusion.
you'll probably clip a rock and flip end I've added my name to the Hall of
over end. But these 4 x 4s are tuugh, Tame after finishing a couple of good
and unless you wrap around a aaguaro races, but I'm still trying for King of the
cactus, you'll land on your wheels, still Road, I've got a feeling I can do better
racing. Big rocks eventually damage next time.
even the toughest trucks, so avoid hit 1 got an idea after thai last race. I
ting them. Discarded tires or old logs can lighten the truck by leaving the
don't cause much of a problem, but On the negative side, I have a winch. Then, if 1 take extra fuel.. . .
you'll go flying when you hit one. Show problem stealing time to glance at the
—Tom Netscl
some respect, however, for the skeletons dashboard. Obstacles come so quickly
that appear to be hitch-hiking. They're that it's almost impossible to take your 4X4 Off-Road Racing
probably Did drivers, and they're hard eyes off the road. Position reports and Epipc
on your truck's undercarriage. other information flash on the dash 600 Galvesion Dr.
Don't bash the snowmen when board, but if you take the time to read Redwood, Ol 94063
you're racing in Michigan—they're sol them, you'll hit something. $39.95

The Best of '88 Gazette Disk

The best 15 Commodore 64/128' programs
from the 1988 issues of COMPUTEI's Gazette
are now available on one disk with
full documentation.


Something tor every user, every taste—
• Atcaae games • Music
• Strategy games • Utilities
• Graphics

S 3 12fl-only pjograrro

YES! Send me copies of The Best of 'S3 Gazette Disk.

I've enclosed S5.95 plus S2 postage and handling (S7.95 total) for each

Amount Sales Tax' Total

Clfy State. Zip.

Mail personal check or money ordei (or S7 95 to

Best of '88 Gazette Disk
P.O. Box 5188
Greensboro, NC 27403
■New Voft issidenis add sv. porconi kiIoj toi Norm Coioi™ rovdonts aaa 5 percent saHH lai All
oroeri muji be paid iri U S tundi t>t a check drawn on a U S Bank Sorry, no codri cord orcWi oc-
cepToo Please oilaw 4-6 wook; Tor dolivoty
Make Any Computer Do Exactly What You Want With McGraw-HiWs

Contemporary 1

Make no mistake. Almost all books and courses on "programming"
teach you only the final 5% of the total programming process-
namely, how to code in a specific language... information of little
value if you don't know how lo reach the point in the programming
process when you are ready to code.
With the Series, however, you'll learn lo create your own programs
from scratch, even modify off-the-shelf programs. You'll learn enough
From Writing Your Own Programs to
BASIC and machine language to get you started on the remaining
Modifying Existing Software, Here's the New,
5% of Ihe programming process.
Easy, and Low Cost Way to Unlock the Secrets
of Your Computer Build Your Own Personal Software Library
Whether you me computers (or business, for personal I The sample programs you work with throughout the
applications, or for fun, off-the-shelf programs will never do Series are excellent learning tools. Bui they're more than
everything y<m want them to do for you. That's because they that. By combining the sample programs onto one master
were written by programmers to satisfy what they perceived disk, you'll have the start of your own personal software
as the needs of the greatest number of potential library. In addition to ihe programs you've written and
users—iiften missing some or many of your
modified throughout the Series, you'll also receive dozens
specific needs.
of Ihe most popular public domain and user-supported pro
That's why McGraw-Hill's new Contemporary grams, such as data base manager, word processor, calen
Programming and Software Design Series leaches dar generator, appointments reminder and much,
you how lo create your own software.. .either much more.
from scratch or liy nuking key modifications to
existing programs. 15-Day No-Risk Trial
There is nothing magical about it. You learn ihe To order your first module without risk, send Ihe
process of building a computer program step-hy- postage-paid card today.
step with McGraw-Hill Concept Modules sent to you one al a Examine ihe first module
time, once a month. Each ol the ten modules in the Series lakes lor 15 days and see how
you through an important slep in the development of the the Series will help you
structure and detailed logic of B program, including testing, make your computer do
debugging, and documentation. M exactly what you want
it to do!
Unique Interactive Elancls-On Instruction
Each module Includes an easy-to-understand guide PLUS a
SM" floppy disk containing typical programs and interactive
instruction that you can run on Commodore (vi and 128 computers, IBM
PCs and VC compatibles for hands-on experience.
In the firsl Module, lor example, when your sample program (Declining
Interest Loans) appears on your screen, you'll find errors on certain pro SOFTWARE
gram lines. You'll also see that the program is only three-quarters completed.
Now comes the fun part. You'll discover
how this program is built, and in the process
you'll learn how to identify and correct
errors. And by the end of Module 1,
you'll actually have completed this
program yourself.
Bui there's more. Special graphics
on your screen work in conjunc
tion with Ihe accompanying guide
to amplify, illustrate, and deepen
your understanding of software
design principles.
If someone has bealen you to the card, write to us for order
ing information about Ihe Contemporary Programming and
Software Design Series.

The Crucial 95%—Learn the Foundation of Computer Programming

While the Series includes interactive disks that run on specific computers, everything
you learn you can apply lo any language or machine. Why is this possible? Because
McGraw-Hill knows programming is far more than codinga program into the computer Continuing Education Center
using a specific language. In Ihe real world of computers, 95% of the programming pro 3939 Wisconsin Avenue
cess kcarrietl out usingdesigii are indejjendenl of specific language or Washington, DC20016
machine. It is 1 his crucial 95% that you thoroughly understand and master in the Series.
Red Stor

THE WORLD . Based on Tom Clancy s

umber 1 best-selling book,
IS FALLING .;ed Storm Rising puts you in
the role of captain of an American
TO THE SOVIETS. nuclear attack submarine... a sub that

YOUR SUBMARINE becomes the Free World's last hope,

following the Soviet invasion of Europe.
IS AMERICA'S Red Storm Rising is a chillingly realistic
blend of contemporary high technology
LAST HOPE. and classic military strategy. Offering the

pulse-pounding excitement you've come Red Storm Rising, find out if you have
>m famed programmer/ what ittakes to tackle the Russian bear.
designer Sid Meier,
reator of F-15 Strike
agle and Silent Service,
or the Qommodore 64/
28 systems and soon for 180 Lakefront Drive Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
hm BM/PC compatibles and I co-

f;iii< ■y Apple II. Suggested retail nnd

price, S44.95.
COMPUTE! Crossbow and Karnov
Publications Close your eyes and imagine ihe smell
of popcorn wafting its way through
Crossbow is a fast-paced and enjoy
able game, filled with rapid action and
crowded aisles. Walking beneath the clear graphics. For the most part, it's
Back Issues/ flashing lights, you listen to the noise faithful to its popular arcade twin. The
and confusion of a hundred electronic documentation is little more than load
Disk Orders tunes, each played at its own tempo, ac ing instructions, though this type of
cented by the rapid-fire staccato of laser shoot-the-bad-guys game doesn't need
Individual back copies of maga strikes and machine-gun bursts. a lot of explanation.
zines and disks are available by Welcome to the arcade, the excit
ing realm of flight and fantasy. Here, a
mail only while quantities last.
roll of quarters is a perishable commod
Please clip or photocopy, and ity. Those little round images of George
mail completed coupon and Washington disappear in the Mink of
check to: an eye, in exchange for electronic action
and role-playing.
COMPUTE! Publications Many software companies have
Single-Copy Sales taken the challenge of duplicating this
P.O. Box 5188 atmosphere, and some have even suc
Greensboro, NC 27403 ceeded with a sophistication that rivals
the mega-memory arcade games. Two
recent releases for the 64—Crossbow,
from Absolute Entertainment, and Kar
Cross doii'
nov, from Data East—attempt to bring
the excitement of ihe arcade to the com The opening graphics and intro
fort of your home. duction are impressive, with movie-
Crly: _
style rolling credits that fade in and out.
1 had to laugh when [ discovered that
Slate: Zip
the initials and high scores on the Hall
Type ol computer The excitement of the of Fame screen are none other than
those of the game's designers: Steve,
arcade is brought to the Dan, and Gary Kitchens; Robert Pres-
issue Magume
cott; and Alex DeMeo; all with Design
QuantFty (Montis/fear) or Disk Name PllW home with Crossbow and
Imagineering. You'll have to score
Karnov. above 500,000 to bump these guys off
the board.
Count your quarters—it's time to
move on to the next machine. Kamov is
In CrOSSbOW, you're a sharpshooting based on a fire-breathing Russian of the
archer, protecting the members of your same name. A bolt of lighting and a
troop as you travel over eight deadly mighty clap of thunder announce the
levels of terrain. Your slow-walking arrival of this latest arcade hero. When
friends start on the left side of the screen the flash and reverberation have faded,
and leisurely cross to the safety of the there stands Kamov, a one-time circus
opposite side, oblivious to the danger of strong man who possesses the unique
falling boulders, rattlesnakes, huge birds ability to shoot fireballs.
of prey, and the indigenous villains that A huge and evil dragon called Ryu
SUBTOTAL: populate each domain. has made off with the Treasure of Baby
NY residents—Add 8>/a% Tan: Your task is to ambush these haz lon, hidden for centuries in the tiny and
ards before they put an end to your peaceful village of Creamina. The drag
NC resiflents—Add 5% Tax:
company. Your presence is represented on has left in its wake hordes of evil
TOTAL: by a tiny crosshairs pointer that moves minions to terrorize the countryside.
as you take aim. Your favorite joystick Your mission is to dispatch these mon
Bat* issues ol COMPUTE'. COMPUTE'S Ga/ono.
ar*l Apple Applications are$600each The tousling replaces the clumsy rifle-Style crossbow sters and return the treasure to your
issues are NOT nwnioWo COMPUTE; 9/BM1/8I. used on the arcade machine, a change 1 people.
2/B2-12/82. 2/S3. 4/83. 1/SS SIMM! 7-S3-12-83.
personally prefer. You must advance through nine
1/B4-9/M, t1/14-12/W, 1/85-11/85 Apple Applica
tions: Spring 1387 Your journey takes you to a not-so- levels of multiscreen action, avoiding
Single disks tor COMPUTE', Baiette. or Apple friendly town, a desert, an ice cave, and death from numerous demons and dan
Applications are SI 5 00. NOTE1 No disks doted prior
an erupting volcano, as well as to other gerous obstacles while collecting op
lo January 19B6 aro available.

Back Issues ol COMPL"£'3 PC Murjnaiw and AMI uninviting territories. At each level of tions that can help you in your quest.
STDJifc S Magazine are $16 00 uttl {Trmsfl the trek, you can choose from up to These options are instruments found
publications are available only v- mngazme/cJisK
three colored paths. An onscreen map along your path that you stockpile for
combinations.} The Inflowing issues ora NOT avail-
,lt« PC M«g«iJn« 9/87. 11/67 AtMil ST Olak & displays the eight locales but offers no later use. Ladders, jumping boots, swim
Magazine: 10/86, 12/66 hints on how to reach your ultimate ming masks, and wings are among the
Disk/magazine combinations are 316 00
destination, deep inside the castle. One options needed if you are to fight th'e
Shipping ana handling included
NO CREDIT-CARD OSOEHS ACCEPTED. wrong turn can send you back to revisit forces of evil on the land, under the sea.
Payment musi be m U S dollars By cneck drawn on a previously explored level, where the and in the air.
U S bank.
action accelerates and becomes even Like the arcade game. Karnov is ex
more deadly. tremely challenging. I consider myself a

36 COMPUTE'S Gazette Novombur 1988

pretty good gamer, but the ones 1 can't
beat I turn over to the family expert, my Master ISIinja:
eight-year-old son. Karnov exhausted
both of us. One reason the game is so Shadow Warrior of Death
difficult is that, while the villains move
at a reasonable rate of speed, Karnov is If you've ever watched a badly dubbed, page manual, the other player calmly
slow and clumsy. Only when you collect low-budget Kung Tu movie, the theme pounds my poor video alter ego into a
Super Fireballs, which make Karnov of Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of pulp. Master Ninja allows the player to
shoot two and three times the normal Death should be familiar. Someone or execute 21 assorted attacks, defenses,
rate, does he become a formidable force. something (in this case, a magic sword) and jumps, as well as use three weapons;
has to be saved from an evil warlord. As yet it mercifully manages to keep the
an expert in the martial arts, you must controls simple and easy to memorize.
perform the rescue while battling
hordes of guards who are firing arrows
and darls, swinging sabers and staves,
throwing knives and shuriken—all
aimed at you.
OK, so much for originality. But no
matter how overused or unrealistic its
plot may be, everyone loves a good,
fast-paced action movie once in a while;
the same goes for computer games. The
designers of Master Ninja, a one-player
Kuril Dii martial arts game, have included some
unique and interesting elements.
The arcade version has this same
Many video games in this genre
reputation for difficulty, which is not all
have a common defect: I always lose. In spite of this, I had a bit of trouble
bad. Challenging games guarantee
Call me forgetful, but I simply cannot learning how to play the game because
months of thrilling play and offer a
remember which permutation of joy- of its terrible manual. It gave me in
greater sense of accomplishment when
Stick jiggling and fire-button jamming structions for loading the game that
you finally succeed. Karnov is an enjoy
will result In the execution of a kick, were incorreel, a guide to joystick con
able game that Will properly frustrate
punch, or jump. Nor can I recall pre trol that was inaccurate, and a lot of
you, as any fine arcade-style game
cisely whal the difference is between a background on the game that I didn't
should. The obvious advantage of the
spinning back kick and a kicking back need. Fortunately, the game gives be
Commodore game is the small fortune
spin. While I frantically consult the 20- ginning players a practice session and
you save in quarters.
Data liast has done a good job of
translating the graphics and sound
from the original big-brother version.
The graphics-scene speed is slow and Excellence...
tends to flicker at limes, though it isn't
distracting. The documentation covers
for the Commodore
the IBM version in detail but virtually
ignores the Commodore. I had to hit
every key on the keyboard to discover
that the Y key activates the Use Option
command. This favoritism didn't hurl
Product Family
my feelings, for i realize that owners of
other machines probably need a little Look for the name that
extra help when it comes to gaming. spells Quality,
Arcades are fun places, but with Affbrdability,
the advanced programming techniques and Reliability.
that let home computers emulate large
coin-operated machines, game rooms
may be symbols of the end of an era. All Lt. Rental - a 20 or 40
that's needed now is for someone to in Megabyte Hard Drive which sup
vent a small box that sends out beams ports CP/M
of flashing lights, sounds of pandemo
nium, and the odor of burnt popcorn.
Super Graphix GOLD- the ultimate printer interface including a 32K buf
fer, 4 built-in fonts, a utility disk with 27 fonts and more.
—Sieve Hedrick
Crossbow Super Graphix - an enhanced printer interface including NLQ, an 8K buffer,
Distributed by reset button, a utility disk with 27 fonts and more.
Mediagenic Super Graphix jr- an economical primer interface with NLQ and graphics.
3885 Boftannon Dr.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
FontMaster II - a powerful wordprocessor for the C64 with 30 fonts ready
S34.95 to use, 65 commands, font creator and more.

Karnov FontMaster 128 - a super wordprocessor for the 128 including 56 fonts ready
Data East to use, a 102,000 word spell checker and much more.
470 Needles Dr. All Hardware is FCC Certified All Interfaces include a Lifetime Warranty
San jose, CA 95112
^^. _ CM and 12S are rcg. TM of Commodore Business Machines, Int.
M=i^i^ 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS. 67401 (913) 827-0685
an onscreen guide lo correct joystick reached the goal and won the game, to strength, 1 discovered the spell had
functions, go back and try a different path. This sapped all of it. Idled a short time later.
One of the major problems with helps keep the game fresh and surpris Overall, 1 would say the game's de
Master Niiija is that whenever your ing, even for an experienced player. signers have tried to combine a rough-
character dies, your character is really and-tumble adventure game with a
dead, Instead of having a Few addition game of strategy and tactics, and
al lives to Spare, you are given ,1 limited they've done a fairly good job with it.
number of strength points. These arc The program's worst problem is its
Though not dazzling.
gradually bludgeoned away by repeat slow speed. The rooms load too slowly
ed encounters with guards. Master Ninja manages to from disk, wasting the game's excite
"What's this?" you cry. "Realism ment and the player's adrenaline.
intruding into an action game?" Well, stay fresh and surprising, Master Ninja's graphics and sound
not really. But it is frustrating when effects won't dazzle you, and the game's
even for experienced story line will not thrill you. But its flexi
your character dies, because it farces
you to start again at the beginning of players. bility and the size and complexity of the
the game. Since there's no way to save fortress will keep you guessing, some
a game, you either finish it in one sitting thing many other games fail to do.
or you fail. This can be exasperating. —Jesse Colin
Despite my objections, 1 can say Magic is used in a similar way.
Mater Ninja: Shadow Warrior
the designers of Master Ninja have Curses and hexes stalk certain rooms in
of Death
managed to keep the game exciting by the fortress, and it is impossible to
Paragon Software
offering a variety of thoughtful consid counter them. They can be avoided,
600 Rugh SI.
erations. In the manual, a map of the however, and that's half of the game's
GreembuTg, PA 15601
warlord's fortress shows clearly the lo challenge. At one point, for instance, 1 $29.95
cation of your goal. Using the map, you faced a choice between two routes; one
can see that the fortress is divided into led through three rooms and at least
26 separate rooms, two of which are one rather nasty guard, while the other
outdoors. This permits you to choose led through only one unknown room, Mainframe
different paths to your goal. Some the Mystical Garden. The choice
paths are shorter hut more dangerous; seemed easy, but the moment 1 stepped Once again, it's up to you and your
others are longer but safer. Instead of into the Garden, an evil priest in rod computer to save the world—this time
forcing a frustrated player to repeat the robes emerged and cast a spell on me. I from a computer considerably larger
same mistakes each lime, the game, al was held powerless against his curse, than your 64, the Tri complex 111,
lows a player who cannot get past a cer even though he withdrew after a mo The Tricomplex III has just com
tain point, or even someone who has ment. The next time I checked mv pleted the final link in its effort lo tie
together the world's computers. In a se
cured complex below the Pacific Ocean,
this massive computer has begun to
think on its own and has determined
that the only bug in its system is its hu
man operators. Since it controls the mili
tary and has access to every record in the
world, it's no small matter that the Tri-
complex 111 has decided to debug itself.
In Mainframe, from Microlllusions,
you are the lone operative on .in experi
mental space station, the Orbiter. While
Tricomplex III controls the Earth, it
BACKUP PROTECTED • Includes fasl loader, 12-second does not yet control the Orbiter. Your
mission is to beam down to Earth, infil
From the team who brought you Requires a Commodore 64,128, or trate the Tricomplex security system,
Copy II for the Apple, the Macintosh "D" computer with one or two 1541 avoid the various battle droids, find
and the IBM comes a revolutionary or 1571 drives.
your way to the Pacific Ocean hideout,
new copy program for the Commodore Sales/Information: call and throw the four main power switch
64/128 computers. 503/690-8090. 8 - 5 RS.T., M-R We es. Sound simple enough?
• Copies manv, protected programs - accep! 32i 46' Or sencl a check for Bring a lunch.
automatically. (We update Copy II $39.95 U.S. plus$3 s/h, $8 overseas.
Although it fits into the broad cate
64/128 regularly to handle new Technical Support: call gory of maze games, Maitifraittl adds
protections; you as a registered 503/690-8080.
owner may update at any time (or several clever movement routines and
• Copies even protected disks in
$39.95 demands enough strategic thinking to
earn a look from anyone interested in
Central Point Software, Inc.
under 2 minutes (single drive), 15220 N.W. Greenbrier Parkway. #200 serious gaming.
1 minute (dual drive). Beaverton, OR 97006 As the game begins, you'll find
• Improved support for ROM updates yourself aboard the Orbiter space sta
on 1571 drives. CentmLFbinL tion. Before you con do anything else,
• Maximum ol (our disk swaps on a
single drive.
Software you'll have to find a way to put on the
power suit. Once you have it on. you
call up the action menu. This is a scries
Call for a catalog of our lull product line.
of message boards from which you can
beam down, energize the power suit,
remove the suit, or raise the Orbiter's

38 COMPUTERS GiirtHtn Novomber 1988

defensive screens. You can also check strategic spots that may require more
the status of Orbiter, assemble an as than one visit, such as the place where
sault system, place or remove a scan you assemble your assault device. Once
unit, or transport to a scan unit. Though your scan units are in place, you can
the menu may seem complex, it's not. roam about collecting the pieces for the
assault device and then instantly trans
port them to a common assembly point.
As if it weren't enough for you to
piece together three assault devices
Mainframe earns the
(one each for air, land, and water),
attention of anyone you'll also need to search for power
pods (to supply power to both the Or
interested in serious biter and your power suit), fuel to drive
your devices, underwater air tanks, and
micro cards to open security doors. air, and power-suit charge. The docu
That's not all. You'll have to protect the mentation is minimal, but it doesn't
Orbiter by raising its shields—which leave out any of the game's features,
use up power—and by disabling the and you'll find that the story doesn't go
Movement in the game is accom
four ground-air lasers used by Tricom- on so long that it becomes overbearing
plished via a transporter beam. Run
plex to attack the Orbiter. When you're or pretentious.
ning and jumping are other ways of
hurt, you'll have to beam up to the Or In the end, Mainframe uses the
getting about, and you'll do a great deal
biter and visi! the medical lab to be re maze format as a jumping-off point to
of both. Running is necessary to reach
juvenated. And since Tricomplex is create a game demanding arcade skills,
and explore all the buildings and cav
capable of repairing itself and its sys strategic thinking, and the ability to
erns, while jumping is your prime
tems, you may have to disable some solve problems. That's quite a lot for a
method of negotiating the many vertical
systems more than once. game that doesn't rely on heavy key
mazes. As you're doing this, various bat
tle droids will appear in your path, and Make it a big lunch. board input, but the designers have
managed it very well.
you'l! have lo be quick enough to shoot The joystick controls all Ihe action
—Ervin Bobo
them before they collide with you. and menu selection. The graphics and
Transporting, more commonly animation are high quality, as is the Mainframe
called telcporthlfy is a safer means of sound, which includes a background MicToItlusions
travel, but you must transport lo a scan song thai can be toggled on or off. At 17408 Chalsworth SI.
unit, and you have only six of them. the bottom of every screen, a status sec Graiuula Hills, CA 91344
You should deposit your scan units in tion indicates your levels of power, fuel. $19.95


ThunderChopper, available (or the

Commodore 64/128 and Apple II
computers. Coming soon, a great
new IBM version!

A\ A A

I S C 0
The creators of Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 3.0
take submarine simulation to new depths of FUN!
See youf dealer, or contact AdionSoll lor more mlormalion
Up Pofiscopo! is available on disk lor Ihe IBM/Tandy/
compatibles iind Commodore 64/128 computers. Tot diroci ActionSoM
DftteiS ploaso indicate which compulor version you want. 201 West Springlield Avenue
enclose $29.95 plus $2.50 lor shipping and handling, and Suilo 711
spncily UPS of hrsl class mail delivery. Visa, MasterCard, Champaign. IL 61820
nnd American Express charges accepted. (217} 398-0388

COMPUTERS Gazelle November 1988 39

RAM for up to ten years, even products on separate disks for the
From Baltic Avenue to
when the cartridge is unplugged suggested retail price of S14.95.
Park Place from the computer. Data East USA, 470 Needles
Virgin Games has released Mo QDisk allows users to utilize Dr., San Jose, CA95112
nopoly, the computerized version the entire 64K version as a single Circle Reader Service Number 202.
of the Parker Brothers' board CP/M drive. It also allows parti
game. The modern version re tioning of the 64K Quick Brown
mains faithful to the original Box into two 32K areas, either one
game, hut the computer calculates of which can be used as a sepa
rent, arranges mortgages, conducts rate CP/M drive. Once the driver
auctions, and acts as banker. is installed, the Quick Brown Box
The new Monopoly features a
can be accessed as a normal
time clock and quick-move option,
CP/M disk drive.
a musical score, and color graph
The suggested retail price of
ics. Players will find the same
QDisk is $9.95. The 16K, 32K, and
street names, tokens, and the fa-
64K Quick Brown Boxes sell for
miliar Chance and Community $69, $99, and $129, respectively.
Chests from the board game. As
Heme Data Systems Ltd., P.O.
in the original game, the object is
Box 714, Station C, Toronto, Ontario,
to amass great fortunes by buying Canada M6j 3S1
and selling railroads, utility com Brown Boxes, 26 Concord Rd.,
panies, and properties of all types.
Bedford, MA 01730
Players can compete against com Circle Reader Service Number 201.
puter opponents, other human op
ponents, or a combination of both.
One to eight players can partici Twin Kick
pate. Data East has put two of its most
The suggested retail price is popular software titles together in
$29.95. Virgin Games are distribut one package. Karate Champ and
ed exclusively by Electronic Arts Kung Fu Master, both based on
under its Affiliated Labels coin-operated arcade games, have DtiUi East's Karate Champ and Kung
program. been bundled together for the Fu Master are now available in one
Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Commodore 64. package for $14.95.
Dr., San Malco, CA 94404 [n Karate Champ, players must
Circle Reader Service Number 21)0. try to retain the championship ti
tle by using kicks, spins, somer Phonics Phun
saults, foot sweeps, reverse Cameo Industries has released
Quick Brown Box punches, and defensive blocks to Clue In on Phonics for students in
Device Driver defeat another player or a com kindergarten through grade 4. The
Herne Data Systems has released puter-controlled opponent. The disk contains 15 sequenced les
QDisk version 2.0, a device driver martial arts adventure features sons and uses a Sherlock Holmes
for Brown Boxes' Quick Brown nine different settings and three theme to reinforce phonics skills
Box. The device driver allows the bonus screens. including identifying both single-
Quick Brown Box to be used as a Players of Kung Fu Master consonant sounds and short-vowel
nonvolatile ramdisk in the C-128 have to battle against martial arts sounds and making word families.
CP/M mode. The application- experts and demons to rescue a Students use an onscreen
transparent QDisk can be used captive fair maiden from the wiz magnifying glass to identify
with all standard CP/M software ard's castle. During the mission, blends and digraphs in words or
such as PIP, WordStar, and dBase. players encounter dragons, to add blends and digraphs to
The Quick Brown Box, a snakes, killer bees, and hench various letter patterns to make
battery-backed CMOS static-RAM men. The player has to defeat five words. In the lessons on vowels,
cartridge, is available in 16K, 32K, opponents to advance to each of students compare and match the
and 64K sizes. Its internal lithium the five levels of the game. sounds of vowel digraphs and
battery retains the contents of the The package includes both dipthongs. They can also identify

40 COMPUTE!'* Gu/ollo Novernbar 1988


1.- J' '.; l- l1 ■; ...:. ' :i r . tinJ

mil U\n mmX • Flifl ■mrlfy opuon

o uw tout drlvoa pn^raa takm
typicaBy around SO roods dibk
# Oarapnliblc m'Ji ill hmiffiS-
DJWnt.fl/jdBD fcUnt/Miia
# Worts w^Ji anrdnvcortirci.
IDIO • Uultplo copj option aGowsyft] to ir-afce many
oipl?s from do? original only $49.99
Separate scroil i™ wiwlorra
• ALI Urn a aajBj>Urtf eyitoin pTua fijdrtinn uiiJj Kiln HimLmh fnr rln- vsi Ji wi,un(
y IWT* Elardwm romp&iiDIc v,i3i many oilwr k
l multiae code Mflwirr fr-r Junt.'Ucna
t dlw. tan N* uiiv: mUun flJw a
• JI iti'L un


• File* savrt m IFF tonal

i num/uiaDUic rmri

• Turn jr"-" Ant4« [nu a lAphiiEAUni Emvurtnt
UltiPiPiM mwMt ff ittfViriTij i «.']■* r-Ui^i i f'i.ifii
i' -
iw.j] Onv- mcdsU a
• Eioplp and dapiiy rnmui from nucmflBCDnda a
hair* with AmitfnflLi^ fjwn rcilLivolu In GO vain * SJUhHjw Bit™ la* pmCUfl - oh(y 6' lontf
• A Hjj-iwiM.SiftnaK pa^a^f wuh mrj hifih ip» * Tbp <]iiAlily NBC drm jneciimaa
■ ' T^rougtport sEens iLaisy cbaiaitu; other
uiiia:i,riiMiLni*iiedaiiLiy TLUftiro COOne/iliv W
O/d b fit • Supertlj r^ykd c*«
• U Ml Cain. mnvrrH^ji £ivcs £ miLlKinr. * frilly compatible
f lrv<fl 5 is nmn ■ 1 mm unfonouiad per drLvt


■ Twin drive natal talon up vny liata fjara
• HirSwar* KEHfl^a onboard 1WW and OyauJ JjvU-m
• At last a troJy professional ( PLOTTCR DISPLAY • Win tw limey
Midi package for tbe Amiga at a - tbae dnra tive
r: * ■ r I lj L'. ^ i bci£nt ia sapxb =
realistic price, J MIDIMASTER • Tis-*S4S? range 1 we La IQuspr i^X in Hu.1 la 4 [mce and uni a flasdanl DmI Fpeni! a
• & readme Midi track for record/ A3 Si^Lirts fajjid nft unfle coo^ Uosuufe of pnundiH Jtb pjEtifl Jfst mi *nd up mt?i 'rubfsETj" - md
htak • FuU Midi Interface for A500/ fm«Lb*rpju in h
ONLY 1 P9.99furharfwm/
• VfofJLfi «rrJi cUndvd IFF flks 2000/1000 (Please stMe model) scftwire/pltiiesuttABOO/lOOO/ilOOO
• MlmUblt D*Ji leniUi • Compatible with most leading
umlfthk mwonrv Midi packages {me. D/Music)
• Use as a mufti track Mull recording hwSjo
• Midiln - Midi0utx3 -
• ift'orkfl mih nuty M^ mtcrlaws mcJoJio^
Datel Midj Uuttr Com Ad) uul Nimetira Midi Thru
• Editing facilmtt tar c • Fully Opto Isolated
• Ho need to pay more -
Internal or Encrnal Midi clock cuntraJ
Full Midi standard
Play niunp]Bd Rounds un Araiga Treat any
Midi track
ONLY $59.99
ftill ilnMiirv: - !i'.ti-i di inn1 trunk vrhito

Ul (BDpWlian fn: Pn> Jl


only :9.99

— Full Function
- 5AxisMovement J512KRAM
• Explore Uie fosclnalinj bcIodm or l^jbotlcc EXTENSION CARD
mill Uus full bsttire Hobol Arm
• Availablfl with/without calendar clock
■ J DATA/SWITCH • Human like dejUrny - wtlh S Ajis of
niivcncm us so versaule ILcan muup option
BOXES ulate snail objects wjth amazing aSilily
• ft/B lypa enema Iwo prJHPi t) ow rcnpipK • Simp(y plugs internally into a A500
• Easily controlled using 2 Jaysllcts (any
9 pin tjpe) or conned to ynur Aml^a slot
r as pin) &W oue with our Inlarface + Software lo gxt 8 Switch in/out with switch supplied
• 25 pin 'D' to 36 way Centronics CompuWr/HobaEJe conlml (see Interface
parallel lead. ONLY *34.99 offer). • Fitted In minutes - no soldering otc.
• ABC type mnriMl Lftrn pnnwni in t\t*t w
• A 500 op 1000 please stow. ) • Comes mill Accessories Including 'Hn/er'
• With calendar/clock onboard time/
nr HSSBZ Jans, M^ntsUc AUachinoiit, Stiovul Ecoo|>,
■ 1.3m length, 1 Stabilizing Suction Hun) l/*s. sic, date automatically booted
ONLY Si 4.99 • Battery backed to retain time/data
• 35 pin 'D' lo 35 pin 'D' - serial pownr motor moveroent so uses no com
puter jawei:
printer lead,
Self contained, ready in use < except balls,
ONLY $ '9.99CMMvMui.
• A500 or 1000 - please slate. jkk)
• 2m length. Complete with interface/softwra
$89.99 „«„*** „„
ONLY $14.99 ONLY $129.9' Hl'SI. Ron FOB UTIST UH Fiix- 5

RS 1-800-782-9110 TBCHHIOALSOPPOET »o«n«™W)SAnnaiH»u.i.S;B

MUH H IMJmtrti fcj Ut
UNIT = 67, LAS VEOAS, NV 891E1
■ Action ftapUy tilows you to ftwze the acticn of any momory Resiient Program and mate a complete back-up to disk or tapo - bnt
thrts not *U Just compare those features

Simple Operation: Just presc the button at any _ | Sprite Killer: Effective on most programs - mate
point and mala a complete backup of any' memory yourself Invincible. Disable Sprite/Spribe/BaoIsround
residant program lo tape or disk.
' TUrbo Reload: AIL back-ups reload completely j UnLquB Picture Save: freeze and save any Hires UNIQUE FEATURES:
iildGptuidutUy of thG cartridge at TUrbo speed. Screen to tapo or disk. Saved in Koala.. Blazing raddles
Sprite Monitor: Vlaw the Sprite set from thfl frown ,
program - saw the Sprite - transfer Sprites from one
[J WARP 25
Lads BQK Id usdw 5 ucondill
game to another. Wipe out Sprites, view the animation
on screen, Create custom programs.

J Plus unique Code

Cracker Monitor

tt crAtUai BsplayY ™fl«nl Jtiu ILi mstli

ou befcotrtli in It's BOTiRKTT -lfl At ttOto
TVuU jut-is Vrf» Ria. San E9#t ete, lad H-matci- jwj J
■ ..I- in M'B IV'.."! Mate rift i.n t Reset ■lilf » mlh a-m
At V Flhuti -J-.p pra^.-aa at Any i

itffcBHpto DESIGN

_| Action Replay
Graphics Support Dish
ui^ii pnir u dwi
uf Him in mi II ikHpii Imuiu Injlui ^4111^1 n
utt K*l»r>« 4 mo. it (m»ta "it*" iminij

5 Screen Dump: Print out any Sareen to Hnsi or

Printers. 16 Or^ Scales, Doable size print options.
Unstoppable Reset; Reset, button to Rectriero ■
System and Reset even so called Unstoppable- ONLY * 19.99
Programs ,

fully Compatible: Yfcrits with 1541/C. 1581,1571 CENTRONICS PRINTER

and DalacasbStte with CM. 138.128D (in 64 Mode) LEAD
^J thkfl full ndv&niAgfl of AB»n Reiday cr nnal
Compatible: VAUi act DOS and 'hrbo.flQm SystemE QtMi*](«i Mhiftii rtunp fflaiuna inUi Out B^Einiiiies
; Disk UtiliUea; Past format. Directory, lift Run and" bad.
□ Oinr«ta user pon to any fuD sim Epson
many other toy commaails are operated by Function
j Unique Restart: Remenber ai! of thsse uttUUea are
ONLY * 18-99
available at one time from an integrated operating
;:y;;i/!m. A nuinfng programme can be Frozen to enter IJ SUPERCRUNCHER
any Utility and tho program 1b restarted at tha toucli of IJ h utlLlty Ln turji jwl> ActidH hepioy Lnto 1 tutfwr
iniri'riuJiiraiii'iiniCiiiaiiiitaii Seducapr^rifliabyitiibi
<ikny - without corruption.
mi SiUe ilUk 9700: uid Iwtuig Ucea. Cbji uwu ibrJier
iTTipv". [.n^ri.Ti'.MrtVty r.nwixA V.y Af-Lin RupE&y'a
1£1 lugic ProcQEGor: This is when Action
Jim unpuur
Feplay IV gate it's [wmrar, A special custom 121
chip daeigred to process the logic netwesary lor (his ONLY $9.99
unmat;liLKl Tnxszef Re start power. No other cartridge
has this power!


KOTE: - Tschnlu) or ioy oihit typt ci

ONLY Enguirjcuuutbt uuwindby ihe italT

on this numtMC.
rrH\o*\ aha wnn miEA SHIWIMa «hjd.
Tnrbo Rom II ii i npliumaot
for tbi tctnt] ksnul lmide
your fl4. It provide mperlut
loid/ww rcntinu.
j l/mdi.'SaviM tnoiil pit^ruu it 5-6 bam
j Emprwed DOS tupfiDn tfichi3iri£ 10 bk

j ProflruiiQed fUncOon tQi ■ lead.

j RMura lo MTmnl ktnvt] V nidi of a


JPOOT - 2S0NockfUtO(Mr
JTIMB ipnmll.Olmihr
J Th* mosl powrrful disk nibttkr availible anywhere, ai any price1
j Rui lri« mart
1 nudmduuui ■ DosoUnitf uamfly _| Burst Niboler s actually a two part sy^fm a software p±c)og# and a parallel cabk ui conned the
nt)u»il (On kdi M> tin old ROM may 1511.1570 '1571U64 '!29<stals type)
lttaUd) end)
_J What £lv?s Burst Kibbler og power9 fonvenconaE nibNers ham to decole Lbe dala from tlv dl&k
only »24.99 before ttcan transfer it using Uia serai bus - when non sunlan] data is encountered they arc beat
Burst Nibbler Uansfcrc data as raw OCR aode va ihe parallei oable wiUiout Uie need lo decode it so you
gel a perfect copy of Ihe original
ONLY $ • Will nibble upto 4! tracks • Copy awholediskiniinder2minuies * Pull instructions
• RpfjLir updates - we always ship the lausi • fined in :mnufes - no solde[in£ usually mjuired
TOOLKIT ff • iu ;r ■. L-acte • Ha need Id buy parallel cable if you havs Professional DOS etc
• Cable las Uitnupibus eitension to other addons

fV ug iui karma i&u snot tr tam ONLY $39.99 COMPLETE

Rttdudvnttifi; trek trt mat 256KSUf1EROM EXPANDER
ml reamdMii iaaka RipirdUMjid
J Now you on wbet [ran any of 8 32K EFEOUs SOFTWARE ONLY $19.99 CABLE ONLY $19.99
'tfn ir-fijl dtf f T &Wi
_j Bur* Mb*r n lie am pmrtli! WMJar wxtol - Utnn U»Wfian ttttar: j fbla tHnmtUlQiSMnmi
JOnlBanlopimunjiyiiani ■■
[•rfUr-Vnl iipprAjy "ty^n top L> jinKDcBl SdnttBH ICIp™iblHta N±t4n TTww ire aa-rjy 'Vou ud 'JUphlKt' Vl
u kail incWf UX tud « ■:vfMjn:Lfihfl(JwQ:i^u-iUArtj; _j Fk*J«[y nJ*t*J» UKluJi uij nv- Vim j Ttai diA n ty m,
IHf flfc fn<rUi rtir ■mmwiitf - U« lUflnlini Burm Kiti«nr wiu on Wocidkiniiw - ■(yoiwuit'.i^uiihiiuiiu uiin iHJm
J digram jwr m F.PROUs unlnj our EPHOU
™^ oniy $14.99
EM Oik IP EfflJlft: P tRl(FtTlt Hidi i1:.if i^idoiiDvnU
rpo-.ii-fl Kii l him HiiSi. outh Doni programmer

mule i Hleolion from the SupArom menu

J Directory otuuuuss on jbiiw up.
lI .■{>■£
J FuJ]y nenu ifrrnn on power up
iJviJl RuiWirn /my rf W under software controls
paramrtp™ to crwtf nr n f rtW foU
J KHKtJFL EPI7 QurW JUnuiUii Bl'HOM fenonitor (gttun will tata
Uxlu<1inf r Ura imJ jlj, ji \twr. kn or »cuni mill NnJi
your own pn^nuns bwic or m/o and turn
I .U"k- llVTT I'ki]] Fij'l .^ U-|i>r "Tl ■ - .11 nl
-nj li [hum mtii miliiBLut KI'TUIMe (EPHOU turner
ONLY $14.99 J AcceiH»27M/27128/27251! EPROMs.
■ KailL-ie eitra k* ppefflo jai - ailj fl" Ll.V
_(32K pEomlo BOM - batMry iaot«d to • Ihj gutty KK drrra qkJuhIib • nircttflpirt *llu^
last up to 2 years (liUlluin bal«iy).
J Simply WthB program you require. - Him * rjJtr vmnttiUi • 1 ni«
y • 0ro3 kL<* Midi Eif p
then flick Ihe switch. The mi'.ridje [hon kU b
ids Utfl a ROM cartridge, and can even be
removed. ONLY $169.99 SINGLE
j Make your own cartridges - even auUj ONLY $299-99DUAL
SAMPLER start types, without lha nesd for an Eprom
"J Tit
j ■lailiaJ; imutii.twknnll wUi - -,•■ EPROMMER J Cm be switched In/out m software.
j 1/02 slot open for special programming
J M fl Lfi D tc A ff AtC techniques.
J A Up Qiallly. «V lo u» KWtOU
pnjnumwr (or tht 64/1BB
j l"ully DMnu driven Boftwait/Duthvui
ONLY $59.99
j q
; - ■ «■ .■■ ;. (riaii :i : i1:.' ■.■■:::■.,:/
j Uftd la. UK !b 'U
ropjini KFDOU't tunjdicny luelf.
j Will onytia Zrae cteoi ur
only $89.99 . . ■_

I I Pm Into iflBr port for r

pauMiW wtUi tartndjsa 'Suporan aart fflc.
J Full feature sysum - all IVmcUons
coveral Indulini device cbKt'verify
j We bdleVD Kprwnmer M 13 the now »m !_J MIDIMASTER
prthenflvs. [ooa frvndfy and tnal nli» for DUPLJKATOn
pnniy prcfnanir araiUWt for the M/IES. • Puli Midi Interface for AEOO/2000/
■ mm at a9tr btol far ck**. uer
j Ideal companion for Suptram Board. 1000 (Flease state model).
Cartndj! dmtlapatiit SyRoai, our formal
• Compatible with meet leading Midi
MIDI 64 uptndan or lnd«d any ERPGU bue
packages (me. D/Music).
j Full specification MIDI Interfaceola i i

lM I CDQWOODpWf VKhUU&UtDDTU - pbtf • Uidlln-MidiOuti3-

IM anrtlfa nandtut. MidiThru.
J t&f oat irj^fl lEEicIn? cHhrfl cf c
Compatibls with most leading MIDI seftwms fctH • FuDy Oplo Isolated/Pull MIDI.
only $49.99 $69.99 COMPLETE only $189.99 ONLY $59.99

Add $4.00 Shipping/ Hindlinj DATEL COMPUTERS

words become new words puter play the teams head to head.
when ihe silent e is added. Game features include ball Absolute Simulators
Teacher options include set park sound effects and split-screen Absolute Entertainment has re
ting the number of questions in a views of the action. The suggested leased new space-flight and fight
lesson, turning the sound on or retail price is $39.95. er-pilot simulator games, Garry
off, deciding what score must be Epyx, 600 Galveston Dr., P.O. Kitchen's Star'Fighier and F-18
achieved to play the reward game, Box 8020, Redwood City, CA 94063 Hornet, for the Commodore 64.
and turning the reward game on Circle Reader Service Number 20-1. Star'Fighier provides players
or off. Up to 200 student names with a fusion-powered intergaiac-
and scores can be stored on the tic interceptor space fighter armed
disk and arranged in alphabetical with particle lasers, photon torpe
order. Teachers may view, print, does, and heat-seeking missiles.
VC 110
or delete all or individual names. 111
!0_ The fighter has an on-board com
11 IN [4BS
Clue In on Phonics is available lift* i;i, '(. puter system, shields, scanning ca
for the Commodore 64 for the pability, and computerized maps
suggested retail price of $44.95. of interstellar space.
Gatnco Industries, Box 1911, This high-speed animated ac
Big Spring, TX 79721 tion-graphics game features a 3-D
Circlt Header Service Number 203. galaxy of 512 sectors including
suns, star bases, armories, and
planets. During the journey, play
Just in Time for the Hot bia UAP3 cdveh TM1 I h rinr CQNrrnuiN3u5 us

ers encounter asteroids, enemy

Stove League Digital Landscape users can vino 3-D ships, satellites, and hostile aliens.
Epyx has recently released a new topography of any area hi the U.S. The game will be available in
baseball game developed under a early December for the suggested
license from the Major League retail price of $34.95.
Baseball Players Association and 3-D U.S.A. In F-18 Hornet, players start
endorsed by the sports weekly Digiscape Software has released as flight cadets, flying training
The Sporting Neivs. Digital Landscape, which allows missions. More experienced pilots
The Sporting News Baseball Commodore 64 users to view in can jump right into more challeng
features both statistical and action 3-D the topography of any area of ing missions. Flying assignments
gameplav. Players choose their the continental United States. The take players over 3-D terrain in
lineup from 1987's 26 major program requires a 1541, 1571, or cluding bridges, roads, buildings,
league teams or from a roster of 1581 disk drive and a dot-matrix mesas, canyons, islands, hangars,
Hall of Famers, Dream teams can printer if a printout is desired. and ships. Landings must take
be compiled by drafting or trading Data can be entered from one place on an aircraft carrier.
players from a pool of over 100 of Digiscape's Elevation Disks or The suggested retail price for
legends such as Babe Ruth and by using a topographic map to F-18 Hornet is $34.95.
Willie Mays. produce 3-D renderings and hori Both Absolute Entertainment
The actual capabilities of the zontal or vertical cross-sections on games are distributed by Media-
players in the lineup and their the screen. The renderings can be genic.
statistics determine the action on rotated 360 degrees in 1-degree Mediagemc, 3885 Bohannon
the field. Pitchers fire fastballs increments in azimuth and tilted Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025
and curves and can even be from +1 degree to + 89 degrees Circle Reader Service Number 206.
charged with balks. The element in declination. The scale can be
of pitcher fatigue has also been varied, and vertical cross-sections
factored in. can be expanded and contracted Keyboard Control
Players can swing for the vertically or horizontally. Users Omni Enhancements has intro
fence, attempt steals, or go for ex can save the renderings to disk. duced the Command Post, which
tra bases. On defense, fielders can The Elevation Disks contain fits over the keyboard cursor keys
be positioned, pitchouts or inten 414,000 elevations taken at regu and operates like a joystick. All
tional walks can be called, and lar intervals across the U.S. Users keyboard applications software
double plays can be turned. can choose from five 5'A-inch Ele and games that use keyed cursor
On-field player performances vation Disk sets or three 1581 controls can be used with the
are determined by statistics such drive disks. Each 5'A-inch Eleva Command Post.
as slugging percentage, stolen tion Disk set has a suggested retail In addition to the cursor con
bases, and fielding averages. price of $29.95. All five sets can troller, the package includes a free
Pitcher ratings are determined by be purchased together for $99.95. game disk. Command Post is
factors such as earned run average. The 1581 disks are available for compatible with Commodore
Players can play and manage $27.95 each. The Digital Landscape computers and has a suggested re
against the computer or challenge program disk sells for $46.95. tail price of $11.95.
an opponent. A statistical mode Digiscape Software, P.O. Box Omni Enhancements, P.O. Bom
allows players to select two major 113058, Carroilton, TX 75011-3058 874, Veradale, WA 99037
league teams and have the com- Circle Header Service Number 205. Circle Reader Service Number 207. <2

44 COMPUTE:'S Gaialle November 1988


Evolution (ev e-loo shen) n. The process of growing or developing to a higher state.



It started with... EVOLUTION OF

"...probably Ihe most advanced on the > Works with all 64(C), 128(D),
market..." 1541 (C), 1571,1581 >■ Totally trans
Morton Kevelson, Ahoy! Nov '87 parent when disabled ► Turbo load
".., quality..." and save (1541,1571,1581}: 15x
David Martin, RUN Dec '87 faster loading, 7x faster saving; 25x
"All In all, I think this is the best of the faster loading with TURBO'25
bunch." Tim Sickbert, INFO Jan '88 ► Super DOS wedge: all standard
commands PLUS extras. Supports
followed by... devices 8,9,10, and 11 > Function
SUPER SNAPSHOT V3 keys: pre-programmed and re
programmable )) .
"Snapshot + Slideshow = a dynamic '■ Archiver: saves all memory-
duo!" Sue Albert, INFO May/June '88
resident programs to disk as 1 or 2
" of the most technically ad autobooting files *■ Screen Copy:
vanced-packed with useful features..." dump to disk in popular graphic
Art Hunkins, Gazette June '88 program formats or to printer in 3
" personal favorite is Super sizes
Snapshot." d). Dumps BOTH multi
Morton Kevelson, RUN Sept '08 colour and hi-res screens (STILL
"Hats off to LMS Technologies. They the only utility cartridge ol it's kind to
make a good product" do both!) ■■ M/L monitor: DOES NOT
John Christensen, Input CORRUPT MEMORY! Interrupt,
"The monitor that made me give up all examine, modify, and resume a
the olhers." running program. All standard com
Lawrence Hiler, Chip Level Designs ALSO AVAILABLE: SUPER mands plus
PLUS bank
bank-switching, bi
(formerly of Basement Boys Software)
"...indispensable, can't live without it."
Bob Mills, programmer ol Renegade Powerful options within this package allow you to > Sprite disable
create slideshows using Snapshotted screens to pro- and extended life feature.
duce dazzling effects in eye-catching presentations. includes sprite re-enable (unique
...and now we bring you
Options include: displays that can fade in/out, shutter to SS V4) ► Sprite monitor and
SUPER SNAPSHOT V4 on/off, pop on/off, orslide on/off. Use any of 10 different r ► Fast
With even MORE of the power-packed fonts to display your personalized, scrolling message disk copier: 1 or 2 drives;
■ supports
utilities you've come to expect from -ANYWHERE ON THE SCREEN! Slideshow can even 1541,1571, and 11581
i >B
the makers of the most popular utility be incorporated into your BASIC and ML programs. append, auto, autodata, menu,
cartridge in North Americal "Slideshow and Snapshot are a power partnership." merge, old, pron, prpff, tron, troff,
Available Nov. '8 Sue Albert, INFO May/June W88 renum » File Management System:
Super Snapshot is used by INFO in ■ "...a gem of a companion: Slideshow Creator... last file copier (1541,1571,1581
producing their magazine.
well-designed..." -including partitions, 1 or 2
Art Hunkins, Computers Gazette June '88 drives, any combination);
* Version 1.2, and 3 owners may
scratch, rename, PLUS expert
upgrade to version 4 for $20.00
CALL US! > C128 disable switch, add Super Snapshot V4 - $64.95 modea ► Free Krac
Kracker Jax 100+
$8.00 ► 10-day, money back Super Snapshot Slideshow Creator parameter
parameter disk
including nibbler
guarantee. -only $14.95 (for those
(for those tough
tough back-ups).
Sg_FTUJflRE DEALER 5T ORDERING: we accep! money orders, certified checks, personal checks of previous SSI customers, VISA. MC,
DISCOVER and COD. Orders shipped to JSA, FPO. APOor Mexico please add $3. COD (available in US cus

Bli^Sf INQUIRIES tomers only] afla $2.25 per order. Foreign add S7.50 pe' cartridge lor shipping Defective items replaced at no


charge if accompanied by return authorization number. All in-slock orders are processed within 24 hours WA
residents add 7.S'» for sales tax Mail your order to Software Support Int-D13.2700 NE AndreMn Hd. Van-
In Canada order Irom. Marshvicw Software, Or call our loll-free order line at 1 -800-356-1179,9am-5p<n Pacific lime. Monday-Friday.
P0 Box 1212, Sacky.Ms NB EOA 3C0 (506) 536-1809 After hour orders accepted at (20S) 695-9648 7 days a week. Technical support available.
SS V4 S69.95 Sideshow Creator SIS Bb Call (2061695-9648.9am-5pm Pacific time. Monday-Friday.
with Track Editor
Scon Elder

The torturous hairpin turns and high-speed straightaways in Start Your Engines
"Rally Racer" promise to separate amateur racers from the When you're ready to play Rally
pros. Included is a track editor for designing your own courses Racer, plug in two joysticks. Load
and saving them to disk. For two players. Two joysticks and a and run Program 1 (Program 2 will
disk drive are required. be loaded automatically). After the
sprites and racetrack are constructed,
There's nothing like driving a race- "The Automatic Proofreader," you'll see the following menu:
car. The scenery is a blur as you found elsewhere in this issue.
1. Race
drive by at high speeds—-the wind When you've finished typing, be 2. Edit Track
in your hair, your foot heavy on the sure to save a copy of the program 3. Load Track
gas pedal. Just when you're getting to disk. 4. Save Track
used to the calm of the straight Program 2 is written in ma 5. Save Track & frul Time

away, your foot's on the brake for a chine language. Enter the program For now, press 1 to race. The
dangerous hairpin turn. with "MLX," the machine language player with joystick 1 controls the
"Rally Racer" brings the thrill entry program found elsewhere in blue car; joystick 2 drives the white
of auto racing to your computer. this issue. The V1LX prompts, and car. The screen is divided into two
And you can compete with a friend the values you should type in, are sections. The left half is blue's
in this uniquely designed race. as follows: screen; the right is white's screen.
When you're ready for a new track, Although both players race at the
Starting address: CO00
design your own with Rally Racer's same time, you can't collide with
Iinding address: CACF
built-in track editor. your opponent.
Before exiting MLX, save a copy of Make your way through the
Typing It In Program 2 to disk with the name racetrack. Steer your car by pushing
Program 1 is written in BASIC. RALLYCODE. Program 1 expects a left to turn your car counterclock
Since the program contains many program of this name to be on the wise or right to turn clockwise.
DATA statements, enter it vising disk when it runs. Push forward to shift into first gear;
46 COMPUTEIs Gazelle November 1983
push forward again to move into
second. When you're heading for a
hairpin curve, you'll want to slow
down. Pull back on the stick to
downshift into first. Pull down
again to brake.

7h><> cars race down a custom track in

"Rally Racer."

Near the top of the screen is a

timer. When one player finishes the
course, the timer stops. The day's
fastest time is also displayed near
the top of the screen.
After the game, you'll return to
the Rally Racer menu.
Mickey McLean
The Fast Lane
Rally Racer makes it easy to design
your own tracks. Select Edit Track The following list includes updated entries to our annual "Guide to
from the menu and you'll see a rep Commodore User Groups," which last appeared in the May and June 1988
resentation of the default track. Use issues.
the joystick plugged into port 2 to Send typed additions, corrections, and deletions for this list to
move around the track. By pressing
COMPUTE! Publications
the fire button, you can toggle the
P.O. Box 5406
state of the pixel. An off pixel repre
Greensboro, NC 27403
sents the track. An on pixel desig
Attn: Commodore User Groups
nates an area that is out of bounds
(you can't drive there). Press Fl to When writing to a user group for information, please remember to
fill the entire track and F3 to clear enclose a self-addressed envelope with postage that is appropriate for the
the track. country to which you're writing.
There are two sections of track
User Group Notes
that must be part of your course.
These are the starting point and the The Fairfieid Commodore Users Group has changed its address to P.O.
half-lap point. You'll find that it's Box 2778, Fairfieid, California 94533. The group has also added a 24-hour
impossible to fill in these two points. bulletin board service. Its telephone number is (707) 446-7235.
When you've finished designing The new mailing address for the Manchester Commodore Users Group is
your racetrack, press RETURN.
P.O. Box 1641, Manchester, New Hampshire 03105.
Now you're ready to try out
your redesigned racetrack. You'll New Listings
want to make sure that it's possible CALIFORNIA Quicksilver Users Commodore
to finish the course. You can save Lode Commodore User's Group, I'.O.
Knighls (Q.U.I.C.K.), ,13 Smith l.n., Onti-rcich,
MY 117211
your track from the menu, load Pen 1366, San AndraUj CA 95249
tracks from the menu, or even save ILLINOIS
C.U.A., P.O. Box 531, Mpdfcird, Oli 'J7W1
a track along with the best time for Greal Lakes Commodore Club, P.O. Box .122,
Laloj Bluff, II. mkm-hbbso 312-473-1820) VIRGINIA
that course. Commodore Game Flayers International, 2507 S.
For your first attempt at de West Michigan Commodore Users Group, P.O
Ridge Dr., Midlothian, VA 23112

signing a course, it's a good idea to Box fiam. Kcntwood. Ml 49508 Outside the U.S.
start with the default course and NEW YORK
make a few small changes at a time. Universal Processing Institute, 45 -IS 220th 5l, COLOMBIA
Bayslde, NY 11361 Paiiloii User Croup, 2j uf.K-34. Mcridlin.
See program listings on page 86. •
ColombiJ, Simlh America

COMPUTE'S Gazette November 1988 47

Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants

Air orders processed within 24 hours.


COMMODORE 128D COMMODORE 64c 64C Computer S149.9S

C128D Computor Drtve S439.95

• Commodore 64C
For possible Computer IS4I II Disk Dn»e $175.95
SM System 1581 DiskDnvo S189 95
■ izaxstu. • Eicel FSD-2 Disk
■ 3 Mode Opa'ation Drive

..U'.nt. call 95 Eicel FSD-2* CM DrivB SM9-95

1-64 Runs 64 Lyco > SwrNXIOOOC 1602C Monrloc S1B9.95
software ?C128; Commodore ReaoV
1084 Monilw S269.95
Faster, more mercury Printer
CI351 Mouse S39.95
for iricru.iswl
1761 RAM CM S117.95
linns >*t*"'""
3-CPM: Uses Cott PC S689.95
Siandard cpm wtes

COMMODORE colt pc Excel FSD"2+ Disk Drive
100% ConmiOdQin Laaer Compncl XTE WOK S549.95
G4C dnvg compatible. Laser DoaMop Turtxi XT 640K . 5599.95
For possrWe £50
1 IT-I-& EKceleratoj Plus Blus Chip Popular S549.9S
diskdrive IS quieter, Vonde» Heaaslan Color S989.95
smarter, raster, and
Venitex Headslart Mono S814 95
IBM PC Compatible more reHaWe lhan
Uendoi Headslatl 888 LTD
64DK Sid. 15*1 end 1541C
Color S'599.95
Two BVi Dnvos Std. Snarp PC 4501 S679.95
Expansion (or Hard Sriorp PC 4502 S1J39.95
Dffvo Zuekor CGA CortKCarO S89 95
TurtiO Processor • S&nai • Parallel Pans
BCC CG CotarCorfl S94 99
MSDOS + GW Base * Mono RGB Color Card
t-asw EGA + 4 Card S129 95
Included Included
ATI Graoh-ca Solution S129.95
ATI EGA Wonoe- 199-95
ATI VIP S299 95

fff/LASER COMRQCT XT SHARP Kraft PC Joystick Care K7.9S

<2? Seagate
• PC-XT • Parallel Printer FROM SHARP MINDS
Compatible Port
• 4.77 - 8.00 Mhz • Serial RS232
Super Turbo • joyslick/Game PC-4501 Laptop HARD DRIVES
Clock Speed port ■ 80188 compatible 5.25" Hall Heights
(716 MHl)
• Built-in 5'/4 Drive ST225 20 meg 65msec MFM .. S215.95
■RAM: 256KB
• Built-in RGB ST225N 20 meg SCSI S289.95
Video Output ST23BR 30 meg RLL $229.95
ST251 40 meg JO msec MFM . $345.95
ST351-140mog28m5OcMFM 5429.95
■Luad bi
ST277R65mog40msecRLL. $389.95
■ AC ndapter
ST125 20 meg 40 msoc MFM . S235 95

Color System HEADSTART iff/LASER ST125N 20 meg SCSI

ST138R 30 meg RLL
S299 95
Ready To plug in and use ST138N 30 meg SCSI S329.95
Ultta last a Mhz Inlel QM&-2 Desktop PC ST157R 49 meg RLL S399.9S

Processor ST157N 48 meg SCSI S439.95

512K FlAM memory expartda- 640 Sugafg Internal Cinli

Wo (o 76fl K ST125 20 mgg InlBrnal Cafd ... S299.95
Dual SpMO * 77-B MHi
2360K disk drivos standard ST157R 4S mog Inlernal Card . $485.95
^ ■>,
640K Sid.
- First coFnplele syslem with
clock GJikindnr nrnl buih-m
Omi!-in ColofCard Controllers
porls for printor, RS333, 2 8 Eiponaion Slols MFM Controller (XT) $55.95
|oyslk;ksmous3andiigrtlp*!n Con E'pand to 2 Floppy HLL Conwoller (XT) S64.95
■ Includos SSOO worth FREE S 2 Hard Drives
Call tot ktt pricing and specials-

$1049 95
software programs Green, AmtwrS Color Ask abcul our
■ Hi Rds cotor monitor ir\c In ded i Momlors Available
Soagale Patted Solutions*

Lyco Means Total Service

■ 17% Linger Screnn Than
SlanoWd 12" Monitors
■ Composite Video Inputs
• 640X 240 Resolution Educational
■ Green Teit DispJay Switch CM8502 Institutions
■ Audio Input
■Compo&iro Color
■ Bull-in I ill Slano
»40 Column Display If you are not currently using
■ OneVoar Limiied Wananly
- Suggested Use 64C our educational service
program, please call our

MAGNAVOX representatives for details.

Thomson: Blue Chip: Magnavox: CMB5O5 S199.95

4120 CGA $199 95 BCM 12" Green TTL .. $64 9S BM76S2 $79.95 9CU-0S3 S339.95
GB 100 $119.95' BCM 12" Amber TTL .. S69.B5 BM7622 S78.9S CM8762 $239.95
GB 200 Super Card . SI 69 95" 7BM-613 179 95 BCM-515 S259.95

'Quantities Limited NEC 7BM-623 S79 95 CM9043 SCALL

Multisync II $589.95 CMB5O2 $179.95 8CM-S73 S499.95


Okidata Epson Brother Citizen

LXBOO S1B4.95 M1109 $159.95 120 D S144 95
Okimalo 20 . $129.95 393 $955.95
FXB50 $339.95 M1509 , S335 95 180 D SI 59 95
Okimalo 20 w'eart . . S189.95 Lasnrfl $CALL
FX1050 S42J.95 M17O9 $459.95 MSP-40 S279 95
120 . 3189.95 390 $479 95
$21995 391 $649.95 EX800 $434 95 Twinwrrref 6 Dot & MSP-15E S309.95
S209 95 320 $345.95 LO5O0 $339.95 Caisy S899.95 WSP-50 ... $369.95
IK- . $225.95 321 $445 9S LO2S00 $789.95 M1724L $619.95 MSP-45 $349.95

183 . S239.95 GO350O $LOW HR20 $345 95 MSP-55 S469.95

192+ . $33995 Toshiba LO850 $525 95 HR4O $559.95 Promiofe 35 S445.95

HRBO $649 9S Tfibulo 224 S 539.9 5

193-t . S43995 321SL $489.95 LQ1050 $699.95
292 w interlace S449 95 341 SL $659 95 Tribuin 124 S439 95

293 * interlace - $585.95 P351 MoOfll tl SB99.95

294 w;mter1ace . $799.95 351 SX 400 COS $979.95

spiaovc SpiOOOVC SK3000AI

$159 95
Dffoct Connocl
100 Cps Ofafl
■ 20 Cps NLO
' Auto Paper Loading
■ Tracloc & Friction Feed Sid.

300 Cps Diall

$349 95
100 Cps Draft
24 Cos NLO 50 Cps NLO
Quiel 55 aba
Tractor S Fnct»3n Feed
7 Colors
Direct Connect Rear -. Bottom Pajrarpaths
•quantities llmltm

Price Guarantee s
Since 1981, we have led the industry by continuing
SL80AI $289.95
to offer Ihe lowest national prices while providing
SP 1B0AI $125 95'
MP5420FA $989.65
quality service. Many companies have come and
SP 180VC ,.,., $125.B51
SP Series Rjboon S7.95
gone trying to imitate our quality and service. If by
SP 100OVC $139 95
SK3000AI $349.96
some oversight we do not have the lowest prices
SP 1000AP S1S9.95
SK3O05 Ai S419.95
advertised on the products you desire, then we
SP 1200VC S149.95
would appreciate the opportunity to rectify this
SP 1200AI S159.95
SL 130AI $599.95 oversight.
SP12OOASRS232 ... $159.85

Turn Irtff page tor more great buys!

Lyco Computer
Marketing &

Air orders processed within 24 hours.

NX1000 NX15 NB24-10

Auto Paper Feed
Tractor Food 510.

$289 95
DratI » NLO Modes
Expandable JK Butter
■ Versatile Wulo Carnage

144 Cps Dfafl

EZ Soft Toucfi Selection • Impeccable Lotler Quality
For Business ■ Tractor Food Std.

$165 95* Papor Parking

• 216 Cpa Dralt ■ Aulo Paper Food Fealuro
Epson Sid. S IBM Proprintor
II Compeliblo • 72 Cpa Lunor duality ■ BK Bullur

NX-1000 S1S5.9S- NB-15 24 Pin S669.9S

NX-1000C S'69 95 MX-2JO0 S3O9.95

NX-1000 Color ., S225 95 UB24-10 21 Pin . . 1399.9S

NXIOOOC Color S229.95 NB21-1524Pin S545 95

NX-15 J2B9.95 LesorB S175995
NH-10 J3'9.95 ND-1S SM9 95
NR-15 £11995 ■w e*6*> puichase

KXP1595 KXP4450 Laser Partner

• 240 Cps Droll

$419 95
• Auto Paper Loading
• 136 Column loi Mulii-uso

• 1 SO Cps Draft
• Friction a Tractor Feed Std. • Incredible 11 Pages per ■ 5 Printer Emulation Mooes
• Bidirectional & Logic • 512K HAM Sid.

$159 Seeking
• NLQ Mi an Pitches
• 2 Lenersiie Cflssotlos Sid.
• 300 dpi Resolution
• 5000 Page per Month
Duty Cycle

10801 ModtH II S159.9S 3131 S2B9.95
1091i Model II S1B9.9S KXP 4450 Laser $1649.95
10921 S309.95 152* 2* Pin $559.95
1592 $375.95 Fax Partner $579.95
Optical Scanner., M59.95
Office Automation
1595 S419.95

Avatex1200e Avatex 12001 Avatex 1200hc

Avatex Hayes

$65 95 Compare and Save!

Warranty PrjnoO
Sorlware far IBM PC Indudnd
2 Yon
vs. 12001
2 Ye in
$89 95
Aulo-redcal YES YES
Aulo-answ« YES YES
AulomaDcairy hartgi up phono YES YES
ComplerB AT-coin pMble conm and sel YES YES
SpesksE volume-soIMare YES YES

Avatex 1200e Avatex 1200hc

Avatex: US Robotics:
IMOa $65.85 Counor 1200
Counor 2400
$169 95
Free Shipping on Prepaid Cash Orders
1200. PC CarO 165.95
1200p M9.95 Over $50 in the Continental U.S.
IZOOric MoOom S69.95 Hayes:
2400 S149.95 Smartmodsm 300 S139.95 See Page 2 of our 6 Page Ad.
ZMXi PC CanI SI39.95 Smartmodem 1200... S279.95
Smairmodem 2400 .... S419.9S

1 2 d iyi[ display
$54 95 TI5045II
12 digit display
12 digil commorci
2 color printout Sugg. Retail 2 color pnniout
9.5 mm di&plfly
baltery or AC power supply $99.99 floating decimal
2 color printout
I loafing decimal plain print paper
prints 3 lines per socontj
1 year warranty gross profit margin k&y
grand tctat key
AC adapter included AC operation ortfy
right shift krjy
batterifl* no! nclurted 1 year wananty
AC only
1 yoar warranty

$114 95
Texas Texas Sugg. Retail
s^0R0eolail Instrument Instrument $195.00 Instrument

Canon fff^:
PERSONAL COPIERS »»» U Black Mini Cartridge

Sugg. Retail
$709.00 Canon PC-3 $8595
desktop portable
All Color Cartridges
moving copy board
PC mml-carlrnlgo
Bi/t k 11 Id business card copy sl70S
16 socond warm-up 1i mo
14 socond lirsl copy spood
1:1 repioducu>n rai-j
PC2S Copier
single shoel bypass
Wscfc, red, Wue, green toner colors $949 95
machine in whrte only

FacftlmHa m. ■ '.
• copier & lelephono
Ficilmllfl Machine
• compatiDk) with all group 2 & 3
• copier fi telephone
■ cornptiEitjIe wf[M all group
• telephone includes 30 number
£ 6 3 FacsimiFe
memory with 16 speed d al and
it c record keeping 14 one-loucfi numbers, monitor
normal A fine irgnsmrssion speaker to incoming calls
modes • automatic iransaetion reporting

9600 BPS wautomatjc fatlthick • normal & Fine transmission

original document sice 3.04" — modes
10 r width x 3,15" — IS.fl- • 9600 BPS w'nuiomnlic laHuack
• document size and recording

$799 95 Sugg. Retail

rocording paper sizo 3^" x. 98' si;q some as M120O Sugg. Retail
90 day warranty
$899.95 • 90 day warranty $1599.95
Answers to Important Questions
About Lyco Computer!

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Lyco Computer is one ol. if nol Ihe largest, oldest, and most
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How do I order?
How do I know I will get the
Send your order lo Lyco Computer. P.O. Bo* 5088, Jersey
product I need? Shore. PA, 17740. Or, call either I-800-233-8760 or
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Advertised prices and availability are subject lo change.

What about warranty or service?

We decided several years ago that a customer service
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manufaclurers will allow detective products to be ex
changed. Before returning any ilem that appears to be 3.5
defective, we ask lhat you call our customer service
department lo assisl you in determining if the product is
SSDD ...
defechve. II the product determined deleave, they will give
OSDD ....
you a special authorization number and speed processing ol
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SSDD . . .

Free shlppi
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l Prepaid cash orders over $ 50 in the Continental U.S.

Block Out
Jason Wellington

Here's a challenging mental exercise for 128 oxvners—a color blue. Players alternate turns in Block
Out; player 1 always moves first.
ful strategy game for two players that features outstanding
When it's your turn, use the
graphics and playability. A disk drive and two joysticks are joystick to move to one of your four
required. tiles. Press the fire button to select
the tile. {To show that you've
Start with dozens of tiles, emboss picked it up, the tile disappears
one of four patterns onto each tile, from your pile.) Now move the joy
and then paint each with one of five stick-controlled pointer to one of
colors. What do you have? The the 13 gray chutes. When you press
makings of "Block Out," an addic the fire button, the tile falls to the
tive strategy game that's so easy to bottom of the screen. You can stack
learn that everyone in the family tiles up to eight levels high. After
will want to play. you've made your move, the points
In Block Out, players compete you've scored are added to your
for points as they build a wall of current score and displayed be
tiles. You get points for placing neath your rack of tiles. A new tile
blocks of the same color or pattern Mflleft colors and patients for high then appears in your rack.
next to each other. You get more scores in "Block Out," an elegant game
points if both the color and the pat of strategy. Ways to Score
tern match. When you drop a tile next to (or on
After you've typed in the data, save top of) a tile of the same color {but
Getting Started Program 2 with the filename of a different pattern), you're award
Block Out is written in BASIC. SPRITES. The BASIC program ex ed 15 points. If the tile is of the same
Before typing in Program 1, be sure pects to find a file of this name. pattern (but a different color), you
that you are in 128 mode. When To play Block Out, plug two got 25 points. If the tiles match in
you've finished typing, save a copy joysticks into your computer. Then both pattern and color, you score 40
of the program to disk. load and run Program 1. You'll see points. Since dropped tiles can
Block Out requires a data file Block Out's title screen. Press any touch other tiles in three directions
(Program 2) for its sprite defini key to start the game. (left, right, and down), the maxi
tions. Use "128 MLX" to enter this You and your opponent will mum score per play is 120 points.
file. When MLX prompts you, re each receive a rack of four tiles. Each When all the chutes have been
spond with the values given below. tile has one of four patterns em filled, the player with the higher
bossed upon it. Each tile also has a score is declared the winner.
Starting address: OEDO
Ending address: OFFF color: red, gray, orange, green, or See program listings an page 85. SB

S4 COMPUTE's Gazerie Novemoer 19BS

James Knesek

Tight against an evil empire in this dazzling, futuristic arcade- Fire at the Knarbot walls.
You'll receive 50 points for each
action game for the 64. Disk drive and joystick required.
segment you destroy. When Knar
Many light years from Earth, near language entry program found else bot drones are released, shoot them
the rim of the Milky Way galaxy, a where in this issue. Program 2 is the for 100 points each. You can also
solar system called Quolerus spins sprite data for the game. Program 3 shoot the bullets fired by the
silently in the vacuum of space. is machine language code. When drones. For this, you'I! receive 50
Quolerus is not an unusual system MLX prompts you, respond with points. When you've shot enough
in terms of composition (a single the values given below. of the walls away, you may get a
star and five planets), but it is chance to fire at the mother ship. If
Program 2
unique in situation. you can shoot it down, you'll be
Starting address; 3000
Quolerus, having no inhabited Ending address: 3607
awarded 2000 points.
planets, is rich in certain minerals
Program 3
that are used to make interstellar
Starting address: C000
flight affordable. Two nearby in Ending address: CB7F
habited systems, Daertes and Gli-
phos, had been mining the planets When you've finished typing in
of Quolerus for eons. Last year, a Program 2, save it with the name
previously unknown race called the QUOLERUS.SPR. After you've
Knarbots erected a force field typed in Program 3, save it with the
around Quolerus so that they might name QUOLERUS.ML.
mine the system alone. When you're ready to play
You, a young hero of Gliphos, Quolerus, plug a joystick into port
have designed a powerful new space 2. Then load and run Program 1.
fighter. You must break down the Programs 2 and 3 will automatical
Fierce atu-ns and a deadly wall protect
force fields of the Knarbots while ly be loaded.
tiw mothership in "Quolerus."
evading their interplanetary forces.
When you play "Quolerus," A Never-Ending Battle Skill level 1 begins with four
you're not just trying for a high The object of the game is to destroy layers of wall and a single Knarbot
score; you're fighting for justice. the Knarbot mother ship, found at ship. If you break through the walls
the left side of the screen. To do and destroy the mother ship, you'll
Typing It In this, you must first destroy the move on to the next level. As you
Quolerus consists of three pro deadly moving walls while avoid progress through each level, you'll
grams. Program 1 is written in ing the Knarbot drones released by encounter greater hazards—more
BASIC. Using "The Automatic the mother ship. walls and more Knarbot ships.
Proofreader," carefully type it in. Your ship can move and fire in You'll get a bonus ship every
When you've finished typing, save eight directions. To move, press the 10,000 points.
the program to disk. joystick in the direction in which Good luck. The fate of two so
Programs 2 and 3 must be en you wish to travel. Press the fire lar systems rests on your shoulders.
tered with "MLX," the machine button to shoot, See program listings on page 91. V
COMPUTE'S Gazelle November 1988 55
With our new software, your favorite arcade games come alive
-i on your home computer,
ii uuliw
3S0-B J*
ic-.-.-v ™
* ! If you own an IBM, Amiga or Commodore
computer— Watch out! Because 4 of Konami's
- W ,■■
most awesome adventures are about to invade.
J 4 Mdu'II confront tl le missions you've dreamed
of in Rush 'N Attack, Contra, Jackal and Boot
''''.'""".<'\\ | camp. And you'll find yourself face to face
1 against unequaled challenges, with incredible
— graphics, awesome music, and sound effects
that'll blow you away.
So check out Konami's newest action
wherever great software is sold. And be
prepared for war.

MESA BElFASr Leon's Cornpirt^r
Canute or Play 103 Clinton Avc

1000 Flnu Mail 22 Miller St.

77UI MithjAyc B6 ^wHJPII SI (518)382-7886

K&R Software CViYTON
HsrvK Ol Cnmrjiln
I04B 3nlAvr Microiyrr
S6I W.iin Si
[6] 9) 4 «-/Oil sr>i9M.irinjiiR0
Softw-frc Etc
PojncjIJ HAy in Azirs.1 FITTSFIELD
6625 Dure Hwy
NidiDlS EtetlfWUCS
foster city (513)374-6560
Home CoirpuNng

[413)443-2568 MEDINA
WELLESLY R.tnvRun Corrynftt
<"03 Memory I OT'T Ion Produtu
396 W fl9l N Court
|2I6| 763-4 4 2B
|6I9| 74U-OI13


Otto -590S
9300 Same ft

Springs Ptf
1713)946-2511 Soflv^ire Trenls

MDS| 737-0900
]» North Wrll

TORRANCE |3I3| 686-1070
TPW7 W,irrhou«
19701 HAmiflO"Ave BEAUMONT
(2I3| 538-2311 I/O SoUwjic
G-3M4A Cotumvi Software Rt*nr^J
WsWen Software


800 F*}5t Ko.l(J Centt-r
32647 Foil! Rd
Kornefc Hofmr ConipLiir.
(817J 797-7353
OrtlNESVILLE Floppy V/i/.ihI
271 Memorial



Compuier E
Software City 1314)339-0022 SSZSE
3700 W O-ikLinfl Rirk
MEW JERSEY (5121340-7901
I30SJ 735-6700 UTAH


Software Etc.
PANAMA CtIV ■i 00 Command W-iy
ComtxHL'is WAYNE 3330 S Slatf
674 tC 731(1 51 SolTw.nrEIr [B0IJ4B4-2/9I
Willowwrcoli M.i II


ird M.ill Al BLJOUFffQUE My SolTAiar
IM5M 76-0595 g

WESTIWiMOFACH H200Mt«iigonicfy Bo>2

Ccmptjicfi 4 fteric NE |304| 263-1228
269SM (505J 2W-7026
Vitqifwa Micro

13646 lefimon
D.ivis H^y
[518J4B2-I46* (703H9I-6502

1701 Siinriu-Hvvy iONGVIEW
I 75 5 M,»n c Dcpol
p p Hwy
Softw.ire Ptirt
17I6J 684-7272 LVNUOOD

(3121333*100 Family Compilers
DWWLLE 3333 134m St. SW
Software Ert
|206| 775-3530
(Boston and Washington D.C. Area Stores Only) 108 iv w*itmiiai
39-01 Mun SI
4020S StceloSi ni(J
I312JH3MWX) |9l4|4fl6-1I2l
LOViSIVIRK HOLBBOOK Omnt Inrfrrxilnwil
Union rin inc i Escape* TrMing Po-.i
6321 N 2n>IiI 82iW
Aw N
Attention Dealers: J llrm Soft\v-irp Supfrnwkel
1206154 7-6664

For further information on Konami's line 2036 S lrcAvr

of computer games, call customer service 7700NE
711 W Dii D13
at (312) 595-1443. (312)520-1/17
IJ1A INFIELD (518)783-1083 Itornfyn Sofiw.ifr-
SimjjK' Soflw.irr
NFWrOKKCITY 71O0E Milw.iLrtrr
311 Gordon Dr
J£R Mmm VMirlO
23 Park fftjw

* LEXINGTON CompuTFr Softw^irr
I212J 132-BbOO Center
171 wlowiyLn LeiqJrs Compuier
M7SThiKJAw; Ai*.
Only Rush 'N Attack and Contra will he available QuoUkIis 4901 WiUiincjtcin
for Amiga in 1988. « 1988, Konami Inc. 544 E 70-20 F-mli Air
Editors and Readers

Do you have a question or a prob have. The Commodore 1080, 2002, and your program to POKE the machine
lem? Have you discovered some 1084 mo)iitors can be used with the language into memory:
thing that could help other Amiga. Others, such as the Commo 10 FOR l = starling address TO ending
Commodore users? We want to dore 1701 and 1902, cannot. A com address-l:READ A:1'OKE ],A:NEXT
hear from you. Write to Gazette posite monitor can also be used, but (The — 1 after ending address fs nec
Feedback, COMPUTED Gazette, the image you see will be monochrome. essary because the address provided
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, North Since you'll still have your 128, by the END command is one byte
Carolina 27403. We regret that, disk drive, and at least one monitor, higher than the actual end of the
due to the volume of mail received, we suggest that you hold onto your routine.)
we cannot respond individually to 128. Remember, the software you If you don't have a copy ofMeta
programming questions. have for your 128 will not run on the
BASIC Plus, use the following data
Amiga—and the 128 is an excellent maker to create a BASIC loader. This
computer in its own right. program requests filenames for your
Take This, But Leave That machine language file and the BASIC
! am thinking of upgrading to an loader you wish to create. It then
Amiga 500. I have a Commodore Machine Language to DATA reads the machine language routine
128, a 1571 disk drive, RGB and I'd like to know how to read a ma directly from the disk, creates the ap
composite monitors, a Canon PW chine language routine from a disk propriate DATA statements, and
1080-A printer, Super Graphix Jr. and convert it into DATA state writes the routine back to disk in the
interface, and a Hayes-compatible ments. Then I can insert the DATA form of a BASIC loader.
300/1200 baud modem. 1 was won statements into a BASIC program
dering what I can keep and what and call it without having to load the
isn't compatible with the Amiga. routine from the disk. Can you help? DP 10 OPEN15,8,15:INPUT"[CLRl
Can you help?
F$:OPi;Nl,8,8, "0t"+FS+",P
P. C. Beazley Los Angeles, CA
,R" i<3OSUB140
One tvay to create a BASIC loader is ";FCS:OPEN2,a,9,"0:"tFCS
The Amiga conies with a built-in disk to use commands from "MetaBASIC +",P,W":GOSUB140

drive. You cannot use the 1571 (or any Plus," which was published in the FP 30 GET#1,LOS.H1S:LO=ASC(LOS
+CHRS(0) ) :HI=ASC(HI$ + CI1R
drive intended for use with the 128) as February 1987 issue of GAZETTE
5(0)) :LKS = '1l2 A]":GE=LO+
a second drive for your Amiga, The and again in the 1988 edition ofThe 111*256
AttligO uses standard parallel printers Best of COMPUTE! and GAZETTE. FB 40 EEJ=.BE:tJiUNT#2,CiiRS( l)CUR
(the same kind that work with IBM Before you begin, you need the S(9)LK?;:F0RI=lTO9:READA
PCs), so your printer should hook up starting and ending addresses of your FS 50 PRINT«2,LKSCHRS(LO)CHRS(
directly to the back of the computer: machine language (ML) routine. To HI)CURS(131)CHRS(32);iCT
no interface is necessary. Likewise, determine its starting address, use the
your modem should plug into the START command. To determine the
Amiga's serial port. ending address, enter LG4D"file- ,2) ; :CT=CT+1:EN=EN+1
A good rule of thumb for moving name",8,I where filename is the QG 70 IFCT<7ANDS=0THENPRINT#2,

peripherals from the 64 or 128 to an name of the machine language file. ", "; :GOTO60
other computer (be it Amiga. PC, or Then, use the END command. GX 90 LO=LO+6:IFLO>255THENLO=L
Atari ST) is this: If the peripheral is Next, use the MAKEDATA com 0-256:HI=HI+l
designed especially for the 64 (for ex mand to convert the machine lan DD 100 PRINTe2,CHR$(0);:GOTO50
DP 110 PHlNT#2,C!iR$(0)LKS; : FOR
ample, the 1571 disk drive, the 1525 guage routine into DATA statements.
printer, the 1670 modem), it won't For MAKEDATA to work properly, R$(A);:NEXTI
work an other types of computers. If the ML routine that you're converting GM 120 PR1NT#2,STRS(BE)CHR5(16
must be in memory. Also, be sure to ■))ST!<S(EN'l) ; :FORI = 1T01
i/ou need a special interface to use the
peripheral with your 64, it probably type NEW to reset BASIC'S pointers
will work. before using the command. After BP 130 NEXTI:CLOSE1:CLOSE;2:CLO
The question about the monitor is MAKEDATA has finished, renumber SE15:END
the trickiest one. The Amiga puts out the DATA statement lines with
an analog RGB signs/. Any monitor RENUM and merge them into your BE 150 CLOSEl)CLOSE2:CLOSlil5:P
that accepts such a signal can be used. BASIC program with MERGE. RINT"DISK ERROR> "EN;EM

You didn't specify which monitor you Finally, add the following line to S;ET;ES

SB COMPUTE1'!, Gazelle Movember 1968

The Great Communicator AprOSpand-64 ' Gives your Commodore 64 or 128 full
THEDIRECT-CONNECTHAYES; ANDCOMMODORE' 1670 expandability! Thissuperbly designed expansion module plugsinto
the expansion port and gives you four swilchable expansion
COMPATIBLE 1200 BAUD MODEM FOR ONLY $ conneclors—plus fuseproteclion—plusaresetbutton! Before you
Everything from Electronic Mail (E-mait) to slock quotes and huge buy an expander, be sure that n has a luseto protect your computer
databases of every imaginable lype is now on line to the small and lhat you can aclivateyour cartridgesinany combination allowed
by the cartridges.
in the world. All you need is alelephoneand a modem which allows
your compuler lo communicate wilh others.
Almost all modems (and services) are set up to communicate in
one or more ol three speeds; 300, 1200 and 2400 Baud. Mosi
computer users prefer 1200 Baud. (1200 Baud is auouM limes as
fasi as 300 which means you spend aboul Vt the time and money
getting the data you want and more time enjoying it.)
2400's are great (but quite expensive). Most users can't justify
>.v /
the cost dillerence unless they do a large amount oi modem work
with a service that can handle 2400 baud. ONLY S29.95 + s&h Order#5064
You will also notice a few very cheap 1200s on Ihe market at "too
goodtobetrueprices," They are, Thereasonisthaltheyareusually
foreign buill and not truly Hayes" and Commodore 1670" com with Commodore USER Pon expansion. ONLY S39.95 + S&H
patible therefore not usable in all siluations and wilh all services. Now, you can connect and commumcaie with any ol the popular
What is Hayes' compatibility? It's the industry slandard and RS-232 peripherals usingyourCommodore USER Port. Thissuperb
about all modem manufacturers have adopled the "AT" (Hayes) ex pander opens a wholenew world to your Commodore computer's
command set. Bewareofthosewhodon'l. Virtually ailsotlwarebeing capabilities. You can now conned to printers, modems and anyother
written now uses Hayes commands. Be sure the modem you buy RS-232 device. If you already have
istruly Hayes' ajidCommodore1670' compatible therefore usable something lhat conneclstothe USER
in ail situations and with all services. porl. don't worry because the port is
Let's compare Minimcdem-C'v with the 1670" . Avatex-e and duplicated on Ihe oulside edgeof the
Volks6<l80\ Vo,k5 interface Comes complete with
sample driver program listings
Comparison ol MinimodenvC vs. 1670' vs. Avilcj-e vs. 6480
Compatible with all Commodore
Hayes* Compatibility' 100=1 SuOsei Only Subsel Only None
home computers with a USER port.
Commodore Hired Conned? Yes Ves No Yes
1-yeaf warranty. Order #3232.
NurnBer o! Siatus Indicates 7 0 8 0
Busy Delect? Yez No No No
DTR Signal Support? Ves No Yes No NEW! "COM-MODEM" ADAPTER — Used only with
HigH Speed Deled Line' Ves No No No any Hayes' compatible modem wilh DB-25 connector through your
Numbet ol DIP S*ilches B 3 8 0 USER porl. You can make it emulate a 1570 too. or turn il off entirely.
Numbe'olSlalus Registers 16 3 16 0 Can be used wilh our olher USER pon equipment such as "USER
Guarantee 1 yr 90 days 3yrs 5 yrs EXTENDER"(»5250)or "UNIVERSAL RS-232 INTERFACE"(»5232).
Now you have the FACTS to make an informed decision.
What doyouget for S74.95? Everything! You don'l need lo worry
about cables, compatibility or anything else! The Aprotek
Minimodem-C'1' plugs direclly into your Commodore C-64. C-64C
orC-126 USER port. Itisuniqueinthat it has two separate (switch able)
emulation modes (Hayes and
Commodore 1570" (lomakeit
compatible with ALL available REAR
software. The Minimodem-C " DB-25
is a full feature. 300/1200 Baud CONNECTOR
modem wilh Aulo Answer. Auto
Dial. Touch-Tone or rotary dialing,
Order #5100 $19.95 + S&h
has status indicatorsand a built-
in speaker. Just plug it into your "USER EXTENDER" — 10"Ribboncableextender(oryour
computer and standard phone Commodore USER porl. Order #5250 S21.95 + S&H
lack with the attached cable. Minimodem-C"" is supplied wilh
"Multitorm"64and128,andafreetrialsubscnptionloCompuserve, Com 6 Pin Serial Cable(5fl) <*3006-5MM S9.95, (Bfl) H300G-8MM S11.95
Doyouhavemorethanonecomputerordoyouplantogetanother Commodore Serial Ent. (5ll) 33Q06-5MF $9-95, (8H) "3006-BMF $11.95
compuler? We have your solulion. Simply order our new
Shipping per each above llenvConl. US = S3.Can, PR, HI. AK. APO. UPSBlue =S6
Corn-Modem'" adapler («5100) along with the slandard Aprotek
Minimodem-H"' which you can use with any compuler that has a ORDER INFORMATION CaiLforniatesidenlsadd6Q,'o tax. All prices
RS-232 serial port as well as wilh your Commodore. Aprotek are cash prices—VISA and MC add 3% to total. We ship the next
Mmimodems " are tiny Only 43/a" long. 23,i" wide and Vt" high. businessdayonmoneyorders,cashier'schecks,andchargecards.
Our highly integrated, slate-ol-the-art circuitry makes this modem A 14-day clearing period isrequired for checks. Pricesand availability
a Besl Buy. subject to change—CALL. Available at Selected Dealers. Dealer
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Order- Item Qty Price Shipping Total
6212 MINIMODEM-C (Commodore) 74.95 Or send order to:
6214 MINIMODEM-H (RS-232)* — 84.95
Dept. CG
6216 MINIMODEM-AM (Amiga)* 84.95
•(Specify Male or Female Connector) 1071-A Auonida Acaso
Modem shipping — Com US $600. UPS Blue. CAN. AK. HI, APOS1000 Camanllo, CA 93010
JX 160 DATA 10,0,137,54,51,57, BASIC text. There's nothing wrong with your pro
RUN and GOTO expect the val gram, except that it's incomplete. Line
QQ 170 DATA 255,249,129,73,178
ue of this byte to be 0. Win/? The end 10 loads the Doodle file, line 20 turns
KC 180 DATA 65,58,151,73,44,65 of each BASIC Hue is signaled by a on hi-res mode, line 30 sets bits 0 ami
,58,130 zero butt'- The zero bute preceding the I of CIA #2 for output (allowing you to
BQ 190 DATA 73,0,0,0 change the video bank), line 40 changes
start of BASIC text signals RUN and
GOTO that they are beginning a new the video bank to bank 1, and line 50
line. If this In/te isn't 0, they look for a offsets the screen within this bank-
valid BASIC token at TXTPTR. Since When the program runs, you see
Moving BASIC
one isn't found, BASIC prints the the hi-res screen. Since BASIC'S
1 am writing a program in BASIC
SYNTAX ERROR message. READY prompt and cursor aren't vis
that uses 16 sprites. I would prefer
ible, the computer appears to have
to store my sprites at 49152, but i
locked up. Actually, it's flashing the
don't want to go to the trouble of
Doodling Around cursor and waiting for you to enter
relocating the screen to this video
Recently, we have found a short another command. You don'l realize
bank, instead, I decided to move BASIC program that displays Doodle
the start of BASIC to 3072 with
this because the text screen is not be
screens. It loads the picture, dis ing shown.
POKU 44,12 and use the memory
plays it, and then the computer The VtC-U chip and the text
below this for sprite data. When 1
locks up. Could you please tell us screen editor maintain separate
load and run my program, I get a
bow to continue the program after pointers for the screen. The VIC chip
syntax error. What's wrong? I need
displaying the screen? Here is a list pointer determines the area of memo
help with this problem.
ing of our program. ry displayed as the screen. Tlie screen
Darren Humbd
Port Orchard, WA 10 QA-0THENA-lOjOAD"DDHle- editor pointer determines where text
namc" ,8,1 is printed. Your program changes the
20 POKE53265,l'EEK(53265)OR:i2
7b understand why this causes a syn VIC chip pointer but not the screen
30 POKE56578,PEEK(56578)OR3
tax error, you need to look at how 40POKE56576,{PEEK(56576)AND232)OK2 editor pointer. As a result, the text
BASIC handles RUN. This command 50 l'OKi;53272,(PEEK(53272)ANI)15) you type isn't visible.
OR 120
(and GOTO) checks for a line number The easiest way to restore the
and then adjusts the BASIC text Tim Van Tongeren text screen is to save the VIC chip
pointer (TXTPTR, locations $7A and and David Piasecki registers before you display a hi-res
S7B) to the byte just before the start of Temple City, CA screen and later reset them when

%jp SpeedScript
'*° Disk
A powerful word processing package
for 64 and 128 owners

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^SpeedScript 128—80-column version Name

• Spelling checkers for bolh 64 and 128 Address

versions C'ilv Slate ZIP.
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Mail personal check or money order to:
Scrip! support utilities, including mail
COMPUTEIs Speec/Scopr Disk
merge and word count—all on one disk PO. Box 5188
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(including full documentation).
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ceiii sates la. All ordersm nus luiids Dy s clwek ararmon a uS

tHnk fioiry fio uvtM C3fd w
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you're finished. To restore the text the trick: SYS ignores any parameters LENGTH,BYTE fills a block of mem
screen in your program, add the fol after the address. A clever program ory, from location START through lo
lowing lines: mer can read these parameters from cation START+LENGTH, with a
15 A the machine language program that Single byte value. Each parameter fol
( SYS jumps to and then use the param lowing the SYS address can be a vari
60 CETKS;iFKS-""THF.N60 eters in any way. able, a constant, or any BASIC
The statements you mentioned expression—provided it reduces to a le
pass the two parameters following the gitimate value. Thus, A = 10000:SYS
Line 15 saves the pertinent VIC chip SYS address from BASIC to the ma 49152,30000 + 2* A, VAL("500"),
registers, line 60 pauses until you chine language routine at 49158. in ASC("B") has the same effect here as
press a key, and line 70 restores the this cafe, these happen to be horizon SYS 49152,50000,500, 66. Both fill
tal and vertical coordinates which tell memory from location 50000 through
if you need both text and hi-res the machine language routine where 50500 with the number 66.
graphics in your program, you can to locate a playing card on the screen. This program is fairly straight
easily switch back and forth between When the routine executes, it immedi forward. It relies on three BASIC
the two. If you print anything to the ately fetches these parameters—ac ROM routines—located at $AEFD,
text screen, the PRINT routine (or cepting either constants or $AD9E, and $BC9B—to fetch and
more precisely, the Kernal CHROUT variables—and uses them according evaluate the trailing parameters.
routine nt SFFD2) uses the screen edi ly. After this, it returns control to the Once these are correctly entered, a fill
tor pointer to decide where to send the BASIC program. loop stores the designated byte into
output. For you to see this output, the Below is a machine language pro the memory block you've specified.
VIC chip and screen editor pointers gram that illustrates how such a rou To use the routine in your BASIC
must be set to the same location. To tine works. This particular program, programs, just add the following lines
change the screen editor pointer, when called from BASIC with a state to each program. Line 10 POKEs the
POKE the address of the screen divid ment of the form SYS 49152,START, machine language routine—con-
ed by 256 into location 648. (The text
screen must always be located at a
page boundary—that is, the location
[Memory fill command
must be evenly divisible by 256.) hi jCail With SYS49152,START.LF.NGTH.iiYTF
your program, the text screen resides
at 23552, so type POKE648,92. JSR INTEXE'R ,-gel START address
STX 251 ;Put in zero page for
One last thing to consider, if
STA 252 indirect addressing.
your program is long or uses many
variables, it may eventually over JSR INTEXPR ;ge! LENGTH
write the hi-res screen. To prevent STX 253 ;also store in zero page
STA 254
this, move the top of BASIC down to
23552 (POKE56,92 at the beginning of JSR INTEXl'R ;get Mil BYTE
the program). CMP #0 ;See if it's OK. If high byte< >0,
BNE ERROR ;fill BYTE is not between 0 and 25:
;so display syntax error message.
TXA ;.X holds Ihe fill BYTE
Enhancing SYS
E- £ 11 loop
While typing in a BASIC program LDY #0 initialize .V register
from GAZETTE on my 64, 1 came FILL STA (251 ),Y ;fill 1 byle

across a statement that 1 hadn't CPY 253 ;At partial page boundary?
BEQ LI'CHEK ;if so, then check if on last page
seen before. Furthermore, this
FILL1 INY ;if not, then next byte
statement appeared in a slightly BNE FILL ;continue on current page
different form elsewhere in the pro- 1NC 252 ;next page
gram. In one case, it read 5Y5 DEC 251 ;decrease length count by one page
49158,13,54, while in another, it JMP FILL ;and continue fill on next page
LFCHEK LDX 25J ;last page check
read SYS 49158,H,V.
BNE FILL1 ;if not last page, continue fill
I know that SYS 49158, within RTS jofherwise, return to BASIC
this program, causes a machine lan
guage routine at location 49158 to ; INTEXFR uses three BASIC ROM calls to make a
; four-byte integer expression. This program only uses the
execute. And when this routine
; lowest two bytes.
ends, thf BASIC program resumes.
JSR IAEPD ;get i comma
But what docs SYS 49158,.v,y do? JSR SAD9E /evaluate Ihe expression
E. Stuart Johnson JSR $BC9B ;make a four-byte integer
Athens, AL LDX 101 ;put two lowesl bytes from SHOD
;into registers, low byle is in 101
You've stumbled across an interesting
LDA 100 ;high byte is in 100
trick that some programmers use to
add flexibility to BASIC'S SYS com RTS

mand. Normally, SYS simply trans SAF08 ;prinl BASIC syntax error message
fers control to a machine language
address that follows the SYS. Here's
64 COMPUTE'S Gazelle NovemDei 1988

Retail Outlet: Penn Station, Main Concourse .

OUTSIDE USA—CALL (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC,N.Y.10001 I TZZZ^TZZ
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( i a. a 5
$719 bonrd <:inuK Floppy D"ve
4.7-7 IIjMH?. ■ r,1*Monitor
ICOLOH MONITOR] 1670 MODEM 160.95 eooo-:1

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C-1M { 7M WI30MU J103S


PC10-1 ! EPSON
DISK DRIVE HEAD CLEANER $149.9! PC1O-1 Connulw .SI2K EipnndnUI« [a I Hard Drive Package
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Ku^ioqkJ ■ So/ul 1 I'.iMllnl purli ■ IE"

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C= 1541H S164.9! $499

|rJ702COLOR....$169.95 Microprocessor ■ 1.2 MB
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M-7 S59.95

AMIGA 2000 NEC I41B.95
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mps-bsd $219
COMMODORE 1541 DISKDRIVE dps-1101 daisy CXS5O.
EPSON 339.(5
COMMODORE PRINTER 'wheel printer PX-105O. 109.95
12'MONITOR l.Q-600.... . 315.95
10 800
■ 5
IO8O1-II $159,95
A-2000 Compulor wl Keyboard 10921 S239.K
1 M8E<p. 1O9MR ■ Duill-in3.5' 109 till (18B.0S
15Z4 J4M.85
Disk Drive ■ flGB Color Moniior
US COLOR PACKAGE AMIGA, 500/1084/1010. jggg 2088 ISM Conipairhlo arldgB NK-IDOOC **™,<l JA69.B5
AMIGA 2000 IN STOCK Ca/dw/5.?5" Flopp/ Disk Drive NX-IDOOCRlinbow
NK-1000 „
— Ail ft WPHQRAl S IN STOCK—, NK-IQ00n«IHOOW 1218.95

$439 3ipti: - f 11 i Hiid Ditvt lor A-5OO 16S8

•H>«td p.ft'i, Uoncy OiHht, VIM; Am^i, Dkm
tained in the DATA statements—into with my spreadsheet? spreadsheets have formatting com
memory. Be sure to position these William D. Robert mands that can be used to round off
lines in your program so they execute Lakeland, FL numbers. For example, you can round
before you SYS to the routine at off monetary values to the nearest
There's nothing wrong with your
cent. With numbers rounded, the ex
spreadsheet or your computer. The
ample above becomes: 442.65 —
10 FORI=49152TO'i9213:REM)A:X=X reason for this hick of precision is that
441.68 = 0.97, which is exactly right.
computers perform arithmetic using
binary numbers (base 2) while being
30 DATA 32,45,192,134,251,133 asked to express the result in decimal
10 DATA 252,32,45,192,134,253 notation (base 10). The "error" comes Spare Parts
50 DATA 133,254,32,45,192,201 about when the computer makes the For months I have been looking for
60 DATA 0,203,38,138,160,0
70 DATA 145,251,196,253,240,10 conversion. While some numbers con a distributor who carries parts for
80 DATA 200,208,247,230,252,19 vert exactly from one number system Commodore machines. Do you
B to another, others introduce small er know of anyone who currently of
90 DATA 254,76,24,192,166,254
rors. And, with repeated operations, fers chips or boards for the Com
100 DATA 208,242,96,32,253,174
110 DATA 32,158,173,32,155,188 these errors accumulate. modore 64?
120 DATA 166,101,165,100,96,76 Ferhan Arican
To understand what happens,
130 DATA 8,175 Rochester, NY
let's consider conversion between
decimal numbers and fractions. While If you have problems with your com
some fractions can be converted ex puter, it is best to take it to a qualified
Getting Exact Change actly, others can't. For example, the repair center. For the tinkerer or elec
1 use a spreadsheet on my 64. fraction M converts exactly into deci tronics expert, the best known distrib
Sometimes the spreadsheet gives mal as 0.25. However, the fraction 'A utor for Commodore spare parts is
results which aren't exactly correct. converts to decimal as 0.3333 jameco (1355 Sharcivay Road, Belmont,
For example: 442.654 - 441.684 - with the 3s extending infinitely. An California 94002; 415-592-8121). In
0.969999909. exact conversion is impossible. some cases, extensive repairs to a bro
The difference between these Although conversions aren't al ken computer cost almost as much as
two numbers is exactly 0.97, not ways exact, they're generally very buying a new one. Also, remember
fractionally less. Why does this close—so close that conversion errors that opening the case of your com
happen? Is there something wrong are usually insignificant. Also, most puter voids the warranty. q

Complete from July 1983 through December 1988

Everything's included! Features, ■ Send me copies of the GAZETTE

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Applications, Programming, I've enclosed $5.95 plus S2

Bugswatter, Feedback, Columns postage and handling ($7.95 total)
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• Options screen allows you to choose text

colors, drive number, and input device
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GAZETTE 5-Year Index Disk
mation and descriptions, and Edit Mode for P.O. Box 518B
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• Turbo-load option for maximum speed no creciit cartl onffi'S nccflplec! PloasB allow 4-G wauks for itohvQ'y

Word Processors
and Spelling Checkers
For the Commodore 64 and 128
Caroline D. Hanlon

The 64 and 128 are great game machines—but they're much more. As these computers have
matured, so has the software. In stark contrast to what was available just two years ago, there
are now more than two dozen word processors and spelling checkers available. And,
collectively, they meet the needs and tastes of every kind of user.

printer drivers, and multiple drives, It also has The commands can be accessed by mouse. In
For the Commodore 64
mail-merge capabilities. The spelling checker can view mode, the documents can be displayed as
check four pages in less than a minute, and WYSIWYG. Files can be chained for longer
Bank Street Speller 10,000 words can be added to the dictionary. documents, and multiple graphics can be placed
Broderbund on the same line. The program contains a
Better Working WordPro 100,000-word spelling checker and supports
Bank Street Writer
more than 100 printers.
S29.95 Spinnaker
This spelling checker contains a dictionary with 339-95 Easy Working: The Writer
over 31,000 words to check documents created WordPro, Irom the Better Working series by Spinnaker
with Bank Stieet Writer. Additional words can be Spinnaker, features a turbo load-and-save $9.95
added to the dictionary, and wildcard searches cartridge to speed disk access. It contains text
This full-featured word processor includes a
can look for questionable words. editing and formatting commands such as
100,000-word spelling checker, a disk-
margin set. indention, tabulation, centering,
management feature, chapter heads, footnotes,
Bank Street Writer highlighting, underlining, double columns,
a preview option, onscreen help, linked tea.
Broderbund insertion, deletion, search and replace, word
automatic page numbering, word-wrap, and
$49.95 wrap, headers, footers, and document chaining.
editing functions such as insert, delete, cut,
Bank Street Writer features onscreen prompts, A 100.000-word spelling checker is included, and paste, and copy.
commands, and tutorials to help make it easy to the program supports more than 100 printers.
use. Erase, copy. move, and other editing Documents created with WordPro can be used
Fontmaster II
commands are used to create and edit with FilePro 64, also from Better Working.
documents ranging in length from a letter to a
term paper. Better Working Word Publisher
Fontmaster II for the Commodore 64 features
65 editing commands, 30 fonts, a font editor
Fleet System 2 + For GEOS and creator, 80-column preview of text.
Professional Software $39-95 headers, foolers, page numbering in decimal or
$59.95 Word Publisher works in the GEOS environment roman type, underlining, proportional spacing,
Fleet System 2+ includes a 90,000-word and is compatible with geoPaint and geoFont. It and an onscreen display. This word processor
spelling checker, a built-in thesaurus, a database, supports nine fonts and six type styles per can read and write PRG and SEO text files and
and a word processor derived from WordPro. page. Editing features include center, right, and merge data with form letters. It also has the
The word processor supports onscreen word full justification; single and double spacing: tabs: capability of editing right to left for foreign
wrap, pop-up menus, text scratch pads, custom headers; footers: pagination; and word-wrap. languages. A backup disk is included.
COMPUTERS Gazette November I98B 67
geoWriteZf (in GEOS 2,0) merge. 40 and 80 columns, horizontal scrolling, The user enters a mam topic and then lists ideas
Berkeley Softworks global formatting, and a variety of formatting under that heading. The program can then
$59.95 ($24.95, plus S4.50 codes. The display is WYSIWYG, and the organize the topics into an outline. The built-in
shipping, for registered GEOS 1.3 program offers 15 printer files. Enhanced text editor offers automatic formatting and print
owners) versions for the 64 and 128 are available on one enhancements such as boldface and underlining
GEOS. the popular Macintosh-like operating disk for S59.95. without the use of a word processor,
system for the 64. contains the geoWrite 2.1 SpeedScript TRIO
word processor, a text grabber, geoMerge,
COMPUTE! Publications Softsync Software
geoSpell, and geoLaser. geoWrite 2.\ features
$19.95 plus S2.00 shipping and $29.95
headers, footers, margins lo eight inches,
justification, centering, and search and replace. handling (book/disk combination) TRIO is an integrated package containing a word
The text grabber can be used to convert text $9.95 plus $2.00 shipping and processor, spreadsheet, and database on a
from other programs to GEOS format for handling (disk only) single disk. Help windows provide instant
modifications such as changing the font styles SpeedScnpt is a word processor published by onscreen instructions. Data can be exchanged
and adding graphics. The mail-merge program, COMPUTE! Publications in two lormats: book/ and merged between programs.
geoMerge. can be used to create form letters disk combination (book includes source code)
Word Writer 3
and merge data lists with documents. It can also and disk only. The disk includes more than a
dozen support utilities, including a spelling Timeworks
be used to print product inventories and price
tags. The geoSpell spelling checker has a 96K checker. SpeedScript allows users to write, edit, $49.95
dictionary and allows words to be added to a format, and print documents of all sizes, from This word processor contains an 85.000-word
personal dictionary. With geoLaser. documents letters to novels. Margins, page length, spacing, spelling checker, a thesaurus with over 60.000
can be printed on the Apple LaserWriter laser page numbers, headers, and footers can be synonyms, an outline processor, and an 80-
printer with near-typeset quality. changed or added to the document. Formatting column print-preview mode that displays the
features include pagination, underlining, and document in 80-column format before it is
Kidsword centering. Graphics car be added lo the text, and printed, The menu-driven program features
the files can be linked to print one continuous move-and-copy, insert, search-and-replace.
Kidsview Software
document. The program uses about 6K of page-skip, and word-wrap operations, plus
memory. automatic page numbering, document chaining,
Kidsword is a large-character word processor
scrolling, color control, merging, centering, and
designed for children or anyone who has trouble Superscript a multifunction calculator. Text-printing options
reading normal-size characters on a computer Progressive Peripherals and include underline, boldface, italics, superscript,
screen. The program prints large and standard-
Software and subscript. Word Writer 3 is GEOS-
size characters, and the character and back
$49.95 compatible and can be used with Timeworks1
ground colors can be changed. The screen
Superscript is a full-featured word processor Data Manager 2 or Swiftcalc.
holds ten lines of large-character text. Kidsword
that includes a spelling checker, screen-
will print to Commodore and other printers. The WriteStuff
calculation capabilities, macro features, and a
printer file that supports an assortment of
Busy Bee
PaperClip III
printers. Documents can be merged with data Briwall
Batteries Included
files created by Superbase (a popular database $19
Distributed by Electronic Arts
also published by Progressive Peripherals], In addition to the standard word processing
$49.95 features, The WnteSiuff also includes a 21-
PaperClip III provides a variety of features, plus Term Paper Writer function calculator, a decimal lab for aligning
Spellpack, a spelling checker. Phrases, Mediagenic numbers, 60 help screens that can be
sentences, and blocks of text can be moved, $39.95 customized, online disk documentation, double-
copied, and erased, and the whole document This program employs four major steps to help column printing, sorting, merging and
can be formatted for printing. A global search- students write term papers. First, the note-taker appending of text files, an 80-column preview
and replace function automatically changes organizes notes and information on the subject. screen, 24 online tutorials, and an online clock.
words and phrases. Horizontal scrolling allows The outliner sorts the information and prepares Typists can toggle between a Dvorak and a
documents to be as wide as 250 columns, and an outline. Writing of the document is assisted QWERTY keyboard. More than 100 macros with
the program offers an 80-column video display by the word processor, which supports bold one or two characters can be defined to
so that a complete 80-column page can be face, underlining, centering, spell checking, substitute for words and phrases with up to 250
viewed. Features include columns, insertion, deletion, and adding. Footnotes and a characters. A file translator can be used to
alphanumeric tabs, built-in arithmetic functions, bibliography can be added to the completed convert documents to formats for 15 other
headers, footers, automatic page numbering, document. word processors. A version with speech
personalized form letters, mailing-label and capabilities is available for S24.
mailing-list capabilities, and printer commands Textomat-64
for underlining, boldface, italic, superscripts, Abacus
and subscripts. PaperClip ///also oifers a global $29.95 For the Commodore 128
file-copy command, a telecommunications Textomat-64 supports form letters, 80-column
module, and a series of menus accessible display with horizontal scrolling, and block
Better Working WordPro 128
through function keys. The 64 version supports operations. Documents with up to 24,000
documents with as many as 202 lines The Spinnaker
characters can be stored in memory, and longer
package contains two disks—one with the 64 documents can be created with chaining. The S39.95
version and one with Ihe 128 version—and commands are displayed onscreen for ease-of- The WordPro 128 package contains the word
each disk includes a spell-checking dictionary. use,
processor and File Pro 128. a database
manager. The word processor supports full text
Pocket Writer II Thinking Cap editing and formatting functions such as margin
Digital Solutions Broderbund set, indention, tabbing, centering, highlighting,
S59.95 S34.95 underlining, double columns, word-wrap, and
This word processor for both the 64 and 128 Thinking Cap can help a writer sort and organize search and replace. There is a 100,000-word
supports woid-wrap, search and replace, mail notes and ideas in a logical, coherent manner. spelling checker, and both programs can print

GB COMPUTE'S Gazette November 1988

NMHands-On Training With an IBM PC Compatible Plus 20 Meg Hard Disk


Learn the Basics the NRI III! 1 ,j :i A»5llitr«l Tndtnuili ol IBM
need to quit your present job until you're
ready to make your move. Your training
Way-and Earn Good tpson It a Fl*ghterKI T'ldtmddi al
Add, Iikl is backed up by your personal NRI in
Money Troubleshooting structor and the NRf technical staff,
ready to answer your questions
Any Brand of Computer and help you when you
The Department of Labor need it. You get it all with
ranks computer service high NRI at-home training.
on its list ol top growth fields,
with accelerated demand Free 100-Page
creating more than 30,000 new
Catalog Tells More
jobs within the next lOyears.
Send the postage-paid
You can cash in on this oppor
reply card today for
tunity—either as a full-time
NRI's big. 100-page,
corporate technician or color catalog on NRI's
an independent service-
electronics training,
person—once you've
which gives you all
learned all the basics of the facts about
computers the NRI way.
NRI courses
NRi's practical combina in Micro
tion of "reason-why" computers,
theory and "hands-on" Robotics,
building skills starts you
Data Com
with the fundamentals muni cat ions,
of electronics, (hen guides TV/Audio/
you through advanced elec Video Servicing,
tronic circuitry and on into
and other growing
computer electronics. You also high-tech career fields,
learn to program in BASIC and ii the reply card is missing,
machine language, the essential write to the address below.
languages lor troubleshooting
and repair.

Total Computer Systems

Training, Only From NRI
No computer stands alone.. .it's part of a
total system. To really service computers, It all adds up to confidence-
you have to understand computer systems. building, real-world experience
And only NRI includes a powerful com that includes training in program
puter system as part of your training, ming, circuit design, and peripheral
centered aruund Ihe new fully IBM com maintenance. You'll be learning about,
patible Sanyo 880 Series computer. working with, servicing, and trouble
You start with the step-by-step shooting an entire computer system-
Your NftI total systems Irakning Inducfes;
assembly of your Sanyo 880 computer. keyboard, power supply, computer, • NRI Dliojvwy Lab 10 design end modify circuits' Four-
monitor, floppy disk, hard disk—to en function tfkgiliL multimeter with nalk*you through Irtstruc-
You build and test the "intelligent" llonon ■udtatape •Qtghal logic probe for visual examine-
keyboard, install the power supply and sure that you have all the essential skills lion ol keyboard circuits ■ Sanyo B30 Seriur. computer
you need to succeed as a professional with Intatllgair keyboard nmf 360K. 5 W' floppy disk
5'4" floppy disk drive, and interface the
[]',.-■- 20 megnbyto hnrd disk dnvo you Install Iritamally ■
:n"(i-i ■ .i ,n iiu ,i i monitor. But that's not all. computer service technician. Miuri resolution monochromo monitor • 8K ROM.256K
RAM • Bundled aoftwaia Including 0WUA5IC. MS-DOS,
You go on lo install a powerful 20 WonJStar.' Reference manuals, schematics.
megabyte hard disk drive—today's most- No Experience Needed, ami bllo-alAd lessons.

wanted computer peripheral, now includ

ed as part of your hands-on training to
NRI Builds It In
dramatically increase your computer's This is the kind of practical, hands-on SCHOOLS
data storage capacity while giving you experience that makes you uniquely
McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Center
lightning-quick data access. With your prepared, with the skills and confidence
3936 Wisconsin Avenue, NW B
computer now up and running, you're you need for success. You learn al your
Washington, DC 20016
ready to use the valuable software that own convenience in your own home. No
completes your total computer system. classroom pressures, no night school, no Wfe'll Give You Tomorrow.
to more than 100 printers. The database SpeerJCheck 128, a spelling checker that lets be added to the built-in spelling checker, and
manager can store as many as 4000 records per you build a customized dictionary, and several the glossary can be used to merge words into
file and search and sort a maximum of 20 other support utilities, Documentation is the text. VizaWrite Classic can merge name-
vanables. Form letters can be merged with included on the disk. SpeedScript 128 works in and-address lists from any sequential file
name-and-address files to print letters and 80 columns and, with a few exceptions, follows created by a database with documents.
labels, the style and procedures of SpeedScript (see Numbers from the built-in calculator can also be
SpeedScript, above). added to the text. A printer profile system allows
Fleet System 4 control of any RS-232 or parallel printer. The
Professional Software Superscript program can print near-letter-qualily fonts on
$79.95 Progressive Peripherals and dot-matrix printers.
This word processing package for the 128 Software
contains all the features of its 64 counterpart, $59.95 Word Writer 128
Fleet System 2+, plus context-sensitive help Superscript is a full-featured word processor Timeworks
screens. RAM-expansion support, and support that includes a spelling checker, screen- $69.95
for four disk drives. Fleet System 4's spelling calculation capabilities, macro features, and a Word Writers the 128 offers a built-in 90,000-
checker can check ten pages in less than 45 printer file that supports an assortment of word spelling checker, a thesaurus with more
seconds. For more information, see Fleet printers. Documents can be merged with data than 60.000 synonyms, an outliner to organize
System 2+, above. files created by Superbase (database), and the notes, a full-function calculator, and a print-
program can reside in memory with Superbase. preview mode to display the document as it will
Fontmaster 128 print out. Word processing features include
Xetec VizaWrite Classic insertion, deletion, search and replace, move or
$69.95 Progressive Peripherals and copy, word-wrap, indention, tabbing, automatic
This word processor contains a 102,000-word Software page numbering, document chaining, headers,
spelling checker, a foreign language disk, a font $89.95 footers, superscript, subscript, scrolling, and
editor and creator, and more than 45 fonts, A full-featured word processor, VizaWrite disk cataloging. Over 1000 words can be added
including Russian, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic Classic contains editing and formatting options to the dictionary while the program is being
alphabets. Vlford processing features include such as justification, indention, boldface, used, and text can be highlighted on the screen
PRG file merge, four keyboard macros, headers, underline, search and replace, super- and for underline, boldface, or italics. This program
footers, roman or decimal-type page numbers, subscript, and newspaper-style columns. Text can also lie used with Data Manager 128,
underlining, highlighting, and help screens. is highlighted for editing, and commands are Swittcalc 128, and other Sylvia Porter Series
Foreign languages can be edited from right to displayed onscreen. Frequently used words can programs, all from Timeworks.
left, and fonts can be viewed on the screen
before printing. The program works in 80-
column mode and can print in four columns.
Graphics and data can be merged into the text. Publishers' Names and Addresses

geoWrite Workshop 128 Abacus Electronic Arts

Berkeley Softworks 5370 52nd St. SE 1820 Gateway Dr.
S69.95 Grand Rapids, Ml 49508 San Mateo. CA 94404
All of the features of geoWnte 2.1 and GEOS 2.0
Berkeley Softworks Kidsview Software
for the 64 (see above), plus support for the
2150 Shattuck Ave. P.O. Box 98
advanced features of the 128, including an 80-
Berkeley, CA 94704 Warner, NH 03278
column display, are contained in geoWrite
Workshop 128. It requires GEOS 128. Briwall/Free Spirit Software Mediagenic (formerly Activision)
905 W. Hillgrove 3885 Bohannon Dr.
PaperClip III
Suite 6 Menlo Park, CA 94025
Batteries Included LaGrange, IL 60525
Distributed by Electronic Arts Professional Software
$49.95 Broderbund 51 Fremont St.
The 128 version of PaperClip III supports 80- 17 Paul Dr. Needham, MA 02194
column mode and documents with up to 499 San Rafael, CA 94903
Progressive Peripherals and Software
lines. It contains a command for stripping hard
COMPUTE! Books 464 Kalamath St.
returns from a downloaded text file. The flip side
Customer Service Denver, CO 80204
of Ihe disk contains the spelling-checker
P.O. Box 2165
dictionary and printer files. For more Softsync
Radnor, PA 19089
information, see PaperClip III, 54 version, above. 162 Madison Ave.
(For book/disk combination)
New York, NY 10016
Pocket Writer II COMPUTE! Publications
Digital Solutions Customer Service Spinnaker Software
$59.95 P.O. Box 5188 One Kendall Sq.
See Pocket Writer II, 64 version, above. Greensboro, NC 27403 Cambridge, MA 02139
(For disk-only product)
SpeedScript 128 Timeworks
COMPUTE! Publications Digital Solutions 44 Lake Cook Rd.
Deerfjeld. IL 60014
$9.95 plus $2.00 shipping and 2-30 Wertheim Ct.
handling (disk) Richmond Hill, Ont. L4B 1B9
SpeedScript 725 was originally published in the 2804 Arnold Rd.
October 1987 issue of this magazine (available Salina, KS 67401
as a back issue). It is currently available on
COMPUTE!'s SpeedScript Disk along with m

70 COMPUTE'S Gazelle November I9SB

What Is a Robot?

Fred D'lgnazto welding, and painting cars in wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as

Contributing Editor factories. creating a robot person.
In my 1982 book, Working Ro But I think even more impor
We all have our heroes. Mine is bots, I examined robots in fact and tant is the ability to give life where
Isaac Asimov. He's been my hero fiction and came up with a defini none exists. Shape is secondary to
ever since 1 got hooked on his tion for a "rea!" robot: A real, work the godlike power of making a be
swashbuckling space adventure ing robot must be under computer ing come alive. In my book Robot
books, as a nine-year-old back in control, and it must have sensors. The Odyssey (Tor, 1988), the hero,
the fifties. computer control makes the robot Homer, debates this subject with
I love Asimov for all his ac programmable and independent of his companion, Checkers, who of
complishments, but he is my hero direct human joystick-type manipu fers a robot's perspective on the
most of alt because of his robot lation. The sensors give the robot matter:
books, including /, Robot and the an awareness of the outside world
"Humans' fascination for
robot novels (featuring the detec and the ability to feed sensory data
robots runs very deep into the
tive Lije Bailey and the robot R. to its program for a decision on new
past and deep into the human
Daneel Olivaw). Asimov coined the actions to take.
imagination—ever since you
word robotics and devised the now-
saw the grasses wave in the
famous Three Laws of Robotics. An Age-Old Fascination wind and from that motion
The First Law: "A robot may Asimov and I do agree on one sub
imagined that a living hand
not injure a human being or, ject: Robots fascinate people. This was brushing those grasses.
through inaction, allow a human has been true for thousands of Your fascination is not with ro
being to come to harm." The Sec years—at least since 200 B.C., bots themselves, of course, but
ond Law: "A robot must obey the when Heron of Alexandria created with what they symbolize."
orders given it by human beings ex automated theaters complete with
"What do they symbol
cept where such orders would con exploding flames, metallic dancers,
ize?" asked Homer.
flict with the First Law." The Third and whirling gods.
"Creating life, existence,
Law: "A robot must protect its own Even further back in time, Ar
and being," said Checkers. "It
existence, as long as such protec istotle wrote: "If every instrument
is still a mystery to you hu
tion does not conflict with the First could accomplish its own work,
mans that you are alive at all.
or Second Law." In recent books, obeying or anticipating the will of
So it is utterly bewitching for
his robots have themselves con others, ... if the shuttle could
you to think about another
cocted a new, Zeroth Law: "A robot weave, and the pick touch the lyre,
being, though not a human,
may not injure humanity or, without a hand to guide them, chief
who is also alive. That's why
through inaction, allow humanity workmen would not need servants,
animals—pets-—charm you
to come to harm." nor masters slaves."
and delight you. And when
What is it about robots that
your technology became so
It Must Resemble a Person makes them so bewitching? Asimov
advanced, you became fasci
In his recent Foundation novels, might answer that it is their human
nated with lifelike machines."
Foundation's Edge and Foundation like form. When we see robots, we
and Earth, Asimov identifies robots are like Narcissus gazing into a
as machines which resemble hu high-tech mirror and seeing our What Do You Think?
man beings. This is upsetting news! own shape in its reflection. We use All this discussion causes me to
Here we have the father of robotics magic, cleverness, and craft {as in turn to you, my readers, and ask;
telling us that to qualify as a "ro Collodi's Pinocchio) or the tools of What is a robot? Is it a machine that
bot," a machine has to resemble a science (as in Shelley's Franken resembles a human being? Is it a
human being. stein) to make a being in our own computer-controlled machine with
Asimov's prescription flies in image. sensors? Is it a machine that is
the face of the thinking and writing "alive"?
I have been doing for the last 20 Strong Attraction What do you think?
years and ignores the millions of I think that creating an artificial hu Write to me, in care of
nonhumanoid robots hurtling man is a powerful part of the attrac COMPUTEI's Gazette, 324 West
through outer space, exploring the tion that robots hold for us. For Wendover Avenue, Suite 200,
ocean's floor, and assembling, example, creating a robot beaver Greensboro, NC 27408. «
COMPUTE'S Ga7Me November 1988 71
A Pirate Tells All

Rhett Anderson So why can't the stores and other advertise and market a program.
Assistant Editor places come out with the stuff we get It's no wonder pirates have a head
when we get ii? Example: I have OUT start. Of course, they also often
Piracy. It's a big issue. Anyone who RUN and Super Mario Bros, for the 64. have buggy versions of the program.
doubts that can just ask our readers. I've had them for about a year and a half Publishers of software should
now. You guys will have to wait a long
Ever since Todd Heimarck wrote pay attention to what our pirate is
time, if ever, to get them.
"The Software Police" for the May saying. Make sure that early copies
I had Paperboy two years before it
1988 "Horizons," we've received
came out, and it just came out two
of your programs don't find their
letter after letter about this complex months ago. Give me a break! How way out of the office. Try to cut
issue. In June, we published two lame do you think we are? If I see a down on the time that a program
full pages of letters from pirates, anti- game come up on a bulletin board, I'm spends in "no man's land"—that
pirates, people angry at software gonna get it. time after the game is finished but
companies, and people angry at us. Another thing is that some compa before it has been released.
But that didn't stop the flood of nies do lame versions of great arcade Our games are usually cracked,
letters. In fact, although they've games. It makes the 64 look bad. I saw a
so we can distribute or copy without a
version of Kid Nikki that made me cry.
slowed to a trickle (a few a week), nibbler or anything, by hand if we
I've seen better public domain games.
they still come in. Many of you Want. This is a cry against copy
But there arc European versions that
wrote about your opinions with are better. If the 64 version looks bad
protection. It's natural for pirates to
great eloquence. We appreciate next to a Nintendo version. Commo want to get rid of copy-protection,
your letters. dore can lose sales like that. But only but it's also natural for nonpirates
One letter in particular stood ihe pirates know how good the 64 is, to do away with it. Publishers: No
out, though. It's a letter from a pi see what I mean? one likes copy-protected disks. If
rate in Illinois. I'm going to let him Please keep this pirate/debate your manual is long enough not to
have (just about) the last word on thing going in Horizons. I'll keep buy be duplicated by the casual copier,
piracy, mostly because the letter ing this magazine and will notify my
try keyword protection. Otherwise,
friends of it cuz you're about the only
brings up some interesting points try a coded wheel or slide.
mag that has really covered this subject
about the computer industry. Note Some of our games have intros
a lot.
that I've edited the letter slightly to that are better than the game itself!
make it fit here. Plus, most cracking groups put added
I've had my trusly 64 ever since it
The Silver Lining features in the games, so you can skip
came out and so I have a library of over Whatever you may think of him, levels, play with unlimited lives, and
7,000 games, 50% of which aren't oven this guy's not all bad. He shows more, the game ends up better. Ap
being sold on the market. genuine loyalties to his friends in parently, some pirates are doing a
And you guys wonder why we pi the cracking clubs. He's upset by lot of work. Pirates: Put your talents
rate. Let me tell you. the inroads the Nintendo has made into more constructive pursuits.
at the expense of the more versatile You can make hundreds of dollars
1. Pirates can get games years before
64. He loves his computer, so he by selling a single program to us.
they are released.
collects thousands and thousands You can make thousands if your
2. Our games are usually cracked, so of examples of what it can do. work is good enough to be distrib
we can distribute or copy without a Let's look at his four points, uted by commercial software
nibbler or anything, by hand if we one at a time. houses (most of which will happily
Pirates can get games years review unsolicited software).
3. Some of our games have intros that before they are released. That is We get great games that are from
are better than the game itself! Plus, sometimes true. After all, it takes a all countries. Some of them will never
most cracking groups add features to long time to write a good program. come out on the market. If we don't
the games, so you can skip levels, Early versions often mysteriously pirate, how are we supposed to get
play with unlimited lives, and more. find their way into the hands of pi them? I don't know. B
The game ends up better.
rates. Good games spread like wild
4. We get great games that are from all fire across bulletin boards.
countries. Some of them will never It takes a long time to write the Next Month:
come out on the market. If we don't documentation for a program. It
pirate, how are we supposed to get takes a long time to test a program. Readers Make Faces
them? It takes a long time to decide how to
72 COMPUTERS Gazelle Novembei 19B8
Notebooks and POKEs

Randy Thompson Another great source of charts POKE statement, you can niter the
Contributing Editor and tables aimed specifically at way the computer works. In the ac
Commodore computers is The Com companying tables, you'll find a
"The Programmer's Page" is in plete Commodore Inner Space An few POKEs for the 64 that you
terested in your programming tips thology, available from The should find useful.
and tricks. Send all submissions to Transactor, a Canadian publishing Be careful when entering these
The Programmer's Page, COM- company. This book has charts and POKE commands. Although you
PUTEI's Gazette, P.O. Box 5406, tables that cover everything from can never damage your computer
Greensboro, North Carolina the PET to the ill-fated Plus/4. with .1 POKE, you can lock up the
27403. We'll pay S25-S50 for each Keep your notebook stocked computer, forcing you to turn your
tip we publish. with graph paper, too. Graph paper 64 off and back on again to regain
is useful for designing sprites and control.
One of the best programming tools character sets, as well as for laying Many of these POKEs were sent
you can have is a notebook out screen displays and printer out in by Victor J. Fogh of Mariposa, Cal
crammed with such things as ASCII put. It's also fun for doodling. ifornia. Others were taken from the
charts, keycode values, small sub COMPUTE! book, Mapping the
routines, and other hacking hints 64 POKEs 64—another great source of note
and tidbits. If you don't have a pro
An important addition to any pro book material. The rest are the
gramming notebook, consider mak- grammer's notebook is a list of use result of experience and experimen
ing one. Your programming ful POKEs. Unlike most computers, tation. If I've neglected to mention
notebook may very well become the Commodore 64's operating sys any of your favorite POKEs, let me
the most-referenced computer
tem is very accessible and easy to know—chances are they'll appear
manual that you own.
play around with. With a single in a future column.
What should you put in your
notebook? Tips from "The Pro
grammer's Page" or "Reader's
Characters and the Screen
Feedback," for one thing. Anytime
you find something in a book or POKE 53272.21 swiich lo uppercase mode
POKE 53272,23 switch to lowercase mode
magazine that you refer to often, POKE 532BO.C change border color |C~0-15J
make a photocopy of it and put it in POKE532S1.C change screen color (C — 0-15)
POKE 646.C change cursor color (C-0-15)
your notebook. POKE 53265. PEEK(532f>:>) AND 23 mm alt Sfwi'n di^plav
POKE 5326S,PEEK(53265) OR 16 lum on screen displ.iv
Charts and Tables The Keyboard
Every programming notebook
TOKE 650,128 all keys repeat
should have an ASCII chart. One of
POKE 650,127 no keys repeal
the best ASCII charts available is in POKE 650.0 normal repeal
the January 1985 issue of COM- POKE 657.128 disable Si! I FT-Commodore
POKE 657,0 enable SHI FT-Commodore
PUTEI's Gazette, pages 120-122. POKE 198,0 dm keyboard buffer
This chart is more than just a table of POKE bW.i disable1 keyboard buffering
POKE 649,0 disable keyboard
ASCII codes; it's a complete cross-
POKE 6-19.10 normal buffering
referenced guide to BASIC tokens, POKE 808,239 disable RUN/STOP key
6502 instructions, screen codes, and POKE 792,193 disable RESTORE
POKE 808,239;POKE 792,193 disable RUN/STOP-RESTORE
hexadecimal/decimal numbers.
POKE 808,234 disable RUN/STOP-RESTORE and LIST
Screen and color memory POKE 808,237:POKE 792.71 enable RUN/STOP-RESTORE and LIST
maps can be an invaluable addition
to your notebook. You can find
POKE 775.200 disable LIST
good screen and color memory
POKE 775.167 enable LIST
maps in Appendix D of the Commo POKE 56341,S sel cursor speed (S -0-255)
dore 64 Programmer's Reference POKE 204,0 turn cursor on during j GET
POKE 204,255 lurn cursor back off
Guide. In fact, most of the Appendi POKE 19,65 turn off question mark during INPUT
ces found in Commodore's pro POKE 19,0 turn question rnaik bjck on
POKE 54296.15:POKE 54296.0 makL' .1 click sound
grammer's reference guides
provide quality notebook material.
COMPUTE'S Gazelle November 1988 73
Variables Revisited

Larry Cotton And string variables, such as W$ or forms, integer or floating point. In
SY5 or CARS, may be changed by tegers are identified by a percent
"BASIC for Beginners" begins its being made longer (concatenated). sign (%) attached to the variable
third year this month. New readers Look at this example: name. Their values can range from
and old should benefit from this -32768 to +32767 (whole num
10 A-10
month's review of constants and 20 A-A + 5 bers only). The following are a few
variables, and the many ways in 30 PHRASES="TERRIFIC" examples:
which they can be used. 40 PHRASEJ = PHRASES + " PEOPLE"
50 PRINT A.PHRASES 10 A% = 23
20 B%-0
Constants Line 20 changes A from 10 to 30 C%- -456
A constant is a number, letter, 15, and PHRASES changes from
Floating-point numeric vari
word, phrase, sentence, symbol, or TERRIFIC to TERRIFIC PEOPLE in
ables can (but don't necessarily
series of symbols which does not line 30. When they change, the old
have to) contain a decimal. They
change while a BASIC program is values for A and PHRASES are lost.
are BASIC'S most common type of
running. These numbers, words, or If you want to retain a variable's old
numeric variable. Here are some
symbols may be as small as one value, that value must be stored in
character or (in the case of words or another variable before any
10 X-45.23
symbols) as large as 255 characters. changes are made. For instance:
20 Y = .345
Constants may be numeric—repre 10 A-10
senting numbers—or string—rep 20 OLDA = A
30 A-A + 5 Note that the value for Z, even
resenting letters or symbols. Here
40 PHRASE$-"TERRIFIC" though it contains no decimal, is a
are some examples shown in pro
50 OLDPHRASES = PHRASES floating-point constant, because it's
gram lines: 60 PHRASE$ = PHRASE$ + " PEOPLE"
stored in a floating-point variable, a
10 X-4 (numeric) 70 PRINT OLDA
variable not identified by a % sign.
20 Y%-2077 (numeric) 80 PRINT A
30 R5-12.44 (numeric) 90 PRINT OLDPHKASES Floating-point numeric vari
40 W$="THESAURUS" (string) 100 PRINT PHRASES ables consume much more memory
50 CAR5="FERRARI" (string)
A and PHRASES are defined in than integer numeric variables, so if
60 N$ = "1456" (string) memory is a problem, use the latter.
lines 10 and 40; their values change
The constant Y% shown in line in lines 30 and 60 from 10 to 15 and
20 is called an integer numeric con from TERRIFIC to TERRIFIC PEO Naming Constants
stant; the other numeric constants PLE, respectively. Since we wanted and Variables
are floating point. Line 60 shows a to remember their old values, more When deciding on names for vari
tricky situation. Even though N$ variables (in this case, OLDA and ables consider these hints:
looks like a numeric constant, it's OLDPHRASES) were used in lines
really a string, because its value is • Use meaningful names or abbrevi
20 and 50 to preserve A's and
inside quotation marks. No mathe ations. Variables can be either one
OLDPHRASES's old values.
matical operations can be per letter, two or more letters, or a com
formed on it. bination of a letter and number. Ex
Constants are usually assigned amples of valid variable names are
Arrays are a group of related con
values near the beginning of BASIC K, KS, K6, K6$, KI, KI$, KITE, and
stants or variables that are identi
programs. The name of the con KITES.
fied by subscripts in parentheses.
stant always appears first; then The number can't come first in
They can be numeric or string. Here
comes an equal sign; last is the val a variable's name—6K and 6K$
are some examples:
ue of the constant. won't work. Recall that Commo
10 CAR$<1) = "FERRARI" dore computers use only the first
20 CARS12)-"BMW"
Variables 30 CAR${3)~"MASERATI"
two characters of a variable's name.
Variables are exactly like constants, 40 NUM HERO) = 4256 Thus KI, KITE, and KIWI are all the
except that their values can change 50 NUM!1ER<2)-5.145 same to the computer.
60 NUMBER(3) = 256
while a BASIC program is running. • Don't use reserved words
What makes them change? Numer (keywords) for variable names.
ic variables, such as X, Y, or K5, Two Forms They cannot even be embedded in
may be changed by performing As mentioned above, numeric con variable names. A complete list of
mathematical operations on them. stants and variables can be in two keywords for your computer can be

74 COMPUT&'s Gazette November 1988

found in your programmer's refer Line 40 clears the screen and
ence guide or user's guide. In addi
tion to all the words in BASIC,
moves the cursor down seven
spaces. Line 50 prints the face by
Save Your
certain variables, such as ST, Tl, and
TIS, are reserved. Here are some ex
incrementing a FOR-NEXT loop
twice. Note the TAB statement, Copies of
ample of invalid variable names: which ensures the face is centered

TOTAl-678 (contains TO)

horizontally. COMPUTE!
Line 60 moves the cursor down
CONDO-110000 (contains ON)
NOTHINGS-"ZERO" (contains NOT) three spaces, prints a message, and Protect your back issues
FIRST = 200 (contains ST) returns the cursor to the proper po
of COMPUTE! in durable
SSSSSSSIFS = "COST" (contains IF) sition for drawing the eyes.
TINTS-"MAUVE" (contains INT) binders or library cases.
Line 70 contains a FOR-NEXT
WORDS-"SPLINTER" (contains OR) Each binder or case is
loop which prints the first symbolic
representation of eyes—EYE$(1). custom-made in flag-blue
ST is OK to use in a string variable
name) Before we encounter a NEXT, binding with embossed
there's a GET statement in tine 80 white lettering. Each holds
The problem with the last waiting for a key to be pressed. The a year of COMPUTE!.
three examples is only in the vari program loops at line 80 until that Order several and keep
able's names, not their values. The happens, which sends control on to your issues of COMPUTE!
names contain keywords (INT, OR, line 90, where the NEXT resides. neatly organized for quick
and TAN). Note that it's fine for Line 70 becomes active again,
keywords to be inside quotation
reference. (These binders
which prints EYE${2)—the next
marks [INT in "splinter", ON in make great gifts, too!)
symbolic representation of eyes.
"second," and COS in "cost"). The eyes are in a slightly different
As a final exercise this month, position, thus giving the illusion of
here's a little program that shows motion.
what you can do with constants This loop progresses until
which represent a scries of symbols. COUNT becomes 4 and all four eye
KC 5 REH COPYRIGHT 1988 COMPUT positions have been printed. The
El PUBLICATIONS, INC. - ft loop ends, only to encounter a
LL RIGHTS RESERVED. GOTO70, which starts the whole
DG 10 T1 = 16:T2=12;T3*>18
process over again.
COUNT):NEXT Lines 100-110 are DATA
HD 30 FORC0UNT=iTO4:REftDEYfclS(C statements that contain the sym
bols to draw the face plus symbols
JQ 50 FOKCOUNT=1TO2:PRINTTAB(T to move the cursor down and left.
l)FACES(COUWT):NEXT Lines 120-150 contain the data for
HK 60 PRINTTAE(T2)"(3 DOWN)PRE Binders Cases:
the eye symbols.
Make it a practice to use con $9.95 each; $7.95 each;
3)EYES(COUNT)"fUP] stants and variables to define num 3 for $27.95; 3 for $21.95;
XB 80 GETK$:IFK$=""1THEN80 bers, words, phrases, or a series of 6 for $52.95 6 for $39.95
XX 90 NEXT:GOTO70 symbols that will be used repeatedly (Ada SI per cose/binaer (or postage &
[7 LEFTJNE in your program. Not only will you handling. Please add S2.50 per unit lor
orders ouiside the U 5.)
[7 leftJIh! ep¥ save typing and conserve computer
[down](8 left)ueh3 memory space, but your BASIC pro Send in your prepaid order
[5 SPACESl§N3l~
grams will run much faster. (B with the attached coupon
mc 110 data"(left!j|h3
[2 spaces}zT2 spaces!
CALL TOLL FREE 7 days, 2d hours
iu%K (downT(9 leftJm j*
K NTD0WH}(6 LGFT}M£3 ?|
n Toown}!5 leftJb g
km 120 data"ec3 ec3
Mail to: Jesse Jones Industries
MG 130 DATA"iD| |D^
RM 140 | | Use the handy Dept. COTE
FS 150 499 East Erie Ave,
Reader Service Card Philadelphia, PA 19134
Line 10 sets up three constants, Please send me COM-
T1-T3, for use in TAB statements in the back of the PUTEI D cases □ binders.
Enclosed is my check or money
(see lines 50-70). Lines 20 and 30
order for S , (U.S. funds
read data into two subscripted ar
magazine to receive only.)
rays. FACE$(1) and FACE$(2) be Name _
come a series of symbols that will
additional information Address
draw a cartoon character's face, mi City
nus eyes. EYE$(1) through EYE$(4)
become the eyes, which will be
on our advertisers. State . Zip
Satisfaction guaranteed or money
drawn, sequentially, in four refunded. No PO Box Numbers.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Kernal Keys

|im ButterfiL'tcl presses RETURN, these characters signals end-of-line. Until we find it,
Contributing Editor will be input from the screen. IN we put the characters away and loop
PUT is not disturbed by the special back. When we find a RETURN, we
The Kernal is the operating system characters (the colon and the com move to a new screen line:
of Commodore 8-bit computers. ma) that disrupt BASIC'S INPUT LDA #S0D
Your programming tasks can be statement. JSR SFFD2

made much simpler if you take ad This month's program uses Here comes the second prompt,
vantage of the many tested and de- both INPUT and GETIN. Type it in stored at $205F; coding is the same
bugged Kernal routines. Two using an assembler or machine lan
as above:
common routines are GETIN guage monitor.
LDX #$00
(SFFE4) and INPUT ($FFCF). In the program, INPUT is used 202A LDA S20SF.X
When you use GETIN to get to get a line of text. GETIN is used JSR SFFD2
characters from the keyboard buff to receive a single-digit number. To INX
er, the character is returned in the save typing, the prompts for each CMP #S20
BNE 5202A
accumulator. It does not echo the are very brief. When the program
characters to the screen; your pro asks T7, type in any line of text and Now GETIN ($FFE4) reads the
gram will need to do that job. GET- press RETURN. Next the program keyboard. If the character is not in
IN never waits for input. If the will ask N?, inviting you to press the range from 1 to 9 ASCII, we
keyboard buffer is empty, the rou any key from 1 to 9. Note that the loop back and wait:
tine returns immediately with a 0 in cursor does not flash here. 2035 JSR SFFE4
the accumulator. The program starts at address CMP #$31 (ASCII I)
INPUT gets characters from $2000 (8192 decimal). That's not BCC S2O3S
CMP #S3A (ASCII 9, plus 1)
the screen instead of the keyboard the optimum place for a machine BCS $2035
buffer. When you first call INPUT, language program, but it does allow
the Commodore screen handler this demonstration to run on any When we pass this point, we
takes over. The cursor flashes, and Commodore 8-bit machine: have received an ASCII character in
the user is free to edit the screen as the range of 1 to 9. We echo it to the
2000 LDX #$00 ; Prompt Loop 1:
desired—possibly even clearing the screen. Then we strip it down to a
2002 LDA S205C.X
screen and changing colors. JSR 5FFD2 binary number and transfer the bi
When RETURN is pressed, the 1NX nary value to the Y register, where
CMP #$20 it will be used. Now we print a
INPUT routine returns with the
BNE $2002
first character that was entered. RETURN:
Subsequent calls to INPUT yield The first prompt is stored at JSR $FFD2
more characters from the screen. $205C. I've used the space charac AND #$0F
When a RETURN character is ter to detect the end of the prompt. TAV
found, there is no more data for this We'll do this again for the other
INPUT cycle. prompt. 204B LDX #$00
By the way, a call to PRINT LDX #S00
Here's where we print the line
cancels the rest of an INPUT line. STX $2100
we input previously. This loop
This can be useful if your program
The X register, and location prints each character of the line. We
decides it does not need to get the 2100, are used to store the position detect end-of-line by spotting the
remainder of a screen line.
of the characters we will take from RETURN character:
the screen and store. Here's the call
Complete Control to INPUT:
204D LDA S210I.X
Machine language programmers
tend to favor GETIN. It leaves them CMP #$0D ; (RETURN?)
I.DX $2100 ; (restore X)
completely in control. Program STA $2101,X BNE $204 D
mers have to do character echoing, INX
DEY ; (count lines)
BNE $204 B
cursor flashing, deletion, and cursor STX J2100
movement on their own.
BNE S2012
INPUT is simpler to use, but its These are ASCII characters:
main advantage is that it allows As each character is received, 205C 54 3F 20 (T, ?, SPACE)
"default prompts"—if the user just it's checked for a RETURN, which 20SF 4E 3F 20 (N, ?, SPACE) O

76 COMPUTE'S Gazelle Novembor 19B8

Font Grabber

Mystic |im Font Grabber writes directly to you see the character set you want
GEOS disks. For that reason, you to convert, hit a key.
"Font Grabber" turns your favor should always make a backup copy ■ Move the cursor to the character
ite Commodore character sets into of your disks, just in case anything set's name and press RETURN.
GEOS fonts. A font-identification goes wrong. First, make a GEOS
• When prompted, insert the GEOS
changer is also included. For the work disk (instructions for doing
work disk that you prepared
64 and 128. this are in your GEOS manual).
Now copy the GEOS font called
Like a Macintosh or an Amiga, a "Commodore" onto the work disk. When Font Grabber finishes,
Commodore 64 or 128 equipped From the deskTop, rename the your Commodore character set has
with GEOS is a master at handling Commodore font to <SWAP>. Be been converted to a GEOS font.
fonts. With geoWrite or geoPaint, sure to use uppercase letters. (You This font can be italicized, reversed,
you can use fonts of varying point must create the <5WAP> file each outlined, or made bold just like any
sizes, widths, and styles. GEOS time you wish to convert a font.) other GEOS font.
comes with several fonts, and When you're ready to convert After the font has been con
Berkeley Softworks offers even a font, boot up your 64 (or your verted, you're asked whether you'd
more, but "Font Grabber" lets you 128, in 64 mode). Do not boot like to return to BASIC or boot
tap into one of the largest selections GEOS. Font Grabber is a BASIC GEOS. If you choose to boot GEOS,
of fonts in the computer world— program that operates in the stand insert a GEOS boot disk into the
Commodore character sets. ard 64 environment. drive and press RETURN.
The Commodore 64 uses an 8
X 8 character cell to specify charac From Disk or RAM What's in a Name?
ters. The character set is fully rede- If you'd like to translate a character Once in a while, you may find that
finable!. Over the years, hundreds of set that is currently displayed, fol you have two GEOS fonts with the
alternative character sets have been low the instructions below. Note same ID number. GEOS won't let
designed. In fact, many GAZETTE that Font Grabber will translate any you use like-numbered fonts to
readers have designed their own character set (no matter where it is gether. To solve the problem, use
fonts with "Ulrrafont + ", a powerful located in memory) as long as it is Program 2, "Font ID Changer."
utility from the September 1986 is being used. Like Font Grabber, Font ID
sue of GAZETTE. Now you can use Changer is a BASIC program; it can
• Load and run Font Grabber.
any of those fonts with GEOS. be used only from within the stand
• When asked for the source of the ard 64 environment.
set, choose memory. To use the program, load it and
Getting Started • Choose the character-set type type RUN. You'll be asked to put a
Program 1 is Font Grabber. To en
(uppercase/graphics, or lower disk in the drive. Insert the disk that
sure accurate entry, type it in using
case/uppercase). holds the font you'd like to renum
"The Automatic Proofreader,"
• Enter the name of the GEOS font ber. When you see the font you
found elsewhere in this issue. When
you are creating. want to change, press a key. Move
you've finished typing, be sure to
■ When prompted, insert the desti the cursor up to the correct font;
save a copy of the program to disk.
nation disk (the GEOS work disk then press RETURN. Font ID
Program 2 is "GEOS Font ID
that you created earlier). Changer shows the current ID num
Editor." This program lets you
ber of the font. If you choose to
change the ID number of any GEOS If you'd like to translate a char change the font's number, enter the
font. This is helpful if you have two acter set from a disk file, follow new number when prompted.
fonts with the same ID number. these instructions: See program listings on page. 96. «B
Before you start converting
• Load and run Font Grabber.
character sets to GEOS fonts, you'll
need a few character sets. You might • When asked for the source of the
be able to download them from an character set, choose disk file. Next Month:
information service such as Compu • Place the source disk (the one Clever Tricks
Serve or Q-Link. If you want to de with the character-set file) into and Handy Hints
sign your own, use a character-set the drive; then press RETURN. for geoPaint Users
editor like Ultrafont+. ■ The directory is displayed; when
COMPUTBIs Gazette November 1988 77
"Easy LoaDIR" is designed to make a drive that isn't present, you'll get
programs both easy to find and an ILLEGAL QUANTITY ERROR.
easy to load. With only two key
presses, you can list a disk's directo ♦ Easy Loading
ry without disrupting the BASIC Once you get a directory, loading
program in memory. You can also programs is easy. Use the cursor
freeze the listing or stop it com keys to move the cursor onto the
pletely. So, what makes this direc filename of the desired program.
tory lister different from all the Press RETURN. It's that easy.
others? By moving the cursor on top Remember: Easy LoaDIR only
Here's a must-have of a filename and pressing RE loads programs listed in the directo
utility for every disk TURN, you can load any program ry. You still have to enter the ap
on the disk. propriate RUN or SYS command
drive owner. Load the needed to execute the program.

directory with two ♦Typing It In If a disk's directory is very

Easy LoaDIR is a machine language long, the filename of the program
keystrokes—then just program in the form of a BASIC that you wish to load may scroll off
move the cursor over loader. Since it requires accurate the screen before the directory' has
typing, use "The Automatic Proof finished listing, if this is the case,
a filename and press reader," found elsewhere in this simply press RUN/STOP while the
issue, when you're entering the program's filename is still on the
RETURN to load the program. Be sure to save a copy to screen. The directory listing halts,
program. For the 64 disk when you've finished typing. allowing you to cursor up, press
To get started, load and run RETURN, and load the program.
with a disk drive. Easy LoaDIR. First, Easy LoaDIR
installs itself; then it prints a mes ♦ More Benefits
sage at the top of the screen to in As noted, the $ command by itself
form you that it's ready to use. Type defaults to listing the directory of
Randy Thompson NEW to erase the BASIC loader drive 8. You can change the default
from memory. drive to drive 9 by typing POKE
With Easy LoaDIR, getting a 52803,9 after you've run the BASIC
disk directory is easy. Simply type $ loader. A POKE 52803,8 resets the
and press RETURN. The directory default back to drive 8. By changing
of the disk in drive 8 lists to the the 8 to a 9 in line 210 of the BASIC
screen. To freeze the listing, press loader, you can make drive 9 the
the space bar. Pressing any key con permanent default drive.
tinues the listing. To halt the direc You can use Easy LoaDIR's $
tory as it's listing, press RUN/STOP. command from within a BASIC pro
If you wish to list the directory gram to iist disk directories. Easy
of the disk in drive 9, enter $9. Sim LoaDIR does not disturb BASIC and
ilarly, $8 can be used to list the di is compatible with most program
rectory of the disk in drive 8. The ming utilities and fast loaders, in
device number following the $ may cluding "TurboDisk" (July 1985).
be a constant, a variable, or even an Easy LoaDiR is fairly fool
expression such as $4"2-f-N. If a proof. It can't be disabled by the
value other than 8 or 9 is entered RUN/STOP-RESTORE key combi
after the $, Easy LoaDIR returns an nation. If it ever does become dis
ILLEGAL QUANTITY ERROR. abled, type SYS 52736 to reenable it.
Also, if you try to get a directory of See program listing on page 98. ®
78 COMPUJE'.s GaiBUB November 1988

James Host

Set new world records on

your favorite arcade game or
add a pause feature to any
program with this super
utility for the 64.

Playing computer games is an excit When you want to turn off a sprite, When you've finished dis
ing adventure—outwitting the gob tap the RESTORE key (do not hold abling sprites, return to your game
lins and grabbing the gold, keeping down the fire button or any key by pressing the RETURN key.
on the run and out of reach, using while doing this). You'll see the Imagine—you can pick up the dots
dexterity and quick thinking. If you Sprite Killer menu. All currently ac in maze games without any mon
want to rack up higher scores and tive sprites are displayed at the top sters chasing you!
get to new levels you might never of the screen. Beneath them are Sprite Killer can also be used as
see otherwise, try "Sprite Killer." numbers ranging from 0 to 7. These a pause feature, even when the pro

Sprite Killer can be used to turn numbers correspond to the eight gram you want to stop doesn't use

off any sprites you like, for any rea hardware sprites used by the 64. sprites. To pause a program, tap the
son. It can also be used to pause RESTORE key to bring up the sprite-
games and other programs that disabling menu. Press SHIFT
don't have a built-in pause feature. LOCK and then RETURN. Your
program's screen reappears, but the
program remains paused until you
Zapping Sprites release the SHIFT LOCK key.
Sprite Killer is written entirely in
machine language, so you'll need to Technical Notes
use "MLX," the machine language Sprite Killer occupies RAM in the
entry program found elsewhere in $CF00-$CFFF area of memory, out
this issue, to type it in. When MLX of the way of most programs. It also
prompts you, respond with the val uses al! of the RAM hidden by the
ues given below. I/O block. Sprite Killer wedges into
Starting address: 0801 the operating system and BASIC
Ending address: 0C18 Zap sprites wills this utility. Here, the
through several page 3 vectors. It
sprites from "Qiwlerus" are displayed.
Be sure to save a copy to disk or isn't disabled by hitting RUN/
Turn off your enemies for high scores.
tape before you exit MLX. STOP-RESTORE. The program is
Sprite Killer loads and runs just most effective when used with
like a BA5IC program. When you To disable a sprite, just press those games which check location
type RUN, Sprite Killer relocates it its associated number on your key 53278 (SPSPCL—the sprite-to-
self so that it will be out of the way board. The sprite vanishes from the sprite-collision register) to see
of most programs. Now load and screen. You may disable as many as which sprites have collided.
run your favorite game as usual. you wish. See program listing on page 89. <B
COMPUTEl's GazolJo November 19B8 79
Basil Cox Do you keep a notepad beside your "MLX" machine language entry
computer? Perhaps you use it to jot program found elsewhere in this
down some crucial memory ad issue. The MLX prompts, and the
Now there's a better dresses, an important reminder, or a values you should type in, are as
way to make notes. Put list of variables for your new pro follows:
gram. Or maybe you need a way to Slarling address: CO00
them where you can keep a list of telephone numbers or Ending address: C397

find them in a flash— a bowling schedule. Now you can When you've finished typing in all
jot it all down a quick and easy way. the data, be sure to save a copy to
in your Commodore "Notepad 64" turns your com tape or disk before leaving MLX.
64's memory or on a puter into a notepad. You can stash To load the program, type
notes in memory or on a disk. Do LOAD "filename",8,1 (tape users
disk. You can start anything with Notepad that you do should type LOAD "filename"A,l).
writing by simply with an ordinary scratch pad— When the program has loaded,
you'll appreciate its added speed type NEW and press RETURN.
touching a key—even and convenience. Then type SYS 49152 to install it.
with a BASIC program
Typing It In Keeping Notes
in memory. Notepad 64 is written entirely in Notepad has scores of uses. Sup
machine language for speed and pose, for instance, that you created
versatility. Type it in with the a different Notepad disk file named
BO COMPUTERS Gazette November 1988
for every day of the week. Such a
set of files cou!d act as a personal
calendar, where you could post
such notes as Take Fido to the vet at
3. You could easily keep yourself
posted a week ahead on upcoming
appointments. No doubt you can
think of many other creative uses.
Notepad does not use any of
BASIC'S memory, so you can keep
a BASIC program in memory and
even run it while keeping Notepad
and your notes undisturbed. To ac
tivate the program at any time,
press the back-arrow key (-), then
RETURN. Notepad will be activat
ed even if a BASIC program is cur
rently running. {Note that if you
enter Notepad while a BASIC pro
gram is running, the BASIC pro
gram will stop.)

When you enter Notepad,
you're presented with a menu of
five options:

View Notes. This allows you

to read a note already in memory.
When you have finished reading it,
press any key to return to the menu.
leff Lite

Enter Notes. You can write a

note up to one full screen in
Take the 64's video chip beyond its natural limits zvith this
length-—that's a thousand charac powerful machine language program. A demo program is in
ters. All editing keys function nor cluded to show you how to use full-screen graphics in your
mally. This includes CLR/HOME, own programs. A disk drive is required.
which erases the screen with a key
press. Don't cursor below the bot
tom of the screen, or the screen will
scroll up, and anything written at
A few years ago something startling for the data that you'll be entering.
the top will be lost. To return to the
menu, press the back-arrow key (-).
happened. Programmers found For Supratechnic, respond with the
that they could trick the 64's VIC-il values indicated.
Save Notes. The program chip into displaying graphics in an Starting address: 0801
prompts you for a filename, then area previously considered off-limits: Ending address: 01(00
saves the current note to disk. Be the screen borders. In the Septem
sure to enter a name unused on the ber 1987 GAZETTE, J. Kelly pre When you've finished typing, be
disk, or the file won't be saved. sented "Impossible Scroll," a sure to save a copy to disk. Use the
Note that the program doesn't alert program that scrolled text in the name "SUPRATECHNIC"—Pro
you if the file already exists on the border area of the screen. gram 3 expects a file of this name.
disk—a blinking drive-error light is "Supratechnic" goes further, To get an idea of what Supra
the only indication. allowing you to display sprites technic is capable of, you'll need to
Load Notes. The program will above or below the normal border enter Program 2, Supratechnic
prompt you for a filename. If the of the screen and to partially bitmap Demo. The program is written in
file doesn't exist on the disk, the these areas with a pattern of your BASIC. Type it in carefully and save
choice. it with the name "SUPRA.DEMO".
drive-error light will blink.
Program 3 is used to load and
Exit. Returns to BASIC, where Typing It In run both Supratechnic and the
you'll find any program in memory
Program 1 is the main program. It is demo. Type it in and save it to disk
written entirely in machine lan with the name "SUPRA.BOOT".
You can change the screen col guage, so you'll need to use To see Supratechnic in action,
ors by pressing B for border, S for "MLX," the machine language en type LOAD "SUPRA.BOOT",8.
screen, or C for character color. try program found elsewhere in this After the program has finished
These color settings remain in effect issue, when you type it in. When loading, type RUN, If you like
until you turn off the computer. you run MLX, you're prompted for graphics demos, you'll love the Su
See program listing on page 89. 9 the starting and ending addresses pratechnic demo.
COMPUTEIs Gazotto November 1988 ai
On Your Own area. With this mode turned on and
C-128 SOFTWARE On the other hand, if you're a pro
grammer, you'll probably want to
location 251 set to graphics mode,
you can display 262 lines of data
try to use Supratechnic in your own out of the 264 lines of data in the
programs. To get started, load Su- buffer. Or, with 251 set to normal or
"Surrender your C-128 over to pratechnic with the statement sprite mode, you can display 200
the power of SHADOWDOS!" LOAD"SUPRATECHNIC",8,1. lines of the graphics buffer in the
Then type SYS 2061 to execute it. normal screen area. To disable this
• Use SHADOWDOS to copy disks and
files, alphabetize directories, list Supratechnic moves BASIC up mode type SYS 2092.
programs Irom disk, autoboot disks.
to 3584 ($0£00) and performs a

format, scratch, rename and collect.
Up and down directory scrolling — louch
NEW. This protects the main pro Graphics Buffer
01 a key loads program selected. gram from being corrupted by The graphics buffer, found at 3080-
• SHADOWDOS hides in your computer's BASIC and allocates space for the 3343 ($0C08-$0D0F), contains 264
momory. Swlich back and forth from graphics buffer. Note: Whenever bytes. To program a certain line in
BASIC and SHADOWDOS at me touch
of a key.
RUN/STOP-RESTORE is used, the partial bitmap, just POKE the
• SHADOWDOS functions do not destroy the program is disengaged. You data to the corresponding memory
programs in memory. You're safe even must type SYS 2083 to reengage it location. Location 3080 (S0C08)
with diskcopy.
without erasing the current BASIC corresponds to the top of the border
• Place SHADOWDOS on all you' Ois«s for
Instant SHADOWDOS boolup.
program. If you wish to disengage area at the bottom of the screen.
• Vivid On-screen menus make the program, type SYS 2086. Each location following 3080 corre
SHADOWDOS simple and ready lo go. Supratechnic's first function is sponds to the next lower line. The
when you need It.
mode changing. To do this, type lines wrap from the bottom back to
• SHADOWDOS is a programmer's and
hackers fantasy. No more mundane and
POKE 251,n, where n is the mode the top and continue down to the
lime consuming disk tasks number. The following list de last line of the normal screen area,
scribes the modes: which is location 3341 ($OD0D).
Yes, it's only: $11.95 0 Normal video mode. Just remember, one eight-hit num
To order send check or morey order lo Si 1 95 lo
1 Sprite mode. Allows you to dis ber controls the whole line. To turn
play sprites in the top and bot all the pixels in line 0 off, type
Where it's Soft!
tom border areas. POKE 3080,0. To turn them all on,
P.O. Box 828461
use POKE 3080,255. You can set al
San Diego, CA 92108 2 Graphics mode. Lets you partial
ternative pixels on by using POKE
California residents aca 6% sales Ian. ly bitmap the border and screen.
Normally, each pixel can be
specified independently in bit
mapped graphics modes. Supra
Hints and Tips
technic's partial bitmapping • Disable Supratechnic with SYS
COMPUTERS GAZETTE 2086 before any nonkeyboard I/O.
SUBSCRIBER SERVICE allows you to specify a pattern
for each video scan line. The pat • Always set the locations of the
P.O. Box 10958. Des Moines. IA 50340-0958
tern is specified with a byte value sprites before turning them on.
Change of Address: Please advise as early as
possible. Attach label ™th your ok) address ana that is repeated 40 times across ■ Avoid using any cartridges or pro
write m new address below. the line. grams (such as fast loaders) that
Now Subscriber: Fill In your name and address Supratechnic's most stunning will steal or corrupt IRQ timing. If
below. Use separate shaet lor gift orders. effect Is smooth scrolling of the par you must use fast loaders, disable
tial bitmap. Type POKE 252,n, Supratechnic before using any of its
where n is the direction. The values features. (Use SYS 2086 to disable,
for ji are as follows: SYS 2083 to reenable.)
• In the graphics mode, avoid plac
1 Up (bit 0)
ing sprites on the border. It will
2 Down (bit 1)
cause a lot of flicker if they're on the
Renewal: Attach label.
4 Right (bit 2) y coordinates of 231-255 or 0-6.
. One year S24.Q0 . Two years $45.00
5 Up and right (bits 0 and 2) But they can be in the range 7-230
(Foreign subscribers please adO S6.00 per year lo 6 Down and right (bits 1 and 2) with very few or no problems.
8 Left (bit 3) • When programming the graphics
9 Up and left (bits 0 and 3) buffer, make sure the screen
doesn't scroll, or else the graphics
10 Down and left (bits 1 and 3)
will get jumbled up.
To change the color of the bor
der section or the background in the Because of conflicting inter
graphics mode, type POKE 253,n, rupts, you should use a program
Please bill mo _ Pdyment enclosed
where n is the color number. (Note similar to Program 3 to load and
For other subsi^i'i>!>■■■ i Ojuestlona or problems. that the foreground color in graph run Supratechnic with your own
please wrile a nota ana send entire form to the
ics mode is always black.) programs. Simply modify the file
above address. OR CALL TOLL-FREE:
The next mode, executed by name in line 40 so that it loads your
typing SYS 2089, displays the cur program instead of SUPRA.DEMO.
1-(800) 727-6937
rent graphics buffer in the screen See program listings o>i page 90. W

US COMPUTE!s Gazette November 1988

Don J. Reynolds

With this program, your 128 will

always boot up just the way you
like. Start every computing session
with your favorite column width,
screen colors, and function-key
definitions. A disk drive is required.

Among BASIC 7.0's many fea mode. Next, Custom Boot asks columns, you'll also be asked to
tures are commands that whether you wish to redefine the choose a border color. Valid color
make it easy to set the screen function keys. If you decide not to numbers are 1-16.
width and colors and define the define them, the default definitions
function keys. Many people type are used. If you do decide to rede ■ Booting Another
these commands in immediate fine the function keys, Custom Boot Finally, Custom Boot asks whether
mode after they boot. "Custom displays the prompt you want to run another program,
Boot" does the work for you. It load another program, or execute a
writes a short boot program to your NEW command. Respond by typ
disk which sets the screen width, Press the number correspond ing either RUN, LOAD, or NEW. If
background, border, and character ing to the function key and type the you reply with RUN or LOAD,
colors, defines the function keys, string to be assigned to that key. you're then asked for the name of a
and finally loads and runs any pro You need assign only the keys you file to be run or loaded. If you type
gram you wish. wish to change. For example, if you LOAD, you must also choose be
want a function key to execute a tween a relocatable load (,8) and a
■ Typing It In BASIC command, such as DIREC nonrelocatable load (,8,1). If you
Custom Boot is written entirely in TORY, you type the following: don't want a program to be loaded
BASiC. To prevent typing errors, or run, choose NEW.
use "The Automatic Proofreader" After you've answered the
when you enter the program. When Custom Boot uses the string you questions, put your boot disk in
you've finished typing, save a copy enter in a KEY command, so any drive 8 and press RETURN. The
to disk. thing legal in BASIC'S KEY com boot block, function-key defini
To use Custom Boot, load and mand will work here. tions, and a boot file will be written
run the program. First, the program Now, Custom Boot displays a to the disk. If the disk already con
asks which mode you want to use color chart and requests that you tains a boot block, Custom Boot will
for booting up. Type 40 for 40- choose the background and charac write over it.
column mode or 80 for 80-colitmn ter colors. If you are booting in 40 See program listing on page 88. O
COMPUTE/'s Gazelle November 19B8 B3

"Magnifier" is a short machine lan you would move BASIC'S text

guage utility that enlarges any por cursor.

tion of the text screen to 64 times its You can switch to the magni
normal size. The magnified region fied screen by pressing CTRL-Z.
is shown on an alternate text CTRL-SHIFT-Z returns to the nor
screen, and you can switch back mal text screen. The positioning rec
and forth between screens easily. tangle is visible on both screens, so
Magnifier can help young children you can move it from either screen.
and the visually impaired to use the To disable Magnifier, turn the
computer. You can even use it computer off and then back on.
while programming in BASIC.
How It Works
Magnifier first copies the entire
Getting Started
character set to RAM beginning at
Magnifier is written entirely in ma
location 12288. The algorithm for
chine language, so you must type it
this was adapted from Programming
in using "MLX," the machine lan
the Commodore 64, available from
guage entry program found else
Blow up any section where in this issue. When MLX
COMPUTE! Books. Magnifier
moves the start of BASIC memory
of your 64's text prompts you, respond with the val
to 16384, leaving 24K available for
ues given below.
screen for a clean, BASIC programming. This is neces
Starting address: 0901 sary because of the space taken up
easy-to-read Ending address: 0C40
by the character set and the pro
display. Before exiting MLX, be sure to save gram. Note that Magnifier works
a copy to tape or disk. with redefined character sets.
Although it's written in ma The characters are enlarged by
chine language, Magnifier can be examining each individual bit of
loaded, saved, and run as if it were the character definition. If the bit is
a BASIC program. When you run a 1, a value of 160 (a reverse space)
Magnifier, it relocates itself to a safe is stored in the appropriate location
place in memory, so do not try to on the second text screen; a 32 (a
Robert Bixby
save it after it has been run. To reset space) is used if the bit i5 a 0.
BASIC'S pointers, type NEW after Because of the amount of time
you've run Magnifier. it takes to refresh the alternate
Magnifier places a rectangular screen, BASIC runs a little more
sprite on the screen. This rectangle slowly than usual when the large-
represents the portion of the screen text screen is showing. For maxi
that is shown magnified on the al mum speed, the second screen's
ternate text screen. You can move refresh only occurs if it is visible
the rectangle by using the cursor (and then only once for every five
keys in conjunction with the CTRL refreshes of the normal screen) or if
key. Simply hold down the CTRL the positioning rectangle is moved.
key and then move the rectangle as See program listing on page 97. ffl
84 COMPUTES GazelW November 1988
Block Out COLOR1,CA(S) :COLOR3,C13(
KE 770
1000,2,,,,3:XX=XX+24 XQ 780 FG=0:FORKY=1TO13:IFY(KY
RS 290 IFJOY(J)>127THEN320
Article on page 54. )=0THEKFG=FG+1
QJ 310 GOTO270
Program 1: Block Out—BASIC OR 3 20 SOUND1.9635,5,.,.0 CJ 810 IFJ=2THEN830
Section OG 330 IFXX=72THENS=1;XE=24:SC PX 820 LL=208:LR=280:XX=20B:J=
AC 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1988 COMi'U HX 340 IFXX=96THENS=2:XE=36:SC AP 630 LL=72:LR=144:XX=72:J=1.
MD 20 PRINT"[CLR] {3 SPACES]COP C=l 2)=STR5(SC(2))
DH 360 IFXX=144THENS=4:XE=60:S AH 850 SPRITE1.0
C=2 Rl,13,5,"FINAL SCORES:"
FJ 30 COLORS,liC0L0R4,liGRAPHI PE 380 IFXX=232THENS=6:XE=104: EF 870 CHAR1,10,9,"PLAYER 1 SC
C3,1:IHMCLU4,9) :D1MPT(1 SC=2 ORE: ":CHAR1,29,9,SC$(1
4,9) : 131 MY(20) :SC( I)=0;SC DK 390 IFXX=256THENS=7:XE=1I6: )
(2)-0 SC=2
MA 8B0 CHAR!,10,12,"PLAYER 2 S
CORE: ":CHAR1,29,12,SCS
8,BLS :C0L0R3,12:COLOR2,16
AP 430 MOVSPR1,32,90:XX*32 KS 910 FORI=16TO120STEP8:GSHAP
(1) ,0,0, 7,15:GSIIAPEBS(2) EBS(1),I,32:GSHAPEB5(3)
0VSPR1,XX-24,90:SOUND!, ,1,56!NEXT
,0,0iS^HAPEBS(2),0,0,7,1 1000,2,,,,3:XX=XX-24 PF 920 SLOW:CHAR2,9,6,"BLOCK
BS(3),0,0,7,15:GSHAPEBS( MOVSPR1,XX+24,90:SOUND1 T"
4),0,O:SSHAPEBS(4),0,0,7 ,1000,2,,,,3:XX=XX+24 DM 930 CHAR2,6,12,"PLAYER1 - J
.15 HD 460 IfJOY(J)>127THEN480
PC 47Q GOTO440
D[-TI):FAST XA 940 CHAR2,6,14,"PLAYER2 - J
JK 480 XX=XX/2-13:X=[XX+8)/l2
GF 70 COLORl,15tCOLOR3,4:COL0i< GX 490 IFX<0THENX=0
2,7 IB0X2,0,32,159,39:BOX MD 950 CHAR2.ll,18,"PRESS ANY
QR 500 1FY(X)<1THENXX=(XX+12)*
1, 1,33,15B,38:BOX3,2,34, 2:GOTO440
AD 960 getkeykys
157,37:COLOR1,13:COLOR3, BJ 510 SOUND1,9635,5,,,,0
16:COLOR2,12 BJ 520 GSHAPEBS(P(S)),XX,(Y(X)
AF 80 FORX=4TOI53STEP12:GSHAPE ■2+5)*8:Y=Y(X);Y(X)=Y(X
PIS,X,40:NEXT:COLO R1,8:C )-l Program 2: Block Out—Sprite
HAR1,2,1,"1UP":CHAR1,1,3 GB 530 IFCA(S)=7THENCL(X,Y)=1
,"0" 13R 540 IFCA(SH9THENCL(X,Y) = 2
GE 90 C0L0R1.11:CHAR1,19,1,"2U QA 550 lFCA(S) = 3THiiNCL(X,Y)=3 Sec instructions in article on page 54
P"iCHAR1,18,3,"0"iSLOW MA 560 IFCA(S)=12THENCLlX,Y)=4 before typing in.
(X,Y)=O:PT(X,Y)=0:NEXT: HD 580 PT(X,Yj=P(S) 0E00:D5 55 00 DS 55 30 DF FD 2!
NEXT EE 590 IFCL(X,Y)=CL(X+1,Y) THE OE0B:00 D0 0D 00 DD 5D 00 DD 3C
QA 110 F0RX=lTO13:YlX)=8:NEXT N SC(SC)=SC(SC)+15 0E10:5D 00 DF FD 00 D0 0D 00 14
SE 120 XX=24:LM=72:N=0:S=0 RK 600 IFCL(X,Y)=CL(X,Y+1) THE 0E18:D0 0D 00 DO OD 00 D0 0D 04
CP 130 PA=INT(RND[1)M)+1:IFPA N SCtSC)=SC(SC)+15 0E20:00 DO 0D 00 D0 DD 00 D5 A2
=5THEN130 DB G>" IFCL(X,Y)=CL(X-1,Y) THE 0E28:55 00 D5 55 00 FF FF 00 FE
JB 140 CO(l)=INT(RND(0)*5)+liI N SC(SC)=SC(SC)+1S 0E30100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4C
FCO(1)=6THEN140 AF 620 IFPT[X,Y)=PT(X+1,Y) THE 0E38iO0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 54
SC 150 S*S+1:IFCO(1)=>1THENCO(1 N SC(SC)=SC(SC)+25 OE40:D5 55 00 D5 55 00 DF FD 62
)=7:CO(2)=15;GOTO200 MK 630 1FPT(X,Y)=PT(X,Y+1) THE 0E48100 DO OD 00 D0 0D 00 DO C5
RB 160 IFCO(1)=2THENCO(1)=9:CO N SC[SC)=SC(SC)+25 0E50:OD 00 D0 0D 00 D0 OD 00 3B
(2)=8:GOTO200 EB 640 IFPT(X,Y)=PT(X-1,Y) THE OE53:D0 0D 00 DD 5D 00 DD 5D 02
AQ 170 IFCO(1)=3THENCO(1}=3:CO N SC(SC)=SClSC)+25 OE60:00 DF FD 00 DO 0D 00 D5 C4
(2) = H:GOTO200 AQ 650 SCS=STR5(SC(SC)):IF3C=1 0E68:55 00 D5 55 00 FF FF 00 3F
GJ 180 IFCO(l)=4THENC0(l)=12:C THEN670 OE70:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ec
O(2)=13:GOTO200 DM 650 0E78:0O 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 94
EK 190 IFCO(1)=5THENCO(1)=6:CO XH 670 OEB0iD5 55 00 DS 55 00 DF FD A2
{2)=14;GOTO200 0EB8:00 D0 OD 00 DD 5D 00 DD BC
HB 200 COLORl.COtl):COLOR3,CO( ED 680 C0LOR1,11:CHAR1,17,3,SC 0E9Oi5D 00 DF FD 00 D0 0D 00 94
OE9B:D0 0D 00 DD 5D 00 DD 5D 42
0EA0:00 DF FD 00 DO 0D 00 D5 05
=XX+12:CA(S)=C0(l):CB{S MJ 690 RA=INT(RND(1)*4)+1:IFRA
0EA8:55 00 D5 55 00 FF FF 00 7F
0EB0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CC
THEN220 AE 700 P(S)=RA
0EB8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D4
QX 210 GOTOI30 MQ 710 CO=INT(RND(1)*5)+1:IFCO
0EC0:D5 55 00 D5 55 00 DF FD E2
PR 220 N=N+1:XX=92:LM=I40:IFN= =6THEN710
0EC8100 DO OD 00 DD 5D 00 DD FC
2THEN240 HP 720 IFCO=1THENCA(S)-7:CB(S) 0ED0:5D 00 DD 5D 00 DD 5D 00 5F
HA 230 GOTO130 "15 0ED8:DD 5D 00 DD 5D 00 DD 5D ID
XB 240 SPRSAVSES,! QP 7 30 IFC0=2THENCA(S)=9:CB{S) 0EE010O DF FD 00 D0 0D 00 D5 45
BD 250 LL=72:LR=144:J=1:XX=72:
0EE8:55 00 D5 55 00 FF FF 00 BF
YY=58 RC 740 IFCO=3THENCA(S)=3:CB(S) 0EF0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BD
HS 260 MOVSPR1,XX,YY:SPRIT£1,1 = 11 0EF8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 15
,2,0,0,0,1 ES 750 1FCO=4THENCA(E)=12:CB(S 0F00:D5 55 00 D5 55 00 D5 FD 10
KQ 270 IFJ0Y(J)=7ANDXX>LLTHENM ) = 13 0F0B;00 D5 OD 00 D5 4D 00 DS F6
OVSPR1,XX-24,YY:SOUND1, PC 760 IFCO=5THEN CA(S)=6:CB(S 0F10I4D 00 DD SD 00 DD 5D 00 98
1000,2,,,,3tXX=XX-24 0F18:DD 5D 00 D3 55 00 D3 55 61

COMPUTE'S Gezello November 1988 B5

0F20 00 D0 D5 00 D9 D5 00 D5 E0 (A5(4))<1ORVAL(A5(4))>1
0F28 55 00 D5 55 00 FF FF 00 01 6THEN130
0F30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4E AG 140 GOSUB550:INPUT"[DOWN)
00 00 00 56
0F38 00 00 00 00 00 {RVS)g73 SELECT CHARACT
0F40 .A9 7F 00 AA 57 00 A5 5F 23 ER COLOR (1-16) (OFF)"; GG 410 OPEN15,8,15:OPEN5,8,5,"
0F48 00 A9 7F 00 A9 5F 00 AA 36 AS(5):IFVAL;aS(5))<1ORV t"
OF50 :5F 00 A5 57 00 AA 5F 00 HI AL(AS{5))>16THEN140 FE 420 PRINTI15,"B-P";5;0
0F58 :A9 7F 00 A9 5F 00 AA 7F 95 HC 150 INPUT"[CLR)[2 DOWN) FJ 430 PRINTI5.WSS
0F60 :00 A5 5F 00 AA 5F 00 A9 50 (RVS}g73 SELECT COMMAND BJ 440 PRINTI15,"U2";5;0;1;0
0F68 :57 00 A9 5P 00 A5 7F 00 F2 (RUN/LOAD/NEW)[OFF} KA 450 INPUTI15,ES(1),F.S(2),ES
0F70 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BE (WHT)";A5(6):IFA5(6)="R O),ES(4)
0E-78 -.00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 9E> ON"THEN200 DM 460 CLOSE5:CLOSE15
0F80 :AA AA 00 130 02 00 80 02 B9
0F88 :00 U0 02 00 B0 02 00 80 93 IFAS(6)="NEW"THEN210 0850:POKEN,13:NEXT:POKE
FA 170
0F90 102 00 80 02 00 B0 02 00 B5 20B.10INEW
XX 180 GOTO1S0
:80 02 00 80 02 00 80 02 92 PRINT"fCLR}[2 DOWN)":FO
MK 190 INPUT"(CLR){2 DOWN) CC 480
0PA0 :00 80 02 00 ao 02 00 tit! Ali (RVS1E73 EXTENSION (0 F RN=1TO4:PRINTES(N);:NEX
0FA8 :02 00 80 02 00 AA AA 00 F7
OR,8 OR 1 FOR ,8,1) T
0FB0 :00 00 00 aa 00 00 00 00 CF. (OFFHWHT)";AS(7):IFVAL FF 490 END
0FB8 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D6 (AS(7))<0ORVAL(AS(7))>1 JB 500 AS="":PRINTCHRS!34);
0F~0 :0a 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DE KG 510 GETKS:IFK$=""THEN510
0FCB :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E6 IFKS=CHRS(20)THENAS=LEF
GE 200 INPUT"(CLR)(2 DOWN} RS 520
0FD0 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EE TS(AS, (LEN(AS)-D) :PRIN
0FD8 :t>0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 P6
E TO BOOT ";A?(8) TK$;:GOTO510
0FE0 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0a pe IFK5=CHRS(13)THENRETURN
H0 07 GD 210 PRINT"(CLR)f5 DOWN) 5K 530
0FE8 -.00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AS=AS+K$:PRINTKS;:GOT05
0FF0 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 OF
00 00 00 17
0FF8 00 00 00
Custom Boot XX 220 OPEN 15,8,15,"S0:.FK":PR TN;".."rB5:NEXT:RETURN
Article on page 83.
BA 230 CLOSE2:OPEN2,a,2,"0:.FK Rally Racer
15 Article on page 46.
OS 240
JB 260 INPUT#15,ES(1),ES(2),E5 Section
HJ 30 DATA67,66,77,0,0,0,0,70,
);C5;"!lF(PEEK(215)=0AN Ril 20 PRINT"(CLR} (3 SPACESlCOP
7 3,76,69,0,0,162,19,160,
11,76,165,17 5,82,85,78,3
PEEK!215)<>0ANDCOS = " ;CS ., INC."
4,46,66,84,34,0,0,0 ,-"40";CS;")THENPRINTC(IR CA 30 PRINTTAU(11)"ALL RIGHTS
HK 40 POKE5328O,0:POKE53281,0:
B5="tRVS) (20 SPACESj-1iCS PRINT"? BK=";VAL(AS(3))
;":BD=";VAL(A5(4));"iCH ODE",H,I
DR 50 PRINT"lCLR] [RVS1E53 ="?VAL(A?(5));":COLOR0, ES 50 SP=53248:POKESP+21,255:F
COLOR5,CH" +40:POKESP+1+X*2,90
IFAS(1)O"Y"T(IEN330 DA 60 POKE2040+X,X+248:NEXT:PO
(SPACE]INC.":PRINTTAB(11 RP 300 PRINT"10 CLOSE2:OPEN2,fl KE5 32B1,0:POKE53280,0


(2)<>"40"ANDAS(2)*>"80"T QX 320 PRINT"32 [J=N+1:PRINT";C QD 90 IFA-7027THENPRINT"ERROR


;"!N;"rC?;",";CS;";CS;F QR 100 S1=15B72:S2=S1+64:S3=S2
EFINE FUNCTION KEYS? (Y/ S(N):PRINT";CS;" +64:S4=S3+64:S5=S4+64:S

N) (OFF}IWHT)"iR5(1)(IFA (2 DOWn}GOTO30(HOMe]1';C 6=S5+64:S7=S6+64:S8=S7+

S( 1)<>"Y"THEN120 S;":POKE842,13:POKEB43 , 64
GB 90 FS=""iINPUT"!2 DOWNJE73 13:POKE208,2:END
FINE (l-8)(OFFnWHT)":FS 40 NEW":GOTO390
0 {clr)(3 DOWN)":AS(6); AH 130 A=S4:B=S2:GOSUB190:A=S5

ER 100 GOSUB500:FRINT[IFAS=""T DJ 350 () :B=S1:GOSUB190

r C$;"r CS;"fiIFAS(7J«"l" HE 140 A=S6:B=S4:GOSUB200:A=S7

THIiNPRINTCJ; ",8,l"fC5iG tB=S3:GOSUB200
RE 110 FS(F)=AS:GOTO90
360 IFA5(6)<>1'RON"THblNPRINT 792,0:POKE793,192:POKES
UND COLOR (1-16) (OFFJ" CS;",8fH0ME]";CS;:GOTO3 P+21,0


VAL(AS(3))>16THEN120 GS
BH 130 IFAS(2)'>"B0"THENGOSUB5 S;"[4 DOWN)RUN(HOME)";C 2:C=C+Z:POKEX+14848,2iN

-16) (OFF}P1;AS(4) : I FVAL

86 COMPUTE! s Gazelle November 19BS

AP 180 POKE631,13:POKE19e,l:SY 3,63,63 ,255,255,255
S50689 HS 550 DATA199,199,199,199,199 DA 960 DATA191,191,191, 191,191
AC 190 FORY=0TO21:FORX=0TO2;PO ,199,199,199 ,191
KEA+6 3-Y*3+X,PEEK(B+Y*3 SG 560 DATA255,255,255,241,192
+X) :NEXT:NEXT:BETU RN ,128,0,7
DD 200 FORY=0TO21:FORX=0TO2:PO KM 570 DATA128,192,255,127,63,
Program 2: Rally Racer—ML
KEA+-Y*3+2-X,PEEK(B+Y*3 + 31,15,15 Section
X):NEXT:NEXT GM 580 DATA126,252,252,252,252
KX 210 POKE254,A/256:POKE253,A ,252,128,0
See instructions in article on page 46
-PEEK(254)*256:SYS828:R QF 590 DATA0,9,23,62,62,62,126 before typing in.
ETURN ,254
C000tA9 30 8D 18 03 A9 C0 8D 57
EK 220 REM[6 SPACEslML DATA EP 600 DATA33,1,3,63,63,63,31, C008:19 03 A2 00 8A 9D 00 D4 CA
MS 230 DATA165,253,133,251,165 0 C010:F:8 E0 IB D0 F8 8D 15 D0 47
,254,133,252,160,0,169, RS 610 DATA192,193,192,224,240 C018:A9 0F 8D 18 D4 A9 F0 8D 22
0,141,125 ,252,254,62 C020106 D4 £iD 0D D4 78 A9 31 69
QC 240 DATA3,162,0,177,251,61, GC 620 DATA0,255,255,31,15,15, C028;8D 14 03 58 4C F5 C8 A9 Df>
109,3,240,9,189,117,3,1 15,15 C030:00 8D 21 D0 8D C2 CA 8i) E0
3,125,3 DB 630 DATA0,255,255,255,255,1 C03fi:C3 CA 20 C6 C3 AD AF CA BD
SF 250 DATA141,125,3,232,224,B
92,128,131 C040:8D 20 04 AD B0 CA 8D 21 DB
,208,235,173,125,3,145, DO 640 DATA127,255,255,255,255 C048:04 AD Bl. CA 8I> 23 04 AD CB
251,200 ,31,15,7 C050:B2 CA 8D 24 04 AD B3 CA DA
QC 260 DATA192,64,208,218,96,1 CJ 650 DATA199,199,199,199,194 C05(5:8D 26 04 A9 BD 8D BC CA AD
,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,126 ,192,224,255 C060:OD BE CA A9 3C 8D BD CA AA
,64,32,16,8,4,2,1 PK 660 DATA15,15,15,15,15,31,6 C068:8D BF CA 20 6E C3 A2 FE C2
QC 270 REM[6 SPACESjSPRITE DAT 3,255 C070:BE F8 07 SE 02 1)0 8E F9 All
A AH 670 DATA143,143,143,143,143 C078I07 A9 03 BD 15 D0 A9 57 B7
PD 280 DATA0,0,0,0,126,0,3,255 ,143,143,143 C0H0t(iD 00 DO A9 BS BD 01 D0 CA
,192,15,255,240 C088i8D 03 D0 A9 06 BD 27 DO CB
AA 680 DATA15,31,31,15,0,0,128
GM 290 DATA15,255,240,15,255,2 C090:A9 01 BD 2B D0 BD D9 CA 96
40,15,0,240,6,0,96 C09B:8D DA CA 78 A9 7E 3D 14 EE
ER 690 DATA255,255,255,255,0,0
C0A0:03 58 AD IF D0 EE C4 CA F7
DF 300 DATA7,255,224,7,255,224 ,0,255
C0A8:AD C4 CA C9 02 90 33 A9 8A
,7,255,224,7,255,224 RF 700 DATA0,248,254,254,63,31
C0B0:00 8D C4 CA AD 01 DC 29 2F
FK 310 DATA15.255,240,30,0,120 -15,15
C0B8:04 D0 12 AD F8 07 3B E9 CG
,31,0,248,31,255,248 MB 710 DATA30,14,14,15,15,15,1
C0C0:01 C9 F7 D0 02 A9 FF 8D 85
DG 320 DATA31,25S,248,31,255,2 5, 15
C0CB:F8 07 4C E2 C0 AD 01 DC DB
48,1,255,128,0,0,0 KS 720 DATA6,0,0,0,255,255,255
C0D0:29 08 D0 0E AD F8 07 18 5B
EE 330 DATA0,0,0,0,0,0,0, 0,62, ,255
C0D8;69 01 c9 00 D0 E9 A9 F8 03
0,0,127 EQ 730 DATA7,15,31,127,255,240
C0E01D0 E5 EE C5 CA AD C5 CA El
FJ 340 DATA12B.0,127,224,0, 255 ,224,192
C0E8iC9 02 90 33 A9 00 8D C5 43
,240,1,227,248,31,241 KC 740 DATA135,135,135,135,7,7
C0F0:CA AD 00 DC 29 04 D0 12 IE
GP 350 DATA248,63,248,248,127, ,15,31 C0F8iAD F9 07 38 E9 01 C9 F7 13
252,124,126,2 54,124,60, RS 750 DATA255,255,254,248,240 C100:D0 02 A9 FF 8D F9 07 4C 50
127 ,240,241,241 C108.1F Cl AD 00 DC 29 08 D0 AD
EX 360 DATA126,62,63,252,31,31 DX 760 DATA255,255,0,0,0,255,2 C110:0E AD F9 07 18 69 01 C9 £7
,232,31,143,224,15,199 40,224 C:i8:00 D0 E9 A9 F8 D0 E5 AD 2C
DH 370 DATA192,7,227,128,3,255 SE 770 DATA143,15,15,15,31,255 C120101 DC 29 01 D0 0A AD C2 5D
,128,0,255,12B,0,127 ,7,3 C128:CA C9 06 110 03 EE C2 CA 73
CG 380 DATA0,0,30,0,0,0,0,0,0, RR 780 DATA255,255,240,224,192 C130:AD 01 DC 29 02 D0 08 AD 0A
0,0,0 ,192,195,195 C138:C2 CA F0 03 CE C2 CA AD E2
SG 390 DATA0,0,0,0,0,63,0,0,63 EC 790 DATA255,255,63,15,7,7,7 C140:00 DC 29 01 D0 0A AD C3 FD
,129,248,63 ,3 C148iCA C9 06 B0 03 EE C3 CA 95
MB 400 DATA255,248,127,255,252 QS 800 DATA143,143,143,143,143 C150:AD 00 DC 29 02 D0 08 AD E9
,124,254,124,120,254,62 ,143,143,135 C158:C3 CA F0 03 CE C3 CA AD 87
, 120 KK 810 DATA7,3,0,128,255,255,2 C160:C2 CA 8D 01 D4 A9 21 8D D6
DA 410 DATA254,62,120,254,62,1 55,255 C168:04 D4 AD C3 CA 3D 08 D4 86
20,254,62,120,254,62,12 RE 820 DATA255,128,0,0,224,240 C170:A9 21 8D 0B D4 AD C6 CA 29
4 ,240,240 C17G:ie 6D C2 CA 8D C6 CA C9 4F
JM 420 DATA254,124,127,255,252 MK 830 DATA195,195,65,64,96,11 C1B0:06 90 4A A9 00 8D C6 CA 9D
,63,255,248,63,129,248, 2,127,127 C188:AD F8 07 38 E9 F8 AA AD BB
63 BF 840 DATA255,255,255,15,7,3, C190:QC CA BD C0 CA AD BD CA 36
X0 430 DATA0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 3,131 C198;8D Cl CA BD 93 CA 8D B6 22
,0,0 FJ 850 DATA24O,240,248,255,255 C1A0;CA BD 9B CA F0 15 AD BC 0D
PF 450 DATA255,255,224,192,192 C1B0:AD BD CA E9 00 8D BD CA EE
MR 860 DATA128,3,7,255,255,255
,194,199,199 C113Q:4C CD Cl AD BC CA IB 6D 97
FS 460 DATA255,255,63,3,0,0,24 C1C0:B6 CA 8D LiC CA AD BD CA 23
GS 870 DATA3,129,192,192,224,2
0,255 C1C8:69 00 8D BD CA AD C7 CA F5
PX 470 DATA255,255,254,252,60, ClD0:ia 6D C3 CA 8D C7 CA C9 CB
AJ 880 DATA195,131,3,3,7,255,2
28,8,0 C1D8106 90 4A A9 00 8D C7 CA F7
C1E0:AD F9 07 3B E9 F8 AA AD 54
HH 480 DATA255,255,0,0,63,127, Hfl 890 DATA3,1,0,0,0,128,255,2
127,127 55
C1F0:8D C9 CA BD 93 CA BD B6 7C
SS 490 DATA255,255,0,0,255,254 AA 900 DATA128,192,255,255,0,0
ClFBiCA BD 9B CA F0 15 AD BE 67
,252,252 ,255,255
C200:CA 38 ED Q6 CA 8D BE CA F6
AM 500 DATA25S,255,0,0,255,3,1 AS 910 DATA15,7,7,7,15,31,255,
,113 255 C210;4C 25 C2 AD BE CA IB GD F6
KR 510 DATA255,255,7,0,255,255 SG 920 DATA240,240,240,240,248 C218:B6 CA 8D BE CA AD BF CA A0
,240,224 ,252,254,255 C220:69 00 8D BF CA 20 6E C3 7F
RJ 520 DATA255,255,240,0,240,2 DS 930 DATA255,255,127,0,0,0,0 C2 28;AD IF D0 20 5F C8 AD IF 01
55,0,0 ,255 C230:D0 BD B6 CA 29 01 F0 11 45
CJ 530 DATA255,255,0,0,60,252, DA 940 DATA195,131,3,7,15,31,1 C238:AD C0 CA BD BC CA AD Cl 25
0,0 27,255 C240:CA 3D BD CA A9 00 8D C2 IE
BC 540 DATA255,255,127,63,63,6 1111 950 DATA255, 255, 255, 255,255 C24B:CA AD B6 CA 29 02 F0 11 66

COMPUTEIs Gazelle November 19B8 87

C250:AD C3 CA 8D BE CA AD C9 57 C4F8:B8 CA 20 6A C8 Bl FB 91 D2 C7A0:A9 01 20 6A C8 4C E7 C7 FE
C258:CA BD BF CA A9 00 8D C3 77 C500:FD A9 01 20 88 C8 AD 38 92 C7AS:A9 EF 20 76 C8 A0 01 Bl F0
C260:CA A 2 00 AD BD CA DD A3 47 C508:CA 18 69 08 8D BS CA C9 5B C7B0:FB C9 20 D0 08 A9 F0 20 AA
C268:CA D0 10 AD BC CA DD A6 D7 C510:50 D0 C8 8C B8 CA EE B7 60 C7BB:6A C8 4C FA C7 E6 FC A9 66
C270:CA D0 0D A9 03 BD D9 CA 80 C518:CA AD B7 CA C9 08 D0 BB E3 C7CO:E0 20 6A C8 A0 01 Bl FB OB
G27a:4C 80 C2 E8 E0 03 DO E6 C6 C520:8C B7 CA EE B6 CA AD B6 IB C7C8:C9 20 D0 08 A9 F0 20 76 A7

C280:A2 00 AD BD CA DD A9 CA D4 C5 28:CA C9 05 DO AE 4C 03 C8 AF. C7D0:CB 4C FA C7 A9 F0 20 76 7B

C2B8:D0 10 AD BC CA DD AC CA ED C5 30:A5 FC 85 FE A5 FB 85 FD 94 C7D8:CB A9 03 20 6A CB A5 FC 58
C290:D0 0D AD D9 CA DO 08 4C 0B C53Bi60 A0 00 84 FB A9 40 85 FO C7E0:C9 90 90 9C 4C 00 C0 A9 E2
C298:FF C2 E8 E0 03 DO E6 A2 C5 C540:FC 20 BD C5 20 CE C5 20 4E C7EB:F0 20 76 C8 A0 01 Bl FB BC

C2A0:0O AD BF CA DD A3 CA D0 LA C548:DF C5 20 F0 C5 AO 00 A9 A2 C7F0:AA A9 FO 20 6A C8 E0 D7 70

C2A8:10 AD BE CA DD A6 CA D0 16 C550:O1 20 6A C8 A5 FC C9 90 83 C7FB:F0 DF A0 01 A9 D7 91 FB EB
C2B0:0D A9 00 8D DA CA 4C BE 59 C558:D0 E7 4C 78 C7 A0 00 8C A4 C800:4C D9 C7 A0 00 84 FB A9 E4

C2Q8:C2 E8 E0 03 D0 E6 A2 00 8D C560:B6 CA 20 30 C5 Bl FD DD CF C808:80 85 FC A9 51 91 FB A9 E7

C2C0:AD BF CA DD A9 CA D0 10 6E C568:57 CA F0 02 E8 60 C8 EB D3 C810:01 20 6A C8 A5 FC C9 A0 59

C2CB:AD BE CA DD AC CA D0 0D 4B C570:C0 03 D0 Fl A0 00 A9 FO 9F C818:D0 Fl 4C 4E C4 A9 FF 8D 57
C2D0:AD DA CA D0 08 4C 04 C3 87 C578:20 88 C8 EE B6 CA AD B6 31 C820:29 3A 8D 2C 3A 8D 6B 3B 63

C2DB:EB EB 03 D0 E6 A2 07 FE 47 C580:CA C9 03 D0 E0 A2 00 60 43 CB28:8D 6E 3B A9 00 8D 2A 3A E2

C2E0:09 04 BD 09 04 C9 BA D0 Cl C588:20 30 C5 98 C9 00 D0 08 6A CB30:8D 2B 3A 8D 6C 3B 8D 6D 4C

C2E8:13 A9 B0 9D 09 04 CA E0 21 C590iA9 01 20 94 CB 4C 9B C5 F2 C838i3B 60 A9 14 8D 01 D4 3D 9D

C2F0:06 F0 04 E0 03 DO 01 CA 6C C59B:20 8B CB A0 00 8C B6 CA E3 CS40:O0 D4 A9 21 BD 04 D4 20 94
C2F8:E0 00 D0 E3 4C A5 CO A2 64 C5A0:BD 7B CA 91 FD E8 ca CO 42 C848:5F C8 A9 00 BD 04 D4 4C 63
C300:05 4C 06 C3 A2 IE A0 00 E8 C5A8:03 DO F5 A0 00 A9 F0 20 5B CS50:5F C8 AC B4 CA Bl FB 4D 07
C308:8C 04 D4 8C 0B D4 B9 68 Cl C5B0:8B CB EE B6 CA AD B6 CA 41 C858:B5 CA 91 FB 20 A6 CB A2 39

C31O:C3 9D 28 04 E8 C8 C0 06 18 C5B8:C9 02 DO E4 60 A2 00 20 BF C860:OO A0 EB E8 DO FD C8 D0 07

C318:D0 F4 AD 0A 04 8D B6 CA 2A C5C0:5D C5 E0 00 F0 01 60 A2 77 C868:FA 60 IB 65 FB 85 FB A5 7C

C320:AD 0B 04 8D B7 CA AD OD EB C5C8:O0 A0 01 4C BB C5 A2 09 OB C870;FC 69 00 B5 FC 60 BD BB 73

C328:04 iJD B8 CA AD 0E 04 8D 14 CSDB:20 5D C5 EO 00 F0 01 60 B0 C873iCA A5 FB 38 ED BB CA 85 55

C330:IJ9 CA AD 10 04 8D BA CA 94 C5D8:A2 06 A0 00 4C 88 C5 A2 FD C880:FB A5 FC E9 00 85 60 23

C338:A2 00 BD B6 CA DD AF CA 2C C5E0:12 20 5D C5 E0 00 F0 01 6F CB88:1B 65 FD B5 FD A5 FE 69 85
C340:FQ 10 B0 13 BD B6 CA 9D B7 C5E8:60 A2 0C A0 Fl 4C 88 C5 70 C890:00 85 FE 60 8D BB CA AS FF
C348:AF CA EB E0 05 D0 F5 4C 29 C5F0:A2 IB 20 5D C5 E0 00 F0 11 C898:FD 38 ED BB CA 85 FD AS BE
C350:57 C3 E8 E0 05 D0 E3 AD 80 C5FB:01 60 A2 12 AO EF 4C 88 76 C8A0:FE E9 00 85 FE 60 A5 FD 47
C358:00 DC 29 10 F0 07 AD 01 3D C600:C5 A2 00 A9 BF 9D AF CA 52 C8A8:SD B6 CA A5 FE 8D B7 CA CA
C360:DC 29 10 D0 F2 4C 00 CO 39 C608iE8 EO 05 DO F6 A9 01 8D DD C8B0:A9 F0 85 FD A9 05 85 FE 4F
C368i97 89 8E BE 85 92 AD 12 BC C610I21 D0 A9 93 20 D2 FF A2 BF C8B8:A0 00 A2 00 Bl FB 0A 90 11
C370:D0 C9 C8 D0 F9 A9 50 as 95 C618:00 8E 20 D0 BE 21 D0 A0 95 C8C0:06 4B A9 A0 4C CA CB 48 0E
C378sFD A9 04 85 FE AD i3C CA 35 C620:00 A9 40 9D AF 04 18 69 21 C8CB:A9 20 BD BB ca ac B9 CA 3B
C380:O5 FB AD BD CA 85 FC 20 El C62a:01 E8 C8 C0 0A DO F4 AS BB caD0:8A AS AD B8 CA 91 FD AC 58
C388:9C C3 A9 65 85 FD A9 04 56 C630:8A 18 69 IE AA 98 A0 00 11 C8D3:B9 CA 68 E3 E0 08 D0 DE 3D
C390:B5 FE AD BE CA B5 FB AD 4E C638:C9 72 D0 E7 B4 FB A9 00 47 C8E0:A9 28 20 83 C8 C8 C0 08 D0

C398:BF CA B5 FC A2 00 A0 00 89 C640:8D B4 CA A9 IE 8D 18 D0 DD C8EB:D0 D0 AD B6 CA 85 FD AD 4E

C3A0:A5 FC C9 40 90 05 Bl FB 6F C648:A9 80 8D B5 CA A9 3A 85 CE C8F0:B7 CA 85 FE 60 A2 00 A9 E8

C3AB:4C AD C3 A9 51 91 FD C8 6A C650:FC A2 00 A9 AF 85, FD A9 D8 C8F8:15 8D 18 D0 86 C6 A9 01 2C

C3I!0:C0 13 D0 EC A0 00 A9 F0 8F C658:04 85 FE 20 52 C8 A9 00 34 C900:BD 20 DO 8D 21 DO BD DE FB

C3U8:20 6A C8 A9 2B 20 88 C8 3A C660:9D 00 39 A9 FF 9D 00 3D 32 C908:C9 20 D2 FF EB E0 79 DO 71

C668:EF) E0 08 DO Fl 20 E4 FF 8A C910:F5 20 E4 FF C9 31 D0 03 FA
C3C0:E8 E0 14 D0 D!3 60 A2 00 2A
C3C8:A9 A0 9D 0(5 04 9D 00 05 9C C670:C9 85 D0 13 A2 00 A9 FF F7 C918:4C 2F C0 C9 32 D0 03 4C 79
C3D0:9D 00 06 9D E8 06 A9 02 76 C678i9D 00 3A 9D 00 3B E8 D0 S5 C920:01 C6 C9 33 FO 12 C9 34 E9

9D 00 D9 9D 00 C6 C6B0:F7 20 ID CB 4C 6D C6 C9 Bl C928:F0 28 C9 35 F0 24 AD 00 3E
C3DB:9D 00 D8
C3E0:DA 9D E8 DA EB DO El 3D E3 C688:86 D0 06 A2 00 8A 4C 78 B3 C930;DC 29 10 D0 DC 4C 2F CO C2
C3EB:20 D0 A9 50 85 FB A9 D8 37 C690:C6 C9 0D D0 09 20 52 CS D8 C938:20 86 C9 FO BS A9 00 20 52
C3F0;85 FC A2 00 A0 00 A9 07 2E C698:20 ID C8 4C CA C4 20 52 57 C940:D5 FF A2 00 BD 97 3B 9D 73
FB CB C0 13 D0 F7 C8 02 C6A0:C8 A0 00 AE 00 DC 8A 29 57 C94B:AF CA E8 EO 05 DO F5 4C 35
C400:CB A9 05 91 FB C8 C0 2U BE C6A8:01 D0 21 CE B4 CA AD B4 DC C950:0D C6 8D B6 CA A2 00 BD D7
C44!8:DQ F7 A9 28 20 6A C8 AO 8C C6B0:CA C9 FF DO 17 A9 50 20 43 C95B:AF CA A8 AD B6 CA C9 34 OF

C41O:00 E8 E0 14 D0 EO A2 00 80 C6BB:76 C8 A9 28 20 94 C8 A9 F9 C960:D0 02 AO BF 98 9D 97 3B 92

C41S:BD 24 C4 20 D2 FF E8 E0 6D C6C0:07 8D B4 CA Bl FD C9 20 Bl C968:E8 EO 05 D0 EA 20 86 C9 05

C420:2A D0 F5 GO 13 1C ID 12 OD C6CB:D0 02 A2 FD 8A 29 02 D0 41 C970:F0 83 A9 3A 85 FC A9 00 A9

20 45 20 A4 C6D0:24 EE B4 CA AD B4 CA C9 0F C978:85 FB A9 FB A0 3B A2 9D 97
C428:54 20 49 20 4D
C6D8:08 D0 1A A9 50 20 6A C8 ID C98O:20 Da FF 4C F5 C8 A9 08 4D
C430:20 30 30 3A 30 30 3A 30 66
C4 38:1D ID ID ID 46 41 53 54 3F C6E0:A9 28 20 B8 C8 A9 00 3D 54 C988;AA A0 FF 20 BA FF A2 00 B6
C44O:20 54 49 4D 45 20 20 20 F7 C6E8:B4 CA Bl FD C9 20 D0 05 OF C990:8E 21 D0 BD Dl C9 20 D2 72
4C A6 C6 BA 29 04 3A C99B:FF E8 E0 0D DO F5 A0 00 F2
C448:20 3A 20 20 3A 20 A2 00 0E C6F0:A2 FE
C450i86 FD 86 FB A9 CE B5 FC HD C6F8:D0 21 0E B5 CA AD B5 CA 97 C9A0:8C B6 CA 20 E4 FF FO F8 85
C4 58:A9 40 85 FB 8E B7 CA BE DE C700:C9 00 D0 17 A9 08 20 76 24 C9AB:AC B6 CA C9 OD FO 15 C9 56

C460:BQ CA BE B9 CA AC B9 CA AD C708:C8 A9 01 20 94 CB A9 01 A4 C9B0:14 DO 05 CO 00 F0 E9 8B 4F

C468:B1 FB 8D B8 CA AD B8 CA 50 C710:8D B5 CA Bl FD C9 20 DO 70 C9B8:99 CA CA 20 D2 FF C8 C0 10
C47010A BD B8 CA 90 05 A9 AO B2 C718:02 A2 F7 8A 29 08 DO 24 28 C9C0:0E D0 DD 88 98 C0 00 D0 6C
C720:4E B5 CA AD B5 CA C9 00 E4 C9C8:01 60 A2 CA A0 CA 4C BD 7C
C478:4c 7D C4 A9 20 A0 00 91 CF
C4B0:FD C8 91 FD CB 91 FD 8D 63 C72B:D0 1A A9 08 20 6A CS A9 42 C9D0:FF 93 9F 46 49 4C 45 4E F5

88 C8 AD C6 C730:01 20 88 CB A9 80 8D B5 06 C9DB:41 4D 45 3F 11 OD 93 11 Fl
C4B8:B6 CA A9 FO 20
C490:B6 CA 91 FD 88 91 FD 88 49 C733:CA Bl FD C9 20 D0 05 A2 E6 C9E0:11 1C 45 4E 54 45 52 20 0E

C498:91 FD A9 ED 20 94 CG E8 4C C740:FB 4C F5 C6 8A 29 10 DO F5 C9E8:43 48 4F 49 43 45 20 31 4F

B4 CA AD B5 CA 31 E5 C9F0:2D 34 OD 11 31 2E 20 52 AF
C4A0:E0 08 D0 C9 A2 00 EE ii9 FF C748:29 AC
C4A8:CA AD H9 CA C9 OA DO B5 B4 C7 50:FB F0 15 AD B5 CA 49 FF 03 C9F8:41 43 45 0D 11 ID ID 32 E0

6A CB 51 C758i8D B6 CA Bl FB 2D B6 CA 9D CA00:2E 20 45 44 49 54 20 54 Dl
C4B0:8C B9 CA A9 0A 20
C4B£i: A9 F0 20 8B CB EE B7 CA 1C C760i91 FB 20 3A CB 4C 72 C7 33 CA08:52 41 43 4B 0D 11 ID ID 38
DO 9E 4C 13 C766:B1 FB 0D BS CA 91 FB 20 SI CA10:1D ID 33 2E 20 4C 4F 41 D6
C4C0:AD B7 CA C9 28
C4C8:39 CS AS 00 8C B6 CA BC D5 C770:3A C8 20 52 C8 4C 6D C6 91 CA18:44 20 54 41 43 4B OD
52 42
C4D0:B7 CA BC B8 CA S4 FD A9 14 C778;A9 00 85 FB A9 40 S5 FC A3 CA20:11 ID ID ID ID ID ID 34 C6
C4D8:CE 85 FE 84 FB A9 3A 85 D3 C7B0:A0 01 Bl FB C9 A0 D9 51 5A CA2B:2E 20 53 41 56 45 20 54 B7
C4K0:FG AC B6 CA C0 00 F0 09 88 C7B3:A0 03 Bl FB C9 20 D0 03 92 CA30:52 41 4 3 4B 0D 11 ID ID 60
C4E8:A9 50 20 6A C8 as 4c E4 EB C7 90:4C E7 C7 A9 01 20 76 C8 12 CA3BilD ID ID ID ID ID 35 2E OF

A0 00 AD B7 CA 18 6D 66 C793:A0 00 Bl FB C9 20 D0 08 E6 CA40I20 53 41 56 45 20 54 52 ED

COMPUTERS Gaioue November 1988

CA48:41 43 4B 20 26 20 46 41 3A C1E8:A0 C7 20 DB FF 4C 34 C0 9A 08B9:60 10 12 05 13 13 20 30 E5
CA50:53 54 20 54 49 4D 45 A0 9B C1F0:A2 00 BD 7F C3 F0 07 20 85' 08C1:2D 37 20 14 OF 20 04 09 85
CA58:20 20 A0 20 20 A0 A0 A0 ei C1F8:D2 FF EB 4C F2 Cl 20 IA C0 08C9:13 01 02 0C 05 20 01 20 6F
CA60:20 20 A0 20 20 A0 A0 AO 89 C200:C2 98 A2 4E A0 C3 20 BD 58 0801:13 10 12 09 14 05 0F 12 27
CA68:A0 A0 A0 A0 A0 20 20 A0 FA C208:FF A9 00 A2 08 A0 FF 20 05 O8D9:20 IB 12 05 14 15 12 BE 7A
CA7O:20 20 A0 A0 A0 20 20 A0 A2 C210:BA FF A9 00 20 D5 FF 4C CC 08E1:1D 20 14 0F 20 05 18 09 4A
CA78:20 20 A0 DF 20 20 A0 A0 9B C218:34 C0 A2 00 BD 5E C3 F0 1C 08E9:14 OD 53 50 52 49 54 45 5C
CA30:DF 20 20 E9 E9 A0 A0 A0 64 C220:07 20 D2 FF E8 4C 1C C2 FE 08F1:2O 4B 49 4C 4C 45 52 20 0F
CA88:A0 69 69 20 20 5F A0 A0 58 C22B:A0 00 20 CF FF C9 0D F0 31 0BF9:49 53 20 4E 4F 57 20 41 C5
CA90:20 20 5F F0 EF 01 Fl F0 91 C230:0B 99 4E C3 CB C0 10 F0 02 0901:43 54 49 56 45 2E 0D 54 A9
CA98:EF 01 Fl 01 01 00 00 00 BC C238:03 4C 2A C2 60 93 12 20 59 0909:4F 20 4B 49 4C 4C 20 53 EF
CAA0 : 00 01 01 7B 7C 7D aD 7D C0 C240:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 C5 0911:50 52 49 54 45 53 2C 20 3E
CAA8:6D 3B 3C 3D CD BD AD BF 9F C24B:20 20 20 20 20 20 4E 4F 59 0919:54 41 50 20 52 45 53 54 54
CAB0:BF BF BF BF 00 00 00 00 0A C250:54 45 50 41 44 20 36 34 B2 0921:4F 52 45 2E 0D 0D 00 78 10
CARB:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4E C258:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 DD 0929:20 BA FF AD 26 03 BD 53 74
CAC0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 56 C260:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 92 58 0931:CF 27
AD 03 8D 54 CF AD S6
CAC3:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 5E C268:0D 0D 0D 0D 20 20 20 20 0C 0939:00 03 BD 44
AD 01 CF 03 3C
C270:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 F5 0941:8D 45 37 3D 00
CF A9 03 F2
Notepad 64
20 31 2D 56 49 45 57 C8 0949:A9 CF BD 01 03 AD 18 03 E7
C280:20 4E 4F 54 45 53 0D 20 8A 09S1:8D A2 CF AD 19 03 SD A3 38
C288:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 0E 0959:CF 4E E6 CF 53 60 48 A9 3F
See instructions III irncle on page 80 C290:20 20 20 20 20 32 2D 45 9D 0961:46 8D 26 03 A9 CF 8D 27 BD
before typing in C298:4E 54 45 52 20 4E 4F 54 55 0969:03 68 4C 00 00 48 A9 55 6A
C2A0:45 53 0D 20 20 20 20 20 23 0971:BD 18 03 A9 CF 8D 19 03 35
C000:A9 93 20 D2 FF 20 80 Cl AF C2A8:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 21) 2E 0979:68 4C 00 00 7B 4a 2C E6 F6
C00B:A9 4C 85 7C A9 27 85 7D 5C C2B0:20 33 2D 53 41 56 45 20 FB 0981iCF 30 44 33 6E E6 CF 8A CC
C010:A9 CB B5 7E A9 EA B5 7F B2 C2B8I4E 4F 54 45 53 0D 20 20 47 0989:48 9fl 48 A5 01 48 A9 36 FB
C018:A2 00 BD 3B C3 F0 07 20 36 C2C0:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 46 0991:85 01 A9 00 8D 00 DC AA AC
C020:D2 FF EB 4C 1A C0 60 CD 4F C2C8:20 20 20 20 34 2D 4C 4F AA 0999:AS AD 01 DC EA CD 01 DC C6
C02B:34 C3 F0 06 C9 3A B0 03 EE C2D0:41 44 20 4E 4F 54 45 53 9A 09A1:D0 F7 C9 FF D0 12 EE E7 E7
C030:4C 30 00 60 A2 00 BD 35 C3 C2D8:0D 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 D4 09A9:CF C8 D0 FA E8 D0 F7 20 3A
C038:C3 BD 20 D0 EB BD 35 7C
C3 C2E0:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 35 7B O9B1:A4 CF 20 00 10 20 A4 CF 28
C040:8D 21 D0 E8 BD 35 C3 BD 51 C2E8:2D 45 58 49 54 0D 0D 0D F3 09B9:A9 7F 8D 00 DC 63 B5 01 C6
C048:86 02 A2 00 BD 3D C2 F0 3B C2F0:0D 20 20 59 4F 55 52 20 33 09C1:6B A8 68 AA 4E E6 CF 68 FF
C050:07 20 D2 FF EB 4C 4C C0 89 C2F8:43 4B 4F 49 43 45 3F 0D 6B 09C9:4C 00 00 78 A9 10 8D BF Fl
C058:20 E4 FF F0 FB C9 31 F0 8C C300:ll 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 B7 09D1:CF 3D C8 CF A9 DC BD C5 E6
C06G:1F C9 32 F0 IE C9 33 F0 A8 C30B:11 12 28 42 29 4F 52 44 35 09D9tCF 8D CE CF A2 04 A0 00 74
C068:1D C9 34 F0 1C C9 35 F0 E3 C310:45 52 2C 20 28 53 29 43 7A 09E1:A9 30 85 01 B9 00 10 8D 11
C070:1B C9 42 Ffl IA C9 53 F0 D8 C318:52 45 45 4E 2C 20 4F 52 7A 09E9;E7 CF B9 00 DA 99 00 10 68
C078:22 C9 43 F0 2A 4C 58 CO E8 C320:20 28 43 29 4B 41 52 41 E9 09F1:AD E7 CF 99 00 DA C8 D0 36
C080:4C B3 C0 4C BE C0 4C BA 3E C328:43 54 45 52 20 43 4F 4C 2D 09F9:EB EE BF CF EE C5 CF EE CF
C088:C1 4C F0 Cl 4C 78 Cl EE EE C330:4F 52 92 00 5F 00 00 01 42 0AOl:Ca CF EE CE CF CA D0 DC 60
C090:20 D0 AD 20 D0 BD 35 C3 FB C338:4E 4F 54 45 50 41 44 20 C9 0A09:A9 36 85 01 60 76 00 AA C7
C098:4C 58 C0 EE 21 D0 AD 21 26 C340:36 34 20 41 43 54 49 56 5C 0A11:AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA 25
C0A0:D0 8D 36 C3 4C 58 C0 EE 25 C348M1 54 45 44 0D 00 00 01! DA 0A19:AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA 2D
C0A8:B6 02 ftD B6 02 8D 37 C3 B4 C350:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D7 0A21:AA AA AA AA AA AA AA A5 30
C0B0:4C 34 C0 20 94 Cl 20 E4 50 C358:00 00 00 00 00 00 45 4E B8 0A29:FB 3D 7E 10 A5 FC BD 7F 2B
C0B8:FF F0 FB 4C 34 C0 A9 93 46 C360:54 45 52 20 46 49 4C 45 E4 0A31:1O A5 FD BD 80 10 A5 FE DD
C0C0I20 D2 FF 20 94 Cl 20 0D 02 C368:4E 41 4D 45 3E 00 93 12 90 0A39:8D 81 10 20 9F 10 AO 7E 8P
C0CS:C1 20 E4 FF F0 FB C9 5F 3A C370:20 53 41 56 45 20 46 49 EA 0A41:10 85 FB AD 7F 10 85 FC ',■■■

C0D0:F0 09 8D 90 C3 20 EB C0 FB C378:4C 45 20 92 0D 0D 00 93 D4 DA49:AD 80 10 85 FD AD 81 10 68

C0DS:4C C9 C0 AD 94 C3 A0 00 DA C380:12 20 4C 4F 41 44 20 46 39 0A51:85 FE AD IE D0 AD IF D0 CB
C0E0:91 FB 20 80 Cl 4C 34 C0 9E C3a8:49 4C 45 20 92 0D BD 00 55 0A59:A9 8F 8D 19 DO AD OD DC 9D
C0E8:AD 94 C3 A0 00 91 FB AD D4 C390I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 IS 0A61:A9 00 3D 00 DC AD 01 DC 78
C0F0:90 C3 20 D2 FF 38 20 F0 EE 0A69:EA CD 01 DC DO F7 C9 FF 4E
C0FB:FF 86 FD 84 FE 20 22 Cl A2 OA71:D0 F3 60 30 31 32 33 34 E6
BD 94
60 A9
Sprite Killer 0AB1:44
C110:FB A9 04 85 FC A0 00 Bl F0 0A89:35 36 37 38 39 41 42 43 C6
C118:FB BD 94 C3 18 69 80 91 C4 See instructions in article on page 79 0A91:44 45 46 30 31 32 33 34 Dl
C120:FB 60 A5 FE C9 28 90 05 73 before typins in 0A99:3 5 36 37 33 39 41 42 43 D6
C128:38 E9 28 85 FE A9 00 8D CB 0AA1:44 45 46 7E 0A AA AA AA D4
C130:91 C3 8D 92 C3 A5 FD BD 86 0801:98 08 0A 00 9E 32 30 36 2E 0AA9:AA AA AA AA AA FE FD FB 07
C138:93 C3 A0 27 A9 00 IB AD 23 0809:32 00 00 00 00 AO 00 B9 6E OAB1:F7 EF DF BF 7F 20 3A 4B EB
£140:91 C3 6D 93 C3 8D 91 C3 9F 0811 : 23 09 99 00 ce C8 D0 P7 ES 0AB9:3A 70 3A 9B 3A CO 3A EB 0A
C148:AD 92 C3 69 00 8D 92 C3 75 0819:84 fc'D A2 28 86 FB A2 09 34 0AC1:3A 10 3A 3B 3A CO AD 00 Fl
C150:8B 10 EC 18 AD 91 C3 65 DB 0B21iEB 86 FC A9 DC 85 FS 78 F4 0AC9:DD 49 03 0A 0A 0A OA 0A in,

C158:FE 8D 91 C3 AD 92 C3 69 D5 0829:A9 30 85 01 A2 04 Bl FB 51? 0AD1:0A 8D 7C 10 AD 18 DO 29 77

C160100 8D 92 C3 18 AD 92 C3 36 0831:91 FD CB DO F9 E6 FC E6 Fli 0AD9:F0 4A 4A 18 6D 7C 10 BD CE
C168:69 04 8D 92 C3 AD 91 C3 38 0a39:FE CA DO F2 A9 33 85 01 EA 0AE1:7D 10 A9 30 85 01 A0 00 62
C170:85 FB AD 92 C3 65 FC 60 23 0B41:B9 00 DD 99 00 D0 B9 00 98 0AE9:8C 82 10 BC B3 10 A9 D2 32
C178:A9 93 20 D2 FF 4C 74 A4 A5 OB49:D1 99 00 Dl A9 77 99 00 24 0AF1:8D 84 10 A0 00 84 FC A9 AF
C1S0:20 A3 Cl A2 04 Bl FB 91 11 0851:D8 99 00 D9 99 00 DA 99 ED 0AF9:F8 85 FD AD 7D 10 18 69 4C
C18B:FD CB D0 F9 E6 FC E6 FE EE 0B59:00 DB A9 20 99 00 D4 99 A7 0B01:O3 85 FE AC 82 10 Bl FD 5A
C190:CA 10 F2 60 20 A8 Cl A2 All 0861:00 D5 99 00 D6 99 00 D7 0F 0B09:A2 05 OA 26 FC CA 10 FA 83
C198S04 Bl FD 91 FB CB D0 F9 02 0869:C8 D0 D5 98 18 69 48 99 E6 0Bll:a5 FB 18 A5 FC 6D 7C 10 EC
C1A0IE6 FC E6 FE CA 10 F2 S0 SB 0B71iFS D7 C8 C0 08 DO F4 A0 27 0B19:85 FC AO 3F AD 33 10 B5 SA
C1A3:A9 00 85 Fil A8 A9 04 B5 EA 0B79:O0 B9 BA 08 99 ID D5 Cb B5 0B21:FD AD 84 10 85 FE Bl FB BA
C1B0:FC A9 95 85 FD A9 C3 85 CB 0381:C0 ID DO F5 AO 00 B9 D7 ;; 1 0B29:91 FD 88 10 F9 AD 83 10 37
C1BB:FE 60 A2 00 BD 6E C3 F0 48 0889:08 99 4A D5 C8 CO 13 D0 EA 0B31:18 69 40 8D 83 10 90 03 0F
C1C0:07 20 D2 FF ES 4C BC Cl DD 0891:F5 A0 00 A2 30 8A 99 A2 70 0B39:EE 84 10 EE 82 10 AD B2 0B
C1C8:20 1A C2 9B A2 4E A0 C3 13 0B99:D4 98 18 69 05 A8 E8 EO 51 0B41:10 C9 08 F0 03 4C CC 10 D4
C1D0:20 BD FF A9 00 A2 08 A0 A9 08A1:38 DO F2 A9 37 85 01 58 25 0B49:A9 36 85 01 AO 2E B9 00 B3
C1DB:00 20 BA FF A9 95 B5 FD 6B 0BA9:20 00 CF A0 00 B9 EA 0B 92 0B51:DO 99 4C 10 aa 10 F7 A9 DE
C1E0:A9 C3 85 FE A9 FD A2 7E D3 0BB1:F0 06 20 D2 FF CB DO F5 A7 0B59:1B 8D 11 D0 A9 08 fiD 16 2E

COMPUTE'S Gsielle November 19B8 89

0B61: DH Afl 00 8C 17 D0 8C ID 03 09A9: fi0 00 B9 08 BC 90 08 OB B5 IC{2 SPACESjMODE":T-2:G
0B69: DH A9 54 3D IB D0 AD 00 15 0 9B1 C8 E8 E0 07 D0 F4 A2 D8 67 OSUB1130
0B71: DD 8D 85 10 29 FC 8D 00 E3 09B3J D0 04 B9 08 0C C8 48 A9 AA HP 220 T=0:POKE251,2:POKE252,0
0B79: DD A0 10 B9 8E 10 99 00 2C 09C1: 05 85 02 68 9c 00 0B E8 6A :POKE253,3
BBS Is D0 68 10 F7 20 C2 11 20 Fl 09C9: C6 02 D0 F8 E0 00 D0 EA FC XC 230 SYS2189
0BS9: A3 11 AE A2 11 E0 08 Fa C2 0 9D1 A2 07 B9 08 0C 9D OS OB A0 RB 240 T=T+1:IFT=5THEN310
0B91: 11 B0 F4 BD 86 10 2D 61 07 0 9D9: C8 E9 E0 34 DO F4 AD 08 A7 PE 250 GOSUB1070
0399; 10 8B 61 10 UD 15 D0 4C F6 0 9E1: 0C 8D 02 0C 60 A5 F7 C9 Bl JD 260 GOSUB12O0
0BA.1: 60 11 20 C2 U AO 2E H9 7D 4C A5 64
09E9: 03 D0 06 20 31 0A EC 270 RESTORE:FORI=0TO2:READE
0BA9; 4C 10 99 00 D0 88 10 F7 DD OF C6 FE F0 4D
09F1: 0A C9 02 F0 :POKE252,E
0BB1: AD 85 10 HD 00 DD 60 EF 23 09F9::08 20 31 BA A6 FC 4C IE BE XQ 280 FORJ'OTO500:tJEXT:NEXT
0BB9: 7F 7F I'D FD FB FB F7 FE CD 0A01::!?A 4C 12 0A C6 FE D0 06 E9 JX 290 READE:POKE252,E
0BC1: F7 FE F7 FE F7 FE F7 FE 2D 0A09::20 31 0A 4C 12 BA 6C 03 14 FF 300 GOTO240
08C9i FD 01) A0 00 B9 90 11 8D B2 Oflll::00 A6 FC 3A 29 01 D0 12 18 MH 310 POKE252.2
0BD1 : 00 DC AD 01 DC EA CD 01 14 0A19::8A 29 02 D0 10 8A 29 04 0B
F0 05 27 RS 320 FORT=0TO82:GOSUBl23O:NE
0iiD9: DC 00 F7 09 99 11 0A21::D0 37 BA 29 0 8 D0 5B 6C F5
A2 11 62 XT
0BE1: C8 CO 1)9 D0 E7 8C 0A29::03 00 4C 88 09 4C 66 09 20
0BE9: 60 AC 0d 84 FB A9 1)8 85 5E BA 29 72 FG 330 POKE53269.252
0A31;:A9 03 B5 F7 A 6 FC
OBFli FC Bl Fli 48 A9 30 85 1)1 11 DX 340 FORT^0TO2B:GOSUB1230:HE
0A39::01 D0 14 9A 29 02 D0 0F 2F
0BF9: Bl FB AA 68 91 FB A9 36 C9 XT
0A41;:BA 29 04 D0 9F BA 29 08 61-'
0C01: B5 01 8A 91 FB C8 D0 E9 15 0A49::D0 OA A 5 F7 95 FE 60 C6 2C JK 350 POKF.53269,224
0CO9: E6 FC A6 FC E0 DC D0 El 76 PR 360 FORT=0TO28:GOSUB1230:KE
0A51 :F7 4C 41 0A C6 F7 4C 4B 37
8C11:•60 00 00 m 00 015 00 00 59 0A59 :0A A2 00 BD 08 0C 29 01 BA XT
0A61 :D0 03 18 90 01 38 7E 08 98 QG 370 POKE53269.0
0A69 :0C E8 DO EF BD 08 0D 29 28 DJ 380 FORT-0TO1000:NEXT

Supratechnic 0A71 : 01
0A79 :0B
EP 390 POKE252,0:POKE251,1:POK

See instructions in article on page 81 0A81 :92 09 A 2 00 BD 09 0C 30 C3 GH 400 AS="SPRITEM0DE":T=3:G0S

0A89 :03 18 90 01 38 3E 09 0C IE UB1130
before typing in. 0A91 :E8 D0 Fl BD 08 0D 30 03 40 CF 410 FORI=0TO5O0:NEXT
3A99 : 18 90 Bl 38 3E 08 CD E8 96 ED 420 FORG=1T06
Program 1: Supratechnic 0AA1 :E0 08 D0 EF 4C 82 09 AD 6D QH 430 GOSUB1210:FORI=0TO5O0:N
0831: SB 03 0A 00 9E 32 30 36 2E 0AA9 :86 02 8D E9 0A A9 00 3D 56 EXT:NEXT
C809: 31 30 00 00 A9 0E 85 2C 6E 0AB1 :C4 OA 8D 86 02 20 FC 0A 59 MF 500 POKE252,0:POKE251,0:POK
0811: 68 68 A3 FF 85 FB A9 00 14 0AB9 :A9 04 BD C5 0A A0 99 98 30
E253,0:SYS2192:POKE 5326
3819: 8D 00 0E 85 FC 20 24 08 C2 0AC1 :A2 00 BD 00 04 EE C4 0A 4 9
8821: 4C 44 A6 78 AD 14 03 C9 52 0AC9 :D0 03 EE C5 OA F.8 EO 29 IF
CX 510 DATA5,6,10,9
0829: 31 DO 38 A9 09 SD E8 08 FF 0AD1 :D0 F0 C8 C0 A2 DO Fia A9 83
0831: AD 93 08 85 FB AD 14 03 IB 0AD9 : 12 8D 18 D0 AD 21 D0 BD SB
0839: 85 03 AD 15 03 85 04 A9 B3 0AE1 : EA 0A A5 FD 9D 21 DO 60 75
HP 530 DATA169f8,141,19,192,16
9841::9C 8D 14 03 A9 08 3D 15 53 0AE9 :00 00 AD £9 OA 8D 86 02 E7
0849::03 A9 01 8D 19 D0 8D 1A 7F 0AF1 :AD EA 0A BD 21 D0 A9 15 66
KP 540 DATA192,172,60,3,162,0,
0951::D0 AD 11 D0 29 7F 8D 11 D7 0AF9 :3D 18 DO A9 93 4C ■D2 FF 03
0859::D0 A9 00 9D 12 D0 A9 7F BB
PR 550 DATAB,12,238,19,192,208
0861::8D 0D DC 58 60 78 A5 03 CF Program 2: Supratechnic Demo ,3,238,20
0B69::8D 14 H3 A5 04 SD 15 03 93
HE 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1988 COMPU SS 560 DATA192,173,19,192,201,
0871::AD 11 DO 09 80 8D 11 D0 74
0879::H5 FB 8D 93 08 A 9 FF 85 B2 TE! PUBLICATIONS, INC. - 16,240,7,232
0831::FB 20 5E FF 58 60 4C 24 64 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PD 570 DATA136,2O8,231,76,10,1
0S89::08 4C 66 08 4C AS 9A 4C XI) 26 POKE56,136:CLR:X=RND(-TI 92,173,20
SM 580 DATA192,201,13,208,242,
0891::EB 0A 00 A9 45 8D 12 D0 0A )
0899::4C Bl EA AD 19 D0 29 7F 46 JS 30 POKE5328O,0:POKE53291,O: 96
08A1::D0 03 6C 03 00 8D 19 00 Dl PHlNT"lCLR}1WHTJ14 DOWN) PH 590 DATA169,0,170,141,104,1
08A9::AD 12 D0 C9 F7 90 6F A5 52 PLEASE WAIT..." 92,169,32
09B1 :FB F0 E0 C9 01 F0 77 AD ID GB 40 X = 0:KORt = lTO380:RGftf)AiX» QS 600 OATA141,105,192,169,3,1
0BB9 IFF 3F 48 AD 11 D0 29 F7 93 X+A:NEXT! IFXO50225T1IENP 33,167,1.69
0 9C1 :8D 11 D0 AD 21 D0 48 A2 51 RI NT"DATA ERROR.":STOP DQ 610 DATA0,133,169,189,60,3,
08C9 !FA EC 12 D0 D0 FB A0 06 9F XF 50 REST0RE:SYS2186 133,169,133
08D1 :EA 88 DB FC EA EA A 5 FD AF CH 620 DATA72,24,36,168,38,L69
HX 60 DIMX(10),V(10),C(16)
08D9 :3D 21 D0 CE E8 08 4C E7 E7 CP 7G FORI=OT0217:READA:POKE49 ,38,168,38,169
08E1 :0B EC 12 D0 D0 FB BD 09 7B PD 630 DATA3S,168,38,169,24,16
08E9 :0B SD FF 3F EB E0 07 F0 AO 5,169,105,136,133,169
08F1 :1F EO 0F F0 15 E0 33 D0 IF, PP 640 DATA162,0,160,0,177,158
0 8F9 :EB A2 04 Eft CA D0 FC 68 52 ,157,194,33
0901 :BD 21 oa,68 8d FF 3F 4C F9 HD 650 DATA232,232,232,200,192
RA 90 SYS2L83:POKE251.0
0909 :94 08 EE E8 08 4C E2 08 13 ,8,208,243,104,170,232
0911 :A0 DA B9 00 0B 8D FF 3F 2F
SQ 660 DATA224,24,208,1,96,238
AB 110 FORI=0TOB*64:POKE8192+I
0919 :C8 D0 F7 4C E2 09 AD 11 2B
,0:NEXT ,104,192,198
0921 :D0 09 09 8D 11 □ 0 A9 F7 CE
DG 120 FORI=0TO7:POKE53287+I,1 EQ 670 DATA167,20B,193,24,173,
0929 :8D 12 D0 4C E6 09 AD 11 2D
:POKE2040+I,128+1:NEXT 104,192,105,61,141
G931 :D0 29 F7 8D
11 D3 AD FF F4
SA 130 POKE53277,255:POKE53269 RB 680 DATA104,192,144,3,238,1
0939 :3F 48 A 9 FA CD 12 D0 D0 0B
,0:POKE53271,0 05,192,76,62
0941 :FB A2 06 EA CA D0 FC AD AA
BM 140 PRIHT"tCLR)":POKE251,l: RQ 690 DATA192,120,165,1,72,16
0 94 9 : 21 D0 48 A 5 FD 8D 21 DB BC
POKE252,0:POKE253.0 9,49,133,1,160,0
0951 :A9 00 8D FF 3F A9 32 CD BC
KB 150 ASa"WELC0ME{2 SPACESjTO SX 700 DATA132,170,132,168,169
0959 : 12 D0 DC FU A2 07 EA CA 54
0961 !D0 SUPRATECHNIC":T=1:GOSU ,208,133,169
FC 4C 00 09 AC 0F 0D CA
B1133 MB 710 DATA169,128,133,171,177
0969 :A2 07 BD 07 0D 9D 09 BD 8 2
SH 160 FORY=1TO1500:NEXT ,168,145,170,200,208
8971 :CA E0 FF D0 F5 BD 07 0C EE
0979 :9D 08 0C CA D0 F7 8C 08 12 KB 170 FORT=0TO200:FORF=1TO5:N MR 720 DATA249,23O,169,230,171
0981 :0C 20 A7 09 6C 03 00 AC 43 EXT ,165,169,201
RQ 180 SYS49342:NEXT AM 730 DATA224,208,239,104,133
0939 :08 0C A2 00 BD 09 0C 9D BE
0991 :08 0C E8 D0 F7 BD 09 0D AA CH 190 FORF-1TO1500:NEXT ,1,88,96
0999 :9D 09 0D EB E0 03 D(l F5 6B QJ 200 POKE53269,0 KP 740 DATA162,1,222,0,208,232
0 9A1 :ac 0F 3D AC 82 09 A2 FB 9D JM 210 A$="FULLt2 SPACESJGRAPH ,232,224,17

90 COMPUTED Gazelle November 19BQ

8K 753 DATA2B8,247,96,162,1,25 AF 1180 FORI=0TO15:READC(I):PO SS 160 2=PEEK(53278):S=PEEK(53
4,8,208,232 KE5324e+I,C{I):NEXT 279)
BB 760 DATA232,224,17,208,247, JB 1190 POKE53269,255:RETURN AD 170 3CS=""
96 QD 1200 A=INT(RND(1)*14)+2:POK SR 180 FORI=53047TO53052:REM C
E253,A:POKE53281,A:RET F37-CF3C
FH 788 X|1)=PEEK(61):V[1)=PEEK JD 1210 A=INT{RND(1)*14)+2:POK XR 200 NEXT
E253,A:A»INT(RND(1)*14 QE 210 SC=VAL(SC?) iIFSO-10000
QD 798 DATA252,24S,240,224,192 )+2:POKE 53281,A:RETURN •NSTiIENSH=SH+l :NS-NS+1
,128,1,3 QF 1220 REM DECREASE Y ON ALL KB 220 IFPEEK(53007)=16THENGOT
BP 800 DATA7,15,31,63,255,255, (SPACE)SPRITES O250
170,85 QG 1230 SYS49342:FORY=0TO10:NE GA 230 SH=SH-1:IFSH=0THEN460
CP 810 DATA170,85,170,85,255,2 XT:RETURN RA 240 GOTO110
CF 250 LE=LE+1:POKE53031,0:POK
SD 820 X(2)=PEEK(61):Y(2)=PEEK
Program 3: Supratechnic Boot E53058,0:REM CF27, CF42
BK 830 DATA255,255,0,0,255,255 HE 10 HEM COPYRIGHT 1988 COMPU 1GOTO3 20
CH 840 DATA204,51,255,255,24,2 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED EQ 280 IFLE>4THENSL=2
4,24,24 Rll 20 PKINT"(GLR}{3 SPACESlCOP FC 290 ONSLGOTO300,310,3 20
MD 850 DATA255,255,204,51,204, YRIGHT 1988 COMPUTE! PUB SG 300 WA=2:EN=LE+2:GOTO3 30
51,-1 ., INC." HB 310 WA=4:EN=LE-1:GOTO3 3 0
EX 860 X(3)=PEEK(61):Y(3)=PEEK JS 30 PRINTTAB(11)"ALL RIGHTS FH 3 20 WA=6:EN=LE-4
CQ B70 DATA240,240,240,240,15, 02000:NEXT PD 340 POKE53031,PEEK(53031)OR
15,15,15 KX 40 AS*"SUPRA.DEMO" 2lliREM CF27
FP 880 DATA255,2S5,255,204,51, HX 50 PniNT"(CLR){DOWN]" BH 3 50 NEXT
204,51 HR 60 PRINT"LOAD";CJ)RS {34) ;"EU MP 360 POKE5 302 2,WA:IFEN>-5THE
AP 890 DATA204,51,204,51,255,2 PBATEC!!tJIC";CliRS (34) ;",B NPOKE5305B,2TeN
55,255 ,1" KF 370 X=10 39:V=5 5311iC=1:K=0
GP 900 DATA170,85,170,85,170,8 FE 70 PRINT"(3 DOWN)" CQ 380 FORS=1T025
5,170,85 GQ 80 PRINT"SYS2061:SYS2086" JA 390 FORI=0TOWA+1
SS 910 DATA255,255,255,-1 AJ 90 PRINT:PRINT MM 400 POKEX+I,224:POKEY+I,C
FJ 920 X (4)=PEEK(61):V[4)=PEEK OF 100 PRINT"LOAD";CHRS(34);AS EM 410 NEXT
(62) ;CHRS(34);",8" KS 420 X=X+40:V=Y+40
SB 930 DATA255,255,255,3,6,12, AB 110 PRINT"{3 DOWN}" EF 430 K=K+1:IFK>=3THENK=0:C=C
24,48,96 OP 120 PRINT"SYS2083:RUN" + l!lFO15THEMC=l
XD 940 DATA192,192,96,48,24,12 ED 130 PRINT"(HOMEI"; JR 440 NEXT
,6,3 AC 140 POKE198,4 HR 450 GOTO110
JG 950 DATA255,255,255,170,85, BB 150 FORI=aT03:POKE631+I,13! FF 460 POKE53 2B0,0iPOKE53 2Bl,0
170,85 NEXT :PRINT"(CLR}[DOWN]";
AF 960 DATA204,51,204,51,204,1 MX 160 END GD 470 PRINT"(CYN][4 SPACES]
70,85 (RVS)f E*3(0FF)
DM 970 DATA170,85,-1 !2 SPACESllRVsJ [OFF)
Quolerus [RVSj (OFF) [RVS}£ E*3
(62) [3 SPACES)tRVS]£ 1*1
HK 1008 DATA12B,100,176,100,22 Article on page 55. [OFF) iRVSj[2 SPACES)
4,100,168,130,83,160,1 6*3[OFFi iRVS) (OFF}
36, 160,184,160,232,160 Program 1: Quolerus—BASIC (RVSi {OFF) lRVS)£ |*3
CB 1010 X(6)=PEEK |61]:V(6)=PEE (OFF)"
K<62) QJ 480 PRINT"{4 SPACESj(RVS)
AE 1020 DATA160,100,208,100,13 M 10 REM COPYRIGHT 19B8 COMPU (OFF) [RVSl (OFF)
2,130,180,130,228,130, TE1 PUBLICATIONS, INC. [2 spaces}[rvsJ [off)
160,160,208,160,0,100 {2 SPACES)ALL RIGHTS RES jrvsj (off) (rvs) (off)
ES 1030 X(71=PEEK(61J:Y(7)=PEE EKVED (rvs) [off) (rvs)
K(62) EG 20 ^ (off){3 spaces){rvs)
KP 1040 DATA136,35,184,35,152, {11 SPACESjCOPVRIGHT 198 (off)(3 spaces){rvs}
0,200,0,0,100,0,100,0, 8": PRINT11 [6 SPACES! COMPU [OFF] (RVSj {OFF} [RVS)
Git 1070 POKE65,X(T) :POKF,66,Y(T US.SPR",8, 1 [2 SPACES)[RVS) [OFF)
XQ 1080 READA:IFA=-1THEN1100 US.ML",8,1 (RVS) {OFF) (RVS)
SG 1090 POKE829-H,A:I = I+1:GOTO ^X ,'" POKE52,32:POKE56, 32iCLK: (OFF)(3 SPACES]{RVS]
1080 GOTO460 (2 SPACES)(OFF)
MX 1100 POKE82a,I:I=PEEK(252): DR 80 SH=3:EN=0:WA=2:LE=0:NS=1 [2 SPACES)(rVS)
POKE252F0 :JC=0:SI,= 1 (2 SPACES)(OFF]£ [RVS]
CP 1110 SYS49152:POKE252,I:RET Sf 90 FORI=53047TO53052:POKEI, [OFF] [RVS) (OFF) %*%
URN 48:l«. VT {RVS} g*3(OFFj"
FQ 1120 REM CONVERT STRING TO EJ 1MB POKES.. 10,0:POKE53281,0 QJ 500 print"[4 spaces}(rvs)
{SPACEJSPRITES AND SET :GOTO250 (off}E*3(rvs) [off]
POSITION FROM DATA RF 110 V=53248 [2 spaces}[rvs) [off]
FJ 1130 POKE53269,0. RP 120 POKEV,250:POKEV-H,20O:P {rvs} [off] {rvs) (off)
MC 1140 IFLEN (AS)<24TIIENAS=A?+ OKEV+39,1:POKE2040,199 [rvs) (off] [rvs]
" ":GOTO1140 BD 130 POKEV+4,65:POKEV+5,150: [off][3 spaces][rvs}
FB 1150 FORI=1TO24:POKE827+I,A POKEV+41,5:POKEV+23,4;P [off}[3 spaceshrvs]
SC(MIDS(AS,1,1)):NEXT OKEV+29,4 [off]e*1{rvs]b*3[off]
GK 1160 SXS49203 AQ 140 PRINT"{WHT)(HOME) [rvs] {off) (rvs) (off)
GG 1170 POKE65,X(T+4):POKE66,Y {10 RIGHT^'.-SH [3 spaces}(rvs) (off)"
(T+4) SS 150 SYS 49152 PF 510 PRINT"{4

COMPUTERS Gazette November 1988 91

3IBS:00 00 7C 00 01 FB 00 07 79 3430:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98
{RVS} (0FF!IM[!i3
3190:FB C0 0F F7 EO IF EF F0 D6 3430:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AO
{OFFi &*3[RVS) (OFFU
3198:E1 C7 F8 3C 00 78 3F C7 E3 3440:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A8
(SPACE)E*SUVS) (0Ffl£ 00 B0
31AO:0F IF EF F0 OF DF E0 07 20 3448:00 00 00 00 00 00 00
&*§{RVS} [OFF)£ Z*} 00 D7
31A8:BF CO 01 BF 00 00 7C 00 30 3450:00 00 00 BG 80 00 49
(RVSj !OFF}£ (RVS) FF 2C
31130:00 40 00 00 40 OS 00 40 65 345B:0O 2A 00 00 1C 00 00
[OFF] t*l 6*3UVS) 00 0^ 00 FF IB 1C 00 00 2A 00 00 35
3108:00 00 00 00 3460:80 00
[OFFU E*3fRVSl lOFFj 00 38 5B 00 00 00 02
31C0:0O 00 00 00 00 0~". 3468:49 00 00 88 80
£" 38 00 00 38 00 18 2B 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8
31CB:00 00 3470:00 00
FP 520 FORS=1TO250O:HEXT 38 30 64 00 EO
31D0:38 30 IS 38 30 18 3478:00 00 00 00 00 00 00
FP 530 PRINT"{2 DOWN) 3108:18 38 30 IF FF FB IF FF 4F 3430:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8
(10 RlGHTlQUOLERUS IS B EO 07 D3 01 62
31E0:FO IF FF FO OF FF 3488:00 00 00 00 02 08 20
ASED ON" 31ES:FF C0 03 FF 80 01 FF 00 E3 3490:08 40 00 BB 80 00 49 00 2C
PF 510 P!UNT"[l3 RIGIITiYAR'S R 31FO:O0 38 00 00 38 00 00 10 33 3498:00 2A 00 00 1C 00 03 FF 72
EVENGE" 31F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 IF 7A 34AO:E0 00 1C 00 00 2A 00 00 A5
5G 550 PRINT"[7 RIGHT)COPYRIGH 3200:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 84 34A8:49 00 00 88 80 01 08 40 96
T 19B1 ATARI CORP." 3208:00 00 60 30 00 C0 70 01 60 34B0:02 08 20 00 00 00 00 00 20
BX 560 PRINT"(10 RIGHT}WITH PE 3210:80 E0 03 01 CO 07 83 80 07 34iJQ:O0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 21
EMISSION FROM" 3218:0F C7 00 0F EE 00 0F FC 79 34C0:00 00 00 00 00 00 08 oe 4i
EK 57a PRINT"[ll RIGHT)ATARI C 3220:04 OF FC OC OF FE 18 0F 5E 34CB:08 04 08 10 02 08 20 01 A9
ORPORATION." 3228:FF 30 07 FF EO 03 FF C0 4D 34D0:08 40 00 88 30 00 49 00 6C
RE 580 PRINT"{3 DOWN) 3230:07 FF 00 OE 7F 00 0C 00 ID 34D8: 2A 00 00 1C 00 OF FF CA
[13 RIGHT}SCORE;1I;SCS 3 2 38:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 9C 34E0:F8 00 1C 00 00 2A 00 00 Fl
JM 590 PRINT"{5 DOWN 118 RIGHT} 3240:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A4 34E8:49 00 00 88 80 01 08 40 D6
PRESS TRIGGER TO BEGIN" 3248:00 01 FF CO 03 F8 00 07 FB 34F0:O2 08 20 04 OB 10 08 08 39
DJ 600 IFPEEK(5632O)=111THENPR 3250:F8 00 0F F8 00 IF F8 00 11 34F8:08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 65
INT"(CLR)":RUN80 3258:IF FB 00 7F FF FE 7F FF 7D 3500:20 08 02 10 08 04 08 0B 26
FG 610 SYS 52016 3260:FE IF F8 00 IF FB 00 OF 17 3508:08 04 08 10 02 0B 20 01 EA
GS 620 FORS=>lTOSa:NliXT!GOTO6B0 3268:F8 00 07 F8 00 03 F8 00 B7 3510:08 40 00 88 80 00 49 00 AD
3270:01 FF C0 00 00 00 00 00 6D 3518:00 2A 00 00 1C 00 3F FF 6C
Program 2: Quolerus—Sprite 3278:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 FC 352O:FE 00 1C 00 00 2A 00 00 36
3280:00 00 00 00 00 00 0C 00 FC 3528:49 00 00 88 80 01 08 40 IB
Data 03 7A
3280:00 0E 7F 00 07 FF 80 03 9C 3530:02 OB 20 04 08 10 08
See instructions in article on page 55 3290:FF C0 07 FF EO OF FF 30 79 353B:08 10 08 04 20 08 02 00 11
3298;0F FE 18 OF FC OC OF FC 6!) 02 10 08 04 08 08 66
before typing in. 3540:20 08
32A0:04 0F EE 00 0F C7 00 07 47 3548:08 04 08 10 02 03 20 01 2B
31)013 i OB 10 00 00 10 UO 00 10 F4 32A8:83 BO 03 01 C0 01 B0 E0 4B 3550:08 40 00 83 30 00 6B 00 32
3006:00 00 6C 00 01 EF 00 07 C4 3200:00 CB 70 00 60 30 00 20 37 3558:00 7F 00 00 22 00 3F E3 16
3018iEF C0 OF EF EO IF EF FO CD 32B3:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 3D 3560:FE 00 22 00 00 7F 00 00 OC
301B;3F C7 F8 ED 00 07 3F C7 99 32C9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 35 3568:6B 00 00 88 80 01 08 40 69
3020:F8 IF EF F0 0F EF EO 07 D2 32CS:00 00 38 00 00 38 00 01 16 3570:02 08 20 04 OS 10 08 08 HA
3023:EF C0 01 EF 00 00 GC 00 A8 32D0:FF 00 03 FF 80 07 FF CO 76 3578:08 10 08 04 20 08 02 00 51
3030:00 10 00 00 10 00 00 L0 25 32D8:0F FF E0 IF FF FO IF FF D4 3580:20 08 02 10 08 04 08 08 A6
3038:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 PF 98 3 2EO:F0 IF FF FO 18 38 30 IS AE 3588:08 04 08 10 02 08 20 01 6B
3040100 40 00 00 40 00 01} 40 F2 3 2E8:38 30 18 38 30 IS 38 30 7E 3590:C9 C0 01 FF CO 01 80 C0 FB
3048)00 00 7C 00 01 BF 00 07 46 3 2F0:O0 30 00 00 38 00 00 38 5D 3598:00 80 B0 00 80 80 3F 80 38
CO OF 9? E0 IF CF FO B0 32F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 IF 7C 3 5AO:FE 00 80 80 00 80 30 01 A6
30 50: 31-1 C6 0F 3C 013 70 E0 C7 IB 3300:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 30 66 3 5A8:B0 CO 01 FF C0 01 C9 CO 02
30613: [-'8 IF E7 F0 OF F3 EO 07 22 3308:30 00 FE 70 01 FF E0 03 3A 35B0:02 08 20 04 08 10 08 08 FA
3O6B:FB CO 01 FB 00 00 7C 00 CF 3310:FF CO 07 FF EO 0C FF F0 AF 35B8:08 10 08 04 20 00 02 00 91
3070:00 04 00 00 04 00 00 04 F5 331B:1B 7F F0 30 3F F0 20 3F C8 35C0:02 08 00 01 04 33 01 04 45
3078:80 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF D8 3320:F0 00 77 FO 00 E3 F0 01 6F 35CB:40 01 08 40 01 11 B0 00 E5
3080:00 00 00 18 00 00 OC 00 7A 332B:C1 EO 0 3 80 CO 07 01 80 B4
35D0:92 00 30 44 00 00 44 00 51
3088:00 06 7C 00 01 FF 03 06 OE 3330:OE 03 00 OC 06 00 00 04 53 35D8:3B 87 80 44. 04 7C 42 64 90
3090:7F C6 OF 3F EC IF 8F [)0 0C 3338100 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 BE
3SE0:02 01 A6 01 00 21 00 00 F5
3090:3f C6 38 3F 01 F8 38 C7 69 3340:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AG
35EBr48 B0 00 34 40 01 04 26 14
17 E3 F0 6F F9 EO C7 Bb 3348:00 03 FF 80 00 IF C0 00 75
3 5F0:19 04 25 26 04 18 40 02 V2
30A8:FC CO 81 FF 00 00 7C CO Al 3 3 50:IF E0 00 IF FO 00 IF F8 2F 35F8:00 00 01 00 00 01 00 00 87
30B0:l)O 00 60 00 00 30 00 00 DD 335B:00 IF F8 7F FF FE 7F FF 98 00 00 00 00 00 00 6C
3600:00 00
30B8:O0 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF 19 3360:FE 00 IF F8 00 IF F8 00 2B
3OC0:00 00 00 00 60 3368:IF FO 00 IF EO 00 IF CO 92
00 00 00 El
Program 3: Quolerus—ML
30C8:00 30 7C 06 19 FF OC 07 0D 3370:03 FF 80 00 00 00 00 00 68
30D0:FF D8 09 FF 90 1C EF 30 8D 3378:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 FE Program
30D8:3E 46 78 3F 01 F8 3C C4 16 3380:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 EA
See instructions in article on page 55
30E0:F8 19 EE 70 13 FF 20 37 F8 3388:00 OC 06 00 OE 03 00 07 36
30GB:FF CO 61 FF 30 CO 7C 18 SB 3390:01 80 03 80 CO 01 Cl E0 6E
before typing in.
00 0C 00 00 00 00 00 D2 3398:00 E3 F0 00 77 FO 20 3F 15 C000:A9 C2 BD 01) CF 8D 0D CF 00
30F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF 59 3 3AO:FO 30 3F F0 18 7F FO OC 2F C00B:A9 03 80 02 CF A9 04 3D AO
3100:00 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 62 33ASIFF F0 07 FF EB 03 FF CP FF C010:0F CF A9 OF 8D 21 CF BD 51
3108:0C C0 7C IB 61 FF 30 37 54 33B0;01 FF E0 00 FT. 70 00 00 6D C018:18 D4 A9 08 8D 28 CF A9 E6
3110:FF C0 0F FF 20 13 EE 70 20 33B8:30 00 00 00 as oo 00 00 37 CO2O:05 8D 15 D0 78 A9 C0 8D 130
3118:39 C4 FB 3C 00 7B 3E 47 D0 33C0:00 00 00 00 0" 00 00 00 27 C028:14 03 8D 15 03 58 A9 00 44
3120:38 1C EF 90 09 FF E0 07 BD 33C8:00 00 00 00 Jfl 00 00 00 2F C030:8D 10 CF 8D 05 CF 8D 04 D5
312B:FF DS 19 FF 0C 30 7C 06 04 33D0:00 00 00 00 1JT 00 00 00 37 C038:CF 8D 33 CF 8D 2B CF 8D AE
3130:60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C2 3 31)8:00 44 00 00 38 00 00 7C 8E C040:43 CF 20 A6 CO 20 50 C3 BO
313B:00 00 00 00 00 130 00 FF 9A 33E0:00 00 38 00 00 44 00 00 5F C048:2O 40 C2 20 DB C3 20 10 6A
3140:00 00 00 00 00 30 00 00 63 3 3E8:OO 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4F CO50:C8 AD 01 D0 DO 01 60 AD C7
3148:60 00 7C CO 81 FF 00 C7 4A 33F0I0O 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 57 CO5B:33 CF 29 04 FO 03 4C 66 5F
3150:FC CO 6F F9 EO 17 E3 F0 0B 33F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 60 C060:C8 20 8E C9 20 20 C6 20 EB
3158:38 C7 F8 3E 00 F8 3F C6 F4 3400:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 68 C068:20 CA 4C 45 CO 00 00 00 90
3160:38 IF 8F DO OF 3F EC 06 FA 3408:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 70 C070:OO 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Fl
3168:7F C6 01 FF 03 06 7C 00 85 3410:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7B C078:OO 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F9
3170J0C 00 00 18 00 00 00 00 5A 3418:00 2A 00 00 1C 00 00 3E 2A C080:O0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02
3170:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF DA 34 20:00 00 1C 00 00 2A 00 00 B4 C08B:A2 00 T3D t'A 07 C9 D0 BO 74
3180:00 04 00 00 04 00 00 04 03 3428:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90 C090:O7 C9 C6 110 09 FE FA 07 21)

92 COMPUTE'S Galette November 1988

C098:E8 E0 05 90 ED 60 A9 C0 75 C340:BD 01 D0 C9 E4 B0 04 FE 8E C5E8:03 CA 4C DA C5 AE 20 CF D8
C0A0:9D FA 07 4C 98 C0 A9 C0 31 C348:01 DO 60 4C F5 C2 00 00 10 C5F0;F0 0F A5 02 18 69 28 85 C9
C0A8:BD FA 07 8D FB 07 8D FC 7D C350;AE 0F CF CA D0 01 60 A0 85 C5FS:02 90 02 E6 03 CA 4C FO 2 5
C0B0:07 BD FD 07 8D FE 07 60 20 C35a:FF 88 D0 FD 4C 53 C3 00 33 C600iC5 A5 02 18 6D IF CF 85 AS
C0B8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3A C360:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E7 C608:02 90 02 E6 03 60 00 00 03
C0CO:AD 02 CF F0 06 CE 02 CF El C368100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EF C610:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 9D
C0C8:4C 31 EA A9 03 8D 02 CF D6 C370:AD 00 D0 8D 02 D0 AD 01 71 C618:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A5
C0D0;A2 00 8E 03 CF BE 04 CF 36 C378:D0 8D 03 D0 AD 10 D0 29 Bl C620:A9 00 8D 13 CF A2 04 AD 24
C0D8:8E 07 CF AD 00 DC 4A B0 F0 C380:01 F0 08 A9 02 0D 10 C0 95 C62B:21 CF F0 06 20 30 C3 4C 4E
C0E0I03 EE 07 CF 4A 4A B0 03 50 C38B:8D 10 DO A9 CF 8D F9 07 3F C630:35 C6 20 40 C3 AD 13 CF DC
C0E8:C£ 03 CF 4A B0 03 EE 03 A3 C390:A9 02 8D 28 D0 8D 05 CF 38 C638:F0 08 AD 21 CF 49 0F BD 57
C0F0:CF 4A B0 03 EE 04 CF 20 7A C398:20 88 Cl 20 E0 Cl A9 00 ED C640i21 CF AD 15 DO 2D 27 CF B2
C0F8;10 Cl 4C 31 EA 00 00 00 E6 C3A0:8D 13 CF A9 02 8D 12 CF 82 C648:CD 27 CF F0 08 AD 21 CF 9B
C100:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 83 C3A8:AA 20 AF C3 4C B2 C3 6C E0 C650:CD 2A CF DO 03 4C AO C6 A7
C108;00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 8B C3B0:0A CF AD 13 CF F0 IB A9 3A C658:8D 2A CF A9 08 AA 2D 15 26
C110:AD 03 CF F0 0D C9 01 D0 96 C3BB:00 8D 02 00 8D 03 DO 3D 98 C660:D0 F0 04 0A 4C 5D C6 BA A3
C118:06 20 40 Cl 4C 22 Cl 20 59 C3C0I05 CF A2 FD BA 2D 15 D0 F6 C668:Aa A2 00 4A FO 04 E8 4C 4D
C120:60 Cl 20 00 C4 20 B0 C4 15 C3CB:8D 15 D0 "A 2D 10 DO 8D F7 C670:6B C6 AD 21 CF FO 02 A9 ID
C128:4C 88 C0 00 00 00 00 00 0C C3D0:10 D0 60 30 00 00 00 00 A0 C67S:FF 9D IF CF 8A 9D 27 D0 38
C130:09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B3 C3D8:AD 05 CF F0 03 4C 9E C3 CB C680:0A AA AD 04 DO 9D 00 DO 81
C138:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BB C3E0:AD 04 CF F0 IB 20 70 C3 2F C688:AD 05 D0 9D 01 D0 98 OD AB
C140:AD FB 07 C9 CE 90 06 A9 C4 C3fc!8:A0 0E 20 9E C3 AD 05 CF S0 C690:15 DO 8D 15 DO 4C A0 C6 9F
C148:C7 8D F8 07 60 EE FB 07 5A C3F0:F0 0B 88 D0 F5 AD 15 D0 33 C698:00 00 W 00 00 00 00 00 26
C150:60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 C3F8:09 02 8D 15 D0 60 00 00 90 C6A0:AD 28 CF 2D 15 DO D0 03 6C
C158:0O 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DB C400:A9 0F 85 FB 85 FD A9 04 0E C6A8:4C 09 C7 BD 12 CF A2 00 85
C160:AD P8 07 C9 C7 F0 02 B0 2D C403:a5 FC A9 D8 85 FE A0 00 BF C6B0;8E 13 CF 4A F0 04 EB 4C 9£
C168:06 A9 CE 8D F8 07 60 CE 7F C410IB1 FB 99 14 CF Bl FD 29 50 C6B8:B3 C6 8A A8 0A AA B9 IF 3B
C170;FB 07 60 00 00 00 00 00 3E C41fl:0F 19 14 CF 99 14 CF CC 78 C6C0iCF 80 29 CF 29 F0 D0 06 70
C178:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FB C42(!:1E CF F0 05 ca CB 4C 10 2D C6C8:20 00 C3 4C Dl C6 20 D0 5E
ClB0iA9 00 8D 06 CF 4C BD Cl 77 C428:C4 A0 2B 61 FB AA 98 38 50 C6D0:C2 AD 13 CF F0 0D AD 29 CA
Cie8:A9 01 8D 06 CF A2 CE A9 83 C430:E9 28 AB 8A 91 FB CC IE AA C6D8:CF 49 F0 BD 29 CF A9 00 73
C190:01 EC F8 07 F0 09 0A CA E9 C438:CF F0 08 98 18 69 2A A8 D3 C6E0:8D 13 CF AD 29 CF 29 0F B8
C198;E0 C7 90 03 4C 91 Cl 8D 7A C440:4C 2B C4 A0 28 Bl FD 29 8A C6E8:D0 06 20 40 C3 4C F3 C6 66
C1A0:08 CF 4C B0 Cl 00 00 00 HE C448:0F AA 9B 38 E9 28 A8 BA 66 C6F0:20 30 C3 AD 13 CF FO 08 AF
C1A8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 2C C450:91 FD CC IE CF F0 08 98 88 C6F8:AD 29 CF 49 DF 8D 29 CF 07
C1B0:A9 00 80 09 CF 4E 09 CF E2 C458:ia 69 2A AB 4C 45 C4 A5 BE C700:AD 29 CF 99 IF CF 20 30 EC
C1B8:AD 06 C F0 0C AD 09 CF 17 C460:FB 18 69 2B 85 FB 85 FD C2 C708:C7 0E 28 CF AD 28 CF C9 78
C1C0:18 69 03 8D 09 CF 4C D5 B9 C468i90 04 E6 FC E6 FE A5 FC 63 C710:80 F0 08 2D 33 CF DO Fl 5C
C1C8:C1 AC 09 CF AD 06 CF DO 6C C470:C9 07 90 06 A5 FB C9 CF 93 C718:4C 23 C7 A9 08 8D 28 CF C0
C1D0:04 BC 0C CF 60 8C 0A CF 11 C478:B0 03 4C 29 C4 A0 00 B9 99 C7 20I4C OC C7 60 00 00 00 00 D7
C1D8:60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 8C C480:14 CF AA 29 F0 91 FB 8A 40 C7 28:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B7
C1E0:A9 80 8D 0B D4 A9 09 8D A8 C48B:29 0F 91 FD CC IE CF F0 EB C730:AD 2B CF F0 03 4C C0 C7 FC
C1E8:0C D4 A9 08 8D 08 D4 A9 3D C490105 C3 C8 4C 7F C4 60 00 7C C738:AD 00 D0 DD 00 DO F0 09 C4
C1F0:81 8D 0B 04 60 00 00 00 4A C498;00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 22 C740:AD 01 DO DD 01 D0 F0 12 IE
C1F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7C C4A0I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 2A C748:60 A0 01 AD 01 D0 DD 01 33
C200;4C D0 C2 4C B6 C2 4C B9 08 C4AB:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 32 C750:D0 90 01 C8 BC 2B CF 4C 16
C208:C2 4C BC C2 4C BF C2 4C fa C4B0iA9 D0 85 FB 85 FD A9 07 32 C758:68 C7 A0 03 AD 00 D0 DD 3F
C210:C5 G2 4C CB C2 4C CB C2 GO C4Ba:85 FC A9 DB 85 FE A0 00 A0 C760:00 DO 90 01 CS 8C 2B CF E4
C218:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 9D C4C0:B1 FB 99 15 CF Bl FD 29 11 C768:BD 00 do an OE D0 BD 01 F9
C2 20:A9 B0 BD 12 D4 A9 05 SD 52 C4C8:0F 19 15 CF 99 15 CF CC 4D C770:D0 8D OF D0 8A 4A AA A9 37
C228:0F D4 A9 0C 8D 13 D4 8D 50 C4D0:1E CF F0 05 C8 C8 4C C0 8E C778:01 0A CA F0 03 4C 79 C7 77
C230:14 D4 A9 81 BD 12 D4 60 01 C4D8:C4 A9 04 C5 FC 90 06 A9 EB C780109 01 8D 12 CF 2D 10 D0 CB
C238:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BD C4E0:10 C5 FB B0 03 4C 02 C5 81 C788:F0 24 CD 12 CF FO 17 AE 93
C240:AD 07 CF D0 0B A9 80 8D F2 C4EB:A0 00 B9 IS CF AA 29 F0 B7 C790:2B CF E0 03 BO 03 4C F2 13
C248:04 D4 AD 10 CF 00 ID 60 IB C4F0;91 FB BA 29 OF 91 FD CC AD C798:C7 C9 01 DO 06 EE 2B CF BD
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C268:C2 4C 88 C2 AD 0E CF F0 D5 C510:FE A0 00 Bl FB AA 98 18 32 C7B8:A9 80 0D 15 DO 8D 15 D0 E7
C270:04 CE 0E CF 60 AD 11 CF 16 C51B:69 28 A8 8A 91 FB 98 38 06 C7C0:A9 80 8D 12 CF A9 00 3D CA
C27S:C9 20 90 06 A9 00 8D 10 D5 C520:E9 26 AB CC IE CF F0 02 20 C7CB:13 CF A2 0E 20 02 C7 4C 33
C280:CF 60 EE 11 CF 8D 0E CF 95 C52B:B0 03 4C 13 C5 A0 00 Bl E9 C7D0:ED C7 AO 2B CF C9 01 DO 2A
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C298:00 D4 8D 01 04 A9 B0 8D F0 C540iA8 CC IE CF F0 02 B0 03 08 C7E8:D0 C2 4C 00 C3 AD 13 CF E5
C2A0:06 04 A9 81 8D 04 D4 60 32 C548:4C 2F C5 4C D9 C4 00 00 25 C7FU:F0 IB A9 00 8D 0E DO 8D C8
C2A8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 2E C550:A9 04 8D 2D CF AD 40 CF BB C7F8:0F D0 80 2B CF A2 7F 8A 3B
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C2B8:C2 20 D0 C2 4C 40 C3 20 F8 C560:0E 20 CF 4C 5C C5 98 0A 32 C808:10 D0 BD 10 D0 60 00 00 90
C2C0:00 C3 4C 40 C3 4C 00 C3 D7 C568:8D 2C CF 60 00 00 00 00 C5 CS10;20 16 CB 4C 31 CB AD IF 3C
C2CB:20 00 C3 4C 30 C3 00 00 2C C570:AD 2D CF F0 23 A8 C9 80 F6 CB18:D0 4A 90 03 4C 70 CB 4A EC
C2D0;AD 10 D0 2D 12 CF D0 07 96 C578:D0 09 20 IE CB 20 F2 C7 21 C820:90 03 4C 60 C9 4A 4A 4A A0
C2D8:BD 00 DO C9 1A 90 16 DE 12 C58014C B7 C3 2D 33 CF DO 10 F5 C828:4A 4A 4A 90 03 4C F2 C7 BA
C2E0:00 D0 BO 00 D0 C9 FF D0 D0 C588:C0 04 DO 03 20 10 CB 20 BB CB30:60 AD IE D0 8D 40 CP 29 64
C2E8:0B AD 12 CF 49 FF 2D 10 53 C590:17 CB 20 B7 C3 4C 70 C9 14 C838:03 D0 01 60 AD 40 CF 4A FD
C2F0:D0 SD 10 D0 60 E0 02 90 6C C598:60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 54 C840:90 03 4C 90 CA 4A A0 00 2E
C2F8:03 8E 13 CF 60 00 00 00 06 C5A0:A2 00 A9 D7 85 02 A9 03 BA C84B:4A 90 01 C8 C9 00 DO FB BB
C300:AD 10 D0 2D 12 CF F0 07 08 C5AB:B5 03 AD 02 D0 38 E9 19 El C850:C0 02 BO 06 20 50 C5 4C 53
C30B:BD 00 DO C9 40 B0 12 FE 0D C5B0:4A 4A 4A 18 69 02 9D IF 6C C858:70 C5 A2 02 BE 41 CF 20 41
C310:00 D0 BD 00 D0 D0 09 AD 0D C5BB:CF E0 00 D0 0A AD 03 D0 4F C860:80 C8 4C 70 C5 00 A9 10 86
C318:12 CF 0D 10 □0 BD 10 D0 EC C5C0:38 E9 33 E8 4C B0 C5 A2 2B C868:8D 0F CF 20 50 C3 20 8E E0
C320:60 4C F5 C2 00 00 00 00 D5 C5C8:00 AD 20 CF C9 06 90 0A 52 C870:C9 AD 33 CF D0 F5 A2 80 09
C3 28:0O 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AF CSD0:EB 36 CO 06 8D 20 CF 4C 55 C878:20 53 C3 4C BF CA 00 00 55
C33O:BD 01 D0 C9 34 90 04 DE 5B C5D8:CC C5 »g 00 F0 OF A5 02 69 C8B0iBD 01 DO D0 04 8D 2D CF DB
C338:01 D0 60 4C F5 C2 00 00 FF C5E0:18 69 F0 85 02 90 02 E6 86 C88B;60 A9 18 8D 30 CF 3D 44 B0

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1597 Dump 14 97
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15 97 CrMIe ACM IB 97
CM Pak 61 .... 24 97 IMnn4 . 39 81 ivlvu PwW fit If! . . 443?
15 97 DeatriS-ord 15 97
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S^er Pascals' M)7 IS97
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Hm rhat Commodwt ri«s riieasM ihe C-1Z8D with WK ot video RAU,
*e shotiWto i-jpng 128 programs aMress This lar.rasi.c n&* learurE Project Phoenn We assembled a team ol me nolle:' archival prDgrammara in the industry and gave them the
■MIL challenge ol Itieir carreers creale a professional utility system thai «ou:d rat Iho ton? for Ihe future of Commodore
BASICS a'rffady has ihe capability uiusrpg ail WKolwdeoRAU IE you personal computing - a sysiem for fie nexl decade and beyond
own lhs C-12B in slock zzr:: -.? •-.. own 3ll 16K c' fltfeo RAM !Ti3l Hundreds of ai peri-hours later, that learn delivered to us a uhity pacfcige of sotwfjng power arc scape. A package
Ccrrrroccrn IffTT wll nec«9far) Using Basic 8 formal and Ita lull WK lhal could turn an average ftacfcer into 3 supersiar. A package cruied at Ihe very boundary between what is and is not
ol vkMO RAM prov>d« you wiiti ihe abilrt) lo scroll Uirough video mem pouible A package uNed Renegade
ory u w*J ai tfihanctd ccsor rtioirfion nfrwgide HJiM the very fiosl icteda from theipatt and r«-cr««t»s lh*m. combining stale o' the art techniQues w-|f> a
Up unW no- to upgrade ihe C-I2S la WKof mdeo RAM you muM Uva Conceptual grasp of the lirture of computing The result is dynamic ■ classic uTlliiiei are franjlcpmwd tnlo muscular
lo Eirst Mircti oul 1ho componenla. ihpn Irrvd a cofflpelenl rppa.r oullel component* of a syslern designed for &pe#d. po-ur. and fiomDilily
Id i1 ';'.' -r wo inilill ttu pani Wul • hitiltl H*r* jr- Some of I hi feilurei BukU Inlo The HEN EGAD E!
SOLUTION — We have developed a module inai simply plugs in la Ihe * Slngla or Dual High Speed Data Copmr * Sinqiocr Dual Ullra Faat Ftla Copier
molriif board ol your C12B No (p!Ht«rW nldtr — No heat dimnjt * Single or Dual State olthe Art Nibbler * Capa bio o I Arch i vi ng R a pid Lo k P rated ion
— No ha »le. * DI recto ry Ed Itor: Orga n 11 e your Disks * Scrolling M/L Monitor with Drive Mori
Thii package includes full easy lo follow installation inslruclions a rest * GCR Editor For ihe Experienced Hacker ik- Erro r Sea n no r w i [ fi U mq u c S ector Ed ilor
program lo valid ale proper installation and Ihe plug-in upgrade module * Gaoa^ModuakPARAMETERS and TOOLS * Byle I'.ni'Tn Scanner: High Speed Searches
* JOOParms: For Ihose tough to backup disks * Upgradable Sub Menu: New lools in Ihe works
only $34.95 * New Parameter updates
p only
y S9.95 each * Major RENEGADE upgrades only S9.95 each
* ComputablewiihC-e4-.3Bwith
CtbliihCe43Bith 1541/71 Drives
D * TdcIimcaIaupporlavailable:o'course
I _ ._Tl_ l_l_ . _■ -*-
L_ "^» _■__*_ * I _.

Ronegada comes wrthover 350 parameters, and addrtional parameters are a^iliblo o^jrvJmoriliB1 Also, Renegade program
updJlus ara available lo <>■<<r ■" rr ■; ^vriiers 3 times a year to ■ ■ t ■. i ■* thai H nncgadn *:ll ahuays be a s!ep ahead ol anything else
on llw markeii
AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA Now notrnno can sK* you Iro-n taking TOTAL conuol ui your sortwjrfli Fienogade grvas you the rrost advanced lools on the
rkoi fw one remarkafry low puce And. untike some oomparnfta mat clain lo Sell uii ilios unlirmled m power. Renegade is
d by ,i company ehat knows ihi?i the Customer is our mo'.i valuable assiK
AMIGA SOFTWARE Renegacte: U-:xi generation suit ware - for (!>■ n»xt g*n#r«|lon hncker.
4x« OH ROflO Racing 24 97 Parameter Module '2 is now available. Only S9-95 RENEGADE \JU ly $OH.?O
ArkanoidS 18.97
Awosom Arcade Pak 30.97
BarBanan -. . 24.97
Introducing the 1541 RAMBOan
Bubble Ghost 24.97 a frt Ww it* f«c^
Copy protection's "worst nightmare"
California Games 24.97 ■ 7V m^i n S mat tf nm c ■ T>» itwm m bun twi i» ywi ro» w raj™ w« * hanjwjt fa.
Caplain Blood 30.97 ■Mm UM n |Oi !piwn KU3 *w you »tao« Mica tvny vqv d«s
Deluxe Paint II 79.97 ol vfof» o-n Wtivd 'vNCW
Diglpamt 36.97 Sottwira Support hii |uii marM the dream > rulliyl
Cymodoffl l^K. BOi, 9ft

Digiview 134.97
Wnp>u]IOTDoo\uM!Mi RAMBOari, i snail am sal cm s»lj te
w:k'3^h "A' IWlCtts*cyivB^5mn/esisingfL6l3K«waiv¥f W^
Dive Bomber 24.97 Ihis [Wftflrlijl card in pl«e. -: ■ ■ fasslrt are a ftrg oi Vie pastl WcAng «Tti
Earl Weaver Baseball