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Administering Appropriate Medicinal Drugs To Health Illnesses 1



Valiant Rey Anasan Soriano

Lorma Colleges
February 2017
Administering Appropriate Medicinal Drugs To Health Illnesses 2



Introduction: Medical institutions giving medical prescriptions is a reference to

patients conducting an intake of drugs prescribe by professionals. The
production of medicinal drugs every year releases a great amount of
alternatives as it have abilities pertaining to its drug content. This is a
suitable analysis reference to regulate in relation about the project.

Purpose: This project aims to stabilize the health care of people from medical
errors. According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC,
2013) statistics, heart disease rank first as main cause of death, followed
by cancer and chronic respiratory disease. In 2016, a new calculated
figure which is medical errors was surprisingly climb its way up to third
rank surpassing respiratory disease in the place by British Medical
Journal (BMJ) research medical analysis. Over 250,000 people
statistically reported die each year and an increase of 25, 000 estimated
annually from Starfield research. This is gradually a serious case and a
scenario to all people as it is globally recognize in different countries.

Medical errors, is caused by a physicians or hospital activity, manner or

therapy such as: unnecessary surgery, medication errors, hospital
activity errors, hospital acquired infection errors, and negative side
effects of drugs taken as prescribed, (Mercola, 2016).

Project Description

Goals and Objectives

Objectives: 1. To be able to stabilize health care from medical error issues.

2. To give information about medicare issues.
3. To administer appropriate medicinal drugs to health problems.
4. To synthesize real time medical information treatment.

Goal: Generate a best deal service on medical health care delivery system.

Methodology and Timelines

Methodology: This project will undergo Feature Driven Development (FDD)

Methodology model.
Administering Appropriate Medicinal Drugs To Health Illnesses 3

The system will follow the FDD process which is to:

1. Develop an overall model

2. Build a features list
3. Plan by feature
4. Design by feature
5. Build by feature

The project works by giving medical information as a result to the user

requested command/information input through a search box.

a). The system will only output medicinal drugs prior to certain health
problems. When accessed:

1. Drug Name
2. Drug Treatment (Therapeutic Action)
3. Drug Indication (Health Treatment)
4. Drug Toxicity (Side Effects)
5. Drug Precautions and
6. Remarks

will be presented.

b). The system will only output medical health problems prior to a
certain medicinal drug. When accessed:

1. Health Problem/ Medical Condition

will be presented.

Timeline: February 13, 2017- April 28, 2017.

The system will be accomplished within fifteen weeks.

Benefits and Anticipated Outcomes:

This project will be beneficial to those people battling with health problems, professionals
(physicians, home health aides, nurses, therapists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, health
information technicians, etc.), to medical institutions prescribing medicinal drugs to their
patients, to those regular people who administering drugs, and to those people who couldnt
afford the price of drug medicines looking for alternatives. This is helpful tool in empowering
and helping people at ease in terms of health awareness. Moreover, this will move the
medicare performance of people by delivering information that will instill scientific knowledge
from this particular scientific discipline.

Support Needs: Medical Books particularly Drug Manuals

Contacts: Email:
Mobile Number: +6394-655-193-73 (SMART/TNT)