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World Religions


Class: World Civilizations

Read each question carefully and select the best answer on your bubble sheet.

1. Who founded Buddhism circa 500 BCE?

a. Guru Nanak

b. Muhammad

c. Siddhartha Gautama

d. Abraham

2. Read the following quote and select the religion it applies to: the central belief of
_____________ is that there is a single God who created the universe, cares about
humanity, and wants people to live moral lives. This belief is called ethical

a. Judaism

b. Buddhism

c. Islam

d. Hinduism

3. Muslims consider the last great prophet to be

a. Jesus.

b. Muhammad.

c. Moses.

d. Isaiah.

4. In Buddhism, what is the primary goal?

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a. Nirvana

b. Kaaba

c. Medina

d. Siddhartha

5. Islam is the submission to the will of Allah. A Muslim is:

a. A person completing the Hajj pilgrimage

b. One who follows the Judaic faith.

c. One who has submitted to Allah

d. One who believes Muhammad was Allah on earth.

6. Reading the following passage: Do to others whatever you would like them to do to
you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.

This text is part of:

a. Christianity

b. Judaism

c. Islam

d. Buddhism

7. Islam has Five Pillars. What does the first pillar Shahada (faith), proclaim?

a. That a Muslim must complete a pilgrimage to Mecca.

b. Fasting must occur during Ramadan

c. Muhammad is God on earth.

d. There is one true God to submit to and Muhammad is his messenger.

8. Analyze the following painting:

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Which faith is being represented?

a. Islam

b. Christianity

c. Buddhism

d. Judaism

9. On the third day, Jesus was resurrected. With this act he guaranteed which Christian
principle to those who are saved?

a. divinity

b. eternal life

c. One true God

d. The New Testament

10. What does The Trinity mean in Christianity?

a. Four Noble Truths

b. Five pillars

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c. God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit

d. Forgiveness of sin

11. Which of the following is one of The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?

a. Hajj

b. Ramadan

c. The cause of suffering is self-centered desire

d. Reincarnation

12. Where did Buddhism originate?

a. China

b. India

c. Israel

d. Saudi Arabia

13. Muslims believe that Allah is the same God worshipped by these two other religions:

a. Buddhism & Christianity

b. Judaism & Hinduism

c. Christianity & Hinduism

d. Judaism & Christianity

14. Which religion promotes the following of the Eight-Fold Path?

a. Christianity

b. Islam

c. Hinduism

d. Buddhism

15. Examine the following image:

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Where is this Islamic pilgrimage sight located?

a. Medina

b. Jerusalem

c. Rome

d. Mecca

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