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$10 per team to be paid to Dawson Zibton or any other Commisioner by April 10th, 2017
Money will be held in a lock box until the end of the game.
No more than two people per team ($10 per team of two)
To officially be entered, you must have your money in BEFORE the end of the day on April 10th,
2017. If you have not turned your money in by then you will not be allowed to participate. Sorry, no

The only weapons allowed in the game are those that involve getting the target soaked in water.

If a floaty is worn by the target, they are officially designated as "safe" and may not be
assassinated. A person can only be "killed" if you catch them without their floaty.
A person may wear any type of floaty at any time when out in public or at a place of
potential assassination but the item will not be provided through the game. If you want to
use one, you need to buy it yourself.

lot) or during ANY school sanctioned events. This includes sports practices, games, and
performances held by ANY SCHOOL. We dont want other schools getting angry and complaining
to our administration. As soon as you leave the schools property, its fair game.
No assassinations inside your target's workplace. Your target becomes safe the moment he/she
walks into their workplace. Walking through the parking lot before and after work is, however, fair
No assassinations inside a place your target volunteers. The parking lot before or after his or her
volunteering is acceptable but your target can not be killed while volunteering.
No assassinations in public places of worship (Churches, Temples, etc.) Parking lots are fair game.
Still, be respectful. If you get yourself in trouble, its your fault.
You may NOT break into your targets home. Even if you know how. You can shoot a target inside
their homes IF and ONLY IF a PERMANENT RESIDENT of the home INVITES you inside.
You CAN shoot a target through a window/screen/open door/ if they are in their garage and
the door is open.
Residents are people who have lived in the home for over a year. Siblings that have moved
out are not residents. Only Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. residing in the home can
invite people in.
CARS must be OFF for the kill to count. You can not be driving and make a "kill" or be "killed".
This includes if the shooter is in the car, the target is in the car, or both are in their cars.
NO SHOOTING THROUGH CAR WINDOWS. Period. Regardless of whether the shooter
is inside the car, or out. This includes sunroofs!
Any damage caused to cars can be reason for elimination. Dont be dumb and cause
damage trying to force yourself into someones car.

If somebody at your targets home/workplace/church tells you to leave, LEAVE. Its not worth
getting people upset. If you dont leave, it could lead to you being eliminated.
Let your parents know about Senior Assassins. If they get freaked out because someone shows up
with a water gun and they dont know whats going on, things could go downhill.
If any adult tells you to leave any time, do so IMMEDIATELY. This means get completely off of their
property. No hiding behind a car until they go back into their house.


Initial targets will be given after April 10th. Your team will be going after ONE other team. The
winner is last team standing.
When you legally assassinate someone, DM @DCEassassins or @maybeDawson or tweet
evidence to them, or email right away. We need confirmation from BOTH
the killer and the killed that the assassination occurred. Send evidence of the kill or a picture of the
killer looking happy and the killed looking sad. Regardless of how it happens, We need to know
who has gotten eliminated ASAP. Witnesses of kills would be a good idea.
You may get other people to help with your assassination. These other people cannot make any
physical contact with the other team (taking guns/balloons, holding, tackling, etc). Also, the actual
shots have to be fired by the person assigned to the target. The third party helper may not shoot
any water guns or throw balloons at the target.
The assassination will not be recorded until both people involved report it to DCEassassins. It's up
to you (assassin) to MAKE your victim admit defeat somehow. Don't leave them alone until they
admit it. Hopefully all you people playing will not make this part of the game too difficult.
If you were assassinated and try to avoid reporting it, you will be marked as killed anyway.
YOU WERE. Be a good sport and accept defeat.
You must kill BOTH of your targets to move on to the next set of targets. Any kills you make that
are not your assigned targets will not count.
Once you have killed both of your targets, you will inherit your targets targets. Example: As target
is B and Bs target is C. When A kills B, A then goes after C. If you dont know who youre going
after, contact one of the coordinators.
The targets are assigned, essentially, in a big circle so youll never run out of people to go after.
The circle resets after the four week assassination period.
IF the target shoots the assassin before they get killed, then the target will receive a one hour
protection period from his or her assassin. It's impossible to have the game work correctly if the
targets were able to kill the assassins. This can only be used ONCE per assassination period.
Both members of a team must be assassinated for a kill to be collected. If both members of a
target team are not assassinated, the assassins will be eliminated and the targets will move on to
the next round.


Come August, Assassins one simple rule will replace another:

If you do not assassinate your target (or your target is not killed by
someone else on Purge day) by the end of the three weeks, you and your
partner are OUT.

Each assassination has a deadline. You and your team member will be given three weeks to
"assassinate" your target. If you fail to assassinate your initial target, your team will be eliminated
and your targets will be assigned to whoever was assigned as your assassin. This game can't take
forever and we need a winner so this is a necessity. Get your "kills" done if you want to play and
Example: As target is B and Bs target is C. If B gets eliminated for not making the
deadline than A will have a new target of C.
If no team makes a kill by a deadline, then technically everyone would be eliminated.
If this were to happen, no one wins the game, and the money is to be split up between
the remaining teams.
Each round will be 3 weeks.
The first deadline will be May 15th at midnight! If you do not "kill" your assigned target by
this date, you will be eliminated from the game.

Purge Days:
Each round there will be a specified day known as the Purge Day. On this day, floaties may not be
worn and if they are worn their protection is invalid. If you shoot them, they are eliminated. All off
limit zones still apply.
The first Purge Day will be Saturday, April 30th.

During Homecoming weekend (Friday until Sunday) the game will be suspended. No kills are
allowed on the ENTIRE day of Homecoming. This includes in the morning, while a target is getting
ready, while taking pictures, while at the dance, or while at an after part Failure to follow this will
result in a bounty set on the person who shoots.
If a person breaks a rule, they will receive one warning. If the that person breaks the same or
another rule, they will have a bounty set on them. This means that we will notify every active player
and tell them to all go after the rule breaker until he or she is out. Don't break rules.

By paying to be in the game and having your name officially listed as a player, you are agreeing to
play by the rules listed on this site and spoken by Dawson Zibton as the commisioner. Going
against any of the rules will lead to automatic disqualification from the game.
The coordinators are simply organizers of the game and do not take any responsibility for actions
performed by the participants. Any activity which goes against the stated rules and regulations on
this site will not be the responsibility of the coordinators. The coordinators will not, under any
circumstances, be responsible for any kind of misconduct performed by any participant.
DC Everest, Elementary, Middle, Junior, and Senior Schools are not in any way affiliated with
Everest Assassins. Doing stupid things is the sole responsibility of the game participant, not the
Simply put: Dont do anything stupid. Play fair and be honest.

All official Everest Assassins Commissioners can be found on the Everest Assassins (@DCEassassins)
twitter page

All Everest Assassins Commissioners are ineligible to participate in assassination attempts and

Commissioner are eligible to change, remove, and add any rules that they feel nessesary, before, mid,
or during the official game period.

Dont hate on these commissioners, they try to make the game safe, fair, and fun.

By paying the $10 fee, you are agreeing to the commissioners rules and conditions

You can revive your team for an additional $10. This a one-time deal. Last year, people hated being
eliminated right away. Revives allow for all the early victims to get back in the game. You can revive
yourself in order to be eligible for the next assassination period. Certain exceptions involving last day,
about midnight assassinations will be granted revival status if needed. Revives are no longer eligible
during July and August.

All money accumulated by revives and participation is granted to the winner(s) (except for the 10%).
The winner(s) of Everest Assassins will be announced on August 31 st 2017 at 5:30 on the Everest
Assassins Twitter page. Commissioners are granted 10% of all payout rewards, due to hosting, set-up,
and announcing. The grand prize winners will be paid on September 1 st (or the first official day back at

By paying the price of $10 to any Commissioner, that money is non-refundable, and you (and youre partner) are
consenting to the rules given above. Thank you and be responsible.

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