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As the Commission continues its efforts to develop and support the higher education
sector during the K to 12 Transition Period, the Commission has updated the
nominations process for Graduate Education Scholarships (Local) in the K to 12
Transition Period, as governed by CHED Memorandum Order No. 4, s. 2017 and CHED
Memorandum Order Nos. 3 and 36, series 2016.

In line with the process stated in said policies, the Commission has developed an Online
Nomination site through to (1) increase the accessibility and
efficiency of sending Higher Education Institutions (SHEIs) to nominate and (2) provide a
simplified avenue for nominees to submit documentary requirements.

With the launch of, the Commissions K to 12 Transition Program

has developed this Quick Guide to assist the Sending Higher Education Institutions
(SHEIs) and scholars in going through the site.

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Whom can the SHEI nominate?
Teaching or Non-Teaching, permanent or non-permanent personnel of the HEI, fully or
partially deloaded at the time of the scholarship, with a maximum teaching load of six
(6) units for teaching personnel, or an equivalent of ten (10) hours of workload per
week for non-teaching personnel

Filipino citizen

Within the age limit of:

52 years old for Masters degree Grantees
50 years old for Doctorate degree Grantees
60 years old for Thesis or Dissertation Grantees

Has graduated and possesses a degree relevant to his/her nomination, from a

CHED-recognized program from a recognized institution

For personnel applying for FULL SCHOLARSHIP, whether new or ongoing, shall
pursue graduate studies in a CHED-approved program and Delivering HEI

Shall pursue a course that is aligned with his/her teaching specialization, or justified
in terms of alignment to the SHEIs strategic direction/goals, contribution to the
discipline, or contribution to regional and national goals

In good health, of good moral character

Demonstrates strong academic record

Has no pending criminal charges, and must not have been convicted for violation of
any Philippine Law

Will fulfill the scholarships Terms & Conditions of the scholarship program

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||STEP 1||
Authorized Representative of the Sending HEI
CREDENTIALS from the CHED Regional Office.

The CHED Regional Office shall provide the unique account credentials for HEIs (username
and password) to access the Online Nomination Portal. SHEIs may obtain these credentials
through any of the following means:
Physical appearance an SHEI representative visit the Regional Office with an
endorsement letter from the HEI President to claim the login
credentials; or

E-mail Request a request for account credentials may be made through the
official e-mail of the HEI; following which the CHED Regional
Office will email the authorized official of said details.

These credentials shall be used by the authorized SHEI representative when logging in to


Region 1 (072) 242-0238 Region 9 (062) 991-7648
(072) 242-5017 (062) 911-8974
(072) 700-2569 (062) 991-7080

Region 2 (078) 844-4872 Region 10 (088) 586-4380

(078) 846-3635

Region 3 (045) 436-1846 Region 11 (082) 295-3418 local 101

(045) 436-1847

Region 4A (02) 332-3943 Region 12 (083) 228-1227

Region 4B (02) 386-4781 CAR (074) 422-2415

Region 5 (052) 481-5096 Caraga (085) 342-7383 to 84

(052) 820-4813 (085) 815-3698 to 99

Region 6 (033) 508-8852 NIR (035) 421-2582

(033) 320-6963

Region 7 (032) 414-9195 NCR (02) 441-0985

(02) 441-1224
Region 8 (053) 523-7437 (02) 441-0879
(053) 523-7288

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||STEP 2||
Go to a
nd LOG IN a
t the HEI
& FACULTY section

HEI Account credentials must be entered in the USERNAME and PASSWORD fields.

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||STEP 3||
Nomination Portal using an official institutional
e-mail address, and accomplish the S HEI


The Institutional Profile contains the basic information of the SHEI and its authorized
contact person. This shall be the basis for all communication of the Commission to the
SHEI, and vice versa.

This portion will require the SHEI to input (1) Institutional Information, (2) Strategic
Direction, and (3) List of Nominees.

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||STEP 4||
teaching and non-teaching personnel to
nominate through the Online Nomination

4.1 When adding nominees, the full name and email address of each nominee is needed.

4.2 After filling out all fields, click SAVE. After which, the Nominee will be notified through an
e-mail of the nomination, which will include a link where the Nominee shall sign up.

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||STEP 5||
Online Nomination Portal using the link
provided in the email notification that informs
nominee of the SHEIs nomination.

5.1 The Nominee will receive an e-mail notification of the SHEIs nomination. Said email will
contain a unique link to the Online Nomination Portal sign-up page for the Nominee.


The nominee shall then accomplish all fields and sections of the profile, and ensure
true and correct information entered.

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||STEP 6||
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS through the Online
Nomination Portal using the link provided in the email
notification that informs nominee of the SHEIs

6.1 The Nominee shall upload scanned copies of the following documents in their profile:
Proof of Citizenship (e.g. NSO Birth Certificate, Voters I.D., Passport)
Transcript of Records for: Undergraduate Degree, Graduate Degree (if completed)
Medical Certificate (download the template from the REQUIREMENTS section of the
Online Nomination Portal)

6.2 After successfully completing the form and uploading the documents, continue to the
CONFIRM section where the Nominee will officially submit all information and
documents uploaded to the SHEIs Online Nomination account.

NOTE: Nominees with NEW or ONGOING program status may start applying to the Delivering HEI (DHEI).*
* List of approved programs and DHEIs can be viewed at

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||STEP 7||
nomination of personnel through the Individual
Justification form in the Online Nomination Portal.

7.1 The SHEI will receive an e-mail notification on the nominees submission of relevant
information and required documents to the SHEIs Online Nomination account.

7.2 When the SHEI logs in, the nomination details of each nominee (e.g. Degree Program
applied for, Prospective DHEIs) and other required documents may be viewed the
rightmost area of the page. Note that the nominees Transcript of Records may be
viewed under EDUCATIONAL tab.

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7.3 Once done screening the submission/s, the SHEI shall accomplish the
unique Individual Justification f or each nominee by clicking on the
Justification tab under the nominees photo.

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The prompts below may provide some guidance as to how the Sending HEIs (SHEIs) may accomplish the justifications
required in their nomination, both in (1) articulating their strategic direction as an institution, vis-a-vis (2) individual
justifications for their nominations of faculty and staff. Note that these are only suggestive for the guidance of SHEIs.


Consistency In the justification, please describe Please provide info on your faculty & staff development plan
and clarity your HEI and its strategic direction: in the K to 12 Transition:
of strategic What is the HEIs vision, mission How has the HEI invested in faculty development through
direction and goals (VMGs)? What is its the years?
mandate? What is the profile of the HEIs faculty & staff (ie. age profile,
What are its core areas of strength? educational attainment)?
What are its strategic goals and How has the HEI prepared for the K to 12 Transition?
directions for the coming years? How does the nomination of the faculty/staff support in
Why? cushioning the impact of the K to 12 Transition on the HEI?
In which areas does it want to What other support is it providing to its faculty and staff
develop more expertise on? Why? during this period?
What is its niche (current/planned) Does the nomination show a balancing in the development
vis-a-vis HEIs in the region/ of (1) teaching and non-teaching personnel, and
province? Why? (2) the HEIs trifocal role of instruction, research & extension?
How does it support local Does the nomination, as a whole, reflect strategic
development / contribute to planning of teaching and work loading during the K to 12
its community? Transition Period?

Relevance and Describe explicitly and clearly how your nominations as a whole:
appropriateness align with the strategic direction of the school;
of nominations fill an existing gap in faculty/staff of the school and/or ;
support its ability to achieve its vision, mission and goals;
align with regional and national development goals.

Quality of Before submitting, check for (1) quality, and (2) completeness of submissions:
nominees Are all the nominations correctly accomplished with all required attachments?
Do the nominations reflect prudent decision making on the part of the Sending HEI?
(alignment of programs proposed to their teaching discipline/work)?
Are all the nominees strong candidates in terms of:
1. academic track record;
2. professional experience/contributions; and
3. potential in contributing to improving the quality of learning in the HEI?


Relevance and In the individual justification, describe how the nominees chosen discipline/degree:
appropriateness addresses current gaps in the HEI, fulfills the HEIs institutional mandate / vision, mission or goals, and/
of nominations or enriches the HEIs course offerings. (Please elaborate)
Is the chosen discipline/degree related to his/her teaching discipline or an emerging field?

Consistency Describe explicitly and clearly how your nominee (as an individual):
and clarity Supports the strategic direction of the institution, particularly in relation to his/her
of strategic (1) return service agreement and (2) re-entry action plan, after completing studies;
direction NOTE: please make sure that the objectives/outcomes detailed are: specific, measurable, achievable,
relevant and time-bound (SMART);

Quality of Does the nominee exhibit a strong potential to contribute to the improvement of the HEI, or in his/her
nominee discipline area? How?
How does the nominees academic background, professional experience, and research track record
(if applicable) reflect diligence and commitment to learning?
How has the faculty/staff contributed thus far to the HEI?

REMINDERS Make sure that the forms are correctly and fully accomplished, with all required documents.
NOTE the additional requirement: completed DBP form and 1x1 picture (based on the Memorandum
from the Chairperson - 8 March 2016)
||STEP 8||
After accomplishing #6, ENDORSE NOMINEES
INFORMATION b y clicking the Endorse button.

8.1 If the SHEI verifies that the information and documents submitted by the Nominee is
correct and complete and after accomplishing a unique justification, the Nominees
submission may now be officially submitted to the Commission on Higher Educations
(CHED) Scholarships for Graduate Studies by clicking on ENDORSE.

Note: The endorsement must be done for each nominee.

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You have completed the nomination process.
Please stand by for further announcements
regarding the results.

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Q: Can we nominate a personnel who is currently a recipient of a grant from another
A: YES, but only if it is not a government-funded grant. The purpose, amounts, and other
details of the other grants must be disclosed to CHED.

Q: Can we nominate our personnel for the different K to 12 Transition grants (i.e. Graduate
Scholarships and IRSE grants) simultaneously?
A: NO. The personnel may be nominated for only one grant at a time.

Q: Our personnel already started his/her masters studies but was not able to complete it.
Can we nominate him/her for the scholarship?
A: The personnel may be nominated for the scholarship, provided the field of study is related
to his/her teaching discipline or designation.

Q: Our personnel already has a doctoral degree, but it is not aligned to his/her teaching
discipline. Can we nominate him/her for the scholarship?
A: YES. The personnel may be nominated for the scholarship, even if s/he already has a
masters or doctoral degree, but the degree program applied for should be aligned to the
teaching discipline or designation. If applying for an emerging discipline, the nomination must
be well justified.

Q: Can we nominate a personnel who has already availed of a CHED FDP scholarship but
was not able to finish his/her studies?
A: As a general rule, NO. In exceptional cases, schools may still justify endorsement for
consideration of the Commission. The nomination decision will also be based, however, on
the personnels scholars track record.

Q: Can we nominate personnel who were able to finish a graduate degree under the CHED
FDP scholarship?
A: YES, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

Q: Our faculty is currently taking graduate studies but in a school not approved by CHED
as a DHEI for the Transition scholarships. Can we nominate him/her?
A: NO. Only CHED-approved delivering HEIs can accept scholars; therefore those already
taking graduate studies in a non-CHED approved DHEI are advised to transfer to an approved
DHEI (refer to

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Q: If our personnel is working as part-time faculty in several HEIs, where should his/her
nomination come from? Where will his/her return of service obligation be?
A: His/her nomination can come from any of the HEIs, and return of service obligation shall be
rendered to the nominating HEI.

Q: When can we nominate personnel who are scheduled to be sent for studies in 2018-19?
A: The present round of applications is intended for school year 2017-2018 only.
For AY 2018-2019, CHED shall announce the nomination period, if any


Q: How will the disbursement of allowances be done?
A: The disbursement will be done on a per academic term basis through the grantees DBP
account. The application for the DBP account will only be done upon approval to the
scholarship. Specific instructions shall be provided upon announcement of approved


Q: If our personnels scholarship was granted but s/he did not pass the admission
requirements of the DHEI, should we nominate him/her again for the next semester?
A: NO, but the approved nominee should write a formal letter (endorsed by the SHEI
President) expressing his/her deferment for the current semester to which he/she is approved.
The approved nominee may apply to a DHEI in the following semester. If s/he still does not
pass, s/he will have to be nominated again the following academic year.

Q: If accepted to the DHEI, will a scholar be allowed to defer enrollment until a certain
A: NO, a scholar will not be allowed to defer enrollment unless for the following reasons:
for poor health of grantee certified by a licensed physician, maternity leave of absence (LOA)
of the grantee, and other meritorious reasons acceptable to the SHEI, DHEI, and the

Q: Does the personnel need to be on total Leave of Absence from the SHEI when granted
the scholarship? Since they will be retained and will undergo scholarship at the same time,
can we give them a minimum load while they study?
A: A personnel who will be nominated by the SHEI for graduate studies may still carry up to a
maximum of six (6) units teaching load and ten (10) hours work hours per week for
non-teaching personnel, as long as s/he can fulfill all the terms and conditions of the
scholarship (among which include FULL TIME graduate studies).

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Q: If the salary of our personnel is higher than the living allowance for the scholarship,
how can we bridge the gap?
A: SHEIs are encouraged, when able, to provide counterpart funding to bridge the gap
between the personnels current salary and the living allowance.


Q: Should return of service be rendered by the scholar immediately after completing
his/her degree? What if there arent enough classes to teach when s/he comes back?
A: YES, the scholar must render return of service to his/her sending HEI immediately after
completing his/her degree. S/he may opt to do research or extension work with the SHEI if
there are not enough classes to teach. This should be clearly stated in the Reentry Action Plan
and Return Service Agreement, and supported by the Faculty Development Plan.

Q: As for the reentry plan and return service contract, can we simply provide the
appointment letter for regularization to our personnel?
A: If the appointment letter has the following content listed below, then the SHEI, may do so:
a) The plan, made by the SHEI, which contains your personnels professional direction and
how s/he will be able to contribute more to your institution/region after his/her graduate
b) A contract stating that for every 1 year of graduate studies under the CHED scholarship,
your personnel will have to render 1 year of equivalent service to your institution.

For further questions and clarifications,


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