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Name: _Caroline Caplen________________

Bridgewater College - Music Lesson Plan

Class/Ensemble: __Grade 3 Music___ Date: __1/16/2017______________

National Standards and/or VA SOL(s): (Scope and Sequence taken from LCIS Music
Grade 3 Music: Creating: instrumental performance
Perform alone or with others, a varied repertoire of music on instruments
(Orff instruments - xylophones, glockenspiels, tone bells,
boomwhackers, ukuleles)
Demonstrate proper holding and care of musical instruments

Class set of ukuleles, My first Ukulele books by Ben Parker

Prior Knowledge:
Students will have already been assigned the ukulele and have basic knowledge of
how to hold and act appropriately around the instrument

Students will learn the finger names and learn how to place them on frets
Students will learn how to strum a C chord on the ukulele

(No accommodations have been seen needed for the students in Ms. Fernandes
class in this music lesson)

Time: Sequence:

1:40 Ms. Taylor introduction

- Students will take a seat on the floor

1:45 1:53 Review of last weeks lesson

- Teacher will prompt students to recall what they learned
about the ukulele
o How to hold the ukulele, how to strum
Teacher will call on a volunteer student to come
up and demonstrate on a uke
o Why dont we touch the tuning pegs?
o Fingers, frets and strings
1:53 1:57 Handing out class ukuleles
1:57 - 2:12 Reading chord charts
- Teacher will explain that when we read chord charts, we label
our fingers so we know where to put them on the uke
- Index pinky finger 1- 4
- My First Ukulele pg 11
o (Looking at labeled chord chart) What does this chart
o The chord chart tells us where to put our fingers on the
fretboard and on which string to put them on
2:12 2:20 Playing a C chord
- Students will place 3rd finger on the 1st string, third fret to
form the C chord
- Students will help and critique each other in their playing
position and chord playing.

Thank you Grade 3 for coming to music with me today!
Have students put their ukuleles back in their cases and set them in front of the
keyboard, and line up in front of the door.

Students knowledge will be informally assessed from the last lesson in the review
activity given in the beginning of the class
Students knowledge of this lesson will be informally assessed in the review activity
done the following week