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Concept Dimension

Efficiency is one of standard for

people living nowadays. Everyone Celstchairs dimension is less
than 500 x 500 x 800 mm2 :
needs goods supporting their fast,
instant and simple living style. What
(Scale 1 : 5 cm)
mostly required are portable ones in-
cluding chairs as daily basic goods.
Celstchair, with all its benefits,
comes to fulfill what everyone ex-
pected for a portable chair. 80 cm

Celstchair is a chair made of corru-

gated cardboard which is a new 35 cm

earth friendly material and can be

recycled. Anyone can use celstchair.
It is strong and sturdy enough to hold
an adult with 80 kg maximum weight.
Its design is really simple to be assem-
50 cm
bled and disassembled. The parts are
also easy to be packed that anyone
can use it wherever and whenever
50 cm
they want.

Outlook Detailed Design

Front look Back look
Tampak bawah
Bagian sandaran segitiga
dengan L=(20 x 80)/2 cm2
Sebanyak 4 buah

50 cm
Dua lembar dudukan dasar
berbentuk persegipanjang
dengan L=70,7x35 cm2 dibuat
X (disilang)

50 cm

Tampak belakang Tampak samping

4 sandaran
40 cm

Bagian sandaran
45 cm
Sudut 76o terhadap
sumbu x (horizontal)
Right side look Left side look
10 cm 10 cm 10 cm
80 cm

35 cm 35 cm

20 cm


Bagian dudukan

Assembling Steps Designed by

1 2 3

Caesar Lanang 16913274

Prepare the parts of Cross two main parts

Elisa Frederica Siburian 19813134
Divide it by shapes to
celstchair make assembling easier as basic of the chair

Tian Taufik 16913214

6 5 4

for PRD Project 2014

Corrugated Cardboard
Insert the triangular parts
as the back support one by
Place the cross sec-
tion into the cube
Fold big main part to
build a cube
Portable Chair Challenge

in the guidance of our lecturer

7 8 9
Dr. Husaini Ardy

There are 4 back parts Put the cover onto the

Connect the 4 back
to be inserted. Make sure basic and back support
parts inserted by in-
they have the same posi- and flip every connect-
serting a rectangular
tion or to make it steady
part from behind
Concept Requirement &
Konsep dari kendaraan air bertenaga Clues
tekanan udara ini cukup sederhana
dan mudah dibuat. Requirements :
1. Travel distance of 20 m minimum
Struktur yang kokoh dan ringan 2. Track Width 2m
didapat dengan menggunakan infra 3. The vehicle has to surf the water
board sebagai komponennya. along the travel
4. Distance at which vehicle first exit
Tekanan udara sebagai sumber tena- the track shall be noted as the
travel distance
ga pendorong disimpan dalam botol
1,5 liter.
1. Safety precautions shall always to
Berat alat sesuai dengan yang dibu- be considered
tuhkan agar dapat melaju dengan 2. Partial use of existing available
baik. Alat ini memiliki massa 200 gram. components is permitted
3. Team has to design and construct
a vehicle hull permitting the ship to
travel a straight path and to avoid
leaving the water

Performance Detailed Design

Target lebar

Dapat mengapung dan
melaju di atas air serta lebar

tidak tenggelam sepan-

jang track

Dapat melaju dalam track

lurus dengan lebar 2 m Gambar 1 (komponen samping)
Dimensi panjang : 45 cm
Dimensi lebar : 12 cm
Dapat mencapai jarak 20
m dari acuan dengan Gambar 2 (komponen alas)
Dimensi panjang : 45 cm
tekanan awal 3 bar
Dimensi lebar : 30 cm

DIMENSI TOTAL : (45 x 30 x 12) cm

Assembling Steps Designed by

1. Potong infra board menjadi be- Caesar Lanang 16913274

berapa bagian dengan dimensi Elisa Frederica Siburian 19813134

yang di inginkan
Tian Taufik Firdaus 16913214
2. Gunakan perekat sebagai bahan
for 2nd PRD Project 2014
perekat infra board satu sama lain

3. Tempelkan botol pendorong 1,5 li- Pressure Propelled

Water Vehicle Challenge
ter di atas infra board yang sudah
dirancang in the guidance of our lecturer
Dr. Husaini Ardy

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