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Name of Project: Project Management Consultancy for Design, Supply, Erection, Testing &
Commissioning of 25KV , 50HZ, Single Phase Traction Overhead Equipment, Switching Stations,
Traction Sub Stations, SCADA, General Electrical Services Works along with Signaling &
Telecommunication Works, Civil Engineering Works i.e. Service Buildings, Quarters, Tower Car
Sheds and Other Associated Works between Sections Hospet(Including) - Bellary(Including)-
Guntakal(Including)and Toranagallu(Including) Ranajitpura(Including) and Sidings Comprising
of 138 RKM / 365 TKM of Guntakal Division of South Central Railway and Hubli Division of South
Western Railway, INDIA

1. Proposed Position : Electrical Specialist Railway Electrification

2. Name : Ramesh.A

3. Date of Birth : 15-05-1966

4. Nationality : Indian

5. Personal Address : Flat No.3, 13/27, Karthik Appartments, Nallapan Street, Mylapore,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600 004
Telephone No. : 9500032082
Fax No. :
EMail Address :

6. Education : BE

7. Other Training :

8. Language & Degree of : English, Hindi (working knowledge)


9. Membership in Professional :

10. Countries of Work : India

11. Employment Record : Pls see below

From To Employer Name of the Position Mention Description of Duties Any Other
Project, Specific Held whether discharged including Relevant
section of worked as In- Works Undertaken Facts
Project, location charge or one
& Length level below the
In-charge of
of the project or
any other
1984 1985 Malladi EPC of distillery Jr.Engine Incharge for Design, detailed Engineering,
Project and er MEP and procurement, construction,
Managem pharmaceutical process plant & installation, testing and
ent plant at Ranipet eqpt commissioning of complete
Centre plant and equipment
Pvt Ltd, a electrical and electro-
Malladi mechanical for a tapioca
Group based distillery and API
Org. pharma product
1985 1990 Tribology EPC of turnkey Deputy Same as above 1) Design, detailed
India Ltd. heat treatment Supdt. Engineering,
A TVS plant & eqpt pan Electrical procurement,
group org india construction,
installation, testing
and commissioning of
complete plant and
equipment electrical
and electro-
mechanical for
various clients pan
india and as
2) Head of maintenance
if our own jobbing and
heat treatment unit
pan india
11. Employment Record : Pls see below

1990 1995 S.Railway Provision of PTFE Asst Sub-ordinate to Was responsible for
, MAS Neutral section Dman / AEE preparation of OHE layout
Divsn and along track Junior plans, SEDs, CSDs, bonding
feeder in AJJ- Engineer & earthing plans etc., for all
SBC main line OHE works done in MAS
near AJJ TSS, Division. Well versed in
Upgradation of pegging plan, foundation
Traction trfo and design, track geometry, points
capacitor bank and crossings, normal and
with series reactor bridge masts, portals / masts
in AJJ TSS, in mail line,, yards and sidings
modifications in
OHE in TNPM Was also responsible for
siding, preparation of PSI layouts for
modification / the modifications in TSS.
removal of
diamond crossing Responsible for obtaining
in TBM suburban CEIG / CEE sanction for
main line, energizing modified OHEs
modifications in Had attended a number of
OHE in attipattu foot plate inspections for
siding, TI siding current collection study
1995 2004 S.Railway MAS Division JE/ SE TA to Sr.DEE / Handled complete
, MAS MAS electrification works for
Divsn. electrical general services
over MAS Dn. Construction
2004 2010 S.Railway H.O Chief CVI Handled governance of anti-
, HO Vigilance corruption in S.Rly
2011 2011 S.Railway MAS SSE(E) Incharge of BBQ Handled complete
MAS Div. AC coaching maintenance of AC coaching
depot stocks, stores and inventories,
manpower and resource
planning, EOG rakes etc.,
11. Employment Record : Pls see below

Jan 2012 May RE / MS VM-KPD section AXEE Subordinate Has been pivotal and driving
2012 152 TKM + 2 TSS (RE)/ MS officer under force for Execution of OHE &
@ VM DEE/RS/VM TSS works of the execution
contractor. Indenting, follow
up and arranging for all OHE
and PSI items, coordination of
line blocks and ensuring no
bursting of the same,
maintenance and scheduling
of 4 wheeler tower wagon,
crane and BFRs
May Dec Tebodin Various greenfield Departme HOD (Electrical Complete EPC & PMC of
2012 2016 Consultan and brown field nt & MEPF requirements for
ts & industrial projects Manager Instrumentation) various industrial projects pan
Engineers pan India (E&I) India.
India Pvt Also as Project manager and
ltd., a QOHSE incharge
group org

12. Certification:

i I, the undersigned Certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio-data correctly
describes my qualifications, my experience and my-self. I understand that any willful
misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.

ii I have not been removed by Competent Authority of RVNL from any of the RVNL works without
completing my assignment and shall be available to work with the consultants. In case I leave the
assignment without approval of RVNL or I am removed by RVNL on account of some default,
RVNL would be at liberty to take appropriate action against me including debarment for up to
Three Years.

iii I am willing to undertake the assignment and ensure my availability for the duration of the
a I have no history of involvement in Vigilance/CBI/Police Case, resulting in major penalty
punishment of removal/dismissal/compulsory retirement or conviction.

b I have never been debarred from Project Management Consultancy by RVNL.

c I was debarred from Project Management Consultancy by RVNL for.... years from../../.. to ../../..
And period of debarment is now over.

Signature of Proposed Personnel

Date of Signing: 23.01.2017

Certified that information stated above has been verified by me

Signature of Consultant (Authorized Signatory)

For URS Scott Wilson India Pvt. Ltd.

3rd Floor, Building 8, Tower- A,
DLF Cyber Citi, DLF Phase 2,
Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002