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This is where AMITY,

CANDOR meet.
Sharing is caring
Style of government
- Monarchy

- Representative Democracy

- This is where sharing, caring and honesty

comes together.
Agriculture society
Agriculture society
- feed our citizens

- export for profit

$69 for a twelve-pack of $212 for a square
Queen Strawberries watermelon
high-end fruits as presents for formal occasions like weddings, business transactions, and hospital visits.
- less crime
- clean society
- green society
- people are kind and polite
- good lives quality
- good public service
- health care
- education
- career and job
- less unemployment
- no starving
- fully funded from kindergarten
to middle school
- moral code
- environmental science (basic agriculture)
- basic subject
- prepare students for jobs
- science related fields
- scholarships
- study abroad
solar energy chairs
- support the R&D
projects about
renewable energy,
develop agricultural
products, recycle

- technical student,
practical student
Legal philosophy
based on moral code
respect each other
kind and generous
Legal philosophy
- Two Children policy
- parents must pay
taxes for later
-trained to be of high quality
Social welfare
- high taxes
- more income more
- importing goods
higher taxes
Social welfare
- high-quality public service
- public transport
- health care
- pension