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Tzu Wei Chang

Professor Silva
Health Education 44
12 February 2017

Project 2 Calorie Intake Final

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack(s) Total
Sat 02/04 Apple (95) Pork Fried Chicken Popcorn 2,544
Scrambled Rice (650) Steak /w chicken
eggs (149) Spaghetti (450)
Lemon Iced
Tea 22oz
Sun 02/05 Banana Avocado White Rice Cheese dog 2,100
(100) Smoothie (250) bread (122)
(500) Salmon Filet
Rice (250) (300)
Marinated Stir fried
Pork (400) Cabbage
dish (~300)
Mon 02/06 Banana Beef Udon 1000 Yr Egg Garlic bread 1,492
(100) (550) & Pork (122)
Side of Porridge
boiled (400)
Potatoes Milk Tea
(120) 22oz (200)
Tue 02/07 none In n out White Rice none 1,665
double (250)
double Beef meat
(670) sauce/broth
Fries (395) (250)
Wed 02/08 none Ramen White Rice French fries 1,860
extra (250) (330)
noodles Assorted
(500) Vegetables
Dumplings (150)
(300) Slices of
fried Pork
Th 02/09 Scrambled Pho (390) White rice none 1,589
eggs (149) Egg Rolls (250)
(300) Assorted
Tzu Wei Chang
Professor Silva
Health Education 44
12 February 2017

Project 2 Calorie Intake Final

Fri 02/10 Garlic Club White rice French fries 2,190
French sandwich (250) (330)
toasts (200) (660) Assorted
Milk tea vegetables
22oz (200) (150)
beef and
sauce (400)

This project has been exponentially interesting, logging calories has been a challenge since I

dont always eat out, and thus is provided with a nutritional table from the establishment.

However, building a meal for a day is quite possible and can be low in calorie, heres one for

example: to start off, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but shouldnt be a heavy

meal, a good and very basic meal would be scrambled eggs roughly 150 calories and a banana

with 100 calories. For lunch, a more nutritionally balanced meal is the way to go, with white

rice, between one or two servings at 250 calories, assortment of vegetables by frying which can

be heavier in calories than steamed which would be less calories and allows the vegetables to

retain most of its nutritional content this can weigh in at 150 calories for one serving of stir fried

veggies, or 100 calories for one serving of steamed veggies. Lastly to include a protein rich meal

to supplement yourself, a smoked salmon filet is reliable since it is low in calorie but rich in

protein and other vitamins such as iron and vitamin B. To finish in dinner, an equally balanced

meal can be as simple as white rice at one to two servings at 250 calories with vegetables and

this time half a grilled chicken breast totally at 250 calories, avoiding red meats can reduce the

chance of cardiovascular diseases. Where as beef or pork are high in fat and calorie and lower in
Tzu Wei Chang
Professor Silva
Health Education 44
12 February 2017

Project 2 Calorie Intake Final

nutrients than say salmon and chicken making these a better and healthier food option when

consumed in moderation. This project has truly enlightened me in what and just how much

calories we humans can consume in a day, or in this case a week. There are some days where you

can eat an insanely large quantity or calories and not think much about it, and some days where

you eat very little in calories but still feel very stuffed. I have found out that vegetables when

steamed are best because it will keep most of its nutrients unlike stir fried which will strip away

nutrients with the high temperatures and oil it is exposed to. Three simple goals I wish to reach is

to first cut down sugary drinks such as milk tea and lemon tea they are an extra 200+

unnecessary of pure calories and no other nutritional value. Secondly, I would like to consume

more vegetables steamed or not, simply because I do not eat the daily recommended intake that

can be acquired from vegetables to get to minerals and vitamins like calcium, vitamin K, vitamin

A, and dietary fibers. Lastly, my goal is to eat breakfast more often since it is arguably the most

important meal of the day, there are times I find myself in the morning starving and unable to

focus on my daily duties, and so if I can make ways to eat even a fruit or eggs I am sure I can be

more proficient in my day before lunch.