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Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:41:11 No.58966708

/ptg/ - Private Tracker Genera(...)

remembering alucardo edition

Previous thread >>58958303

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?

The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with
487 KB PNG opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing
the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
IRC #ptg 6697/9999 SSL only

When autism reaches critical levels, news will get posted in this thread.
Want it sooner? Do it yourself or read the old thread.

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:

>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>This is a thread for educational purposes only don't offer or ask for invites.

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:42:33 No.58966722

honestly I miss alucard :^(

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:43:55 No.58966733

>meant for aussies
must suck to have such shit internets

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:44:01 No.58966734

Yeah more like itunes but looks like netflix and is more lightweight like what he said >>58966677 # only I'd clarify they allow you to install the
plex server on it so you can remotely stream (the vids on ur seedbox) so you dont have to download them locally. Meant for aussies.

Since we're on the subject.. ive seen this but is it legit (hdb subtitle agent for plex) im not putting my hdb credentials into it but some say they
dont require it to access its database.

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:45:44 No.58966745

>making a new thread when the last one is on page 3

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:46:08 No.58966750

Yeah it's retarded. Why not just the scene release or use popcorn time if you have to stream. Idky aussies bother with private trackers -
their promotion of wcd as the ideal gateway tracker (cause vids are too large for them to upload) is hilarious

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:46:52 No.58966757

>tfw it's been 90 days

158 KB PNG

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:48:50 No.58966778

first off it was page 2 faggot
second off it's called a bump limit
third off it's fucking war with these OPs being posted @ 310 lately, pay attention nigger


Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:49:48 No.58966785

What happened to alutard? Haven't been around here the past couple of days

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:50:16 No.58966787

can I have an apollo invite

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:50:16 No.58966788

>OP's posted @ 310 lately
This race to get OP's up quick is ruining the quality of the news section desu senpai , thats my favorite section too

But i get the struggle.

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:51:06 No.58966800

he got blown the FUCK out

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:51:18 No.58966802

What's better? I wanted feral but they died

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:51:23 No.58966803

>using the smiley with a carat nose

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:52:08 No.58966811

why the hell not, post your email
Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:52:17 No.58966816

he quit FLS

you fucking newsfags are why the race is happening
take 60 seconds and read the last thread
there's your fucking news

what are you paying per month

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:52:49 No.58966820

>being triggered by a character


Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:54:17 No.58966836


stop spreading this misinformation

he was told to leave or get btFo

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:54:48 No.58966839

I was comfortable paying 15 per month. Storage was garbage though - 350GB

Upgraded plans are 22/mo for 2TB

Is VPS a better option? I would like things to be as simple as possible, not because I can't fix things but because I don't want to have to

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:55:29 No.58966848

the nigger said he quit, staff said he quit
literally nothing else can prove otherwise
despite your memeing

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:55:28 No.58966849

>tfw you're on feral and you're paying zero dollars per month for a seedbox

ratiocucks B T F O


Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:55:53 No.58966853

>>58966811 thanks

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:56:27 No.58966858



Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:56:42 No.58966862

hell if you want to diy hetzner

anything is better than 15 bucks for 350gb

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:57:03 No.58966865

alucard detected

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:57:04 No.58966866

hes probably staff now

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:57:06 No.58966867

he's lying.

and no, "staff" didn't say he quit.

there are THREE staff members at aleppo: A, O, and X. aluretardo's gay buttbuddy mirax is not staff

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:57:21 No.58966871


Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:57:34 No.58966872


303 KB PNG

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:58:21 No.58966886

Cool I will check them out right now

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:58:37 No.58966888



Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:59:09 No.58966894

fucking hardly cunt

100 KB JPG

Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)23:59:15 No.58966897

Instead of giving you the >paying to pirate run around, i will be kind and warn you about how horrible feral is. I used to use it for a year or.
They overjam their disks with users. At least 3 times when i was using 1 of my 2tb slot allowance, i tried to download a remux and it said "no
room on drive" error because someone went over by a lot. No money back. Nothing. They even deleted MY shit to make room when i sent
them an invoice complaining there was no room (check the archives i complained here last winter) Never used another provider since.

In my city, if i wanted to pay an extra $15 a month on my isp plan i could have 1gbit connection. Since you're likely not in my boat, you
should use superseeders

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:00:14 No.58966906

i've seen that av on pth too

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:00:32 No.58966911

>tfw i went down to waifus and then went back up to anime

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:01:00 No.58966914

there's your problem. you could also manually tag them or go the extra mile for your fellow weeabos and add that crap to themoviedb

Plex + roku = comf

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:01:17 No.58966920


congrats sir, you are now cabal banned

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:01:35 No.58966925

3 sysops, more staff than that. still less than pth


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:02:20 No.58966933

Everyone besides FLS is staff at pooloo, what are you on about?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:03:22 No.58966943

so THIS is what happened to maidenslayer and that other anon posting here

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:03:22 No.58966944

Yeah, if I pay 20 more per month it only doubles my connection speed, and i'm already sitting on 50/50 which is fine for me, not great but
good enough.

I'll check them out

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:04:03 No.58966953

aleppo doesn't follow standard procedures like other torrent sites (they're SCC trash)

the only staff are A, O, and X.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:04:15 No.58966954

>go to staff page
>see like 15 staff
>only FLS have anything saying they aren't staff

this really made me alter my perspective

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:04:28 No.58966956

>tfw never left the anime stage and never will
Moeshit and waifu shit never interested me, only the ones where manly dudes slice other people in half, thats the good stuff. I can barely
even watch angel cop due to
>muh stronk womynz

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:04:45 No.58966961

What are the best trackers for high def FLAC? I'm mainly looking for HDtracks and vinyl rips. I don't mind paying for access
or making donations. I have 100Mb/s fibre at home so seeding isn't an issue.


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:05:44 No.58966972

the staff page sure does provide a lot of evidence for that! :^)

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:07:07 No.58966985

>being this stupid


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:08:07 No.58966992


seriously this is just a fucking meme that was started on ptg for some reason. Everyone on the staff page besides FLS are staff. No irc logs
or forum posts or any evidence at all to the contrary.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:08:16 No.58966994

you seem awfully insistent, have you taken your xanax?

415 KB PNG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:08:44 No.58966999

None are very good right now, no great options. PTH is allegedly the best rn but not worth an interview


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:08:52 No.58967002

You're doing something wrong. All of those shows are listed on TheTVDB that Plex uses for information.

Are you sure you didn't accidentally set your anime folder to "Movies" instead of "TV Shows"?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:10:22 No.58967013

Like this?


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:11:35 No.58967021

Yep. And under "advanced", agent should be set to "TheTVDB"

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:11:44 No.58967022

Idk if theres a difference with anime but theres a huge difference between tv shows and movies, you need to direct plex to specific
appropriate folders for each. Then press match if that doesnt work. You can even paste the imdb id number in the search parameter and it
will match

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:11:52 No.58967023

So did I, until I blocked the avatar url.

We do not want this sickness. This is sick, and therefore deviant. We do not want it.
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:13:50 No.58967043

seems fine to me


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:15:47 No.58967055

Yeah I just avoid the forums as much as I can, I noticed that most of the userbase on the forums is cancer. Trackers are so large though I
figure all of the good people just grab the files and go on with their lives.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:18:10 No.58967075


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:25:14 No.58967148

Not sure then. Last thing to try is a library refresh. If that still doesn't work, then you can hit "fix incorrect match" under each specific release.
Even that shouldn't take more than a few minutes at most if the search function is working correctly.

I have most of those shows in my library, plex picked up on pretty much all of them, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working. You can
even try and search for releases yourself. It should have every release on that list with both the english and romaji titles

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:27:56 No.58967174

Following the new Logchecker, we're raising the ceiling even higher for excellent rips. In our mission to become the music archive of the
Internet, we have taken a sampling of logs on the site. During analysis, we found a significant number of EAC 1.0+ logs and XLD logs failed
the EAC and XLD log checksum tests.

Due to this development, we've decided to make a change.

Now, perfect 100% EAC or XLD logs with checksums will trump any EAC or XLD rips without checksums. Never fear though, any 0.99 logs
already scoring 100% will still count as "perfect" toward user class advancement.

There will be a two week grace period where the original uploader has priority to trump their own uploads with newer EAC and XLD rips.
After two weeks, torrents containing logs lacking checksums will have a "Trumpable!" tag appended.

We will be adding a feature on the better.php and advanced search pages that will show trumpable logs when the grace period ends.

To re-iterate:
Perfect 100% EAC or XLD logs with checksums will trump rips without checksums.
Logs containing a ripping date before 2017 will score 100%, but are trumpable by a proper log with a checksum.
Other users will be able to trump your uploads with a proper log containing a checksum after two weeks.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:28:17 No.58967176



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:32:36 No.58967223

Isn't he Russian? I wonder if he drinks while in a diaper.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:33:18 No.58967237

yes hello and welcome to a few hours ago

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:34:04 No.58967250

So, I have had a look around and I think it's worth it in my case. Do you know how I go about getting an interview? I can't find anything official
looking. Mostly just sites that want to take my money and dont seem to have anything to do with PTH directly. Where should I be looking?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:38:26 No.58967312


go there and learn that stuff

and that site teaches you how to connect to IRC to take the interview
the queue is around 20 hrs last time I checked
good luck

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:38:42 No.58967316

I'm in a good mood right now so here

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:45:10 No.58967372

20 seconds late
>mood: destroyed.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:47:38 No.58967392


114 KB JPG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:51:14 No.58967413


kek, I've seen this before but it gets me every time.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:07:35 No.58967540

OP showed definitive proof of autism.
Prognosis: irrecoverable.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:14:58 No.58967587

>using a pixelated picture of the smiley with a carat nose

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:15:14 No.58967590

How to join *******.**?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:17:32 No.58967605

Any good private trackers for software?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:17:40 No.58967607

using the greater-than symbol with the green meme text

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:18:14 No.58967613



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:18:46 No.58967618

are you fucking retarded m8

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:19:24 No.58967622

I knew a girl like this when I was younger, who thought she was a dog, bitch was right fucked in the head.
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:19:35 No.58967623

>The tracker is experiencing technical difficulties.

Please leave your clients seeding.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:20:40 No.58967631

and they say 213d knows what he's doing.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:23:14 No.58967657

this isn't derogatory to furbabies siwwy

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:23:15 No.58967658

something is definitely wrong with dis nigga

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:25:51 No.58967682

oh thank fucking god

i was dying over here without wcd
75 KB PNG is apollo worth looking into or just pth?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:26:08 No.58967685



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:26:30 No.58967687

This lad is proof a loving god doesn't exist.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:26:40 No.58967688

meh, do both, always good to have a backup

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:27:09 No.58967696

Why Plex instead of Kodi?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:27:24 No.58967697

siwwy me

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:27:56 No.58967703

not him but I chose it so I could stream away from home

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:28:56 No.58967711

Top hook

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:36:51 No.58967777

How can this guy have unlimited invites?


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:38:27 No.58967793

he's an etm
they have unlimited invites
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)01:54:12 No.58967909

If you like uncensored shit with oral/regular creampies

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:00:47 No.58967950

diaper freak

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:04:43 No.58967976



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:05:29 No.58967981



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:05:52 No.58967986

You should thank nala because zed had SHITE to do with it

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:06:06 No.58967989


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:08:19 No.58968008


Are these ever-present /ptg/ threads, on a 4chan board with a weird loli fetish, with their byzantine, bureaucratic signup processes, just a
cover for child porn rings?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:08:36 No.58968013



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:09:17 No.58968018


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:09:47 No.58968024


Corin Faife 02/16/17(Thu)02:42:10 No.58968258

Hello, I am a VICE journalist filming a documentary on the private tracker underground - I'm looking for individuals heavily involved in the
private tracker community with a in-depth understanding of the history & culture surrounding private trackers, we would like to conduct
several interviews with you if possible. Thanks

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:44:22 No.58968268

I'm game, I have accounts on all of the major cabal trackers as well as a few very exclusive ones. Hit me up at if
you're interested.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:44:24 No.58968269


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:45:38 No.58968280

Get in touch with DemonOtaku he's what we call 'Hook Shit'
been around forever and has deep ties with the Cabal

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:48:16 No.58968300

Fuck off normie

Corin Faife 02/16/17(Thu)02:48:50 No.58968304

holy shit you idiot

This (((jorunalist))) was hired by the cabal admods to out 4chan users, he goes to your house, does a phony interview then permanently
marks your account

Corin Faife 02/16/17(Thu)02:50:03 No.58968316



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:51:39 No.58968324

>tfw I'm pretty sure I'm the anon you're refering to
>my anime addiction came After I started to transition tyvm

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:52:56 No.58968331

maidenslayer doesn't even like anime anymore

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:54:41 No.58968345

>tfw 5 of my uploads already have valid checksums


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:55:01 No.58968350

>last post On Feb 15 2017, 21:58

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:57:07 No.58968368

ask her yourself

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:57:17 No.58968370

>tfw big pimpin' on x264!

498 KB GIF

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:57:24 No.58968373

She went full paranoia settings, which you you fuckers harassed her to the point she took down cute pictures :(

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:57:57 No.58968378


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:58:02 No.58968379



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)02:59:02 No.58968391

then kill yourself :^)

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:02:00 No.58968409


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:04:31 No.58968429


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:06:56 No.58968447

>though I figure all of the good people just grab the files and go on with their lives.
>implying anyone would anything but that


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:08:35 No.58968455

Glad he is is anti-feminist.

Now we have to redpill him on Jews.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:08:59 No.58968460

>watching sd
1.69 MB GIF

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:10:25 No.58968466

>he thinks x264 is only SD

you dipshit

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:10:49 No.58968468

But I heard that real servers got seized. I mean if they could they would jail the admins. No one wants that.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:16:18 No.58968505

>not being a sovereign citizen

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:24:21 No.58968573




Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:30:10 No.58968629


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:32:08 No.58968652

Filtered. Sorry!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:33:23 No.58968662

>being so autistic you filter posts that you don't like

I think I know a site you'd like better!

349 KB GIF

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:34:50 No.58968675

>>filter posts that you don't like
Just the image!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:48:09 No.58968819

>using the smiley with a carat nose

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:51:51 No.58968857

if you don't like hook posting you came to the wrong neighbourhood, motherfucker

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:52:54 No.58968869

I dont like forced """memes""".

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:59:58 No.58968930

>thread culture i don't like is a forced meme

We don't like newfriends here.


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:03:10 No.58968954

epic comeback /b/ro!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:04:24 No.58968965

>one man spam
>thread culture
Well youre probably right.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:05:52 No.58968978


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:06:39 No.58968987


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:07:13 No.58968988

new thread time


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:07:53 No.58968991

Don't forget news motherfucker

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:08:43 No.58969002

do it

i dare you

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:09:06 No.58969008

>tfw the ultimate redpill is embracing the furry

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:21:13 No.58969096

>uses x264
>likes shitty definition

262 KB PNG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:24:17 No.58969121

Why are you spreading lies?

134 KB JPG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:27:01 No.58969142

Why are you on the worst tracker? Even ipt has real encodes from hdb. x264 is like 1 step above yifi, pixelhd tier. Get yourself on a movie
tracker worth beng on

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:29:00 No.58969157

>shits on x264
>cuts for IPT
683 KB GIF

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)04:46:26 No.58969265

Why not both?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:15:39 No.58969497

Guyz, how into BIB?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:22:46 No.58969541

be my friend ;_;

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:24:08 No.58969546

Sorry, homie, I ain't down with that

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:46:14 No.58969677

What the hell is this? Is this a transcode?

3.16 MB PNG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:47:12 No.58969683

No you nog

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:49:19 No.58969696


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:49:23 No.58969697

>not using spek

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:50:57 No.58969710

oh god, i'm gonna fail, huh


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:52:24 No.58969723



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:54:10 No.58969737

yes. from 320 i think

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:54:57 No.58969743

Youre gona be alright! Im cheering for you, anon!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:55:34 No.58969749

It's not

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:56:04 No.58969752


you're fucked!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:56:27 No.58969754


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:57:03 No.58969757

fuck off with your transcodes. hope you get banned

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:57:30 No.58969761

real talk, why would it be such a clean cutoff before 22khz but above 20.5khz?
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:58:08 No.58969764


143 KB PNG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:58:16 No.58969766

It's a legit FLAC you autistic retard

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)05:59:45 No.58969778



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:01:10 No.58969785


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:05:11 No.58969813

>goes away for 3 days

>excited to check how much I've seeded
>over 800GB on PHD
>over 100GB on AlphaRatio
>under 1GB on PTH

what the fuck, honestly I hope PTH goes to a bonus point system. it's so dry out there

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:05:54 No.58969820

When trackers say that China is banned, does that mean Hong Kong too?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:06:33 No.58969826

there is only one china

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:09:26 No.58969849

let XANAX ease the pain, anon...

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:10:39 No.58969860



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:11:08 No.58969863

Honestly no joke I've been using APL to DL most of my music

I'm on PTH too but I got into APL really early and I have over 1TB of buffer

PTH on the other hand... Hopefully things will improve over time

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:13:28 No.58969878

why would nala tell people to use apollo?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:22:14 No.58969939

anybody mind giving me tips how to join oppai****?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:23:24 No.58969948

look like this irl

1.46 MB PNG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:25:33 No.58969964

stop being a faggot and join a real tracker

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:25:36 No.58969965

pth invite forums!
also jpopsuki!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:30:19 No.58970000

fuck off yui you destroyed ab

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:31:56 No.58970019

t. aldy

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:33:24 No.58970032

ab - real tracker. lol. stop dreaming

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:34:52 No.58970050

I like yui


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:35:17 No.58970055

I'm a newfag to private trackers but this shit all seems autistic as fuck.
>Arbitrary retarded invite system
>Tracker staff pretend to give out invites here
>If you actually get in, good luck staying in, and btw if you piss of a faggot admin enjoy being banned from all decent trackers

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:37:17 No.58970071

>this shit seems autistic

that's because it is!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:45:39 No.58970124



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:47:36 No.58970134

Me too.

692 KB PNG
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:53:29 No.58970163

That's a price to pay for high quality content.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:54:57 No.58970171

Lads, should I be building my music collection in 24bit flac?

I never even heard of that format before getting into PTH.

Is it better than normal flac?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:55:30 No.58970179

24/16 = 3/2 so yes its better ya dingus

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:56:20 No.58970183



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:57:04 No.58970192

So does it sound better or not?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)06:57:44 No.58970196



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:08:15 No.58970259

Is it worth joining a private tracker if I'm not really that active? I'm mostly interested in audio software, music and movies, but I don't really
consume a lot. Maybe 20 movies, 50 records, and less than 10 audio programs per year.

Lately I've been having a hard time finding good rips of the non mainstream music and movies that I like. I am a member of a non torrent
audio software site but they use mostly public filesharing sites so the speed is really bad.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:12:21 No.58970281

PT's are about having any and all content at your fingertips whenever you want it, so yes you would benefit.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:12:30 No.58970283

Hi Kyle

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:14:05 No.58970299


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:15:13 No.58970307

use my internet name fucker

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:16:33 No.58970319

Yes, post your email and I'll invite you to HDBits

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:17:55 No.58970328

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:27:11 No.58970394

PM me on my nickname is RedDunce

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:28:12 No.58970401


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:29:59 No.58970410


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:31:19 No.58970416


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:50:23 No.58970567

Check for a shelf and zoom in at 16 khz

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)07:58:53 No.58970627

Any news on MTV?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:01:12 No.58970648

what's wrong with ab in your eyes? honest question

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:07:54 No.58970704

It's dead. Move to TtN.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:08:47 No.58970709



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:14:46 No.58970745

Its fate will be decided soon.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:16:28 No.58970759

>implying im not on the cabal
You're the one using a tracker with encodes so shit they do other trackers the favor by not letting them on others. But whatever if youre
happy there so be it.

I joined just to see how curry it was. I noticed one encoder used the same script. I bet some are passable but i see them all as
handjobs meaning shit quality to stay away from

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:17:36 No.58970768

>>>/tv/ >>>/pol/ >>>/cnn/

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:17:50 No.58970772

Any tips on getting buffer on tehc?

danyisill 02/16/17(Thu)08:20:11 No.58970789

delete this

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:20:20 No.58970794

Download most MOTW versions when they appear.
No other way honestly.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:21:23 No.58970806

Do I need a seedbox?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:24:31 No.58970823

Not strictly, but it certainly cannot hurt.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:32:23 No.58970883

No. Half the site is freeleech. If you're looking for other trackers it's all about [cross]seeding size. I made producer from cross seeding. It
allows me to see there invite section which had ptp last I checked last spring. Useless for me and fhat was last spring idk what it has now.
It's my least used tracker. My ratio was over 1000 at some point cause i only had 3mb down.

I would imagine it's mecca for someone coming from curry like x264 though

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:05:57 No.58971221

rtorrent 0.9.6 is being banned by a few trackers, lads

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:08:16 No.58971245

Why though?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:10:25 No.58971272

there have been numerous reports of it sending the wrong data to the trackers.

Apparently there are duplicate peer_ids among users which is causing the mix-up.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:13:21 No.58971301

What's the deal with UHDB and Vietnamese?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:14:31 No.58971310

What trackers?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:18:21 No.58971349


there was some talk about it on HDB too

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:21:55 No.58971383

Why the fuck are many trackers never working in my qbittorrent?

My uploads actually get deleted for being inactive and not being seeded.

133 KB PNG The status shows and not working, but when I rightclick ->reannounce tracker, it suddenly works.
Why are the trackers not working?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:21:55 No.58971384


those are shit

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:22:04 No.58971385

No fags, check announcement on HD-Torrents.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:22:16 No.58971386

Where can the UHDBits invite forum take me?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:22:23 No.58971388


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:23:12 No.58971395

I know that meme, but the status shows as seeding, not stalled. Is there an option for max connections that is causing this?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:24:15 No.58971410

I had qBit once.
Out of 60+ running torrents only 4-5 would have any real upload at any time.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:24:25 No.58971414



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:25:00 No.58971422

I did the same desu! $80 gone to waste! Very sad!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:25:15 No.58971426

It used to work for me in the past. I also tried Deluge because of this issue, but I think it had the same problem, plus I don't want to transfer
all my torrents from one client to another.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:26:32 No.58971443

>using qStalledmeme

Don't you fags know this is ratio suicide?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:27:35 No.58971454

has anybody tried using ra**o**ter on P T H?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:27:37 No.58971455

There is a easy way to transfer running torrents from qBit to uTorrent and vice versa.. Something where youd copy data from appdata to
other folder. Try googling for it

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:29:58 No.58971476

Yea I've seen people try and pull that shit in court and it doesn't work like you think it does.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:30:39 No.58971487

Any way to batch transfer all the torrents into another client?
Well I'm not going to migrate to uTorrent, that thing is just ad-ridden cancer nowadays. But I looked for Deluge and couldn't find anything.
I remember I looked for other torrent clients in the past, but found no way to do it either.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:34:08 No.58971525

Should I feel bad for lying about these requirements?


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:34:21 No.58971529

my nigga. Yeah, I wish I had lied about how much I had paid in advance but I was honey. Thank God, I had my passwords saved

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:35:58 No.58971546

What the fuck? I hope this isn't real.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:38:04 No.58971568

>Not using uTorrent 2.2.1
Everything else is cancer, Deluge takes too much resources, qBit stalls, rtorrent b&, maybe Tixati is good but is not allowed anywhere
except PHD and MTV.
Also lets just not talk about Transmission

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:42:40 No.58971630

It's really not that hard to stay in a private tracker(seedbox really helps).

That's 4chan's job is to make shit seem autistic. Plus this thread is pointless just a bunch of elitest fags sucking each others dicks.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:44:18 No.58971644

What's the minimum seed time on vietcong UHD? can't find that shit anywhere on rules/wiki

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:44:44 No.58971649

>Also lets just not talk about Transmission
What's wrong with Transmission besides its lacking webUI?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:45:13 No.58971661

there's no hnr rules

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:45:38 No.58971664

I only let real females swallow my dick thank you

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:46:40 No.58971679

Transmission does have a webui man.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:47:49 No.58971694

HDBits says that this is a tracker bug, not a client bug.

>For those interested (with the rtorrent 0.9.6 ban on some trackers), we had debugged and solved the problem shortly after opening this
thread. The problem was duplicate peer_ids across multiple users. Whether this is the consequence of something rtorrent did with a prng
function, intended or not, I don't know, but the solution was extremely simple.

>Just to clarify: Most tracker code assumes that a peer_id is unique in the swarm--and that's not true--so when there are 2 users with
identical peer_ids, their stats get corrupted. This is not a bug with rtorrent, it's a bug with the tracker code, and blacklisting rtorrent 0.9.6 will
not solve the problem. Clashing peer_id's isn't a problem that's limited to just rtorrent 0.9.6, or to only rtorrent at all. It's also happened with
both transmission and uTorrent for sure, and probably other clients as well.

Once again, HDBits shows they are the best tracker and those chink trackers are shit.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:49:12 No.58971708

I heard winfags saying it has no official win build or that there is only alpha or something.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:49:31 No.58971711

send me an hdb invite motherfuck!
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:49:58 No.58971721

thanks for the answer


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:51:22 No.58971734

is every internal uploader at hd torrents a fucking gook or yuropoor nigger?

Some of the slowest fucking uploaders i've encountered outside of chink trackers

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:51:29 No.58971735

No, nigger. HDB is only for the very best /ptg/ users.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:53:22 No.58971754

so how'd you get in

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:54:30 No.58971766

i have a big seedbox ready to seed hdb torrents for a long time just let me in cunt

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:54:55 No.58971770

They recruited me on PTP.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:56:27 No.58971791

I know it does, but its lacking compared to Deluge or ruTorrent

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:58:56 No.58971818

I think your case was a rare one
PTP is like constantly getting DDOSD

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:00:40 No.58971839

No it doesn't. 312c is just an incompetent sysop.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:01:38 No.58971850

What are you watching tonight, niggers?

691 KB JPG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:02:14 No.58971856

tv shows buddy

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:02:50 No.58971859

I feel exactly the same. PHD seedign is sooooo easy. AR aswell. APL is pretty simple too. And then there's PTH where you get 100 mb a

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:05:07 No.58971883


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:07:09 No.58971896

I'm gonna go watch La La Land with my mom

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:07:23 No.58971898

Ya bro, PTH should go ratio less if it wants to survive. Or else PHD and AR will definitely win over PTH.


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:07:55 No.58971904

a bangbros compilation

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:17:58 No.58971999

Next OP pic here


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:24:55 No.58972054

Don't forget the news, anon.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:25:06 No.58972056

>12 year old humor

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:27:39 No.58972084

>move to tiny dead tracker who's only source of content is just shit autosnatched from other better trackers by bots

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:28:14 No.58972091

You say it like PTH was struggling to survive. Like there was an alternative to it.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:28:58 No.58972099

Lads... I did a meme hehehe

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:31:20 No.58972126

Do you have a better alternative that's not BTN?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:33:46 No.58972149

freshon is clearly better than ttn

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:37:41 No.58972193

Why do you fags get so scared of joining BTN? It's not really that hard to do.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:41:28 No.58972225

it's not hard, it takes 6 months lad

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:42:08 No.58972236

no son.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:43:15 No.58972249

6 months is nothing, nigger. The longer you wait, the more you won't have BTN.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:43:20 No.58972252


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:47:54 No.58972295


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:48:57 No.58972305

6 months where?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:49:19 No.58972313

Do not say such things

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:50:09 No.58972320

I voted to wipe everything because I'm also on BTN kek

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:50:20 No.58972324


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:52:00 No.58972342

Several trackers that you probably don't have accounts with anyway.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:52:51 No.58972350

Literally why?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:53:02 No.58972352

Can you ask around what is happening to B*N https? It does not load the site for some people. I dont want to install irc client for that.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:55:15 No.58972377

IRC is good for you, son. Install it anyway.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:56:32 No.58972392

But i have no use for it, anon. 4chan is enough for socializing to me!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:56:42 No.58972396

>he fell for the back up meme

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:56:59 No.58972401

Dear /ptg/:

What trackers does a /ptg/ poster have to have accounts with in order to not be a pleb?

Serious question.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:58:17 No.58972414


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:58:19 No.58972415

i'm already waiting desu, it's still a long time

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)10:58:20 No.58972417

P*H, B*N, P*P.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:00:08 No.58972440


1.43 MB PNG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:01:01 No.58972450


This is a meme answer.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:01:52 No.58972463

fuck off y*i

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:03:48 No.58972491

your life is a meme

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:05:19 No.58972512


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:05:33 No.58972513

no, when it comes to private trackers, hk is not china. also different ips

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:12:46 No.58972615

do i have to worry about using my home connection to torrent from M-Team?

Their freeleech rule doesn't apply to seedboxes so it's the only option.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:13:16 No.58972622

you're probably fine

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:16:13 No.58972662

Yule be fine

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:18:53 No.58972708

many thanks good honorable sirs

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:27:08 No.58972837

quads confirm

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:33:12 No.58972933

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:33:36 No.58972938

too fucking early nigger, delete this

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:35:30 No.58972974


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:35:52 No.58972982

btfo lad

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:38:04 No.58973012

Is it really worth getting Master in BTN?

Even grinding snatches for Guru was a pain in my ass and now I have to double my entire snatch count to get the next promotion? No
offense but that sounds like horse shit!

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:38:23 No.58973019

lurk more stupid fucking nigger

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:41:19 No.58973063

whoever makes the new thread should remember to add news by the way

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:41:54 No.58973073

What news?

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:45:51 No.58973127

BloWn ThE FuCk O U T

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:46:30 No.58973137


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:48:53 No.58973166

everyone point and laugh at this stupid nigger

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:49:47 No.58973181

you know it

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:51:58 No.58973222

>download torrent
>don't seed it


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:52:28 No.58973231

I think staff taking a step back and realizing that law enforcement were interested in them, actively seizing assets, and would happily put
them behind bars if they could, and deciding at this point that that it's not worth risking, is a perfectly valid choice.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:53:33 No.58973257

you know what, i've had it up to HERE with you fucking poltard racists.
How fucking disgusting of a person are you?
I mean seriously, leave the bigotry back at /pol/ where it belongs.
This is 2017, not 1917 dude.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:54:34 No.58973275

I usually don't seed pub tracker stuff, unless I'm one of the first ones in the swarm and not many others have finished it yet or something.

Otherwise though it either clearly doesn't need it, or else it does but I'm not willing to leave my IP on a pub tracker long enough for it to

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:55:12 No.58973289

>accidentally opening myanonamouse on a public connection

i wonder how anal they really are about that stuff


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:55:56 No.58973303

Do they care? I've gone to private trackers on hotel WiFi many times before.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:57:26 No.58973340

they seem really concerned about it compared to other private trackers. you need to give them a non-shared IP that you can browse from to

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:58:39 No.58973362

Well the only way I see them finding out is if someone else logs on from the same IP you used.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:59:07 No.58973374


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)11:59:42 No.58973392

What's the best android application for torrents?

357 KB JPG

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)12:02:31 No.58973432


unironically, myspleen, one of the music trackers, KG and one of those weird b-movie trackers. everything else is up to you, but those are
some of the best reasons to bother with private trackers

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)12:05:40 No.58973487


2.75 MB GIF

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)12:08:30 No.58973533



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)12:14:36 No.58973619

yes we know

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