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Topics on Marketing

For Product & Service Sectors

1. A Study On Customer Relationship Management

2. A Study On Customer Feedback
3. A Study On Analysis Of The Customer Satisfaction Level Towards
4. A Study On Dealers Attitude And Consumers Preference
5. Marketing Techniques
6. Advertisement Management
7. A Study On The Consumer Perception Of Selected Cars In Particular Region
8. Brand Awareness
9. Alternative Channels Of Distribution
10. Dealer Perception Towards Cement Industry
11. Sales And Promotion
12. Web Advertising And Marketing
13. Digital Marketing
14. A Study On Customer Perception Towards Two Wheeler industry
15. Comparison Between Samsung And Other Consumer Durable Brands
16. Marketing Mix
17. Online Advertisement Management
18. Comparative Study On Brand Loyalty
19. Impact of promotional activities on consumers behavior at retail outlets
20. Customer buying behavior towards insurance products
21. Impact of small car introduction on two wheeler industry
22. Consumer attitude towards green Marketing products at Hyderabad
23. Impact of SMS Advertising on Young Indian Consumers at Hyderabad .
24. Consumer buying behavior with respect to Online Marketing
25. consumer buying behavior towards Four Wheelers
26. A Study on Consumer preference towards Home loans in Hyderabad
27. The Comparative study on selected pharmaceutical companies located at Hyderabad
28. Consumer preference towards selecting of Shopping Malls at Hyderabad.
29. Consumer Perception Towards Two Wheeler at Hyderabad
30. Consumer attitude towards WATER PLUS
31. Comparative analysis of Tablet PCs with reference to Samsung and Apple at Hyderabad
32. customer Preference towards E banking services of private banks in Hyderabad
33. Service Quality Of Public Bank ATMs And Its Impact On Customer Satisfaction in
34. Brand preference of Decorative paints IN Hyderabad
35. Retailing operations of Milk Products at Hyderabad
36. Customer Preference on Soft drinks at Hyderabad
37. Impact of Social media networking Sites on Consumer Behaviour at Hyderabad
38. Effectiveness of Retailing Strategies in Hyderabad.
39. Consumer behaviour towards purchasing products at selected super Markets at
40. Brand Awareness
41. Brand Perception
42. Consumer Behaviour
43. Consumer Perception
44. Customer Relationship Management
45. Customer Satisfaction
46. Online Marketing
47. Consumer attitude
48. Marketing Strategies
49. Promotional Strategies
50. Sales Promotion
51. Social Media Marketing
52. SMS Advertising
53. Green Marketing
54. Rural Marketing