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Bluetooth module HC-05 and ATmega32U4 in Pololu ZUMO32U4


- Pololu Zumo32U4 (based on ATMEL MEGA32U4 like Leonardo)

- Bluetooth module HC-05 FC 114(based on BC417143BGQ)
- 1 k & 2 k resitors OR 10 k & 20 k resistors


RX should receive 3.3 V as high, voltage divider used TX, its output is of 5 V when HIGH
TX, its output Is of 3.3 V detectable as HIGH in a 5 V uC RX voltages >2.8 V detected as HIGH
VCC, level shifters used to reduce VCC to 3.3 V 5 V, 3.6 < VCC < 6 V
EN, left disconnected, used to turn OFF when LOW N/U
Serial communication with BabyO ATmega 328P based, with a Serial Terminal in Atmel Studio

- TeraTerm for Windows or Bluetooth Terminal for Android

Save data in a .txt file

- Bluetooth terminal for Android

- Hello World with 32U4 in Arduino

A. BT flashes fast when searching available devices to connect and slow when connected
- Modifying parameters of Bluetooth module with Arduino
1. Load the next sketch
2. Keep pushed the push button on HC-05 before supplying power
a. HC-05 green LED should be 2 s ON and 2 s OFF
3. Then open serial monitor in Arduino and write ATcommands to communicate with BT

4. Name, Password and baud rate were the most interesting parameters to change

After editing some parameters

Horizontal Bluetooth configuration


2. Select PORT of the new bluetooth and after



- Connections and code:

- Cant view Serial.print in set up:
- Differences of Leonardo y Micro from Arduino UNO:
- Push button pushed before supplying voltage to enter in AT commands mode:
- Both NL y CR explanation needed at the end of a command of BT:

How to connect automatically HC-05 to a known computer

- Computer MAC address in Windows

A media access control address (MAC address) of a computer is a unique identifier assigned to network
interfacesfor communications at the data link layer of a network segment. MAC address do not change.

Devices and Printers shortcut -

Save a setup in TeraTerm so, that you dont have to select always the Serial Port and configure the Serial Port
parameters (BaudRate to 115200, StopBit=2). This was possible because after some tests I realized that HC-05
was always connected in COM13 once I added the MAC address of my laptop in AT+BIND configuration with