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Friday - 6:30 am and 6:30 pm

Saturday - 6:30 am
Sunday (Parish) - 6:00 am, 7:15 am
- 8:30 am, 10:00 am

(Childrens Mass) - 4:00 pm
5:15 pm
6:30 pm, 8:00 pm
Lourdes Chapel - 8:00 am
BCDA - 9:30 am
Maria, Reyna ng mga Apostoles Parish Cypress Towers - 10:00 am
Maria, Reyna ng mga Apostoles Parish Phase 2 Brgy. Pinagsama, Taguig City
Katuparan - 8:30 am
Phase 2 Brgy. Pinagsama, Taguig City
St. Joseph The Worker Chapel - 7:00 am
MASSES: Sacred Heart - Every Friday before mass
Holy Hour with Benediction - Every 1st Friday, 5:30 am
6:30 am
6:30 am Our Mother of Perpetual Help - Every Wednesday before mass SERIES OF FORMATION SEMINARS FOR YEAR OF THE LAITY STARTS
Wednesday Monday
- 6:30 am and 6:30 pm - 6:30Holy
amRosary - Everyday before mass BY: CHERRY FUERTE
Thursday Tuesday
- 6:30 am - 6:30 amQueen of the Apostles - Every Saturday before mass
Mary, Laity for the lay faithful of the Diocese of Pasig to positively
Friday - 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
Wednesday - 6:30 am and 6:30 pm respond to this years theme: Called to be Saints... Sent Forth
Saturday - 6:30 am SERVICES
Sunday (Parish) Thursday
- 6:00 am, 7:15 am - 6:30 am as Heroes! in accord with the CBCP Pastoral Letter on the
Confession - Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:15 am Era of New Evangelization Live Christ, Share Christ issued
- 8:30 am, 10:00 am
(Childrens Mass)
- 4:00 pm
- 6:30 am and- 6:30
Baptism pm
Every Sunday at 11:00 am on 23 July 2012 .
Special Baptism - By Appointment The exhortation intends to stir and promote a deeper aware-
- 5:15 pm - 6:30
am - Kindly make arrangement with the Parish office
(Youth Mass) Sunday
- (Parish)
6:30 pm, 8:00 pm - 6:00 am, 7:15 am ness among all the faithful of the gift and responsibility they
at least two months before the desired date can share, both as a group and as individuals, in the commun-
Lourdes Chapel - 8:00 am
BCDA - 9:30 am - Sick8:30
Call am, 10:00
- am
Anytime MARIA REYNA NG MGA APOSTOLES PARISH ion and mission of the Church.
Blessing - By Appointment It identifies two temptations of lay people the temptation of
Cypress Towers - (Childrens
10:00 am Mass) - 4:00 pm
Funeral Mas - By Appointment
Katuparan - 8:30 am STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS OVER DISBURSEMENTS being so strongly interested in Church services and tasks that
St. Joseph The Worker Chapel - 7:00 am - 5:15 pm some fail to become actively engaged in their responsibilities
For the months of December 2010, January 2011 and February 2011
(Youth Mass) - 6:30 pm, 8:00 pm in the professional, social, cultural and political world; and the
DEVOTIONS/NOVENAS temptation of legitimizing the unwarranted separation of faith
Sacred Heart Maria
Lourdes Reyna
- Every Friday before massng mga Apostoles Parish
Chapel - 8:00 am
from life, that is, a separation of the Gospels acceptance from
Holy Hour with Benediction BCDA st
- Every 1 Friday, 5:30 am - 9:30 am the actual living of the Gospel in various situations in life.
Cypress 4th
Our Mother of Perpetual Help - Every WednesdayQuarter
Towers before mass Financial Report
- 10:00 am Each of the lay people is personally called by God and the call-
Holy Rosary - Everyday before mass
RECEIPTSMary, Queen of the ApostlesKatuparan Oct
- Every Saturday before mass - 8:30 am
Nov Dec TOTAL ing stems from our Baptism which makes us become children
Mass Collection 292,890.00 320,978.00 671,866.00 1,285,734.00 of God, members of Christs church and sharers in the mission
St. Joseph The Worker Chapel - 7:00 am Parish lay leaders and officers of Diocesan lay organi- of the church. As baptized Christians, we share in the three-
Fees 80,580.00 86,620.00 230,160.00 397,360.00 zations attended the Diocesan Formation Seminar on Christi- fold mission of Jesus Christ as priest, prophet and king.
Confession - Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:15 am
Donations 8,457.25 10,098.25 10,191.00 28,746.50 fideles Laici, the Apostolic Exhortation of Blessed John Paul II The Spirituality of lay faithful should be centered on the Eucha-
Baptism - Every SundayDEVOTIONS/NOVENAS
at 11:00 am
Baptism - By Appointment 7,149.00 5,400.00 5,240.00 17,789.00 held on January 11, 2014 at Aula Minor auditorium from 12:30 rist, the character based on Gospel values, and the nature
Kindly make Sacred Heart - Every Friday before mass 2,213.00 to 5:00 pm. Our beloved Bishop Mylo C. Vergara, D.D. and Mr. should be pastoral service.
Chapel Remittance-
Wedding arrangement 4,571.00
with the Parish office 2,856.00 9,640.00 Erickson Javier, Director of Center for Christian Formation,
Total Receipts: Holy Hour
at least two months with
before the Benediction
desired date
393,647.25 1st Friday, 5:30 am919,670.00
- Every425,952.25 1,739,269.50 On the youth, the exhortation has this to say: Youth
Sick Call - Anytime Pasig Catholic College talked on the principles and the related must not simply be considered as an object of pastoral concern
Our Mother of Perpetual Help - Every Wednesday before mass experiences of the said exhortation.
Blessing - By Appointment for the Church: in fact, young people are and ought to be en-
Funeral Mas - Holy Rosary
By Appointment - Everyday before mass This seminar starts the formation component of the three-part couraged on behalf of the church as leading characters in evan-
Parish Operating Disbursements Mary, Queen of the Apostles - Every Saturday before mass (Formation-Celebration-Legacy) Program for the Year of the gelization and participants in the renewal of society.
Salaries/Wages/Allowances 19,500.00 30,250.00 41,000.00 90,750.00
Decoroso Sustento SERVICES 45,100.00 18,750.00 61,800.00 125,650.00
Electricity and Water
Confession -
45,226.42 61,534.28
Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:15 am
Telephone 1,831.50 1,831.58 1,831.50 5,494.58 OF FAITH AND THE YEAR OF THE LAITY
Liturgical ParaphernaliaBaptism - Every Sunday at 11:00 27,295.00
11,400.00 am 9,500.00 48,195.00 BY: CHERRY FUERTE
SSS/Philhealth Premiums Special Baptism - By Appointment
1,286.00 1,686.00 1,626.00 4,598.00
Around fifty parishioners of Diocese of Pasig launched the Year of the
Security Services Wedding - Kindly8,500.00
make arrangement with- the Parish office
8,500.00 17,000.00 Maria Reyna ng Apostoles Parish attend- Laity with a dawn procession partici-
Repairs and Maintenance at least two months before
1,430.00 the desired date
5,547.29 2,030.00 9,007.29 ed the Diocesan Closing of the Year of pated in by the parishioners of the four
Office Supplies Sick Call - 3,335.00
Anytime 1,235.00 1,635.00 6,205.00 Faith at the Ynarez Sports Complex on vicariates coming from different assem-
Transportation expenses 200.00 300.00 - 500.00 November 22, 2013 from 5:00pm to 12:00 bly points and converging towards the
Blessing - By Appointment midnight. The event which served as an Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Con-
Remittances to Curia 39,364.72 42,595.22 91,967.00 173,926.94
Funeral Mas - By Appointment opportunity for the faith formation of our celebrated Mass followed with Bishop Mylo Laity must be felt at the grassroots. Hence,
Recollection/Retreat/Seminar - 35,000.00 - 35,000.00 Diocese (and Advent Recollection at the Hubert Vergara as the main celebrant. series of programs consisting of three
Gifts/Donations 15,000.00 4,000.00 50,912.50 69,912.50 same time) was attended by the differ- Anchored on the theme Filipino Catholic parts: formation-celebration-legacy will
Other Parish Disbursements 3,249.00 1,781.00 - 5,030.00 ent parishes, schools, religious commu- Laity: Called to be Saints... Sent Forth as be pursued. Priority targets are the poor,
Total Parish Operating Disbursements 195,422.64 231,805.37 317,006.25 744,234.26 nities and Diocesan Offices. The most Heroes!, Bishop Mylo stressed the CBCP the youth and the hurting disillusioned
- touching part of the celebration was the Pastoral Exhortation on the Era of New Catholics. Quoting from CBCP Presi-
Pananalig: Heart to Heart with Bishop Evangelization on the re-appreciation of dent Socrates B. Villegas, D.D., Arch-
Parish Rectory Disrbursements - Mylo Hubert C. Vergara segment where both the sacrament of Baptism by which bishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, the
Salaries/Wages/Allowances 26,500.00 41,750.00 55,000.00 123,250.00 selected participants shared their faith all the faithful become Gods sons and challenge is laid before us - And finally,
Transportation allowance 7,000.00 7,000.00 7,000.00 21,000.00 experiences after which Bishop Mylo gives daughters and the sacrament of Con- we ask you to stand up for Jesus not only
Repair & Maintenance Trans. Eqpt. 1,500.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 4,500.00 his pastoral exhortations to the sharers. firmation by which they become wit- in religious activities but in your private
Repair & Maintenance Convent 2,043.00 - - 2,043.00 The Procession of the Blessed Sacrament nesses of Christ to others. The objective and public life. Speak up for Jesus and
Food 7,266.00 7,142.00 9,672.00 24,080.00 and Celebration of the Holy Eucharist is to devote this year to the renewal of his Church in public discussions. Do
were a fitting culmination to the event. the laity and to activate their charisms not be afraid to be identified as Catho-
Other Convent Disbursements 1,992.00 1,965.00 - 3,957.00 from the spirit or empowerment so lic Christians. You have been called
Total Parish Rectory Disbursements 46,301.00 59,357.00 73,172.00 178,830.00 In line with the nine-year pastoral that they can take up their role as co- to be saints; you are sent forth as he-
- priorities, the Catholic Bishops Con- responsible agents of evangelization and roes. Take courage. Choose to be brave.
TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS 241,723.64 291,162.37 390,178.25 923,064.26 ference of the Philippines has declared lead in the task of social transformation. The Year of the Laity will close on
- the year 2014 as the Year of the Laity. With the laity composing the the Solemnity of the Christ the King 2014.
Accordingly, on December 7, 2013, the majority of the Church, the Year of the
Excess of Receipts over Disbursements 151,923.61 134,789.88 529,491.75 816,205.24
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Second Sunday Repent (Magsisi)
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! - Matthew 3:2 494 At the announcement that she would give birth to the EMHC,LCM RENEWAL OF COMMITMENT
Son of the Most High without knowing man, by the power of BY: ROSELL ERAMIZ & LITO POQUIZ
Third Sunday Rejoice (Magalak) the Holy Spirit, Mary responded with the obedience of faith,
Go and tell John what you hear and see: certain that with God nothing will be impossible: Behold, I The Lectors and Commentators (LCM) re- on the topic, 50 years of Sacrosanctum
the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be [done] to me accord- newal was done in the morning while that of Concilium and the Role of Lay Ministers, a
the deaf hear, the dead are raised, ing to your word.139 Thus, giving her consent to Gods word, the Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Com- call to achieve greater lay participation in the
and the poor have the good news proclaimed to them. Matthew 11:4-5 Mary becomes the mother of Jesus. Espousing the divine will munion (EMHC) was held in the afternoon. Catholic Church Liturgy with full and active
for salvation wholeheartedly, without a single sin to restrain Rev. Fr. Daniel Estacio (Director, participation as we live and share our faith.
Fourth Sunday- Be A Sign (Maging Tanda) her, she gave herself entirely to the person and to the work of Ministry of Liturgical Affairs, Diocese of Both culminated with the Celebra-
All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the her Son; she did so in order to serve the mystery of redemption Pasig) commenced the conference with ex- tion of the Holy Eucharist by Rev. Fr. Daniel
prophet: with him and dependent on him, by Gods grace:140 citing mind -boggling quiz game on the Bible Estacio and Bishop Mylo Hubert C. Vergara,
Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and Church teachings. It was indeed a new respectively.
and they shall name him Emmanuel, IN BRIEF way to learn. On the average, scores of the After the Renewal, the LCs pro-
which means God is with us. Matthew 1:22:23 508 From among the descendants of Eve, God chose the participants suggest that studying our faith ceeded with their Pilgrimage of Faith in the
Virgin Mary to be the mother of his Son. Full of grace, Mary is is a must for us Catholics especially we, lay pilgrim churches of the Diocese of Pasig -
Bishop Mylo exhorted the parishioners to prepare for Christmas in keep- the most excellent fruit of redemption (SC 103): from the first servants of the Church. Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne, Our Lady
ing with the Advent Gospel messages rather than focusing on the prepara- instant of her conception, she was totally preserved from the Rev. Fr. Carmelo Arada, Jr. (Minis- of the Holy Rosary Parish, Sto Tomas de Vil-
tion of food, Christmas trimmings and get-togethers. More importantly, it stain of original sin and she remained pure from all personal sin ter, Ministry on Lectors and Commentators, lanueva Parish, Sto. Rosario de Pasig Parish,
should be marked with real conversion and inner joy. We are challenged as throughout her life. and Assistant Commissioner on Formation, Immaculate Conception Cathedral.
Christians to be positive witnesses of faith, hope, and love to our family and ----------------------------------------------------- Commission on Liturgy of the Archdiocese Indeed, we are blessed and truly
community in our daily lives. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us. of Manila) talked on the topic Lectors and grateful for another privileged year of serv-
the New Evangelization underscoring the ing God through our Ministries.
importance of Lectors and Commentators
Twenty-nine (29) as proclaimers of the Word of God. A pro-
Extra-Ordinary Ministers of
and thirty-three (33) Lectors
claimer must listen to, understand and know
the Word of God. He advised the lectors and
NI: Rev. Fr. Jomar Valdevioso commentators to remember the 4Ps: Pray,
and Commentators (LC) of the Prepare, Practice and Proclaim. He also dis-
Umakyat ka sa tuktok , O Napagtanto ko bilang isang bagong pari (sa loob pa lang ng isang taon) Maria Reyna ng mga Apostoles cussed the Ten Commandments of Lectors
Zion, magandang balita ay ang katotohanan na ang Diyos lang ang nagbibigay ng pag-asa sa bawat Parish participated in the Di- and Commentators.
iyong ipahayag, O Jerusalem! taong naniniwala sa kanya. Sa mga pagninilay-nilay na ginawa ni Bishop ocesan Renewal of Commit- In the afternoon, Fr. Genaro A.
Sumigaw ka at huwag mata- Mylo, tumpak din ang katagang Pag-asa dahil hinamon niya kami bilang ment as Church servers held on Diwa (Commissioner, Commission on Lit-
takot, sabihin mo sa lung- mga pari -- kung kami ba ay nagbibigay ng pag- asa sa aming mga tupa na November 9, 2013 at St. Paul urgy of the Archdiocese of Manila) lectured
sod ng Juda, Narito na ang ipinagkatiwala sa amin? Auditorium, Pasig City.
Diyos(Isaiah 40:9).
Sa hamong ito napag-isip-isip ko ang nakaraang unos na
Napakagandang mensahe dumalaw sa ating bansa; ang napakaraming mga tao na nalulumbay
ng kagalakan sa mga tao ng dahil sa kawalan ng kahulugan ng buhay; mga kabataang nagpapakamatay MISA-PASASALAMAT NG MRAP MRA PARISH PASTORAL
Jerusalem ang katotohanang dahil parang walang saysay ang buhay; mga magulang na nawawalan ng NI: EVELYN DIGNADICE PLANNING 2014
ang Diyos ay nagpahayag sa pag-asa sa kanilang mga anak; at mga taong hindi na nagsisimba dahil Taun-taon, isa ang sarili. Pasasalamat at Pagla- BY: EVELYN DIGNADICE
kanilang bayan. Dito nag- parang walang kahulugan ang kanilang ginagawa. Ito ang hamon sa akin at Parish Christmas Party sa mga lakbay ang tema ng Parish
simula ang lahat pati na sa aming mga pari. Ang tanong ko sa sarili ko, Ako ba ay Pari na pinakahihintay at paboritong Thanksgiving Mass kung saan The Parish Pasto-
ang pananampalatayang nagbibigay ng Pag-asa sa bayan ng Diyos , sa Simbahan? Ako ba ay kasiyahan sa parokya. Ito ang nagpaalala rin si Padre Betbet sa ral Council held
Katoliko. nagdadala ng Diyos, nag-aaliw sa kanyang bayan tulad sa sinabi ni propeta pagdiriwang na nilalahukan ng kahalagahan ng pagpapakumbaba, its Annual Plan-
Isaias Aking aaliwin ang Jerusalem; at ang lahat ng nakatira sa gumuhong mga lingkod-layko, bata at ma- pagpapatawad, pagsunod sa kaloo- ning last November
lunsod. Mula sa pagiging tila disyerto, gagawin kong tulad ng halamanan tanda, kung saan nagsasama-sa- ban ng Diyos at pagbabalik-loob. 28-29, 2013 at
ng Eden. Maghahari doon ang kagalakan at pagpupuri ang awitan at
Ang Mabuting Pastol kasama ang kanyang mga Microtel, Libis,
tupa sa Simbahan ng Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. ma ang lahat upang magsayawan, Isang mahalagang kaganapan
pasasalamat sa akin. Tamang-tama ito sa mga kababayan natin sa Visayas magkantahan, magbigayan sa Misa ay ang pagkakaroon ng Quezon City.
Sa bayang ito, ang Diyos ay nagkatawang-tao bilang si Hesus, na nasalanta ni Yolanda at sa Bohol dahil sa lindol. Marami pang ibang mga at makatanggap ng regalo, at kinatawan ng bawat ministry na After a warm wel-
nagturo ng mabuting balita, tumawag ng mga apostol, nagpakain sa mga lugar kaming binisita na kung saan kamiy nagdasal para sa ating magsalu-salo sa kapaskuhan. nagpahayag ng kani-kanilang come by our Parish
nagugutom at nagpagaling sa mga maysakit ngunit sa kabila nito ay ipi- kababayan. Ang tanging dasal ko nawa makita ng bawat Katoliko na kung Noong ika-28 ng Disyembre, panalangin upang maging gabay Priest Rev. Fr. Pedro
nako sa krus para sa ating katubusan at muling nabuhay upang tayo ay ang Diyos ay nasa atin, tayo ay may pag-asa. At bilang Pari, isa ako sa kapansin-pansin na walang na- sa paglilingkod. Gayun din ang Enrique L. Rabonza
magkaroon ng buhay na walang hanggan. Sa bayang ito nagsimula ang magdadala ng Pag-asang ito. Tulad ni Maria, magiging tagapagdala lang ganap na Christmas Party; wala opisyal na pagtanggap ng Pag- IV and setting of expectations by our PPC Coordinator
lahat. ako ng pag-asa kung dala ko si Hesus sa aking buhay. Nawa ang karana- rin ang traditional gift-giving (o tatalaga/Appointment Letter Sis. Cherry Fuerte, Fr. Betbet gave an inspiring talk on
Anupat anong saya ko kasama ng mga kaparian ng Diyosesis ng sang ito ay magpalalim ng aking relasyon kay Hesus na Panginoon natin pamaskong handog) para sa mga ng bagong Worship Coordina- the theme Pasasalamat, Pagpapanibago at Pananalig.
Pasig sa pangunguna ng Lubhang Kagalang-galang Mylo Hubert C. upang madala ko siya sa mga taong nawawalan ng Pag-asa. mas mahihirap nating kaparokya. tor Sis. Rosell Eramiz, at RA Highlight of the planning was the ap-
Vergara nang magkaroon kami ng Pilgrimage Retreat sa bayang pinagmu- Bakit kaya? Isa itong paraan ng Editor in Chief Sis. Madel Lavista. proval of the Amended MRAP Constitu-
lan ng Diyos sa Taon ng Pananampalataya. Nangyari ito noong nakaraang Ang karanasang ito ay di ko makakalimutan sa aking buhay. pakikiisa ng parokya sa mga ka- Ang pagdiriwang ay nagta- tion and By-Laws for adoption this CY 2014.
Nobyembre 10-19, 2013 - ang paglalakbay na dala ang kagalakan sa aking Nangyari lahat ng ito dahil sa biyaya ng Diyos, sa patuloy na suporta ng babayan nating naging biktima pos sa isang payak ngunit This was followed by the presentation of Apprecia-
puso hindi lang dahil first time ko kundi ang galak na nagmumula sa isang kapatid na pari na tinuturing kong kuya sa ministeryo, si Fr. Betbet ng kalunus-lunos na bagyong masayang salu-salo. tive Inquiry results through the effort of the AI group
katotohanan ng biyaya ng Diyos sa akin bilang tinawag niya sa buhay pag- Rabonza, na nag-imbita at nag-encourage sa aking sumama sa pilgrimage, Yolanda - ang proceeds ng na- headed by Sis. Rosell Eramiz (a tool used by MRAP
papari. sa Diyosesis ng Pasig sa pamumuno ni Bishop Mylo at lalung-lalo na sa sabing pagdiriwang ay inihandog since 2012 as introduced by Fr. Daniel Estacio). The
Isa sa pinakamagandang karanasan ko sa Holy Land Pilgrimage parukyano ng Maria Reyna ng mga Apostoles na tumulong sa aking natin sa ating mga nasalantang Parish Organizational Chart and Calendar of Ac-
ay noong bumisita kami sa bahay ni Elizabeth. Namangha ako sa katata- gastusin. kababayan. Ang malungkot na tivities for 2014 (with inputs from various ministries
gan ni Maria dahil ang lugar ay napakataas. Habang kamiy umaakyat ay pangyayari ding ito ang nag- and organizations after a thorough evaluation of the
naririnig ko ang hingal ng mga kasama kong pari. Nasabi ko na lang sa Ang lahat ng ito ay biyaya at kaloob ng Diyos. Nawa tanggapin ninyo ang ing daan upang magbalik-tanaw previous activities) were also presented and conse-
sarili ko, kaya pala pagdating ni Maria sa itaas ay umawit siya ng papuri sa buong puso kong pasasalamat! Maraming salamat at patuloy ninyo akong tayo sa mga biyayang ating na- quently approved by the body for inclusion in our
Diyos dahil sa kabila ng mga dinanas niya ay dala pa rin niya ang pagasa ipagdasal na maging tapat na Pari at Paring nagdadala nga Pag-asa Sa tatanggap, magpasalamat ng 3rd edition GABAY SA PAGLALAKBAY 2014.
sa kanyang sinapupunan. Simbahan. Pagpalain kayo ng Diyos. lubos, at maging inspirasyon sa
pagbabago at pagpapaunlad ng The next PPC Planning is set on Nov.28-29, 2014.


AT PINAGSAMA By: Lyn Dela Cruz
Bunsod ng marubdob na hangaring BY: JOANNA MARIE DAVID The song because through her we have received the Author mother of Jesus, Mary is acclaimed by Elizabeth,
makapagbigay ng konkretong tulong sa mga Breath of of life. at the prompting of the Spirit and even before the
Fifteen (15) couples exchanged Heaven birth of her son, as the mother of my Lord . [Lk
nasalanta ng bagyong Yolanda, isinulong ni I Dos during the Kasalang The Apostles Creed states, in part,
Fr. Betbet Rabonza ang P1 MiIlion Fund (Marys I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator 1:43; Jn 2:1; 19:25; cf. Mt 13:55; et al.] In fact,
Barangay presided by Rev. Fr. Betbet Song) speaks the One whom she conceived as man by the Holy
Drive sa pamamagitan ng 2nd Collection sa Rabonza at MRAP on November 24, of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only
lahat ng pang-Linggong Misa mula Nobyembre of how Mary Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, who truly became her Son according to the
2013, Kasalang Barangay is a regular the Mother flesh, was none other than the Fathers eternal
hanggang Disyembre, at lahat ng Misa ng program of the Family and Life Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. The prologue of
Simbang Gabi. Noong ika-18 ng of Jesus feels Johns Gospel states, in part, In the beginning Son, the second person of the Holy Trinity.
Ministry. during her Hence, the Church confesses that Mary is truly
Disyembre, personal na pinuntahan ni was the Word, and the Word was with God, and
Fr. Betbet ang 2 parokya sa Samar, Leyte kung saan pregnancy the Word was God. Mother of God (Theotokos). [cf Council of
with her only Ephesus (431): DS 251.]
ibinihagi niya ang pondo para sa pagsasaayos ng mga
nasirang simbahan gayundin ang pondo para PYM HOLDS son Jesus.... There is only one Son, the eternal
Logos the Second Person of the Blessed Trin-
sa 30 pamilyang PARISH YOUTH DAY 2013 the Son of
God who will ity in Whom are two natures, one Divine and Why do Catholics celebrate Mary as the Mother
of God?
beneficiaries upang BY: MELVIN DE GUZMAN one human. He was conceived and born of Mary
makapagsimula become Man, who is His mother. The Council of Ephesus (3rd The Church celebrates the Solemnity
silang muli sa The Parish the Emmanuel, Eccumenical Council of the Church) addressed of Mary, Mother of God, our Ladys greatest title.
pagpapagawa ng Youth Ministry (PYM) the Savior of several truths that were denied in other heresies: The feast is celebrated on the octave (eighth day)
simpleng bahay. celebrated its annual the world. It speaks about her feeling of Mary was truly a mother. of Christmas, January 1: the Solemnity of Mary,
Parish Youth Day unworthiness to be the Mother of the Son of Her son was one person. the Mother of God. In fact, the Church regards
(PYD) last Novem- God, of the anxiety of being left alone, for no She bore the Logos, the Second this feast as so important that it is a Holy Day of
ber 30, 2013 at MRAP one except her and God knows about her being Person of the Blessed Trinity, Obligation. On this day, we are reminded of the
grounds. The purpose a mother. In those times, a woman in such according to His humanity. role that the Blessed Virgin played in the plan of
of the activity is to condition as hers can be condemmed by the The person she conceived and gave our salvation. Christs Birth was made possible
unite and solidify the world. But in spite of this, her trust in the Lord birth to was fully God and fully man. by Marys fiat: Be it done unto me according to
relationship among prevailed believing that God is with her and she Thy word. given to the Archangel Gabriel at the
fellow youth members. will be strong enough to carry out God s plan of These teachings are found in Sacred Annunciation.
Hosted by the new members shared youth ministers in the Salvation. Scripture. The New Testament writers acknowl- As we begin another year, we draw in-
members of PYM Core attributes that could parish. Mary Mother of God is one of the edge that Mary was the mother of Jesus. They spiration from the selfless love of the Theotokos,
Group Judy Baldoza either bring positive Part 3: Imagination Marian dogmas which celebrates the divine and speak of His relation to Mary (Luke 2:4-7) and who never hesitated to do the will of God. And
and Alyssa Ampe, this or negative impact to and creativity were virginal motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary show Him to be a man (Luke 24:39). They de- we trust in her prayers to God for us, that we
years activity centered their own ministry demonstrated where as a singular salvific event: for Our Lady, it was clare Him to be God (John 1:1-4; Romans 9:1-5). might, as the years pass, become more like her.
on a deeper level of in- and service. members dramatized the foretaste and cause of her extraordinary glory The Catechism of the Catholic Church
volvement of the youth Part 2: What is PYM their proposed and for us, it is a source of grace and salvation (CCC) 495 states, Called in the Gospels the O Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
in planning PYM for you? A thought activities.
programs for 2014. provoking question A delightful
The celebra- raised for the next ac- dinner capped the ac-
tion was divided into tivity tivity. With renewed IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED: THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (A CATHOLIC DOGMA)
three parts. entitled Self towards vigor and commit-
By: Madz Lavista
Part 1: Self towards PYM. The goal was to ment, PYM heads for
Ministry and Service - validate how members another fruitful year in Dogma is a Greek word which means Gods grace.
RAFFLE BONANZA 2013 recognize their part as 2014. teaching or belief. One of the Marian 491
Through the centuries the Church has
NI: EVELYN DIGNADICE dogmas of our Catholic faith is the Im- become ever more aware that Mary, full
maculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin of grace through God,134 was redeemed
Si Arnulfo Burca, Choir coordinator ng Mary - celebrated by the Church on De- from the moment of her conception. That
St. Joseph, the Worker Parish ang nagwagi ng cember 8 as a Solemnity and a holy day of is what the dogma of the Immaculate
grand prize na Tricycle sa ginanap na Raffle Bo- A yearly activity to assess liturgical ministers obligation (for prayer and attending Mass). Conception confesses, as Pope Pius IX
nanza noong ika-28 ng Disyembre, 2013 sa Phase learnings from the formation conducted by There is a misconception among some proclaimed in 1854:
1 Covered Court. Ang bumunot sa maswerteng Fr. Betbet Rabonza.
Catholics that this celebration refers to The most Blessed Virgin Mary
tiket ay ang ating Kura Paroko Reberendo Padre Marys conception of Jesus. The dogma, was, from the first moment of her concep-
Betbet Rabonza. however, refers to the conception of St. tion, by a singular grace and privilege of
Ang Raffle Bonanza 2013 ay isang fund OPERATION LINIS 2013: Anne to the Blessed Virgin Mary who was almighty God and by virtue of the merits
raising project ng 2014 Fiesta Committee sa A bi-annual activity of parish servers and born nine months later (in September). of Jesus Christ, Savior of the human race,
pangunguna nina Hermano Mayor Abe Cruz at parishioners
preserved immune from all stain of original
Hermana Mayor Avelina Ruado kaisa ng Finance The Catechism of the Catholic Church sin.135
Council at Parish Pastoral Council. Ito ay (Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 3) expounds
naglalayong makalikom ng pondo upang ma- this teaching: 492
The splendor of an entirely unique
suportahan ang mga proyekto at programa ng holiness by which Mary is enriched from
parokya at matustusan ang pagdiriwang ng ka- FEAST OF STO NIO:
To become the mother of the Savior, the first instant of her conception comes 493
The Fathers of the Eastern tradition
pistahan 2014. In keeping with the celebration of the feast, Mary was enriched by God with gifts wholly from Christ: she is redeemed, in call the Mother of God the All-Holy
Naging matagumpay ang proyektong ito blessing of children as well as Sto. Nio appropriate to such a role.132 The angel a more exalted fashion, by reason of the
images was done in Sunday Masses of (Panagia), and celebrate her as free
na nagpamalas ng pagkakaisa ng mga parukyano January 19. Gabriel at the moment of the annuncia- merits of her Son.136 The Father blessed from any stain of sin, as though fashioned
ng Maria Reyna ng mga Apostoles Parish. Ang MER 2014: tion salutes her as full of grace.133 In fact, Mary more than any other created person by the Holy Spirit and formed as a new
iba pang mga premyo ay LED Television (2nd Ang Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER), in order for Mary to be able to give the in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the creature.138 By the grace of God Mary
prize), 6 cu. ft. Refrigerator (3rd), Washing isang taunang proyekto ng FLM/Familia, ay free assent of her faith to the heavenly places and chose her in Christ remained free of every personal sin her
Machine w/ Spinner (4th), at 15 consolation ginanap noong Enero 10-12 sa Vincentian announcement of her vocation, it was before the foundation of the world, to be whole life long.
prizes. Hills Seminary, Angono, Rizal na nilahukan ng
8 couples at isang single participants. necessary that she be wholly borne by holy and blameless before him in love.137
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Among the foremost ecclesiological phenomena of our time, the role of the laity
provoked contemporary interest alongside with ecumenical and liturgical issues. As Paul VI succinctly declared in one of his
early papal addresses This is the hour of the laymen. The Second Vatican Councils imagery of the Church as the people
of God has consequently led to the appreciation of the important role of the laity in the life and mission of the Church. Many
years ago the laity was confined to the periphery as mere fence-sitters and spectators. Today, they are called to become active
St. Andrew, The First-Called Apostle of Jesus CHRIST IS THE VICTOR,
and committed participants in the mission and life of the Church.
Conciliar documents expressed a paradigm shift to drive the laity into the mainstream of ecclesial life. It is no wonder, too, why
By: Josie Buenavista CHRIST IS KING
the Second Provincial Council of Manila (1997) focused its discussions and reflections on the Ministries and Apostolate of the Andrew crucifixion, to which he was tied, CHRIST IS THE RULER OF THE WORLD
Laity in the Ecclesiastical Province of Manila. Prior to this, in October of 1987, the Synod of Bishops took as its major theme was born in not nailed. He asked to be tied By: Lyn Dela Cruz
The Vocation and Mission of the Laity in the Church and in the World. Bethsaida to an X shaped cross because he The celebration
Previously, the Holy Father, John Paul II, had expressed his thoughts on the choice of the theme in these words. It is not difficult
to grasp the motives for such a convergence of opinion. In reality, the mission of the laity, as an integral part of the salvific
on the Sea deemed himself unworthy to be of the Solemnity of Christ
mission of the entire People of God, is of fundamental importance for the life of the Church and the service which the Church
of Galilee. crucified on the same cross on the King signals the end
herself is called to render to the world of humanity and of temporal realities.
He was the which Jesus had been crucified. He of the liturgical year, the
Today, it is a matter of great urgency that all Christians should respond in a spirit of generosity to the call of lay empowerment in the Church. Throughout younger continued preaching the gospel of
the history of the Church, in its most difficult time, men and women of holy lives have been the primary source of renewal. The call of every lay faithful to brother of Jesus until he finally died after two 34th Sunday in Ordinary
live ones life in whatever situation one finds oneself, according to the spirit of Christ. In these words of the apostle Paul: Whatever you do, in word or Saint Peter, days of suffering. Saint Andrews Time. But why do we
deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. a fisheman relics are kept in a shrine at the celebrate Christ as King?
It is my fervent hope and prayer that all especially my parishioners here in MRAP be effective angels of renewal. and was Church of St. Andrew in Patras Since when did the Church
originally a which consists of small finger, the celebrate this feast? And
Sulong at tulong ng laiko ay katuparan para sa isang buhay at masiglang simbahan! disciple of John the Baptist. top of his cranium and pieces of why?
When Andrew understood that the cross. The Feast
Jesus was greater after John bap- Andrew was first recognized as an of Christ the King was
tized and pointed to Jesus as the official patron saint of Scotland
Editors note: again to ensure that he arrives at the right output.
Patience: All tasks, be it in school, community, family
Lamb of God, he immediately left in 1320. Scotland also adopted the
established by Pope Pius
XI in 1925 as an antidote to
THE APOSTOLATE OF WRITING or work, requires this virtue especially in assignments where one John to follow Jesus making him Saltire or Saint Andrews cross as secularism, a way of life
needs to coordinate with various people with different ideas and the first disciple of Jesus. their national emblem and flag.
When offered the chance to head the parish newslet- characters. One need to be resilient to make things happen. Andrew and his brother continued Saint Andrew is also the Patron which leaves God out of
ter, I had a million and one excuses: I am already helping out the
newsletter as a contributor, I cannot give my full commitment
Prayer: Of course, in anything and everything, this is a
prime necessity.
their trade as fishermen until Jesus saint of Russia and Greece. Saint mans thinking and living
into it, I can help sans the position and more. Writing has always At this point in time, I had the following realizations: called them to a closer relationship. Andrews day is celebrated all over and organizes his life as if God did not exist. The feast is intended
been my forte for as long as I can remember. I write to express my Being part of Regina Apostolorum (RA) calls for a mind that works They left all things to follow Jesus the world on the 30th of November. to proclaim in a striking and effective manner Christs royalty
thoughts, sentiments and views about things, people and events. overtime. It calls for a spirit that is willing to do its share to be and became fishers of men. His patronage extends to fishmon- over individuals, families, society, governments, and nations.
But being an editor and being a writer are two very different enti-
ties. One has to be on top of everything that is happening in the
a part of something bigger than oneself. It calls for a soul that is
eager for interconnection with other avid souls, all hoping to make
After Jesus ascended to heaven, gers, gout, singers, sore throats, We worship Jesus Christ as Lord and King because he is victorious
parish, apart from conceptualizing the content and layout coupled a difference. Andrew went to Greece to preach spinsters, maidens, old maids in the battle over sin and death. In His resurrection, which we
with the coordination factor (hats off to my predecessors Marose, The RA Team is a TEAM. There is no I in that word the Gospel. He was martyred by and women wishing to become celebrate and in which we participate at every Eucharistic Sacri-
Josie and Shyne). which is why in all our works and meetings, WE brainstorm, WE mothers. fice, our Lord established His rule over all creation, and overcame
But over time, through the prodding of the Holy Spirit, I communicate and WE collaborate.
conf irmed. My reasons were pretty simple. I will be working with We will embark to make this newsletter both informative in Himself the effects of the sin of Adam. Christ is Lord, for he has
a bunch of bright, enthusiastic and committed people, what could and educational. Our mission will be in tandem with the Bishops conquered what we fear most and have no power against, the
St. John, The Loyal Apostle whom Jesus Loved
possibly go wrong? I also realized the importance of my guiding call for a new evangelization that focuses on the Renewal of the La-
principles in this latest endeavor the four Ps: Passion, Persis- ity. Somehow, I feel that we, in part, are being rekindled with this cruel and bitter specter of death. We cannot but exult and shout
tence, Patience and Prayer. undertaking. for joy with the knowledge that we can share in His Resurrection
By: Josie Buenavista
by meeting Christ in the Liturgy, in Word and Sacrament. The
Passion: You will never get tired doing something that you In RA, WRITING is our Apostolate!
love. Charity, a virtue that John learned Christ we receive in the Eucharist is the Easter Christ, the risen
Persistence: The road to excellence requires constancy With much affection, from his Divine Master, has always and glorified Christ as he is now victoriously seated at the right
and determination. Since learning is a continuous process, one has
to be prepared to do and review the same tasks over and over Madz been inculcated in his word and hand of the Father in glory.
example, that is why, St. John This Solemnity establishes the titles for Christs royalty over men:
is called the Apostle of Charity. 1) Christ is God, the Creator of the universe and hence wields a
Editorial Board His feast day is on the 27th of supreme power over all things;
What is Advent? Advent). The gradual increasing light symbolizes the December. 2) Christ is our Redeemer. He purchased us by His precious Blood,
Advent comes from approach of Christmas, Jesus birth, as the light of the Editor-in-chief Who was St. John?
the Latin word world. 3) Christ is Head of the Church, holding in all things the primacy;
Madelyn Q. Lavista John was the son of Zebedee and and
adventus which Salome who is believed to be a
means coming. What is the message of the Advent season for 2014? In Associate Editor/
Features Editor sister of Mary, Jesus mother. He is 4) God bestowed upon Christ the nations of the world as his spe-
What is the Advent his homily during the December 22 Misa de Gallo Jay Duhaylongsod also the brother of Apostle James cial possession and dominion.
Season? Advent Mass at MRAP, Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D. the Great.
BY: Madz Lavista marks the (Bishop of the Diocese of Pasig) explained briefly the News Editor John, his brother James together Johns existence The Solemnity also describes the qualities of Christs kingdom as:.
beginning of the Church liturgical year. It is the season message for each week: Joselito Poquiz
with Apostles Peter and Andrew, was passed mainly in Jerusalem 1) supreme, extending not only to all peoples but also to their
where we anticipate with Christian joy the celebration Writers were all fishermen prior to their and at Ephesus. He became the princes and kings;
of Jesus birth (and the expectant hope for his Second First Sunday Prepare (Maghanda) Josie S. Buenavista, Steve R. Villacorta calls by Jesus to follow him. They minister of the church in Ephesus 2) universal, extending to all nations and to all places;
Coming). The season has 4 weeks, including the 9 days So too, you also must be prepared, Sheila Marie Forca, Melvin B. de Guzman, were called to be apostles by our and founded many churches in 3) eternal, for The Lord shall sit as King forever; and
of Simbang Gabi. for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will Rosell Eramiz, Evelyn Dignadice,
Lyn Dela Cruz & Joanna Marie N. David Lord in the first year of His public Asia Minor. John is also known 4) spiritual, Christs kingdom is not of this world.
come. - Matthew 24:44 ministry. as an evangelist, for he wrote the
What are the liturgical colors for this season? Violet, Christ Kingship is celebrated throughout the whole liturgical year
Cartoonists John was the only disciple who fourth gospel, three Epistles and to remind us of the true meaning of Christ Kingship, that is, to
and Rose. Krystelle Salsalida & Victor Angelo Fruto did not forsake Jesus in the hour the Book of Revelation.
of His Passion. John was on Jesus While John is in Ephesus, Roman serve and not to be served. It means serving those who dont have
Photography Editor
What is the most commonly used symbol during Florence Forca side from the beginning of His Emperor Dometian ordered to cast the capacity to return the favors we have done, not expecting
Advent? Advent wreaths are used to mark the pas- ministry. During His crucifixion, John into a cauldron of boiling recognition for our service, and giving without expecting anything
sage of this season. It is usually circular in shape with Layout Artist John stood faithfully at the cross oil but came forth unhurt and in return.
evergreens, and four candles arranged evenly around the Cypress Dublin
when Jesus made him the guardian banished to the Island of Patmos Faithfulness is our response to our King... faithfulness in everyday
wreath. Symbolically, the circle reflects Gods everlast- Contributor of his mother. for a year. All of the apostles met a life, in everything we do, think and say. The Solemnity of Christ
ing love while the evergreens signify life & hope. The 4 Rev. Fr. Jomar Valdevieso He also witnessed Jesus Resurrec- violent death, however, John lived the King demands our faithfulness to the King of Kings who never
candles stand for the 4 weeks before Christmas which is tion completely. John was loyal peacefully to an extreme old age wanted to be served but to serve. Let us all put all our loyalty to
lighted each week, with 3 violet candles and 1 pink candle Advisers
Cherry Fuerte to our Lord and became the and died at Ephesus about the our King. Let us all consecrate ourselves to Christ our King!
(the latter is for Gaudete Sunday or the 3rd Sunday of Rev. Fr. Pedro Enrique L. Rabonza IV, JCD beloved disciple of Jesus Christ. year of 100.
contd to page 6...
5:00 A.M. - CHRISM MASS, Araw ng mga
SCHEDULE OF LENTEN/EASTER Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Pasig
5:00 P.M. MASS of the Lords Supper
Washing of the Feet
6:30 P.M. -10:00 P.M. - Vigil/ Visita Igles
March 5, Wed ASH WEDNESDAY April 18, Fri GOOD FRIDAY
HOLY MASS Schedule: 5:00 A.M.
May mga tao na nagtatrabaho saSimbahan.
Mayroon din namang naglilingkod.
AM: 6:00 A.M. | 7:30 A.M.
PM: 5:00 P.M. | 6:00 P.M. | 7:00 P.M.
Ano nga ba ang pagkakaiba ng dalawa?
8:00 P.M. - BCDA SA KRUS
6:00 P.M. - OLLC Pag ginagawa mo ito dahil 5:00sa walang
8:00 P.M. - CYPRESS gagawa
April 19, nito,
Sat ito ay BLACK
6:00 P.M. - KATUPARAN pero kung ginagawa mo naman ito dahil
9:00 A.M. OPERATION Linis Simbaha
VISIT OF BLACK NAZARENE OF QUIAPO gusto mo lamang maglingkod sa Diyos, VIGIL MASS
8:00 P.M. EASTER
March 3 11 6:00 A.M. | 6:00 P.M. - Novena April 20, Sun ang tawag
paglilingkod EASTER SUNDAY
6:30 A.M. | 6:30 P.M. - HOLY MASS 4:30 A.M. SALUBONG
Arrival - March 7 7:00 A.M. | 9:00 P.M. - Veneration Regular Mass Schedule
5:00 P.M. , Mar 10 - PROCESSION
Kapag hindi ka nakatagal dahil may pumuna
STATIONS OF THE CROSS @ 7:00 P.M. sa iyo, trabaho ito para sa iyo.
March 11, Tues BCDA Kung walang puna na makakapagpigil sa
March 13, Thurs MRB ginagawa mo,
March 18, Tues OLLC, HHSG & GHQ paglilingkod na maituturing ito.
March 20, Thurs Damayan 9 & 10
March 25, Tues Damayan 4 & 7
March 27, Thurs Kung ginagawa mo lamang ito habang hindi
Damayan 2 & 6
April 01, Tues Damayan 5 & 3
ito nakakaabala sa iba mong gawa, ito ay
April 03, Thurs Damayan 1 & 8 trabaho.
April 10 , Thurs 6:30 P.M. - KUMPISALANG BAYAN Kung itinalaga mo ang sarili na gagawin ito
April 12, Sat 7:00 P.M. - FILM SHOWING kahit ipagpaliban ang ibang gawain, ito ang
April 13, Sun PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORDS PASSION paglilingkod.
4:00 A.M. Rite of Blessing of Palms @ OLLC
Regular Sunday Masses Kung umalis ka dahil walang pumupuri o
(Blessing of Palms after every Mass)
nagpapasalamat sa iyo,
April 14, Mon HOLY MONDAY
6:30 A.M. - HOLY MASS
trabaho ang natapos mo.
6:30 P.M. - HOLY MASS Kung ikaw ay nananatili kahit walang
and LENTEN RECOLLECTION nakakapuna sa iyong pagsisikap,
Presider: REV. FR. VICENTE UY, JCD, ED.D iyan ang paglilingkod na tinatawag.
April 15, Tues HOLY TUESDAY Mahirap matuwa o magalak sa isang
6:30 A.M. - HOLY MASS trabaho.
Start of PABASA sa Parokya - 7:30 A.M.
Mahirap namang hindi matuwa o magalak sa
6:30 A.M. - HOLY MASS
bawat paglilingkod.
Pabasa sa Parokya hanggang 12:00 Noon.
4:00 P.M. - PRUSISYON NG MGA BANAL Sa isang pangkaraniwang pamayanan,
April 17, Thurs MAUNDY THURSDAY marami ang makikitang tao na nagtatrabaho.
5:00 A.M. - CHRISM MASS, Araw ng mga Pari@ Sa isang buhay na pamayanan, dapat mas
Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Pasig marami ang nakikitang naglilingkod.
5:00 P.M. MASS of the Lords Supper and
Washing of the Feet
6:30 P.M. -10:00 P.M. - Vigil/ Visita Iglesia
Saan kaya tayo kasama?
April 18, Fri GOOD FRIDAY Ikaw?
10:00 A.M. KUMPISALANG BAYAN Kung tinatawag ka ng Diyos para
12:00 P.M. SEVEN LAST WORDS maglingkod,
3:00 P.M. PAGPAPARANGAL AT PAGHAHALIK huwag mo naman itong ituring na trabaho!
Kung trabaho ito para sa iyo,
9:00 A.M. OPERATION Linis Simbahan iwan mo at palitan ng paglilingkod.
8:00 P.M. EASTER VIGIL MASS Ayaw ng Diyos na tayo ay mananatiling
April 20, Sun EASTER SUNDAY manggagawa lamang.
4:30 A.M. SALUBONG Gusto Niya na tayo ay maging masaya at
Regular Mass Schedule matapat na mga tagapaglingkod.