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Art Worksheet Chap 2 Purposes and Functions of arts Due date: 2/13/17 Name: Nicole J.

(1) Complete the worksheet and submit on time. 10% off per day for the late assignment.
(2) Extra points are possible depending on your excellent efforts.
You can adjust the writing space you need.
State Required 1. Explain the nature of art and the importance of creativity.
Competency/ies (Hint: 2. Explore various artforms and content.
in the syllabus) 3. Explain the purposes and functions of art.
1 point 4. Apply visual art elements to analyze a work of art.
5. Apply principles of design to analyze a work of art.
6. Identify different art media.
7. Evaluate artworks.
8. Evaluate art form and content related to issues of censorship.
9. Critique meaning of artworks embedded in different historical and socio-cultural contexts.
What are the 6 major Delight, Commemoration, Worship/Rituals, Commentary, Persuasion, Self-
purposes and functions of Expression
art addressed in the
book? 3 points
1. Upload the 6 pieces Upload the 6 pieces of artwork
of artwork to the right Match each with purposes or functions.
hand side column. Explain why you match them (Each match needs at least 50 words). At word count
at the end. (if not, 1 point deduction)
2.Match each with its Print off a copy and bring in class. (If multiple pages, staple. If not, 1 point
purposes or functions. dedection).
(a work of art may have
multiple purposes
and/or functions).
3. Explain why you
match them (Each
match needs at least
50 words).
Steps 1-3 12 points
4. Print off a copy and
bring in class for
peer reviews Delight: The above photo was taken because of the photographers appreciation of
2 points. beauty in their surroundings. The photographer is able to see and capture beauty in a
place where others may simply walk, brushing past the leaves and unaware of their
5. Upload this surroundings. The various bright colors in the scenery is also emphasized by the
assignment to your photographer to show beauty and delight in nature. Word Count: 61
(You can use
print screen, or
snipping tool to
make it in .jpeg

Commentary: I chose this photo for commentary because the author uses their talent
to communicate to the viewer through art. This art symbolizes to the viewer that
reading a book allows one to use their mind and imagination, but watching TV is an
alternative and less beneficial way for them to be entertained. This imagery also
contains the artists personal opinions, another reason it functions as commentary.
Word count: 66
Worship/Ritual: I chose this cloth painting for worship/ritual because it enhances
religious contemplation within the Buddhist community. It depicts a visual of
Amoghasiddhi, one of the five Transcendent Buddhas, as the central and dominant
figure with many other figures and symbols relating to the culture. There was
obviously a lot of detail and work put into it, showing the artwork is precious. Word
Count: 62

Commemoration: I chose this piece of art for commemoration because it aids in

remembering The Stonewall Brigade where the 29th Infantry Division assaulted
Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. It also honors patriotic actions and demonstrates the
hardship and suffering on that day. It focuses on real people and a real event in
history that is considered important to be remembered in the future. Word Count: 63

Persuasion: I chose this piece of art for persuasion because the artist is trying to urge
the viewers to send food to soldiers, telling them that if they do so, the soldiers will
win the war. The artwork is urging and somewhat guilting the viewers to do
something they may not otherwise do. Word Count: 52
Self-Expression: I chose this photo for self-expression, because it depicts the authors
personality and feelings on depression; this photo makes me think the author has
dealt with depression themselves and are showing how it feels in art. This piece also
stirs up emotion and uses color versus black and white to show the mask those with
depression often wear to mask their pain. Word Count: 62

Extra points:
Is there any relevancy
between this chapters
learning and your life,
family, community and
career? At least 50-
words. (2 points)