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A Buyer's Guide To Joysticks, Light Pens, And Numeric Keypads

July 1987 <3
Issue 49, Vol. 5, No. 7

02220 $4.25 Canada


Also In This Issue:

GEOS Update:
Remedy: Crash Preven One Year Old
tion For The 64 And Growing Fast
Calendar Maker For The
A close-up look at this
128,64, Plus/4, and 16
powerful operating system
GEOS File Storage
for the 64, and its continu
Easy Full-Screen ing evolution into a large
Animation For The 64 network of new products.
Software Reviews

And More

128 Graph
Generate colorful, pro
fessional-looking graphs
and charts and display
them with a slide-
show option.

For The 128
An alternate 80-column Basketball
Power BASIC:
screen with one keypress.
Sam & Ed
What better way to score Text Framer
07 a goal than to go through Easily create any size and
the hoop yourself? A color of frame for text, and
delightful game that's a put it anywhere on the
must for any game lover. screen. For the 128, 64,
0 U86lO2220 ft
For the 64. Plus/4, and 16.

In most dungeon fantasy;

games, you can't really j
see the slime on the
dungeon walls. Or watchl
monsters coming after
you. ti

Introducing Legacy of the

Ancients. It's a new fantasy!
role-playing adventure ,. '
that offers the richest
graphics ever seen in a
fantasy game. And
something more.

A dangerous quest at a
furious pace. Dungeons,'
castles, and towns to
explore. Puzzles.
Gambling. Fighting.
Magic. In short,
everything you
love about
fantasy games.
And lots of new
things you've


Flickering torchlight on moldy walls. Explore 24 dungeon levels, each with Thedisplays in the Time-Space Trek through vast wilderness areas.
Blood stains on a monsters teeth. adillerenl look and challenge. Museum can be doorways to Talk to the locals. Some will want
Incredible graphic detail. new worlds. to help. Some are good to eat.


{IK CA CALL 800-562-1112). The Direct Price is $29.95 for the C-64
version. To buy by mall, send check

uaniSltil SFSilciiB * iiimac iiraci biu m t uses?

or money order to Electronic Arts
Direct Sales, P.O. Box 7530,
San Mateo, CA 94dO3. Add S3 for
12 different towns. Pick up some Master five dillerent action games shipping and handling (SS Canadian).
magic spalls. Stock up on weapons lo win. Visit casinos for eitra gold—
and armor, Rob the bank on your or build up your character points There is a 14-day, rnmioy-baek
way out. In the combat-training centers. guarantee on direct orders. ELECTRONIC ARTS
Things are looking up for
game players.

Brace your animation frames

self for action, will keep you kick
adventure, thrills, ing and scream
and spills. ing.The only thing
In Fist: The you'll miss are the
Legend Continues: bruises.
everything's at stake as you chop your way through hun A hyperspalial spherical grand prix awaits you in
dreds of screens meeting evil warriors, mighty Shoguns, Trailblazer Unless you're faint at heart, you'll have a ball
and hungry panthers. Marshall all yourstrength to leaping black holes, purple walls, and avoiding the
survive this martial arts adventure. terrible cyan nasty zone.
Uridiurrr presents you with the ultimate galactic Keep your laser gun cocked for Parallaxr Mad
crisis. As the lone remaining Manta Fighter Jock, you scientists and their alien cohorts are planning to turn
have 15 Dreadnought mother ships to zap before they Earth into a big cloud of dust. You've got to mop them
swipe the mineral resources from the solar system's up or else.
planets.The line between zapperand zappee is a Let Mindscape hit you with the best games to play.
thin one. So aim well. Just remember: when you
Enter the arena of Judo

sit down and start piaying,
action in Uchi Matar Over 400 hold on to your seat.

Software that challenges the JLmind.

r r,'13iVrrif.iili fVilL V yteUm l!i n...'r 1 h*^'.i" 7 3"'|' ir V.' A, r U.^vl ml o,[T,.^ To purcriasfl Oy mail. 14-no1 VISA or M4M#>C4ra fiumbpr Mh tipirfllKJH Sale. C hvC h (X money Drdvr |o
M.ndKniw.l'O Boillfil Horth6ioo>..liaiCfi5 CummoOoraCiyOT lilies aioir9*ii..irh Add 13 CD lor th-nping nni) hontllmi) Alk™ 3 5 .«U Iw tirlncry
IT you're in nttornoy readth.i: eiW?Mind«flpe, Inc Mindicano'sn ['BdprnnrhoT Wimlscapf.lic Comrnodorw is n ri.yulo'pd Irodemarl. of Commodore tltfcl
Over 50,000
sold in
just four

And you don't even have to

leave your room.
The Russians have The Doomsday Pa/jers™ locked
deep in a Siberian stronghold With them, they can
briny the world to its knees.
The US. government needs your help. Using their
satellite you can get into the complex with your
computer. All you have to do is locate the combina
tions to the safe, find and open it, and get the
documents out.
Sounds simple enough. UnlbrUinately, it's not that
easy. There are video cameras and monitors to be
avoided. Guard patrols. And something called.. .The
Annihilator. Plus, your only map is the one you've
got to make while not being discovered by all of
the above.
Your reputation got you into this mess. Your
I [acker II: The
hacking skill is the only thing that can get you out. lepers, designed by Stew
I lacker II Ibr Commodore
Bon Voyage. (jrtwright, who brought
you the award winning
64/128, Apple II, IBM PC/PCjr
and Tandy 1000, Amiga, Alan ST
r And For The
challenge of Hackee™
and Macintosh computers
Complete Hacker Coining soon for the Apple Ilia.

Look for Activision products at your local software
dealer. Or you can buy by mail at suggested list price
Don't miss ihc
by calling 1-800-227-6900.
original Ilacker—
the one that not it
all started! JACTIVISION
;L .--'Igg3'-* ; | |'| n riRtAlNMLr-JT i-OFTWARE'l.
ComnMdcm64, l2B*UKlAn^jrcirjclctnarf»cifCuiimiu(kjrT^ttnjnksU^ litHlyiAalmilcmufkuf Jindytflfpiirjikm
AUrl,i]iEiST-jmmkfiU(lu<>(Aun(Eiri> Apple rtiulMaihUrwhiUc lrjik-mjrk>c>f Apple OirapultrAtlMsJon Is the I*ptaUfttltiadenMJicofAclMriOn, Inc RiyWi AfdvMhm, Inc.
July 1987 Vol. 5, No. 7

A Buyer's Guide to Input Devices for the Commodore 64 and 128 18 *
GEOS Update: One Year Old and Growing Fast Lee Woe/, Jr 26 *

Bureaucracy Ervin Bobo 43 128
Murder Parly Robin Minnick 43 64
The Final Cartridge Art Hunkins 44 64
Killed Until Dead Neil Randal! 46 64
Buzzword Robin and David Minnick 47 64

Basketball Sam & Ed Rhett Anderson and David Henstey, Jr. 53 64
Squeeze Stephen Shuil 55 64

education/home applications
Calendar Maker William Coleman 57 12B/64/+4/16
Computing for Families: Reader Rabbit Vs. Rambo Fred D'lgnazio 76 *

Alt-80 tor the 128 Bob Kodadek 56 128
Remedy: Crash Prevention for the 64 Robert Masters 58 64
Easy Full-Screen Animation Paul W. Carlson 60 64
128 Graph Designer Danny Komaromi 62 128
The Power of Submit for CP/M James Adams 64 128
GEOS File Storage Format Douglas S. Curtis 66 64
Hi-Res Graphics on the 128, Part 2 Rob Kennedy 70 128
BASIC for Beginners: Putting It All Together Larry Cotton 72 128/64/+4/16
Machine Language lor Beginners: Machine Language as BASIC Richard Mansfield 74 128/64
Power BASIC: Text Framer Paul Sawyer 75 128/64/- -4/16
Hints & Tips: BASIC Programming Hints 78 128/64/+4/16

The Editor's Notes Richard Mansfield 4 *
Gazette Feedback Editors and Readers 8 *
User Group Update 52 *
Simple Answers to Common Questions Tom R. Halfhill 79 *
Horizons: The Readers' Turn Todd Heimarck 80 128/64
Bug-Swatter: Modifications and Corrections 92 *

program listings
COMPUTEI's Gazette Author's Guide 109 *
How to Type In COMPUTEI's Gazette Programs 110 *
MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Commodore 64 111 64
The Automatic Proofreader 114 128/64/+4/16

Advertisers Index 116 •

* = General. 64=Commodore 64. +4^Plus/4, i6=Commodore 16, 128=Commodore 128

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West Wfondover Avenue, Grirnstoro, NC 2740H- Domestic SnbSoipllDnl! 12 iisu.-s, S24 POSTMASTiiK: Send address changes la COMPUTETa GAZETTE P.O. Box 10957, DeS
Monies. IA 503-10 Second [tin applkjlion pending dl {:recnsbon>, NC 27-103 and mailing crthces Entire canttrUB copyright ©19B7 tiv COMPUTEI Pu Mica lions. Inc All
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COMPUni Publications, Int. ii pJH ol ABC Consumer Magulncs, Inc. One of the AHC Publishing Gmpanlej; ABC Publishing, Preiidrnt. Robtn (;. Burton; I JM Avenue oi tha
Amlrim; New luik. !\[™ YOlk 10019.
It was unforgettable. Sigourney accurate to call this a new skill added You interact with this "official"
Weaver steps into a strangely dis to the car's repertoire. computer, instructing it what to re
tended fork lift tractor in the movie Elsewhere in the car, other sili member, what to watch out for, and
Aliens and begins to move boxes con servants are quietly carrying out what to display. But many other sen
twice hi_>r height and many times her Iheir duties as well. On the radio, a sors and computer functions are not
weight. Her arms and legs controlling little red light flashes 24 hours a day, user-controlled. They simply lurk
the massive arms and legs of the ma drawing attention to the lettering be within, ready to offer warnings or
chine, she performs superhuman neath it: ANTI-THEFT DEVICE. If other information from the LEDs and
feats of strength. the radio is removed from the car, the displays across the dashboard. The
Her machine was a robot shell. It radio disables itself and cannot be various parameters of the braking
had everything except a brain and used until a secret code is correctly systems, the catalytic converter, win
sense organs, and when she put it on, entered into its station presets. Fur dow washing fluid, oil levels, the bat
there was a potent synergy. The ma thermore, to prevent btute-force ef tery, coolants, and other items are
chine greatly amplified the human's forts to find the code, you are given continuously monitored for proper
strength and endurance, and the hu only three tries, and then you have to operation. It's as if your car were per
man gave the machine the eyes and wait to try again. All this obviously manently under intensive care, ready
brains it needed to be useful. discourages theft. to sound warnings at the first sign of
Such symbiosis is increasingly The radio is smart in other ways, trouble in any of its important sys
evident now in everyday life. With too. It can scan to find the next station tems. Some new autos even remind
microprocessors currently selling in or the next song on a tape. It can play a you when it's time to change the oil
quantity for less than $1 apiece, it is few seconds of each station or song or go in for a general inspection. And,
cost effective to insert them into the and then move on, giving you a of course, when you take the car in
joints and sensitive places of every chance to decide which selection you for service, the first thing they're like
day consumer items. prefer. It automatically optimizes itself ly to do is attach probes from their
Late-model cars, for example, for strong or weak signals. It detects computer to the engine.
contain more computer chips than the kind of audio tape in use and Via computerization, machines
grease fittings. Studded throughout the switches itself to the correct bias for are becoming ever more hospitable,
auto are microprocessors, little sensors, metal or chrome or normal formula sensitive to their owners' needs and
and RAM and ROM chips—all of them tions. And, after the tape player is preferences (favorite car-seat posi
busy counting events, watching for played for 15 hours, a chime sounds tions can be memorized, for ex
weaknesses, adjusting fuel flow, and and the message CLEAN flashes on ample). But we are now also seeing
doing dozens of other tasks. the radio's LCD screen to remind you the first examples of computerized
Cars equipped with ABS, the to insert a cleaning cassette. systems which move machines be
new Antilock Braking System, signif Cars are also now equipped with yond human capabilities. It's a new
icantly increase safety on wet or iced small computer consoles built right phenomenon: a mechanical combi
roads. If the driver slams on the into the dash. They look like a calcula nation of brains plus brawn.
brakes and the car goes into a skid, tor keypad, but the keys have multiple If you ever go into a spin on an
the ABS system detects this and goes functions. If a thief decided to forget icy mountain road, you're likely to
into action. It pumps the brakes at about the radio and just take the appreciate the cluster of computer
humanly impossible speeds. No whole car, he would be unable to start chips that make your brakes smart.
body, not even Fred Astaire in a mo the engine. The car's owner can pro
ment of extreme terror, could tap a gram in an ignition code and thus pre
brake pedal that fast. The ABS causes vent hot-wiring.
the car to maintain contact with the Other buttons provide various
road surface and, thus, prevents skid kinds of information or warnings. One Richard Mansfield
ding during difficult conditions. tells you the outside temperature; an Editorial Director
Two things are interesting about other, the date or time. One shows the
this. First, the machine knows when average miles per gallon, another, the
to apply ABS. !t is only invoked when average miles per hour. The computer
the car itself senses the problem. Sec can tell you how many miles left
ond, ABS amplifies the driver's phys before you'll run out of gas, switch be
ical abilities. Since this kind of tween ordinary and metric measure
braking is not humanly possible, it ments, act as a stopwatch, or ring a
adds an entirely new skill to a driver's warning chime when you exceed a
repertoire. In fact, it would be more particular speed.

COMPUTBs Gazotto July 1987

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324 West Wendover Ave., Suite 200. Greensboro, NC 27408 subsidiaries.
Up Periscope!, the new state of the
art in submarine simulation! Blow
ing the competition out of the water
Smuiaion a-"maiion and W
Mpi« lech-Ufa^* w**»«i ">"" SubLOGIC with superior combat strategy and
tactics courtesy of Captain John
Patten, USN {Ret.). With true
animated 3D graphics courtesy of
SubLOGIC. Up Periscope!,
generations ahead of the pack!

- $29.95 -
Better Engineering at a Better

Compare hits for yourself! Up Periscope! Silent Service

Suggested Retail Price $34.95

3-Dimenslonal Graphics
Number of Scenarios

Spill-Screen Vlewa

Reality Levels

Radar Screen

Accu-Sound'" realism

Torpedo Types

Auto or Manual Torpedo Launch

Fire 10 Time-Day-Month-Year Selection Capability

Zoom Feature Map or Map View

Ship Views Only

Fire 12 Submarine Strategy & Tactics Manual by John Patten, Capt. USN

Auto-Load Feature on C128

Joystick Required

airi*™ ■

ThunderChopper See Your Dealer...

AntJ don't forget ThunderChopper! Or write or call for more information.

For true helicopter action and Up Periscope! and Thunder

realism, nothing else oven comes Chopper are available on disk for
the Commodore 64/128, Apple I!,
close. ThunderChopper in
and IBM PC line of personal
corporates the most advanced
computers for the suggested retail
graphics, flight systems, and gamo-
price of S29.95. For direct orders
playing factors to provide a sensa
please specify which computer ver
tional balance of strategy and fun.
sion you want. Include S2.00 for
shipping (outside U.S. S6.25) and
specify UPS or first class mail
5 1937 AcHonSoft Corporation
delivery. Visa, MasterCard,
30 graphics and special affects courtesy
SunLOGIC Corp. American Express, and Diners Club
'.',-.•' ',-)',r<: <jt Ufl'i ',',■■ ■(:•:■.<>: 128 B/a charges accepted.
Irademarki of CommoOors Eloctronica LW.
Apyio il is a trademark of Apple Computer,
\QtJl is a rogiriierid tra-tom.-uk or imQrnaiional ACTION
BuBiaess Machines Carp ■r;ciJrHmot(S ahcao itj strategy ACTION OO'twahl

CHAMPAIGN. II OIBKJ (217) 398 836(1

Editors and Readers

Do you have a question or a problem? Parallel Universes Call Ahead For Reservations
Have you discovered something that I give up. Where in the Commodore Almost everyone knows how garbage
could help other Commodore users? We 128's memory is the 80-column screen collection can slow down a program.
want to hear from you. Write to located? I have looked all over with the But there is another situation that can
Gazette Feedback, COMPlTTErs Gazette, machine language monitor. I can't find lead to mysterious pauses. Such slow
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, NC 27403. it, and the System Guide doesn't help. downs are often the result of dimen
We regret that, due to the volume of Gregg Haverly sioning large arrays at the beginning of
mail received, we cannot respond indi your program. Any time a new simple
The reason you can't find 80-column
vidually to programming questions. variable is created after the arrays are in
screen memory is that it doesn't exist in
place, there will be a pause while the
the 128's system memory. Like parallel
computer shifts all the arrays up in
A Running Total universes in a "Star Trek" episode, the
memory to make space for the new
I am taking a class in BASIC program
128K of system RAM and 16K of 80-column
variable. The effect can be seen by en
ming at the local junior college. One of video RAM are separate domains with
tering and running the following short
our problems entails listing a column of only a tiny portal between. The 8502 mi
numbers and showing the sum. My
croprocessor that is the brains of the 128
manuals do not mention a SUM or TO has no direct access to 80-column memo 10 T = 0:REMA = 0:B=0:C-0:D = 0:
ry. The processor can read from or write to E=0
TAL function for the 128. I've included
locations in the 80-column video area 20 DIM A(7000)
a program that I wrote, is there another
way to total a column of numbers? How only indirectly, via the VDC (Video Dis
40 T = TI:B = 0:C = 0:D-0:E-0
would you change the program to ac play Controller) chip that provides the 80-
cept variable input from the user? column output. See "Alt-80 For The 128"
Thomas Paul elsewhere in this issue for more infor 60 INPUT "SIMPLE VARIABLE";A
mation on passing values to the VDC. 70 T = TI:B=5:C=5:D-*5:E = 5
There are a couple of ways you could get SO PRINT "SECONDS DELAY:"
input from the user and calculate a sum. ,-(Tl-T)/60
Here's one (for any Commodore computer); The Two-Headed Disk Drive
John A. Spencer
10 FOR A - I TO 5 I have a problem with my 128 and 1571
20 INPUT B that 1 can't figure out. Every time 1 cut a For readers who are unfamiliar with gar
30C - C + B second notch in a disk and format both bage collection, here's a brief explanation.
40 PRINT "SUBTOTAL: "; C sides in 128 mode, one of the sides does When string variables are assigned new
50 NEXT values (with INPUT or GET, for example),
not work.
Jim Lewis the old string remains in memory. Even
This program keeps a running total of tually, as new strings are created and old
I have recently come across a problem
five numbers typed by the user. If you just ones are superseded, BASIC runs out of
with my 1571. After cutting a notch, I
want to add some numbers, the example free memory. At this point, the garbage
formatted the first side of a double-
above works well. But notice line 20, collection routine takes over and shuffles
sided disk using the 128's HEADER
where a single variable, B, is changed memory around to get rid of the unneeded
command. The directory lists as it
each time the FOR-NEXT loop repeats. In garbage strings, a process that may take
should. However, when 1 try to format
some situations, you may want to remem several minutes. Garbage collection is an
the flip side, the first side is wiped out
ber the previously typed numbers. Here's occasional problem on the 64, but not on
as if it had never been formatted. I don't
another variation: the 128.
have this problem with a 64 and 1541.
10 DIM N(5) Is my 1571 defective? In the example above, the delay is not
20 FOR A - 1 TO 5: REM INPUT LOOP John Lommock due to garbage collection, but (like gar
30 INPUT N(A) bage collection) it's connected with the
40 NEXT After you format a 1571 disk using the
lime it takes to move memory around.
50 FOR A - 1 TO 5: REM SUM LOOP HEADER command, you may notice that
there are 1328 blocks free, exactly double There is a considerable delay while
60 T - T + N(A)
70 NEXT the 664 blocks free on a 1541 disk. The the variables in line 40 are initialized, but
80 FOR A - 1 TO 5: REM PRINT LIST 1571 doesn't pack twice as many sectors there is almost no delay while the same
90 PRINT N(A) onto one side of a disk—it uses both sides. variables in line 70 are given new values.
100 NEXT In the Commodore 64, programs are
The 1541 has one read/write head, but
the 1571 has two—one for the top of the stored at the bottom of free memory, fust
TOTAL above the program are the simple (non-ar
disk and one for the bottom.
The first FOR-NEXT loop stores the ray) variables. On lop of them are the ar
The HEADER command formats both
user's input in an array, elements N(l) rays. Every number in a numeric array
sides. If you flip over the disk and use
through N(5). The second loop adds up the occupies five bytes, so the array in this
HEADER a second time, both sides are
values from the array. The final loop formatted again, writing over the previ program occupies slightly more than
prints the numbers and the total. 35,000 bytes. Individual (simple) numeric
ously formatted sectors.
variables need two bytes for the name and
B COMPUTE! 3 Gazette July 19B7
Take a Quiet Drive
in the Fast Lane.

Introducing the New

Commodore Compatible Disk Drive
Faster, quieter and more reliable than the 1541 and 1541C.
Breakthrough Direct Drive technology.
Guaranteed 100% Compatibility. It even enhances GEOS!
Full One-Year Warranty.
First America Distributing, Inc.
Palmer LakB Plaza Bldg.
6860 Shingle Creek Parkway
Brooklyn Center, MINN. 55430
Manufactured by: EmB'a'd Components International 541 Willamette Eugene. OR 97401 Fat, 5G3-345-5037 Telex: 23-499-6100 EUG SECSVC
modem. Modems work by sending and re You can't use a variable or expression
five for the value. The chunk of memory
ceiving sounds over the telephone lines. after GOTO to choose a particular target
holding Ihe large array must be moved
These sounds are sent by one modem and line. However, if you just want to ran
seven bytes upward for every variable ini
interpreted by the other. Basically, all domly select one of several possible target
tialized in Jiirc 40. This makes a Iota! of
your 1660 can do is dial a phone, whistle lines, you can use ON-GOTO. The ON-
more than 140,000 bytes which must be
into the outgoing line, and listen on the GOTO statement will allow you to go to a
moved (plus another 35,000 for the vari
incoming line. It can't perform any special specific line based on the current value of
able A used in the INPUT statement in
tricks like tracing a call. The best it could a variable. Here's a sample program frag
line 30).
do is answer the phone and emit a pierc ment you could test:
Line 70 executes very quickly be
cause the simple variables have been de ing whistle. If you are concerned about the 900 L = INT(RND<1)*4+1)
fined and no moving needs to be done. If calls you receive, contact your local tele 910 ON L GOTO 1100, 1310, 5000, 5020
you delete the REM in line 10, the simple phone company.
Line 900 puts in the variable L a ran
variables are initialized before the array is dom number from one to four. RND(1) al
DIMensioned, and both line 40 and line ways gives you a number between 0 and
70 will execute rapidly. You can prevent GEOS, ML, And Finding Books
.99999999, which multiplied by 4 results
delays by predefining the variables and What did I pay $40 more for? I was told
in a range of 0 to 3.9999999. Adding one
reserving space before the array is set up. that the 64C was advanced in graphics
and rounding down (with the INT func
While this program uses numeric compared to the regular 64. What ex
tion) limits L to whole numbers between
variables and arrays to make the point, the actly is different?
one and four.
Also, I bought a book on machine
same considerations apply to string and In line 910, the ON-GOTO construc
integer arrays. With string arrays, each ar language. It says there are three com
tion tests the value ofL and then jumps to
mercial assemblers on the market, one
ray entry occupies only three bytes, so the one of the line numbers in the list. If L
time spent moving a string array of the of which is required. 1 have looked and
equals one, the program goes to 1100. J/L
same size would be slightly shorter. looked but can find none of them.
equals two, ON-GOTO sends the program
Could you give me the addresses (in
Simple variables can also be initial to 1310. GOTO may be followed by as
Canada, if possible) and the prices for
ized to zero using the DIM statement, many line numbers as you want, up to the
these assemblers? Also, where can I
with less use of memory and less typing: 80-character line length limit of the 64.
find the Commodore 64 Programmer's
10 DIM A,B,C,D,E,T
Reference Guide?
Mark Wadmen
(oysticks And Sprites
Plus/4 Software Commodore has stopped manufacturing Could you print a short program for the
the 64 and is phasing it out. As the inven 128 that would use the JOY(N) com
Is there any way the Commodore
tory is gradually sold off, the 64C will re mand—have it move a sprite, for ex
Plus/4 could be transformed into a 64
place it on store shelves. A year from now, ample? The manual isn't very clear.
internally (with a program or emulator,
buyers won't be faced with the choke of Paul Levine
perhaps)? There are many Plus/4 users
which version of the 64 to purchase. There
who would love to run 64 programs. The llS's fOY function reads joystick in
will only be the 64C.
Another question: Are there any user ports 1 or 2, depending on which value
The two computers are functionally
groups for Plus/4 owners? you put in parentheses. It returns a value
identical; they have the same chips, the
Mark P. Pagala of 0 (no movement) or of 1-8 (1 is north, 2
same operating system, the same BASIC,
and so on. The new plastic case of the 64C is northeast, 3 is east, and so on). If the fire
Most commercial programs for the 64
is a cosmetic change only. What's different button is held down, add 128 to the values.
make extensive use of its sprite capabili
is that the 64C comes bundled with an ad Here's a short program for 128 mode
ties and the SID chip, both of which are
vanced graphics-oriented operating sys that reads the joystick and changes the
lacking on the Plus/4. It would be diffi
tem called GEOS (for a thorough direction of a sprite. Press the fire button
cult, if not impossible, to emulate a 64 in
treatment of GEOS, see "A GEOS Up to exit.
software. A hardware emulator would
probably cost at least as much as a 64, so it date: One-Year Old And Growing Strong" 10 SPRITE 1,1,4
would be cheaper just to buy a 64 if you elsewhere in this issue.) Purchased sepa 20 MOVSPR 1,100,100
want to run 64 software. rately, the list price of GEOS is $59.95, so,
in a sense, by paying S40 more for the 64C, 40 IF J = l THEN MOVSPR1,0#1
The Plus/4 Users Croup (PLUG) can 50 IF J = 3 THEN MOVSPR1,270#1
be contacted at Box 1001, Monterey, CA you've saved $19.95 over the price of a 64
60 IF J-5 THEN MOVSPR1,180#1
93942. They publish a newsletter that lists with GEOS.
70 IF J-7 THEN MOVSPR1,90#1
a variety of Plus/4 and 16 software. A re The book you mentioned is mistaken 80 LOOP WHILE J<12S
cent issue noted that the Plus/4 and the about there being only three assemblers.
16 are fairly popular in Great Britain, and There are at least a dozen companies, in
many programs can be ordered from over cluding one in Canada, that make assem
seas software companies. PLUG also pro blers for the 64 and 128. (See the August
1986 Gazette for a complete list of names Will you please write a program that
vides public domain programs on tape and
and addresses.) To obtain a particular makes hexadecimal into decimal num
book, such as the Commodore 64 Pro bers? Everything I've tried hasn't
grammer's Reference Guide, you can worked.
usually order it at a local bookstore. Jeff Trock
Modem As Tracer!
Every now and then I have problems Most versions of BASIC support only deci
with prank phone calls. I own a Com mal numbers. But sometimes it's easier to
Randomly Jumping Around use hexadecimal numbers (base 16—often
modore 1660 modem. Can 1 trace a call
with the modem? If so, how? If not, 1 have been trying to get my 64 to ran called just hex) on computers. Computers
why? domly go to a line number between work in binary (base 2), and it's easy to
1000 and 10000. How would you do convert numbers between their binary
George Roedl
this? and hex representations (because 16 is a
No, it is not possible to trace a call with a Daniel Mai one power of 2).
10 COMPUTE! 's Gazette July 1987



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The 128S BASIC 7.0 has two func calculation (694714- 674806}/100 will and a background color. But instead of one
tions—HEX$ and DEC—that make con give you the correct answer because universal background color, you can
version easy. If you're not using BASIC you're subtracting whole numbers and di choose from four. (Color memory is still
7.0, here's a demo program that shows you viding by 100 only after the calculations active, so you can choose any of 16 colors
how to convert from hex to decimal. !t are finished. for the character color.) The four back
uses a one-line subroutine that you can ground registers are located at 53281-
use in your own programs. Set H$ to the 53284. Note that extended background
hexadecimal numberyou want to convert; Lost And Found color mode is not the same thing as multi
then COSUB 90. When the subroutine re My Commodore 128 seems to be miss color mode.
turns, the decimal value will be found in ing a chip. I've looked at the circuit There's a price you pay for the extra
the variable T. board and noticed that the socket la colors, however. Instead of 256 different
OP 10 FORJ=1TO5:READHS;GOSUB90 beled U36 is empty. Could you please characters, you have only 64 (screen codes
iPRINTT:NEXT:END tell me what chip this is and how 1 can 0-63). If you POKE a character from 64-
RG 20 DATA FFFF,9,FE,40,1 127 (o the screen, you get background
get one?
CB 90 T=0tFORKalTOLEN(HS):A=AS color two. Characters 128-191 have back
Brian Brown
9)»7iT=T*16+AiNEXT:RETUR ground color three. And 192-255 have the
There's nothing missing from your 128. fourth background color. The letter E is
You've simply discovered a feature of the screen code 5. To see it with each of the
128 that has yet to be exploited. If you've four background colors, POKE the num
The Limits Of Precision read about the 128's memory management bers 5, 69,133, and 197 to screen memory.
I've used my 64 for the past couple of system, you may have noticed that two
To get into extended background color
years with excellent results. Recently I different types of additional ROM are
mode, POKE 53265,PEEK(53265)OR
did have a problem, and a service man supported—internal function ROM and 64. To return to normal, POKE 53265,
external function ROM. External function
corrected it by replacing a chip. PEEK(53265)AND 191. When you go
Sometime later, I was using a ROM, visible in bank configurations
into this mode, POKE various colors into
spreadsheet and turned up the follow 8-13, is connected through the memory the registers at 53281-53284.
expansion port. It's ROM on the car
ing: 6947.14 - 6748.06 - 199.07999
tridges you're probably familiar with.
but 6947.14 - 6748.05 = 199.09. I
tried several other combinations and The socket you noticed inside the 128 Plus/4 Memory
found some answers that were five dec was provided for the installation of a chip I own a Plus/4 and am interested in
imal places long, with each answer for internal function ROM. When in using the RAM under ROM above ad
ending in 999. stalled, this ROM is visible in bank con dress $8000 for my machine language
Thinking the problem was in the figurations 4-7. This ROM could be used programs. Can you tell me how to ac
program, I made the same calculations to supply built-in applications programs cess this memory?
with the PRINT statement. The results like those in the Commodore Plus/4. Daniel Cardille
were the same. The service man could However, we haven't yet heard of any
commercially-produced programs sup On the Plus/4, memory above 32768
shed no light on the matter. In fact, we
plied in ROM chips for internal use. (Be (S8000) can be either ROM or RAM. In its
tried several 64s and found the problem
cause internal function ROM appears in default state, the computer addresses
existed on all of them.
different banks than external function ROM in this area. If you examine this
Is this just a characteristic of the
ROM, you can't just remove a ROM chip memory by PEEKing from BASIC or by
64? Can it be corrected? using the D or M commands of the built-
L. Mundelius from a cartridge and plug it into the inter
nal socket.) Your computer is not anoma in machine language monitor, you'll see
Seeing 199.07999 when you expect an even lous; socket U36 will be empty on ROM. However, anytime you POKE into
dollars and cents amount like 199.08 can practically any 128 you peer into. this memory, the values POKEd get stored
be surprising and disconcerting. It's not a in the underlying RAM.
problem peculiar to the 64; most computers To reconfigure the computer to see
will occasionally print fractional numbers Extended Background Color Mode the RAM, from a machine language pro
with 9999 or 0001 tacked on. gram: Disable interrupts with a SEI; store
I have heard the term extended back
The problem isn't a bug in the system, a value to location SFF3F (any value is
ground color mode, but I am confused as
it's a mathematical feature you can't avoid. will do); then reenable interrupts with a
to what it means. I do know that memo
Leaving computers aside for a moment, CLI. To switch ROM back in, follow the
ry locations 53282 to 53284 have some
consider the fraction 1/6, which converts same procedure used to switch RAM in,
thing to do with it.
to 17%, 16.67%, 16.6667%, or whatever but store to $FF3E rather than SFF3F.
Matthew Mooneyham
amount of precision you choose. (The per
fect percentage would have an infinite Oh a normal text screen, there are three Program Punctuation
number of sixes after the decimal point.) If areas of memory that control the charac
My question involves the use of the
you add the percentages 17 plus 17, the an ters and the colors on your TV or monitor.
semicolon and the colon. I have seen
swer is 34. Likewise, 16.67 plus 16.67 is Screen memory is 1000 bytes containing
several programs using them in two
33.34. The rounding errors accumulate screen codes (of which there are 256).
ways I don't understand. The first is as
(2/6 should really be 33% or 33.33%). Color memory is 1000 bytes, each holding
a start to the line—10 : POKE 53281,
Translating from a fraction to a per one of the 16 color codes. And the VIC
0—where the colon comes after the line
centage or a base ten decimal representa chip register at 53281 controls the back
number. The second is the two togeth
tion can introduce small rounding errors. ground color. You can POKE to screen
er, with the semicolon first. For ex
The same thing happens when you ask a memory and color memory to display a
ample, 20 PRINT A;: POKE 255,1. I
computer to convert a number to a binary rainbow of characters. But there's only
thought the semicolon's purpose was to
floating-point value. As you add or sub one background color. If you POKE a new
tie statements together and the colon's
tract, the rounding errors accumulate. number into 53281, the background color
was to end statements.
One way you can bypass the round of the whole screen changes.
Randall D. Koller
ing problem is to use only integers— In extended background color mode,
counting pennies instead of dollars. The each character still has a foreground color Some programmers like to indent the lines

14 COMPUTEIS Gazette July 1987


By Lou Wallace & David Darus

At last, you can unleash the graphics potential of your

Commodore 128 to achieve performance which rivals that of
16-bit micros! Imagine your 128 (or 128-D) producing
resolution of 640 x 200 in monochrome and 640 x 192 in 16
colors without any additional hardware. Sound impossible?
Not with Basic 8, the new graphics language extension.
Basic 8 adds over 50 new graphics commands to standard
C-128 Basic. Just select one of many graphics modes and
draw 3-D lines, boxes, circles and a multitude of solid
shapes with a single command. We've even added
commands for windows, fonts, patterns and brushes.
To demonstrate the power and versatility of this new
graphics language, we have created Basic Paint, a flexible
icon-based drawing application. Written in Basic 8, Basic
Paint supports an expanded Video RAM (64K), RAM
Expanders, Joystick and the New 1351 Proportional Mouse.
Also included is an icon-based desk-top utility which
provides quick and convenient access to each of your very
own Basic 8 creations.
All this graphics potential is yours at the special introductory
price of $39.95. The package includes Basic 8, Basic Paint,
the desk-top utility, a 180-page manual and a run time
module. (80-Column RGB Monitor Required)

Mail your order to:

Computer Mart. Dent G • 2700 NE Andresen Road • Vancouver, WA 98661
Complete Package

Phone orders welcome. 206-695-1393
Same day shipping' No C.O.D. orders outside US.
PLEASE NOTE: FrM ■ hipping & handling on all ordsn • C.O.D. idd $3.00
lo ordsr • All older* mutt be ji.nd in U.S. funds. •Details inside package
between a FOR and a NEXT, but Commo 255,1, the semicolon is part of the PRINT while, during which time the file is being
dore BASIC removes all blank spaces be statement. It leaves the cursor on the same read from the source disk into memory.
tween a line number and the first line. The colon separates the two BASIC When the drive stops, the screen should
command on the line. Try typing a line commands on the line. say "Insert Disk E," which is your prompt
number, ten spaces, and then a BASIC to remove the first disk and put the desti
keyword. If you list the line, you'll notice nation disk in the drive. When it's ready,
the spaces are gone. But if you put a colon PIP Problems press RETURN to tell PIP to continue.
at the beginning of the line, the line is in I have been having problems with the Depending on the length and number of
dented. So the answer to your first ques CP/M system, especially the PIP com files you're copying, you may see several
tion is: The colon doesn't do anything mand. I bought a copy of your March prompts to insert disk A or disk E.
except make the line look nice. issue because of the article about PIP. The R/O ERROR message means the
In the second example, both the Following the instructions, I use the disk in the drive is Read Only. The write-
semicolon and the colon serve a purpose. FORMAT command to format a disk. protect notch is covered up, and you can
The colon separates individual statements At the A> prompt, I place the CP/M read from but not write to that disk. We
on the same line. You can place a POKE, a disk in my drive and type PIP. When suspect that you're not switching disks
NEXT, and an IF-THEN on the same line the asterisk appears, I type and that PIP is trying to copy the file to
as long as you put colons between them. E: = A:CPM + .SYS and press RETURN, the CP/M system disk, which is write-
A semicolon has nothing to do with which causes the disk drive to start. protected.
separating or tying together BASIC state When the asterisk appears again, I type
ments. It's always used in conjunction the next line, at which point the screen
with the PRINT statement. A line such as reads R/O ERROR. Every time I try The Winning Number?
PRINT "HELLO" causes the word HEL this, it happens at this point. Can you I wrote a short program based on the
LO to appear on the screen. The cursor tell me what I'm doing wrong? lottery system. It is supposed to gener
then moves to the beginning of the next Gary J. King ate six numbers in the range 1-40, with
tine. PRINT automatically adds a carriage no duplication. Is there a more efficient
return. There are some cases where you With a single-drive system, you must use way to do this than checking each num
don't want the cursor to drop through to the virtual drive E to copy files from one ber against its predecessors? A friend
the next line. So a semicolon after the disk to another. Drive A is the main disk suggested that there might be a way of
PRINT statement tells the 64 not to print drive (the one you're copying from); drive creating an array of 1-40 and randomly
a carriage return, to leave the cursor alone E uses the computer's memory to store the plucking six numbers from the array,
after the string or variable is displayed. file temporarily (it's the disk you're copy but he wasn't sure exactly how to do
Commas are simitar, but they cause the ing to). this. Finally, what's the fastest way to
cursor to jump to the next available col When you type E:=A:CPM + .SYS in display these numbers in order?
umn (on the 64, there are four columns of response to PIP's * prompt, it tells PIP to Jack M. Hirsch
ten characters). copy the file named CPM+.SYS from
/( can be done the way your friend sug
In the example PRINT A;: POKE drive A to drive £. The disk drive spins a
gested. In the example program below, an
array called LOT is initialized to zeros.
Then six random numbers are generated.
Each random number is checked against
the LOT array of previously chosen num
bers. If it has been chosen already, another
number is picked. If it hasn't, the corre
sponding LOT variable is set to 1—a flag
indicating that it has been picked.
When the program is written this
way, there's no need to sort the num
bers—just step through each element of
LOT, printing the index if the number was
BACKUP PROTECTED • Includes fast loader, 12-second
format. picked.
SOFTWARE FAST. Here's the program:
Requires a Commodore 64 or 128
From the team who brought you
computer with one or two 1541 or KK 10 N=40
Copy II Plus (Apple), Copy II PC (IBM)
1571 drives. SS 20 DIM LOT(N)iX=RND(-TI)
and Copy II Mac (Macintosh) comes
a revolutionary new copy program for Call 503/244-5782, M-F, 8-5 MR 40 POR 1=0 TO NiLOT(I)-0iNE
the Commodore 64/128 computers. (West Coast lime) with your 2E XT I
• Copies many protected in hand. Or send a check DR 50 REM ELIMINATE ZERO

programs - automatically (We for $39.95 U.S. plus $3 s/h,S8 SC 68 LOT(0) —1

update Copy II64/128 regularly to overseas. RJ 70 REM CHOOSE SIX NUMBERS
handle new protections; you as a MQ 80 FOR J=l TO 6
$39.95 QS 90 X=INT(RND(l)*N+.5)
registered owner may update at
anytime for $15 plus $3 sib.) Central Point Software, Inc. KR 100 REM IF SELECTED CHOOSE
9700 S.W. Capitol Hwy. #100 (SPACEJANOTHER
• Copies even protected disks in Portland, OR 97219 JH 110 IF LOT(X)<>0 THEN90
under 2 minutes (single drive). RP 120 REM X IS PICKED

• Copies even protected disks in BQ 130 LOT(X)=llNEXT J
under 1 minute (dual drive). HX 140 REM OUTPUT IN ORDER

• Maximum of four disk swaps on a Sofhvaw BP 150 PRINT"[CLRiEDOWN}SIX NU

single drive. ** f\> I ttH ft Kit It
SF 160 FOR 1=0 TO N
Backup utilities also available lor the IBM. Apple II. Macintosh and Atari ST. {SPACEJl;
■t is prOMt&atot the purpose of enabling you to moke archivo! cop.fs only
Subscribe to COMPUTERS Gazette today
through this special introductory money-savinc
offer, and you'll be getting a lot more than just ! hi ...
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enced user, COMPUTEI's Gazette is the
magazine for you, So subscribe today. Retu
the enclosed card or call 1-800-247-5470 (in
Iowa, 1-800-532-1272).
"o it now...,

I Ono of (tie ABC Publishing Companies
ications, Inc.®
A Buyer's Guide
To Input Devices
For The Commodore 64
And 128
As Commodore 64 and 128 users
quickly discover, the keyboard is
not the only way to communicate
with computers. Joysticks, light
pens, numeric keypads, mice, and
other input devices offer alterna
tive methods to move images on
the screen, to enter letters and
numbers, and to perform just about
any other type of communication
with the computer.
This buyer's guide to input
devices is divided into sections
according to type of device—joy
sticks, mouse, light pens, numeric
keypads, and other items. For more
information on any of these prod
ucts, contact your local computer
dealer or write the manufacturers
at the addresses listed at'the end
of the guide.

The ICONlroller from Suncom is designed especially for use with GEOS.

1B COMPUTEfs Gazorre July 1987

Competition Pro Model 5000
(with microswitches). Two base-
mounted fire buttons; ball-style
Ace 1-button. One fire button on
control stick with steel shaft;
top of a large control stick; eight-
microswitch control; two-year
position control; product no.
warranty. Control Marketing.
820049. Kraft. $5.85.
Bat Handle. Six-leaf switch as
Economy. One fire button on the
sembly; two fire buttons—one on
base; eight-position control; 90-
the stick and one on the base;
day limited warranty. Suncom.
limited two-year warranty. WICO.
Epyx 500XJ. Designed to fit into
Black Max. Big grip-style handle
the palm of the hand; trigger-
with a stick-mounted fire button;
finger fire button; five micros-
heavy-duty, shielded cable for
witches mounted at the top of the
minimum screen interference; de
base for quicker response; clicks in
signed for hand-held or tabletop
eight positions; guaranteed foT 10
use. WICO. $9.95-$11.95.
million uses. Epyx. $16.99.
The Boss. PC board with five
ICONtroIler. Compact joystick
built-in leaf switches; grip-style
that fits onto the side of the com
handle with thumb fire button;
puter keyboard; one fire button
four nonskid rubber feet; five-foot
and control stick; works with
cord; limited one-year warranty.
CEOS. Suncom. $19.99.
WICO. SI 1.95-S14.95.
Magnum. Ergonomic design with
The Epyx 500X/ fits in the palm of your Competition Pro Model 200X.
a pistollike grip and shape;
hand. Compact, economy joystick; fire
thumb-action fire button; floating
bar on base; two-year warranty.
activator on top; microswitch
Control Marketing. $6.95.
components for "posi-action" re
Competition Pro Model 1000. sponse; six-foot cable; warranty
Red fire bar on sloped base; fluted for over 10 million operations.
control stick; two-year warranty. Mastertronk. $19.99.
Control Marketing. $7.95.
MazeMaster. Selector for four-
Competition Pro Model 300X. way ot eight-way operation; posi
Two fire buttons on the base, one tive stick mechanism; rapid-fire
on top, and a trigger-finger but button; eight-foot cable; product
ton; grip-style handle; four suction no. 820013. Kraft. $9.95.
cups on base; two-year warranty.
MazeMaster Switch-Hitter. Two
Control Marketing. $10.95.
flat fire buttons; positive stick
Competition Pro Model 3000. mechanism; eight-foot cable;
Base fire bar; top and trigger- either four- or eight-way stick
finger fire buttons; eight-position motion; product no. 820014. Kraft.
leaf switches; ergonomic-style $11.95.
handle; five-foot cable; two-year
MicroFlytc ATC. Open-gimbal,
warranty. Control Marketing.
pot-type joystick for use with
Fligli! Simulator II; the main stick
Competition Pro Model 5000. and four other switches control
Two base-mounted fire buttons; throttle, brakes, guns (WWI
ball-style control stick with steel mode), flaps, elevators, and aile
shaft; leaf switches; two-year war ron and rudder; includes software
ranty. Contra/ Marketing. $17.95. driver program. Microcitbe. $59.95.
COMPUTE'S Gazette July 1987 19
When you want to talk computers..
Amiga Computers Amdek
Amiga 500 Call Color 722 RGB 499.00
Amiga 500 Package Call 300 Amber 139.00
Amiga 1000 899.00 Magnavox
Amiga 2000 Call 502 Color Composite 189,00
505 Color RGB/Comp 199.00
515 Color RGB/Comp 319,00
643 14" RGB 80 + 319.00
873 Multi-Mode 559,00
Commodore 128 System 7622 Amber Composite 84.99
Includes: C128 Computer, 7652 Green Composite 84.99
C1571 Disk Drive, £*7OQ 8562 Color RGB/Comp 289.00
CB 1902 Monitor * / Oi7 Zenith
Commodore Computers ZVM 1220 Amber 99,99
AMIGA 1000 System Commodore 64C 169.00 ZVM 1230 Green 99.99
Includes: Amiga 1000, 512K, Mouse, Commodore 128 249.00 ZVM 1330 16 Color RGB 459.00
1080 RGB Monitor, Amiga DOS, Basic, Commodore PC10-2 899.00 NEC
Tutorial, Kaleidoscope & e- - Oft 1401 Multi-Sync RGB 569.00
Voice Synthesis Library. * 1 X ZJ& Mitsubishi
Amiga Peripherals 1409C Med-Res 339.00
1010 3Vi" Ex!. Drive 219.00
1020 5V4 Exi. Drive 189.00
2010 3V2" Int. Drive Call
2020 514" Int. Drive Call
2090 HD Controller Call
Microbolics 20 MB 1199,00

Xebec 20 MB (9720H) 899,00 Commodore 64C System

Seagate 20 MB A2000 369.00 Includes: 64C Computer,
501 256K RAM Exp Call C1541C Disk Drive,
1050 256K RAM Exp 149.00 CB 1802 Monitor Amdek 600
Amega Board w/OK 249.00 Commodore Peripherals Hi-Res Color ^399
2052 2MB RAM Exp Call 1530 Data Cassette 34.99
1060 Sidecar 629.00 Blue Chip 5M" C128 Call DISKETTES
Amiga 2000 Bridge Board Call C1541C Drive 169.00
1300 Genlock 249,00 Maxell
Blue Chip 5V*" C64 Call
1080 Hi-Res Monitor 269.00 MD-1 SS/DD 5*A" 8,99
C1571 Drive 249.00
2080 High Persist Monitor Call MD-2 DS/DD 5V»" 10,99
CSI 10 MB (64 & 128) 999.00
1680 1200 Baud Modem 169.00 MF-1 SS/DD 314" 12.99
C128 512K Memory Exp 179.00
New Tek Digi-View 159.00 MF-2 DS/DD 3Vj" 21.49
C64C 256K Memory Exp 139.00
Parallel Printer Cable 19.99 Sony
C1902A Monitor 259.00
MD1 SS/DD 51V1 8.49
C1802 Monitor 189.00
MD2 DS/DD 5V4" 10.99
C1660 Modem 39.99
MFD! SS/DD 314" 14.49
C1670 Modem 99.99
MFD2 DS/DD 314" 20.49
C128 Mouse 39.99
C54 Power Supply 29.99
514" Cleaning Kit 10.99
CSI Power Plus 49.99
314" Cleaning Kit 11.99
C128 Power Supply 59.99
314" Disk File w/lock 10,99
Magic Voice Speech Box 49,99
5V." Disk File 60 cap 9.99
C128 Univ. Monitor Cable 16,99
5W" Disk File w/lock 10.99
Amiga 2000 System Amiga 1080 to C128 Cable 14.99
Flip 'N File
Includes: Amiga 2000. 1 MB RAM, 1080 Xetec S/Graphix 8K 59.99
5V." Flip Pak (5) cap 7.99
RGB Monitor, 2088 Bridge Board, Amiga Xetec Jr. Graphix 39.99
3V2" Flip Pak (5) cap 3.99
DOS, Basic. Tutorial. Call for price Micro R&D MW350 44.99

When you want to talk price.
Epson Anchor

FX86E 80 Col 359.00 6480 C64/128 1200 Baud 119.00

FX286E 132 Col 499.00 Omega 80 Amiga 129.00
EX800 300 cps/80 Col 429.00 Volksmodem 300/1200 139.00
LQ800 24 Pin/80 Col 489.00 AN16 2400 Baud 319.00

Imagine...LOTUS 1-2-3
on your Amiga 2000
A cti vision
Borrowed Time 29.99
Hacker 29.99
Mind Shadow 29.99 Hayes
Epson LX86 i20cpa$1_Q
Aegis Development
Dot Matrix w/Free sheet feeder il %7 Smartmodem 2400 $589
Animator S Images 99.99
NEC Hayes
Draw 139.00
P5, P6, P7 Pinwriter Call Smartmodem 300 139.00
Draw Plus 189,00
CP660 Color Printer 589.00 Smartmodem 1200 389.00
Impact 139.00
Okidata Practical Peripherals
Sonix 59.99
Okimate 20 Color Printer 139.00 1200 BPS External 159,00
ML-182 120 cps Dot Matrix 239.00 Supra
Marauder II 34.99
ML-192 160 cps Dot Matrix 369.00 MPP-1064 AD/AA C64 69,99
Grabbit 25,99
Star Micronica
Electronic Arts
SG10C 120 cps C64 199.00 ACCESSORIES
Deluxe Paint 64.99
Deluxe Video 64.99 NL10 w/interface Call
NX10 120 cps DM 219.00
Instant Music 34.99
Microi Hustons
Dynamic CAD 359.00 P321 24 Wire 80 Col 479.00
Micro Systems P341 24 Wire 136 Col 589.00
Analyze Version 2,0 99,99 P351 24 Wire 136 Col 1049.00
On-Line Comm 49.99 Citizen
Scribble 69.99 MSP-10 160 cps 80 col 299,00
Organize 64.99 MSP-20 200 cps 8K Buffer 349.00
Premier 35 cps Daisywheel 499.00 Allsop Disk File
Brother Holds 30 aw
HR20 22 cps Daisywheel 379.00
Commodore SP2 Surge & Spike Protector 39.99
HR40 40 cps Daisywheel 599.00
Jane Integrated 39.99 M1109 100 cps DM w/tractor....219.00 6 outlet Safe Strip 19.99
Geos 49,99 Universal Printer Stand 14.99
M1409 180 cps/45 NLQ w/tractor369.00
M1509 180cps/45 NLO 132 col.399.00 Datashield
Print Shop 29.99 300 Watt Backup 379.00
Graphics Library 1,2,3 (ea.) 17.99 500 Watt Backup 589.00
Toy Shop 39.99 Turbo 350 Watt Backup 449,00
Print Shop Companion 24.99 P150 Power Director w/modem.119.00
Sub logic
S85 Surge Protector 69.99
Flight Simulator 37.99 4 outlet Surge Protector 14.99
Jel Simulator C64 37.99 Kensington Microware
Professional Software MasterPiece 99.99
Fleet Systems II C126/64 49.99 Printer Stand 19.99
Fleet Systems II! C128 49.99 Juki 5510C Logical Connection
Trivia Fever 19.99
Color *349 256K LC 299,00

In the U.S.A. and in Canada

Call toll-free: 1-800-233-8950.

Outside the U.S.A. call 717-327-9575 Telex 5106017898 Fax No. 717-327-1217
Educational, Governmental and Corporate Organizations call toll-free 1-800-221-4283
CMO. 477 East Third Street, Dept. A407T Williamsport, PA 17701
POLICY: Add 3% (minimum $7.00) shipping and handling. Larger shipments may require additional charts. Personal and company checks regime 3 waeks
lo clear. For taster delivery use your credil card or send cashier's check or bank money order. Pennsylvania residenls add 6% sales tax All prices are U S A
pricos and aro subject lo changa and all items are subjecl to availability Defective software will bo replaced win ma same .tern only Hardware will be WJlacsd
or repaired al uur discretion within Ihe terms and limits ol the manufacturer's warranty We cannot guarantee compatibility All sales are final and returned shipments
arts 5ub|GCl lo 3 restocking *&q.
Micro Master. Four fire buttons; Tac2. Two base-mounted fire but
grip-style handle; built-in micro tons; ball-type stick with eight-
switch and precision control; 90- position control; two-year
day warranty. Camerica. $24.99. warranty. Suncom. $13.99.
QuickShot I. Top- and base- Tac3. Pistol-grip stick; two fire
mounted fire buttons; contour buttons on the base and one on
grip; suction cups to secure it to the handle; two-year warranty.
the tabletop. Spectravideo. $5.95. Suncom. $15.99.
QuickShot II. Trigger finger and Tac5. Three fire buttons—two on
top fire buttons; contour grip; the base and one on the handle;
autofire capability; securing suc eight-position microswitch control;
tion cups. Spectravideo. $7.95. limited lifetime warranty. Suncom.
Quickshot IV. Top- and base-
mounted fire buttons; three inter Terminator. Arcade-style, steel-
changeable grips—contour, ball, shaft handle; two fire buttons;
and standard; suction cups on the five-foot cord; 90-day warranty.
base. Spectravideo. $13.95. Camerica. $19.99.
The Super Three-Way joystick from
WICO. QuickShot Turbo. Trigger finger Turbo Charge. Four fire but
and top fire buttons; contour grip; tons—two on the stick and two
microswitch control; autofire capa on the base; grip-style handle;
bility; suction cups on the base. eight-position control; 90-day
Spectravideo. $16.95. warranty. Camerica. $14.99.
Red Ball. Red ball grip that
moves to eight positions; six leaf-
type molded switches; two fire
buttons activated by a base-
mounted slide switch; four rubber Commodore 1351 Mouse. Two
grip pads on the bottom. One- modes of operation: joystick and
year warranty. WICO. $21—$26. mouse (for use with newer soft
Slik Stik. Base-mounted fire but ware such as GEOS). Commodore.
ton; red-ball control stick with $49.
eight-position control; 90-day
limited wan-anty. Suncom.
Light Pens
Star Fighter. Eight-position
control; fire button on the 170C. Uses nose-tip pressed
base; two-year warranty. against the screen to draw; en
Suncom. $11.49. hanced electronic technology; doc
Super Three-Way.
umentation and demo disks
included; can be used with Flexi-
Gate-lock control
draw 5.5. Inkwell. $99,95,
to adjust from four
to eight positions; 184C. Tri-lobular (triangular)
three interchange shape so that point of triangle
able handles—red rests in user's hand; very light
ball, grip, and bat weight; uses two touch-surface
The Competition buttons for drawing; includes doc
handle; 16 different
Pro Model 3000 Joy
playing options; two fire umentation and demo disks; can
stick from Control
buttons; one-year limited warranty. be used with Flexidraw 5.5. Ink
WICO. $29.95. well. $59.95.

22 COMPUTEI's Gazette July 1987

and Addresses
Camerica Sales and Marketing
50 Bullock Dr.
Markham, Ontario
Canada UP 3P2
Commodore Business Machines
1200 Wilson Dr.
West Chester, PA 19380

Computer Place
23914 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505

Control Marketing
1461F Lunt Ave.
Elk Grove, 1L 60007
CEpyx Software
P.O. Box 8020
600 Galveston Dr.
Redwood City, CA 94063

CKraft Systems
450 W. California Ave.
The NKP Deluxe numeric keypad from Vista, CA 92083
Computer Place.
Clnkwell Systems
P.O. Box 8152 MB 290
Numeric Keypads 7677 Ronson Rd. #210
San Diego, CA 92138
NKP. Fourteen-key pad with 0-9,
+ , -, ., and return keys. Computer
73UB Grove Rd.
Place. $49.95.
Frederick, MD 21701
NKP Plus. Eighteen-key pad with
all the NKP pads plus ', /, ', and
P.O. Box 488
? keys. Computer Place. $59.95.
Leesburg, VA 22075
NKP Deluxe. Twenty-two-key
pad wilh all the keys of the NKP
CSpectravideo International
Plus and the four cursor keys. A Division of Bondwell
Computer Place. $69.95. 47358 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
260 Holbrook Dr.
Wheeling, IL 60090

Animation Station. Computer de CWICO

sign pad and graphics program; 6400 W. Gross Point Rd.
move stylus across the pad to Niles, II 60648
draw on the screen; predrawn pic
tures included; works with Koala
Pad software; one-year warranty.
Suncom. $89.95.
COMPUTE!* G«erte Jufy 1987 23
A collection of 20 more fonts for use with
GEOS applications, in various shapes and
sizes for more expressive and creative

bocui eaasmgr

Durant mykonos
Harmon Cnrw»rt»
Urmond "^
uconte IlLden
Putnam Bowditch

Four GKOS-compatible applications:
The Graphic Environment Operating
Graphics Grabber for importing art from
System mat opens up a whole universe of
Print Shop" Newsroom'" and Print
new possibilities for Commodores. With Master™ graphics; Calendar; Icon Editor
geowrite, geoPaint, fast-loading and Blackjack Dealer.
disk'Iiirl)!) and support for all GEpS-
compatible applications.

ICustanei IftfM : Stra/1 «tf tc IllWt - \MIM

Ui\l7.-X"! ■■.■""-. t. ■.-,!.:- r jl.Cm! t :tilcV,-\

The GEOS-compalible, number-
crunching spreadsheet fur tracking and
analyzing numerical data. Create your
own formulas, perform calculations for
anything from simple geometry to "wh; The GEOS-compatible database nranager
if" cost projections. that aorta, edits and prioritizes whatever
data you feed it. You till out the "input
form,' specify your command, and
takes it from there.
The (iliOS-ct]in|);itii>l(.L directory thai The Bix-foot cable that speeds up
allows you to create lists by name.oddress, printing because it's parallel—not serial,
phone number, elf. Includes genMersio u> Connects easily to Commodores with
customize form lellefbi and invitations, fewer wires and no interface box.

WORKSHOP *49« To order call 1-800-443-0100"nl.ZU
All the GEOS compatible tools a writer (California residents iuki 7% wiles tax.)
needs, including geoWrite 2.0 with $2.60 US$5.50 Fbreifln for shipping and
headers, foolers iiud features to justify, handling. Allow six weeks for delivery.
(.■..mi. ■luicjnlCimiiiiuliin.-LVIan-tnili'nLiihi .ll.ili.ri Mini-
center, search and replace text, Includes BbOlSdliK I Id. l.M>\ flihWiLk-. BrutW»l,uiOfc,]UlL}K
a Text Grabber (for converting text from M.i.lfc0E, ss-ol-ih.-. Unkpklil. h,nl|wl I. Ihu'. Wr.ik^l-v-.inl
I fcrtdey SoftTKrti»irafcn jnxt "I BntafcrSortuwfcl
programs like Paper Clip"*), geoMerge Iih N NMk

and LaserWriter printing capability.

^ Sooner or later, you're going to discover that there's more to

Commodores than fun and games.
You're going to discover power.
Not the kind of power thai blasts aliens out of the galaxy. But
the kind that whips through boatloads of data in seconds. The
kind that crunches numbers and drafts documents like child's play.
The kind you find in GEOS.
Every GEOS application can take your Commodore from
"mastering the universe" to a university master's degree, with
all kinds of advanced capabilities that function at hyper-speeds
you never imagined possible.
So if you're tired of toying with technology, try playing around
with GEOS. Once you feel its power, you'll know that for anyone
who still thinks Commodores are toys, the game's over.

n Softworks
The brightest minds are working at Berkeley.
GEOS Update:
One Year Old
And Growing Fast
Lee Noel, Jr., Assistant Editor, Art & Design

In March 1986, the introduction of CEOS promised a whole tration cards are the first segment of
the support structure. In the case of
new world for the 64. In just over a year, this powerful soft
GEOS—a sophisticated operating
ware—now dubbed by Commodore as the "official operating
system, not a game or single appli
system for the 64"—has become a complex and fascinating net cation program—this step is of criti
work of products. Here's a look at GEOS today—and tomorrow. cal importance since it allows
Berkeley to communicate with us
ers who have entered the CEOS
By now, nearly all Commodore 64 sales figures are running at a robust world. Since this world is growing
and 128 owners are aware of GEOS level. According to Dougherty, Feb and changing rapidly, constant and
(Graphics Environment Operating ruary was Berkeley's second best continual communication is a ne
System), a revolutionary operating month for sales—ever. Second, cessity. For example, in addition to
system from Berkeley Softworks sales of the various follow-up prod printer drivers, many of the basic
that includes the icons, windows, ucts for the system are exceptional programs of the core GEOS system
pull-down menus, and other user- ly strong. Dougherty believes that have been updated since the origi
friendly features found in the 64 users who grow accustomed to nal 1.0 release. Most of these have
graphics-based interfaces em the new environment feel a great now been improved to the 1.3 level,
ployed on the Apple Macintosh and reluctance to leave it. and the registration cards enable
other more advanced computers. On the other hand, the relative Berkeley to advise purchasers of the
Berkeley's breakthrough prod ly small number of complaints that various upgrade options.
uct began reaching mail-order buy GEOS has generated usually con In addition to service by mail, a
ers in March 1986. Since then, the cern printer drivers, the small pro telephone hotline is also available.
system has been available through grams that allow GEOS output to be Unfortunately, as Dougherty notes,
two main channels. Computer deal tailored to different brands of print the phone lines for this service are
ers and mail-order firms offer GEOS ers, and compatibilty problems with sometimes overwhelmed by the
to users who already have 64s, and some interface cards, hardware add sheer number of calls; and the suc
Commodore packages GEOS with ons that perform much the same cess enjoyed by GEOS has made it
every new 64C. Not surprisingly, function as the drivers. impossible for Berkeley to expand
this double-barreled approach has enough to meet the demand. Still,
been successful at moving the sys Upgrades And Support many users are able to get through.
tem rapidly into the hands of many Berkeley's answer to any problems Not only are their questions an
64 users. At the time of this writing, with GEOS is to constantly refine swered, but careful note is taken of
Brian Dougherty, president of and upgrade all drivers and other their comments. As the months
Berkeley, estimated direct sales programs as needed. There are now have passed, much of the resulting
(from Berkeley) at 130,000, coupled about 40 drivers available, and they information has translated from
with an additional 320,000 bundled are capable of operating about 70 phone suggestions into improve
with Commodore 64Cs. Clearly, a different printers. ments in both programs and docu
large base of GEOS users is develop Berkeley is committed to sup mentation.
ing rather quickly. porting its customers through a The final aspect of Berkeley's
Two factors point to continued widespread network of services. support capabilities is the compa
strong growth for the system. First, Postpurchase, mail-in buyer regis ny's strong presence on Quantum-
COMPUTE'S Gazette July 1987 27
1-600-331-7054 1-800-233-6345

now COMPL rtC VICt joins with S & S Wholesalers




3229.90 WICOBAT 514.77
CM S139.P0 KXP10911 S279.90 WICO 3 WAV S19 77
1571 Disk Drive S239.90 KXP109! S329.90 W)CO IBM/AI3 S29.77
1511 Disk Drive ' S1B9.90 KXP1Q92I SCALL KRAFT ACE
NEW 1581 Drlce SCALL 8IGSHOTII S14.77
MPS 1200 Printer S239.90 KRAFT KMC3 S29.97
C1351 Mouse S 39,50 KXP31S1 SCAU.
VIC 1525 empires Printer S119.90 DISK DRIVE
MPS 803 Printer $109.90 STAR MICRON ICS
VIC1520ColofPrint« S 59.90 CLEANING KIT $6.90
C1902 Monitor S288.00 NX120D S239.90
NX10-C $23<J.<?0


C128COVER S7.77
WS120O S21990
C6d COVER S 6.77
AMIGA A1000 Colm System.... CALL MSP-10 S319.90 1571 COVER S 7.77
AMIGA 2000 Computer CALL MSP-15 $419.90 1541 COVER S 777
A1O80 Color Monitoi $369.90 MSP-20 S399.90 C1902COVER $14.77
A1050 256K Expander S149.9D MSP-25 $529.90 MPS803 COVER S 7.77
S & S 256K Expondei S99.90 PREMIER S4W.90 MPS801 COVER S7.77
MPS120C 59,77
A1010 Disk Drive $239.90 MPS1000 S9.77
A1020 Disk Drive $199.90 EPSON
VIC 1525 S977
A1300 Genlock Interface $219.90 S239.TO AMIGA SYSTEM S2990
2MB Memory Expander.... S489.90 AMIGAORIVE S9.77
1680 1200BUADModem ..$179,90 C1802 COVER S14.77
C1J02 COVER S11-77
AMIGA Printer Cable $ 18.90 SEIKOSHA
OK1MATE 59.77
3406 RF Modulator $ 49.90 SEIKOSHA S9.77
tPSON 15" S12.77
MICRO R/D S59 90
8088 ProCOi-sor
HH ■537*1 M $69.90
8087 Co-Processor Slot
SUPER ti ■ NEC 1235 COLOR 512490
360K 5 V Half-Height Floppy Drive
90 SAfjSUNG 1d"COLOR $139.90
512K RAM Expandable To 640K
C1902ARGBCOMP. S266.0C
5 Expansion Slots MAGNAVOXRGB 5299.9C
4 Drive Disk Controller RIBBONS AVAILABLE ■ rftEENTIt S69.9D
Serial and Parallel Port CALL FOR PRICING
ATI Giaphics Caid ,V4< I L*4S
HColor.nLMcnoclKOinsaridComposiio) OK1DATA NOVA1ION CAT S39.90
One Year Limited Warranty
MS DOS 3 2 GW Basic Included S37.TO
Sidekidk UiBtty Piogram Included $124.90 C16CC
C1650 S5d.9O
$799.00 MODEL OKIMAre 10 C1670 1200U S149.W
OKIMAIE20 5134,'JO ANCHOR 1200B S 139.90
PC10-2 $899.00 Plug N Print 10 S 59.90 AVATEX 1200 S99.TO
{Sama Ai AbointWith 640* ana J Floppy EHfyCT} Plug N Print 20 S 69.90
Color Ribbon Call
PC10-HD $1199.00
(Somo Al PC'O 1W20M8 Moil) OWi wa WOK)

S & S Wholesalers, Inc.

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Orders underSIOO.OO Odd S4 00 Shipping and handling COD ordersaddSdOO Prcesretlecto3%cas>
disc ounl.Add3%forVISA/MC.(FPO,APO. Canadian*, oil other Postal Ordors actual shipping charged,
Florida residents odd 5% sales ta> Personal checks & money orders allow 2 weeks tor processing, prices
subject to chonge without notice Orders received before 12:00 PM will be shipped someday.

AIACIJS lamtheM S19.9Q MULE $1090

I am 1(10 128 $23.90 Murder Party S21.90
Assembler Monitor
Little Computer People $24.90 Music Construction Set $12.90 Acrolet $20.77
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Football $37.90
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Marblo Madness
f$ II Scenory disk Sid.90
322.90 Jet
Moeblus $24.90
$27 90
Pure Stai Baseball S34.90
Link, the Commodore-specific let) to be installed in midsession.
telecommunications network. Previously, this change involved
Here, Berkeley maintains a soft moving input drivers around on the
ware download library from which deskTop and rebooting the system.
the latest GEOS upgrades are avail
able, as are smaller patch programs Applications Power
that fix bugs or other deficiencies. The major applications in the base
The online GEOS forum is also a system are geoPaint, a full-featured
rich source of information. Difficul liliiiSiiiiisfl graphics editor and drawing pro
ties with the system can often be re gram, and geoWrite, a word proces
solved by interchanges between sor that offers, among other
users—without any direct involve The GEOS deskTop establishes a features, 80-column text and a vari
ment with Berkeley. However, friendly graphic environment for the ety of attractive fonts. These pro
Berkeley maintains on Quantum- entire system. grams can work together, trading
Link a technical bulletin board text and graphics back and forth,
manned by a different major soft and both are oriented towards pro
ware engineer every day. In addi At the same time, they accelerate ducing a final printed document of
tion to the resident experts, the 1541 disk drive from a lumber high quality. The 1.3 upgrades of
Dougherty is impressed by the ing clunker into a speedy machine the programs appear virtually iden
technical knowledge of some of the fully capable of playing a pivotal tical to their forebears, but operate
outside contributors to the board. part in GEOS's disk-intensive oper more smoothly and quickly. In in
He says that a few of them appear ations. (For those who may have tensive tests over a three-week pe
to have built up a fund of system doubts, here are some pertinent fig riod, they performed flawlessly.
information that comes close to ri ures using SpeedScript, COM- geoPaint 1.3 offers full color
valing Berkeley's own. PUTEl's popular word processing control, but keep in mind that the
program, as a yardstick. With the 64 system display is created in the 64's
GEOS Today and 1541, loading SpeedScript takes highest resolution. Hence, al
Berkeley continues to expand the about 25 seconds. Saving requires though the computer's operating
horizons of the GEOS world. Five approximately the same time. With system has been supplanted by
separate packages are already GEOS, loading is accomplished in 4 GEOS, use of color is governed by
available to extend GEOS's useful seconds, and saving takes about 6. the hardware limitations of the
ness: Deskpack I, Fontpack 1, Writ The 1.3 deskTop incorporates a VIC-1I chip that generates all the
er's Workshop, geoDex, and geoPrint number of helpful new features. 64's graphics. Probably the best
Cable. Let's take a look at what These include automatic protection way to create full-color graphics
these are, and how they work. At against deletion for certain master with GEOS is to use the program's
the same time, we'll reprise the files, and keyboard alternatives al color option to turn off color while
basic CEOS system, but in its up lowing any input device (joystick, you create your artwork. In this
graded 1.3 version. mouse, light pen, and graphics tab mode, pixels are either on or off,
The heart of GEOS now con
sists of two double-sided disks con
taining the core programs that
make up the basic system. These ra] ami', option;'| fwi: j
programs are presently all at a level
where they're designated as 1.3
versions. At this point, the software
seems to be substantially bug-free,
so users with the earlier versions,
1.0 and 1.2, should be sure to up
grade to the new standard. Current
purchasers of the main system will
find that it's packaged in such a
way that even an inexperienced
user can get GEOS up and running
in a short time. And the new two-
disk arrangement makes considera
bly easier the job of installing the
system and protecting it with a
backup disk.
At the center of the core pro
grams, the GEOS Kernal and desk- One element o/geoPaint's impressive array of artistic options
Top perform a magic transforma is the pixel-edit mode being used in this picture.
tion on the 64, converting the entire
operating system into one based on
readily comprehensible graphics.

30 COMPUTE'S Gazette July 1987



Commodore Compatible

Direct Drive!
Faster, Quieter
and More Reliable.
Full One-Year Warranty.



Wi!b specially priced
so Itware package


300 Baud

$28 SAVE OVER $70! $36 $11.95 $9.95

ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED Emerald Components International
6 AM TO 6 PM P.O. Box 1441 / Eugene, OR 97440
6 DAYS A WEEK In Ore., Call: 503-683-1154
Customer Service: 503-683-1154
For hither Information, contact your local Commodore dealer.

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GEOS c'5°5 !!rao I

'—5 n

Anatomy of (fio JS4t Dttw CEOS Inxld* and Out QEOS Trlckt and Tip*
Antlomy vt lh* C-54
Insider's guido la '64 i Mo mills Bast rwmflDcHik on Wls drive, Collodion oi casy-la-uso tech Derailed inlo an GEOS AOd Colldcllon of helpful tach-
e.plains all. Fliiod win ntany niques advanced graphics, Sjr own applicants lo nlqufli lor all GPOS users
Graphics, sound, VO, kern a I,
momory maps, and much examples programs, utililies impfovud dala input, CP'M, ;OS. EdH leans Conslanl Includoi (ant Milor, machjne
display clock Singre'STep i.fnrjj i.ju mcni'or Quick
Compiera cammerMurj Fully commhflWJ 1*41 HOW enhanced BASIC, oi'a nanrj.
Islirgfi 30COP $19 95 Img flndrrio'S 275pp Si3 35 p. roe Si 9 95 ■=S k. 2

-iHP- LJ



W ™ 5 s.« 5
f 3 2 7^ s i2 (3

*J* Q. tJ T C
Imponant C-12S ml or mat'on ntial f0>«rsn» Ini»rna1 Fascinating and practpcal Info Doianv oH progMmmmo; Qirl si i tlie inside inTo on
Covars graphic clips, MMU. e funcnona Explains on tho C-12S BO-coi hiroa quicfc'hitisrs techniques on BASIC 7 0 Tun oinauclivo

cus disk and 11lo lormais graphics, banfc swiichmg tn» Dpurating sysiam. slacks, lundDDOk Is complofu with
I'O. flO co^mn graphics ant]
fully communted ROM ly-cummsnlod ROM SOO pagos of useful inform- into pjgo, p-oir.t&rs, and hilly rommenlKJ BASIC 7.0
Idling* more 500pp St9M at on Idf wvoryong $ 1H &5 HASIC •Mty S1G95 IICMieiings. JJ4.05
and geoPaint offers a wide and ef tion to sometimes start producing actly the same process is used to
fective range of methods for com garbage—random screen details— print geoWrite documents. It's a
pleting the base artwork. Once the after periods of heavy use. If this case of a simple tradeoff: In ex
basic design is complete and has happens, it's possible to minimize change for fancy text, printing
been saved to disk, geoPaint allows the effect by exiting geoPaint, re speed is sacrificed.
both foreground and background turning to the GEOS dcskTap, and Speed can also become a factor
colors to be added quickly to the reloading both geoPaint and the in typing if a complex font is being
artwork. Although there's been automatically saved version of the used with geoWrite. It takes long
some criticism of this scheme, it's design you were working on. The er—not surprisingly—to form on
highly effective and is actually one reloaded geoPaint will usually func the screen a large flowery letter
of the few workable methods of tion normally and can be used to than it does to make a small,
controlling color in true high reso tidy up the screen garbage. Failure straightforward one. However,
lution. Incidentally, if you use the to take immediate action in this way Berkeley's suggestions on the sub
copy box with color turned on, the can result in considerable damage to ject are clear and workable: Use
box automatically restricts itself to the design in memory, and geoPaint small, simple type to enter text, and
copying only groups of complete may eventually become inoperable restrict the document to one screen
8 X 8-pixel color cells. Using this in the current session. Although width using geoWrite's margin fea
method, there's no danger of color these problems may sound serious, ture. In this configuration, the sys
interference between the cells that they don't have to be. With GEOS's tem's response to keypresses is
are moved and those already in quick disk access and the convenient more than adequate.
place. As Berkeley suggests, the update menu option, it's only a sec
way to get around this limitation ond's effort to preserve on disk each
is—once again—to turn color off. successful stage in the progress of
The copy box then works in any your design work. A little care is all
screen position, and color can be that's needed to use geoPaint with
applied at a later point. full safety.

geoPaint also has a close-up

graphics editor that makes detail Word Processing
work with individual pixels easy to When it's time to work with words
do. Quite frankly, this option is a joy rather than graphics, geoWrile of
to work with. However, one way to fers a wide range of possibilities.
improve its usefulness is to select This word processor enables the
the line drawing tool rather than the writer to display text in a variety of The geoWrite format somewhat resem
pencil option that's automatically bles a typeu'ritcr, but this highlighted
different styles and typefaces. (To
text can now be magically transformed.
presented in this mode. Just as it achieve this flexibility, the system
does on the full screen, the line tool actually draws each letter as it is put
allows the user to start a line, move onscreen.) The kinds of type sup Once a document has been
it elastically through any number of plied with the system range from completed using this suggested
possible positions, and then fix it the ornate, old-English Dwinelle to method, the text can be reformatted
with a push of the joystick or mouse the tiny, utilitarian BSW. These dif to the full page width, and any de
button. Using this simple technique, fering typefaces, or fonts, give the sired font features may also be
it's possible to check the appearance writer the option of visually en added at this time. Reformatting
of each segment of your close-up hancing a document, tailoring its takes oniy a moment, and may be
work before actually having to com appearance to fit its content. A dif repeated until the finished product
mit it to the screen. ferent font may be used at any point is fully satisfactory.
It's important to note that even in the document, and existing text geoWrite 1.3 has one especially
the latest version of geoPaint has a may be easily transformed from useful enhancement, which is alter
few areas that need careful atten one font to another. native keyboard selection of most
tion. Returning to the tool-selection When printed, the finished menu options. By simply pressing
menu when, say, the copy feature is document retains all the character the Commodore key in combina
active can result in confusion, espe of the screen image. This ability— tion with another specified key, it's
cially if undo is the next option se to produce attractive printed text possible to cut and paste, flip quick
lected. Be sure the edit box, which documents-—is, in essence, ly through the pages of a document,
demarks the area to be copied, is in achieved by printing a hi-res graph set page breaks, and specify differ
a stable situation before attempting ics screen dump of the monitor dis ent styles of text (bold, italic, under
to select another tool. Otherwise, play. This means that each dot in line, and so on).
you'll sometimes be left with an un each letter is separately and indi In general, of course, this pro
wanted box margin onscreen. This vidually examined and then trans gram retains the flavor of a typical
problem affects a number of other lated into hardcopy. Many 64 users mouse- or joystick-driven, graph
tools, notably the text-insertion are aware of how long this process ics-oriented word processor. Text
box. If you're aware of it in ad can take when a graphics screen is prints with exactly the same ap
vance, you may be able to avoid printed. From a number of letters pearance as it has in the screen dis
any unwanted effects. Also unfor we've received, it's clear that some play. Any piece of text, from a letter
tunate is a tendency of this applica GEOS users did not realize that ex to an entire page, can be selected by

COMPUTED Gazette July 19B7 33

Industrial Company

■Vfilh 2 FuttHi Purch

KX-PI080/ SP1000VC
1300 CPS
110K Butler
Iparrellel + Senel
50CPS N.L. 0

S32995 Color 2400 Baud b199sa

Version S449.95




(ft commodore fs commodore

ft comm o do re
5'/< DS/DD . ..doowii.. .35
j Hard Drives PET
Printer Plotter
FUJI 2'h SS/OD $' 9060 -.023 I
DISK CASE (30) $i wS2995| 150*
I 5Vi OISK CASE (75) 3
S450* 8023
8032 150*
LolSK HEAD CLEANERS Call vlim Chief/Oala Chief SCALL

All Software At Least 40% OVER 2,500 TITLES

C-HTititltn Mlks SPECIAL 1Z8 L0 $?O
Mj-dh Piny .... til CO CEOS SPECIAL 13100
Nmsrowi . . 3000 CpTj I10O
Pwiut i»oo C(0S(on1MI1 -.. 1800 Sill Dnk
GlOltoskpaa 2100 Cl p Art 1 1100 liOO
Bum Tilt . MOO Clip *rl 2 21 DO id Ttain (j ik 12 00
Chnsnuui' 3000 . .,, 3000 WitHWahSm 3000
-,^ .•>'.—,- I Jl 00 OioHh M 00
UlTbH MMnrti Zl 00 ■;■:'..? NEW 11 3000
An Gallery 11600
10 DO A/1&ailery2 1600
Mil Mlile 21 00
J6 00 GnilnlOu! 1S0O
?* DO eucilt 36 «> G*H(lbU] 36 00
- "DO ijic t< ;■ 00
J0O0 lit 3600 HI TECH . '.-': ■■' 3100

JIO0 »00 (an—I JSOO lii°U1Stf.n 2100

fi Jl 00 tSk 11I M 00 Hun.H 500 lug Wv 2DD0 2100
An<Fo. MOO CU'IU W Zl 00 Pull mn 100 „■ jrJ of SjHTg 1100
CoHM 21 DO 2100
cm. i;a IB 00
CC M)B 36O0
36 CO

[HiwaeiB WC1B.BIM1
131 00
Boa jrri wede IB DO Prmtdnc SPECIAL HSOC 121 DO 11W a 1SC0 ■A ju »a'Ji» Ctamo . . 1100
.... !100 Fill lfl*J SPfClAl Z2S0
InOHSMTi 1100 Sflit 1500 KV1UU 18 DO 2100
I.^IEriloc 1800 ii.'Fit>:Pimf( b 1S0O Pftfl SnOO Ctn? 31 00 Sunrer &jrr« II !!00
Mj*» Pro*t[ 11 DO IK"! Writ** 12fl*FrW,.pijrr*- M 30 00 SwClflft 2100
P..,,. IBM (Will nulx 64;T,»(JPU«n1. » 2" 00 AcrO ur'i 2100
. I10O Swc rut <M!t 6000 FDDttfll 2100
1100 7m U-jIfi PUn 21K
Dill Mgi 12B
Smltulc I2B 3100
Wonl«riHi 10 00
*ll Bunr«^ Illl« 36 00 U>GIC
Pjnno61 16 00
Dunlultn S1800 Alicru .. 21 ID JM $3000
Pinna 12E 1200
F..-: heri IBDO Srtoa FWk 61 36 00 I2CK
Hint Gill SPECUl I'OO IB 00 Flight Sim II SPECIAL 28 SO
lid* W 3IO0 football
t**0Tl«rtrtl . 1100 2100
fi ■■"■■'( 3100 Basatuli .
Himinl.! 0«id
M1.11C SruOB . 18DO MieroProse 3000


OKBIB ..,, MOO 21 DO
Comm IBO0 20 DO
Sw« Sw 500 20 00 WoB C III! leMtt 3o*O S PEC Ml 3!H
1 Service 2100 :ta
Sump 1800 M»CM-S 21DC
Guild ill Ihavn NEW
«1 NEW 2100 MICH-128 30 01
Ml !1!"!".""1"!I 1BO0
Eiet TourrurMnl
110 00 2100 r, Inc
Ixr'j II-.; 1 1201
4D0O it 00
Triple Pat 12 0C
10 00 2100 FontMjsttillM WOOD
Font Masts 1JB 3600 Farroj^ Cai'5« 120C
•COO NEW 3100

AMIGA • 64/128 • IBM

ficommodore Trade In Your 1000 Towards A 2000! | *

128D SCALL 1000

64c .... $149.95* 1541c *TTi 69.951 $4gg95
1571 $219.95|
128 ... $229.95*

GENLOCK $225°° DIG1-VIE* S140 256K

1670 $110™ 2 MEG

S1 5O°°
1351 $3995

1802cTT..$ 19995 QUANTUM LINK ... .$5 1080 S26OC



£ commodore
11 c r o n ■ c

3B0K Dual
Sided Drive
CGA Board
!!"/, a iv- One year warranty

NP-10 *139 NX-10or

NX-10C *179 Parallel Port
Serial Port
DOS 3.2



*O1 Q95 64DK
NL 10 £. I NX-15

'WITH PURCHASE 0 FWO RIBBONS^! 20 MEG...S37995 30 MEG...$449°


CUSTOMER SERVICE 313-427-0267 ■WbWh

Mowllr IhruFnJi, - 10.00 »M. luBDOPM
just moving the cursor around and
pressing a button. Once selected,
the text can be speedily edited or re
Tills is Boalt 24 pt.
formatted as the writer wishes. For
most word processing purposes, lZ34SB78S0-q\vertu«iop a
this type of program represents an gj
excellent blend of ease-of-use and
sheer writing power. QWERTYUIOP-ASDFGHJKL
New Products
One of Berkeley's first releases after
the main GEOS system was Font- This is. ILLden 2A pi
pack 1. This package consists of 20
distinct and expressive new fonts,
all of which can be used in either
geoPaiitl or geoWrite. The variety of
typefaces available in Fontpack 1
suits applications from sober and
solid to awkward and angular—
and most things in between. The
This is ITlykonos Z4 pt. plain.
fonts in the basic GEOS package are
so widely applicable that acquiring
the new ones might seem some
thing of a luxury. Actually, for any
one using GEOS for serious desktop
publishing, the design possibilities HJKLrZKCUBnm?
opened up by the new typefaces are
probably too significant to ignore.
Using these fonts requires no more J.I I U11 hi1' I ii

effort than just moving icons

around on the GEOS deskTop, and
possibly a couple of disk swaps.
Fontpack 1, like most new GEOS
packages, includes basic system up
grade programs.

This is Durant 24 pt.


Iliis is Superb 24 pt.

The Deskpack icon editor enables users
to rapidly customize file icons.

Another early follow-up prod
uct was Deskpack 1, a collection of
four new applications. These pro
grams are something of a grab bag,
so don't look too hard for a themat H I ill! @g It
i.Tha." u Suufium 2J pi.)
ic connection between them. For
the fun-loving, there's a blackjack
game that uses a properly constitut
ed, 52-card deck. Wizard players
will be able to card count to their
heart's content. The program also Fontpack 1 offers a wide and expressive range of typefaces to augment those
supports doubling, splitting, and included with the basic GEOS system.
insurance against the dealer.
36 COMPUTEI's Gazelle July 1987
frainous lirnnd

NLQ 180

Hi-Speed Printer Sale

• 160 - 180 CPS • Near Letter Quality •
Lifetime Warranty*

199oo Wholesale
Cost Prices!
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NLQ-180 Premium Quality Printer

Near Letter Quality Selectable From Front
Panel Controls • High Speed Dot Matrix*
Letter Quality Modes • 8K Buffer frees up
computer 4-times faster • Pica, Elite,
Italics, Condensed • Super Graphics •
Business or Personal • Tractor/Friction •
15 Day Free Trial • Lifetime Warranty on
Print Head* • 6 Month Immediate
Replacement Policy •
Lifetime Warranty* NLQ-180 Prim Sampl es
This is an example of ITALICS
Fantastic Graphics Enhanced Bold-Face
Condensed Text Double-strike
Fantastic Price example of Near Letter Quality

APPLE — ATARI — EPSON — NLQ180 SPECIFICATIONS— ibm - commodore - etc

Print Buffer
Printing Method Ink Ribbon Cartridge
8K bytes utility buffer
Printing Direction Impact dot matrix Ribbon Lifer 3 million characters/cartridge
Text Mode — Bi-directional Printing Speed Physical Dimensions
Graphic Mode — Uni-directional Size: 15" x 12" x 5"
160-180 CPS at standard character printing Weight: 12.7 lbs.
Printing Characters Maximum Number of Characters
Centronics Parallel Port
Paper Standard 9 x 9 dot matrix Standard: lOcpi SOcpl
Plain paper. Roll paper. Single sheet NLQ 12 x 18 dot matrix (33cps) Standard enlarged: 5 cpi 40cpl
Fanfold, Multipart paper: max. 3 sheets Elite: 12 cpi 96cpl
Character size: 2.12 x 2.8 mm (standard) Elite enlarged: 6 cpi 48 cpi
(original plus 2 copies) Character sets: Full ASCII character set (96) Condensed: 17 cpi 132 cpi
Character Fonts 32 International characters Condensed enlarged: 8.5 cpi 66 cpi
Pica, Elite, Italics, Condensed
Condensed elite: 20 cpi 160 cpi
Atari $39.95 Apple II $44.95 Commodore $29.95 IBM $24.95 Laser 128 $19.95 Macintosh $49.95
Shipping. Handling U. Iniuronc* Chargci
Add 110.00 for ihipping, hondlirtg. and injuronce. Illinoii reiidenli pieaio odd
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APO-FPO ord«n. All orderj mull be in U.S. Dollar.. WE DO NOT EXPORT TO
For Apple • IBM etc.
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money ord»r or penonal thock. Allow H da«» for delivery, 3 to 7 doyl for priori*
ordcn, 1 day enpreti mail. Priltl * Availoblllty lubjeci to cnanga without nolle*. DIRECT For Atari • Commodore
VISA — MASTER CARP — C.O.D. Coll For COO. Criorg*.. A Division of PROTECTO We Love Our Customers

COMPUTE!* Gazette July 1967 37

Computer Direct • ©CM*
[Most of our products carry a minimum 90 day warranty
A Division of PROTECT© from the date of purchase. If problems arise, simply
tend your product to us via U.P.S. prepaid. We will
"The Computer Experts" IMMEDIATELY send you a replacement at no charge
via U.P.S. prepaid. This proves once again that...
22292 N. Pepper Rd., Barrtagtoa IL 60010
We Love Our Customers!

Commodore 64c 1541c Disk Drive Commodore 128 1571 Disk Drive

Includes the OEOS program.

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TV Tuner 113" Color Monitor Big Blue Printer 87 EP Printer &

Now switch your computer
monitor into h television set.
This tuner has a Combination
UHF/VHF/Computer selector
Superb Silver Reed letter quality
switch with front panel
daisy wheel printer/typewriter,
programmable selection buttons.
just a flick of the switch to
Rabbit ear antenna for VHF
This is the affordable printer interchange. Extra large carriage,
viewing with adapters tor you've waited for! 8'/i" letter typewriter keyboard, automatic
outdoor antenna and cable ] size, 80 column dot matrix, heat
margin control, compact,
included. 75 ohm terminal with I High Resolution, 1000 character transfer printer features upper
and lower case, underline, word lightweight, drop in cassette
300-75 ohm adapter. display, with built in audio
speaker and volume control. processing, and much more. ribbon! Centronics parallel port.

Sale Sale Sale S| 5995

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14" RGB & 12" 80 Column Comstar 1000 160-180 CPS

Composite Color Monitor Printer NLQ 180 Printer
Monitor This Centronics parallel printer has
a Near Letter Quality button on the
front panel. No more turning the
printer on and off. The 8K buffer
will free up your computer four
times faster than conventional
Print letters, documents, etc., at
printers and the high speed will
100 cps. Works in Near Letter
keep you computing more than
High Resolution amber or green Quality mode. Features arc dot
addressable graphics, adjustable printing. Super graphics along with
screen monitor. SO col. x 1000
tractor and friction feed, margin Pica, Elite, Italics, and Condensed
High Resolution, SO column lines at center. Non-glare screen.
Works terrific with Commodore, settings, pica, elite, condensed, print. lifetime Warranty on Print
Monitor. Switch from RGB to
Composite. (C128 - IBM -Apple) IBM, Apple and Laser italics, super/subscript, underline Head plus 6 month immediate
RGB cable 119.93.) business computers. & more. CBM Interface Included replacement policy.

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38 COMPUTED Ga!BltB Jury 1987

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Musical Keyboard 1200 Baud Modem
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real keyboard instrument. have plus 4 times ihe speed! VIDEO PhllLE(D) H.H STREET SPORTS BASEBALL ID) ..
(Conductor software required) For Commodore Computers.

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Dust and dirt can hurt your PRINT SHOP (D) HJ.*S|
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5%" Floppy Disks COMMANDO <D|. ta.« I

Double Sided / Double Density KUNC fU MASTER (01 ttW MODEL DIET (D) 1».M
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Sale .29ceach
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MACH IM(Q M.» baseball (D)....:::; ».n



Shipping, Handling & IniUfaiKB InlormatEDn anrl Chdrgva

Add $3.00 (unlni not»d) Iw itilppinB. handlirig. ofid Inturanc*. llllrwll inld^ili pl«w mW4% % tain m«. Add (6.00 (doubt* tha onioiml) Iw CANADA. PUERTO illCO. HAWAII, ALASKA. APO-
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Io7doy»foiphon*ord*™, I day ••pt«it moll. Prktt* Artjllobil!frtub]»<1 lodmti^wllhoul notln Hardwnr* ihlpplng orl(«»oryocco«i(iig lo w*lght,PI«>* call (of amouni. Monllon ton onty
VI»*-MA«T1*1 CARD-CO.D. b*iWppidto«tontlggogtUnlt*dSI««. NoAPO-FPOtorMwillo™. CqII |Or C O D Cl

COMPUTEt'a Gazette July 1907 39

any words not marked are locked
into the document. The specially
marked words act as place hold
ers—ghost words—not appearing
in the printed document. The over
all effect is like a cardboard mask or
template—with the unmarked
words fixed, and the ghost words
represented by holes cut in the
cardboard. geoMerge can then pro
cess this document and, either
Deskpack's calendar program offers A search-and-rcplace function is includ automatically or under user control,
virtually unlimited storage space for ed in geoWrite 2.0. replace the ghost words with any
time-critical note making. words the user wishes. The final
stage is printing, so the newly
Deskpack also includes an icon rrtent for every occurrence of a cer added words can be of any length.
editor that allows users to personal tain word or phrase and to take They're simply called into the
ly customize GEOS icons. The pro appropriate action when it's found. printing process as required. As a
gram is easy to use and effective. This feature has been thoughtfully consequence, two finished docu
The quartet's third member, implemented and offers a number ments printed from the same tem
Graphics Grabber, is a utility which of helpful options, among them the plate may differ greatly in length.
allows the user to copy pieces of art ability to restrict the search to a sin
from the popular graphics pro gle page. Intelligent Merging
grams Print Shop, Newsroom, and Other new features include Better still, geoMerge supports con
Print Master, The borrowed images three justification modes, line- ditional merging. The program will
may then be brought under the um spacing options, text-selection look to see if certain tests are met by
brella of GEOS and employed just shortcuts, printing options, header the words being merged into the
as though they'd been drawn with and footer options, formatting of template. According to the results
geoPaint. individual paragraphs, and more. of these tests, various sections of
The fourth, and possibly most The list, in detail, is actually quite text may be merged into the basic
widely useful, application is a cal extensive, so here are some high document. As an example, imagine
endar, which consists of page im lights. One of the print options al you're going to send a personalized
ages that can be flipped back and lows Ihe much quicker printing of holiday form letter to your friends
forth just by pointing the cursor plain-text, draft-quality preliminary and relatives. You have an interest
and clicking a button. Like a paper versions of documents. For a fairly ing story to tell, but some portions
calendar, each page is devoted to a simple, medium-sized font, a test may be need to be edited somewhat
single month. Once on the correct we performed revealed a fivefold for the delicate sensibilities of the
page, the user can zero in on any speed increase for draft versus nor relatives. With geoMerge, the
particular day and then activate a mal printing. The increase would words, sentences, and paragraphs
large notepad into which memo be still more dramatic if a larger and in question would be added only to
information can be inserted. Days more complicated typeface were in those letters which had passed the
for which notes exist are flagged volved. Another option configures test for a specific key word. This
with a small, iconlike symbol, and a the system to permit output on capability is a real timesaver, and is
special feature of the program will printers offering a near-letter- naturally well-suited to a business
produce a separate display of all quality mode. Still another en environment.
days for which entries have been hancement means that text selection Writer's Workshop also includes
made. The calendar application op for editing is very much faster since the Text Grabber, a program that
erates exceptionally smoothly. any word may now be highlighted converts text files from other word
by simply pointing at it with the cur processors into geoWrite format.
A Significant Upgrade sor and double-pressing the joystick Text Grabber is capable of handling
Another new package includes the or mouse button. Keyboard input files as well as some formatting
first application to reach the 2.0 has also been provided for activat information from SpeedScript, Pa-
version stage: Writer's Workshop, ing most of the new options. perClip, EasyScript, and WordWriter.
which includes geoWrite 2.0. Writer's Workshop also includes There's also an option for translat
The beefed-up edition of geo geoMerge, a powerful merging pro ing files from programs other than
Write differs from its predecessors gram that allows the user to pro- these, but all formatting must sub
(including 1.3) in a number of ma ducc a stream of highly sequently be done in geoWrite.
jor ways. Significantly, the program personalized documents from just a The final component of this
supports a pop-up search-and- singie basic geoWrite file. writer's treasure chest is a special
replace function which can be an The process works like this. printer driver named geoLaser,
invaluable aid to the writer working The writer first types in the basic which enables the user to send
with long or complex documents. A document. Any word or group of GEOS output to an Apple Laser
search-and-replace routine enables words can be specially marked. Writer printer. Output printed in
the writer to rapidly scan a docu- Once the document is complete, this manner is nearly as crisp as if it

40 COMPUTE'S Gazelle July 19B7

had been generated by a typeset can be used to create files that will
ting machine. The LaserWriter is an automatically fill in the ghost
extremely expensive and highly in words in the template. As a conse
telligent machine which has four quence, it's possible to dash off a
high-quality fonts built into it. geo form letter for your entire geoDex
Laser has been designed to offer file or for one of the smalter group
support for these fonts, so truly ings within it.
striking output should be possible. The final currently available
Commodore 64 users who contem GEOS product is, in contrast to all
plate buying a LaserWriter will also the others, a hardware enhance
need a special RS-232 interface to ment, the geoPrint cable. This de
connect the printer to their comput geoDex is a powerful computer index vice—a six-foot long parallel
ers. Although it's unlikely that file. printer cable—will directly connect
many 64 owners will rush out to the GEOS-equipped 64 to a large
buy this hardware, the inclusion of first field on each card is titled number of popular printers. The ca
geoLaser is a clear sign that Berkeley LAST NAME; the next is FIRST ble is packaged with a disk that car
expects the computer community to NAME; and so on in a predictable ries a number of printer drivers
take GEOS seriously and use it in manner. However, although space enhanced and improved to take ad
state-of-the-art applications. is restricted—fields hold, on aver vantage of the cable's potential. For
age, approximately ten charac a system correctly configured for
Organizing With geoDex ters—the user can construct many the cable, no printer interface card
Another of the new inhabitants of different sorts of filing schemes. is required. Although the cable will
the GEOS world is geoDex, an inge geoDex could easily be used as, say, reportedly speed up the per
nious filing program. a database for recording various formance of some printer/com
geoDex is—purely in graphic types of plant leaves, for keeping puter combinations, the main effect
terms—a realistic depiction of one track of a coin collection, and so on. seen in tests we performed was a
of the popular card files people use As long as the filer uses the fields marked improvement in printout
to keep track of names, addresses, consistently, there are no limits to quality. (A word to the wise: Be cer
phone numbers, zip codes, and so the applications in which geoDex tain that your printer will work
on. This, on the surface, is exactly might prove helpful. with the cable before purchasing it.)
what geoDex does too, but the addi Once geoDex has some infor
tion of computer power makes this mation to work with, it offers a Just Around The Corner
card file an intelligent and willing number of search options that can Although GEOS has been likened to
servant. be used with entries made in the a world, it's clearly a part of the
Like a real card file, geoDex is LAST NAME field. In addition to Commodore universe; and one key
divided into sections by alphabetical exact matches of last name, various element in the future of the system
tabs. Selecting the card group for partial matches can be specified. is being supplied by the computer
any particular letter requires noth Further, one geoDex icon gives the manufacturer. This element, too, is a
ing more than moving the cursor to user access to a separate search hardware enhancement, the 1764
the correct tab and pressing the joy function that will select cards ac RAM expander for the 64. The ex
stick or mouse button. (A special tab cording to the entries in the three pander offers an additional 256K of
denotes information grouped nonal- group subfields. This combination memory and has its own power
phabetically.) Within an alphabeti of matching features provides the source. According to Commodore,
cal section, users can move user with all the necessary tools for the expander should be widely
backwards and forwards between searching the card file efficiently. available by the time you read this.
cards with the standard GEOS page- Brian Dougherty himself believes
turn icon. As an alternative, how Easy Address Labels that GEOS cannot really be seen at
ever, keyboard shortcuts are Printed output from geoDex is also its absolute best without the RAM
available for most geoDex functions. thoughtfully designed. Options in expander.
All the index cards in geoDex clude phone lists, two kinds of ad One of the components in the
have an identical format. There's dress labels, and complete file basic GEOS system at the 1.3 + level
room to enter information in ten information. Printed reports speci is the configure file. This program,
different categories, one of which is fied by group are also available. which may be accessed and reset at
classified as group. Here, three dif geoDex is rounded out by an any point in a GEOS session, auto
ferent three-letter abbreviations autodial function. Using it, comput matically recognizes whether RAM
may be inserted to denote various ers equipped with Commodore mo expansion is attached and offers a
connections between the cards. As dems can be activated to number of customizing options for
with real-world card files, there's a automatically dial the number in use with it. Once expander memory
limited amount of room on each the phone field on any selected in is set up as desired, the user needs
card in geoDex. Also, the program's dex card. The geoDex package also only to transfer the appropriate pro-
data fields—areas into which infor includes geoMerge. As mentioned gTams and documents to it. From
mation may be typed—are perma earlier, geoWrite is used to produce that point on, the expander works
nently labeled as for an address and the template document for this without further user intervention.
phone number filing system. The merge program. However, geoDex We've worked extensively

COMPUT&S Gazelle July 1987 41

with a prototype expander and However, as it turned out, the 128's number of GEOS -compatible prod
GEOS, and it appears that Dougher fast mode, combined with parallels ucts. QuantumLink has proved a
ty's enthusiasm is not misplaced. between that machine's video dis useful channel for Berkeley, and
One truly impressive demon play and Berkeley's graphics cod through it the company even offers
stration of the power of the GEOS/ ing, has resulted in an excellent an inexpensive laser-printing ser
expander combination comes when new product, according to Dou vice for GEOS users with a yen for
scrolling through a geoPaint docu gherty. He now uses the 128 ver top quality. And, as GEOS has taken
ment. Using this combination, the sion almost exclusively. A special hold, at least one independent
movement is rapid—almost instan version of geoWrite to support this GEOS laser-printing service has
taneous. Since the entire document system will be shipped with GEOS sprung up. Dougherty welcomes
can be held in the expander's mem 128. the competition and would be de
ory, disk access is not necessary lighted to see more.
during the process. Also contribut Into The Crystal Ball All the signs and portents are
ing to the improvement in speed is There is a good deal of obvious ac good, and there seems little doubt
the expander's Direct Memory Ac tivity at Berkeley, and the pace that GEOS has caught on in a big
cess (DMA) capability. This simply there is apparently not slackening a way. Moreover, Berkeley appears
means that the expander has the bit. Dougherty reports that a num to be making every effort to expand
ability to move the contents of large ber of programs are heading its new world in useful and inven
chunks of memory around much through the pipeline in various tive ways. At the moment, the fu
faster than can be done within the stages of completion. One of these ture looks bright for GEOS. And
64. Thus, desk accessories pop up is geoProgrammer, an assembly lan that, happily, insures a parallel
and down instantly, and even some guage programming environment course for the ageless 64. ■
of geoWrite's slower features are no designed to take advantage of the
ticeably faster. entire GEOS system. A unique as
The expander memory can be pect of this application will be its
increased to 512K, and GEOS will ability to incorporate graphics from New GEOS Column
also recognize this configuration. geoPaint. These will then be coded We are pleased to announce a
This extra memory adds a vast, un for display during assembly. An new department, "The GEOS
explored territory to the GEOS other interesting product in the Column," which will debut in
world, and it's impossible to foresee wings is geoPublish, a comprehen the September issue.
the many uses to which it will un sive page-layout application for Unlike most other GA
doubtedly be put. those working on high-quality ZETTE columns, "The GEOS
desktop publishing operations. Fur Column" will not have a fixed
Major Applications ther from completion is geoBASIC, a format. One month, it might
Currently waiting in the wings are GEOS-specific form of the popular consist of useful snippets of
two very powerful application pro language, and one for which Dou information—on the order of
grams from Berkeley: geoCalc, a gherty promises a lot of extras. Also "Hints & Tips." Another
large spreadsheet, and geoFile, a coming is geoSpeil, a feature-laden month, we might present a
database in which the user has total spell-checking program. Berkeley short GEOS-oriented pro
control over the highly flexible will also release a pattern editor for gram—such as those found in
data-entry displays. Although we use with geoPaint, and a font editor "Power BASIC." We'll also
were not able to test these pro which will allow users to create publish overviews of new
grams, their specifications are more their own personal typefaces. Inter products as they become avail
than impressive. Dougherty is estingly, the font editor was not cre- able, and offer occasional com
pleased with these products, and ated at Berkeley. The company ments directly from Berkeley
they should both be available by found it on QuantumLink and was Softworks, the creator of
the time you're reading this. Al so impressed with its quality that GEOS.
though both applications will work they licensed it. If you have a technical
on an unexpanded 64, these new Although it's undetermined bent, you are encouraged to
workhorses reportedly gain a great when these products will actually send short, GEOS-specific tips
deal when combined with the 1764. see the light of day, they indicate and program submissions di
Naturally, the new programs are that Berkeley is continuing to ex rectly to "The GEOS Column"
compatible with the rest of GEOS pand GEOS in many directions, in care of this magazine. (For
and will offer several options for in- some of them perhaps unexpected. article or program submission
terprogram data exchange. Dougherty has a couple of mysteri formats, see "COMPUTERS
Also completed, and merely ous projects under wraps, and would Gazette Author's Guide" else
awaiting documentation, is the not offer any clues as to their nature. where in this issue.) Payment
long-expected GEOS 128—for use Overall, GEOS has enjoyed a will be determined by quality
solely in the 128's 80-column successful first year. The system's and length of the submission.
mode. Berkeley initially had some reception has been good in the However, please note that
reservations about embarking on U.S., and probably even better in space restrictions prevent us
this project, fearing that the 80- Europe. Support from third-party from publishing excessively
column video chip might create in- software publishers has been a little lengthy articles or programs.
soluble display problems. thin, but Timeworks has released a

42 COMPUTE!1* GazettB July 1987

Murder Party tell who the murderer is, you can have
an almost unlimited number of parties.
Love a mystery? Maybe you've heard of Best of all, the computer's job is fin "Students who exchange digital watch
a recent phenomenon in good times: ished when you're through printing. It es with multiple partners increase their
the mystery weekend. Most often mar doesn't have to come to the party. So chances of contracting bubonic plague
keted as a weekend getaway package, it you can have your murder party at by 300%." This quote is from Popular
involves a stay at a hotel (sometimes a home, on a boat, at a picnic, or anyplace Paranoia magazine, to which you'll
cruise or train trip is substituted), meals, that will accommodate your group. probably want to become a subscriber
and murder, mayhem, and mystery. after playing a few rounds of Bureaucrat
Actors are hired to play out the princi cy, Infocom's latest excursion into inter
pal roles in scenarios written specially active fiction.
for the occasion. There may be lots of This time, however, it may not be
.. .the computer's job is
"bloodshed," and clues are strewn fiction. They really are out to get you, to
about for the mystery-weekend partici finished when you're through make your blood pressure rise to the
pants to observe and interpret. The ob point of apoplexy, to shatter your com
jective is for the players to solve the printing. It doesn't have to placency, to hold you forever in a grid-
mystery and name the murderer. The lock of red tape, to make you a
culprit is publicly apprehended, usually
come to the party. So you can
at a climactic table feast at the close of And all because you probably mis
have your murder party at
the weekend. By all reports, these get handled your change-of-address card.
aways are just as much fun as they home, on a boat, at a picnic, or Designed by Douglas Adams—au
sound, with only one drawback; cost. A thor of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gal
recent such weekend at a popular hotel anyplace that will accommodate axy—Bureaucracy is said to have been
cost $250 per person, based on double inspired by an experience Adams once
your group.
occupancy rates. had when he found out his bank had
Of course, this is only the commer invalidated his credit card. In this game,
cial form of the murder party. These the offending institution is the Fillmore
parties have been popular in Europe Fiduciary Trust, a savings and loan/
and the United States for decades, but There are currently two volumes of bank card/moving and storage compa
for many people they're difficult to Murder Party; each has two party scenar ny, which seems to control almost ev
give, as they can involve a rather ios on disk. Each party is set up for six to erything, everywhere. You begin the
healthy outlay of time and money. eight participants, although extras can game by filling out a software license
Hosting your own murder party means be assigned the role of audience. Vol which—in mixing up the usual order of
either devising a script to follow or pur ume I contains both The Big Kill, the requested information, such as last
chasing one already written, and per murder of an actor by one of his former name, least favorite color, name of pre
haps hiring the actors to portray it. sixties-era Berkeley housemates, and vious friend, first name, and so on—
Even if you find a mystery story to use Empire, the murder of a wealthy matri sets the tone for the game.
at a party, it takes some creative effort arch by a member of her combined per Although the parser will take this
to tailor the roles to fit your guest list. sonal/corporate family. Details about information and blend it into the story,
On the other hand, with the help Murder Party II can be obtained by mail you'll find it continually confusing your
of Electronic Arts, you can effortlessly ing in a card packaged with Volume i. gender and, from time to time, confus
host any number of your own murder Murder Parly is not for everyone. ing other items of information, given
parties for only the cost of a stack of pa The ideal host should enjoy role-playing that modem bureaucracies are made
per and whatever refreshments nnd games, be an avid armchair detective, possible by computers, and that com
party accessories you choose to pro and be a person who enjoys throwing puters are notoriously inept at process
vide. The help Electronic Arts offers is a herself or himself into a good time. ing information.
new program called, simply enough: And, just as importantly, the prospec What is surprising is that your
Make Your Own Murder Party. tive host should be able to choose party transfer to a new town and a new job
Murder Parly supplies you with the guests with the same traits. If you can hasn't gone quite as smoothly as you
scenario, invitations, clue booklets, and fit this description, then Murder Party is had expected. Because the change-of-
instructions for your party. These mate for you. Merry mayhem! address card has somehow gone astray,
rials are all customized to fit your guest —Robin Miimick you find yourself in your new home be
list, incorporating nicknames and phys Make Your Own Murder Party reft of all possessions save those few
ical and character traits which you enter Electronic Arts you carried with you. The moving and
prior to printing. It also randomly 1820 Gateway Dr. storage company experienced a glitch
chooses which of your guests is to be San Mateo, CA 94404 in the flow of information, but having
the murderer. Since this selection is $32.95 been informed of the mistake, has prom
made anew for each party, and since ised to set things right within a week.
your computer is programmed not to Perhaps it won't matter. In your

COMPUTEI's Gazette July 19B7 43

possession is a letter from your new with the 1541 disk drive, making it nec spectus for Popular Paranoia magazine,
employer informing you of a training essary for you to turn the disk over at which includes the little-known fact
meeting in Paris. Following the train one point during the loading process. that the state of Delaware is fictional.
ing, you'll have a full week to enjoy Even though many of your typed- For those new to Infocom adventures,
yourself in the City of Lights, and all in commands will require your com there's also an extensive section dealing
your possessions should certainly be in puter to access the disk before replying, with how to play the game and how to
place by the time you return. the process seems quick. Further, Info- communicate with the parser. Older
All you must do is visit the offices com seems to have improved what was hands may jump right in, exercising
of Happi Tech and get to the airport to already one of the best parsers in the their eagerness to experience frustra
board the plane to Paris. This is, of field, making it possible for you to type tion. At the end of the game, you'll be
course, an easy task to accomplish. It in commands such as, "Take the given your score, the number of points
only becomes difficult when you find equipped card from the case and put you achieved out of a possible 21.
that, as a result of the mishandled the card in the cartridge slot." There's also a brief summary of the re
change-of-address card, you have be Documentation is something Info- sults of the final move, and if any of
come a nonperson. You'll find yourself corn has always taken seriously, and these have resulted in your death,
contending with a macaw, who may be they show this by including docu either from a stroke or other process,
guarding important mail that should ments. For Bureaucracy, the documents you'll at least have the consolation of
have been delivered to your new home. consist of a pamphlet on moving (cour knowing that your blood pressure has
There's also a contemptuous travel tesy of Fillmore Fiduciary Trust). Had now been lowered to zero over zero.
you read the several pages of instruc —Ervin Bobo
tions on the proper way to fill out a Infocom
change of address form (included) and 125 Cambridge Park Dr.
As Bureaucracy is played, your used the proper pencil (also included), Cambridge, MA 02140
you'd not be in the mess in which you S39.95
blood pressure is displayed at now find yourself. There's also a pro

the top of the screen.... Any

irritation, even that of

The Final Cartridge
misspelling a word or of using
Simply put, the new Final Cartridge, and ending program addresses.
a word the parser cannot from H & P Computers, is an outstand For BASIC programmers, the tur
ing addition to any Commodore 64 or bo-save and load (up to five times faster
understand, will cause a rise in 128.1 can't begin to think of a cartridge than normal) is especially welcome; ML
which does so many useful things for enthusiasts will be equally taken by the
pressure.... Your actions in the
the average home computerist/program extended monitor—similar to Super-
real world directly affect your mer. 1 keep it plugged into my 64 almost mon—which scrolls (and disassembles)
all the time; it works as well on the 128 backward through memory as well as
character in the game. (automatically booting it to 64 mode). forward. They may appreciate as well
Everyone who uses this cartridge the hex-decimal conversion feature and
will have his or her own favorite fea the capability to specify decimal values
tures, and there are many from which within the monitor. Those who like to
agency clerk who is more than willing to choose. Those that top my list are: work with disks directly will also value
to ruin your vacation, a deaf old lady turbo-load (with DLOAD short-form the inclusion of a disk monitor.
with an elephant gun who may be part command), turbo-save (short-form The AID commands include most
of a conspiracy, and other assorted DSAVE), DOS wedge at your finger- of the important ones: AUTO line num
characters, all of whom seem intent on bering, DELete line ranges, RENUMber
making your blood pressure rise. entire programs (not ranges), FINDing
As Bureaucracy is played, your strings and variables, APPENDing
blood pressure is displayed at the top of / can't begin to think of a from tape or DAPPENDing from disk,
the screen. When you enter a stressful plus DOS" to access disk commands
situation, you'll hear a beep and see a cartridge which does so many (including the disk error channel).
message that your blood pressure is go (DOS" is fortunately one of the pro
useful things.... grammed function keys.) One could
ing up. To lower the pressure, you must
make less stressful moves, giving the only wish for a CHANGE command,
game a quality in common with bio- and that DAPPEND might MERGE in
feedback machines. Any irritation, stead. (!n fairness, 1 should point out
even that of misspelling a word or of tips, AID utilities, and programmed that manuaily CHANGEing is much
using a word the parser cannot under function keys—including instant- easier with FIND, and that short man
stand, will cause a rise in pressure, and access disk directory (listing to the ual MERGEs are no particular chore
this has the effect of making you more screen). In my opinion, these items with DAPPEND—which adds material
directly involved with what would nor alone are worth at least the price of the only to the end of a program.)
mally he happening only inside your cartridge. The function keys are pro Another simple yet valuable com
computer. Your actions in the real grammed so you can literally hit a sin mand is OLD. It is particularly helpful
world directly affect your character in gle key to list a disk directory, cursor up in recovering a BASIC program after a
the game. to the line of the program you want to machine language crash. The Final Car
As written for the Commodore 128, load, push another key, and—once the tridge includes two buttons: One is a re
Bureaucracy is self-booting and requires program turbo-loads—either list or run set switch, the other is a freeze (see
an 80-column display monitor. Al it by pressing a third key. Turbo-load— below). Pushing reset and then typing
though the program uses both sides of for which the format is identical for OLD will recover from most crashes.
the disk, it was written to be compatible BASIC or ML—even prints beginning Reset is also hdpful when, for whatever

44 COMPUTEIS Gazette July 1987

Get your workspace back again.
Consolidate your 64, 64C or 128 system
with the Command Center.

Just look at all it includes:

■ Built-in AC Power Strip with power surge
and voltage spike protection, line noise filter
ing and power outlets.
■ Built-in Drive/CPU Cooling Fan to prevent
■ Modular Telephone Plug with its own
on-line/off-line telecommunications
switch. {Optional on 64 and 64C). A .

S119.95 ■ Master AC Switch for easy system

power up.

■ Single or Dual Drive Configurations with the

standard drive insert. S 149.95
64C. ... S129.95


(Specify 128. 64, or 64C when ordering)

Dust Cover S19.95 — covers entire system

Keyboard Cover S19.95 — smoked acrylic
Drive Reset $14.95 — one switch per drive
. Short Serial Cable $9.95 — for chaining drives
Modem Switch $9.95 — 64/64C option
The Command Center will untangle your
Tilt/Swivel Monitor Stand $14.95 — see below
wires, unclutter your desk and put peripherals
at your fingertips. (Call for details)


I $14.95
I Share two Commodore' 6-pin serial devices
with one computer. Swivel base adjusts to desired viewing angle.
I Share two computers with one serial device. Accommodates most popular monitors.
I Works with Commodore" compatible disk Tension adjustment holds stand firmly in
drives, printers, and all interfaces. correct position.
I LED indicates which device is in use. Padded feet to protect surface.
I Convenient button resets device. Cushioned pads hold monitor securely in place.
[Saves wear on disk drive serial ports. Places monitor at ideal viewing level and
\ Eliminates cable swapping. position.

SHIPPING .-VXD HANDLING mem a registered [lademjrk oi Commodore Electrodes. Ltd

p q

Continental U.S. Oakdale. IA 52319

S 4.50 lor each Command Center
S 2.00 for one accessory item
$ 3.00 for two or more accessories Free 30-day trial offer r
and one-year warranty.
APO/FPO/CANADA/Puerto Rico/Hawaii/Alaska
$13.00 for each Command Center For faster service, call ■£■
S 4.00 for one accessory item 1-800-626-4582 toll-free
S 6.00 for two or more accessories 1-319-338-7123 (Iowa
S2.00 charge for C.O.D. orders
Iowa residents add 4% sales tax DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED
you have KILLed the cartridge. Reset, abled. [A spokesman for H6rP Computers which permit BASIC to access data un
then OLD, reenables the cartridge with acknowledges that there is partial incom der ROM—24K of normally inaccessi
your BASIC program intact. patibility with the majority of 1571 disk ble RAM. And I might add that the
One of the few times it is necessary drives produced by Commodore prior to cartridge does all these things without
to KILL the Final Cartridge is when your this spring. The incompatibility is caused tying up any user RAM.
program requires you to frequently by the ROM chip used in the 1571. How The Final Cartridge is a tremen
press the RUN/STOP-RESTORE key ever, the new 1571s will have an upgrad dous value, a must item for the BASIC
combination. On the 64, I found that ed ROM that will correct that problem.— and machine language programmer.
this action will cause a crash an average Ed.] —Art Hunkins
of once every 20 to 40 times. (It could be In this review, I've noted only the
Home & Personal Computers of America
the first or second time, or not until the Final Cartridge's main features, i
154 Valley St.
fortieth keypress; there is no apparent should also mention the monitor's abil
South Orange, NJ 07079
pattern.) Strangely, it does not occur ity to bank-switch, and the memory-
with the 128. The cure for this problem read and memory-write commands
is simple: KILL the cartridge, and re-
enable it with reset and then OLD when
you again need cartridge facilities.
Among the many other valuable
Killed Until Dead
features is a freeze archival backup for At this point in the short history of the several devices. The screen showing the
protected disks or tapes. Although I am home computer, a game has to offer desk displays files, a notepad, a tele
not a "freeze" aficionado, I can report something new if it is to succeed. Text phone, and a Surveillance sign. An on
that it worked very satisfactorily on one adventures use increasingly large screen hand points toward one of them.
protected game. The freeze button ac parsers; war games offer myriad op To select a device, you simply move the
cesses several menus and many op tions; and arcade games merge strategy hand with your joystick and then press
tions, and allows saving to tape or disk. with action in new and addicting ways. the fire button.
It also permits killing sprite-to-sprite Each device opens a separate series
and sprite-to-background collision de of screens. When you make a phone
tection. Note, too, that previously "fro call, for example, the screen lists the
zen" programs turbo-load from tape or people you can call. Once you select a
The game uses all the
disk, even when copy-protection disal person, the screen shows his or her pic
lows fast loading originally. capabilities of the 64; it offers ture and gives you a series of questions
1 have not tested the built-in Cen you might ask. If you choose the right
tronics printer interface, which requires an excellent user interface; and question, the suspect's picture changes
a special cable from the user port to the to display greater anxiety, in fact, as
it is both challenging and
Centronics port on an appropriate print you get closer to an accusation, the sus
er. With such a cable {available from H genuinely entertaining. pects' faces continue to change, and
& P Computers), you can do high- and you can gauge your progress by watch
low-resolution screen dumps, print ing these changes.
Commodore graphics characters, and, in The Surveillance screens are espe
short, do everything that can be done cially impressive—they allow you to
with a Commodore printer. (I should The games that catch on, though, are al monitor any room in the Club, break in
mention also that, for printers with more most always those that make full use of to a bedroom to look for clues, or video
than a one-line buffer, a type mode per the capabilities of the computer they are tape an encounter between two of the
mits you to dump onto your printer designed for. In the case of the Commo suspects. To videotape, you set the re
everything you key in the computer dore 64, with its excellent graphics and corder to monitor a specified room at a
prior to pressing RETURN.) sound, that requirement forces the de certain time, much as you set a video
Besides the CHANGE and MERGE signer to be especially creative. cassette recorder to tape a television
utilities mentioned above, I can think of From the start, Accolade's design show at home. Because meetings will
only two features 1 wish the Final Car philosophy has reflected the need for often coincide, learning to use the tape
tridge included: a program copy facility each game to push the machine to its machine is important, as it is your most
{perhaps along with a fast disk format), limits. A quick look at the flyer accom reliable means of spying.
and a more convenient direct disk panying Accolade products shows games Each of these functions is well-
monitor. such as Hardball, Psi-5 Trading Compa designed, but Killed Until Dead offers
Documentation, though modestly ny, Dambusters, Mean 18, and Ace of further proof of the designer's concern
packaged, is clear and thorough. The Aces, each of which could serve as an for the user. With all the conversations
binder is loose-leaf, easily permitting advertisement for the 64's graphics and to keep track of, whether through
updates and revisions by H & P. sound. Now comes Killed Until Dead, a phone calls or taping and monitoring,
Commodore 128 owners should game mixing these capabilities with an the game could quickly become un
know that the Final Cartridge is partly excellent user interface that allows the wieldy. Unlike many games, though,
incompatible with the 1571 disk drive game to be both complex and easy to Killed Until Dead includes an automatic
(there are no problems with the 1541). play. note-taking system. Every phone call,
The turbo-DLOAD returns a program Killed Until Dead, as its name sug every conversation, and every clue is
filled with errors (no drive error is indi- gests, is a murder mystery game. In it, automatically recorded in the notepad
cated), though DSAVE (turbo) and you play the role of Hercule Holmes, that rests on your desk. To remember
DVERIFV both work fine. This fact is one of a group of famous mystery peo all the details—the times of meetings,
enough to recommend against pairing ple assembled at the Midnight Murder the substance of conversations, the con
the cartridge with a 1571 drive, though Club. Sometime during the night, one tents of rooms—you need only look in
again there is a cure: Do a normal (long) of the people will be murdered. Your the notebook. Furthermore, much of
LOAD after disabling {KILLing) the car job is to find out who is about to die, the information can be sorted whatever
tridge; then press the reset switch and and to prevent the murder. way you find useful. What this means,
type OLD. The Final Cartridge is reen- To do so, you have at your disposal of course, is that you don't have to write

46 COMPUTE!* Gazette July 19B7

anything down. Record keeping is Filled with both good and bad jokes, in their mouths." Or, "Me In Mind.
probably the single-most aggravating theme music from many mystery mov What you come with when you're bom
feature of any game, and has in fact de ies, and excellent caricatures of famous (body parts)." And "Blue...Connec
stroyed my interest in several promis mystery characters, the game resembles tions. Words and phrases beginning
ing games. By eliminating the need to the board game Clue more than any with the word blue."
keep records, Killed Until Dead demon thing else. It is considerably more com The substance of Buzzword is, of
strates a belief that gaming is entertain plex than Clue, and it uses an entirely course, words, but your sequence of
ing, not tedious. different system, but your mission—to choices is what makes the game. The
When all is said and done, though, link killer, weapon, and victim—and first of these is a selection of categories;
a game must offer more than just a the logic required to solve the cases are then, by choosing one of four modes in
good interface, no matter how superb reminiscent of the board game. The Buzzword, you decide what clues are
that interface is. Killed Until Dead is game uses all the capabilities of the available: both the first letter of the an
challenging, and it offers several differ Commodore 64; it offers an excellent swer and the length of the answer, only
ent scenarios and four separate skill user interface; and it is both challenging one or the other, or neither. You can
levels. The idea of the game is to piece and genuinely entertaining. Killed Until also choose whether or not the com
the clues and conversations together to Dead fits in well with Accolade's im puter will display the frequency of each
come up with a solid accusation. And pressive line of 64 software. letter in the set of remaining answers.
guessing isn't allowed. If you accuse —Neil Randall You can play the game in singles or
without a sound-enough base of suspi doubles mode, and with the timer on or
cion, you end up being the one who is off. By manipulating these options.
20813 Stevens Creek Blvd.
killed until dead. Buzzword becomes 32 games in 1.
Cupertino, CA 95014
So far, I've made the game sound Buzzword can be played at any one
extremely serious. It isn't, though. of three levels: bright, nimble, or gifted.
Each of the answers on the category
cards has its level number printed next
Buzzword to it. When playing the round at level 1,
only level 1 words are chosen by the
computer as answers; at level 2, both
As home computers come of age, more the Buzzword sampler, 40 different cate
gories for each of five subject areas: level 1 and 2 words are used, and so on.
and more games are being developed to
Any round may be played at any level.
meet the diverse tastes of the family. Hickory Stick (things taught to the tune
Your final choice is in strategy. The
With these have come a number of thereof); Play on Words (as it says); Lei
game is played four rounds at a time—
games reminiscent of old precomputer sure World (recreation and entertain
ment); Fun for All Ages (devised with
three regular rounds followed by a
favorites, such as the board game Mo
bonus round. You have a choice of
nopoly, the parlor game charades, and the aid of an eight-year-old and her
younger sister); and Buzzword Connec playing or passing on the bonus round.
skill and thinking games like Scrabble
tion (a special category). Each category
If you play, you race against the clock to
or Trivial Pursuit. The newer computer
is represented by a numbered card that
unscramble each answer as it appears
games, instead of placing the computer
on the page in the typewriter. For some
at center stage the way standard video
people, passing is the better part of valor.
games do, use it as an adjunct, an aid to
The scoring method figures in strat
the best source of good times: the inter
action of family and friends.
/( stimulates, it teaches, and it's egy, too. A trifle complicated but amply
explained in the manual, it enables you
Buzzword is a solid example of this fun. Geared to those ages ten to go for words that will score you the
kind of game. !t stimulates, it teaches, most points. As we said, choice makes
and it's fun. Geared to those ages ten and up, it provides challenging
the game, but basically. Buzzword is a
and up, it provides challenging enter
entertainment for the whole word guessing game, creatively devised
tainment for the whole family. In Buzz to take advantage of the computer's ran
word, the computer randomly selects family. domizing and mathematical capabilities.
nine words in a category you have cho It's a game developed with a great deal
sen. It then displays letter and number of thought and care.
clues for each word: The letter clue is Best of all. Buzzword's flexibility al
the first letter in the word; the number describes it with a catchy title and lows you to handicap more talented
tells you how many letters comprise the phrase. The answers, up to 50 of them, players, so anyone can play. Even play
word. Below this display is a small win are listed on the card's back. You re ers younger than the suggested ten
dow listing the letters of the alphabet view the card before playing the cate years can play, if they're able to read.
that are used in the answers, and their gory in order to see what answers the Buzzword is a big hit with our fam
frequency. The object is simple: Guess computer is drawing from. (We let ily. Il bills itself as ranging "from a
the word and type your guesses onto younger players check the card periodi simple word guessing a so
the screen. A small typewriter at the cally during the game. You could play phisticated strategy-filled test of your
bottom of the screen records your guess without looking at the card at all, but knowledge," a game to "appeal to trivia
as if on a sheet of paper, its keys mov that's masochistic.) buffs, word game aficionados, and
ing as you type. Wrong answers are Because the computer selects the puzzle-solvers." It is. It does. The men
buzzed and disappear. Correct answers answers randomly, it's possible to play tal exercise of Buzzzvord sharpens wits,
remain, and the page scrolls up. When categories repeatedly without danger of and has enlarged our daughter's vocab
your guess is correct, your letter and knowing all the answers. There is even ulary and spelling skills.
number clues disappear, the list of let a replayability factor telling you how —Robin and David Minnick
ters used is revised to show only those often you can safely replay a category
used in remaining answers, and your printed on the front of each card.
Buzzword Game Company
score is recorded. The categories themselves are 5582 Zeno Ct.
A major part of Buzzword is the cat
Aurora, CO 80015
clever. For instance, "No Nutrition.
egory card. There are 200 categories in Things other than food that people put
$39.95 V

COMPUTE!* Gaiette July 1987 47

Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants
Since 1981


COMMODORE 128 Computer and

C-1700 128KRAM.. SI 09 95
1571 Drive 1750 RAM $169 95

package price Indus GT C-64 Drive S1B5

(reg. S1009.B5) GEOS SCALL
$475 C-1351 Mousa S39
1670 Modem
12BC«npul« 5249
1571 OiskDnva $229
&4 CComputef ,,,„,„ .... SI 75
1S41 C Disk Diivo ... S1B5
1902 Monilor S2BS
' Commodore 1571 Disk Drive f-g££iJIJgga 1SO2C Monitor ... S1B9
• Commodore 128 Computer Blue CWp 64C Di. ... $149
• Thompson 4120 Color Blue Chip C12B Dr. . S199
IZBDComputw .. SCALL
Monitor w/Cable
(mouse optional)

>DORE 641 *•
• Commodore 64 C Computer
• 1541 C Drive

BCC CG Color Card ... S9S.99

• 2 Joysticks
PC 5'/. Drive S119.00
MSOOS+ BneSoft, - S9900 BCPC PC/XT Comp. . 1553 00 PLUS • Selkosha SP-1000VC Printer
BCM 12Q Gi. Monicr. SB9 0U
BCM 12AAm Monilc . S89 00 Blue Chip PC Turbo
BCM 14C Color F1GR Computer JCALL
Monilor $269.00

64C Computer

©BLUE CHIP and 1541 Drive

package price
sin full-size expansion slots
parallel printer/serial data communications ports
one year warranty on parts and labor COMMODORE PC 10-1
IBM AT-style keyboard
• MS DOS/IBM PC compatible
512K RAM on mother board
• 512K RAM (expandable to 640K)
120 watt power supply
• RS232 and Centronics ports
• 100% IBM • live full-size expansion slots
■ A ready-to-use
compatible I package ot
• includes MS DOS computing power
and versatile

■Commodore 1902
monitor optional



What Makes Lyco Different? Diskettes

Vickie Blaker,
Customer Service SSDD (9.99
Dept. Manager DSDD SI2.99
Working in cuslomer
SSDD S6.99
service gives me and my
DSDD $7.50
staff Ihe opportunity to
talk with people from all
ssfjd saw
over the world who do
OSDD $9 50
their computer shopping
DSHD 116.95
by mail-order. Our loyal
Verbal Im:
customers lell us lhal SSDD $9,93
they keep coming back DSOD 112.99
to Lyco because we are
dedicated to customer
satisfaction. 3M:
SSDD (16.99
DSDD $23,99
Here Are Some Examples. Kixell:
SSDD $15 99
Giant inventory and low prices: DSOO 521.99
We halo to disappoint our customers. So, we keep a VarbBilm:
multimillion dollar inventory of all the factory-fresh SSDD $16,99
merchandise you want. This means we can give you the OSDD 134.39
lowest pricos and the fastest delivery. And. it's also why we SKC:
fill over 95% of all our customers' orders every month! SSDD $1*99
DSDD S16 99
Prompt, courteous service:
When you call Lyco to place an order, you'll be in touch
with some of the friendliest computer professionals in the Joysticks
industry. Everyone on our sales staff is very knowledgeable
about the products they sell. They know that you want
Ta=3 S9.95
courteous and fast service, and that's exactly what you'll get
Tae2 S10.9S
when you call Lyco. (And for your convenience, wo even
Tac 5 1(2.95
have Saturday hours!) Tad* $26 95
Many companies seem to forget about customers once a Economy £595
sale is made. Not Lyco. Our Customer Service Department is Shk Sto* $6.95
always here to help you Black Mai $1095

— from questions about Boss $11,99

3-Way S1B.99
Ihe status of an order,
Baihanflle $16.75
to warranties, to product
availability and price. SOOXJ-ApptoPC S28 95
You'll always find Wmnor 909 S2d 95
friendly service at Lyco Wrco IBM S29.95
— before, during, and Contriver Joyslrck Bd.. $34.95
after your purchase.

Fast and easy

We know that when
Pan 1081 19.95
you place an order,
Pan 1091 S9.95
you'd like to receive your
Epson FX286 S14 95
shipment as soon as
Epson FX86 $9 95
possible. At Lyco. we Epson LXB6 19.95
don't just say it— we StarNXIQ (9.95
do it. For instance, orders are normally shipped within 24 Star SRI0 S9.95
hours. Shipping on prepaid cash orders is free in the U.S., StarSRIS SH.95
and there is no deposit required on C.O.D. orders. Air freight OkiTB2-IS2 S9.95

or UPS Blue Red Label shipping is available, too. Soikosna SP sonos $9.95
PC Color SH.95

TO ORDER, CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-800-233-8760 C12B $9 95

1571 (9.95
In PA: 1-717-494-1030 Amiga

Hours: 9AM to 8PM, Mon.-Thurs.

9AM to 6PM, Friday - 10AM to 6PM, Saturday
Or, send orders to; Lyco Computer, Inc., P.O. Box 5088 Paper
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
For Customer Service, call 1-717-494-1670, 200 slwet laser I9.9S
9AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 1000 shest laser $19.95

Risk-Free Policy: • full manufnclurflrs' warranties • no saios tan ouiaiGe PA 150 shcot Ivory, 201b $9.95
• prices show 4<!<, cash discount nod 4°,o lor crorjii cards • APO, FPO. 150 srvaet white. 201b .... S9.9S
international, add S5 plus 3% for priority • 4-week clearance on personal checks
ittOOsh M- ... S29.95
• we check for credil carri thett • compatablity not guaranteed • return
authorization requred • once availability subject 10 change: call la confirm 1OOO mailing labels S9.95


lei S24.95 Broderbund: Scenery Dak SI5.95 B6 Team Disk $14.95 Pawn $26.95
let with BankSr Wntsr 129K .. $32.75 Sublogic BasoBafl $31.95 Broderbund: Slarglider S26.95
$32.95 Carmen San Diego .... S22.75 Suologic Football $26.95 Alrhfsart $22.75 Uniton World:
let nun Champ. Lotto Runner , tit.n Epyx: Ancient Art Ol Wat . ... $25.75 Pnnl Master £24.95
$29.95 Graphic Lib 1, II, III SI 5.75 Cioato A CWonOar S17.95 Print Slap $29 75 Art Gallery 1 <x 2 . $18.95
Strip . SI4 95 $18.75 Dcstroyor $24.75 Punt Shop Comp $25.75 VIP:
Pfini Shop , .. S2S.75 Fosltoad $24.76 Carmen S. Diogo(USA),.J28.75 VIP Professional... ,,. $115
'liv* Print Shop Compan S22.75 Football $24.75 On Balanco $62.75
S9.95 Pnni Shop Paper 512.75 Karate Champ $19.75 Bank SL Wnler * S44.75
nvc Science Kil 135 75 Silent Seance $24.95
Movie Monster $24.75 Strategic Simulations:
SI 7.95 Lode Runner , $2475 Multiplan „ $24.75 Baltlecruiser 535 95
Bank St Filer $32 95 Sub Bailie $23.95 Baltlegruppe S3B95
Bank St. Mailer $32 95 Winter Garnet S23.95 Colonial Conouesl $25.95
itch f Acceii: Super Cycle S23.95 GottysDuro $35.95
Lontfor Boord $2*1.95 Graphics Scapbook .... £14.95
ices A Maen 5 123 95 Str. Sports Basketball $24 95
Phnmasle II
Phamasie III
Macn - 128 $29 95 Wld.s Groal Baseoall $19.95
Boalms ol Darkness ... $24 95 Act I vision:
.. $49 95 lOfh Frame - $24 95 Summer Games II $24.75 Pebble Beach $32 95
Shard ol Spring $25 95
$49.95 Exec. Tournamant 113.95 Vorpol Utilily Kil , S15.75 Portal $23.95
Wizards Crown $25.95
$52,95 Toumameni *i $13.95 World Games $24.75 Champ. Bnseuail $24.95
154.95 Triple Pack SI 4.95 Firebird: Champ. BashelBall 526.95
Flight Simulator It S32.95
$59.95 WW. Cl. LaaOerBrd ... 524 95 Colossus (V $21.95 Ballyhoo 525.75
Jet Simulator $26.95
...■ 159.95 Aclitfisittii Elite S13.95 Enchanter Trilogy $49.75
Night Mission Pmball... $22,95
UUvm $24 75 Frankie Goes lo Italy ... $19.95 GFL Football $24.95
Scenery #1-#B S69 95
ibbons Champion Basketball, $22.75 GoWon Path $34.95 Leather Goddossses ... $25.75
Sublogc Bnsobad £31.95
■Hacker SIB.75 Guild ol Thieves {24.35 Moonmtst S35.75
Epyi: Musk: Studns S32.75
Hacker 2 , $20.75 Pown $24.95
Create A Calendar $17 95
Labyrinth $22.75 Sentmal $24.95 Mlcropro»:
Destroyer S24.95
20VHS Music Studio $22.75 Talking Teacher $28.95 CortUd in Vietnam $24 95
Karate Chamo $19.95
Tape: Portal $26.95 Trackai S24.95 Crusade m Europe $24.95
Movie Monster S24.95
fass Times - $22.75 Etarglidflr $24.95 Decision in Desert £24.95
S4.49 St. Sports Basketball ... $24 95
Titanic .... $19.95 Senlry $24*5 F-15 Strike Eagle $22.95
SI 2.75 Sub Bailie Simulator ... $24 95
MJcropFot*: HI Tsch Eipwuloni: Silenl Seivice $22.95
(39.90 Winter Gamos $24.95
M5 Stnko Eagle $22.95 Hoan Wans $6.75 Mlcroleague1
World Games S24.95
Gunship $22,95 Hobday Paper $(1,95 Microleag. Basobult $25,95
Wrestling $24.95
r Kennedy Approach $19.95 Card Ware S6 75 General Manager £25.95
f Stfent So.-VJce !22.95 Party Ware S9.75
Slat Disk $17.95
outs!j Soto Fliflhi 119.95
Colossus IV Chass $25.95
■ae Team Disk sm.95
A Top Gunner S 19.95
Unison World:
ArtGaBery lo'2 S15.95
ElllO $22.95
The Pawn S26.95
Mlcroleaguv: Punt Master $22.95 Apshai Trilogy $24.75
Slarglider S2B.95
Fresh Microleag. Baseoall .... $24.95 Datiroft: Create A Calendar S17.95
On I .on Wotld:
General Manager,..,..,. $24.95
'i icing Alt. Real.: The Dungeon..$24.95
ArtGallery2 $19.95
Doslroyer $24.75
Siai Disk S17.9S Black Maflic S15.95
suability Pnnt Master $25.95
K;nala Champ $19.75
BG Team Dink $14 95 Saracen $1595 Movie Monster $24.75
Wicoteag, WrastiinQ ... -SNew Ditjisoft:
r SSAVE 221 BBakwSI $19.95 Rooue 119.7S
^rmcrqir Simulation*
Snracon $1595
SSAVE Action Soft; SI. Sports B.iifcolOall... $24.95
SSAVE Gemslono Hoaler S1S.95 Up Penscope $19.95 Sub Battle Simulator ... $24.95
* .SSAVE GoilysDuig .„._„,„ S36.95 ■ Winter Games $24.75

jjot _ SSAVE Ka.Tc'C'iWW . ... $36.95 World Games $24.75
Partner 64 S34.95
Hot ...ISAVE Phantasie II $24-95
Partner 12B S39.95 Strategic Simulations:
1 SSAVE Phnrtasia III $26.95
SwIH CiHc 128 $39.95 Road War 2000 S24.95
King olZeilm , $24 95
Wontwriier 128 $39.95 Kamptgruppa $36 95
SSAVE Road War 2000 S24.95 Access:
Sriard or Spring $24.95
Shard of Spring $24.95 Loader Board S24.95
( ,,..,. SSAVE Bntlle 0) Anlonom £38.75
Wlzaitfs Crown $24,95 lOIti Frni™ $24,95
SSAVE Computer Sasoboll $14.95
Warm Ihs S. Pacific ... $39.95 Tournomont *1 $14.95
SSAVE Geltysburg $3S75
SSAVE Wargame Constr $21.95 Actrvlslon: Knights \n Desert $25.75
BatHecruiser .......... $36.95 Borrowed Time $26.95
SSAVE Gemstono Warrior $14.95 Champ. Basketball $26.95
Access: Jot Simulator $32.95
SSAVE Baltic 1985 524.95 Championship Golf $32.95
TnplePack $14 95 Scenery Japan 515 95
> SSAVE Bana!ion Commander $27.95. GR. Fodban $27.95
Scenery San Fran £15 95
.SSAVE Battle ft* Normandy .... $27.95 Acilvlslon: Hncker S26.95
Scenery #i-#6 $69.95
rail... ssave Bfitlle ol Antotlsm $34.95 Enchanter Trilogy $49.75 Hacker 2 $29.95
Sublogic Baseball $31.95
' SSAVE Colonial Conquest $27.95 Game Maker $31.75 Ltltlo Pooplo $29.95
Sublogic Football $31.95
SSAVE Computer Ambush S39.95 Leather Goddesses .. $25 75 Hindsnaoow S26.95
SSAVE Field olFire $27.95 Term Papsr $35.75 Music Sludo $35 95 Broderbund:
Knights qI the Desert . $27.95 Champ. Baseball $24.95 Ancient Art ol War .... S26.95
SSAVE Tass Times $26.95
Mech Bngada .._ S39.95 Champ. Basketball ....$26 95 Print Shop $37.75
Strategic Simulations:
Pro GoH Tour $27.85 Championship Golf SNew Print Shop Compan 531.75
Computei Basoball S24.95
Question - - S3? .95 GFL Fooloall $24.95 Graphic Lib. I or II $21.75
House, High Kamptgruppe S34.95
Six Gun Shootout $27.95 Portal $27.95 rtarateka S21.75
ib, Umo- Sublogic:
Tigers miho Snow $27.95 Toy Shop $39.95
Flight Simulator II $32.95 Bank SI. Wnler * $54.95
J39.95 Cmsada m Europe $24.95
inilntndl. Jot Simulator SCALL
Wings ol Wai $27.95 Decision m Desert $24 95 Unison World:
SO Mission Crush $27.85 Epyi: ArtGallery2 $16.95
F-15 Strike Eagle $22.95
Aoahal Tnlooy $22.95 News Master $55.75
Subloglci Silent Service $22.95
acctpled nogue $22.95
Baseball Stadium S A 5.95 Pnnt Master $36 75
Flight Simulate » S31.95 Winter Games $22.95
ir flflk Microleag. Baseoall ... $25 95 Firebird:
Jel Simulator $31.95 General Manager S25.95 Firebird: Starglider S27.95
Night Mission Pirball ,, $21.95 Slat Disk $17.95 Guild of Thieves $27.95 Guild of Thieves S27.95
Lyco Computer is one of the oldest and The Reliable, Affordable Choice
most established computer suppliers in
America. Because we are dedicated to • 120 cps Draft Mode Panasonic
satisfying every customer, we have earned • 24 cps NLQ
our reputation as the best in the business. • Word Process
And, our six years of experience in mail • Friction Feed
order computer sales is your assurance of (2-year warranty)
knowledgeable service and quality

muronmmc SP-1200Ai .. $195 5510 w color
RS232 serial Bnarfl

NP-10 $169 SP-1000AP lie. $179 Juki 6300 1739

4120 RGB COM
4160 .,
Juki 6100 $369
NX-10C S209 SP-1200AS S195 Tnknlka:

NL-10 $209 SP 180VC $145 MJ-305 S309

NX-15 $329 SL-80Ai $375 LEGEND MJ-503


NB-15 $889 MP 1300AI $369 BOB $159

ZVM 1220 $89
I0B0 ., $199
ZVM 1230 $89
SD-10 $259 MP 5300Ai $549 1380 $229
ND-15 $425 BP 5420Ai $1075 1385 S2B9
Tft-122MYP12-AmTTL. S139
SR-10 $469 1300 Color Kit .. $119 SILVER REED
Tn-122M9P12"GrTTL, $139
NR-15 $529 BP5420Ribbon.$12.50
EXP 120P S2O9 1902 Cokx S2BS
NB24-15 $729 SP1000Ribbon...$8.50 EXPGOOP $539 1802 C S1B9
1595 $499 Multisync SCALL

1091i $269 3131 $249

1092i $335 3151 $379
Okimalo 20 S129 Modems
1592 $399 1080 AP lie S239 120 1410 S2O9
292 w;interlace $539
1200.,.,. $B9
Superb Printing Quality 293 w:interfaco
12001 $99
II2< $355
2400 $289
193 ■ $539
■IL Atari:

XM-301 $42.95
SX212 $89.95
D25 $499 Kayos;
635 S779 SmaOmodem 300 S125

D-80IF S1029 Smanmodem 1200 S369
Smartmodom 1200B .. $339

Smallrnodom £400 S559
* with purchase Micromodom lie ... S125
of printer 321 PS S47B
Smart 300 Apple He ... S149

stand P341E $699 Commodore:

P35I Model I! S1099 1670 $99
limited offer
US Roooiics:
(1-year warranty)
•citizen Password 1200
Micolink 1200
Merol.nk 2400 S219
120 D S17B
C-64/C-128 Compatible Premiere 35 $469
CounorHSTSBOO ... $879

MSP-10 S285

SEIKOSHA (2-year warranty) MSP-20

Xetec Printer
Tnbulo 224 $649

• 64K memory
100 cps Draft EPSON • multi-tasking
Mode LX86 S2O9 • 7directavailable
20 cps NLQ . EX BOO S355
EX 1000 $579
Direct LO800 1449 • combines two
Connect LQ 1000 , $659 dot addressable
C-64/128 FX86E S369
FX2B6E S519 printers
(retail $299 — savo IMS') List price1 $249

V.v Hock I MB Hie Ing for Alnrl. CommodDifi, Applo and ISM,
User Group Update
This list includes updated entries to our annual "Guide to Commodore
User Groups," which last appeared in the May and June 1987 issues. Sixty FourTJm Commodore User's Group, P.O.
Box 6481, Melairie, LA 70009-6481
When writing to a user group for information, please remember to Northeast Louisiana Commodore User's Group,
enclose a self-addressed envelope with postage that is appropriate for P.O. Box 581, West Monroe, LA 71294-0581
PACE U.G., P.O. Ho* 7703, Alexandria, LA 71306-
the country to which you're writing. 7703
Send typed additions, corrections, and deletions for this list to: MARYI AND
COMPUTE! Publications Harford County Commodore Users Group
(HCCUG), P.O. Box 209, Fallston, MD 21047
P.O. Box 5406
Greensboro, NC 27403
Siginaw Area Commodore Users Group
Attn: Commodore User Groups (SACUG), r.O. Box 6606, Saginaw, Ml 48608
The Almighty Commodore Users' Croup of
West Michigan, 13510 16 Mile Rd., Gowen. Ml

Club 64, 23B0 4th Ave. NW, Owatonna, MN
User Group Notes 55060
Central Minnesota Computer Users Group
Stockton Commodore User's Group has changed its address to P.O. (CMCUG), 221 26th Ave. N, St, Cloud, MN
Box 8354, Stockton, CA 95208.
nivv iiAMrsnnu
The Triad C-64 Users Group has changed its name to Triad Com Manchester Commodore Users Group, P.O. Box
modore Users Group (TCUG). The group also now includes the 402, Merrimack, NH 03054

Amiga. NI:W YORK

Bronx Users Group (BUG-64), P.O. Bos 523,
Bronx, NY 10475

New Listings HOKUM

TCUG, P.O. Box 8632, Warren, OH 44484
Bay Commodore Users Group {BCUQ, P.O. Box
3187, Pnnnma City, ¥1. 32401
Commodore Club South, Inc., I'O, Bon 324, Stlrcom User's Group of Martin County, P.O. Castle Commodore Computer Club, P.O. Box
Birmingham, Al. 35126
Bo> 1446, Port 5ali?mo. R 33492 961, NewCaslle, VA 16103
Amiga/Commodore Club of Mobil*, 3B68-H
Brandon Users Group, P.O. Box 351, Brandon, FL Southern York County Commodore Users
Rue Maison, Mobile, AL 36608 3351! Croup, 233 W. Forrest Ave., Shrewsbury, PA
C64/128 Information Exchange Group, 1345 S. SOUTH DAKOTA
Middle CA C-64 User Group, 104 McKinlev Dr.,
Kolb Rd *345, Tucson, AZ 85710 Griffin, GA 30223 The Commodore Club of the Black Mills, P.O.
t ALII (HIM A Athens Commodore Users Group, One Beech Box 135, Box Elder, SD 57709-0135
C128 West Commodore 128 Uier Croup, 2917 Haven, Athens, CA 30606
Colorado Ave,, Santa Monica, CA 90404 Albany Commodore Amateur Computerlst, P.O.
CHIP, 4952, Shihmirn Dr., Antiuch, TN 37013
Commodore Users, Buffs, & Enthusiast*, 5115 Box 54fil, Albany, GA 31706-5461
Via Veranada, Uing Beach, CA 90805 IDAHO WISCONSIN
Kosemead Associated Members (RAM), 2636 Pocatello Commodore Users Group (PCUC), Rt. West Lacrosse Commodore Club, 1809
Willajd Ave., Rosemead, CA 91770 Bainbridgc Si., Lacrosse, Wl 54603
2, Bo* 48E, Pocatello, ID B3202
West Orange County Commodore User Croup, Eagle Rock Commodore Computer Club. P.O.
20311 Ravenwood Ln., Hun ling Ion Beach, CA Outside the U.S.
Box 3884, Idaho Falls, ID 83403-3884
South Orange Commodore Klub (SOCK), 2401 ILLINOIS AUSTRALIA
Champlain Rd., Laguna Hills, CA 92653 SouthWest Regional Association of Pro Melbourne Commodore Computer Club, Inc.,
Southern Orange County Commodore gramme rs/M Users Group IS WRAP/641, P.O. P.O. Box 177, Box Hill, Victoria 3128, Australia
Komputer Service* Group (SOCCKS), The Box 342, Bedford Park. 1L 60499-0342 South Australian Commdorc Computer Users
Wizard's Exchange, 24212 Hollyoak Ln., Apt. D, Group, P.O. Box 427, North Adelaide, SA 5006,
Laguna Hills, CA 92656 Ausiralia
Indiana Dunes Commodore Users Group
ACCESS, 5328 Charlotte Wy., Livermore, CA VIC-UFS Computer User Group Inc., P.O. Box
94550 (IDCUG), P.O. Box 2021, Michigan City, IN 178, Nedlands. Perth, WA 6009, Australia
Commodore Hayward Users Group, P.O. Boi CANADA
2072, San Lean dm, CA 94577 Kosciusko Commodore User's Group, 1721 S.
LattJ St., Warsaw, IN 46580 Castlegar Commodore Computer Club, RR lr
Sacramento Commodore Computer Club, P.O.
Commodore Small Town Users Group Site 37, Comp. 7, Castlegar, BC, Canada V1N
Box 13393, Sacramento, CA 95B13-3393
(CMTUG), P.O. Box 161, Vevay, IN 47043 3H7
mi orAnn Western Indiana Commodore Users (WICUI, Moncton Users Group, Box 2984, STN A, Mono
Ft. Collins C3, 1625 Centennial Rd., Ft, Collins, P.O. Box 1898, Terre Haule, IN 47808 ion, NBCanailj F.1C 8T8
CO 80525 United North America Users Croup, Bo< 8, Site
C, Bishop's Falls, NFLD. Canada AOH 1C0
tONMCTKLT Basic User Group Support (BUGS), 710 Foster,
Hartford Area Commodore Society (HACS), c/o Ottumwii, [A 52501
Mark Trencher, Aetna life & Casualty Co., 151 New Zealand Commodore Users Group, P.O.
Farmington Ave., A441, Hanioid, CT 06156 Bo< 2828, Wellington, New Zealand
First Commodore Users Group, 606 East Chip-
The Naugatuck Valley Commodore Users SI'AIN
pewa, Paola, KS 66071
Group, P.O. Box 622, Waterbury, CT 06720
Fittsburg Micro User's Group (PMUG), SRS Bids, Salvador Fou, Paseo Doctor Morjgas 204, Barbcra
South Kent Users Group (SKUC), Box 97, South
Kent, CT 06785 20th it Bypass. PittsburR, KS 66762 Del Vallea 0S21O, Barcelona, Spain «

52 COMPUTED Gazette July 1987

tu til


Rhett Anderson and David Hensley, Jr.

What better way to score a goal than to go through the hoop balls—with arms, legs, and faces.
yourself? This delightfully clever arcade-style game for the Sam is the orange ball and Ed is the
Commodore 64 is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment blue one. In one-player mode you
control Sam, while the computer
for young or old. Included are one- and two-player modes. Ex
handles Ed. This mode offers a
cellent playability and outstanding graphics and sound make good way to learn to play Basket
"Basketball Sam & Ed" a must for any game lover. One joy ball Sam & Ed, since the computer
stick is required for the one-player mode; two are required for plays a little better than most begin
the two-player mode. ning players. In two-player mode,
Ed is controlled by the player using
"Basketball Sam & Ed" is a whimsi Tip-off the joystick in port 1. Sam is con
cal version of one-on-one basket If you plan on playing the two- trolled by the player using the joy
ball that can be enjoyed by the player version, plug two joysticks stick in port 2.
whole family, young and old. Al into the joystick ports before you The joystick controls are easy
though the game is most fun when turn on the computer. If you're to learn. You can run either left or
played by two people, a computer playing against the computer, use a right by moving the joystick in the
opponent is always ready for the joystick plugged into port 2. appropriate direction. To jump,
challenge. Although Basketball Sam & Ed press the fire button. You can jump
Basketball Sam & Ed is written is a machine language program, it to the left, the right, or straight up
entirely in machine language, so can be loaded, saved, and run just into the air, depending on the direc
you'll need to use the "MLX" ma like a BASIC program. When you're tion of the joystick when you press
chine language entry program ready to play, load the program and the fire button.
found elsewhere in this issue to en type RUN. The program prompt As in real basketball, the only
ter it. When MLX asks for a starting asks ONE PLAYER OR TWO? Re way to score is by shooting the ball
and ending address, respond with spond by pressing 1 or 2. through the hoop. In Basketball
these values: At the top of the screen is a Sam & Ed you can score in any of
Starling address: 0801 Scoreboard that shows Sam's score, the three goals. Since you can't
Ending address: 1SC0 Ed's score, the period (1-4), and the jump high enough to score by going
Be sure to save a copy to disk amount of time left in the period. A through the hoop, you'll have to
or tape after you finish typing. scrolling message board provides bounce off of your opponent. It's
Name the program SAM & ED if you with announcements and im not uncommon to bounce off your
you wish to be able to use the ac portant information about the game. opponent, the floor, and a back
companying Basketball Sam & Ed Sam and Ed, true to their dedi board before scoring—any way
Customizer program. (See below.) cation to the sport, are basket that you can make it into the basket

COMPUTEIs Gteette Jufy1987 53

counts. As in the real game, each goal is worth two
Once you're airborne, you have no control over
your path, so you'll have to time your jump just right to
score. If you miss with your jump, your opponent may
be able to take advantage of your helpless bouncing to

The game begins with Sam and Ed bouncing wild

ly around the screen. When both players land on their
feet, the first of four periods begins. Each period lasts
for 10 game minutes, which is equivalent to about 2
minutes and 40 seconds in realtime. At the end of each
period—when the timer reaches 00:00 and you hear
"Sweet Georgia Brown"—the players lose control of
Sam and Ed, but if either scores before he stops bounc
Sam bounces off of Etl to make one last basket hi this
ing, the goal counts.
high-scoring game.
if the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter,
an overtime period, which is the same length as a regu
lar game period, must be played. You'll be given as
tain BASIC pointers need to be set by the customizer
many overtime periods as you need to determine a
loader, Program 2.) Follow the instructions and
prompts given by the Customizer. When you've fin
When the game ends, the screen freezes so that
ished making your changes, you are prompted to put a
you can view the score. To start a new game, press any
disk into the drive. After inserting the disk, press RE
key. If no key is pressed after approximately 15 sec
TURN. A new file called CUSTOM SAM & ED is writ
onds, another game begins automatically.
ten to this disk. If the disk already contains a previous
Press the Commodore key to pause the game.
version of CUSTOM SAM & ED, the old version will
Press it again to resume play. RUN/STOP/RESTORE
be scratched before the new one is written. The cus
stops the game. Type RUN to restart.
tomizer program does not alter the original SAM & ED
program file.
See program listings on page 84. m
Basketball Sam & Ed looks and plays like an arcade ac
tion game, but after playing a few games you'll develop
strategies. Most players eventually come up with their
own "plays"—ways of timing their jumps so that they
score or keep their opponent from scoring. For ex
ample, it's possible to block a goal-bound opponent by NOW AVAILABLE
hitting him with the side of your head as he bounces on NEW CP/M VERSION
the ground. It's also possible to score two baskets in a THE BIG BLUE READER:
row after your opponent scores one. Doth moves (espe — Loads m 30 seconds

cially the latter one) demand quick thinking and some — Is easy to use

practice. — Features Standard ASCI Mo Com

modoreor PET ASCII translation,
Keep your eye on the clock and don't forget to and vice varan

make that last scoring attempt as time runs out. — With ASCII translation. Iranslors
MS'DOS lilos lo Commodore for
mat al 12.000 bytes par minute,
Customizing The Game WANT TO READ
and transfers Commoooro files to
MS-OOS lo'mai H 20000 byies
If you use a black-and-white TV or monitor to play FROM AND WRITE per mmuta

Basketball Sam & Ed, you may not be able to tell Sam TO IBM-COMPATIBLE — IncJuoes MS DOS Dackup ana
MS-DOS disk-Tormattirtg pro-
and Ed apart. To solve this problem, we've included a FILES? grams

customizing program written in BASIC. You can use II you ham □ Cummodora l2G|m and — Displays on SO or 40-column
1571lm disk drive, you can roart from
this program to make your own modifications. (A disk and write to MS DOS <i>os using THE
sdeen, in Color or mrjnocriromn

drive is required to use this program.) The screen colors BIG SLUE HEADERf New trom — Can be usod with one or two d*sfc

SOGWAP Soltware. Inc . the pro Ortves

and the body and feature colors of both Sam and Ed gram allows use^s to transfer files version available
can be changed. Three of the scrolling messages can generated on most '—'-' -i"i;..ii " " upgrade to tucenl users
software to Commodore DOS files,
also be changed. You can also make the periods shorter and vice versa Now THE BIG BLUE

so the game takes less time to play. REAOEH CP/M gives you all the WRITE US OR
standard leaum- of THE BIG BLUE
Type in Programs 2 and 3 (using the Automatic READEH plus CP'M read: and wnle.
Proofreader program found elsewhere in this issue),
The Big Blue Reader CP/M u S-i.i 95 (includes all siandau) Big Blue Reader
and save them on the same disk as SAM & ED (Pro features) Sinndaro Big Slue Reader is S3i 95 An prices U S currency and
gram 1). You should save Program 3 with the name S & include shipping and handling No credJl card orders pipj^e California
rosideiis add S2 90 lor Tne Big Blue Reader CP/M or %2 OS tor standard Big
E CUSTOMIZER, since this is the name Program 2 at Blue Reader, state sales iai CPtM version available as upgrade to current

tempts to load (line 40). Then load and run Program 2, usurs for Si 5 plus your Big Blue Reader disk Send check or money order1
and all inquiries to:
the Basketball Sam & Ed Customizer Loader. This pro SOGWAP Soitwa'e. Inc.
611 Boccaccio Avenue. Venice. CA <
gram will first reconfigure memory, then automatically
Telephone (213) B22-H3B
load Program 3. (Do not run Program 3 directly—cer-

54 COMPUTED GazBtla My T987

Quick thinking is required in this classic two-player arcade Both players leave a path of
light—which is deadly—on the
game that includes just enough added features and twists to
screen as they move. You score
make it an entirely new and very addictive challenge. For the points by driving your opponent
Commodore 64. Two joysticks are required. into one of these paths. The score is
constantly displayed at the top of
"Squeeze" is an updated version of the screen. At first, the fireflies
the arcade game Surround. As in the move slowly, but as the round pro
original game, the object is to try to gresses, they begin to move in
force your opponent to bump into a creasingly fast, making it more and
path before you do. New features more difficult to avoid the paths
allow you to wrap around the edges that soon fill the screen.
of the screen and selectively turn Squeeze includes a wrap
off the light that makes your path. around feature, which means that if
The game is written entirely in your firefly goes off any side of the
machine language, so you'll need to screen, it will reappear on the
use the "MLX" machine language screen at the opposite side. For in
entry program found elsewhere in stance, if you go off the bottom of
Lightning bugs fly through a maze of
this issue to enter it. When MLX the screen, your firefly will reap
their own trails in this unusual varia
asks for a starting and ending ad tion of a popular video game. pear at the top.
dress, respond with these values: Another added feature allows
Slarling address: C000 you to selectively turn your light on
Ending address: C997 used when you saved the program. and off, creating holes in the path
To start the game, type SYS 50542. that you make. To keep your light
Be sure to save a copy of
Squeeze to disk or tape before exit Squeeze begins with two fire off as you move, hold down the fire
flies on the screen. The player with button. Careful use of this feature
ing MLX.
the joystick in port 2 controls the will allow you to leave escape holes
green firefly, which begins each in your path. Keep in mind that
Playing The Game
round on the left side of the screen. your opponent can make use of
Since this is a machine language
The player holding the joystick in these holes as well.
game, load it with a command like
port 1 controls the purple firefly, The game is over as soon as one
which begins on the right side. The player reaches 10 points. The screen
game doesn't start until one of the turns red to show that the game is
(Tape users should use LOAD fire buttons is pressed. All subse over. To play another game, simply
"SQUEEZE",1,1 instead.) You'll quent rounds begin automatically press either fire button.
have to substitute the filename you after a crash. See program listing on page 87. <a

COMPUTED Gazelle July 1987 55

Alt-80 For The 128
Bob Kodadek

Explore the inner workings of the Commodore 128's 80-column addresses is always zero, since the
screen editor ROM routines assume
chip with this fascinating tutorial that leads you through the
that screen and attribute memory
development of an alternate-screen utility. begin on an even page boundary.
Thus, only the high byte of the ad
Programmers are just beginning to should hold the number of the reg dresses needs to be changed.
unravel the full power of the 8563 ister that you wish to read or write,
In 80-column mode, the 128
Video Display Controller chip and the A register should hold the
uses locations 2606 and 2607 to
(VDC), which generates the 80- value that is written to or read from
store the page number of the begin
column video display of the Com the register.
ning of the screen and the beginning
modore 128. Unlike the VIC-II chip,
of attribute memory, respectively.
which provides the 40-column dis Display And Attribute Memory We'll have to update these pointers
play of both the 64 and 128, the The VDC's RAM is addressed in the before the computer can display
VDC has its own 16K of indepen location range $000-$3FFF. The information on an alternate screen.
dent RAM and 37 internal registers. RAM contains screen memory, at All the pointers can be updated
Neither the RAM nor the registers tribute memory, and character defi with this immediate-mode line:
can be accessed directly. Instead, nitions for the 80-column display.
two memory locations in the 128's SYS 52684,16,12:SYS 52684,Z4,20:POKE
The default configuration for VDC
Z606,16:POKE 2607,24
address space are used to communi RAM is as follows:
cate with the VDC. Type this line and press RETURN to
SOOO0-S07FF Screen memory
Location 54784 ($D600) is the switch instantly to the alternate
$08O0-$0FFF Attribute memory
address register and 54785 {$D601) $2O00-$3FFF Character sets screen. Clear the screen and list the
is the data register of the VDC. Be directory. No matter what you do on
Note that the area $1000-$1FFF is
cause of a peculiarity in addressing this alternate screen, the original
normally unused. This 4K space is
the VDC, BASIC should not be used screen will not be affected. Type this
large enough to set up a second, to
to change these registers. Instead, line to go back to the original screen:
tally independent screen—com
there are routines in the 128's ROM
plete with its own attribute SYS 526B4,0,12rSYS 52684,B,20:POKE
that both BASIC and machine lan 2606,0:POKE 2607,8
memory. In the same format that
guage programmers can use. We'll
the default screen uses, here is the You should see the original screen
demonstrate the technique by pro
layout for our alternate screen: just as you left it.
gramming an alternate 80-column
S10OO-SI7FF Alternate screen memory The demo program included
S180O-S1FFF Alternate attribute memory with this article switches between
The two routines used to com
the two screens at the press of a
municate with the VDC are located To display our new screen, we
key. It will provide you with a good
in bank 15 at 52684 (SCDCC) and need only to write the new starring
idea of how to incorporate an alter
52698 ($CDDA) in screen editor addresses of the screen and attribute
nate screen into your own BASIC
ROM. The first routine is used to RAM to the proper VDC internal
programs. Be sure to save a copy to
write to the VDC chip's internal registers. Registers 12 and 13 specify
tape or disk after you've entered the
registers and the second is used to the start of screen RAM, while regis
read from them. When you're call ters 20 and 21 specify the start of at
ing either routine, the X register tribute RAM. The low byte of both See program listing on page 90. •

56 COMPUTE!'* Gazette July 1987

Calendar Maker
William Coleman

Print custom calendars for any year from 1900 to 2050 with about '/j-inch down from the top of

this suprisinghj short, efficient program. Calendars can be the page before printing.
Choose D to if you wish to save
saved to disk or printed onscreen or on paper. For the Commo
the calendar to disk. This is useful if
dore 128, 64, Plus/4, or 16. you wish to make several copies of
the same calendar. !f you use this
Where would you go to find out on Choose P to print the calendar option, you'll need to use a sequen
which day of the week Christmas to your printer. This is the option tial-file-printer utility to dump the
falls in the year 2000? Or the day of that you'll be using most often. To file to the printer.
the week on which you were born? center the calendar, move the paper See program listing on page 90.
Type in "Calendar Maker,'' and
you need to go no farther than your
computer. Calendar Maker prints
out nicely formatted twelve-month sm
calendars with a personalized mes
sage that you write.
It is a short program written
entirely in BASIC. Type it in and
save it to tape or disk. When you're
ready to make a calendar, load and
run the program.
When asked for the year of the
calendar that you want to make, en 3UUM

ter a year from 1900 to 2050. If you

enter a number from 0 to 99, Calen
dar Maker will assume that you're J ■ UHfHJ ■ I =■«-!

asking for a year in the twentieth

century and append a prefix of 19 to

The program next asks foT a SU MO TU WE TH FR SA SU (10 TU WE TH FR SA SU MO TU WE TH FR Sfl

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
message to put at the top of the cal 12 3 12
8 9
IB 11
4 5
14 a 9 10 11 12 13 14
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
endar. Type in a message, and the 11 12 13 14 IS 16 17 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 13 16 17 IB 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
program will print it over and over 13
31 29 30 31
to form the numerals of the year
that you chose. Press RETURN at APRIL BAY JUNE
this prompt if you'd rather have
solid numerals. 12 3 4 1 2 12 3 4 5 6
Finally, you must choose be 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
tween normal and reversed mode 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 17 IS 19 20 21 22 23 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
for the year header. Nearly all 26 27 2B 29 30 24 25 26 27 2B 29 30 28 29 30
Commodore and compatible print
ers work with normal mode, but JULV AUGUST SEPTEMBER

some may have trouble with re SU HO TU WE TH FR SA SU MO TU WE TH FR Sfl SU MO TU UE TH FR SA

versed mode. An example is the 12 3 4 1 12 3 4 5

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6 7 3 9 IB 11 12
Commodore 1526 printer, which 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 9 IB 11 12 13 14 15 13 14 15 16 17 IS 19

prints some years correctly in 19 23 21 22 23 24 25 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

26 27 2S 29 30 31 23 24 25 26 27 2ft 29 27 28 29 30
reverse mode but not others. 30 31

Next you'll see this line on the DECEMBER

(S)creen, (P)rinter, or (D)isk? 12 3 12 3 4 5 6 7 12 3 4 5
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 6 7 B 1 10 11 12
If you choose S, the output will 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 15 16 17 IB 19 20 21 13 14 IS 16 17 18 19

go to the screen. The display will be 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

25 26 27 28 29 3B 31 29 30 27 28 29 30 31
unreadable unless you're using 80
COMPUTEIs Gazette July 19B7 57
Crash Prevention For The 64
Robert Masters

BASIC and machine language programmers will appreciate this A Silent Guard
small utility that makes the Commodore 64 virtually crash Most of Remedy's work is accom
plished when it is first activated.
proof. When using this program, you'll rarely—if ever—lose
After this, it waits silently for you to
work due to lockups. tell Remedy that a crash has oc
curred. Do this by pressing the RE
One of the great attractions of the their computers. STORE key. Often, this is enough
Commodore 64 is its malleability. Whether or not you have a re to restore your work.
With its ROM and I/O switches set switch for your 64, you can ben
Some problems are so serious
and its BASIC and Kernal vectors, efit from "Remedy," the program
that they require a more drastic pro
the 64 can play the part of many accompanying this article.
cedure—a cold start. Remedy has
computers. Perhaps more than any
other home computer, it can be tai Typing It In its own cold-start key combina
lored to suit your needs. Remedy is a BASIC program that tion—press the RESTORE key
The open nature of the 64 creates a machine language pro while holding down the back-
does, however, leave the program gram in memory. Type it in and arrow key, the 1 key, and the 2 key.
mer at the mercy of his or her mis save it to tape or disk. Since the Pressing these four keys has two
takes. A single mistyped statement data must be typed accurately, use side effects. First, Remedy is dis
abled. Second, any BASIC program
is all that is needed to paralyze the "The Automatic Proofreader" pro
screen and render the keyboard in gram located elsewhere in this issue in memory is erased. To recover

operative. Often the RUN/STOP- when you enter the program. Rem Remedy and your program, type

RESTORE key combination will edy is designed to be located at SYS 49152 (or the appropriate SYS
bring the computer back to life— 49152, using 447 bytes of memory. to start Remedy, if you changed the
but not always. Turning the com If you'd rather have the program re address at which the Remedy rou
puter off and back on again is a side at a different memory location, tine resides). You'll find your pro
guaranteed solution io any lockup, change the address in line 20. To gram intact with its arrays, strings,
but it also wipes the computer's use Remedy, simply install it at the and variables still valid. Printing

memory clean—including any pro start of a programming session. the values of variables is a debug

grams, programming aids, assem Remedy actually prevents cer ging tool that can sometimes help

blers, and machine language tain kinds of crashes. But even if, in you discover the cause of the crash.
monitors that you may use. Lock rare cases, it doesn't prevent a If you choose not to recover your
ups can be exceedingly frustrating. crash, Remedy still lets you survive BASIC program, simply define any
Some 64 users purchase reset most of them with your program variable (for example, X = 1)
switches, devices that plug into the intact. before reactivating Remedy. This
may be necessary if you suspect
64's expansion port to give the As a bonus. Remedy keeps
computer a true reset (not the simu your favorite screen colors on the that some BASIC pointers had been
corrupted before the crash.
lated reset performed by RUN/ screen, even after a RUN/STOP-
STOP-RESTORE). Commodore RESTORE. (You can set these col Remedy has another feature: It
128 owners have a reset button on ors in line 30.) lets you recover your program after
56 COMPum's Gazette July 1987
you type NEW. To bring a program POKE 1,53 Switch off BASIC and vent. If the 64's microprocessor
Kemal ROMs
back after a NEW command, type tries to execute an invalid opcode,
SYS 49162. (If you've changed the POKE 115,0 Disable all commands the computer will crash completely.
starting address of Remedy, add 10 POKE 770,128 Disable direct-mode There is no way to prevent this and
to the start of Remedy to find the commands no way to recover from it. If you do
location of the unnew routine.) POKE 772,121 Lock up BASIC have a reset button, press it and
POKE 56322,0 Turn off keyboard SYS to the Remedy routine for a full
An Acid Test recovery.

If you type in any of the following Remedy is preventative medi

POKEs on an unprotected 64, the cine for your computer—an ounce
Never press the RESTORE key
computer will crash. But with Rem of prevention that you shouldn't be
while a cold start is in progress.
edy installed, each and every one of without.
This could cause a lockup that even
them can be prevented or corrected Remedy can't prevent.
See program listing on page 83. «B
with the procedure outlined above. There is one other lockup that
POKE 1,51 Switch off I/O devices is beyond Remedy's powers to pre

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COMPUTED Gazette July 1987 59

Easy Full-Screen
Paul W. Carlson

Get spectacular 3-D animations with this hi-res graphics utility share a significant number of pro
for the Commodore 64 with a disk drive. Two impressive demos gram lines, so you can save yourself
some time by typing in the common
are included.
lines only and saving them to a file
Producing full-screen animation is addresses for the data you'll be en called SKELETON. Then, when
not a simple task. It's usually tering. For Program 2, respond with you want to enter a data file creator,
achieved by rapidly displaying a se the following values: simply load SKELETON and type
ries of high-resolution screens on a in the rest of the lines needed to
Starling address: C000
video display. Producing realistic Ending address: C37F
make the full program. You can

animation in BASIC is nearly im take the lines from either Program 3

possible because of the time re When you've finished typing or Program 4. The common lines
quired to create the screen images. in the data, be sure to save a copy to are 10 and 400-550.
Animation is normally done by disk before leaving MLX. Be sure to
Type in Programs 3 and 4, and
repeating two processes over and
save the data on the same disk with
save them on the disk with Pro
over. First, the endpoints of a line Program 1. Also, be sure to use the
gram 1 and 2. Programs 3 and 4 cre
segment are computed. Second, the filename ANIMATOR for the Pro
ate the data files for the animator
gram 2 data, since that is the name
line segment is displayed on the program. Run the programs to cre
the loader program looks for. (See
screen. ate the animation data files. After
"Easy Full-Screen Animation" line 50 of Program 1.)
you run either program, you will be
speeds the animation by separating asked for a filename for the data file
these two processes. First, a BASIC to be created on the disk. I suggest
program is used to generate the end- using LOVE.DATA when running
points for each and every screen. Program 3, and CUBE.DATA when
This takos a considerable amount of running Program 4. You can use
time, but it needs to be done only any name you want for the anima
once. The animation can then pro tion data files, but be sure you don't
ceed at maximum speed. A machine use the name of an existing file. It
language routine is used to draw the takes some time to generate all the
lines that connect the endpoints. points and write the data to disk.
Do not stop the program prema
Typing It In turely. Be sure to use the same disk
The word LOVE being rotated in three
Program 1, written in BASIC, is a dimensions. that contains Programs 1 and 2.
short loader program that config
ures the computer for the machine Animating The Data
language animation routine. Type it A Demonstration Skeleton After you've created animation
in and save it to disk. Since it tries to The final step is to write a BASIC data files, load and run Program 1.
load files from the disk (files which program that creates a data file The program asks you what screen
you have not yet created), do not at which can be read by Program 2. colors you would like. Respond
tempt to run the program yet. Two such programs are included. with your favorite combination.
Program 2 is the high-speed The first, Program 3, shows the The program asks what file you
line drawing routine. Because it is word LOVE rotating in space. The would like displayed. Respond
written entirely in machine lan second, Program 4, is a three- with LOVE.DATA or CUBE.DATA
guage, you must enter it using the dimensional cube that approaches (assuming you used the suggested
"MLX" machine language entry the viewer as it rotates. filenames). Remember to supply
program found elsewhere in this is Programs 3 and 4 (and any the name of the animation data file
sue. When you run MLX, you'll be other programs that you write to itself, not the name of the BASIC
asked for the starting and ending create animated graphics data) program that created the animation

60 COMPUTEI's Gaiene July 1987

FREE Leroy's Cheatsheet
We carry n complete hne □! sonwa'e al compel tivQ pficef PLUS-on a^y software package of 525.00 or more you gel a
FREE Lcroy's CheatshHf of your hoice1 See be'Ort lor shipping infofmation.


COMMODORE 64 Can^unnnl 1 -14 COMMODORE 128
ABACUS PoCOfdip/Sooll PQk 133 S upflf scrip! 6 J ABACUS
ClartPafcBl FIbd! Sy&Iflm 2
Piinl S(oo S M
CotclBJ PrinlEhopComp SM Pei>l Filfll Super C S44
ACCESS GrphcL-bnujflse^. S IS SDpHpUCal 128 S44
Leader Board Golf SIMON B SCHUSTER
CSM Cham.Lab
Tournament Oil'", 1 BATTERIES INCLUDED
1541 Al^nrnan'Ki! S 33 Paper AjrplanaKil Consultant $ 44
T/sptePa:* sis DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Papordp II S 59
ARTWORKS Pockfll Pl,inn9r J 30 Nowtrsom EPVX
This is only one frame of on animated Sirip Pokei S2! Pockfll Wrilor 130 Clip Art VoM
Dal a DisSta (o.ichj S1C Chj[ fic.ilo Miiko $37
"movie" in which a constantly rotating SEHKELY SOf TWOUKS
Mj'B'o \la ISO
box repeatedly approaches the viewer CEOS
Oeshpack 1
$ 42
f.1.1-1> yojr OIW1
lTC $37
Mu'dPi Parly 125
and then retreats. Fompac* T JI!
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data. You'll see smooth, fast full BOOKS ON CEOS
EHs St2
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AbACUB S will Cat w/S id 9w;ty 6 PROFESSIONAL
Pawn S3:
screen animation. Press any key to Gees insido & oul $18 Sy?vis Porte/ Fin PJnr $37 $51
INFO COM $37 $30
break out of the animation. Midnight Press ize
outolGEOS S1J MICRO PROSE Don I lor go f lo telocl you; D.ila M.innpor 123 $50
Oishlsibook » g Guish.p fBtt toroy's ChoalihooT PonnOT125 SSO
F-1S Slriho Eai]l9 S!6
Your Own Art Silenc Sorvico
when ordorlng a proofom
□( 525 oi more.
Warif Wrilor1?8
Creating your own animation data
file requires knowledge of BASIC. LEROY'S CHEATSHEET
Keyboard Overlays
Three-dimensional rotation re
quires knowledge of trigonometry
and geometry, but it's relatively each
easy to program two-dimensional
animation. Follow these steps to LAMINATED
create your own animation files:

•Load the template file SKELETON For your COMMODORE 128 For your COMMODORE 64

which contains lines 10 and Put Your Computer's Commands Where They Bolong - And Your Manuals On The Shelf.

400-500. Have you ever sat at your computer with the manual tn your lap trying to find an elusive command? How much
time have you lost searching through manuals to relrosh your memory on how [o do wfial you warned1 Now
• All DIM statements and variable you have a way to end thai fusiralion ■ Leroy's Cheatsheets

initialization should be done after

line 10 and before line 400.
■ay's Ctioalsdeels you'll
• The variable NS should be as fiave lo hunt for a program command again!!

signed a value equal to the number The Problom Solver

of screens to be displayed. This as EQUIPMENT STAND

signment must be located between
lines 10 and 400.
• The subroutine that handles the $ 19.95
computations for each screen must LEROVSHELPBOQK FOR EL FT E
begin at line 1000. For each line By David Palmar- Thaiir&i person Inihe U.S
lo ntlain ELITE alatus Filled wrth hints & Made ol slurdy vinyl conEed ■ n- ■: ■ sirong onough for any compuier
segment, the program must com lips to sharpen your cornbal and I raiding equipment This equiprrenl s^and will help you organize your sysiem
klls. Cove.s approaching spdC8 5l3Tionr Wrth Ihi& unique open conslfuction. cables a:e never in Die wrong pTace,
pute the endpoints for the line, goods Eo trade on whal planets. q-_chs5i
swncies are1 more accessatiie and youf equipmem stays cooler The
ProblaTTi Sofrei Equipnieni stand was specially designed for
store them in the variables XI, Yl, way to becon^ ELITE and proparas you lor Commo-Jora computers 12B & 64. Kfcupa your mtjflitor a! eye level (Greal
HHEBIROS ELITE TOURNAMENT. !■■■ fj-inri'l . I ft»bnH*l,vn.rt*™nlcfn^i.N,
X2, and Y2, and then execute the
Order Now and Save ... Money, Time and Frustration
statement GOSUB 500.
COMMODORE 128 $7.95 ea COMMODORE 64 $3.95 ea
Use the two demonstration
On CHUT&HUJilf r-
a^tv LI Wiri CME*TSHE ETS lo> If
Nf nvs»r> rj"*"nMirB
programs, Programs 3 and 4, as a cu r-Dut-saunM l r on lotied iines

□ I
guideline when making your own m "J PapmtKk Fikff

animation file generators. As a first U y
□ EKffi
J PapcttacfcWmor
J Paperdip //
f H Doia Managtt GEOS
□ Disk 1541
exercise you might want to change □ FlMtSyitom
□ Flight &rni]lalClr ?
U Supettjoio i?s
U Supetwnrjl 13fl
(J E adscript
ij El.ifl
□ Fm Tho Roglnrw r-r* J SwilTCalc 129
the data in Program 3 to draw your r U GtOS J WcdW/itef i^&
I U Flwf FJor
initials or another short word. The FflEE ■ Koybunrd >»1cnda( (nj

orairnirtc iHronMfiUON f0. r«r d.n.^y »nd'i <h«k or

lines that make up the letters are ex J .Equipment tlBnd(t) for onryjj S.JS h.i mcKtr, iH'lar
^n^r VIia
Pe-abnil A rampaif chMti ■lion J w»k« lo cle«F
oriJ^ts [hid] iq JriciUut c^ijd iV, vt!plf3ilon 4Jd1f
M»>Eer Cajrf
Pr'cfli 4jn(J n v^ic^bl-hy
pressed as cartesian coordinates. naiio<»)
lUt|r*11? (h*nflfl wUhaut nalica.

tsl- IN
Graph paper is helpful when de OHDF" "tv fa res-Jenis o

signing your animations. NjTie GAZG

The maximum number of line I6JH]

segments allowed in the file is 1920. CHEATSHEET PRODUCTS, INC. P.O. Bon 111368 PHuburab.PA.
See program listings on page 82. id For Oflois only TOLL fKEE 1.e00334^a96 PA Otdors ■ (41Z) 781-15S1 DEALER INQUIRES WELCOME

COMPUTED Gazette July 19B7 61

128 Graph Designer
Danny Komaromi

Create professional-looking graphs and charts and display them Bar Charts and Line Charts
with a slide-show option. A disk drive is required. From the menu, select the bar chart
option. Follow the prompts to enter
your data. The bar chart option
Pie charts show the size of the parts Mom & Pop's Computer Store Sales
works much like the pie option, ex
in relation to the whole. Bar charts Home computers $30,000
ailow quick comparison in examin cept that you choose a color for
School computers $12,000
ing fluctuations. Line graphs show Business computers H6,500
each bar. For bar charts, the pro
trends. All three types of graphs are gram automatically places your la
The numbers are straightfor bels below the bars—no special
extremely useful in various kinds of ward, but a pie chart would better
analysis—and all three can be positioning is necessary. When the
show how important each market is
made quickly and displayed easily graph has been drawn, press the S
to this particular store.
with "128 Graph Designer." key to save the chart.
The program first asks for a
The line graph option works al
filename to use when it stores the
Designing finished graph. Enter a filename
most exactly like the bar chart op
Graph Designer is written entirely tion, except that you choose one
that does not exist on your disk.
in BASIC 7.0. Type it in and be sure color for the entire graph. Follow the
The program next asks for the
to save a copy to disk be/ore run prompts. After the, graph has been
number of items. Enter 3. Next,
ning it. drawn, press the S key to save it.
choose a color for the pie chart.
To get started, load the pro The computer asks for the title
gram and type RUN. Graph De of the graph. Enter Mom & Pop's Showing Off
signer asks whether you would like Sales. Next enter the three catego Once you've generated all the
to design graphs or display previ ries (one per line): HOME, graphs and charts that you need,
ously generated graphs with the SCHOOL, BUS. Finally, enter the you can display them with Graph
slide-show option. For now, choose values: 30000, 12000, 46500. Designer's slide-show option
1—Graph Designer. After a 50- The program draws a pie chart (named Graph Show in the pro
second pause, you'll see the graph one section at a time. After it draws gram). If you're currently in the
menu. Use the space bar to select each slice, use the cursor keys to graph design portion of the pro
either pie charts, bar charts, or line place the legend (description) gram, press RUN/STOP-RESTORE
graphs. Press RETURN when the wherever you like. If you use short to exit it. Run Graph Designer and
arrow points to the type of graph phrases as legends, you should be choose option 2. Graph Show ex
you wish to make. able to fit most of the legends en pects all the graphs to be on the
Let's step through all three tirely within slices of the pie. Press same disk. Insert the disk with the
types of graphs. the P key when you're satisfied graphs into the disk drive.
with the placement of the legend. To insure that you know the
Pie Charts After the entire pie has been names of all the graphs, choose op
When you want to show how vari drawn and all of the legends have tion 2 on this menu for a disk direc
ous proportions are related, the pie been placed where you like, press tory. Write down the names of the
chart is a good solution. For ex the S key to save the chart to disk. If graphs if there are too many for you
ample, suppose we had this data on you'd like to make modifications, to remember.
computer sales at a local computer press the *- (back-arrow) key to start Next, set the order of display
store: again from the beginning. with option 1. It will ask for the

62 COMPUTE!'! Garotte July 1987

giATi i$ no* aiaiPible id run on yo-jr Commodorfl $4'

CrMlod a[ MIT ,n 1966. ELIZA has betomfl tho world's moil

celc&ratedflHilicpaliniollioflnceOBmor-nlrntioiitnoD'flfii ELIZA is a
non-directive psychaihDriipisI *rio analyses v»at\ atatemeni as
you typa It in and limn responds will hut u*n comment or
question —and hoc ramaifcaA'o often amazingly appropnale'
Dasigned ro run on a large mainframe ELIZA rrns never before
been available to personal compiler ym eicepl m greatly
si nppefl down wersionj (a; lung (he sophniicaiion wfnen mace, trie
ordinal prog ra m to Tiiciraimg
POWER SUPPLY (C-64) 29.95
How. our ne* Cwttoao't 64 v*r?i on po we wing the FULL po-ej
1541 (Alignment) 35.00 ana range 01 eipfMMon d the original ia b«mg offered a I "m
miroduciary prtCQ ol only J25 And if you wjintiofmd oui ho a she
C-64 [Repair) 44.95
Pie charts are one of the three types of doei ii (or leflcti riEir la do moraf wo Mill include the compile
C-128 (Repair) 95.00 SDUF1CF PROGflAM i i. ■ ■■lililional
graphs that "128 Graph Designer" can Order your copy oi ELIZA today and you'll never egem wonder now
1541 (Repair & Alignment) 75.00 lo respond when you hear lOmeone say, 'Okny. idi iee »hai ihia
create. Here, the cursor keys are being
1571 (Alignment) 40.00 computer of youri Con aciudllydo1"
used to place the label ITEM 2. 1571 (RepairS. Align) 135.00
"Much more than a mere game You'll oe ifnpresi«d wntn
POWER SUPPLY (C-128) 84.95 ELIZA A convincing oemonst'fltion or ATiiii:iaiini*1ligence"


"Dehgnifji enieMflinmfln( An ideal meflrum lor sho*mg off your
"EL'ZA 15 an abounding piece ulsollware .AlaSc^nalingpiojrami
(FREE Return Freight in the USA. Inu^e and alufly " ^BARON'S MICROCOMPUTER BEPOPTS
APO-FPO, C3POadd$10) ■£l Za \$ a grfAi "Ay to iniroduce your fn«ndito campuiers 4
veryMnrDBrt)gim«L -PEJC* A McMLLltMS
' EL ZA isaneiceplionil [rogram o^e if .if > Fun rj uie sro^s.f
TO SAVE C.O.D. CHARGES - your mac hi neL and hai b1"' hulDriCll iniereil"
SEND UNIT & POWER SUPPLY "Tfiis veisionol ELIZA ia1he&e$1«eriflye seen


(916)635-3725 l
(Pieaia specify Disk or Castetio)
P'Ofecteo Version r...., r r.., S25
iPrcteeied veision tanbe'unbuEnotliii«4or modified]
Second Source Engineering 7 Ljn-profecied CommodoroM BASIC Source Venton S*5
rSojrceVerdoncantx ijieaandmooiil'fdaiwflllaarun)
2664-B Mercantile Drive Goih version».n^lufle & $m parje uifir nnnual

Colorful bar charts can be used to show Rancho Cordova. Please arJdSZ 00 ar-ippmg and hflndhnrjirj all order*
(Cahiornm roildsnts pi to m add e^H uiai im)
trends. Up to 15 bars can be displayed. CA 95670 AflTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH GROUP
t G
Los Angeles. CAuaaaij
[213| 6^6-7255 l£l3h 654-2!
WC. VISA anrr cnecks. steep1

Super Graphix
Utility Disk
Line graphs connect points, making it With
easy to spot sharp changes in the data.
27 Fonts
filenames of all the charts you
would like to display. Any hi-res And
screen will do—you can use a paint
program to modify the graphs you Font
have already created or create other
pictures for the show. Creator
As a final step before display
ing the images, use option 3 to se GRAPHICS and FONTS plus an 8K BUFFER for the ultimate In performance and
speed. The XETEC Super Graphix interface for Commodore Computers now
lect the length of time that each
offers a new high in technology with these features:
picture will be displayed. • 8K Buffer Standard • Capable of Storing 2 Additional Fonls
Show your graphs with option • 10 Printing Modes • Correct GraphicsrfText Aspect Ratio for
4. When the last graph has been • 3 Internal Screen Dumps all Major Printers
• EKtoiislva CommantJ Channel * 8 Aclive Switches with Changes
shown, the program will start over
• Resot Button to Halt Printing Constantly Monitored
with the first. During the show, you Irom Buffer * internal Fonts Support Super-script,
can press the space bar to temporar Sub-script, Underlining, Boldface and
• Switch Settings on Label lor
Choice or 9 Pitches
ily freeze the display. The pause Quick Reference
• Correspondence Quality Font Built-in
will begin after the next graph is
loaded. Press space again to contin Suggested//s( $99.95 Includes Lifetime Warranty
ue the show.
See program listing on page 88, qp =^ = <^^, Inc. / 2804 Arnold Rd. / Salina, KS 67401 / 913-827-0685
The Power Of Submit
For CP/M
James Adams

If you've begun to explore the world of CP/M on your Commo The first line changes the cursor

dore 128, it's important that you know the power of submit, color to green on a black back
ground. The second line disables the
which can make working zvith files much faster and easier.
40-column screen to increase the
Included are samples that show you how to customize your speed of the CP/M operating sys
system quickly and easily. tem. You should use this line only if
you have an 80-column monitor.
SUBMIT.COM is a powerful and you were entering each one indi The third line would be useful
useful utility included on the CP/M vidually at a system prompt. End if you use CP/M's time and date
system disk bundled with the Com each line with a carriage return. stamping capability on your disks.
modore 128. It's easy to use, and it To execute your new .SUB file, This line causes the computer to ask
can automatically execute a series simply type: you to enter the current date (MM/
of commands to run an entire se SUBMIT filename DD/YY) and time (HH:MM:SS).
quence of programs, often without The 128's internal clock will then
If the .SUB file is not on the logged
any input from the user. place the appropriate time and date
drive, you must specify the drive (for
CP/M submit files with the stamps on the disk directory each
example: A>B:SUBMIT GAMES). In
.SUB extension are similar to batch time you access a file.
addition to the .SUB file, all the pro
files with the .BAT extension so I have a different PROFILE
grams which are to be executed
familiar to IBM PC users. (Inciden .SUB file on each of my main appli
must also be on the logged drive (or
tally, batch files are used in MS- cations disks. If I'm going to be
the drive should be specified within
DOS—-the operating system of the using a word processing program
the .SUB file).
IBM PC—which is based to some such as VDE, my PROFILE.SUB file
Let's take a look at some exam
degree on the older CP/M operat contains an additional line which
ples of useful .SUB files and how
ing system.) Any filename may be specifies the name of the particular
they work.
used, but the file extension must be applications program. All I have to
.SUB. do is turn on the computer with the
You may use any word pro disk in Drive A:, and, after the com
The file PROFILE.SUB is a special
cessing program or line editor to mands in the PROFILE.SUB file
file which your computer looks for
create a submit file. VDE and its have been executed, VDE (or other
when entering CP/M mode. PRO
predecessor, VDO, are simple program) is waiting for me. If you
FILE.SUB is to CP/M what AUTO
CP/M word processors available in later want to switch to a different
the public domain. I use VDE to application disk, insert the appro
A PROFILE.SUB file might con
create .SUB files. ED, the line editor priate disk into the drive and press
tain the following lines:
included on your CP/M system CONTROL-ENTER. (You must use
disk, will also do the trick. Com the ENTER key on the numeric key
mercial word processing programs SCREEN40 OFF board.) This causes CP/M to reboot
such as WordStar work well if you and execute the PROFILE.SUB pro
select nondocument mode. To execute this .SUB fi!e, the gram on the disk.
As you use your text editor to disk must contain CPM+.SYS, CCP If I plan to do some telecom
enter and edit your .SUB file, type .COM, SUBMIT.COM, SCREEN40 puting, I simply insert the disk con
each line exactly as you would if .COM, and DATE.COM. taining the necessary files plus

54 COMPUTE! s GazafJa July 1987

MEXJKA.COM. MEX.COM is a pub BAKB.SUB. This file formats a disk, SET A:[NAME-READY.BAK,ACCESS =
lic domain telecommunications sets up the directory for time and ON,UPDATE = 0N]
program which can be modified date stamping, specifies what infor The $1 has been replaced with
with the particular features, tele mation will be placed in the stamp the name READY, which was spec
phone numbers, and passwords the ing area, calls the program NSWP ified in calling the original SUBMIT
user needs. MEXJKA is my person .COM, and issues the first command. file. Up to nine parameters may be
alized version. When I turn on my The final B of DiSKBAKB is a specified ($1 to $9). $0 is a special
128 with the disk in drive A: and reminder that the .SUB file must be case—it holds the name of the
the computer is finished running in drive B:. There is no alternative SUBMIT file that is being called.
the PROFULE.SUB file, MEXJKA is to this since F0RMAT.COM (line 1) SET.COM is a powerful com
ready for dialing. I could even have specifies that the disk to be format mand with many attributes. In this
the PROFILE.SUB file specify a num ted be placed in drive A:. example, in addition to giving the
ber for MEXJKA to dial. The connec The file contains these lines: disk a label (NAME), I've also spec
tion would then be made auto ified that the ACCESS or UPDATE
matically. INITDIR A: portion of the directory be stamped
<Y at each disk access. PASSWORD
protection, READ and WRITE pro
After several sessions with a word tection, ARCHIVE information,
processing program, your disk be <LE; and user-definable file attributes
gins to fill up with BACKUP (.BAK) can all be controlled with the SET
The disk containing this .SUB
files. I periodically delete these command.
file must contain SUBMIT.COM,
files, so 1 developed the SUBMIT In my DISKBAKB.SUB file I
file BAKDEL.SUB to automate the have the public domain program
NSWP (NEW SWEEP) specified in
The file looks like this: Line 1 calls the program FOR
line 5. This is a directory manage
MAT (included on your CP/M sys
TYPE MESSAGE.ONE ment utility which comes in several
DIR B:\BAK [Full]
tem disk). You will have to answer
versions. This program does the ac
ERASE B:'.BAK three prompts within the program
tual copying for the backup. There
TYPE MESSAGE.TWO to specify the type of format you
are a number of similar programs
To execute, the disk containing wish (probably 128 double-sided),
that could be used (including PIP
the .SUB file will be in Drive A: and to confirm that you do indeed wish
which is on the CP/M system disk).
to FORMAT the disk and to tell the
must contain the files SUBMIT- Line 6 issues the command to
program that you have no other
.COM, DIR.COM, ERASE.COM, NSWP to change the logged disk
disks to FORMAT.
drive to E:. This is the CP/M+ vir
.TWO. The disk to be purged of Line 2 calls up the program
tual disk drive. The computer will
.BAK files is in drive B:. INITDIR to act on the newly for
prompt me to replace the disk in
Line 1 is optional. MESSAGE matted disk in drive A:. Line 3 auto
drive A: (the backup disk) with the
.ONE is a text file I created which matically answers the question Do
disk to be backed up. Again, several
contains 20 blank lines plus the line you want to reformat the directory on
methods could be used to suit your
BAKDEL will erase the following Drive A:?. The < is used within a
own needs.
files:. This forces information on the .SUB file to indicate information
screen to be scrolled away and which will be used as input within
Submit With A RAMdisk
prints the message line near the the program. If no input is specified
If you have a 1700 or 1750 RAM
bottom of the screen. The second in the .SUB file, the program will
Expansion Module for your 128,
line of the .SUB file calls the DIR stop execution until you give an ap
you might wish to have your PRO
program and lists all the files on the propriate response. If more input is
FILE.SUB file copy all the files and
disk in drive B: with the .BAK ex specified in the .SUB than the pro
utilities that you will need onto the
tension. Time and date information gram needs, a warning message
M: disk (memory disk). This will
is also listed. This line lets you look will be displayed and the extra lines
speed CP/M up tremendously.
over the files before you make any will be ignored.
In the world of CP/M, SUB-
decisions. The third line does the Let's back up for a moment.
MIT.COM can be a real timesaver
real work. ERASE will list each file Earlier, I said that all you had to do
and can make routine tasks a little
with the .BAK extension and to use a .SUB file was to type SUB
easier. 0
prompt you for a Y or an N. The last MIT filename at the A> prompt.
line is also optional. MESSAGE The SUBMIT command also allows
.TWO is another text file I created. you to specify parameters which are
It contains 20 blank lines plus the passed on to the programs called by
line Returning to operating system. the .SUB file. The format is:

SUBMIT filename $1 $2 and so on

In our example we could type:
Perhaps the first rule of computing
is to always make backup copies of
your work. To make this easier, I The computer would then trans
created a .SUB file called DISK late line 4 as:

COMPUTE!1* Gazette July 1987 66

GEOS File Storage
Douglas S. Curtis

Explore the internal structure of GEOS files and see how to ues for the most common file types
make your own GEOS utilities. A sample utility that prints are listed in the following table:

out information from Notepad is included. For the Commodore File Type Descriptor

64 with GEOS. BASIC program $82 $00 $01

Machine language $82 $00 $02
Sysiem file ' $83 $01 $04
GEOS, the Graphics Environment to mark the end of directory blocks. Desk accessory S83 $00 $05
Operating System for the Commo For the remaining entries in the di Application file S83 $01 S06
dore 64, is more than just a program rectory block, bytes 0-1 are always Application data S83 $01 S07
Font file $83 $01 $08
to provide menus and icons. As its zeros.
Printer driver $83 $00 S09
name suggests, GEOS is a complete Byte 2 of the entry holds the
Inpul device driver $83 $00 $0A
ly new operating system that makes first byte of the file descriptor, ex
some very fundamental changes in plained below. The next two bytes The first byte indicates the
the way the 64 behaves. One of the (3-4) hold the track and sector of Commodore file type for the file.
most significant features of GEOS is the first block of the file. The next Note that most types use the value
that it provides new formats for 16 bytes (5-20/$05-$14) are for $83, so most GEOS files appear in a
storing information on disk. If you the filename. So far, the directory standard directory listing as USR
have a basic understanding of how entry is the same as for the standard files. Bit 6 of this byte is used to in
the 64's current disk filing system Commodore operating system dicate the write-protection status of
works, this article will explain how However, in'the standard system, the file. When this bit is 0, the file is
GEOS builds on that system to pro bytes 21-29 of the entry are either unprotected. Setting the bit to 1
vide its more powerful, and more unused or used only for relative protects the file from accidental era
complex, file structures. files. GEOS puts these bytes to spe sure. When the bit is set to 1, the
cial uses. first digit of the value will change
GEOS Directory Format Bytes 21-22/$15-$16 hold the from 8 to C. (See Figure 1, where all
Like the 64's standard operating track and sector of the file's informa the files in the directory block are
system, GEOS requires a disk direc tion/icon block, also called the file write-protected.) The remaining
tory structure to record what's header block. This block is where two bytes define the GEOS file type.
where on the disk. The GEOS direc the data for the file's icon is stored, The first indicates whether the file
tory structure is similar to the stan along with file descriptors, address is in sequential (00) or VLIR (01)
es, and comments. Icon/informa format. These formats are ex
dard system. Track 18 on the disk is
tion blocks are explained below. plained later in this article. The
still the directory track, and sector 0
of that track is the block availabiltiy Bytes 23-24/$17-18 of the di final number (01-0A) specifies the
map, or BAM. The BAM records rectory entry are the remaining two file type.
which sectors (also called blocks) bytes of the file descriptor. The fol
are currently filled. The remaining lowing five bytes {25-29/$ 19-$ID) Information/Icon
sectors of track 18 contain directory contain the file's date and time Block Format
entries—eight 32-byte entries per stamp, in this order: year minus As mentioned above, the directory
directory block. Each file on the 1900, month, day, hour, minute. entry for each GEOS file contains a
disk must have a directory entry. The last two bytes of each entry are pointer to an information/icon
A GEOS directory entry con the total number of blocks used for block. The information/icon block
tains much more information than the file (including data, index table, (see Figure 2) is unique to the GEOS
a standard 64 directory entry. How and information/icon blocks). file storage system. The block is cre
ever, there are some similarities. ated when a GEOS file is created,
Look at Figure 1. For the first file in File Descriptors and is usually altered only by add
each directory block, bytes 0-1 con GEOS file descriptors are used both ing comments. (It is possible, how
tain either the track and sector of in directory entries and in informa ever, to edit the the icon data in the
the next directory block or $00 $FF tion/icon blocks. The descriptor val block; see "Icon Changer For GEOS"

66 COMPUTE!1* Gazette July 1987

Only NRI gives you a 27" high-resolution
stereo color TV you build to prepare you for
today's video servicing careers.
You Build a 27" Stereo TV
During the assembly process of your state-
of-the-art Heath/Zenith 2~" TV, you learn
to identify and trork with components and
drcuitS as they actually appear in com
mercial circuitry 'llicn through tests, adjust
ments, and experiments you quickly master
professional troubleshooting and bench

Inside Your TV
The Heath/Zenith 27" TV hits all the fca-
lures that allow you to set up today your
complete home video center of the future.
Flat screen, square corners, and a black
matrix to produce dark, rich colors ...
Become one of America's most sought- kets that are |ust sinning to boom. even a powerful remote control center that
after technicians ... put your talents Here is your chance to become a fully ghes you total command ofvldeo and audio
and spare time to work for you in the qualified professional the way tens of operating modes.
thousands have trained with NRI. NRI has purposely designed your train
"explosive-growth" world of home
ing around equipment that has the same
entertainment electronics. Totally Integrated high-tech circuitry you'll encounter in com
Train in state-of-the-art video/audio serv Hands-On Training mercial equipment 'lliat means your train
icing and become a fully qualified service Since NRI (raining is built around "learn ing is real-world training.
professional die uniquely successful NRI by doing." right Bom the start you con
way. it's hands-on training, at home ... duct important experiments and tests with SEND COUPON TODAY
designed around the latest electronic equip your professional digital multimeter. You FOR FREE NRI CATALOG!
ment you build and keep as pan of your assemble the remarkable Niti Discovery lab
I raining. and perform a complete range of demon
strations and experiments In the process.
The High-Tech Revolution "cntiiming t-diKJtion <
'isconsin Avenue, NW, Waihit! n. DC 21X116

in the Home Is Just Starting WrcfH give you lomorrow.

Sweeping changes are taking place in our ppmeJ uitda <jI Hi II

homes, changes brought about by the [tfCHECK ONE FHFi:
phenomenal growth of home entertainment
electronics. Already available are high res [3 Small Engine Etcruir
olution TV, TVfc with stereo sound, simul □ Compmtr Hktinmin G Air Coadi'miini,
D SaieUrtc Fletinviff Healing A Rcfn|P
taneous multi-channel viewing, projection
D Kot*«itt& Industrial Coning D Ltx^miihing &
'IV, Gimcorders, H mm video cassettes, iind Electronic Security
compact disc players. □ Phorofiaphy
And the ivroluiion has spread to the busi □ Di^fril Elcctimjo SctMcmg
ness sector as tens of thousands of com
panies are purchasing expensive high-tech
video equipment used for employee troin-
ing, data storage, even video conferencing.
Join the Future or Be left Behind
Today the consumer electronics Industry
represents a whopping S2(i billion oppor commitment ti> you jjiic* beyond pro
tunity for the new breed of consumer viding you with equipment appropriaii; la

electronics technician. (lit Latest icchnolojjy. Hest of all, we tiuinri1

tlmt in thr (taming prmrcss you :rcc|uirc tlit
Today's consumer electronics (evolution wry skJILs that will nmkc you a pmfL . ar/vau/Zig 231-077 i
Is creating huge servicing and repair mar Mcnce KthnltIan «n ihv |ah.
type value comes before the GEOS
Figure 1: GEOS Directory Structure format value.
Bytes 71-72/$47-$48 contain
00 i 12 09 C2 oi os a? is 4F 53 AO AO AO AO AO 00 AO 5 GEOSjjjjjjj
10 too 00 00 00 oo 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 jjjjj the starting address (in low-byte/
20 lOO 00 C2 01 n 47 45 4F 33 20 42 4F 4F 54 00 AO g GEOS BOOT-'-'
high-byte order) of the file associat
30 lAO AO AO oo oo 01 09 00 02 56 O4 07 OC 00 06 00 jjjjj v

40 :00 00 C~ 01 12 47 45 IF 53 20 4B 43 52 4E 41 4C r. GEOS KERNAL

ed with the information/icon
50 i AO 00 00 AO AO 01 OA 01 04 56 04 07 OC 00 55 00 jjjjj v u block. Bytes 73-74/$49-$4A are
htl 100 OO C3 O! 08 44 45 53 4B 20 34 4F 50 AO AO AO C DESK TOP-'-'-'
70 lAO AO AO 00 00 05 00
the address plus one {in low-byte/
01 04 56 04 07 OC 00 48 00 jjjjj v h

SO i 00 00 C3 08 13 47 45 4F 50 41 4? <JE 54 AO AO AO C GEOPAIMT-'-'-' high-byte order) of the end of the

90 :A0 AO AO 00 00 OB OB 01 04 56 04 O7 OC 00 77 00 jjjjj y w
associated file. The next two bytes,
AO lOO 00 C3 09 OE 47 45 4F 57 52 49 54 45 AO AO AO £ GEOWRITE-'-'-'
BO lAO AO AO AO AO OB 06 01 06 56 04 07 OC 00 5B 00 JJJJJ V X 75-76/$4B-$4C, hold the file's ex
CO 100 OO C2 13 00 42 41 43 4B 55 50 AO AO AO AO AO p BACKUP-'-'-'-'-' ecution address (again, in low-
□O tAO oo oo 00 00 13 OB 00 01 56 04 07 OC 00 10 00 JJJJJ V
EO I 00 oo oo 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
byte/high-byte order). If the file is
FO lOO oo oo 00 00 oo oo 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 an executable type—BASIC, ma
chine language, application, or
desk accessory—this address will
Figure 2: The Information/Icon Block
be called to start the file after it is
00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 OA OB OC OD OE OF loaded.
Finally, bytes 77-255/$4D-$FF
00 lOO FF 03 15 BF FF FF FF BO 00 01 Bl FF FD Bl FF
are the file information area. This is
EOF "■ Start of ICON DATA >
where the file's permanent name
10 :FD 81 FF FD BO 00 39 BF FF BD BF FF 8D BF FF BD
(class), author name, and com
ments are stored.

30 :FF BD BF BF Bl BF BF 81 BF BF 81 BF FF 81 BO 00 GEOS File Formats

End ai GEOS uses two different file for
40 :01 FF FF FF 82 01 00 FF 07 F6 15 00 00 47 45 4F mats: Sequential and Variable
ICON DATA ' Filetype BA** EA** SA** Start Length Indexed Record (VLIR).
50 :53 20 42 41 43 4B 55 50 20 56 31 2E 31 00 00 OO GEOS can also use modified 64 pro
o-f File Permanent name gram files, but these are not true
60 |00 44 6F 75 67 20 46 75 6C 74 73 00 00 00 00 00 GEOS files. All GEOS application
'" Author name > files, application data files, and
70 (00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 fonts are stored in VLIR files. The
only sequential files on the GEOS
80 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 system disk are the printer drivers,
input drivers, and photo scraps.
90 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 GEOS sequential files should
not be confused with standard Com
AO :42 41 43 4B 55 50 20 69 73 20 61 20 66 61 73 74
modore sequential (SEQ) files, al
" Start of comments section --------->
though the format is very similar. In
BO :20 64 69 73 6B 20 62 61 63 6B 75 70 2F 72 65 72
a GEOS sequential file, bytes 3-4 of
the directory entry for the file point
CO :74 6F 72 65 20 75 74 69 6C 69 74 79 20 77 68 69
______„___„„ — _____ — — — — — — y
to the track and sector of the first
data block for the file. The first two
DO :63 68 20 63 61 6E 20 62 65 20 72 75 6E 20 66 72
bytes in the 256-byte data block are
EO :6F 6D 20 42 41 53 49 43 2E 00 A9 05 85 10 A9 08
a pointer to the next data block in
up to EOF marker ■* the rest of the
the chain of sectors that make up the
FO :85 11 A9 00 85 17 85 16 20 3B C2 8A FO 01 60 A9 file, and the remaining 254 bytes
black is available - this example ends at *E9 contain file data. The chain can con
sist of any number of sectors. In the
last sector of the chain, the first byte
** BA - Beginning Load Address minus 2 is $00, and the second byte contains
** EA - End Load Address plus 1 the offset to the the last byte of valid
♦* SA - Start (run) Address
data in the sector.
VLIR files are quite different
in the January 1987 GAZETTE.) contain the icon data. The icon pat from sequential files. For a VLIR file,
Bytes 0-1 are always $00 $FF, tern data is in the same format as a bytes 3-4 of the file's directory entry
to indicate that the information/ standard sprite definition pattern. do not point to the first block of the
icon block consists of a single sec The next three bytes (68-70/ file. Instead, the bytes point to a spe
tor. Bytes 2-4 are always $03 $15 $44-$46) contain the file descriptor cial one-block file called the index
$BF. These bytes define the width data. The last two bytes of the de table. Bytes 0-1 of the index table
and height of the icon and the scriptor ($69-70/$45-$46) are re block are always $00 $FF to indicate
length of the icon data. The next 63 versed from the values shown in that the table consists of a single sec
bytes in the block (5-67/$05-$43) the table above. That is, the GEOS tor. The remaining 254 bytes are

68 COMPUTE!'! Gazette July 1987

and manipulates text in pages rather
Figure 3: GEOS VLIR File Structure than in full documents. Thus, as its
name implies, it is most suitable for
Din. creating short notes. The Notepad1
block block stores text in a VLIR file, but it im
l_L ' ' '
poses one special restriction. Each
DATA record in the Notepad VLIR text file
blocks f is only one block long. Thus, there
is a limit of 254 characters per page,
M and a maximum of 127 pages.
Type the program in and save
DATA it to a GEOS work disk. Then, boot
INFO./ blocks J up with GEOS and open the pro
ICOM gram. It searches the disk for a file
block named Notes. (This is the name
Notepad uses for its text file.) If the
Notes file is found, the program
used for 127 two-byte pointers. of a GEOS disk, with VLIR index ta reads the VLIR index table block.
Each pointer contains the starting bles and information/icon blocks, it This contains track and sector
track and sector of one record of the is very important that you never pointers to each page of Notepad
file. (See Figure 3.) Each record of a use the standard Validate function text. The program then displays the
VLIR file is a linked chain of sectors, of Commodore DOS (OPEN 1,8,15, number of pages in the Notes file
similar to a sequential file. Thus, a "VO:") on a GEOS disk. Validate and gives you the option of printing
single VLIR file is like a collection of would trace only to the index table out the entire file or just a single
sequential files. blocks of VLIR files, and to not any page. After you choose which op
It's obvious from this structure of the records. And it would miss tion you want, the program uses
that VLIR files are extremely flexi the information/icon blocks alto the track and sector pointer to read
ble. A VLIR file can grow to almost gether, marking them as free the block containing the specified
any size. Each of the 127 possible blocks. The GEOS desktop provides page. If you specified the option to
records can be a chain up to 127 a special validate function that you print the entire file, the program
sectors long (although there isn't can use if you suspect problems on starts with the first page. The data
enough room on a disk for every re a GEOS disk. from the block is sent to the printer,
cord to grow that long). Moreover, along with the page number. If you
it's much easier to access infor Creating A Notepad Printer selected the entire file option, the
mation in the middle of a VLIR file. Once you've learned about the stor program then loops back to read
With a sequential file, you have to age formats of GEOS files, you can the next page block. Otherwise,
start at the beginning and read develop GEOS utilities in either you're given the option of printing
through to the desired point. With a BASIC or machine language. Let's another single page. When you're
VLIR file, you can jump directly to step through a sample utility that finished, you can insert your GEOS
the desired record. prints the pages of the Notepad. boot disk in the drive and hit the
The Notepad desk accessory is RESTORE key to reboot GEOS.
Beware the Validate, My Son similar to a word processor, but it See program listing on page 91. 9
Because of the elaborate structure offers only limited editing features



IrHd layout Eo tha COMMODORE 6J £nm|>uir
DISPATCHER pmyrsm fluPEfl 019-

Qfii compyl»fi by iJaa-gnan q|

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Are BvwUUid <rw-i StQMAl COM "J T £R CDN £u L 11 !■'" "C-rin arr ctv'1* I ak>ng .11th 1 pc*|jble on jfjF motif! rtil<njad Layout! ruih, *i
ISd.PQ &j. 16222, D*pi11 F.iTihu.u* PAl5 iKP at fiBflCiJlo. Itji" r»«»n LOCOMOTIVE SWlTCHtR operate! * [*o
Ovr' - --1 sr-r 1 •hd t I O* .n« A* « FLAT YARD zm -r.uil De ipo"»d it

Ijkl rffiphgnu (n vi~r ciimmmdl a* fQU IflMtf "|>lc 60

Cofflrraton oi ind Ai*n sno. ihtoxl ^mom
Av4lfabl- toi- 1h* CommoflDrp 64 <r>r| l?ri jQnk avaiUt^ailEOOO dfplvll. IH-. rw Mi. JJOOO. IBM
- [xiHliJtli FTna r*p4 Fo- COMMODOnt 04 tM U8 |4>tk fln^ 41 PC 175 DO All Hi.ik O"l, Ortiir rniuirrm-nr. Al*n
i|ViU*l iriflgrtsU t JO 00 M-ngJl -nil l*,bojftl i<i<npliid m^lud-d &CQ - BASIC IBM PC - Cciv G'«jK,* Capd
Hi-Res Graphics
On The 128
Part 2
Rob Kennedy

In the concluding installment of fhis two-part series, the These modes are all useful in differ
author introduces several more BASIC 7.0 commands for ma ent situations. Try all of them to see
the effects that they create. XOR is
nipulating the hi-res screen. In addition to the examples in the
often used to animate objects, since
text, three demo programs are included. it is nondestructive—a shape can
be moved along without destroying
Last month, we learned how to the command works with or with the background.
draw various shapes with the graph out them. Here's a short demonstration
ics commands of BASIC 7.0. This When you save a shape, you program that illustrates the use of
month, we'll conclude by looking at must set the XT and Yl parameters SSHAPE and GSHAPE:
a few more commands. Three demo to the top left corner of your shape.
programs are included. When The X2 and Y2 values specify the R4,l:COLORI,2
you've finished reading this article, bottom right corner. If you leave 20 X=l:Y=1:X2-10:Y2=10
out X2 and Yl, the command will 40 BOX1,X,Y,X2,Y2
type them in and try them out—
50 CIRCLEl,X+5,5,3
you'll be suprised at how easy it is to use the current position of the pixel 60 PAINTl,X+3,5
use hi-res graphics on the 128, cursor. The pixel cursor is similar to 7B SSHAPEAS.l,1,10,10

Even with all the new graphics the cursor in text mode; it's the 80 GRAPHIC1,1
90 X=INT{(RND{1)"300)+1)
commands of BASIC 7.0, it can take point on the screen where the most
100 Y=INT((RND(l)*190)+l)
a long time to draw a complex recent previous drawing command 110 GSHAPEAS,X,Y

shape. To solve this problem, two ended. It is the size of one pixel, 120 T=T+1:IFT=11THENEND:ELS
commands were included. The first and it does not flash. Since strings
command, SSHAPE {for Save are limited to 255 characters, you
must be careful to avoid grabbing a Saving Pictures
SHAPE), saves a portion of the
piece larger than a string can hold. Once you've spent the rime to draw
screen to a string. The second, a
When you restore a shape to a detailed hi-res picture, you'll
complementary command,
the screen with GSHAPE, you can probably be sorry to turn off your
GSHAPE {for Get SHAPH) copies a
specify where to place it by using computer and let it go. The BSAVE
string to the screen. These com
the X and Y parameters. (The coor command can save your screen to
mands allow you to copy an arbi
dinates specify where the upper left disk. Here's a line you can use to
trary shape anywhere on the
corner of the shape will be posi save the entire screen to disk:
screen. Limited animation is possi
ble using this procedure. tioned.) If you don't specify X and Y BSAVE"HI-RES",DO,U8,B0,P7168 TO
values, the shape will be placed at PI 6383
Here's the syntax for the
the current pixel cursor position. This line saves the picture in bank 0
There are five available modes: memory locations 7168-16383 to
SSHAPE String variable, XI, Yl, X2, Y2
0 restore the shape as it was saved drive 0, device 8 with the filename
GSHAPE string, X, Y. mode (default) HI-RES.
1 invert the shape
The parameters shown in boldface The following line reloads the
2 OR the shape with the foreground
must always be supplied. Those in 3 AND the shape with the foreground picture from disk to the screen:
the regular typeface are optional— i XOR Ihe shape with the foreground BLOAD"HI-RES",B0

70 COMPUTEi's Gazette July 1987

Where Am I?
BASIC 7.0 has two functions that Only NRI teaches you to service aD
give you certain information about
the computer's status. The first, computers as you build your own
RGR, tells you which graphics
mode the computer is currently fully IBM-compatible microcomputer
using. Call it like this:
With computers
var = RGR(0) firmly estab
After this line is executed, the vari lished in offices
able var will hold a number from 0 —and more
to 5 which indicates the currently and more
active graphics mode. new applica
The other function is RDOT. tions being
developed for
This function tells you the current
every facet of business—
location of the pixel cursor and the
the demand for trained
current color source. It looks like
computer service tech
nicians surges forward.
par=RDOT( mode) The Department of Labor T»uf NantfilirilemHran.nginchiiitiilleNriu hRltilttntr, Ut■
to dtilgn ind nudity ckcvli ■ ftm -liinctiwi flujnjl muBmteter h«i

The mode parameter can range from estimates that computer „_ ■. ,.. „ 11-■ r .•.' ■■ "m" :i nn 11' -\i ,- * („. i .nj. ■■ ptDbe tor vnual

0 to 2—0 causes the function to re service jobs will actually

turn the X position; 1 gives the Y double in the next ten
position; and 2 gives the color years—a faster growth
NRI Is the only
source. For example, to find the rate than for any other occupation.
technical school
thai 1 rains you on
color source, use this statement:
Total systems training
a tola I computer
system. You'll
CS = RDOT(2> Install and check
No computer stands alone.., it's kaybonrd. power
part of a total system. And if you supply, disk drive,
Moving The Pixel Cursor and monitor,
want to learn to service and repair following step-by-
The final command we need to slop direc lions.
computers, you have to understand
learn is LOCATE. This command
computer systems. Only NRI
allows you to move the pixel cursor
includes a powerful computer system No experience necessary—
without drawing anything. Here is
as part of your training, centered NRI builds it in
the syntax:
around the new, fully IBM-compat
Even if you've never had any
LOCATE X. V ible Sanyo 880 Scries computer.
previous training in electronics,
LOCATE is useful because the As part of your training, you'll you can succeed withNRI training.
drawing commands allow you to build this highly rated 16-bit IBM- You'll start with the basics, then
move relative to the current cursor compatible computer system. You'll rapidly build on them to master
position by placing a + or — in assemble Sanyo's "intelligent" such concepts as digital logic,
front of the number. Consider this keyboard, install the power supply microprocessor design, and
line: and disk drive, and interface the computer memory.
high-resolution monitor. The 880
CIRCLE l, + 5, + 30,10,10
Computer has two operating speeds: Send for 100-page free catalog
If a previous LOCATE set the pixel standardlBM speed of 4.77 MHz Send the coupon today for NRI's
cursor to 25,25, the circle would be and a remarkable turbo speed of 8 100-page, full-color catalog, with all
drawn at 25 + 5,25 + 30, or 30,55. MHz. It's confidence-building, real- the facts about at-home computer
Besides the CIRCLE command, the world experience that includes train training. If the coupon is missing,
DRAW and BOX commands also ing in programming, circuit design write to: NRI, 3939 Wisconsin
support relative drawing. and peripheral maintenance. Ave., NW, Washington. D.C. 20016.

A Final Hint
The 128 includes FAST mode. The
40-column screen will blank as For Career courses
approved under Gl BUI
long as FAST is selected. SLOW is SCHOOLS
□ Chech tor details.
used to turn the screen back on. 1/ McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Cenlef
3939 Wisconsin Avenue. NW, Washington, DC 2O016
G Appiiairce Slicing
your screen setup takes a long time, Wall give you tomorrow. Q Small Engine Repair
you can shorten the time needed by
r/cHECK ONE FREE CATALOG ONLY [ I Cc-iTnTktfnicailong Electronics
D AirConditJonlng.Healino.S
using FAST during the drawing. I , Computer Electronics [J Electronic Design Technology D Locksrn|thing & Electronic Security
When SLOW is executed, the LJ TV/AudioMdeo Servicing ~1 Telephone Servicing i Building Consirucilw
[ ] Electronics LJ E>g,tai Efectronlcs Servicing LJ Aulomollve Servicing
screen is displayed. Since some ! J Fccotics & Industrial Contrcn D Basic Efecironica □ Photogiaphy
people panic when the screen |_J Dal 3 CommunicatiQns D Eleclrictens □ Bookkeepings Accounling

blanks, it's a good idea to tell the

user what is about to happen.
See program listings on page 90. O
j Ciiy.SInto/Zip AccroOUfflbv Hm Nnt.ofiei HojTicSiuiiy Cour^n 153-077
Putting It All Together

Larry Cotton those models, substitute this line to to get the user's response. To allow
set up a black border and back him or her to escape from the bar
Over the last several months, we've ground: rage of questions at any time, we'll
learned enough BASIC to write use 110 COLOR 0,1:COLOR 4,1:PRINT plan for just a press of the RETURN
ful programs. We'll write one from "{WHTf key. Let's put the subroutine far
scratch this month. I'll illustrate the Next, move the cursor down a bit enough away from the body of the
use of several of the BASIC com with this line: program so that we're unlikely to
mands that we've covered in this se run into it.
ries. In the process, we'll learn a few 1000 C$ = " ":INFUT C$:IF C$ = " " THEN
more programming tricks. We'll make only one question 5000

The BASIC language makes it and answer appear on the screen at 1010 RETURN

easy to program quizzes, so let's a time, separated by one blank line.

This makes C$ the user's an
write a program that will be a quiz Simple responses such as Very good!
swer to the question (right or
of state capitals. for correct answers and Sorry, that's
wrong), and checks to see if he or
Before beginning any program, not correct for wrong ones will do.
she wants to quit by pressing only
you should first identify the main We'll give the student three tries
the RETURN key. If so, the program
objectives. In this case, there are before giving the answer.
jumps to our end-of-program rou
three: printing questions on the Now is a good time to decide
tine which we'll put at line 5000.
screen, getting the answers from which phrases and tasks will be re
As we demonstrated several
the user of the program, and check peated. Repetition invites the use of
months ago, C$ must be set to a
ing them for correctness. GOSUBs, constants, and variables.
null string (C$ = " ") at the begin
Enhancements could include Since we'll often be repeating
ning of line 1000 so the user can es
printing remarks appropriate to the the phrase What is the capital of,
cape from the program any time
responses to the questions and giv let's define it as the variable Q$. (A
after the first question.
ing the score at the end of the drill. BASIC programming trick is to la
Note that RETURN must be on
In February's column, we illus bel constants or variables with let
ters that have some significance, its own line in this case. If it were on
trated how to use INPUT to ask
;uch as Q$ for Question.) the same line as the IF-THEN state
questions and IF-THEN to check
ment, the program wouldn't see it
answers. Because those are two of 130 Q$ = "WHAT IS THE CAPITAL OF "
when the user typed an answer—
the main objectives mentioned
Note the space before the last the program would stumble into
above, they are the main BASIC
quotation mark. The answers will, the next routine with undesirable
statements we'll use. Let's begin.
of course, be names of state capi results.
tals, so let's define the variable A$ Now let's write a line to call the
Setting The Stage (for Answer)—which we'll use over subroutine we just wrote:
Let's first consider the appearance
and over—to be the name of a state
of the program: the colors, line 160 GOSUB 1000
capital. I live in North Carolina, so
spacing, and so on.
we'll start with this state. Its capital
We need to start with a clean Checking The Answer
is Raleigh:
slate, so use this line: So far, so good. Let's add a way to
140 AS-"RALEIGH" check the answer (a job for IF-
100 PKINT"|CLR}"
We'll ask each question up to THEN). We want to compare the
Let's keep the screen slatelike with
three times. This repetition invites INPUT answer (C$) with the conect
a dark gray border and background
the use of a FOR-NEXT loop. Since answer (A$). IF the answer isn't
with white printing. Continue with
some state capitals have rather long right, THEN let the user know he's
this line for the Commodore 64:
names, such as Salt Lake City, we'll wrong (a subroutine at line 3000
110 POKE S3280,11:POKE 53281,11: will do this) and repeat the question.
print the question on one line and
leave a separate line for the user to 170 IF CJoAJ THEN GOSUB 3000:
For the 128, use the following enter the answer: NEXT
150 FOR 1 = 1 TO 3:PRINT QS,"NORTH We could have checked for the
110 COLOR 0,12:COLOR 4,12:PRINT CAROLINAr correct answer another way:
The Plus/4 and 16 don't have a Input Subroutine
dark gray color. If you have one of Next we need to write a subroutine But that would require another line

72 CQMPUTE1S Goialle July 1987

to check for the wrong answer, or at Since there are zero correct answers line 5000. Here's where we'll print
least to send the program back for at the beginning of the program, we the number of correct answers. The
another try. I prefer the first way. don't have to initialize C. We want word CORRECT is printed after that
If the user doesn't get the an to increment C by one only when value, and then the program ends.
swer right after three tries (three the user types a correct answer. 5000 PRINT C;"CORRECT.": END
loops of a FOR-NEXT), another sub Here's the subroutine:
Before adding more states and
routine is called. Starting at line 2000 C=C + 1:PBINT"IDOWN}VERY
capitals, note these changes:
4000, this subroutine will print the GOODI":FOR T = l TO 1000:
correct answer on the screen. After NEXT:PRINT"{CLR}{3 DOWN}" • In line 220, change the GOTO
:RETURN 5000 to GOTO 240.
this, the program needs to go to the
next question, which we'll put at This line is pretty long, so don'c • In line 230, remove the GOTO
line 190. Edit or retype line 170 so type in any unnecessary spaces if 5000.
that it looks like this: you're using a 64. Remember that • Start the next question at line 240.
170 IF CJoAJ THEN GOSUB 3000; all Commodore 64 BASIC program • Put GOTO 5000 after GOSUB
NEXT:COSUB 4000:COTO 190 lines must fit on two screen lines. 4000 in your last answer-checking
When the user types the cor (Fora 128 in 128 mode, lines can be line beginning with IF C$oA$
rect answer before three tries, the IF- up to four screen lines long.) THEN and after the GOSUB 2000
THEN statement fails (C$ does This increments the value of in the following line. This insures
indeed equal A$). The program variable C by one, prints the com that the program ends whether the
jumps out of the FOR-NEXT loop plimentary message, allows the last answer was right or not.
and goes to the next line. Since an user to read it with a short time- • Take advantage of your comput
swering correctly deserves a reward, delay loop, clears the screen, and er's screen editing features by copy
we'll wrile a "stroker" subroutine at moves the cursor down three times. ing similar lines.
line 2000. For now all we need to do Since this is not an IF-THEN state
Next month we'll use READ
is call that subroutine: ment, it's safe to put the RETURN
and DATA statements to make pro
180 GOSUB 2000 on the same line. A RETURN must
grams like this even easier to write.
be used to exit from each sub
We've asked the first question
and provided for both correct and
incorrect responses and a way to
get out of the program. Subroutine For
The next section of the pro Incorrect Answers
We need to provide a gentle re
gram should contain the next ques-
tion-and-answer routine. This time
sponse for incorrect answers to
questions. Again, we'll include a
let's use Virginia;
time-delay loop for reading the
190 A$ = "R1CHMOND"
200 FOR 1 = 1 TO 3:PRINT Q$;
message, clear the screen, and repo COMPUTED Gazette is
sition the cursor.
"VIRGINIA?" looking for utilities,
210 GOSUB 1000 3000 PRlNT'ifDOWN}SORRY, THAT'S
games, applications
NEXT:GOSUB 4000:GOTO 50O0 1000:NEXT:FRINT"{CLR}{3 educational programs,
230 GOSUB 2000:GOTO 5000 DOWN}":RETURN
and tutorial articles. If
Because I'm illustrating this
Subroutine For Displaying you've created a pro
program with only two questions,
I'm calling our ending routine now Correct Answers gram that you think other
(at line 5000). Now we'll write the subroutine that readers might enjoy or
belongs at line 4000. This one find useful, send it, on
Subroutine For prints the correct answer after three
incorrect tries (it is called by line
tape or disk to:
Correct Answers
170). We'll display the answer A$
The program we've written calls Submissions Reviewer
until the space bar is pressed. The
several subroutines to do certain COMPUTE! Publications
easiest BASIC statement to handle
tasks. If we run the program now,
this chore is GET. P.O. Box 5406
we'll get an error as soon as one of
these missing routines is called by 4000 PRINT'THE ANSWER IS ";AS;"." Greensboro, NC 27403
the program. So let's write those
subroutines now. The one that be
BAR TO GO ON Please enclose an SASE if
4020 GET S$:IF S$<>" " THEN 4020
gins at line 2000 is called when the 4030 PRINT"{CLR} {3 DOWN!" you wish to have the
student answers correctly. Since we :RETURN
materials returned.
want to count the correct answers,
Articles are reviewed
this is also the perfect place to put Reaching The End
the correct-answer counter. We'll Finally we arrive at our program- within four weeks of
use a numeric variable C to do this. ending routine (not a subroutine, submission,
Every time you type RUN, all because it isn't called with a GO
numeric variables are set to zero. SUB, and it doesn't RETURN) at

COMPUTE!* QaioHfl July 1987 73

Machine Language As BASIC

Richard Mansfield numbers). If you are using a sophis from Subroutine) sends control of
Editorial Director ticated assembler, you would write the computer back to the BASIC
something like this: program and the BASIC command
There are several ways to add the 5 *= 866 after the SYS is executed.
speed and efficiency of machine 10 LDA #147 However, if you have a large
language (ML) to a BASIC program, 20 JSR 65490 ML program which you want to
but perhaps the simplest is to attach 30 LDY #0
transform into BASIC DATA state
40 LDA #65
DATA statements which contain ments, the above method is too
50 LOOP JSR 65490
the ML program. Here's a question 60DEY cumbersome. Here are datamaker
about this which we received 70 BNE LOOP programs for the 64 and 128 which
recently: SORTS will do the job. They will build a
Your magazine has often pub The assembler would then look at cluster of BASIC DATA statements
lished programs where a series of this and store a series of numbers from an ML program; you supply
numbers were POKEd into memory— from address 866 on up in your ma the starting and ending address of
the cassette buffer, for example. Then, chine's memory. {This is RAM in the the ML and the computer does the
a SYS to the starting address of these cassette buffer and is fine to use on rest.
numbers, and something happens. I the 64, but the 128 uses this space
basically understand that these num for I/O—so your BASIC program Datamaker 64
bers comprise an ML routine, but what would mangle it if there's any disk fk i input"£clr) JbuOstarting
I can't understand is how you arrive at {SPACElADDRESS";StINPUT"E
access. A safe place for short ML
the correct numbers to put into the routines in the 128 is from address RH 2 PRINT" JCLRH2 DOWN}":FORI
DATA statements. For example, 2816 on up.) The numbers POKEd =STOS+47STEP6
PRINT -{CLR}A" clears the screen into RAM by the assembler are the XR 3 IFI>FTHENNEXTtPRINT"GOTO
and prints the letter A in the upper left results of the assembler's translation XD 4 PRINTI;"DATA";iFORJ=0TO5i
corner, then stops. How would the of your source code (the program RS-STRS(PEEK(1+J)):PRINTR
numbers be constructed which would above) into pure machine langauge. IGHTS(RS,LEN(RS)-1);",";
do this in machine language?
You would first create the ma DATA By Hand F"{LEFT):GOTO 2"
chine language program with an as To put these numbers into your GH 6 POKE19e,10:FORK=lTO10:POK

sembler, then use a "datamaker" BASIC program, you could display

program to create the DATA state them onscreen by typing: RB 7 PRINT"[CLR](2 DOWN}":FORH
ments to add to a BASIC program. FOR I - S66 TO 881: PRINT PEEK(I);! =1TO8iPRINTMiNEXTM
Let's take it step-by-step. NEXT AF 8 POKE198,8:F0RK»lTO8:POKE6
and copying the results into a [HOME]":END
Pure Numbers
DATA statement within your pro
Let's assume that you have a BASIC
gram. It would look like this:
Datamaker 128
program which needs to print the let FK 1 INPUTHfCLR}[BLK}STARTING
10 DATA 169,147,32,210,255,160,0, [SPACE}ADDRESS";SI INPUT"E
ter A, 256 times. You could try this:
169,65,32,210,255,136,208,250,96 NDING ADDRESS"[P
20 FOR 1 = 1 TO 256; PRINT "A";:
Then you simply would add a

But this is too slow for your pur gram, which will recreate the pure (SPACEj7":GOTO6
poses; you're writing an arcade ML from your DATA line:
game and the computer would nev 20 FOR I = 866 TO 881: READ D: POKE IGHTS(RS,LEN{RS)-1);","J
er challenge the player at BASIC'S
slow speeds. So, you load your as That's it. When the BASIC program SJ 6 POKE208,10;FORK=1TO10:POK
sembler program (available from is run, it will first build the ML into E841+K,13:NEXTK:PRINT"
many software houses, published in RAM, and then, whenever your {)(OME}"iS-S+48iEND
magazines and books, and included program needs to quickly print A on
as part of the Commodore 128's op the screen 256 times, you just SYS CG 8 POKE208,8:FORK=lTO8iPOKE8
erating system). An assembler's job 866 to your ML subroutine. When 41+K,13:NEXTK:PRINT"
is to turn your list of ML instructions {HOME)":END
the job is finished, that last machine
into a finished ML program (pure language instruction (RTS, ReTurn

74 COMPUTED Gazelle July 1987

Text Framer

Paul Sawyer use a SYS command to call the ML ue into the proper location. The
routine. Before calling the routine, character numbers (49160-49165)
Frame text or character graphics you'll probably want to set parame are screen codes, not ASCII codes,
with this utility that lets you easily ters appropriately. The accompany so check your programmer's guide
create any size and color of frame ing table shows the key addresses or COMPUTED Mapping The 64 for
and put it anywhere on the screen. for each machine. the appropriate values. On the
For the Commodore 128, 64, The default values in the table Plus/4 and 16, the color parameter
Plus/4, and 16. are the numbers that are set when can range from 0 to 255. To figure
the program is first run. If you do a the correct number to POKE, use
"Text Framer" is a small machine SYS 49152 on the 64, a SYS 3072 on the following formula:
language (ML) program that can the 128, or a SYS 819 on the Plus 4 luminance * 16 + color number
greatly improve the appearance of or 16, you'll get a frame with an
POKE the result into 826. Lumi
your BASIC programs. It lets you upper-left comer at 0, 0 and a lower-
nance can range from 0 to 7, and
draw frames on the screen at ML left corner at 11,11. (The length pa
color number can range from 0 to
speed—frames of any size, any rameters do not include the edges of
15. Add 128 to this value for a
color, and made up of any charac the frame, so a frame that surrounds
flashing frame.
ters that you choose. You can make a 10 X 10 square is really 12 X 12.)
The program does error check
your own pop-up windows, divide The color of the frame will be white
ing, so you don't have to worry
the screen into sections, or frame (1), and the frame will be made of
about crashing your computer
the entire screen. the default parameters (straight
when you use it. If the border won't
Versions are included for the lines with rounded corners).
fit on the screen, the computer will
Commodore 128, 64, and the The program uses line num
give an illegal quantity error.
Plus/4 and 16. (The 128 version bers 10-350, so begin your own
See program listings on page 83. 9
can draw frames only on the 40- program at line 360 when adding
column screen, not on the 80- frames to your own displays.
column display.) The program is a Let's change the appearance of
BASIC loader. Since it contains a the frame by making the horizontal
machine language program in the character an equal sign. We'll make All programs
form of DATA statements, use the the change for the Commodore 64.
"Automatic Proofreader" program If you're working with another listed in this
located elsewhere in this issue to computer, use the table to find the
insure accurate entry. Type in the correct location to POKE. Now, add magazine are
version for your computer and be this line to the program:
sure to save a copy to tape or disk. available on the
360 POKE 49160,61: SYS 49152: REM 61
When you load the program
and type RUN, the program will be
POKEd into memory, but nothing Now run the program.
else will happen. To use the pro You can change any parameter See details
gram to make a frame, you must simply by POKEing the desired val-
elsewhere in
and 16
128 64 Default Purpose
this issue.
819 3072 49152 SYS address
822 3075 49155 0 top left X coordinate
823 3076 49156 0 top left Y coordinate
824 3077 491S7 10 horizontal length
825 3078 49158 10 vertical length COMPUTE!'* GAZETTE
826 3079 49159 1 color (0 on Plus/4, 16)
827 3080 49160 64 screen code for horizontal frame character
828 3081 49161 66 screen code for vertical frame character Subscription Order Line
829 3082 49162 85 screen code for top left corner character
830 3083 49163 73 screen code for top right comer character 1-800-247-5470
831 3084 49164 74 screen code for bottom left corner character In [A 1-800-532-1272
832 3085 49165 75 screen code for bottom right corner character

COMPUTE'S Gazette July 1987 75

Reader Rabbit Vs. Rambo

Fred D'lgnazio "Since Reader Rabbit is on TV to state education budget has been
Associate Editor day, we might as well make the slashed even lower. There is barely
best of it." I reached under the enough money around our school
How can Reader Rabbit (the char couch where I had hidden the to pay for electricity and plumbing,
acter from The Learning Compa Commodore 64 keyboard (on a much less for new computers.
ny's educational software package long monitor cord). "Hey! Lookee We have been holding our
of the same name) compete with here! A keyboard. Maybe we can share of skating parties, T-shirt and
Rambo (the Force of Freedom)? make it control Reader Rabbit." I bake sales, and so on. And we have
That's the question I ask my pressed a few keys and Reader Rab also come up with a neat idea for
self every weekday morning when I bit's train pulled away from the getting hold of computers, soft
wake up, and the first sounds I hear word factory, loaded with the ware, and computer supplies like
are machine guns firing, tanks roll words sip and rip. "Neat, huh?" I paper, disks, and printing ribbons.
ing, and bombs falling in our living said to Eric. "Here, you try it." 1 slid Our idea: Adopt a local com
room. the keyboard toward Eric. puter company. That's right! We
Reader Rabbit is a cute little But Eric had disappeared. adopted r/ie»i! This is similar to the
guy in red overalls. If you guess all From behind the TV came an Adopt-A-School programs that
the g words, he does a little jig. He angry shout: "Daddy! You tricked many schools are doing with local
could be a good influence on my me!" A moment later. Reader Rab corporations. Except here our
seven-year-old son Eric—he knows bit disappeared from the screen and school is adopting the company,
a lot about word parts. there instead was Rambo, heaving rather than the other way around.
Rambo, on the other hand, is a a grenade. Anti-aircraft fire echoed The school's students are the
questionable pal to my son. I'm through the living room. Eric adoptive parents, and they take
glad he's a red-blooded American crawled around the side of the TV, their parenting seriously. They
and all that, but do I have to brush looking mad. have become the company's public
my teeth in the morning to the syn I leaped to my feet, my face relations department and ad agency
copated bursts of bullets fired from beet red. "Well!" I exclaimed. rolled into one. They print bro
Rambo's automatic rifle? And must "What d'you know? Your buddy chures, posters, and banners adver
I suffer through his grunts and chal Rambo's back. How nice!" I backed tising the company's products and
lenges to the endless stream of ene quickly toward the kitchen door. spread them around shopping
mies who appear in my home, I fled into the kitchen, pursued malls, parking lots, and local
unannounced, even before 1 sit by rumbling tanks, bazooka blasts, churches, swimming pools, and
down to breakfast? and surface-to-air missiles. Round 1 skating rinks. They sing praises
I finally decided I had to do was history. The score: Rambo, 1, about the company at the dinner ta
something about my son's choice of Rabbit, 0. ble each night, hoping that Mom or
early-morning playmates. The next "Rambo may have won the Dad might be interested in buying a
morning when Eric stumbled out of battle," I muttered as I poured ap home computer.
his bedroom in his Ninja pajamas, I ple juice into Eric's mug, "but he In return, the computer com
was ready. When Eric pressed the hasn't won the war." After all, the pany, Village Computers, in Bir
TV on switch, Rambo failed to ap rabbit and I were tough. As I but mingham, has been extremely
pear. In his place was Reader Rab- tered Eric's toast and stirred his generous. They have donated sup
bit, wearing his blue train scrambled eggs into a pan of siz plies and loaned us computers,
engineer's cap, his word train zling butter, I was lost in thought, printers, and monitor screens. They
parked in front of the word factory. plotting our next encounter with have given us discounts and special
"Hey!" I said, feigning sur the "Force of Freedom." deals on software. Everyone has
prise. "That's strange. I guess they benefitted. The kids have strength
took Rambo off the TV this morn Adopt A Computer Store ened their communications skills
ing and put Reader Rabbit on in his Just a note to all you parents, teach and are proud of the fact that they
place." ers, and principals out there who are helping their school. And par
At first Eric didn't say any would like to see more computers ents have recognized the school's
thing. He looked surprised and not in your children's school. special efforts and have donated
particularly pleased. Here in Alabama we are going computer equipment and desper
Trying to press my advantage, through budget proration. What ately needed funds to purchase
I continued: "Oh well," I said. this means is that an already low new computers. •
76 COMPUTEI's GaiattB July 1987

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COMPUTE! Publicationsjnc.^ COWPUTEI boo*-: are available outside fhe United Slates from subsidiaries of
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BASIC Programming Hints

// you've discovered a clever time- er's disk drive is on. If you want to Now it's easy to change colors
saving technique or a brief but use it as a subroutine, replace line and move the cursor—just print the
effective programming shortcut, 30 with this line: string variable.
send it to "Hints & Tips," c/o 30 IF ST-0 THEN RETURN Of course, you may not need
COMPUTEVs Gazette. If we use it, all the color codes, so you can just
If you want to make sure that
we'll pay you S35. We regret that, define the ones that you want to
the printer is on instead of the drive,
due to the volume of items submit use. If you do want all the color
replace the following two lines:
ted, we cannot reply individually keys, here's an alternative to the
to submissions. 10 OPEN 2,4,7 long list of colors above. Just type
this line instead of lines 60-210
ST is a reserved variable. You
This Or That, But Not Both 60 CL$ = "{BLK}{WHT}{RED){CYN)
can check the value of ST, but you
Tim Pickett can't assign a value to it. If it is
Good BASIC programmers can equal to —128, then the device is
shorten their code with the logical not present. If ST is 0 then no errors Now, anytime you want a color,
operators AND and OR. There's a were encountered. just give the color key number,
useful operator that's missing from 1-16, in an expression like this:
BASIC, though: Exclusive OR Colors And Bells 1000 PRINT MID$(CL$,co/or number,\)
(EOR). With AND, the result is 1 if Michael A. Ung
The MID$ function lets us pick
and only if both operands are 1.
Commodore computers have many any color from the color string.
With OR, the result is 1 if either of
features that are available through A variation on this technique is
the operands was 1. With EOR, the
the PRINT command. Cursor con to define the cursor key variables
result is 1 only if one of the oper
trols and color keys can be imbed like this:
ands was 1 and the other was 0.
ded in strings. This allows for 20UP$ = "{24UP}"
EOR can be simulated with powerful screen handling. On the 30DN$ = "{24DOWN}"
both the AND and OR functions.
128, you can even get a bell sound 40LT$-"{40LEFT}"
Here's an example: 50 RT$ = "{40 RIGHT)"
from a PRINT statement: PRINT
X = (A OR B)-(A AND B) CHR$(7). Now you can print as many
X will be the EOR of A and B. The price of this flexibility is cursor controls as you like. This line
The EOR, like AND and OR, is taken the illegible strings produced when will home the cursor, then move
for each bit. using this technique. My solution is the cursor ten rows to the right and
to define several strings at the be ten lines down:
Are You On? ginning of every program. Here's 1000 PRINT HM$;LEFT$(RT$,10);LEFT
an example: S(DNS,10)
Steven M. Eyler Jr.
10HM$ = "{HOME}"
The LEFT$ function simply
Have you ever used a program that 20UP$'"|UPj"
gives us exactly as many of the cursor
broke out with a DEVICE NOT PRE movements as we need.
SENT error message? Here's a way 50 RTS = "| RIGHT"
to check to see if a device is on 60BKS-"'LBLKr
before you try to use it. This ex 70 WT$ = "{WHTj"
ample checks the disk drive:
90CYS = "{CYN)"
10 OPEN 2,9,2 100PL$ = "1PUR["
20 CLOSE 2 1IOGN$ = "{GRN|"
30 IF ST-OTHEN 60 120BL$-")BLU|"
SO GET AS:1F AS-'"' THEN 50 150
55 GOTO 10
■ ■*

This should be at the beginning of 190LC$="f<:G>)"

your program to check that the us

78 COMPUTE'S Gazette July 1987

Tom R. Halfhill, Staff Editor

Each month, COMPUTERS Gazette ister called the accumulator. It's printer. I'd like to use the Smart-
tackles some questions commonly roughly like assigning a number to writer with my 64C. Is there an in
asked by Commodore users. If you a variable in BASIC, such as A=l. terface or plug that will make the
have a question you'd like to see Another mnemonic command is two devices compatible?
answered here, send it to this col JMP, which stands for jump. This is
umn, c/o COMPUTE's Gazette, P.O. similar to GOTO in BASIC. The /\» We've never heard of an in
Box 5406, Greensboro, NC 27403. mnemonic command RTS means terface for connecting the Smart-
return from subroutine, which is writer printer to anything besides a
V/« I have seen in some BASIC similar to RETURN in BASIC. The Coleco Adam computer. A quali
programs what appears to be a ma 6502/6510 microprocessor found fied technician could perhaps make
chine language subroutine. There in the Commodore 64 has about 50 an interface, but the task would be
is usually a FOR-NEXT loop to of these mnemonic commands in its hazardous. Since the Smartwriter
POKE numbers from DATA state machine language. contains the power supply for the
ments into memory locations After you've written your pro entire Adam system, hooking up a
starting at 49152. Then, elsewhere, gram with commands like LDA, wire to the wrong pin could seri
the program will SYS 49152. How JMP, and RTS, you tell the assem ously damage your computer.
does one come up with the num bler to convert the mnemonics into
bers in the DATA statements? the numbers which are recognized ^ I have seen some very in
by the microprocessor as machine teresting software advertised in
/A» You are correct in deducing language commands. This process international computer maga
that the numbers you have seen in is called assembling. For instance, zines—software I have yet to see
DATA statements are often ma the number for LDA is A9 in hexa here in the U.S. How would I go
chine language commands, espe decimal (the base 16 numbering about mail-ordering this soft
cially when they're POKEd into system commonly used in machine ware? How would I convert dol
memory starting at address 49152 language), or 169 in decimal. lars to pounds? How do I figure
and followed by a SYS 49152 com Therefore, if you see a DATA line in international shipping rates?
mand. (SYS is like GOTO or GO- a BASIC program that contains the How much does it cost to send a
SUB, except that it transfers control sequence 169,0, it probably means letter abroad, anyway?
to a machine language subroutine load accumulator with zero in ma
instead of a BASIC subroutine. And chine language.
If you want to buy software
49152 is a popular address for stor Here's another clue: If you from other countries, our advice is to
ing machine language subroutines look closely at DATA statements write to the companies advertising
on the Commodore 64, because 4K lhat contain machine language sub
the software to see if they'll ship
of free memory is available starting routines, you'!! notice that many of
their products to the U.S., and, if so,
at that address.) them end with the number 96.
how much extra they require for
To come up with the numbers That's because 96 is the decimal shipping. You can determine the ex
that go in the DATA statements, code for RTS, return from subrou change rates between dollars and
you must write the machine lan tine. It's common for a machine other currencies by consulting The
guage subroutine using either a ma language subroutine to end with Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or
chine language monitor or an this command, just as most BASIC the business sections of many other
assembler. Both are utilities for writ subroutines end with RETURN. daily newspapers. (The rates fluctu
ing machine language programs. If you want to program in ma ate daily.) Some foreign companies
Most programmers these days pre chine language, the first step is to may accept U.S. funds, although
fer assemblers because they're easi find a book that explains what the given the plunging value of the dol
er to use. various mnemonics mean. Then
lar in international money markets
With an assembler, you type in you should look around for an as lately, they may prefer their own
machine language commands in a sembler so you can try writing short currency.
form known as mnemonics. For in programs. Also see the "Machine The postage required for over
stance, one mnemonic command is Language for Beginners" column seas mail is 33 cents for a postcard
LDA, which stands for load accumu that runs monthly in GAZETTE.
and 44 cents per half-ounce for a
lator. This is a very simple com letter. A typical one- or two-page
mand which loads the following I own a Commodore 64C letter weighs about an ounce.
number into a special memory reg and a Coleco Adam Smartwriter

COMPUTE! s Gazette July 19B7 79

The Readers' Turn

Todd Heimarck strings with a line like this: there are only a few additions or de
Assistant Editor letions in a month, it's easier to in
N«J): NS«) - NSIJ + 1): NSIJ + 1) - sert or delete names alphabetically
This month we'll check the mailbag TEMI'S as they're- typed in, rather than sort
for comments from readers. ing the whole list every time it has to
You literally swap two strings
in memory. It's like looking at a be printed or accessed. You don't
Sorting: Divide And Conquer classroom full of schoolchildren ever sort the items, because they're
The May 1987 "Horizons" column always in order.
and saying, "Smith, you're ahead
about alphabetizing with bubble Beyond pointer sorts and inser
of Jones, and you shouldn't be. You
sorts and Shell sorts prompted Ron tion sorts, the topic of sorting ven
two must trade desks."
ald Sodcstrom to write about his tures into strange and interesting
A second way to alphabetize
method of sorting strings. If you areas like hash tables, linked lists,
the kids in the classroom would be
don't recall that column, the point and binary trees,
to keep a list. You'd leave the kids
was that bubble sorts are inefficient
at their desks in scrambled order,
because when you double the size A Correction For Shell Sort
but alphabetize their names on in
of the list, the time needed to alpha Another reader, Merle Orsborn,
dex cards. If Smith and Jones were
betize increases by a factor of 4. As found a bug in the Shell sort ex
out of order, you'd move the cards
the list grows, the bubble sort needs ample program in the May column.
more and more time until it be If two of the strings in the array are
To do something similar in a
comes a lumbering dinosaur. Shell exactly the same, the Shell sort goes
computer, you'd leave the strings
sorts outperform bubble sorts, es into an endless loop, forever swap
where they are—in scrambled or
pecially when you're dealing with ping them. To fix it, change the <
der—and alphabetize a list of
long lists. (less than) in line 150 to =< (equal
pointers. The string array is in ran
As you may have guessed, that to or less than).
dom order, but there's a separate
principle works both ways. If you The bug didn't appear in test
numeric array that tells you which
cut the list in half, the time it takes ing because the example program
string is first, second, third, and so
to bubble sort each part is much less generated 80 or 160 random strings
on. To put two strings in place, use
than half the- time it takes to sort the and no 2 happened to be exactly the
a line like this:
list as a whole. same. Thanks to Mr. Orsborn for
If you go further and split a IF NS(P<J))>N$(P(J + 1» THEN T - P(J): discovering it and suggesting the
large array into 26 tiny arrays, sort correction.
ing is dramatically faster. That's That's how a pointer sort
how Mr. Sodestrom sorts strings, works. If you're working with rela
A One-Screen Program
dividing the list into separate lists tive files, you can leave each record
The December 1986 column dis
(actually, a two-dimensional array), where it is on the disk and create a
cussed some of the advantages of
based on the first letter of each list of numbers that tells you the al
the 128's BASIC 7.0 and suggested
string (words beginning with the phabetical order (instead of moving
that it's quite possible to write use
letter A go on one list, B is a second the files around on the disk). Also, if
ful and interesting one-screen pro
list, and so on, up to Z). The main you sometimes need to alphabetize
grams. A one-screen program is
algorithm is similar to the bubble by last name and sometimes sort re one so short that when you LIST it,
sort, but the size of each array is rel cords by ZIP code (for mailings),
it doesn't scroll; you can see the
atively small, so the program runs you can keep two lists of pointers.
whole listing on one screen. Many
much faster. Pointer sorts also help you avoid of the BASIC 7.0 keywords are so
Of course, since the 26 individ some of the problems associated
powerful that a game or short utili
ual arrays are put into order with a with garbage collection (see the Sep
ty can be written in just a few lines.
variation of the bubble sort, they're tember 1986 "Horizons" column for
Several readers responded
still subject to the basic inefficiency more about garbage collection).
with short programs. Following is
of bubble sorts. As the list grows in Insertion sorts are worthwhile
an interesting hi-res graphics dem
size, the calculations take longer. in some applications. Let's say you
onstration written by Roger Moore.
As long as we're on the topic of keep track of 5135 members of a
Note that it requires a Commodore
sorting, some other approaches are club and the computer takes an hour
128 with a 40-column display.
worth mentioning. The May ex to alphabetize the members' names.
ample programs switched two If the list is fairly static, meaning

BO COMPUTE'S Gazette July 1907

A Bit Of Art Programming in BASIC and ML is
something like sailing a small boat
1:PRINT"{CLR} [2 DOIJN? where you do everything: watch
the wind, move the sails around,
check the compass, read the map, Copies
and so on.
In GEOS programs, you don't
need to handle the details. Pro
of articles
from this
[DOWN}E6i*13"\"§7i*14*", grams are event-driven. Events in
"183*15*" clude things like joystick or mouse
movements, the clicking of the but
SIGN. . . ":INPUT"[2 DOWNjCH ton, a keypress on the keyboard, or
OOSE 1 TO 15 PLEASE";C:IF a timer event. Within your pro
gram, you set things up, telling
GEOS what kind of window or are now
NTS (3 TO 30)";P:IFP<3ORP menus you'd like; then you give it a

API! IC1,1:SCALE1, 1000, 1000
list of events you're interested in,
and the program ends. You give available
from the
control back to GEOS. You don't
, , , 1:FORI=0TO2MSTEP2*]_*( have to monitor the joystick port
1/P):X=INT(500+400*(SIN(I and move the pointer around;

5 Y=INT(500+4S0*(COS(I>)) :X
1(C )=X:Yl{C)=Y:C=C+1:NEXT
GEOS does that for you.
To extend the sailing meta UMI Article
:FORA=1TOP:FORB=ATOP:DRAW phor, it's like a ship captain who
1,X1(B),Y1(B)TOX1(A),Yl{A plans to take a nap and leaves in
)!NEXTB,A structions to be awakened if the
6 A=l:M$(0)="(2 SFACESjPRES
ship approaches an iceberg, if the
admiral calls, or if something im For more information
{5 SPACESjPRESS THE "SPAC portant happens. The crew takes about the Clearinghouse,
E BAR1 TO QUIT13 SPACES}" care of the details. In this case, please fill out and mail back
GEOS is the crew. the coupon below.
EXT:LOOP If you think you might some
7 GET R$:IFRS=CHR${13)THENR day write programs for the Macin
UN:ELSEIFRS=CHRS(32)THENG tosh, Amiga, or ST, you'll need to
learn how event-driven programs eannfiiiouse
work. GEOS might be a good start
GEOS Books For Users ing place for experimentation.
And Programmers Other books for GEOS users in
A few months after the October clude COMPUTEI's User's Guide to
1986 column appeared, Wayne GEOS (COMPUTE! Books), How to Yes! 1 would like to know mote about UMI
Get the Most Out of GEOS (Midnite Article Clearinghouse. I am interested in
Dempsey wrote to ask when the
electronic orderinfl through the following
GEOS Programmer's Reference Guide Press), and GEOS Inside and Out syslem(s):
would be available. It has been out (Abacus Books). The latter two
Z: DIALOC/Dialorder D 1TT Dialcom
for several months now, and is books also contain some useful DOnTyme DOCLCIU.
written by Berkeley Softworks (the information about programming Subsystem

creators of GEOS) and published by with GEOS. (Incidentally, those in Z Other (please specify!
Bantam. The GEOS Programmer's terested in GEOS should see the an □ I am interested in sending my order hy
Reference Guide is for programmers, nouncement concerning the debut
lj Please send me your current cataloa and
not casual users. It has vital infor of "The GEOS Column" in this
user instructions for the syslemlsl I
mation like memory maps, built-in magazine. It's found on page 42.) checked above.
Kernal-type routines, how icons If you have suggestions or
and hi-res pictures are stored, how comments about the this column,
.the disk sectors are laid out, and so write to COMPUTERS Gazette, Title_

on. A knowledge of machine lan Horizons Column, P.O. Box 5406, Institution/Company.

guage is essential. Greensboro, NC 27403. O

If you're interested in writing Department

GEOS programs, be prepared to re Address

vise your attitudes about program City State. .Zip.
ming. BASIC and ML programmers Phone ( ) ,
are used to being in charge: Your
program takes over the computer Mai) to: University Microfilms International
and handles things like interpreting 300 North Zceti Read. Box 91 Ann Arbor. Ml 48106

keyboard commands, drawing

screens, moving sprites, and so on.
COMPUTE/1* Gazette July 1987 81
C150:C3 8D 8F C3 AD 80 C3 F.V 2C JJ 70 DATA 2,3,6,-3,6,-3,10,3
Easy Full-Screen C158i7E C3 8D 84 C3 8D 90 C3 3F SS B0 DATA 22,3,14,3,14,3,14,-
C160:10 IF A9 FF 8D 86 C3 BD 84 3

Animation C168:B7
C3 1A
00 CB

See instructions in article on page 60 C178:ED 84 C3 8D 84 C3 8D 90 44 EQ 100 CX=160:CY=100:A="2*T_

C180:C3 AD 82 C3 38 ED 81 C3 IE HR 110 NS=71
before typing in. C188:8D 85 C3 8D 91 C3 B0 11 93 SR 400 PRINTCHRSU47) ; iINPUT"F
C190:A9 FF 8D 88 C3 A9 00 38 20 ILENAME";FS:PA-25600
C198iED 85 C3 8D 85 C3 SD 91 AD
Program 1: Animator—BASIC C1A0IC3 0E 8F C3 2E 90 C3 0E 01
Program C1A8:91 C3 2E 92 C3 AD 84 C3 76 KK 420 FORSC=1TONS:PRINT SC;
C1B0:F0 03 4C 4F C2 AD 83 C3 83 SM 430 GOSUB 1000
C1BS:CD 85 C3 90 03 4C 4F C2 B0 PJ 440 IFSC<>NSTHENPOKEPA-1,25
C1C0:AD 8F C3 8D 89 C3 33 ED 0A
C1C8191 C3 8D 8B C3 AD 90 C3 2A
ED 20 POKE55,255iPOKE56,31 RP 450 POKEPA-1,255
C1D0:8D 8A C3 ED 92 C3 3D BC 60
QQ 30 IFA=1THEN60 RS 460 SYS57812 FS,8
C1DB:C3 AD 89 C3 3B ED 85 C3 5F
SG 40 IFA=2THEN130 SX 470 POKE193,0:POKE194,100
.C1E0:BD 8D C3 AD 8A C3 E9 00 19
CIEB18D BE C3 AE 85 C3 E8 8E D5
QA 60 PRINT"[CLRH3 RIGHT)COPY C1F0:93 C3 AE 7D C3 AC 31 C3 74
RIGHT 1987 COMPUTE 1 PUB. 2954
C1F8:AD 7E C3 20 FD C2 AL- 81 45
, INC." C200:C3 18 6D 88 C3 8D ai C3 BE
C208:AD 8E C3 30 2C AD 7D C3 5A
C210:18 6D 86 C3 BD 7D C3 AD 11
ES 00 INPUT"(2 DOlJNjBACKGROUND C218:7E C3 6D 87 C3 BD 7E C3 J9
C220tAD 8D C3 18 6D 8B C3 8D 88
t C230t8D 8E C3 CE 93 C3 00 HA 8D =PA+1:POKEPA,INT(Xl/256
FE 100 POKE49153,B:POKE:49176,1 C23B:60 AD 8D C3 18 6D 89 C3 94 )iPA-PA+l
6*L+B C240:8D 8D C3 AD 8E C3 6D 8A 2C AE 520 POKEPA,INT(Y2):PA=PA+1
S C250:91 C3 8D 89 C3 38 ED 8F 44 = PA+1:POKEPA,INT(X2/256
XR 120 A=2:LOAD F$,B,1 C258:C3 8D 8B C3 AD 92 C3 8D 9D )iPA=PA+1
GQ 130 SYS49152 C260:8A C3 ED 90 C3 8D 8C C3 14 QB 540 POKEPA,0:PA=PA+1:POKEPA

ER 140 POKE53280,14:POKE53281, C268:AD 89 C3 38 ED 83 C3 8D B5 ,0iPA=PA+l

6:PRINTCHR$(147);CHR?(1 C270:8D C3 AD 8A C3 ED 84 C3 AE AJ 550 RETURN

54); C27f:8D 8E C3 AD 83 C3 BD 93 95 BD 1000 FORN=0TO11
C2ai!iC3 AD 84 C3 8D 94 C3 AE 15 GD 1010 ZE—BX(N)*SIN{Aj+30
C238:7D C3 AC 81 C3 AD 7E C3 01 SJ 1020 X1=50*BX{N)*COS(A)/ZE+
Program 2: Animator—ML C290;20 FD C2 AD 7D C3 18 6D 71 CX:Y1=-100*BY(N)/ZE+CY
C298:86 C3 8D 7D C3 AD 7E C3 71 RS 1030 ZE=-EX(N)*SIN(A)+30
C2A0:6D 87 C3 8D 7E C3 AD 8E FC PH 1040 X2=50*EX(N)*COS(A)/ZE+
0B 8D 20 D0 A9 00 85 7F
C2A8:C3 30 3C AD 81 C3 18 6D 37 CX:Y2=-100*EY(N)/ZE+CY
C008:FB 85 FD A9 04 85 FC A9 ID C2B0:88 C3 8D 81 C3 AD BD C3 E8
SX 1050 GOEUB 500
C2BB:18 6D SB C3 8D 8D C3 AD 2B
C010:60 85 FE A2 04 A0 00 A9 79 RR 1060 NEXTN:A=A-.0872665
D0 F9 D2
C2C0:8E C3 6D 8C C3 BD 8E C3 2A
CBlBilB 91 FE1 91 FD CB MC 1070 RETURN
C020tE6 FC E6 FE CA D0 F2 AD 4E
C2C8:AD 93 C3 D0 06 AD 94 C3 63
C2D0:D0 01 60 AD 93 C3 3B E9 EB
C028:11 D0 09 20 8D 11 D0 A9 85
C2Da:01 3D 93 C3 AD 94 C3 E9 22
Program 4: Cube Data Filemaker
C030:40 85 FC 20 13 Cl AD 00 CF
8D 00 DD 47 C2E0:00 8D 94 C3 4C B7 C2 AD 4C
C038:DD 29 FC 09 02 RJ 10 POKE55,255:POKE56,99:REM
C2EB:8D C3 18 6D 89 C3 8D 8D 04
C040:A9 80 8D IB D0 20 2C Cl 0B CUBE DATA FILE MAKER
FF C9 00 F0 92 C2F0:C3 AD 8E C3 6D BA C3 8D 7C
C048:98 48 20 E4 CK 20 DIM V(a,3),SV(8,2),S(6,5
C050:03 4C C5 C0 68 AB A9 20 84 C2F8:BE C3 18 90 CB C0 C8 90 46
C300:01 60 C9 00 F0 0A C9 01 9D
C058:85 FC 20 13 Cl A9 20 8D 93 SG 30 FORI=1TOB:FORJ=1TO3:READ
C308:F0 01 60 E0 40 90 01 60 09
C060:95 C3 20 DC C0 B0 00 F0 E9 V(I,J);NEXTJ,I
C068:F9 A9 00 CD 12 D0 D0 F9 9D C310148 8A 29 07 BD 96 C3 A9 En
C318:07 3 8 ED 96 C3 8D 96 C3 9D
C070:AD 00 DD 09 03 8D 00 DD 41 S(I,J)iNEXTJ.I
C320:8A 29 FB 48 A9 00 B5 FC 30
C078:A9 18 8D IB D0 E0 FE F0 01 HA 50 DATA 40,40,-40,40,40,40,
C328:98 29 F8 LB 2A 26 FC 2A F4
C080:03 20 2C Cl 98 4B 20 E4 38
C330:26 FC 2A 26 FC 85 FB A6 4E 40,-40,40,40,-40,-40
C088:FF C9 00 F0 03 4C C5 C0 21
C33B:FC 2A 26 FC 2A 26 FC 65 A6 BF 60 DATA -40,-40,-40,-40,-40
C090:6B A8 A9 40 85 FC 20 13 ID
C340:FE 85 FB 8A 65 FC 0D 95 IE ,40,-40,40,40,-40,40,-40
C098:C1 A9 40 8D 95 C3 20 DC IF
C348:C3 85 FC 68 65 FB 85 FB 5B JS 70 DATA 1,2,3,4,1,1,8,7,2,1
C0A0:C0 E0 00 F0 F9 A9 00 CD 0E
C350:6B 65 FC 85 FC 98 29 07 01 ,8,5,6,7,8
C0AB: 12 D0 [JO F9 AD 00 DD 29 73
C358:65 FB 85 FB A5 FC 69 00 F5 BQ 80 DATA 5,4,3,6,5,2,7,6,3,2
C0B0:>'C 09 02 CD 00 DD A9 80 57
C360:85 FC AE 96 C3 BD 75 C3 EC ,4,5,8,1,4
C0B8:BD 18 D0 E0 FE F0 03 20 11
C36RiBD 96 C3 A0 00 81 FB 0D AA ER 90 CX-160:CY=100:TH=.2:PH=.
C0C0:2C Cl 4C 48 C0 68 AD 00 D9
C370:96 C3 91 FB 63 01 02 04 35 B:PD-2000:DT=20000
C0C8:DD 09 03 8D 00 DD AD 11 98
C37S:08 10 20 40 80 00 00 00 14 JA 100 NS=95
C0D0:D0 29 DF 8D 11 D0 A9 14 0D
C0DB:BD 19 D0 60 Bl FD 8D 81 69
C0E0:C3 C8 Bl FD BD 7D C3 C8 3F Program 3: Love Data Ftlemaker ILENAME";FS j PA=25600
C0F0i8D 82 C3 C8 Bl FD 8D 7F FE DA 10 POKE55,255:POKE56,99:REM (SPACE)NUMBERi ";
C0F8:C3 C8 HI 8D
C100;C8 HI FD 4S 98 40 20 37 F5 PO 20 DIM BX(ll) ,BY(U),EX(11) SM 430 GOSUB 1000

C108:C1 68 A8 68 AA CB D0 02 3E PJ 440 IFSCONSTHENPOKEPA-1,25

C110:E6 FE 60 A9 00 8 5 FB 98 14 HE 30 FORN-0TO11:READBX[N),BY( 4:NEXTSC
CU8;48 A2 20 A9 00 A0 00 91 IB N),EX(N),EY(N):NEXT RP 450 POKEPA-1,255
C120:Fi3 C8 D0 FB E6 FC CA D0 3F MC 40 DATA -22,3,-22,-3,-22,-3 RS 460 SYS57612 F$, 8
C128:F4 68 A8 60 A9 00 85 FD Bl ,-14,-3 SX 470 POKE193,0:POKE194,100
C130:A9 64 85 FE A0 00 60 A9 Bl FC 50 DATA -10,3,-10,-3,-10,-3 EX 480 POKE174,INT(PA)AND255!P
C138;00 8D 92 C3 8D 87 C3 A9 69 ,-2,-3 OKE175,INT(PA/256):SYS6
C14R:01 8D B6 C3 8D 88 C3 AD 78 KA 60 DATA -2,-3,-2,3,-2,3,-10 2954
C148:7F C3 38 ED 7D C3 8D 83 FB ,3 AG 490 PRINTiPRINT"ANIMATION D

82 COMPUTED Gazette July 1987

ATA FILE ";CHR5(34)fFS; HD 70 PRINT"[CLR}[3 RIGHTlCOPY ,16,247,173,701,141
CHHS(34)f" IS COMPLETE" RIGHT 1967 COMPUTE 1 PUB. CF 360 DATA 131,2,173,702,141,
i END , INC." 132,2,56,165,45,229,43,
PP 500 FOKEPA,INT(Y1):PA=PA+1 EK 80 PRINTTAB(9)"ALL RIGHTS R 201,2,208,6,165,46
JE 510 POKEPA,INT(X1)AND255:PA ESERVED" QM 370 DATA 229,44,240,202,169
-PA+1:POKEPA,INT(Xl/256 HB 90 PRINT"{3 DOWN)WORKING... ,1,168,145,43,76,51,165
)!PA=PA+1 ,169,55,133,1,76
AE 520 POKSPA,INT(Y2):PA=PA+1 PK 100 FORX=ADTOftD+387:READB:Z JH 3B0 DATA 40,184,348,509,474
OK 530 POKEPA,INT(X2}AND255iPA -Z+B:NEXT:IFZ<>60498THE ,465,34B,160,0,162,252,
=PA+1:POKEPA,INT(X2/256 NPRINT"ERROR IN DATA.": 141,686,200,208
):PA=PA+1 STOP AE 390 DATA 253,238,686,208,24
QB 540 POKEPA,0:PA=PA+1:POKEPA DO 110 REST0RE:FORX=ADTOAD+428 8,232,208,242,96,17,82,
,0;PA=PA+1 :READB:Z=Z+1:IFB<256THE 69,77,69,68,89
AJ 550 RETURN NPOKEX,B:GOTO150 QX 400 DATA 32,73,83,32,65,67,
CB 1000 S1=SIN(TH):C1=COS(TH): SD 120 B=B-256:LO=FNLO(B)+FNLO 84,73,86,69,46,13,0
HH 1010 FORI=1TO8:X=V(I,1)iY=V }
(I,2)iZ=V(I,3) tSX—X*S
Power BASIC: Text
DA 1020 SY=»-X*C1*C2-Y*S1*C2+Z* KEX,HI
S2:SZ=-X*S2*C1-Y*S2*S1 CS 150 NEXT:P0KEAD-l-46,FNL0(AD+ Framer
-Z*C2+DT 409);POKEAD+48,FNHI(AD+
AS 1030 SV{I,1)=PD*(1.4*SX/SZ) 409) Article on page 15.
)+CY:NEXT 2,BR:POKEAD+297,TE:SYSA Program 1: Text Framer—128
CQ 1040 F0RI=lT06iF=S(I,l)iG=S D
(1,2}iH=S{I,3):U1=V(G, dd 170 print'Mdown3sys"ad1-to r
1)-V(F,1)IU2=V(G,2)-V{ eactivate remedy after KC 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1987 COMPU
H,l)-V(F,l)iV2=V(H,2)- QS 180 DATA 32,298,44,685,16,2 XX 20 PRINT"(CLR}[3 RIGHTlCOPY
V(F,2):V3=V<H,3)-V(F,3 4,48,29,32,621,165,34,2 RIGHT 1987 COMPUTE 1 PUB.
) 4,105,2,133,45,165 , INC."
XJ 1060 N(I,1)=U2*V3-V2*U3:N(I BF 190 DATA 35,105,0,133,46,32 CF 30 PRINTTAB(9)"ALL RIGHTS R
,2)=U3*V1-V3*U1:N(I,3) ,96,166,76,116,164,173, ESERVED":PRINT"{DOWN!•- -
=U1*V2-V1"U21 NEXT 161,2,141,13,221 LOADING ML"
QC 1070 XE=DT*S2*C1:YE=DT*S2*S RK 200 DATA 96,76,568,32,552,1 GR 40 FORI=49152TO49448:READA:
69,153,160,193,32,30,17 POKEI,A:X=X+A:NEXT
XE 1060 FORI=1T06:E2=S(I,1)iWX 1,160,6,185,629,153 ER 50 IFX<>37505THENPRIHT"ERRO
=XE-V(E2,1):WY=YE-V(E2 FA 210 DATA 40,184,136,16,247, R IN DATA STATEMENTS.":S
,2):WZ=ZE-V(E2,3) 169,127,141,13,221,160, TOP
AG 1090 IF(N(I,1)*WX+N(I,2)*WY 5,185,636,153,250,255 KS 60 DATA 76,17,192,0,0,10,10
+N(I,3)*WZ)<=0THEN1140 AD 220 DATA 136,16,247,160,3,1 ,1,64,66
DG 1100 E1=S(I,1):FORJ=2TO5:E2 85,642,153,22,3,136,16, PA 70 DATA 85,73,74,75,0,0,0,1
=S(I,J):FORK=1TOM 247,96,64,120,72,138 73,3,192
HK 1110 IFElK,l)='E2ANDE(K,2)=.E QH 230 DATA 72,152,72,169,55,1 CR 80 DATA 20L.3B,176,28,173,4
lTHENE(K,3)=2tGOTO 113 33,1,169,127,141,13,221 ,192,201,23,176
0 ,172,13,221,16,3,76 CR 90 DATA 21,173,5,192,240,16
FG 1120 NEXTK:E(M,1J=E1:E(M,2) RE 240 DATA 114,254,32,483,169 ,173,6,192,240
=E2:E(M,3)=1:M=M+1 ,255,32,646,32,401,32,1 SF 100 DATA 11,24,173,3,192,10
SJ 1130 E1=E2:NEXTJ 88,246,165,145,201 9,5,192,201,39
FR 1140 NEXTI:FORI=1TO12:IFE(I CR 250 DATA 244,240,118,201,12 XG 110 DATA 144,3,76,72,178,24
,3)=0THEN1160 7,208,3,32,433,76,86,25 ,173,4,192,109
SC 1150 J=E(I,1):K=E(I,2):X1=S 4,32,483,32,204,255 HE 120 DATA 6,192,201,24,176,2
V(J,l)iyl=SV(J,2)iX2=S CQ 260 DATA 169,0,133,19,169,7 42,173,136,2,133
V(K,1)iY2=SV(K,2)iGOSU 2,141,143,2,169,23 5,141 AA 130 DATA 252,56,169,216,229
B500 ,144,2,32,63,226,32,21 ,252,141,15,192,174
GE 1160 NEXTrTH=TH+.06544985:P XD 270 DATA 253,32,308,76,163, BB 140 DATA 3,192,134,251,174,
H=PH+.06544985:IF SC<4 25 3,173,507,141,2,3,17 3 4,192,240,11,169
8 THEN PD=PD+583.3:RET ,508,141,3,3,96 AQ 150 DATA 40,141,14,192,32,2
URN XF 280 DATA 32,552,32,308,169, 38,192,202,208,250
PH 1170 PD=PD-583.3:RETURN 131,141,2,3,169,164,141 CG 160 DATA 173,10,192,141,16,
,3,3,108,2,3 192,32,12,193,174
QX 290 DATA 32,401,32,433,76,1 XG 170 DATA 5,192,169,1,141,14
Remedy 02,254,72,169,55,133,1,
104,106,254,255,169 FJ 180
DATA 141,16,192,32,238,
AM 300 DATA 55,133,1,169,127,1 192,32,12,193,202
Article on page 58. 41,13,221,173,505,141,2 DB 190 DATA 208,247,173,11,192
4,3,173,506,141,25 ,141,16,192,32,238
KC 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1987 COMPU PA 310 DATA 3,96,347,446,32,48 RC 200 DATA 192,32,12,193,173,
TE1 PUBLICATIONS, INC. - 3,56,110,685,160,13,185 9,192,141,16,192
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ,43,0,153 KX 210 DATA 174,6,192,169,40,1
GM 20 ADDRESS=49152 MR 320 DATA 687,136,16,247,173 41,14,192,32,238
HM 30 BACKGROUND»12iBRDER=ll!T ,131,2,141,701,173,132, 220
FC DATA 192,32,12,193,202,
2,141,702,169,5,141 208,247,173,13,192
BX 40 DEF FNHI(X)=INT(x/256)iD
FG 330 DATA 22,208,169,160,32, SQ 230 DATA 141,16,192,32,238,
646,108,252,255,169,0,1 192,32,12,193,173
RG 50 IF(AD>2048ANDAD<40514)OR
41,134,2,169,7,141 GP 240 DATA 8,192,141,16,192,1
{AD>49151ANDAD<52802)THE 69,1,141,14,192
FQ 340 DATA 32,208,169,1,141,3
N70 250 DATA 174,5,192,32,253,1
3,208,96,78,685,165,49, XS
KC 60 PRINT"{DOWNlADDRESS IS N 201,3,208,246,165,50 92,32,12,193,202
XA 350 DATA 201,8,208,240,160, SO DATA 208,247,173,12,192
HER AND RUN AGAIN.":END 13,185,687,15 3,43,0,136 ,141,16,192,32,253

COMPUTED Gazalta July 1987 S3

BH 270 DATA 192,32,12,193,173, XG 290 DATA 12,32,12,13,202,20 PB 310 DATA 133,160,96,56,165,
9..192,141,16*192 0,247,96,24,165 159,237,65,3,133
QC 280 DATA 169,40,141,14,192, KX 300 DATA 251,109,14,12,133, KM 320 DATA 159,165,160,233,0,
174,6,192,32,253 251,165,252,105,0 133, 160,96,160,0
FB 290 DATA 192,32,12,193,202, XM 310 DATA 133,252,96,56,165, JII 330 DATA 173,67,3,145,159,2
208,247,96,24,165 251,237,14,12,133 4,165,160,109,66
GK 300 DATA 251,109,14,192,133 DP 320 DATA 251,165,252,233,0, SK 340 DATA 3,133,160,173,5B,3
,251,165,252,105,0 133,252,96,160,0 ,145,159,56,165
DD 310 DATA 133,252,96,56,165, MJ 330 DATA 173,16,12,145,251, MX 350 DATA 160,237,66,3,133,1
251,237,14,192,133 24,165,252,109,15 60,96
DP 320 DATA 251,165,252,233,0, XG 340 DATA 12,133,252,173,7,1
133,252,96,160,0 2,145,251,56,165
HE 330 DATA 173,16,192,145,251
AB 350 DATA 252,237,15,12,133,
2 5 2,96
Basketball Sam & Ed
MX 340 DATA 192,133,252,173,7, Sec instructions in article on page 53
Program 3: Text Framer— before typing in.
GF 350 DATA 252,237,15,192,133
,252,96 Plus 4/16 Version
Program 1: Basketball Sam & Ed
Program 2: Text Framer—64 KC 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1987 COMPU
TEI PUBLICATIONS, INC. - 3801:0C 08 0A 00 9E 20 32 30 64
Version ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 0809:36 32 00 00 00 4C 25 09 45
XX 20 PRINT"[CLR}[3 RIGHTjCOFY 0811:A9 7F BD 0D DC A9 FF BD 73
KC 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1987 COMFU RIGHT 1987 COMPUTE! PUB. 0819:00 DC AD 11 D0 29 80 D0 24
TEI PUBLICATIONS, INC. - , INC." 0821;F9 AD 12 D0 D0 FB A9 81 34
XX 20 PRINT"lCLR}[3 BIGHTlCOPY ESERVED":PRINT"(DOWN)... 0831i0F 20 13 0D 0F 0B 09 0E ce
RIGHT 1987 COMPUTE! PUB. LOADING ML" 0839:07 20 09 0E 20 14 08 05 30
, INC." XM 40 FORI-819TO1115:READA:P0K 0841:20 01 15 04 09 14 0F 12 4D
CF 30 PRINTTAB(9)"ALL RIGHTS R EI,A:X-X+A:NEXT 0849:09 15 0D 2E 2E 2E 00 2E FF
ESERVED"SPRINT"{DOWN]... JK 50 IFX<>25410THENPRINT"ERRO 0851:2E 2E 10 0C 05 01 13 05 IB
LOADING ML" R IN DATA STATEMENTS.":S 0859:20 15 13 05 20 14 12 01 E7
FS 40 FORI=3072TO3368:READA:PO TOP 0861:13 SB 20 12 05 03 05 10 70
KEI,A:X=X+A:NEXT CM 60 DATA 76,6B,3,0,0,10,10,0 0869:14 01 03 0C 05 13 2E 2E E3
CS 50 IFX<>26833THENPRINT"ERRO ,64,66 0871:2E 00 2E 2E 2E 0F 16 05 20
R IN DATA STATEMENTS.":S FM 70 DATA 85,73,74,75,0,0,0,1 0879:12 14 09 0D 05 21 2E 2E C0

TOP 73,54,3 0881 :2E 00 2E 2E 2E 15 10 03 3A

RP 60 DATA 76,17,12,0,0,10,10, MB 80 DATA 201,38,176,28,173,5 08B9:0F 0D 09 0E 07 20 03 0F 34
1,64,66 5,3,201,23,176 0891I0C 09 13 05 IS 0D 20 05 BE
CH 70 DATA 35,73,74,75,0,0,0,1 AJ 90 DATA 21,173,56,3,240,16, 0B99:16 05 BE 14 13 3A 00 2E AS
73,3,12 173,57,3,240 08A1:2E 2E 12 05 07 09 0F 0E 6F
RH 80 DATA 201,38,176,28,173,4 PX 100 DATA 11,24,173,54,3,109 0BA9:01 0C 20 14 09 04 04 0C EE
,12,201,23,176 ,56,3,201,39 08B1:19 17 09 0E 0B 20 03 0F 04
RH 90 DATA 21,173,5,12,240,16, GD lie DATA 144,3,76,28,153,24 08B9:0E 14 05 13 14 37
20 2F 66
173,6,12,240 ,173,55,3,109 08Cll31 2E 2E 2E 00 2E 2E 2E El
CS 100 DATA 11,24,173,3,12,109 FS 120 DATA 57,3,201,24,176,24 08C9:0E 01 14 09 0F 0E 01 0C F2
,5,12,201,39 2,173,62,5,133 00D1:20 0D 09 03 12 0F 03 0F 68
XK 110 DATA 144,3,76,133,134,2 08D9:0D 10 15 14 05 12 20 13 1C
RD ise DATA 160,56,169,8,229,1
4,173,4,12,109 60,141,66,3,174 08E1:08 0F 17 20 37 2F 32 37 BB
08E9i2E 2E 2E 00 2E 2E 2E 08 F0
HM 120 DATA 6,12,201,24,176,24 XR lie DATA 54,3,134,159,174,5
08F110F 07 20 03 01 0C 0C 09 DS
2,173,59,10,133 5,3,240,11,169
08F9:0E 07 20 03 0F 0E 14 05 E4
AM 130 DATA 252,56,169,216,229 CE 150 DATA 40,141,65,3,32,33,
0901:13 14 20 38 2F 35 2E 2E 02
,252,141,15,12,174 4,202,208,250
0909i2E 00 2E 2E 2E 02 01 13 69
BG 140 DATA 3,12,134,251,174,4 BE 160 DATA 173,61,3,141,67,3,
0911 10B 05 14 02 01 0C 0C 20 PC
,12,240,11,169 32,63,4,174
0919tl3 01 0D 20 26 20 05 04 58
GB 150 DATA 40,141,14,12,32,23 JA 170 DATA 56,3,169,1,141,65,
0921i2E 2E 2E 00 A9 FF 8D 15 19
8, 12,202,208,250 3,173,59,3
0929iD0 A9 80 BD 91 02 A9 01 DF
KF 160 DATA 173,10,12,141,16,1 KX 1B0 DATA 141,67,3,32,33,4,3
0931i8D B0 0C 8D BB 0C A9 93 B5
2,32,12,13,174 2,63,4,202
0939:20 D2 FF A9 BE 20 D2 FF 45
RD 170 DATA 5,12,169,1,141,14, PK 190 DATA 20B,247,173,62,3,1
0941:A9 B0 A2 05 9D C8 13 CA F9
12,173,8,12 41,67,3,32,33
0949:10 FA A9 00 BD CE 13 SD B2
DR 180 DATA 141,16,12,32,238,1 QQ 200 DATA 4,32,63,4,173,60,3
0951:CF 13 A9 05 BD E8 12 20 E9
2,32,12,13,202 ,141,67,3
0959:B8 12 20 A4 15 20 DD 13 92
QC 190 DATA 208,247,173,11,12, SD 21B DATA 174,57,3,169,40,14
0961:A9 81 8D 0D DC 20 3B 18 21
141,16,12,32,238 1,65,3,32,33
0969:8D 0D DC A9 FF BD 00 DC CE
JR 200 DATA 12,32,12,13,173,9, CR 220 DATA 4,32,63,4,202,208,
0971:20 51 16 A9 B0 81) 3iJ 04 7B
12,141,16,12 247,173,64,3
0979:A9 01 8D 69 16 A9 0C 8D E5
CR 210 DATA 174,6,12,169,40,14 FtS 23E DATA 141,67,3,32,33,4,3
0981 :20 D0 A9 0A 8D 18 D4 A9 CD
1,14,12,32,238 2,63,4,173 0999:0F BD 21 D0 A9 E4 3D F8 AC
MQ 220 DATA 12,32,12,13,202,20 CG 240 DATA 59,3,141,67,3,169, 0991:07 A9 E0 8D F9 07 A9 00 C5
B,247,173,13,12 1,141,65,3 0999:30 27 D0 A9 00 8D 28 D0 48
RS 230 DATA 141,16,12,32,238,1 MB 250 DATA 174,56,3,32,48,4,3 09A1:A9 08 8D 29 D0 A9 00 8D 89
2,32,12,13,173 2,63,4,202 09A9:2A D0 A9 0E 8D 2D D0 A9 7F
HX 240 DATA 8,12,141,16,12,169 XM 260 DATA 20B.247,173,63,3,1 09B1:00 8D 2C D0 8D 2D DO 8D □A
,1,141,14,12 41,67,3,32,4a 09B9:2E 130 A9 01 8D AB 0C 8D ID
MJ 250 DATA 174,5,12,32,253,12 KH 270 DATA 4,32,63,4,173,60,3 09C1:AA 0C 8D B6 0C 3D B5 0C 57
,32,12,13,202 ,141,67,3 09C9:A9 00 8D A6 0C 8D Bl 0C D2
DQ 260 DATA 208,247,173,12,12, KM 280 DATA 169,40,141,65,3,17 09D1:A9 00 8D AS 0C BD B3 0C FE
141,16,12,32,253 4,57,3,32,48 09D9:A9 32 8D A7 0C A9 IE 8D 4A
QC 270 DATA 12,32,12,13,173,9, PK 29G DATA 4,32,63,4,202,208, 09E1-B2 0C A9 32 BD A9 0C 8D 61
12,141,16,12 247,96,24,165 09E9:B4 0C 20 75 0A A9 F0 8D IB
MR 280 DATA 169,40,141,14,12,1 RC 300 DATA 159,109,65,3,133,1 09F1:FD 07 8D FE 07 8D FF 07 DB
74,6,12,32,253 59,165,160,105,0 09F9:A9 B0 85 61 B5 63 A9 49 IE

84 COMPUTE'S Gazelle July 1987

0A01:B5 64 A9 03 85 62 A0 05 52 0CA9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Cl 0F51i45 B0 00 84 OC 00 C3 OC 6E
0A09:20 50 0A 20 2A 0A A9 47 98 0CB1:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C9 0F59:00 E0 20 04 C0 1C 0E 00 86
0A11:85 62 A0 06 20 50 0A 20 6B 0CB9;00 00 00 A2 0A BD A6 0C 9C 0F61:00 7C 00 00 00 00 00 00 9E
0A19:2A 0A A9 8F 85 62 A0 07 F0 0CC1:95 61 CA 10 F8 20 El FF 63 0F69:00 3F FF FF 13 14 AA 1C Bl
0A21:20 50 0A 20 2A 0A 4C BC 6B 0CC9iD0 06 A9 81 8D 0D DC 60 D3 0F71:C6 4A 0A A9 34 0B 14 C4 1C
0A29:0C 98 AA 0A A8 AD F5 0A 51 0CD1:AD 8D 02 29 02 C9 02 D0 03 0F79:0C AB 5C 05 44 64 06 AA CE
0A31:99 96 0C 1)0 FB 0A 2D A5 35 0CD9I1B AD 8D 02 29 02 C9 02 A3 0F81:88 03 11 58 02 AA A8 02 5A
0A39.0C 8D A5 0C A5 6D F0 09 F9 0CE1:F0 F7 AD 8D 02 29 02 C9 81 0FB9:44 48 01 AA B0 01 AA B0 36
0A41:BD F6 0A 0D A5 0C 8D A5 22 0CE9i02 D0 F7 AD 8D 02 29 02 D9 0F91:01 55 50 01 AA BO 01 65 IF
0A49:0C A5 6C 99 95 0C 60 A5 37 0CFltC9 02 F0 F7 EA AD 61 17 F4 0F99:10 00 ED B0 00 92 40 00 53
0A51:64 18 69 32 3D F5 0A A9 EF 0CF9:F0 0D CE 61 17 AD 61 17 07 0FA1:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BF
0A59:00 85 6D A5 62 B5 6C A5 7E 0D01:D0 05 A9 80 8D 04 D4 A2 CA 0FA9:FF EA AE 94 0C A0 00 BD 42
0A61:61 0A 26 6C 26 6D A5 6C D2 0D09:00 20 06 0B 20 3A 0B 20 BC 0FB1:D0 0F 99 07 04 C8 E8 CO 75
0A69:18 69 18 85 6C A5 6D 69 7D 0D1111D 0C A2 00 20 06 0B 20 60 0FB9il9 D0 F4 EE 94 0C AD 94 EA
0A71:00 85 6D 60 A2 3F BD 2A 52 0D19:3A 0B 20 ID 0C A2 00 20 F3 0FC1:0C C9 3C F0 01 60 A9 00 CB
0A79:0E 9D 00 38 9D 40 38 9D 7B 0D21106 0i) 20 3A 0Ti 20 ID 0C C7 0FC9;8D 94 0C 20 BB 12 60 20 46

0A81i8O 38 9D C0 38 BD 2A 0F BF 0D29jA2 00 20 31 11 A0 01 20 D8 0FD1:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 EF

0A89:9D 00 3B 9D 40 3B 9D 80 58 0D31:5O 0A 20 2A 0A A0 02 20 93 0FD9:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 F7
0A91:3B 9D C0 3B BD 6A 0F 9D C9 0D39i50 0A 20 2A 0A A2 0A D5 49 0FE1.20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 FF
0A99:00 3C CA 10 D9 A2 BF BD AD 0D41t61 9D A6 0C CA 10 Ffl A2 34 0FE9:20 20 20 20 20 04 12 09 64

0AA1;6A 0E 9D 00 39 9D C0 39 ID 0D49:0A BD Bl 0C 95 61 CA 10 A6 0FF1:0E 0B 20 02 0C 15 05 20 DC

0AA9:CA E0 FF D0 F2 A2 0B BD 5E 0D51:F8 A2 01 20 06 0B 20 3A 89 OFF9:10 0F 10 20 20 20 20 20 C9
0AR1:C3 0A BC CF 0A 8E F4 0A 3D 0D59:0B 20 ID 0C A2 01 20 06 C4 1001:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 21
0AB9:20 DB 0A AE F4 0A CA 10 76 0D61:0B 20 3A OB 20 ID OC A2 31 1009;20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 29
0AC1:EE 60 El E3 E7 E8 E9 ED a4 0D69:01 20 06 0B 20 3A 0B 20 9D 1011:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 31
0AC9:EE E2 E3 EB EE EF 01 01 83 0D71:1D 0C A2 01 20 31 11 A0 0A 1019:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 39
0AD1:01 01 01 01 01 00 00 00 DE OD79:O3 20 50 0A 20 2A 0A A0 26 1021:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 41
0AD9:00 00 A2 00 86 FC 85 FB 71 0D81:04 20 50 0A 20 2A 0A A2 130 1029:20 20 20 20 20 00 AD 07 CA
0AE1106 FD 26 FC E8 E0 06 D0 34 0D89:0A B5 61 9D Bl 0C CA 10 7F 1031:11 D0 3A EE 08 11 AE 08 2E
0AE9:F7 C0 00 D0 03 4C CF 0D 2D 0D91:F8 20 11 08 20 88 0C 20 2E 1039:11 E0 3C DO 0A AD 69 16 9E
0AF1:4C FB 0D 00 00 01 02 04 DB 0D99:2F 10 20 99 11 AD 69 16 15 1041:F0 3B A9 FF BD 08 11 BD 4A
0AF9:08 10 20 40 80 FE FD FB 16 0DA1:F0 18 AD BB 0C 0D B0 0C AD 1049:CB 10 8D 07 11 BD 8F 10 24
0B01:F7 EF DF BF 7F A5 6B F0 61 0DA9:D0 10 8D 69 16 EE 3B 04 5F 1051:AA BD ID 11 BD 07 D4 BD DA
0B09>14 20 F7 12 A5 6A F0 0E IB 0DB11AI) 3B 04 C9 B5 D0 03 4C Dl 1059:09 11 BD 0B D4 A9 69 8D 22
0BlliA5 67 IB 69 03 85 67 AS 10 0DB9:6A 16 AD 2E 10 18 69 10 EA 1O6110C D4 A9 56 BD 0D D4 A9 4B
0B19i6B 69 00 85 68 60 A5 67 8D 0DC1:8D 2E 10 D0 06 20 M 0F 52 1069:11 BD OB D4 60 CE 07 11 81
0B21:3B E9 01 B5 67 A5 68 E9 D2 0DC9:20 0C 16 4C BC 0C 20 F0 C5 1071iAD 07 11 C9 03 D0 F5 A9 D9
0DD110D AB 00 A3 3C 20 E8 0D 06 1079:10 BD 0B D4 60 A9 3B 8D 61
0B29:00 85 68 90 01 60 A9 00 93
0B31I8S 67 B5 6B A9 01 BS GA El 0DD9:20 E8 0D 20 EB 0D CA CA BD 1081:08 11 A9 00 8D 07 D4 8D DE
0B39:60 A5 6B F0 IE A5 69 D0 90 0DE1:CA CA CA CA 10 EF 60 BD D8 1089:08 D4 81) 07 11 60 06 01 1C
0B41:03 4C F7 0B AS 61 la 65 E3 0DE9:00 CF 91 FB C8 E8 60 A3 35 1091:13 00 01 02 00 03 02 04 8F

0B49:65 85 61 A5 62 65 66 85 F4 0DF1:3F Bl FB 99 00 CF 88 10 91 1099:03 05 03 02 00 00 01 06 05

0B51:62 A5 62 C9 95 90 03 4C 2C 0DF9:F8 60 20 F0 0D A0 00 B9 60 10A1:00 03 06 04 03 05 04 03 BA
0B59:E3 0B 60 A9 00 8D E2 0B Dl 0E01:00 CF 4B B9 02 CF 99 00 38 10A9:07 03 03 03 03 07 01 03 D7
0B61lAD 69 16 F0 01 60 EA BD 97 0E09:CF 68 99 02 CF C8 C8 C8 76 10B1:03 03 03 03 07 06 03 11 OC
0B69:00 DC BD El 0B 20 63 17 3D 0E11iC0 42 D0 EB A0 3F B9 00 6C 10B9:00 01 06 03 08 03 OB 09 70
0B71:AD El 01! 49 FF 29 04 F0 6A 0E19:CF A2 07 4A 26 FD CA 10 1A 10C1:0S 03 07 03 12 04 08 07 ED
0B79:16 A5 62 F0 12 A5 61 38 81 0E21iFA A5 FD 91 FB 88 10 EE 0E 10C9:03 06 10 10 10 10 08 18 D8
0BB1:E9 64 85 61 A5 62 E9 00 F6 0E29:60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 75 1001:10 10 08 18 10 20 10 08 A9
0B89:85 62 A9 01 8D E2 0B AD FB 0E31:64 00 03 CF B0 07 9E 00 3A 10D9:40 10 08 IB 10 10 08 18 89
0B91:E1 0B 49 FF 29 08 F0 18 E7 0E39:17 3C F0 17 39 F8 37 39 D4 10E1:10 20 10 08 40 10 10 10 07
0B99:A5 62 C9 94 F0 12 AS 61 1A 0E41:F8 33 33 F0 13 33 C4 20 2B 10E9:10 10 08 28 10 10 10 10 8A
0BA1:18 69 64 85 61 A5 62 69 D2 0E49:00 1C 32 33 FC 13 39 F8 85 10F1:10 08 28 08 08 08 08 08 1A
0BA9:00 85 62 A9 02 8D E2 0B IF 0E51:13 3C F0 07 3E 00 03 9F 2C 10F9:10 08 10 08 18 10 08 08 BF
0BIS1:AD El 0B 49 FF 29 10 F0 C2 0E59iC0 00 CE 00 00 00 00 00 AF 1101:08 08 OB OB 08 18 00 FF 4B
0BB9ilF E6 6B A9 96 85 67 A9 64 0E61;00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7D 1109;10 12 15 19 1C 21 13 16 BD
0BC1:00 85 6A 85 68 85 66 AE 03 0E69:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 85 1111: ID IF 23 3B 3B 2C 32 27 87
0BC9:E2 0B BD DB 0B 85 65 BD 80 0E71:00 00 00 00 00 00 04 40 D5 1119:25 0E 1A 11 C3 Dl IF IE 67
0BD1:DE 0B 85 69 46 66 66 65 5F 0E79:00 08 80 00 02 20 00 03 3B 87 EF 60 DF A5 B6 63 C7
0BD9IEA 60 00 32 32 00 00 01 33 0E81i30 00 00 00 01 00 00 03 C0 1129:BE Cl 3C DF A2 EF 9C C3 72
0BE1:00 00 A9 94 85 62 A9 00 7F 0E89100 F0 03 81 10 01 F9 E0 B3 1131:8a 0A AA A5 6B D0 37 AD 85
0BE9:85 61 A9 00 85 69 46 66 15 0C91:00 F0 00 00 30 00 00 00 6B 1139:E2 OB 29 01 49 01 F0 17 0C
0BF1:66 65 20 07 17 60 A5 61 EF 0E99:00 00 00 00 00 FC 00 07 B0 1141:A5 62 4A 4A 29 03 D0 03 B6
0BF9:38 E5 65 85 61 A5 62 E5 F6 0EA1:EE 00 06 0C 00 07 IF 80 91 1149:18 69 01 18 69 E3 9D F9 83
0C01:66 65 62 AS 62 C9 FA D0 35 0EA9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C5 1151:07 A9 E0 9D FA 07 60 A5 Bl
0C09I01 60 A9 00 85 61 BS 62 0E 0EB1I00 00 00 00 00 00 04 40 16 1159t62 4A 4A 29 03 D0 03 IB 94
0C11:A3 01 85 69 46 66 66 65 83 0EB9I00 08 80 00 02 20 00 03 7B 1161:69 01 18 69 E6 9D F9 07 BA
0C19:20 07 17 60 A5 6B F0 17 BF 0ECli30 00 00 00 01 00 00 03 01 1169:A9 El 9D FA 07 60 AD E2 34
0C21:A5 6A F0 3D A5 63 18 65 Ea 0EC9:00 F0 03 81 10 03 El E0 CB 117l!0B 29 01 49 01 F0 IB A5 BF
0C29:67 85 63 A5 64 65 68 85 2C 0ED1:01 F0 00 00 60 00 00 00 AD 1179:62 49 FF 4A 4A 29 03 18 D8
0C31:64 A5 64 C9 88 B0 01 60 77 0ED9:00 01 86 00 03 CE 00 07 61 1181:69 EC 9D F9 07 A5 62 4A C4
0C39:A9 87 85 64 A9 00 85 63 BA 0EE1:8E 00 03 07 E0 03 C7 B0 39 1189:4A 29 03 18 69 E0 9D FA 02
0C41:A9 00 85 6A 46 68 66 67 BD 0EE9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 06 1191:07 60 A5 62 4C 7C 11 60 01
0C49:A5 67 4A 4A 4A 4A 4A 4A 56 0EF1(00 00 00 00 00 00 04 40 56 1199:AD A9 0C 18 69 10 3B ED E9
0C51:4A 05 68 B5 6B 20 07 17 36 0EF9:00 08 80 00 02 20 00 03 BB HA1-B4 0C 90 F3 29 E0 DO EF D0
0C59:A5 65 05 66 F0 02 C6 65 27 0F01:30 00 00 00 01 00 00 03 42 UA9:AD A7 0C 18 69 08 38 ED 59
0C61:60 A5 63 38 ES 67 85 63 3E 0F09:00 F0 03 81 10 01 F9 E0 35 11B1:B2 0C 90 E3 29 F0 DO DF 0F
0C69:A5 64 E5 6B 85 64 A5 64 IE 0F11:00 F0 00 00 30 00 00 00 EC 11B9:20 B3 16 AD A9 0C CD B4 44
0C71iC9 FA B0 01 60 A9 00 85 82 0F19;00 01 9E 00 00 E7 00 00 EA 11C1J0C B0 03 4C 29 12 A9 00 20
0C79i63 85 64 A9 01 85 6A 46 05 0F21iE3 B8 00 Cl E0 01 FB 80 FS 11C9;8D BA 0C 8D B8 0C 20 F6 E8
0C81:6B 66 67 20 07 17 60 A0 4C 0F29:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 47 IIDI1I6 8D B7 0C AD A7 0C 18 56
0C89:1O B9 95 0C 99 00 D0 88 82 0F31:00 00 00 3E 00 00 0E 04 53 11D9:69 08 38 ED B2 0C 29 0F BF
0C91il0 F7 60 00 00 00 00 00 BB 0F39:00 00 0E 00 00 ID 00 1C A9 11E1:4A AA BD BE 12 85 FB BD D0
0C99:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Bl 0F41:08 00 33 00 00 IB 00 00 36 11E9:96 12 85 FC AD B9 0C D0 99
0CA1:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B9 0F49:06 00 00 00 00 21 80 00 EF 11F1:03 20 17 12 AD B5 0C 18 16

COMPUTED Gazette July 19B7 85

11F9:65 FB 8D B5 0C AD B6 0C 6B 14A1:05 20 A3 05 40 E3 06 40 F6 1749:BD 05 D4 A9 77 8D 06 D4 87
1201i65 FC 8D B6 0C 10 09 20 07 14A9:0B 07 7E A2 05 7C A4 05 78 1751:A9 28 8D 01 D4 A9 Bl BD FD
1209:17 12 A9 00 8D B9 0C 60 3E 14B1:7E A9 05 70 09 06 72 IB 8B 1759:04 D4 A9 05 8D 61 17 60 C4
1211:A9 01 8D B9 0C 60 A9 00 CC 14B9:06 6E 2E 06 93 5A 04 81 36 1761:00 60 AD 00 18 F0 FA AD 85
1219:38 ED 85 0C BD B5 0C A9 51 14C115B 04 8D 5C 04 85 6A 04 IF 1769:B0 0C F0 05 AD AF 0C F0 96
1221:00 ED B6 0C 8D B6 0C 60 18 14C9:84 6B 04 71 BB 06 55 B9 01 1771:F0 E0 00 F0 EC AD 01 18 97
1229:A9 00 8D AF 0C SD AD 0C CC 14D1:06 49 BD 0G 55 E2 06 49 F2 1779:F0 0F CE 01 18 AD 03 18 63

1231:80 AF 0C 20 F6 16 8D AC 63 14D9:r-]4 06 4A 0A 07 4B 0C 07 64 17Bli8D El 0B 20 05 18 4C 62 D5

1239:0C AD B2 0C IB 69 07 38 92 14E1:4A 31 07 72 33 07 4B 35 05 1789:17 8E 02 18 A2 02 E0 01 88
1241:ED A7 0C 29 0F 4A AA BD 0F 14F.9:07 6B 49 07 7D 51 07 6D B6 1791:F0 5E BD DA 13 18 69 08 09
1249:8E 12 85 FB BD 96 12 85 9B 14Fli65 07 73 6E 07 60 Cl 07 5C 1799:38 E5 62 85 FB 90 10 29 6D
1251:FC AD AE 0C D0 03 20 7C 45 14F9:5D El 06 5D 09 07 5D E5 E4 17A1:F0 D0 0C 20 C6 17 AE 02 Fl
1259:12 AD W\ 0C 18 65 FB 8D E3 1501:05 5D 0D 07 71 D3 07 7D FD 17A9:18 A9 41 8D 01 18 60 CA 43
1261 :AA 0C AD AB 0C 65 FC 8D CB 1509:E6 07 6B 81 06 6E G9 06 F0 17B1:10 DC AE 02 18 AD A7 0C E7
1269:AB 0C 10 09 20 7C 12 A9 B9 1511170 9D 06 20 97 04 E9 20 5E 17B9:CD B2 0C 90 04 20 D5 17 69
1271:00 8D AE 0C 60 A9 01 8D C8 1519:04 73 A6 06 20 7A 05 20 6C 17C1:60 20 E3 17 60 BD D2 17 CC
1279:AE 0C 60 A9 00 3B ED AA 06 1521:7C 05 00 00 00 A2 00 A9 FE 17C9:8D 03 18 A9 14 8D 01 18 0B
12B1:0C 3D AA 0C A9 00 ED AB F9 1529:A0 9D C8 04 9D EF 04 8A A3 17D1:60 17 00 IB A9 2D 8D 01 C5
1289:0C 8D AB 0C 60 IB 09 03 Dl 1531 :18 69 28 AA E0 F0 D0 SP CD 17D9:1B A9 17 BD 03 18 20 05 F7
1291:01 FE FC F6 E4 00 00 00 2C 1539:A2 00 A9 76 9D D5 04 8A 2B 17E1:18 60 A9 2D 8D 01 18 A9 86
1299:00 FF FF FF FF 2D 08 2D AF 1541: 18 69 29 AA E0 C8 D0 F2 40 17E9:1B 8D 03 18 20 05 18 60 90
12A1:08 50 08 73 08 60 18 7D 85 1549:A2 00 A9 75 9D El 04 A9 77 17F1:AD A7 0C CD DB 13 D0 B7 C3
12A9:18 A8 18 2D 08 83 08 A0 D8 1551:E1 9D 7F 06 9D DF 05 A9 44 17F9:A9 64 8D 01 18 D0 B0 01 3E
12B1:08 C6 08 ED 08 0B 09 A2 8C 1559:61 9D BS 05 9D 58 06 8A E7 1801:00 00 00 00 AD A7 0C 38 8D
12D9:53 A9 20 90 D0 0F CA 10 38 1561:18 69 28 AA E0 CB D0 E2 50 1809:ED B2 0C C9 14 F0 05 C9 33
12C1:FA AD E8 12 0A AA BD 9E 22 1569:A2 00 A9 5D 9D 09 06 9D AA 1811:EB F0 01 60 AD AF 0C F0 CE
12C9il2 85 FB BD 9F 12 85 FC 01 1571:F9 06 9D 89 06 9D IB 06 49 1819:20 AD A9 0C C9 32 90 19 0C
12DliA0 00 Bl FB F0 07 99 HE 02 1579:9D 0B 07 9D 9D 06 9D 2E 5E 1821:AD A7 0C CD B2 0C 90 07 5E
12D9:0F C8 4C 153 12 AE E8 12 AD 1581:06 9D IE 07 8A 18 69 28 F9 1829:A9 07 BD El 0B D0 05 A9 OF
12E1:BD E9 12 BD EB 12 60 00 CA 1589:AA E0 F0 D0 DD A9 00 8D 8F 1831:0B BD El 0B A9 00 8D 01 A0
12E9:09 02 08 03 01 06 01 0C 72 1591:20 D0 8D 21 D0 85 C6 A2 90 1839:18 60 20 E4 FF C9 31 F0 5A
12F1:09 0A 0B 0C 01 60 8E D0 B6 1599:0D BD 52 18 9D 0D 04 CA 79 1B41:0A C9 32 D0 F5 A9 00 BD 20
12F9:13 A5 6A F0 F8 A5 64 4A DE 15A1:10 F7 60 A9 06 A2 9F 9D 10 1849:00 18 60 A9 01 80 00 18 7C
1301:C9 1C D0 Fl A2 02 8E Dl 58 I5A9:O0 DG CA E0 FF D0 FB A9 50 1851:60 31 20 10 0C 01 19 05 9E
1309;13 AE Dl 13 BD DA 13 18 67 1581:00 A2 C7 9D A0 D8 9D 68 63 1859:12 20 0F 12 20 32 3F 12 F7
1311:69 08 3B E5 62 85 FB 90 05 15B9tl)9 CA E0 FF D0 F5 A2 EF 33 1861:2E 20 01 0E 04 05 12 13 ID
1319;39 29 F0 D0 35 20 07 17 A0 15C1:A9 0C 9D 08 DA 9D F8 DA 12 1869i0f 0E 20 26 20 04 2E 20 98
13 21 IA5 FB 4A AB B9 D2 13 B5 Bl 15C9:CA E0 FF D0 F5 A2 00 A9 B2 1871:0B 05 0E 13 0C 05 19 2(3 A0
1329:69 E6 65 A5 65 4A 4A 05 B2 15D1:00 9D 08 DA 9D A8 DA 3D F4 1879:0A 12 2E 00 03 OF 10 19 86
1331 i66 F0 0D A5 65 38 E9 01 A3 15D9:2F DA 9D CF DA BA 18 69 9D 1881 :12 09 07 08 14 20 31 39 IB
1339:85 65 A5 66 E9 00 85 66 57 15E1:28 AA E0 C8 00 E9 A9 02 F6 1889:38 37 20 03 0F 0D 10 15 89
1341:46 6S 66 67 46 68 66 67 EF 15E9:A2 18 90 07 D8 CA 10 FA 9C 1891:14 05 21 20 10 15 02 0C 18
1349:A5 67 05 68 F0 11 A9 00 62 15F1:A9 00 8D 3B D8 A2 04 9D 4D 1899:09 03 01 14 09 0F 0E 13 24
1351:85 6A AE Dl 13 CE Dl 13 52 15F9:59 DS 9D 69 08 CA 10 F7 5B 18Ali2C 20 09 0E 03 2E 00 01 C3
1359:CA 10 AE AE D0 13 60 20 5D 1601 :,\2 04 A9 02 9D 89 DB CA 64 18A9i0C 0C 20 12 09 07 08 14 90
1361:42 17 A9 00 B5 65 85 66 D6 1609:10 FA 60 AD 69 16 D0 3F 67 18B1:13 20 12 05 13 05 12 16 EC
1369:E6 64 E6 64 AE D0 13 FE ID 1611:CE 8D 04 AD 8D 04 C9 AF 23 18B9105 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 6D
1371iCE 13 FE CE 13 FE CC 13 Dl 1619:D0 35 A9 B9 80 80 04 CE 45
13 79iFE CC 13 BD CC 13 C9 BA 91 1621:8C 04 AD 8C 04 C9 AF DO 8A
Program 2: Basketball Sam & Ed
1381:D0 1C A9 B0 9D CC 13 FE 9C 1629:26 A9 B5 8D 8C 04 CE 8A FE
1389:CA 13 BD CA 13 C9 BA D0 44 1631:04 AD 8A 04 C9 AF DO 17 22 Customizer Loader
1391:0D A9 B0 9D CA 13 FE C8 02 1639:A9 B9 8D 8A 04 CE 89 04 75
1399:13 A9 04 8D E8 12 AD C8 C0
SF 10 POKE 53280,0:POKE 53281,
1641:AD 89 04 C9 AF D0 08 20 B4
13A1:13 8D 82 04 AD CA 13 8D 91 1649:51 16 A9 01 8D 69 16 60 87
13A9:83 04 AD CC 13 BD 84 04 F0 JC 20 PRINT"[CLR](2 DOWNlfBLKj
1651iA9 Bl 8D 89 04 A9 B0 8D BE
13!il:AD G9 13 8D 92 04 AD CB 28 LOAD"CHRS{34)"SAM & ED"C
1659:8A 04 A9 EiB 8D 8C 04 8D 40
13B9il3 8D 93 04 AD CD 13 8D D7 1661:8D 04 A9 BA 8D 8B 04 60 39 HRS(34)",S"
13Cli94 04 A9 01 4C 51 13 H0 V6 1669:00 A9 00 8D 00 D4 8D 01 48 AA 30 PRINT"[4 DOWN)POKE 44,10
13C9:E0 B0 B0 B0 B0 00 00 00 IB 1671:D4 8D 07 t)4 8D 08 D4 BD 5D 0:POKE 25600,0"
13D1:00 01 00 00 00 01 01 01 3F 1679:0E D4 BD OF D4 A9 B4 8D C8 DK 40 PRINT"{2 D0WN]LOAD"CHRS(
13D9:00 03 47 8F A9 43 A2 25 67 1681:3B 04 AD CE 13 CD CF 13 71 34)"S fi E CUSTOMIZER"CHR
13E1:9D 09 06* 9D Cl 07 90 81 9A 1689:00 08 A9 0 3 8D E8 12 4C 06 5(34)",8"
13E9:06 9D 49 07 CA 10 Fl A9 38 1691:BB 0D A0 07 A9 00 85 C6 82 DX 50 PRINT"14 OOWnIrUN"
13F1:20 A2 14 9D 09 06 9D 51 IE 1699:A2 FF 20 11 08 A5 C6 00 61 GB 60 PRINTSPC(2)"E83JUST A MO
13F9:07 CA 10 F7 A9 A0 A.2 18 05 16A1:0E CA D0 F6 8B D0 Fl A9 26 MENT ... LOADING CUSTOMI
1401:9D 2F 04 9D 57 04 9D 7F A3 16A9:00 8D 03 D4 BD 01 D4 4C EC ZER(BLK){HOME)";
1409:04 CA 10 F4 A2 0A A9 79 41 16B1:25 09 AD B0 0C 0D BB 0C 8B DX 70 FORI=1TO4:POKE630+I,13:N
1411)90 AE 04 A9 E2 9D 9E 05 9E 16B9:F0 42 AD 61 17 D0 35 A9 CA EXT:POKE198,I
1419:CA 10 F3 A9 40 A2 04 9D F5 16C1:8F 8D 18 D4 A9 10 8D 05 17
1421:01 05 9D 79 05 CA 10 F7 Cl 16C9:D4 8D 13 D4 A9 64 8D 06 73 Program 3: Basketball Sam & Ed
1429:A2 02 9D BA 06 9D 32 07 94 16D1:D4 A9 5A 8D 14 D4 A9 10 4E
1431 :CA 10 F7 20 26 15 A2 00 BE 16D9:8D 12 D4 A9 15 8D 04 D4 42
1439:BD 57 14 A8 BD 5B 14 85 20 16E1:A9 18 8D 01 D4 A9 OD 8D 9F
1441:FB BD 59 14 85 FC 05 FB 69 16E9:0F D4 A9 14 BD 04 D4 A9 19
1449iF0 0B 9B ao 00 91 FB E8 F0 16F1:10 8D 12 04 60 A9 C8 AE 03
1451:EB E8 AC 39 14 60 5F 05 2Ii 16F9:69 16 D0 01 60 EE AA 0C AA
14 59:04 DF 06 04 5F 2E 04 5F 97 1701:EE B5 0C A9 A0 60 AD 61 73
RC 30 POKE 53280,2:POKE 53281,
1461 :57 04 20 7F 04 5P 80 04 D4 1709:17 D0 E9 A9 8F 8D 18 D4 86
1469:69 21 04 69 48 04 69 6F 3A 1711:A9 10 80 05 D4 8D 13 04 Fl
1471 :04 69 96 04 6C A0 04 6C 63 1719:A9 64 8D 06 D4 A9 5A 80 D6 AK 40 GOSUB 550
1479:AD 04 7B B9 04 7B C7 04 26 1721:14 D4 A9 10 8D 12 D4 A9 CC MA 50 PRINT"[DOWN(CHANGE COLOR
1481:70 00 05 6E 06 05 6D 78 01 1729:15 3D 04 D4 A9 10 80 01 BC S (Y/N)"f:INPUT A?:IF A?
1489:05 7D 7E 05 5D 28 05 5D A6 17 31 : D4 A9 05 8D 0F D4 A9 10 DC <>"Y" THEN 230
149L :50 05 5D 2B 05 5D 56 05 01 1739:8D 04 04 A9 10 8D 12 D4 14 CK 60 PRINT"{DOWtO !3 RIGHT?PRE
1499:63 7B 05 7C 9D 05 7C A4 59 1741:60 A9 0F 8D 18 D4 A9 77 A3 SS SPACEBAR TO CHOOSE CO

86 COMPUTE! s Gateue July 19B7

LORS" KR 470 GET DUS C0C8:80 EA 3A 80 E8 0E 80 E8 FD
KG 70 PRINT"(3 RIGHTjAND THEN FE 480 IF DH5="" THEN 470 C0D0:0E 80 00 3A 80 00 EA 00 F6
[SPACE)PRESS RETURN TO S XJ 490 POKE 44,8:POKE 46,25 C0D8:00 EA 00 00 3A 80 EB 0E C8
£5 SPACES}";:GOSUB 600 MC 510 PRINT"SAVING CUSTOM SAM C0F0t00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 72
GB 90 BD=XiPOKE 53280,X & ED" C0F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 9A
RM 100 PRINT"BACKGROUND COLOR MG 520 OPEN 1,8,15,"S0:CUSTOM C100I00 EA 00 00 EA 00 03 AA 46
(SPACE)";:GOSUB 600 [SPACE}SAM & ED"(CLOSE C108:00 03 AA 00 0E AA 00 0E CA
HA 110 BK=XiPOKE 53281,X:IF BK fSPACEJl CllBiBA 00 3A 3A 00 3A 3A 00 39
=0 THEN POKE 646,1 HH 530 SAVE"CUSTOM SAM & ED",8 C118:EA 3A 00 EA AA 80 EA AA 26
FC 120 PRINT"{DOWN}SAM"S BODY JM 540 PRINT"[CLR}[DOWN}(RVS} C120:80 EA AA 80 00 EA 00 00 A7
00 [SPACEjTO PLAY SAM & ED C130100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B3
RB 130 SB=X [5 SPACES]{oFF}":PRINT" C13B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BB
[2 SPACES)";:GOSUB 603 DX 550 PRINT"[CLR][BLK}";:PRIN C148:00 EA 00 00 EA 00 00 EA C8
HF 150 SL=X TSPC(9)"{RVS)[2 SPACES} C150100 00 EA A8 00 EA AA 00 BC
DX 160 PRINT"(DOWN}ED"S BODY C C158iEA 3A 80 00 0E 80 00 0E 70
OLOR[2 SPACES}";:GOSUB C160:80 E8 0E 80 EA 3A 80 EA 54
{SPACE}600 C16B:AA 80 3A AA 00 0E AB 00 DC
JO 560 FOR H=l TO 10:PRINT"
C170:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F3
JJ 180 PRINT"ED'S LEG COLOR C178:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3A 36
C180:0E A8 00 3A AA 00 EA 3A 3E
i3 SPACES}";:GOSUB 600 HT 1987"
CL88:80 EB 0E 80 EB 0E 80 E8 B9
C190:00 00 EA A8 00 EA AA 00 FC
C19BiEA 3A 60 EB 0E 80 EB 0E 11
BK FC 590 PRINTSPC(5)"JFK ALL RIG C1A01B0 E8 0E 80 EA 3A S0 EA 94
EE 210 POKE 2461,SL:POKE 2466, HTS RESERVEdThOME)1' : RET C1A8:AA 80 3A AA 00 0E AB 00 ID
C1B0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 34
SH 220 POKE 2471,EL:POKE 2476, SM 600 FOR X=0 TO 15 C1B8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D5 12
JP 230 POKE 53280,2;POKE 532ai {SPACE 1[OFF 1";"[LEFT)"j C1C8:80 E8 3A 80 E8 3A 80 00 47
,12:POKE 646,0
:GET AStIF AS=CHR$(13) C1D0:EA 00 00 EA 00 03 A8 00 D5
KG 240 GOSUB 550:PRINT"[DOWNjC {SPACElTHEN POKE 646,0: C1D8:03 A8 00 0E A0 00 0E A0 AA
HANGE TIMER (Y/N)";:INP GOTO 670 C1E0:00 0E A0 00 0E A0 00 0E FC
UT DS:IF DS="Y" THEN GO GA 620 IF AS=CHRS(32) THEN 640 C1E8:A0 00 0E A0 00 0E A0 00 02
SUB 690 QP 630 GOTO 610 C1F0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 74
SS 250 GOSUB 550:PRINT"{DOW«)C FJ 640 IF X-15 THEN 600 C1F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 8C
HANGE MESSAGES {Y/N)";: RM 650 NEXT C200:0E A8 00 3A AA 00 EA AA 30
INPUT AS:IF ASo"Y" THE JR 660 GOTO 610 C208:B0 EA 3A 80 ES 0E 80 E8 41
N 450 MM 670 PRINT:IF BK=0 THEN POKE C213:0E 80 EA 3A 80 3A AA 00 FF
QD 260 GOSUB550 646,1 C218:3A AA 00 EA 3A 80 EB 0E C7
DH 270 PRINT"[DOWNjUPCOMING EV JA 680 RETURN C220:B0 E8 0E 80 EA 3A 80 EA 16
ENT #1 (37 CHARS MAX.)1" JQ 690 PRINT"{DOWN}ENTER A NUM C228:AA 80 3A AA 00 0E AB 00 9E
IINPUT AS C230S00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B5
C238:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BD
S+" "tGOTO 280 C240I0E AS 00 3A AA 00 EA AA 70
QJ 700 IF HS="" THEN 700
AF 290 AS=LEFTS<AS,37) C248:B0 EA 3A 80 E8 0E 80 E8 81
SJ 710 H=VAL{HS)+176
SA 300 FOR Y=l TO 37iNC=ASC(MI SJ 720 POKE 5714,176:POKE 5719
C250:0E B0 EB 0E B0 EA 3A 80 9F
DS(AS,Y,1)) :IF NO63 TH C258:3A AA 80 0E AA B0 00 0E FB
EN NC=NC-64 C260:80 E8 0E 80 E8 0E 80 EA 95
XC 310 POKE 2207+Y,NC C268:3A 80 3A AA 00 0E A8 00 A6
C270 .00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F5
ENT #2 (37 CHARS MAX.)"
Squeeze C276 :00
C2B8i00 00 00 00 00 B2 00 00 IB
I INPUT AS See instructions in article on page 55 C290:28 00 00 82 00 02 14 80 03
FQ 340 IF LEN(AS)<38 THEN A?=A
S+" "iGOTO 340
before typing in. C298:00 14 00 00 82 00 00 00 37
C2A0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 26
SK 350 A5=LEFTS(AS,38)
C000:0E A8 00 3A AA 00 EA AA 2C C2A8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 2E
BR 360 FOR Y=l TO 38:NC=ASC(MI
C008:80 EA 3A 80 E8 0E 80 E8 3D C2BH:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 36
D?(AS,Y, 1}):IP NO63 TH
C010:0E 80 E8 0E 80 E6 0E 80 FA C2B8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3E
C019iE8 0E 80 EB 0E 80 E8 0E 82 C2C0100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 46
FE 370 POKE 2245+Y.NC
C020i80 E6 0E B0 EA 3A 80 EA 12 C2C8:00 00 00 00 00 B2 00 00 5B
C026tAA 80 3A AA 00 0E A8 00 9A C2D0!28 00 02 82 80 00 14 00 FE
C030I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Bl C2DBi00 94 00 02 08 00 00 00 E3
ENT 13 (29 CHARS MAX.)"
C03B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B9 C2E0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 66
C040I03 A0 00 0E A0 00 0E A0 0E C2E8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 6E
C048:00 3A AS 00 3A A0 00 03 C3 C2F0100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 76
S+" "iGOTO 400 C050:A0 00 03 A0 00 03 A0 00 D9 C2F8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7E
ER 410 AS=LEFTS(A?,29) C05S:03 A0 00 03 A0 00 03 A0 5F C300:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B7
PK 420 FOR Y=l TO 29:NC=ASC(MI C060:00 03 A3 00 03 A0 00 3A 8B C30B:00 00 00 00 00 82 00 00 99
DS(AS,Y,1)) :IF NO63 TH C06B:AA 00 3A AA 00 3A AA 00 6F C310:28 00 00 82 00 02 14 80 84
EN NC=NC-64 C070:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Fl C318i00 14 00 00 82 00 00 00 B8
PK 430 POKE 2284+Y.NC C078i00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3A 34 C320:00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 A7
FK 440 NEXT Y C080I0E A8 00 3A AA 00 EA AA AC C328i00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AF
XH 450 PRINT"{2 D0WN}{6 RIGHT} C088:80 EA 3A 80 E8 0E G0 EB BD C330;00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B7
INSERT A NEW FORMATTED C090I0E 80 00 0E 80 00 EA 80 74 C338:00 00 00 00 00 L.10 00 00 BF
(SPACE)DISK":FOR D=l TO C098i03 AA 00 0E A8 00 3A A0 81 C340:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C7
1000:NEXT C0A0;00 EA 80 00 EA 00 00 EA 2F C348:00 00 00 00 00 82 00 00 D9
QP 460 PRINT"(DOWN)[RVSl C0AB:AA 80 EA AA 80 EA AA 80 2D C350128 00 02 82 80 00 14 00 80
[2 SPACES}PRESS ANY KEY C0B0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 32 C35B:00 16 00 00 20 80 00 00 6B
TO SAVE CUSTOM SAM & E C0B8t0a 00 00 00 00 00 00 E5 20 C360I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E7
D [OFF}" C0C010E AB 00 3A AA 00 EA AA EC C368j00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

COMPUTEfs Gazetto July 1987 87

C370:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F7 C618:08 A5 17 35 0C A5 19 B5 FC C8C01D4 A9 07 8D 01 D4 A9 4E DD
C378:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3B 3H C620:0D A5 IB 85 0F A5 ID 85 28 C8C6i8D 02 D4 A9 0F 8D 03 D4 60
C330:0A 03 02 09 0E 08 07 00 3D C628:10 A5 IF 85 0A A5 24 35 13 C8D0tA9 FD 6D 06 D4 A9 01 8D A5
C388:A9 00 85 11 85 12 A0 00 5C C630:26 D0 28 A9 01 85 22 A5 AC C8DBt0F D4 A9 43 BD 04 D4 A5 5C
C390.B9 00 C0 99 00 64 B9 00 AB C638:06 65 02 A5 07 35 03 A5 BE C8E0:13 49 02 85 FD A8 C8 C8 D3
C398iCl 99 00 65 B9 00 C2 99 AA C640:15 B5 08 AS 18 85 0C A5 A9 C8EBiB9 F7 63 18 69 01 C9 9A C0
C3A0:00 66 B9 00 C3 99 00 67 E4 C648:1A 85 0D A5 1C 85 0F A5 FA C8F0190 0C A9 90 99 F7 63 8B 08
C3A8:C8 D0 E5 A0 00 A9 04 99 D7 C650:1E 85 10 A5 20 85 0A A5 7B C8F8iC4 FD D0 EC F0 03 99 F7 14
C3B0:00 1)8 99 00 D9 99 00 DA Bl C658:25 85 26 A0 00 Bl 22 29 DC C900i63 A9 40 B5 FB A4 13 C8 71
C3B3-99 00 DB A9 DB 99 00 60 CB C660-0F C9 0F F0 02 85 26 Bl FC C908i88 F0 01 B8 A9 00 99 2B 70
C3C0:99 00 61 99 00 62 99 00 97 C668:22 29 10 F0 04 A9 01 D0 FB C910ID0 A9 40 85 FC A2 00 CA 14
C3CB:63 C8 D0 El A9 AA 99 00 97 C670:02 A9 00 85 0B A5 26 46 45 C918iD0 FD C6 FC D0 F9 C6 FB 34
C3D0:40 99 00 41 CB D0 F7 99 06 C678:29 01 D0 03 20 9D C6 68 92 C920:F0 16 A5 FB C9 BE B0 05 D3
C3D8:00 42 C8 C0 80 D0 F8 A9 F8 C680:48 29 02 D0 03 20 S3 C7 D0 C928:A9 42 8D 04 D4 B9 2B D0 C7
C3E0:00 8D 21 D0 A3 0B 8D 20 Bl C68B:68 48 29 04 D0 03 20 A3 38 C930I49 01 99 2B D0 4C 11 C9 32
C3E8:D0 AD 00 DD 29 FC 09 02 73 C690:C7 68 29 03 D0 03 20 27 BB C938t6B 68 A4 FD B9 F8 6 3 C9 D0
C3F0:OD 00 DD AD 18 D0 29 07 33 C698;C8 20 EB C6 60 A4 13 C6 FE C940t91 B0 03
4C B7 C4 68 68 F7
C3F8i09 80 8D 18 D0 AD 11 D0 88 C6A0:0C F0 24 E6 0C E6 0C A5 ID C948iA9 00 28 85 FB A8 AA FB
C400 109 20 8D 11 D0 AD 16 D0 13 C6A8i0D 38 E9 01 90 26 85 0D 4D C950i20 DB FF A4 FB E6 FB B9 62
C40B:09 10 BD 16 D0 A9 90 8D 09 C6B0:A5 02 38 E9 3C 85 02 A5 DB C958i80 C3 D0 06 A9 00 85 FB EB
C410;F8 63 8D F9 63 8D FA 63 EA C6B8:03 E9 01 85 03 B9 09 D0 9C C960:F0 Fl 8D 21 D0 A5 28 D0 EA
C41S:8D FB 63 A9 32 8D 01 D0 09 C6C0:3B E9 04 99 09 D0 60 A5 F0 C968il0 A0 00 B9 00 DC 29 10 9D
C420:8D 03 D0 8D 05 D0 8D 07 Bl C6C8:02 38 E9 04 85 02 B0 ED 66 C970:F0 1A C8 C0 02 D0 F4 85 EA
C428:D0 A9 5E 8D 00 D0 18 69 06 C6D0:C6 03 D0 E9 A9 16 85 0D F8 C978:28 A0 00 B9 00 DC 29 10 B9
C430:16 8D 02 1)0 A9 E8 BD 04 65 C6D8:A5 02 18 69 84 85 02 A5 37 C980:F0 07 CB C0 02 90 F4 B0 60
C438:D0 IB 69 16 8D 06 D0 A9 8E C6E0T03 69 IB 85 03 A9 F0 99 40 C988:03 4C 6E C5 20 DE FF E0 38
C440:05 BD 27 D0 8D 28 D0 A9 F9 C6E8:09 D0 G0 A0 00 Bl 02 25 35 C990:07 90 D2 A9 00 F0 B7 FF F3
C448:04 3D 29 D0 8D 2A D0 A 9 C9 C6F0:08 F0 03 4C Bl CB A5 0B EA
C450:00 BD 26 D0 85 13 A9 FF DA C6FS:F0 0B Bl 02 05 0A 91 02 8D

128 Graph Designer

C458:8D 1C D0 8D 15 D0 A9 0F F0 C700:C8 C0 04 D0 F5 A5 13 D0 EE
C460i8D 18 D4 A9 7F 8D 0D DC 15 C708:25 A5 26 B5 24 A5 02 85 Fl
C468:A9 FF BD H0 DC A9 Cl 8D 17 C710;04 A5 03 B5 05 A5 0C 35 20
C470:18 03 20 B7 C4 A0 00 B9 A8 C71B:17 A5 0D 85 19 A5 0F 35 99
C478:00 DC 29 10 F0 07 C8 C0 55 C720:1B A5 10 85 ID A5 08 85 16 Article on page 62.
C4B0:02 90 F4 BO F0 78 A9 A9 3F C72B:14 A5 0A 85 IF 60 A5 26 B0
C488:8D 14 03 A9 C4 8D 15 03 62 C730:85 25 A5 02 B5 06 A5 03 33
C490IA9 Cl 3D 18 03 A9 50 8D 7F C738:85 07 A5 0C 85 18 A5 0D A6
C498il2 D0 AD 11 D0 29 7F 3D DD C740i85 1A A5 0F 85 A5 10 B6
C4A0:11 D0 A9 01 BD 1A D0 58 FA C748:B5 IE A5 08 es A5 0A 2D
C4A8:60 20 EA FF A9 01 BD 19 4D C750:85 20 A4 13
60 C6 0C D0 9D
C4B0:D0 68 AB 68 AA 6B 40 A9 79 C758:22 A5 0D 18 69 01 C9 17 7F
C4B8:9A 8D FC 63 8D FD 63 A9 9D C760:B0 2A 85 0D A5 02 18 69 23
C4C0:8C 8D 09 D0 BD 0B D0 A9 06 C768:3C 85 02 A5 03 69 01 85 57
0A 25
C4C8:66 8D 08 D0 A9 EE 8D C770:03 99 09 D0 18 69 04 99 26
C4D0iD0 A9 05 8D 2B D0 A9 02 98
C778:09 D0 60 E6 0C E6 0C A5 F4
C4DBt8D 2C D0 A9 01 BD 25 D0 42 C7B0102 69 04 85 02 90 E9 C3
C4E0iA9 80 85 FB A9 42 85 FC 2E 40 PRINTTAB(10)"{6 DOWNjl) GRA
C7B8:E6 03 D0 E5 A9 00 85 0D 2A
C4E8:A2 ID A0 00 A9 00 91 FB 8B C790:A5 02 38 E9 84 85 02 A5 FC PH DESIGNER":PRINTTAI!(10)"
C4F0:C8 D0 FB E6 FC CA D0 F6 AC C798:03 E9 IB 85 03 A9 3C 99 B0 iDOVIN)2) GRAPH SHOW"
C4F8iA9 58 B5 04 A3 E0 85 06 40 C7A0:09 D0 60 A4 13 A2 04 C6 31 50 PRINTTAB(10)"(DOWN)TYPF. (1)
C500iA9 4F 85 05 85 07 A9 00 D0 C7A8:0F F0 05 E8 E6 0F E6 0F 7B OR (2)"
C508:85 17 85 IB 85 IB 85 1C 0E C7B0:86 FB 18 26 08 CA D0 FB F0 60 GETKEY AS:IF AS="1" THEN 90
CS10I85 22 85 27 85 29 8D 10 06 C7B8:A6 FB 18 26 0A CA D0 FB 19 70 IF AS="2" THEN 1300 ELSE 60
C518:D0 A9 50 85 IF A9 F0 85 DF C7C0iA5 FB 23 01 F0 14 A5 10 8A 80 GRAPHIC 0,l:PRlNT"iWHTlERRO
C520t20 B5 14 85 15 A9 0B 85 E2 C7C8:38 E9 01 90 30 85 10 A5 75 R #";E:RR:PRINT ERRSlERR):PR
C528:1D A9 1C 85 A9 0A 85 B9 C7D0:02 38 E9 08 85 02 B0 02 C4 INT:HELP:END
C530-19 B5 1A A9 78 85 21 A9 4D C7D8:C6 03 B9 08 D0 38 E9 04 83 90 DIM XS(31J),P(30),R(1(J),CR(1
C53BiDC BS 23 A9 0E 85 24 85 E6 C7E0:99 08 D0 B0 17 98 F0 03 64 6)
C540i25 A9 02 85 28 A9 01 85 D0 C7E8:88 D0 02 CB C3 98 0A 0A B4 100 COLOR4,5:COLORO,1G:PRINT"
C548i2A A9 00 A8 99 00 D4 C8 ID C7F010A 0A 85 FB AD 10 D0 25 EC iCLR) (WIIT) (4 SPACES} PLEASE
C550:C0 17 D0 F3 A8 AA 20 DB B7 C7Fa:FB 8D 10 D0 60 A9 27 35 76 fSPACE}WMT ABOUT 59 SECOND
C558:FF A9 61 8D 00 D4 A9 F0 EA C800:10 A5 02 18 69 38 85 02 FD S. . .":SLEEP 2
C560IBD 06 D4 A9 10 8D 0F D4 13 C80BtA5 03 69 01 85 03 A9 4A 40 110 REM INITIALIZE
C568iA9 29 8D 01 D4 60 20 90 CD C810:99 08 D0 98 D0 02 C8 98 CC 120 FAST:GRAPHIC2,1,4:FORI=33T
C570IC3 E6 29 A5 29 C5 2A 90 5C C818i0A 0A 0A 0A 85 FB AD 10 9A O93:X=I-33-ABS(40*(I>72));Y
C5 78i09 A9 00 85 29 A9 23 8D 0F C8201D0 05 FB BD 10 D0 60 A4 DC =ABS(I>72)iCHARl,X,Y,CHR$(I
C5B0I04 D4 20 05 C6 E6 27 A5 5D C828il3 A2 04 C6 0F E6 0F F0 FB
C588:27 C5 28 90 09 A9 00 35 9B C830105 E8 C6 0F F0 02 E6 0F B4
C590:27 A9 20 BD 04 D4 A5 21 D6 C83BiB6 FB 18 66 08 CA D0 FB 7E
C59a:A8 AA CA D0 FD 88 D0 FA 38 C840IA6 FB 18 66 0A CA D0 FB A6
C5A0:A5 13 49 02 85 13 AD 25 06 C848:A5 FB 29 01 F0 16 A5 10 1C
C5A8:D0 18 69 01 29 0F F0 F9 41 C850:1B 69 01 C9 28 B0 2C 85 E6
150 COLOR 0,11:COLOR 4,14
C5B0t8D 25 D0 A0 02 B9 FB 63 C2 C858il0 A5 02 IB 69 08 85 02 95
160 DIMH$(93),VS(93):X=0;Y-0:F
C5E9I18 69 01 C9 9E 90 02 A9 4C C860190 02 E6 03 B9 08 D0 18 6F
ORI=3 3TO93:SSHAPEH$(1),X,Y,
C5C0i9A 99 FB 63 88 D0 EE 20 3B CB63t69 04 99 08 D0 90 13 98 EA
C5CB:DE FF E0 04 90 A3 E0 08 FC
C8701D0 02 C3 98 0A 0A 0A 0A 24
C5D0;B0 09 A9 12 BD 0F D4 A9 49 X+7,Y+23:X»X+8:IFX=3 20THENX
CB78iB5 FB AD 10 D0 05 FB BD A2
C5DB:40 D0 25 E0 0C B0 09 A9 4A =0:Y=Y+8
CB80I10 D0 60 A9 00 85 10 A5 D0
C5E0117 8D 0F D4 A9 18 D0 18 Fl 170 NEXT
C888i02 38 E9 38 85 02 A5 03 6C
C5E8:E0 10 B0 85 A9 00 3D 0F CE 180 COLOR0,1:COLOR4,1:GRAPHIC1
C890tE9 01 85 03 A9 0E 99 08 F8
C5F0:D4 A3 04 65 28 A9 02 85 9B D0 02 CB 5B ,1:COLOR1,2:WINDOW0,4,39,24
C898iD0 98 F0 03 BB
C5F8:2A A9 21 BD 01 D4 A9 08 B7 C6A0IC8 98 0A 0A 0A 0A B5 FB IE ,1:SLOW
C600:BS 21 4C 71 C5 A5 13 D0 F4 CBA81AD 10 D0 25 FB 8D 10 D0 86 190 REM MAIN MENU
C608i2A A9 00 85 22 A5 04 85 A2 CBB0160 A9 00 AB 99 00 D4 CB A6 200 SPRITE 1,0:CHAR1,13,2,"GRA
C610I02 A5 05 85 03 A5 14 B5 5D CBB8iC0 17 D0 F8 A9 16 8D 00 DA PH DESIGNER"tCOLORl,14:DRAW

88 COMPUTED Gazsne July 1387

S NAME?" 1180 GRAPHIC1,1:SS=A?:Y=30:COL
,0.23 TO 319,23:COLOR1,15:D
RAW,0,25 TO 319,25
740 FOR Z=l TO A 1190 FOR Z-l TO A:Y=P(Z):COLOR
210 IF SKP=5 THEN 230
750 GOSUB1750:PRINT"ITEM f"Z"' 1,CR(Z):BOX 1,(Z*20)-10,(1
220 FOR 1=0 TO 63;READS:POKE35
S VALUE?" 50-Y),(Z«20),150,0,l:NEXT:X
230 COLOR 1,2:CIRCLE 1,275,65, 760 INPUT P(Z):NEXT "0
770 GRAPHIC1.1:WIDTH 2:SS=A$:Y 1200 COLOR l.ZiFOR Z=l TO A:S?
=15:COLOR 1,2 =XS(Z)iX=Z*20-2iY-199:GOSUB
240 DRAW,260,50 TO 290,80
780 GOSUB1260:COLOR 1,B:N=0 610:NEXT
250 DRAW,299,65 TO 275,65
260 BOX 1,155,125,175,1B5
800 FOR Z-l TO A:R(Z)=(P(Z)/N" 1220 IF V? = "S" OR VS = "-«" THEN
270 BOX 1,175,140,195,185
360):NEXT [SPACEH240
280 BOX 1,44,45,104,105
810 DRAW,160,30 TO 160,100:FOR 1230 GOTO 1210
290 DRAW,44,60 TO 104,60
Z=l TO A 1240 IF VS="*"THEN SKP=5:G0T0
300 DRAW,44,75 TO 104,75
820 O=0:FORYY=1TOZ:O=O+R(YY)iN {SPACE]180
310 DRAW,44,90 TO 104,90
EXT 1250 GOTO 970
320 DRAW,59,45 TO 59,105
830 CIRCLE 1,160,100,90,70,0,0 1260 X=159-LEN(S?)'4.GOTO590
330 DRAW,74,45 TO 74,105
840 DRAW,+0,+0 TO 160,100:COLO 1270 F"F+1:IF F=l THEN SS="
340 DRAVI,89,45 TO B9,105
350 DRAW,44,90 TO 59,60
R 1,2:GOSUB1270:SS=X$(Z):Y= "iY=1B5:G
185:GOSUB 1260:COLOR 1,B OSUB 1260
360 DRAW,59,60 TO 74,90
850 U=20:I=140;MOVSPR 1,U,I:SP 1280 RETURN
370 DRAW,74,90 TO 89,75
RITE I,1,8,0,0,0,0:COLOR 1, 1290 REM GRAPi! SHOW
380 DRAW,89,75 TO 104,105
390 SS="PIE":X=264:Y=40:GOSUB 2 1300 PRINT"tCLR)[5 DOWN)"TABU
870 IF V?=CHR?(29) THEN U=U+5: 10)"2) DISK CATAIJlC'sPRINTT
400 S$="BAR":X=165:Y=120:GOSUB
880 IF VS-CHR$(157) THEN U-U-5 1310 PRINTTAn(10)"4) BEGIN SHO
410 SS = "LINE":X=60:Y=40:GOSIJB
890 IF VS=CHRS(17) THEN 1=1+5i (1-4)"
420 SPRITE 1,1,4,0,0,0,0:HOVSP
GOTO930 1320 GET KEY A5:IF AS="1" THEN
Rl, 260,67:A=0:i!=0
900 IF VS=CHRS(145) THEM 1=1-5 1370
IGOTO930 1330 IF AS="2"THEH 1410
910 IF VS=CHR?(80) AND NN=0 TH 1340 IF AS="3"THEN 1440
440 IF A$="Q"TI!KN SPRITE 1,0:G
EN 940 1350 IF AS="4"THEN 1460
920 IF VS = "S"OR VS = "-«" THEN 10 1360 GOTO 1320
450 IF A=0 THEN MOVSPR 1,260,6
460 IF A=l THEN MOVSPR 1,160,1
940 E=RSPPOS(1,0) NPUT N
950 L=RSPPOS(l,l)-27 1380 DIM FLS(N)
470 IF A=2 THEN MOVSPR 1,56,67
480 IF AS=CHR?(13)THEN B=l
490 IF A=0 AND B=l THEN 670
B0,P7168 TO P16383tSKP=5 FLS(A):HEXT
500 IF A=l AND B=l THEN 1040
980 IF VS="S"THEN 180 1400 GOTO 1300
510 IF A=2 AtJD B=l THEN 1520
990 if vs=chrs(80) then ss="— 1410 print"[clr)":directory
520 GOTO 430
":Y=185j 1420 print"(down!hit any key f
GOSUB 1260:X=EiY=L:SS=X$(Z) or main menu"
540 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
:GOSUB 590:COLOR 1,B:NEXT:H 1430 getkey a$:goto 1300

550 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 N=l 1440 print"{clr}enter delay be

1000 GOTO 860 tween showings":print"(in s
1010 COLOR 1,1:S?=" econds)":input d
560 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
<1:Y=185:GOSUB 12 1450 GOTO 1300
60:IF VS = "-*"THEN SKP=5:GOTO 1460 IF FLS(1)=""THEN 1300
570 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,28,0,0,14,0
580 DATA 14,0,0,28,0,0,0,0,0,0
Y-8 OAD (FS):GET A?:IF A?=" "TH
1060 INPUT A5:IF LEN(A?)>39 TH
EN 1060
MIDS(SS,V,1))=32 THEN 620:E 1500 SLEEP D:NEXT:GOTO 1490
(1-15)":INPUT A:IF A<1 OR
[SPACE]A>15 THEN 1070
,l))),X-8,Y-8 1520 GRAPHIC 0,1:SPRITE 1,0:PR
10B0 GOSUB1730