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Sai Prasad Kothapalle

Phone: +91 8939089512 e-mail:

Over 12 Years of experience in Software Development

Experienced in developing multi-tier web applications using J2EE technologies

Proficient in Japanese Language

Senior Associate (3 Years and 6 Months) and Technical Manager (2 Years and 2 Months) in Cognizant Technology Solutions

Lead Engineer in HCL Technologies (6 Years and 5 Months)

Onsite Project Coordinator from Sep 2006 to Sep 2010 in HCL Japan

Experienced in Client Coordination and Team Management

J2EE : Core Java, AJAX, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate and Spring
Application Servers : WebSphere, JBOSS, Tomcat
Web Servers : Apache HTTP, IIS, Resin
Database : Oracle, XML, DB2, MySQL (SQL/PLSQL)
Web Scripting : JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP
Batch Scripting : Windows Batch, Unix Shell, Excel VBA
UI Frameworks : jQuery, Sencha, Bootstrap
Testing Frameworks : TestNG, Selenium, JUnit, iMacros
Versioning : SVN, CVS, BitBucket
Build Tools : Ant, Maven, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo
Workflow : JIRA, Bugzilla, Google Apps


Passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level-3.
Gold Medal for the Best Student Project Award in 2004.

2004 B.Tech (Computer Science) Pondicherry Engineering College, India 79.3%

Consumer Union Ecommerce Dev Jun 2016 Current
Project: Consumer Union is an independent non-profit organization which has the largest testing and research center in NY to test and
rate products. Ecommerce Dev acts as a bridge in bringing the unbiased ratings loaded by professional product testers to monthly and
yearly subscribers of CU. Dev Project enhances and manages Subscription, CSR(Customer Service Rep) and MMS(Marketing Maintenance
System) portals. Subscription module manages the subscriber base, CSR helps customer-care rep to assist subscribers and MMS helps
sales and business teams to create and run campaigns.
J2EE : Spring Core, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JSP
Scripting : jQuery, CSS
Database : Oracle 11g
Application Server : JBOSS
Build Automation : Bamboo
Versioning : BitBucket (SourceTree)
Tracking Tools : JIRA
Batch Processing : Unix Shellscript
Requirement analysis, estimation and designing
Feasibility analysis and technical demo setups
Client coordination, resource planning and conflict resolution
Reviewing deliverables and emphasizing on best practices

New York Times eBiz Support Dec 2010 Current

Project: New York Times has both in-house and customer focused applications. In-house application manages Publishing and
Circulation Fulfillment (PCF-B2B) and the latter (Home-Delivery) manages subscriptions and digital access. The B2B application allows
internal and external users to login and manage the daily workflow from creating paging and print-order, transmitting to 26 print-sites,
manage raw material, generate truck load sheets and invoices, and manage advertisement inserts and so on. The B2C application allows
visitors to subscribe for news-paper delivery, display offers based on region, calculate state based taxes, create monthly bills, promote
behavior based digital access offers, allow vacation stops and so on.
J2EE : Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JDBC, EJB, Hibernate
Scripting : HTML, JS, CSS
Database : Oracle 11g, AS400, SQL Server*
Application Server : Websphere, JBOSS
Build Automation : Maven, Hudson
Integration Tools : Microsoft Biztalk
Ticketing Tools : JIRA, Bugzilla
Requirement Analysis
Estimation, Design and Resource planning
Tracking and trouble shooting
Reviewing Code and Unit Testcases

Workflow Management System Oct 2009 Dec 2010

Project: Exa has its own in-house application for employee performance evaluation. The system is built on workflow management
system called intramart. Employee initiates the process submitting the base version which is then followed up by his/her Manager and
then by the next-level Manager.
Workflow Management : Intramart (
J2EE : Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JDBC
Scripting : HTML, JS, CSS
Database : Oracle 10g
Application Server : Apache Tomcat
Requirement gathering by meeting heads of different departments in Exa.
Designing and developing the intramart add-on functionalities for customized reports.
Prototyping and getting feedback from end-users.
Preparing Unit, System, Integration test cases and testing.

Visual Basic Version-up Mar 2008 Oct 2009

Project: The order-entry system of the Japans steel manufacturing giant had been developed in Visual Basic 4.0 with Tuxedo calls for
CICS. To integrate with their new Mainframe systems, the system was completely redeveloped in Visual Basic .NET replacing Tuxedo with
IBM-MQ Series. VB4.0 code was first migrated to VB6.0 and then to VB.NET
.NET : VB4.0, VB6.0, VB.NET
Data Communication : IBM-MQ Series
Analyzed and formulated the transition between Tuxedo and IBM-MQ Series.
Developed reporting modules replacing grid controls with advanced spreadsheet controls.
Played the bridge-engineer role coordinating offshore and onsite teams.
Created VB Migration Strategy Guide which is still the thumb rule guide for VB migration projects at Exa.

Yard Management System Apr 2007 Mar 2008

Project: Hot steel rolls have to move along various yards (Cooling Yard, Acid Cleaning Yard, Labeling Yard, Packaging Yard and Shipping
Yard) before the delivery. A web based system was developed where in yard worker could input the roll details shipped and yard
managers and system admin could generate custom reports.
J2EE : Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JDBC, EJB
Database : DB2
Data Communication : IBM-MQ Series
Application Server : IBM WebSphere
Developed the LLD document and coded the new roll shipped module.
Designed and developed the reports module for yard manager.
Developed reusable JavaScript calendar control with Japanese holiday list in place.
Involved in unit, system and integration testing.

Label Control System Sep 2006 Apr 2007

Project: A web based system that prints barcode labels for steel rolls ready for packaging. The system interfaces with mainframe
systems through Message Queues and gets the details of the steel roll based on the search criteria. It then outputs a label or a batch of
labels to the configured barcode printer. There exists a variety of labels depending on the type of steel, the final shape, for
domestic/export purpose, etc.,
J2EE : Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JDBC, EJB
Database : DB2
Data Communication : IBM-MQ Series
Application Server : IBM WebSphere
Analyzed the availability and interfaces of popular barcode printers.
Designed and developed the batch label printing module thereby improving performance of the system.
Implemented Ajax paging system for the roll detail page.
Prepared Unit and System Test cases and involved in testing.

Web based Network Monitoring Tool Aug 2004 Sep 2006

Project: NRI-Data had developed a network monitoring tool and needed a web based interface to view the results. The system was
developed in ASP with Java-Applets embedded. The Applets interacted with Nomura API and displayed the interactive results.
Java : Core Java, Swings
Scripting : HTML, JS, CSS, ASP
Involved in internationalization and localization phases (Development and Testing.
Developed network graphs module.
Coordinated with the onsite team organizing weekly status calls.