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Chemistry: Cleaning Product Report

Use for :
Cleaning bathroom to make it clean without any bacteria and stain.

Composition table :
Hydrochloric acid Strongly acid mainly use in this product

Ethoxylated Alcohol Acid

Phosphoric acid Acid

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid Acid

Lactic acid Acid

Sulfuric acid Acid

Hydrofluoric acid Acid

Formic acid Acid

Acetic acid Acid

- Should wear rubber gloves and others protection clothes
- Dont use your bare hand
- Dont drink or breathe it in
- Avoid to keep it with heat or metal
- Should keep it away from children and pets

First aid
- Wash your skin with water for 15 minutes
- If it stained with your clothes, take it off
- If you breathe it in, leave that place immediately
- If you drink it, you should drink lots of water but dont try to vomit it out
- Got to see the doctor as soon as possible after these first aid


Acid or Base : Acid pH : about 0

Why it acid : Because this cleaning product contain high concentration of HCI which
is strong acid that can react with calcium carbonate to become carbon dioxide and
erode the metal. As the result the cleaning product need to be extremely acidic
because it need to make sure that it could clean all of the bacteria and stain in your
bathroom. Also Phosphoric acid and Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid which is used
to produce detergents such as laundry powders, dishwashing liquids etc, because it
is emulsifier that reduce adhesive force in order to make the reaction can occur

Effect: It will erode the toilets or ceramic floor make it not smooth when it used for
long time or leave it for long time, however it depends on quality of the floor and how
many time that used it.


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