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Anatomy language

Superior - toward the head, above

* Nose is superior of the chin

* Leg is superior of feet

Inferior- away form the head , under

* Mouth is inferior nose

* Stomach is inferior heart

Ventral - infront of, toward
the front of our body

* Eyes is ventral of the ears

* Ribs is ventral of backbone

Dorsal- toward the backside
of the body, behind

* Foldable joint is dorsal of the knee

* Backbone is dorsal of the chest.

Medial- at the midline, on the inner side of

* Lung is medial to shoulder.

* Heart is medial to lung.

Lateral -away of the midline of the body on the
outer side

* Fingers is lateral to the stomach

* The ears is lateral to the nose.

Intermidiate-between a more medial and more
lateral structure

* Nose is intermidiate of the ears.

* Index is intermidiate of

the thump and middle finger.

Proximal-close to origin

* Hip is proximal to knee than feet

* Anus is proximal to small intestine

than liver
Distal-farther from the origin

* Mouth is distal from stomach

than esophagus

* Eyes is distal from feet

than navel
Superficial(external)-at the body surface(close
or outside skin)

* Hair is superficial of head

* Mole is superfical of skin

Deep(internal)-more internal

* The pelvic girdie is deep from the hip

* The septum is deep from the skull