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HSE Online Certification

for ADDC Contractors
Using Maximo
Steps To Follow
Go To ADDC web page
Click on Online Competency Icon to get to Maximo
HSE Registration Screen.
First time around, Contractor will not have
Username and Password for Online Competency. He
will therefore need to Register first by simply clicking
on HSE Registration.
Contractor will be required to fill in Request For HSE
Registration screen, in particular all the mandatory
fields indicated by asterisks (*) and click on the
submit button.
Steps To Follow
Upon submission, message will appear that the request is
being processed. Subsequently, when HSE representative in
ADDC approve the request, a unique Username and Password
will be issued to the Contractor.
Contractor will be asked to change the password upon first
log in.
In case, Contractor faces any difficulty in first log in, he may
contact ADDC HSE Call Centre representative during normal
working hours (7 am till 3 pm). The HSE Call Centre number is
Requests for clarifications can be send to
(24/7) answers will be next day
URL For ADDC Home Page ( (English)

Click Here to open HSEQ page

Access to Online HSE Reg.

Click Here to open HSEQ page

Access to link for HSE Reg.

Click Here For HSE Registration

Maximo HSE Registration Screen

Click Here For HSE Registration

Maximo Screen
Request For HSE Registration Form
Enter Company ADWEA Reg. Number and
Contact Details
before clicking on Submit
Note For Filling
Request For HSE Registration
Contractor Company Code must be entered if
Company is registered with ADWEA, in which case
the Company Description will default automatically.
Alternatively, if Contractor Company is not
registered with ADWEA, it need the company to
submit justifications for approval to ADDC / HSEQ
Before proceed with HSE Reg.
Message after Contractor submits Request
For Registration
Message sent to Contractor..Request For
Registration has been accepted
E-mail message with Username and Password for
Maximo HSE Online System

Username to be remembered, but first log in

password to be changed by Contractor upon first
log in
Now Registration is
Access to System and Make an
Contractors can apply for the following
Competent Persons
Testing and Commissioning Engineers
HSE Engineers/Officers
Cable Jointers
Use Maximo Log-in Screen to go to Online
Competency Request Application

Enter Assigned Username and Password Here

Change the first log in Password with a new
password for future use
Important: this password shall be controlled with
single users known to all company employees

Change password
Create New Online Request by populating all the
mandatory fields

Create New Online Request for each Candidate by

clicking on the New Request icon
Create Request For Each Candidate based
on Request Type and Certificate Type
Attaching Documents For Each Request

Click on Attachment icon to

Add/View Attachments
Go To Add New Files
for Attaching Documents
Attaching Documents in appropriate
Selected Folders
Route the Request for Processing

Click on Route Workflow icon

Notification sent to
Company Contact Person and Candidate when
Interview is Scheduled
Important Recommendations
Contractor must control the assigned HSE Registration code and
the password he changed to (upon first log in) to a single user
(administrator) as this will be required by Contractor to
make all Online Competency Requests.
All required fields (*) shall be completed otherwise system will
not accept submitting (routing)
All Attachments checkboxes shall be checked and ensure all
attachments are completed
Ensure email for candidate are correctly entered to ensure get
notified for appointment.
Entering Emirates ID information correctly for Online
Competency Requests is very important for all Candidates.
Important Recommendations
Each Contractor is requested to fill in the Online Competency
Requests responsibly and with due care.
Applicant shall ensure the ADDC project Engineer name
selected / entered
Ensure on completion of the applications to click route as
mentioned in slide 23 and status of the application will be
changed from to
In case, Contractor is facing any issues with log in, he may
contact HSE Call Center (during normal working hours). The
Call Center number is 024161879.
Requests for clarifications also can be send to
Thank You