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School: Scoala Gimnaziala Baia Sprie

Name: Podina Ancuta Ioana
Grade: I B
Textbook: Fairyland 1 B
Unit 8: Introductory
Topic: My senses
Time: 50 minutes
To present the five senses: see, smell, hear, taste, touch
To practice them
To revise and use can/cant and the parts of the body
To able to use all the items learned
Skills: speaking, listening, reading
Materials: blackboard, colored chalk, textbook, CD, CD player, poster, flashcards
Types of interaction: teacher whole class, teacher student, student teacher, student student
Structures: I can see with my....../ I can see a.........
I can smell with my......../Ican smell a....
I can taste with my..../Ican taste the....
I can hear with my......I can hear a ........

I can touch with my......./I can touch the........
Vocabulary: senses, parts of the body, can/cant
Class management: whole class, individual work, pair work

Stages Teachers activity Students activity Interaction Mate Timin Aims

rials g
Activity 1 Greetings and introductions. - look at the flashcard. Teacher- flashca 7 min -to warm the Ss
WARM-UP Review the vocabulary taught -remember what Whole class rds up
Lead-in in unit 7 animals can or cant do
Speaking Holds up an animal flashcard -correct the teacher

and say incorrect statements saying: No! A horse

about the animal cant fly. Teacher-

Eg. A horse can fly. student

Elicits the correct sentences

Activity 2 Pins up the My senses poster - Look at the Teacher- 15 min -To practice the
Presentation on the board poster Whole class Poster five senses
and practice Points to the pictures of the - Repeat after the

senses, one at a time and says teacher

the words; eg. See a snail, - Try to repeat Teacher-

smell a flower, listen the dog, them alone student
touch the cat, taste the - Open the book
banana - Listen to the
Asks the students to repeat tape

Points again to the senses in - Repeat chorally

the random order

Asks the Ss to open their
books at page 72
Writes the page number on the
Reads the title and elicits what
it means
Plays the recording
Activity 3 holds up the book, points to the - complete the Teacher- Book -To practice the
Matching symbol of the senses and elicits the sentences with Whole class senses and the
and listening parts of the body the parts of the
points to the eyes and says: I can corresponding body
see with my parts of the CD 15 min
invites the pupils to finish the body Student- - they point
sentence - in pairs match student CD their body parts

repeats with the rest of the symbols the symbols player as they hear
explains the activity to the pupils with the individual them
tells them to match the symbols to corresponding
the corresponding child in the picture child in the
checks the pupils answers picture
plays the recording - they listen and
plays the recording once again point to the
parts of their
face and body
. every time they
are mentioned

Activity 4 says the instructions twice as she -look at the pictures Teacher- book To practice the
Look and mimes them - locate the items Whole class 10 min five sentences
find points to the items and elicits the -repeat after the Teacher- and the verb
words teacher student can
asks the pupils to locate these items Student-
in the pictures teacher

points to the pictures of the snail and Student -
says: I can see a snail. student
points to the rest of the pictures and
elicits similar sentences involving the
five sentences:
I can smell a flower.
I can touch a cat.
I can taste a banana.
I can hear a dog.
Homework Exercise 3 on page 35: Circle the odd 3 min
explains the instructions as she
mimes them. Elicits the name of the
items and mime the senses. Asks the
students to circle the items we cant
smell, hear or taste.

Feedback appreciates the active people and

encourages the less active ones