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Interpretation of colours

I cannot stop wondering how much subconscious information we

associate with the colours. Our subconscious mind understands

and interprets in a symbolic way. Colours have lot of symbolic

meaning. Our choice of colours is governed by our subconscious

thoughts. Colour preferences, likes and dislikes about colours, are

controlled by the subconscious mind. Thus your colour

preferences will reveal a lot about you.

Colours is a vastly studied subject but it is misunderstood many a times. I would like to share with you the

scientifically tested and established studies about colours. A systematic, logical and scientific way is necessary to

use this knowledge.

In this workshop, you will be taken to the world of colours and their subconscious meaning. Further, you will be

introduced to use this knowledge to know the goals and objectives of a person. From the colour preferences you

will be able to know the present situation of the person, his fears, indifferences and problems.

In addition to all this knowledge, to know what the colours can revel about you and what you can know about

anyone from colours instantly, just read along:

From colours you may come to know the following:

1. Self deceit: What is the deeper meaning of self deceit? Who is fooling himself and how?

2. Who does not want to miss any chance of participating in everything that is going on around?

3. Who always wants to prove that he is right?

4. Who will talk about his education, culture, caste etc to prove himself better? Why?

5. Who is finding it very difficult to generate trust in the minds of others?

6. Who has taken up spirituality or religion because he has no peace of mind?

7. Who is an optimist or positive thinker?

8. Who is a pessimist or a negative thinker?

9. Who is an unpredictable impulsive person?

10. Who can go to any extremes to get what he wants? What does he actually think?

11. Who is an immature person? Why?

12. Who is in need of physical rest urgently? Why?

13. Who is in need of mental peace in the present situation?

14. Who is feeling like taking sannyas? Leaving all the worldly things behind? What do such people do?

15. Who is an active leader?

16. Who leads for enjoyment?

17. Who is an irresponsible leader?

This is an indicative list you will come to know many such personality traits from a simple looking test.

I am sure you dont want to miss this opportunity. Attend this workshop to see colours come to life and

bring colour to your life.

In your success,

Paresh P Chitnis

Centre for Personality Assessment and Graphology .

Workshop Details:

Date and Day: 28 October 2012, Sunday.

Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Venue: Hall G-50, L.J. Education & Training Centre,
Ladiwale Joshi Compound,
Behind Punjab National Bank,
1st Floor, Parvati Gangadhar Bhuvan,
Dadar West, Mumbai 400028