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(THE 1st ICST)

Mataram, Indonesia, November 30th to December 3rd, 2016


No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title

1. ICST_ID_001 Kurroti A'yun UNESA Schemata Detection of
Chemistry Teachers
Prospective Students
After Had Exclusive
Conceptual Change
2. ICST_ID_002 Hikmawati Universitas Use of The Experimental
Mataram Board on Kirchhoff's
Laws to Train Students
Skills in Doing
3. ICST_ID_003 Lisa F Indriana Indonesian Monitoring of
Institute Of Fissiparous Holothurian
Sciences, LIPI Holothuria atra
Population In Tanjung
Waters, North Lombok,
4. ICST_ID_005 Endrika Universitas Physico-Chemical
Widyastuti Brawijaya Characterization of
Lindur Starch (Bruguiera
gymnorrhiza) Modified
Heat Moisture Treatment
5. ICST_ID_007 Taufik Hidayat IPB Characterization And
Formulation of Sunscreen
From Seaweed Padina
australis And Euchema
cottonii Slurry
6. ICST_ID_008 Desi Aryani Universitas The Performance of
Sriwijaya Production And Rice
Price in South Sumatra
7. ICST_ID_009 Rudy Sutanto Universitas The Purification Process
Mataram of Carbondioksida
Contained in Biogas
Using Absorber Naoh
8. ICST_ID_010 Dego Yusa Ali Universitas Optimization of Total
Brawijaya Carbonyl And Total
Acidity Content In
Coconut Shell Liquid
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
9. ICST_ID_011 Ronnie S. Universitas Emerging Innovation to
Natawidjaja Padjadjaran Accelerate Smallholder
Mangosteen Farmer
Participation into
Sustainable Globalized
10. ICST_ID_012 Salman Universitas Tensile and Bending
Mataram Analysis In Producing
Composites by Using
Vacuum Resin Infusion
(VARI) Method
11. ICST_ID_013 Yudi Priyadi Telkom Development of E-SCM
University Open Source as
Integration Of Data
Management for Fish
Farmers Smes in Pasar
Ulekan Bandung
12. ICST_ID_014 Neza Fadia Universitas The Balanced Scorecard
Rayesa Brawijaya (BSC) for Dairy
Performance Analysis :
Comparison Between
Two Strategic Goals
13. ICST_ID_016 Anggi Fitriza Universitas Economic Analysis of
Mataram Direct Loan Cattle
Dispersal System in
Sumbawa District
14. ICST_ID_017 Sudarma Dita Universitas Antioxidant Activity of
Wijayanti Brawijaya Solo Garlics (Allium
Sativum L.) Extract
Using Maceration
15. ICST_ID_018 Elok Waziiroh Universitas Gluten Free Biscuit
Brawijaya Based on Sweet Potato
Puree (Ipomea Batatas
L.) for Autism Disorder
16. ICST_ID_019 Nurul Ismillayli Universitas Green Synthesis ff Bio-
Mataram Degradable
Superabsorbent Polymers
from Carboxymethyl
Cellulose/Humic Acid
17. ICST_ID_020 Rosalina Ariesta Universitas The Effect of Ethyl
Laeliocattleya Brawijaya Acetate Solvent
Combination In Corn Silk
(Zea Mays L.) Methanol
Extract on Their Potential
as a Natural Sunscreen
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
18. ICST_ID_021 Fatmawati Amir Tadulako Shear Design of
University Reinforced Concrete
Beam Using Steel Truss
Encased in Flexural
Plastic Hinge
19. ICST_ID_022 Haryandi Universitas Comparative LCA of Tire
Teknologi Management ior Mine
Sumbawa Haul Truck Cat 793:
Purchase New Tire Or
20. ICST_ID_023 Muji Rahayu Assessment Shallot Production
Institute For Technology Through
Agricultural True Shallot Seed In
Technology West Nusa Tenggara
(AIAT) Province
21. ICST_ID_024 Jhauharotul Universitas Evaluation of Pb (Lead)
Muchlisyiyah Brawijaya Chelation In Kupang by
Soaking in Averrhoa
Bilimbi and Tamarindus
Indica Suspension
22. ICST_ID_025 Hariadi Tribhuwana Basic Strategy of Hybrid
Darmawan Tunggadewi Ongole Cattle Breeding
University Village Centre
23. ICST_ID_026 Made Sutha Universitas Classification of Location
Yadnya Mataram Lamdslides Areas with
Direct Measurement and
Remote Sensing in
Central Lombok
24. ICST_ID_027 Rika Hastuti Universitas Tuberculin Test Results
Setyorini Mataram in Children Who Have
Close Contact With
Patients with Pulmonary
TB In Puskesmas
Gunungsari Working
25. ICST_ID_028 Nur Ida Panca N Universitas The Effect of
Brawijaya Concentration Potassium
Sorbate and Antioxidant
BHT on Physical,
Chemical, And
Characteristic of Satay
Dressing During Storage.
26. ICST_ID_029 Mujahid Fitriadi Universitas Study of Livestock
Mataram Behavior Relationship in
Coop Environmental
Sanitation Management
With Suspect of Scabies
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title

27. ICST_ID_030 Puspitahati Sriwijaya Characteristics of

University Inundation Water in The
Swampland Village Of
Pelabuhan Dalam (Ogan
Ilir South Sumatera)
28. ICST_ID_031 Nurul Hilmiati Assessment Constraints and
Institute For Opportunities for Cattle
Agricultural Farming Development in
Technology Timor Leste:
(AIAT) Perspectives From
Fatucahi and Aidabalaten
29. ICST_ID_032 Nurul Hilmiati Assessment Understanding Cattle
Institute For Farming System in Timor
Agricultural Lestefor Better
Technology Innovation Uptake: A
(AIAT) Case Study From
Fatucahi and Aidabalaten
30. ICST_ID_033 Hera Sisca Universitas Identification of
Prasmita Brawijaya Anthocyanin Compounds
and Antioxidant Activity
of Red Glutinous Rice
(Oryza sativa Var.
31. ICST_ID_034 Sugeng Riyanto Universitas Social Capital in the
Brawijaya Vegetable Middleman
Community in
Tawangargo Village ,
Malang Regency, East
32. ICST_ID_035 Yuliana Aisyah Syiah Kuala Purification of Patchouli
University Oil using Vacuum
Distillation Fraction
Method. The Effect of
Initial Concentration of
Patchouli Alcohol and
Height of Vigreux
33. ICST_ID_037 Nur Istianah Universitas Kinetics of Increasing
Brawijaya Protein Content on The
Sorghum Flour
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
34. ICST_ID_038 Dika Supyandi Universitas Policy on Plant Genetic
Padjadjaran Engineering Product
Stewardship (A Stake
Information Organizer
35. ICST_ID_039 Ida Ayu Eka Universitas The Effect of Tomato
Widiastuti Mataram Juice on Pulse Recovery
Time in Mataram
University Faculty of
Medicine Medical Sports
Club Member
36. ICST_ID_040 Siti Alaa Universitas Potential Organic Dyes
Mataram From Antosianin and
Chelorophyll Exstraction
as A Photons Catcher in
Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
37. ICST_ID_041 Baiq Ernawati Universitas Gene Role of
Mataram Quantitative Properties of
Crossbreeding IPB 4S
Varieties with Promising
Red Rice (Oryza sativa
38. ICST_ID_042 Irmayani Noer Universitas Behavior of Rice Market
Padjadjaran in the Lampung Province
39. ICST_ID_043 Dhony Hermanto Universitas Optode Urease Biosensor
Mataram and Their Application tor
The Determination of Hg
(II) In Aqueous Solution
40. ICST_ID_044 Dhony Hermanto Universitas Inhibitive Determination
Mataram of Hg (II) in Aqueous
Solution Using A Urease
Amperometric Biosensor
41. ICST_ID_045 Dian W. Universitas Activated Carbon
Kurniawidi Mataram Composites From Rice
Husk as Adsorbent
Textile Waste
42. ICST_ID_046 Made Darawati Health Effects of Functional
Polytechnic of Breakfast Product on
Mataram Oxidative Stress in
43. ICST_ID_047 Hamsu Kadriyan Universitas Early Detection of
Mataram Newborn Hearing
Impairment: the Useful
Of Mobile Application
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
44. ICST_ID_048 Dian Puspita Sari Universitas Small-Islands Medicine
Mataram as The Local Content
Curriculum of FM
UNRAM: an Evaluation
Using Hardens Ten
45. ICST_ID_049 Nida El Husna Syiah Kuala The Use of Modified
University Sweet Potato For Wheat
Flour Substitution in The
Production of Wet
46. ICST_ID_050 Mala Nurilmala Bogor Identification of Dory
Agricultural Fish Fillet by Molecular
Univesity Technique
47. ICST_ID_051 Saprizal Universitas Computational Chemistry
Hadisaputra Mataram as an Alternative
Chemistry Lab At The
High School to Improve
48. ICST_ID_053 Syamsul Hidayat Universitas Application of Monte
Muhammadiyah Carlo Simulation in
Mataram Measurement of Blast
49. ICST_ID_054 Titin Sugianti Assessment The Application of
Institute For Giving Various Dose Of
Agricultural NPK Manure Toward
Technology Tobacco Crop ( Nicotiana
(BPTP) Tabaccum L.) in West
Nusa Tenggara Island
50. ICST_ID_055_ Aris Doyan Universitas Optical Properties of
Mataram SNO2 Thin Layer With
A Dopant Zinc Using Sol
Gel Technique
51. ICST_ID_056 Susilawati Universitas Electrical Properties of
Mataram Barium Hexaferrite
Nanopowders Using Co-
Precipitation Method
52. ICST_ID_057 Suhayat Minardi Universitas Detection of Lombok
Mataram Faults Using Gravity
53. ICST_ID_058 Rosalina Eka University Of Description of Students
Permatasari Surabaya Cognitive Conflict Level
In Conceptual Change
54. ICST_ID_059 Aris Doyan Universitas Preliminery Study and
Mataram Synthesis Thin Film of
Crystalline Al, Zn Co-
Doped Sno2 (Stannic
Oxide) With Sol-Gel Dip
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
Coating Technique

55. ICST_ID_060 Mustika Hadijati Universitas Statistical Downscaling

Mataram Model using
Regression to Predict
Temperature In
Selaparang Lombok
56. ICST_ID_061 Syifa Azzahra Universitas Preliminery Study and
Mataram Synthesis Thin Film Of
Antimony Thin Oxide
(Ato) with Sol-Gel Spin
Coating Tecnique
57. ICST_ID_063 Lalu Syamsul Universitas Ground States and
Khalid Mataram Excited States of Three
Dimensional Quantum
58. ICST_ID_064 Annisa Fithriyani Universitas The Identification on Iron
Mataram Compound Of Nature
Sand In Ampenan Beach
59. ICST_ID_065 Husniatul Khair Universitas Preliminary Study of
Mataram Electrical And Magnetic
Properties of Barium M-
Hexaferrites from Nature
Sand With Co-Ni
Substituted by Co-
60. ICST_ID_066 Taslim Sjah Universitas Agrotourism in North
Mataram Lombok Stimulates New
Crops and Technology
Adaptation, and Farming
Becomes Profitable
61. ICST_ID_067 Lalu Rudyat Universitas Cloning and Expression
Telly Savalas Mataram of N-Terminally Tagged
Tuberculosis Protein
Tyrosine Phosphatase B
in Escherichia coli
62. ICST_ID_068 Agustin Krisna Universitas Pretreatment of Oil Palm
Wardani Brawijaya Trunk Biomass by
Microwave Method As
An Effort to Produce
Second Generation
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
63. ICST_ID_069 Rahadi Wirawan Universitas Simulation of The Bubble
Mataram Gas Detection Inside the
Fluids Based on
Transmission and
Reflection of Ultrasonic
64. ICST_ID_070 Aliefman Hakim Universitas Isolation of
Mataram Andrografolida from
Andrographis paniculata
65. ICST_ID_071 Aris Doyan Universitas Preliminary Study and
Mataram Synthesis Thin Film Of
Florine Tin Oxide (Fto)
with Sol-Gel Spin
Coating Tecnique
66. ICST_ID_072 Desi Komalasari Universitas Equamax Rotation and
Mataram Hierarchical Nearest
Cluster on Raskin
Program in Central
Lombok Regency
67. ICST_ID_073 Iketut Budastra Universitas The Livelihood Capacity
Mataram and Strategy of Dry Land
Farmers in Karang Bayan
Village of West Lombok
68. ICST_ID_074 Nurul Fitriyani Universitas Nonparametric
Mataram Regression Spline in The
Estimation of The
Average Number of
Children Born Alive Per
69. ICST_ID_075 I G.A.K Chatur Universitas Development Elements
Adhi Wirya Mataram of Industrial Production
Aryadi Increase in Productivity
Of Micro / Small (Export
Oriented Product) For
Competitiveness of
Industry [Case Study: in
70. ICST_ID_076 Tajidan Universitas Allocation of Land for
Mataram Paddy Farms in Mataram
Municipality - Indonesia
71. ICST_ID_077 Sri Tejowulan Universitas Study of Ponska
Mataram Fertilization Added With
Slurry Biogas and
Biofertilizer On Nitrogen
Uptake and Rice Yield
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
72. ICST_ID_078 Lely Kurniawati Universitas Masking EDTA
Mataram (Ethylene Diamine Tetra
Acetate) to Overcome Ion
Nuisance (Pb2+, Cu2+
And Au3+) by Tio
Michler Ketone (Tmk)
Method on Determination
Hg(Ii) with Spectrometer
73. ICST_ID_080 Ardiana Universitas Correlation Between
Ekawanti Mataram Waist/Hip Ratio and
Lipid Profile of
Community in West
74. ICST_ID_081 Lolita Endang Universitas Indigenous Phosphate
Susilowati Mataram Solubilizing Bacteria as
Agents at Hg
Contaminated Soils
75. ICST_ID_082 Sri Tejowulan Universitas OSAMTU: Development
Mataram of Simple, Cheap, And
Effective Rubbish
76. ICST_ID_083 I K. D. Jaya Universitas Study of Maize-Pulses
Mataram Intercropping on a
77. ICST_ID_084 I Made Sudantha Universitas Response of the Growth
Mataram And Yield of Onion
Caused by Application
Biocompost and
Bioactivator Dose
Fermented with
Trichoderma Spp. Fungi
78. ICST_ID_085 Yunita Sabrina Universitas Amplification of Ag38
Mataram Gene From
Tuberculosis using an
Efficient PCR Enhancer
For Highly GC-Rich
DNA Sequences
79. ICST_ID_088 Aisah Jamili University Of Potential for Mass
Nahdlatul Rearing of the Egg
Wathan Parasitoids, Ooencyrtus
Mataram malayensis and
Hadronotus leptocorisae
scelionidae) on Nezara
Viridula Eggs
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
80. ICST_ID_089 I.G.M. Kusnarta Universitas Application of Soil
Mataram Amendments On
Permanent Raised-Beds
to Improve Soil
Conditions, Bed Stability,
And Yield of Rice on
Rainfed Vertisol in
Central Lombok,
81. ICST_ID_093 Antari Arlita Diponegoro Macrophage Activity
Leniseptaria University Test of Pulmonary
Tuberculosis Patients
With Diabetes Mellitus
82. ICST_ID_095 Merry Universitas Molecular Identification
Windarningsih Mataram of Begomovirus Causing
Yellow Leaf Curl
Diseases in Chili Pepper
of Lombok Island Using
PCR Technique
83. ICST_ID_104 Nalle, Catootjie Polytechnic Of Growth Performance of
Lusje Agriculture Broiler Chickens Fed
Kupang Diets Containing Putak
and Rice Bran
Supplemented With
Cellulase, Xylanase,
Betaglucanase, Pectinase,
Phytase, Protease and
84. ICST_ID_105 Asep Pebriandi Universitas Combining Ability
Mataram Estimation of
Quantitative Characters
of Progenies Of Half-
Diallel Crossing Among
Red, Black and White
Rice Of Indica and
Javanica Types (Oryza
sativa L.)
85. ICST_ID_106 Liana Universitas The Use of 1-MCP:
Suryaningsih B. Mataram Overview Several Studies
on The Postharvest
Quality of Selected Fruits
86. ICST_ID_110 Muhammad Universitas Diversity of insects
Sarjan Mataram during potato plantation
in different altitude of
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
87. ICST_ID_111 Nihla Farida Universitas Growth Performance Of
Mataram Red Rice As Affected By
Insertion Of Peanut Row
Between Double And
Triple-Rows Of Rice In
Aerobic System On
88. ICST_ID_112 W. Wangiyana Universitas Improving Growth And
Mataram Bulb Production Of
Several Varieties Of
Onion Through
Mycorrhiza Inoculation
And Growing Peanut
Plants Inserted Between
Double-Rows Of Onion
(Allium Cepa L.)
89. ICST_ID_113 Laili Mardiana Universitas Continuous Measurement
Mataram Of River Water Quality
In Mataram Based On
Dhl (Electrical
Temperature And
Turbidity Level Using
90. ICST_ID_114 Rauhul Akbar UGM Formulation And
Kurniawan Characterization Of
Solid Self-
Nanoemulsifying Drug
Delivery System
(Snedds) Of Purwoceng
(Artemisia Lactiflora
Wall. Ex Dc) Ethanol
91. ICST_ID_115 Baiq Azizah Universitas 45 Exploration Of
Haryantini Mataram Indigenous Arbuscular
Mycorrhizal Fungi In
Saline Soil, West Java.
92. ICST_ID_116 Zainuri Universitas Improving The Quality
Mataram Of Kerake, The East
Lombok Local Food
93. ICST_ID_117 Saprini Hamdiani Universitas Cow Manure Potency As
Mataram Nanofiller For Clays
Nanocomposite For
Lightweight Pottery
94. ICST_ID_118 Ismail Yasin Universitas Skill Of Warige As A
Mataram Seasonal Climate
Forecast In Lombok,
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
95. ICST_ID_121 Dhony Hermanto Universitas Simple Solar
Mataram Desalination For
Seawater At Kec. Bayan
Kab. Lombok Utara
96. ICST_ID_123 Candra Universitas Clinical Condition
Dwipayana Mataram Changes On Patients Of
Hamdin Diabetes Mellitus At
Sesaot Village After
Treatment Using
Makasar Fruit Seeds
(Brucea Javanica (L.)
Merr.) Parameters :
Blood Glucose, Blood
Pressure, Heart Rate And
Respiratory Rate.
97. ICST_ID_124 Handa Muliasari Universitas The Effect Of Brucea
Mataram Javanica (L) Merr Leaves
Extract On The Blood
Glucose Level Of Rattus
98. ICST_ID_125 Rahmani Universitas Analysis And Design Of
Kadarningsih Negeri Eksterior Reinforced
Gorontalo Concrete Beam-Column
Joint Using King Cross
Steel Profile
99. ICST_ID_126 Rahmani Universitas Development Of Beam
Kadarningsih Negeri Column Joint Design In
Gorontalo Reinforced Concrete
Moment Resisting Frame
100. ICST_ID_127 Rumiyati UGM Proximate Analysis And
Glycaemic Index Value
Of Raw Materials Of
Functional Analog Rice
Produced From Cassava,
Corn, Pigeon Pea And
Seaweed Cultivated In
East Lombok.
101. ICST_ID_128 Nurul Fitriyani Universitas Polytomous Logistic
Mataram Regression In Analyzing
The Presence Of National
Pilot Mosque In Karang
Baru Mataram, 2016
102. ICST_ID_129 Muktasam Universitas Local Policies Affecting
Mataram Agribusiness System And
Small Medium Enterprise
Development In East
Lombok Indonesia:
Lessons Learned From
Rice Analog Production
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
103. ICST_ID_130 Bambang Hari Universitas Rapid Measuring And
Kusumo Mataram Mapping Of Carbon And
Nitrogen In Tropical Soil
Using Near Infrared
104. ICST_ID_131 Nursiah Lambung Shear Capacity Of
Chairunnisa Mangkurat Hybrid Coupling Beam
105. ICST_ID_132 Kasnawi Al Hadi Universitas Design Of Turbidity
Mataram Level Instrument Using
Turbidity Sensor Based
On Sms Gateway
106. ICST_ID_133 Sukmawaty Universitas The Modification And
Mataram Analyzing Of Heat Loss
Of The Heater System In
The Fumigator
Knockdown Type
107. ICST_ID_133 Murgayanti Characteristic Correlation
and Containing of New
Superior Variety of
Sweat Potato in Jatinagor
108. ICST_ID_135 Budy Wiryono Universitas Giving Effect Silicate
Muhammadiyah Organic Matter And
Mataram Rock The Quality Of
Biology In Dry Land
North Lombok
109. ICST_ID_162 Buan Anshari Universitas The Influence Of
Mataram Bamboo Strip Reinforced
On Flexural Properties Of
Glulam Timber Beam
110. ICST_ID_163 Indriyatno Universitas Identification Of Kind Of
Mataram Plants Agroforestry
System As A Herbal
Soap Raw Materials In
Sesaot Forest
111. ICST_ID_166 I Wayan Sudiarta Universitas Design of Seismic
Mataram Recorder with Single
Axis Geophone to
Passive Seismic
112. ICST_ID_172 Rahadi Wirawan Universitas Development of Data
Mataram Acquisition System of
Moving Object for
Landslide Monitoring
113. ICST_ID_173 Tity Alawiyah Universitas Immobilizationof TiO2
Mataram on Coal Bottom Ash and
Its Activity Test as a
No. ID Presenter Name INSTITUTION Title
inDegradation of
Methylene Blue Dye

114. ICST_ID_174 Murna Muzaifa Universitas Analysis of

Mataram Microorganism
Population and Quality of
Aceh Cacao During
115. ICST_ID_175 Komariyatul STMIK Ephytelial Cervical Cell
Anwariyah Bumigora Segmentation Model in
Mataram Pep Smear Digital Image
116. ICST_ID_176 Mulyati Universitas Zink Supply and Root
Mataram Pruning on Growth and
Absorption Rate by
Transplanted Rice (Oryza
sativa L.)
117. ICST_ID_177 Made Sriasih Universitas In-vitro Studies of
Mataram Leucaena leucosephala
and Mimosa pudica on
Nematode Larva
118. ICST_ID_177 Dody Handito Universitas Encapsulation of
Mataram Flavonoid using
Maltodextrin in Pegagan
Leaf Instant Drink