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Owners Manual
Table of Contents Before You Start
Before You Start ......................................................................... 2 Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product
To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using this product. It is
Getting Started .......................................................................... 3 especially important that you read and observe WARNINGs and CAUTIONs in this manual.
Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference.
Radio ............................................................................................ 5
USB/AUX ...................................................................................... 6 Do not attempt to install or service this product by yourself. Installation or servicing
of this product by persons without training and experience in electronic equipment
Settings........................................................................................ 7 and automotive accessories may be dangerous and could expose you to the risk of
electric shock, injury or other hazards.
FUNCTION settings .................................................................. 7 Do not attempt to operate the unit while driving. Make sure to pull off the road and park
AUDIO settings.......................................................................... 8 your vehicle in a safe location before attempting to use the controls on the device.

SYSTEM settings ....................................................................... 8 CAUTION

ILLUMINATION settings ........................................................... 9 Do not allow this unit to come into contact with moisture and/or liquids. Electrical shock
could result. Also, damage to this unit, smoke, and overheating could result from contact
Connections/Installation.......................................................... 9 with liquids.
Always keep the volume low enough to hear outside sounds.
Additional Information........................................................... 12
If you experience problems
Should this unit fail to work properly, please contact your dealer or nearest authorized
PIONEER Service Station.

About this manual:

In the following instructions, a USB memory or USB audio player are referred
to as USB device.

2 En
Purpose Operation
Getting Started Return to the normal display from the Press BAND.

Basic operation * When this units blue/white lead is connected to the vehicles auto-antenna relay control
terminal, the vehicles antenna extends when this units source is turned on. To retract the
antenna, turn the source off.
SRC (source)/OFF Display window Display indication
M.C. (multi-control) dial
Indication Description
Appears when a lower tier of the menu or folder exists.
Appears when the button is pressed.
Appears when the local seek tuning function is set (page 7).
Appears when a traffic program is received.
Appears when the TA (traffic announcements) function is set
Detach button (page 7).
Appears when the sound retriever function is set (page 8).
BAND /DIMMER Display button/DISP OFF*
Appears when random play is set.
* This button is referred to as DISP in the manual.
Appears when repeat play is set.
Frequently used operations
Purpose Operation
Detaching the front panel
Turn on the power* Press SRC/OFF to turn on the power. Detach the front panel to prevent theft. Remove any cables and devices
Press and hold SRC/OFF to turn off the attached to the front panel and turn off the unit before detaching it.
Adjust the volume Turn the M.C. dial.
Select a source Press SRC/OFF repeatedly.
Change the display information Press DISP/DISP OFF repeatedly.
Press and hold DISP/DISP OFF to turn
off the display information.
Return to the previous display/list Press /DIMMER.

En 3
To return to the first item of the setup menu, turn the M.C. dial to select
Detach Attach
[QUIT :NO], then press to confirm.
4 Press the M.C. dial to confirm the settings.
You can cancel the menu setting by pressing SRC/OFF.
These settings can be made at any time from the SYSTEM settings (page 8) and INITIAL
settings (page 4).

Important Canceling the demonstration display (DEMO

Avoid subjecting the front panel to excessive shock.
Keep the front panel out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Always store the detached front panel in a protective case or bag.
1 Press the M.C. dial to display the main menu.

Setup menu 2 Turn the M.C. dial to select [SYSTEM], then press to confirm.

When you turn the ignition switch to ON after installation, [SET UP :YES] 3 Turn the M.C. dial to select [DEMO OFF], then press to confirm.
appears in the display. 4 Turn the M.C. dial to select [YES], then press to confirm.
1 Press the M.C. dial.
The setup menu disappears after 30 seconds of no operation. If you prefer INITIAL settings
not to set at this time, turn the M.C. dial to select [NO], then press to
confirm. 1 Press and hold SRC/OFF until the unit turns off.
2 Turn the M.C. dial to select the options, then press to confirm. 2 Press the M.C. dial to display the main menu.
To proceed to the next menu option, you need to confirm your selection.
3 Turn the M.C. dial to select [INITIAL], then press to confirm.
Menu Item
Set the clock.
4 Turn the M.C. dial to select an option, then press to confirm.

FM STEP Select the FM tuning step from 100 kHz or 50 kHz. Menu Item Description
[100], [50] FM STEP Select the FM tuning step from 100 kHz or 50 kHz.
AM STEP Select the AM tuning step from 10 kHz or 9 kHz. [100], [50]
[10], [9] AM STEP Select the AM tuning step from 10 kHz or 9 kHz.
[10], [9]
3 [QUIT :YES] appears when all the settings have been made.

4 En
Menu Item Description 1 After selecting the band, press the M.C. dial to display the main menu.
SP-P/O MODE Select when there is a full-range speaker connected to
the rear speaker output leads and there is a subwoofer
2 Turn the M.C. dial to select [FUNCTION], then press to confirm.

connected to the RCA output. Turn the M.C. dial to select [BSM], then press to confirm.
[SUB.W/SUB.W] Select when there is a passive subwoofer connected
directly to the rear speaker output leads and there is a
subwoofer connected to the RCA output. To seek a station manually
[REAR/REAR] Select when there are full-range speakers connected to 1 After selecting the band, press / to select a station.
the rear speaker output leads and RCA output. If there is Press and hold / then release to seek an available station.
a full-range speaker connected to the rear speaker Scanning stops when the unit receives a station. To cancel seek tuning,
output leads, and the RCA output is not used, you may press / .
select either [REAR/SUB.W] or [REAR/REAR].
SYSTEM RESET Select [YES] to initialize the unit settings. The unit will be
[SEEK] needs to be set to [MAN] in the FUNCTION settings (page 8).
[YES], [CANCEL] restarted automatically.
(Some of the settings may be retained even after
resetting the unit.) To store stations manually
1 While receiving the station you want to store, press and hold one of the
number buttons (1/ to 6/ ) until it stops flashing.
Using PTY functions
Receiving preset stations The unit searches for a station by PTY (program type) information.

1 Press SRC/OFF to select [RADIO]. 1 Press during FM reception.

2 Press BAND to select the band from [FM1], [FM2], [FM3] or [AM]. 2 Turn the M.C. dial to select a program type from [NEWS/INFO],
3 Press a number button (1/ to 6/ ).
3 Press the M.C. dial.
TIP The unit begins to search for a station. When it is found, its program service
The / buttons can be also used to select a preset station when [SEEK] is set to
name is displayed.
[PCH] in the FUNCTION settings (page 8).
To cancel the search, press the M.C. dial.
Best stations memory (BSM) The program of some stations may differ from that indicated by the transmitted PTY.
If no station is broadcasting the type of program you searched for, [NOT FOUND] is
The six strongest stations are stored on the number buttons (1/ to 6/ ). displayed for about two seconds and then the tuner returns to the original station.

En 5
PTY list MTP connection
For more details about PTY list, visit the following site: A device installed with Android OS 4.0 or later can be connected to the unit via MTP, using
the cable supplied with the device. However, depending on the connected device and the numbers of the files in the device, audio files/songs may not be able to be played back via
MTP. Note that MTP connection is not compatible with WAV file formats.

1 Insert the stereo mini plug into the AUX input jack.
Playing back 2 Press SRC/OFF to select [AUX] as the source.
Disconnect headphones from the device before connecting it to the unit. If [AUX] is set to [OFF] in the SYSTEM settings, [AUX] cannot be selected as a source (page 9).
USB port
You can make various adjustments in the FUNCTION settings (page 7).
Note that the following operations do not work for an AUX device. To operate
an AUX device, use the device itself.
Purpose Operation
Select a folder/album* Press 1/ or 2/ .
Select a track/song (chapter) Press or .
M.C. (multi-control) dial Fast forward or reverse Press and hold or .
SRC (source)/OFF AUX input jack (3.5 mm stereo jack) Search for a file from a list 1 Press to display the list.
2 Turn the M.C. dial to select the
desired file (folder) name or
USB devices (including Android) category, then press to confirm.
3 Turn the M.C. dial to select the
1 Open the USB port cover. desired file, then press to confirm.
2 Plug in the USB device using an appropriate cable. Playback starts.
View a list of the files in the selected Press the M.C. dial when a folder/
CAUTION folder/category* category is selected.
Use an optional Pioneer USB cable (CD-U50E) to connect the USB device as any device Play a song in the selected folder/ Press and hold the M.C. dial when a
connected directly to the unit will protrude out from the unit, which could be dangerous.
category* folder/category is selected.
Before removing the device, stop playback. Repeat play Press 6/ .

6 En
Purpose Operation Menu Item Description
Random play Press 5/ . BSM
Pause/resume playback Press 4/PAUSE. Store the six strongest stations on the

Sound retriever Press 3/S.Rtrv. number buttons (1/ to 6/ )
[1]: Effective for low compression rates automatically.
[2]: Effective for high compression REGIONAL
[ON], [OFF] Limit the reception to the specific regional
Return to root folder (USB only)* Press and hold BAND. programs when AF (alternative frequencies
Change drives in USB device Press BAND. search) is selected. (Available only when
(Devices that support the USB mass FM band is selected.)
storage device class protocol only)
* Compressed audio files only FM: [OFF], [LV1], [LV2], [LV3], Restrict the tuning station according to the
[LV4] signal strength.
AM: [OFF], [LV1], [LV2]

Settings TA
[ON], [OFF] Receive current traffic information if
You can adjust various settings in the main menu. available. (Available only when FM band is
1 Press the M.C. dial to display the main menu.

2 Turn the M.C. dial to select one of the categories below, then press to
[ON], [OFF] Allow the unit to retune to a different
frequency providing the same station.
FUNCTION settings (page 7) (Available only when FM band is selected.)
AUDIO settings (page 8)
SYSTEM settings (page 8) NEWS
ILLUMINATION settings (page 9) [ON], [OFF] Interrupt the currently selected source with
3 Turn the M.C. dial to select the options, then press to confirm. news programs. (Available only when FM
band is selected.)
FUNCTION settings [ON], [OFF] Interrupt the currently selected source with
The menu items vary according to the source. emergency announcements. Select [OFF]
to disable this function.

En 7
Menu Item Description Menu Item Description
[MAN], [PCH] Assign or buttons to seek the [OFF], [LOW], [MID], [HI] Compensate for clear sound at low volume.
stations one by one (manual tuning) or
select a station from the preset channels.
[NOR], [REV], [OFF] Select the subwoofer phase.
[1] (effective for low Enhance compressed audio and restore
compression rates), rich sound. Cut-off frequency: [50HZ], Only frequencies lower than those in the
[2] (effective for high [63HZ], [80HZ], [100HZ], selected range are output from the
compression rates), [125HZ], [160HZ], [200HZ] subwoofer.
[OFF] Output level: [24] to [+6]
Slope level: [12], [24]
AUDIO settings [0] to [+6] Select the bass boost level.
Menu Item Description HPF SETTING
FADER*1 Cut-off frequency: [OFF], Only frequencies higher than the high-pass
Adjust the front and rear speaker balance. [50HZ], [63HZ], [80HZ], filter (HPF) cutoff are output from the
[100HZ], [125HZ], [160HZ], speakers.
Adjust the left and right speaker balance. Slope level: [12], [24]
[SUPER BASS], [POWERFUL], Select or customize the equalizer curve. [+4] to [4] Adjust the volume level for each source
[TODOROKI], [VOCAL], [CUSTOM1] can be set separately for each except FM.
[CUSTOM1], [CUSTOM2], source. However, each of the below
[FLAT] combinations are set to the same setting *1 Not available when [SUB.W/SUB.W] is selected in [SP-P/O MODE] in the INITIAL settings
(page 5).
*2 Not available when [REAR/REAR] is selected in [SP-P/O MODE] in the INITIAL settings
Select an equalizer band and [CUSTOM2] is a shared setting used for all (page 5).
level for further customizing. sources. *3 Not available when [OFF] is selected in [SUB.W].
Equalizer band: [80HZ], You can also switch the equalizer by
[250HZ], [800HZ], [2.5KHZ], pressing repeatedly.
[8KHZ] SYSTEM settings
Equalizer level: [+6] to [6]
You can also access to these menus when the unit is turned off.

8 En
Menu Item Description
Set the clock (page 4). Important

Connections When installing this unit in a vehicle
without an ACC (accessory) position
[12H], [24H] Select the time notation. WARNING on the ignition switch, failure to
AUTO PI Use speakers over 50 W (output connect the red cable to the terminal
[ON], [OFF] Search for a different station with the same value) and between 4 to 8 that detects operation of the ignition
programming, even if using a preset (impedance value). Do not use 1 to key may result in battery drain.
station. 3 speakers for this unit.
The black cable is ground. When
AUX installing this unit or power amp
[ON], [OFF] Set to [ON] when using an auxiliary device (sold separately), make sure to
connected to the unit. connect the ground wire first. Ensure ACC position No ACC position
that the ground wire is properly
connected to metal parts of the cars Use this unit with a 12-volt battery
ILLUMINATION settings body. The ground wire of the power and negative grounding only. Failure
to do so may result in a fire or
amp and the one of this unit or any
Menu Item Description other device must be connected to malfunction.
the car separately with different To prevent a short-circuit,
DIM SETTING overheating or malfunction, be sure
screws. If the screw for the ground
[SYNC CLOCK], [MANUAL] Change the display brightness. wire loosens or falls out, it could to follow the directions below.
result in fire, generation of smoke or Disconnect the negative terminal
malfunction. of the battery before installation.
[1] to [10] Change the display brightness. Secure the wiring with cable
The available setting ranges differ Ground wire POWER AMP clamps or adhesive tape. Wrap
depending on [DIM SETTING]. adhesive tape around wiring that
comes into contact with metal
parts to protect the wiring.
Place all cables away from moving
parts, such as the shift lever and
Other devices seat rails.
Metal parts of Place all cables away from hot
(Another electronic
cars body places, such as near the heater
device in the car)
*1 Not supplied for this unit Do not connect the yellow cable to
the battery by passing it through

En 9
the hole to the engine Connect to terminal controlled by
compartment. This unit the ignition switch (12 V DC).
Cover any disconnected cable Blue/white
connectors with insulating tape. Connect to the system control
Do not shorten any cables. terminal of the power amp or auto-
Never cut the insulation of the antenna relay control terminal
power cable of this unit in order to (max. 300 mA 12 V DC).
share the power with other devices. Subwoofer (4 )
The current capacity of the cable is Power cord input When using a subwoofer of 70 W (2
limited. Rear output or subwoofer output ), be sure to connect the
Use a fuse of the rating prescribed. Antenna input subwoofer to the violet and violet/
Never wire the negative speaker Fuse (10 A) black leads of this unit. Do not
cable directly to ground. connect anything to the green and
Never band together negative Power cord green/black leads.
cables of multiple speakers. Not used.
When this unit is on, control signals Perform these connections when not In the case of above, two 4 Subwoofer (4 ) 2
are sent through the blue/white connecting a rear speaker lead to a subwoofers wired in parallel will
subwoofer. represent a 2 load. NOTE
cable. Connect this cable to the
Change the initial menu of this unit.
system remote control of an external
To power cord input Refer to [SP-P/O MODE] (page 5). The
power amp or the vehicles auto-
Left subwoofer output of this unit is
antenna relay control terminal (max.
Right monaural.
300mA 12 V DC). If the vehicle is
Front speaker
equipped with a glass antenna,
connect it to the antenna booster Rear speaker Power amp (sold separately)
White Perform these connections when
power supply terminal.
Never connect the blue/white cable White/black using the optional amplifier.
to the power terminal of an external Gray
power amp. Also, never connect it to Gray/black
the power terminal of the auto Green
antenna. Doing so may result in
battery drain or a malfunction. Violet
Perform these connections when Violet/black
using a subwoofer without the System remote control
Black (chassis ground)
optional amplifier. Connect to blue/white cable.
Connect to a clean, paint-free
Power amp (sold separately)
metal location.
Connect with RCA cables (sold
Connect to the constant 12 V
To rear output or subwoofer output
supply terminal.
Rear speaker or subwoofer

10 En
Removing the unit (installed
Installation DIN mount installation
with the supplied mounting
1 Insert the supplied mounting
Important sleeve into the dashboard. sleeve)

Check all connections and systems 2 Secure the mounting sleeve by 1 Remove the trim ring.
before final installation. using a screwdriver to bend the
Do not use unauthorized parts as metal tabs (90) into place. Truss screw (5 mm 9 mm)
this may cause malfunctions. Mounting bracket
Consult your dealer if installation Dashboard or console
requires drilling of holes or other
modifications to the vehicle. Using the included bracket
Do not install this unit where: Check to make sure that the included
it may interfere with operation of bracket matches your particular Trim ring
the vehicle. model of vehicle and then attach it to Notched tab
it may cause injury to a passenger the unit as shown below. Releasing the front panel allows
as a result of a sudden stop. Dashboard easier access to the trim ring.
The semiconductor laser will be Mounting sleeve When reattaching the trim ring,
damaged if it overheats. Install this Make sure that the unit is point the side with the notched
unit away from hot places such as installed securely in place. An tab down.
near the heater outlet. unstable installation may cause 2 Insert the supplied extraction
Optimum skipping or other malfunctions. keys into both sides of the unit
performance is until they click into place.
obtained when the When not using the supplied
3 Pull the unit out of the dashboard.
unit is installed at an mounting sleeve
angle of less than 60.
When installing, to ensure proper
1 Line up the holes on the
mounting bracket with the holes
heat dispersal when using this unit,
on the sides of the unit to attach
make sure you leave ample space
the bracket.
behind the rear panel and wrap any
loose cables so they are not blocking
the vents.

2 Screw in one screw on each side to

Leave ample 5 cm hold the unit in place.
5 cm

En 11
Follow the USB device Perform one of the following
Additional Information instructions to disable the
operations, then return to the
USB source.
Turn the ignition switch OFF and
Troubleshooting Error messages SKIPPED back to ON.
The connected USB device contains Disconnect the USB device.
Common DRM protected files. Change to a different source.
The display automatically returns to The protected files are skipped.
the normal display. AMP ERROR ERROR-23
No operations have been made for This unit fails to operate or the PROTECT USB device was not formatted
about 30 seconds. speaker connection is incorrect. All the files on the connected USB properly.
Perform an operation. The protective circuit is activated. device are embedded with DRM. Format the USB device with
Check the speaker connection. Replace the USB device. FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32.
The repeat play range changes
unexpectedly. Turn the ignition switch OFF and N/A USB
back to ON again. If the message STOP
Depending on the repeat play The connected USB device is not There are no songs in the current
range, the selected range may remains, contact your dealer or an supported by this unit.
authorized Pioneer Service list.
change when another folder or Disconnect your device and Select a list that contains songs.
track is being selected or during Station for assistance. replace it with a compatible USB
fast forwarding/reversing. NO XXXX (NO TITLE, for example) device.
Select the repeat play range There is no embedded text
Handling guidelines
again. CHECK USB
information. The USB connector or USB cable
A subfolder is not played back. Switch the display or play another has short-circuited. USB storage device
Subfolders cannot be played when track/file. Check that the USB connector or Connections via USB hubs are not
[FLD] (folder repeat) is selected. USB cable is not caught in supported.
Select another repeat play range. USB device something or damaged. Firmly secure the USB storage device
FORMAT READ The connected USB device before driving. Do not let the USB
The sound is intermittent. consumes more than maximum storage device fall onto the floor,
You are using a device, such as a Sometimes there is a delay
allowable current. where it may become jammed under
cellular phone, that may cause between the start of playback and
Disconnect the USB device and the brake or accelerator pedal.
audible interference. when you start to hear any sound.
do not use it. Turn the ignition Depending on the USB storage
Move electrical devices that may Wait until the message
switch OFF and back to ACC or device, the following problems may
be causing the interference away disappears and you hear sound.
ON. Connect only compliant USB occur.
from the unit. NO AUDIO devices. Operations may vary.
There are no songs. The storage device may not be
Transfer the audio files to the USB ERROR-19 recognized.
device and connect. Communication failed. Files may not be played back
The connected USB device has properly.
security enabled.

12 En
The device may cause audible Sampling 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 Example of a hierarchy
interference when you are listening frequency kHz
USB device
to the radio. Windows Media Not compatible
There may be a slight delay when Folder
Audio Professional, starting playback of audio files on a Compressed

USB storage device with numerous
Compressed audio Lossless, Voice/
DRM Stream/ folder hierarchies.
audio file

compatibility Stream with video Playable folder Up to eight tiers (A

hierarchy practical hierarchy
Only the first 32 characters can be MP3 files is less than two
displayed as a file name (including tiers.)
the file extension) or a folder name. File extension .mp3
Playable folders Up to 500
The unit may not work properly Bit rate 8 kbps to 320 kbps
Playable files Up to 15 000
depending on the application used (CBR), VBR
Playback of Not compatible
to encode WMA files. Sampling 8 kHz to 48 kHz (32 copyright- 01 to 05: Folder number
There may be a slight delay at the frequency kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48
protected files to : Playback sequence
start of the playback of audio files kHz for emphasis)
Partitioned USB Only the first
embedded with image data, or audio Compatible ID3 tag 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
device partition can be
files stored on a USB device with version (ID3 tag Version 2.x played. Copyright and
numerous folder hierarchies. is given priority
over Version 1.x.) trademark
CAUTION M3u playlist Not compatible Sequence of audio files
Pioneer cannot guarantee MP3i (MP3 Not compatible
compatibility with all USB mass interactive), mp3 The user cannot assign folder Windows Media is either a registered
storage devices, and assumes no PRO numbers and specify playback trademark or trademark of Microsoft
responsibility for any loss of data on sequences with this unit. Sequence of Corporation in the United States and/
media players, smartphones, or WAV files audio file depends on the connected or other countries.
other devices while using this device. This product includes technology
WAV file formats cannot be owned by Microsoft Corporation and
product. Note that the hidden files in a USB
connected via MTP. cannot be used or distributed without
Do not leave discs or a USB storage device cannot be played back.
device in any place that is subject to File extension .wav a license from Microsoft Licensing, Inc.
high temperatures. Quantization bits 8 and 16 (LPCM), 4
(MSADPCM) Specifications
WMA files Sampling 16 kHz to 48 kHz
frequency (LPCM), 22.05 kHz
File extension .wma and 44.1 kHz (MS
Bit rate 48 kbps to 320 kbps ADPCM) Rated power source: 14.4 V DC
(CBR), 48 kbps to (allowable voltage range: 12.0 V
384 kbps (VBR) to 14.4 V DC)
Grounding system: Negative type

En 13
Maximum current consumption: 10.0 USB
A USB standard specification: USB 2.0
Dimensions (W H D): full speed
DIN Maximum current supply: 1 A
Chassis: 178 mm 50 mm 97 USB Protocol:
mm MSC (Mass Storage Class)
Nose: 188 mm 58 mm 17 mm MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)
D File system: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
Chassis: 178 mm 50 mm 97 MP3 decoding format: MPEG-1 & 2
mm Audio Layer 3
Nose: 170 mm 46 mm 17 mm WMA decoding format: Ver. 7, 7.1, 8, 9,
Weight: 0.5 kg 10, 11, 12 (2 ch audio) (Windows
Audio Media Player)
WAV signal format: Linear PCM & MS
Maximum power output: ADPCM (Non-compressed)
50 W 4 ch/4 (for no
subwoofer) FM tuner
50 W 2 ch/4 + 70 W 1 ch/2 Frequency range: 87.5 MHz to 108.0
(for subwoofer) MHz
Continuous power output: Usable sensitivity: 11 dBf (1.0 V/75 ,
22 W 4 (50 Hz to 15 000 Hz, 5 % mono, S/N: 30 dB)
THD, 4 load, both channels Signal-to-noise ratio: 72 dB (IEC-A
driven) network)
Load impedance: 4 (4 to 8
allowable) AM tuner
Preout maximum output level: 2.0 V Frequency range: 531 kHz to 1 602 kHz
Loudness contour: +10 dB (100 Hz), (9 kHz)
+6.5 dB (10 kHz) (volume: 30 dB) 530 kHz to 1 640 kHz (10 kHz)
Equalizer (5-Band Graphic Equalizer): Usable sensitivity: 25 V (S/N: 20 dB)
Frequency: 80 Hz/250 Hz/800 Hz/ Signal-to-noise ratio: 62 dB (IEC-A
2.5 kHz/8 kHz network)
Equalization range: 12 dB (2 dB
step) NOTE
Subwoofer (mono): Specifications and the design are
Frequency: 50 Hz/63 Hz/80 Hz/ subject to modifications without
100 Hz/125 Hz/160 Hz/200 Hz notice.
Slope: 12 dB/oct, 24 dB/oct
Gain: +6 dB to 24 dB
Phase: Normal/Reverse

14 En
2015 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

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