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Co Education System Vs Separate Education In Pakistan

The detailed discussion of Co Education System Vs Separate Education In

Pakistan. Co education system is the one in which students of both sex (male
and female) studies in same classes while separate education better known
as single-sex education is the one in which students of different sex study
separately. Both co education and single sex education have their own
advantages and disadvantages infact ones advantage is others
disadvantage. Firstly we will discuss disadvantages of co education over
separate education. On average, Students in a single-sex academic
environment perform better than those in a coed academic environment.
Although both sexes benefit as a whole, women receive an overall higher
benefit from single-sex education.

Research shows that they are more active in class, develop higher self-
esteem, score higher on aptitude tests, are more likely to choose
stereotypically male-dominated careers, and do better in their careers after
college. Furthermore, studies performed in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, New
York, Canada, and Ireland show that both boys and girls begin to thrive when
the distractions and social pressures provided in coed classrooms are
removed by separating the sexes, and there are marked decreases in
discipline problems.
One of the arguments that come to the front of the Co education vs. Singe
Sex education debate is that Co education provides for too many distractions
in school. This problem exists in all age groups. Whether its in early
education institutions like elementary schools where the students think that
boys/girls are gross, or when students are in high school and hormones are
raging. These distractions lead to less attention on schoolwork or student
participation in classes as students of one sex are trying to impress or date
students of the opposite sex, especially with males.
This lack of attention would then lead to lower grades and less information
learned and retained by students, thus discouragement the entire
educational system. These distractions in a coed environment serve to
impact academics, and undermine the educational system as a whole.
Therefore, a coed academic environment would be of lower quality than a
single-sex academic environment, and so it would be considered better.
Carrying these disadvantages co education also has many advantages over
separate education. The most important advantage of co education is that it
gives students a confidence to speak with opposite genders and in front of
opposite genders. This helps you when you work with a multinational
company or wherever both genders are considered for employment.
Continuous interaction with opposite genders just broadens up a students
mind and helps them grow and groom themselves more maturely as
compared to single sex education where students desire to see even a
glimpse of opposite sex student.
In my opinion co education is a better system of education than separate
education if managed properly and if organized under proper environment.