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Sunday Morning Bible Study 06/20/2010

Joshuas Final Words (Part 1)

Joshua Ch. 23

I. Observation

A. Context

1. Who are the people in this passage? What do we know about them?

a. Joshua

i. old and well-advanced in years(v. 1)

ii. Near his death: Now I am about to go the way of the earth.(v. 14)


b. Israels elders, leaders, judges, and officials (v. 2)


They had personally witnessed what the Lord had done for the nation (v. 3)


Still had work to do: take possession of the remaining land (v. 5)


Called upon as witnesses that God had kept every promise He made (v. 14)


2. When does this passage take place? Is there anything significant about when this passage occurs?

a. After a long time had passed and the Lord had given Israel rest…” (v. 1)

3. Where do the events of this passage take place? What do we know about these places?

a. Were not told here where Joshua gathered the leadership of Israel for this message;

however, since Ch. 24 is a continuation of the passage, they may be in Shechem. (24:1)

B. Summary of Events

1. Joshua summoned Israels elders, leaders, judges, and officials to share a final message (v. 1-2)

2. Joshua reminds them of the Lords having gone before them to defeat their enemies and assures them of Gods intention for continued success over their enemies. (v. 3-5)

3. Joshua instructs them stay true to the Lord God and to obey the Law, avoiding contact with the remaining nations and their gods (v. 6-8)

4. If Israel chose to turn from God and to become intermingled with the remaining nations, then they would lose Gods favor in driving them out ahead of them and they would become a snare and a curse on Israel. (v. 9-13)

5. Joshua reminds Israels leadership that God had been faithful to do everything he promised up to that point and just as he was faithful in promises of blessing, he would be faithful in punishment upon them as well. (v. 14-16)

II. Discussion Questions

1. What were some of the commands that Joshua gave the leaders of Israel?

2. What was the deciding factor that would determine whether Israel would enjoy Gods blessing or endure His punishment?

3. Why do you think Joshua is delivering this message to Israels leadership at this point in time?

4. Based on this passage, in what ways might Israel be enticed away from the Lord?

III. Application

1. In what ways are Christians enticed toward worldliness and away from holiness?

2. What is the spiritual effect of sin in the life of a believer?

3. What is a Worldly Christian? Can a Worldly Christianexpect Gods blessings in this life?

4. How can a Worldly Christians fellowship with God be restored? What is necessary for this?

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