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Sunday Morning Bible Study 05/23/2010

Remaining Allotment of Promised Land

Joshua Chapters 18-19
I. Observation
A. Context
1. Who are the people in this passage? What do we know about them?
a. Joshua: _________________________________________________________________
b. Seven remaining tribes: ____________________________________________________
c. Nation of Israel: __________________________________________________________
2. When does this passage take place? Is there anything significant about when this passage occurs?
a. This passage takes place after most of Canaan had been conquered and after the tribes of
Judah, Ephraim, and the half-tribe of Manasseh had received their possessions (ch 15-17)
3. Where do the events of this passage take place? What do we know about these places?
a. Simeon’s allotment was within Judah’s allotment in the south (19:9)
b. Benjamin’s and Dan’s allotments were in central Canaan, west of the mouth of the Jordan
c. The remaining tribes (Asher, Issachar, Naphtali, & Zebulun) received land in the north.
B. Summary of Events
1. Israel moves to Shiloh and set up Tent of Meeting there. (18:1-2)
2. Joshua sends three men from the each tribe to survey the remaining land (18:3-8)
3. The men returned with the survey of the land divided into seven parts (18:9)
4. Joshua cast lots for the land in the presence of the Lord and distributed accordingly (18:9-10)
a. Inheritance of Benjamin (18:11-28)
i. Boundaries given (v. 12-20)
ii. Cities within the allotment of Benjamin (v. 21-28)
b. Inheritance of Simeon (19:1-9)
i. Cities within the allotment of Simeon (v. 2-8)
ii. Simeon received its inheritance within the land of Judah (v. 9)
c. Inheritance of Zebulun (19:10-16)
i. Boundaries and Cities given (v. 10-16)
d. Inheritance of Issachar (19:17-23)
i. Boundaries of and Cities within the allotment of Issachar (v. 18-22)
e. Inheritance of Asher (19:24-31)
i. Boundaries of and Cities within the allotment of Asher (v. 25-30)
f. Inheritance of Naphtali (19:32-39)
i. Boundaries given (v. 33-34)
ii. Fortified cities within the allotment of Naphtali (v. 35-38)
g. Inheritance of Dan (19:40-48)
i. Cities within the allotment of Dan (v. 41-46)
ii. Difficulties taking possession of territory, so settled elsewhere (v. 47)
5. Israelites gave Joshua an inheritance as the Lord commanded, Timnath Serah (19:49-50)
6. The allotment and division of the land was finally completed (19:51)

II. Interpretation
1. Where do we observe God at work in this passage? What attributes of God are displayed here?
2. How were the allotments decided? Discuss how this was viewed in light of God’s providence?
Is there such a thing as “chance” or “luck”? Why or why not?

III. Application
1. Nothing happens without at least passing through God’s hands. He is sovereign over chance.
2. God knows our needs and provides for them, even when we think we “need” more than we get.
Teacher: Johnny Hughes ( MYA 2.0 is a ministry of Metropolitan Baptist Church, OKC, OK (