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Exorcism was defined as the expulsion or attempted expulsion of a

supposed evil spirit from a person or place (oxford dictionary). In other
word, exorcism is the process of casting out the demons or evil spirits
from human being that believe to have strongly influenced or physically
possessed. According to those who believe in this phenomenon, a person
with demonic possession frequently babbling in languages that foreign to
them, shaking uncontrollably and vomiting nails, pieces of metal and
shards of glass. To cast out the demon, they must undergo this exorcism
that carried out by the exorcist.


Christians believed that Jesus performing exorcisms, and the ability

to cast our evil spirits was a sign of a true disciple. This is why exorcism
became an important part of the tradition of the early Christian church,
and many exorcisms are reported in early Christian literature. They also
believe in a story about Jesus encountered a madman and commanded
that the foul spirits leave him; the spirits then entered into a herd of pigs,
which ran over a cliff and drowned in the waters below. The Middle Ages
(500-1500AD) saw a revival of ancient superstition and demonology and
mental illness was seen to be the result of evil possession.

The barbaric treatment of mental illnesses was primarily left to the

clergy who exorcised patients through a variety of techniques which
caused physical pain, such as scourging. Mental illness was seen to be
the result of demonic possession and patients suffered brutal treatments
in the Middle Ages.

As mention earlier, exorcisms were performed by the exorcist. In

Christianity an exorcist is a Christian authority figure, usually a Catholic
priest, who was said to have unique spiritual gifts that makes them to
perform exorcisms. However, there were also people who are neither
Catholic nor priest, who can perform exorcisms as well. Exorcist may also
receive training through seminar or mentorship programs.


In Old Testament scripture, there is no record about the exorcism

was performed by human being. It was stated that in every case, the
exorcism was done either directly by the Lord or by an angel under divine

Besides, the Old Testament also rarely mentioned about the Satan.
Some of them pointed out that the Satan was mentioned only three times
and the unclean spirits mentioned only once. The conception of Satan in
Old Testament is not the creature that opposed to God, but as a fallen
angel who appears to be on speaking terms with God.


New Testament does testify that the demons are able to control both
human being and beast. There are a number of statements in the
Scripture where the demons were driven out of people. For example,
Matthew makes the following statement about the miracles of Jesus.

And the report of Him went forth into all Syria: and they brought unto
Him all that were sick, with various diseases, those suffering severe pain,
possessed with demons, epileptics, and paralytics, and He cured them
(Matthew 4:24)
All the exorcisms were done in instant by the Christ. He just told the
devil to depart from the human that it possessed and the Saviors words
will make the devil or the evil spirit to left the victims.

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