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Creating an Excel Database for a Mail Merge on a PC

Excel Spreadsheet Mail Merge

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Mail merge (PC)
Creating an Excel Database for a Mail Merge on a PC

1. To create a database for a mail

merge you will first need to open
Microsoft Excel on a new spread

2. We have to create Field headings

For each row of the address
For Example:
In column A type the word TITLE
In column B - NAME
In column C - SURNAME
In column D - ADDRESS1
In column E - ADDRESS2
In column F - ADDRESS3
In column G - POSTCODE

Please note that the headings

must not contain spaces otherwise it
can cause an error when doing the mail

3. Now fill in the address details as

per the field headings

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Mail merge (PC)
4. Your Database should now look
similar to this.

5. You now need to choose

where you want to save
your database on your
computer. Go to File and
select Save As.

Once you have selected

preferred location click

You are now ready to

merge your excel
spreadsheet onto your
labels using the mail merge
option in Design and Print

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Mail merge (PC)
Excel Spreadsheet Mail Merge

1. On the Design and Print Online home page

click on the Click to start Design &
Print Online option as shown

If you get a Get Started registration

form appear you will need to fill this in
before you will be able to continue.

2. The next page allows you to select

a product by either Category or by
Typing in the Product Code.

For this we will select the

Labels for Letters and
Envelopes option.

Double click on this option

3. You will need the product code for

the labels you want to use.
For this example we will use J8160.

As you type the product code into

the Quick Search box you will see
the selection change as it fillers
down and will eventually leave the
product code you want to use.

Click on the labels so they are

highlighted blue and click Next in
the top right hand corner.

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Mail merge (PC)
4. You now have a choice of
different designs that you
can choose from.

For this example we will select

the blank landscape

Click on the temple so it is

highlighted in blue and click
Next in the top right hand

5. You will now be in the Design

Tool. To start the mail merge
first of all your will need to
add a text box. To do this
click on the Add Text Box
button in the menu on the
left hand side to bring up a
text box.

You will also need to check

that you are on the Edit All
option on the right hand
menu. The option you are
using will be highlighted in
light grey as shown.

6. You can now start the

mail merge. Click on the
Start Mail Merge Button
in the left hand menu
under the Import Data

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Mail merge (PC)
7. Now Select the Browse For File
Button in the mail merge window.

8. Select the Database that you

want to use then click Open

9. Your file will then load

briefly and then your
database should
now be showing.

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Mail merge (PC)
10. Deselect the tick in the box
where it indicates Un-
check this box if you
dont want to print the
first row.

If you leave this ticked it

will print the headers on a

Click Next

11. Now you need to insert the

fields how you want these to
appear onto the label.

12. Once you have the labels laid

out as you want them
click on Complete Merge in
the top right hand corner.

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Mail merge (PC)
13. Your data will now be on the

If you have gaps in your

database as shown here you
will need to select the Edit One
option from the right hand menu
as shown.

You will then need to

individually delete the gap

14. Once you have finished

your design click Preview &
Print in the top right
hand corner.

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Mail merge (PC)
15. If you are happy with your design
you can now print it by selecting
the Print Button in the top right
hand corner.

If you wish to make amendments

before printing then select the Back
button which is also in the top right
hand corner. After you have
made the amendments follow step
14 again to get back to this page
and continue with the printing
steps below.

16. The PDF file will now be created.

17. When this has been created click


The PDF will now open up and you

can now print your project onto your
Avery UK product.

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Mail merge (PC)