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UMAVENKAT KARANAM, +91 8861770269

A highly motivated and hands on mechanical engineer seeking growth in competitive
engineering environment. Strong verbal and interpersonal skills and excellent team player.

IT Professional
Have worked as a SQL dba and a java developer.
Customer Service Executive, HSBC EDPI Ltd.
Was a part of 12 member and a top seller of the team sales through service team for US process.
Sales star of the team for 3 consecutive months for IPP, ASP and CK products.
Assisted credit card holders on a daily basis with troubleshooting and converting potential call
into sales.
Assisted team manager with managerial responsibilities.
Mentored new batches in service and sales psychology and in Interactive Skill Development calls.

Engineering Intern, Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd

Design and analysis of power transmission unit (double herringbone gear box). As a part of
academic project in RINL (Vishakhapatnam) led a team of four interns Studied the
existing double herringbone gear box deficiencies Designed an alternate gear box in
Catia V5 for the same parameters as a part of the undergraduate final project Performed
stress analysis (FEA) on the gear tooth using Ansys.
Study and Analysis of high interference fit hub coupling of a compressor shaft. Led a team
of six interns Studied the technical procedures of removing and remounting of the gear
coupling hub Assisted the team of engineers with process Performed stress analysis
(FEA) of the rotor and coupling hub using Catia V5 and Ansys .


CFD Projects
Coded numerical routines to simulate Bicycle model to simulate the working of a car on
proving ground. Simulated linear model called Bicycle Model in Matlab to study the
performance of a car Data was taken from a simulator in the NYSCEDII lab.
Analysis of non-linear systems using Duffing equation. Wrote a code to simulate and
analyze the Duffing equation in Matlab under various initial conditions and in absence of
damping with a focus on how fundamental mathematics can be used for daily life
paradigm simulation Analogy with stock market dynamics and hyper fast muscle
extensions was drawn.
Analysis of two dimensional unsteady heat conduction. Executed a code in Matlab to
conduct a comparative study of implicit and explicit finite differencing schemes with
respect to stability Alternating Direction Implicit methods were also tested.
Analysis of two dimensional steady-state temperature distribution. Implemented a code in
Matlab to simulate two dimensional temperature distribution using PSOR and LSOR
schemes for a square domain with combustion chamber boundary conditions .
Analysis of one dimensional wave equation. Simulated non-linear solution schemes
through code in Matlab to understand the propagation of a wave in a square domain

UMAVENKAT KARANAM, +91 8861770269

Focus on flux limiter concepts, Runge-Kutta and Modified Runge-Kutta schemes Executed
multi-step schemes to make a comparative study.
Analysis of lid driven cavity. Laminar incompressible flow was simulated in Matlab
Solutions to vorticity, stream function and velocity fields was sought in a simulation using
SOR schemes.
Analysis of Euler Gas Equation. Wrote a code to simultaneously execute the Navier-Stokes
equation in Matlab using TVD schemes, Monotone schemes.

Design projects
Design of a building HVAC system Data is based on the raw material acquired from
customer Focus on design and deployment aspects of design Designed the Office per
requirements and standards Economic considerations were met Thermal design was
done in HAP Duct lay was done using Duct sizing.
Independent study of Wind Energy. Studied the development and working of wind systems
Aerodynamics of wind turbines in focus Understood the working aspects of the
development of a WT blade from the beginning to deployment Blade design was done in
Catia V5.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (mathematical analysis and numerical programming using
Matlab), Thermodynamics in Material Science, CAD (Catia V5 & SolidWorks) ,GSD, SMD, JAVA,
surface development, solid modeling, advanced parametric modeling , Benchmarking, Sheet
metal design, Plastic modeling, 2D drafting, GD&T, FEA ,Wind Turbines and wind energy
extraction, Customer Service and Sales.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Thermodynamics in material science Combustion
Computer Modeling of Complex Thermal/Fluid problems Fluid Mechanics Engineering Analysis
Road vehicle dynamics Heat Transfer Non-Conventional Sources of Energy (Wind Energy
Extraction) HVAC

M.S in Mechanical Engineering, SUNY, Buffalo
September, 2012
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
May,2009 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India