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Introduction to Legal Studies

My World!
The legal system, or law, affects almost every aspect of our lives. Think for
a moment about what you have done this week, or even just today since
waking up.
On a series of Post-It notes, write down ways in which the law has
impacted upon you and your family so far this week (E.g. traffic laws).
Bring your Post-It notes to the whiteboard and place them together with
others you think are similar.
As a class, identify an appropriate title for each grouping of Post-It notes

The Big, Wide World!

The news regularly contains reports about individuals or organisations

breaching the law.
Go to and find 5 articles you think have a legal
perspective. Complete the table below

Details of Article: Title, author, date Explanation of Legal Issue including any
legal terms (E.g. coronial inquest, trial,
Kaine Geoffrey Jones sentenced for one Jones was sentenced to 6 years by the
punch that killed Graeme Wilton Supreme Court. He was charged with
murder but on the first day of his trial
last year, he pleaded guilty to the lesser
charge of manslaughter.
Teacher, students stabbed at Bonnyrigg The 16 year old male student was
High School arrested.
Bankstown Terror Arrest: Teens were Two teenagers were arrested with
about to make final prayers, police hunting knives and a note pledging
believe alliance to Islamic State.
Former Standford swimmer Brock Turner Turner was arrested for raping an
leaves jail Friday after serving his sexual unconscious girl for 6 months but only
assault sentence. ended up serving only half his sentence.
His neighbours were enraged by the
reduced sentence.
Man, 92, charged with sexually assaulting The man was arrested in Manly on
six-year-old girl in Sydney Thursday and charged over the alleged
sexual and indecent assault of the
schoolgirl last month. He appeared at
Manly Local court on Thursday and was
granted strict conditional bail before his
next scheduled appearance at the
Drowning Centre Local Court on March

In Germany, it is illegal to break down on the Autobahn because