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elektronski list ~ karikatura i kratki strip
caricature and short comic cartoon ~ august, 2008
world Authors
Great Turkish Caricaturist

Erdogan Karayel
Interview by Nizar Outhman

Erdogan Karayel - TURKEY & GERMANY

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elektronski list za Karikaturu I Kratki Strip
Paraćin - SERBIA

Osnivač, vlasnik i glavni i odgovorni urednik: Naslovna: Karikatura: Erdogan Karayel - TURKEY & GERMANY;
Zoran Matić Mazos,
E-mail: Strana 3: Živojin Pavlović"žikišon" (Paracin – Serbia 1885. – 1950.) III The Competition of a Caricature and a Short Comic Strip 2008.

Urednik stripa: Strana 4: Kosovo is Serbia! Karikatura, Zoran Matić Mazos;

Franja Straka,
E-mail: fstraka@eunet.yu Strana 5 / 6 / 7 / 8: Erdogan Karayel, Interview by Nizar Outhman;

Redakcija: Strana 9: Karikature: Nizar Outhman - LEBANON;

(EX - YU): Stela Dušanić - CROATIA;
Goran Kljajić - BOSNIA & HERCEGOVINA; Strana 10: International Cartoon Contest Biennale „HUMOREST“
Jordan Pop Iliev - MACEDONIA; HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ 2008 /Czech Republic/;
Simon Vučković - MONTENEGRO;
Milan Alašević - SLOVENIJA; Strana 11: Results 7th International Fór pro FOR -
Zlatko Milenković - SERBIA; Czech Republic, Praha;
Europe EU - Rene Bouschet - FRANCE;
Alexei Talimonov - ENGLAND; Strana 12: The Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City invites you
Winfried Besslich - GERMANY; to enter . . . The 20th Rotary Cartoon Awards;
Partanen Heino - FINLAND;
Andrea Bersani - ITALY; Strana 13: Last Year’s Winner CARTOON OF THE YEAR,
Marcin Bondarowicz - POLAND; Matt Adams;
Ivan Hanousek - CHEZ REPUBLIC;
Lubomir Kotrha - SLOVAK REPUBLIC; Strana 14 / 15 / 16: 72. izložba, Karikaturista,
Marian Avramescu - ROMANIA; Eduarda Baptistao, BRAZIL,
Valentin Georgiev - BULGARIA; GALERIJA KARIKATURA s ponosom predstavlja 73.
Nickola van Karavanis - GREECE; «Retrospektivna izložba» (12 renomiranih karikaturista),
Mike Haskett - SWEDEN; za kiks Stela Dušanić Tod, CROATIA;
UKRAINA: Vladimir Kazanevsky;
RUSSIA: Igor Smirnov; Strana 17: Karikatura, Marko Ivić, CROATIA;
Makhmudjon Eshonkulov - UZBEKISTAN; CARTOON CONTEST 2008;
Erdogan Basol - TURKEY;
Rahim Baggal Asghari - IRAN; Strana 19: Karikature, Davood Yarahmadi, IRAN;
Raed Khalil - SYRIA;
Huseyin Cakmak - CYPRUS; Strana 20: Co-operation and Friends Links;
Nizar Fadel Outhman - LEBANON;
Boris Erenburg - ISRAEL
Strana 21 / 21 / 22: Strip, Franja Straka, SERBIA;
Achmad Cholid - INDONESIA;
AFRICA: Elrayah Ombaddi - SUDAN;
Strana 23: Strip, Slobodan Srdić, SERBIA;
USA: Igor Kopelnitsky;
Strana 24: Strip, Achmad Cholid - INDONESIA;
Camilo Andres Triana Cubillos - COLOMBIA;
Juan Matias Loiseau Tute - ARGENTINA;
Jaime Huerta Madrid - CHILE; Strana 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 29: Strip, Bira Dantas - BRAZIL;
Raquel Orzuj - URUGUAY;
Ferreol Murillo Fuentes - COSTA RICA. Strana 30: Karikature, Rene Bouschet, FRANCE and
Camilo Triana - COLOMBIA
Copiright By Zikison. All right reserved.
Design by Zoran Matic Mazos 2
kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip
Živojin Pavlović žikišon (Paracin – Serbia 1885. – 1950.)
III The Competition of a Caricature and
a Short Comic Strip 2008.
and The SRZ (SRŽ) – The Satirical
Manufactory "Zikison" (Satirična Radionica
are announcing in the categories, the themes:


WITHOUT WORDS. How do caricaturists imagine
"Žikišon" and his life time?


FORM. For both of categories you can send up to 3
works on A/4 size of paper, up to 200 KB by E-mail,
any technique is allowed.


FREE FORM. A board needs to content up to 6 squares , A/3 format, up 400 KB by E-mail, any
technique is allowed, up to 3 boards in a work or 3 boards of a single strip.

The competition will be opened and free for all of the professionals and amateurs, for affirmed and
unknown authors from 7 to 77 years of age, for all people on this planet but in the case if someone
appears from other planet then we will become the first interplanetar competition.

AWARDS: The first award in each of three categories - a presentation on a particular page on the site and Electronic weekly news žIKIšON and kiks (Caricature and Short Cartoon).

Works can be sent by E-mail & with

author’s short biography and photography. All of received works will not be returned to the senders.
The organization of this project keeps the right for using and publishing of received works for the
organization’s needs.
Deadline: No deadline (Permanent Exhibition)
(The Results: November 1.)
ZIKISON (1885. - 1950.): Was a Satirist, a caricaturist, an editor, a publisher, and a printer. Between
two wars in Serbia he was an actuator, a Co – Author editor of many of newspaper for humor and satire.
He has been suffering and imprisoned by Communist Regime in 1949. Soon after that torture and
seizing his property, he was died in 1950.

For The SRZ (SRŽ):

April 1. 2008 in Paracin Zoran Matic Mazos

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Kosovo is Serbia!
Zoran Matić Mazos

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Great Turkish Caricaturist

Erdogan Karayel Interview by Nizar Outhman

Erdogan Karayel... The World of humour has
heard much about him and the Don Quichotte
humour magazine which Karayel is he director.
We talked about the world and Turkey humour
with him.
N.O. The great Turkish German Caricaturist worked at the advertising sector as grapher, art director
Erdogan Karayel .. Could you please feed us more and creative director for approximately 30 years. I've
about yourself? been living in Germany for six years.

E.K. I was born in Istanbul in 1956. I began to draw on N.O. - The DQ International caricature site.. There is
the wall of our house when I was six years old. And I've no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most
been drawing professionally since I was twenty years important sites in the caricature world.. What could
old. I graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, “Graphic you tell us more about it? How was its idea born?
Department”. My five caricature albums were published. When you start The DQ great caricature site? And
I won thirty-eigth national and internatonal prices. I what are the most important activities carried out by
joined a lot of personally and mixed exhibitions. I have it?
kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip
E.K. - And since the last four years I've been struggling to bring I have been living and this increases my hopes for the future
Don Quichotte an active and permanent situation in the humor much more. Our humor struggle continuing for four years
world. This adventure has began in order to undertaken a seems that not only I, all caricaturists are an Don Quichotte as
bridge task between the Turkish caricature and the world the name of our magazine. And the windwills are the reason of
caricature. our existence. I have just undertaken the locomotive of Don
Don Quichotte was pressed only ten issues in 2005 when it Quichotte. But the world caricaturists lay claim to Don
was published first.Unfortunately I've been triying to continue Quichotte and they enrich it.
its publications only through internet for three years because I
can't solve the sponser problem. I work inexaggrated day and N.O. - We notice great activities in the world of caricature,
night to be able to catch the agenda of the world by means of what are the reasons? And do you believe that caricature
drawing. Don Quichotte is successfull because of these has the ability to get an important role in the era of image?
reasons. It is a magnific sense that the caricaturists from
different nations can communicate through “caricature” being E.K. According to me caricature is one of the most active and
the the common language of the world,and to contribute in popular art branches of the area. I think there aren't another
order that they claim to the actuel subjects and produce. branch that draws the agenda of the world so much quickly
According to me the caricaturists are the most generous and effectual. Especially in the last years the import and the
people in the world. I think we are unique people who can be function of the caricature has been increasing because of
happy by drawing. For us sharing our caricatures with society spreading of the techology extremely. As for the questions
is more attractive and significiant than counting green how the caricature has the ability to get an effective role in the
banknotes. I can't say that I saw such a solidarity with the era of image; I believe that the last example is “Hz.
exeption of Don Quichotte. I have the honour of obtaining such Muhammed Caricatures”. This example has indicated that
an utopian success, too. A lot of popular caricaturists in Don caricature is a very strong and effective art branch. I can say
Quichotte Caricature Committee who we constitued from fifty- only one sentence about this sensitive subject which has kept
two persons in order to solve the the problems of the world busy the world: “Caricaturist solves the problems, don't
caricatures- have striked up a nice friendship through “Yahoo caused problem.”
Groups”. We have organized three great international
contests such as “Turkey On The Way Of Europen Union, N.O. - As a great expert, how could you summarize the
World Languages, Immigration” until today. Besides we have most important problems in the world of caricature?
made up the international exhibitions as Nazım Hikmet, Bird
Flu, Once Upon A Time New Orleans, Stop The War, Criminal E.K. Nowadays technology has expanded communication of
Attempt on Benazir Bhutto, Che Guevara. Furthermore we caricature for communities as well as it has shorted the delay
have realized a fairly extensive international questionnaire of the communication. I think the digital caricature having
about “digital caricatures”. support of internet has abolished the consepts of the time and
limit As to the problems of the world caricatures; perhaps one
N.O. - Every one knows your tremendous effort in the of the most important problems is that we draws “the first joke
world of caricature... And while many of another which we think.” Thus the similar caricatures become
International caricature sites have support of its unvoidable. I believe that an autocontrol system -suitable for
countries (Regardless of this support whether big or ethical rules- has to be realized in the caricature art from now
small), Do you have any support from a certain point or on. Another considerable matter in the contests is the
not? shallowness of the jokes. When we consider the caricatureas
a pragmatic art branch, in the general meaning I observe that
E.K. The struggle of Don Quichotte continuing for four years is the caricature is in a different position from ethical thougt.
really praiseworthy. I am not humble about this subjects yet. I think that the magazine caricatures with speech balloon
Also there are a certain success in sight. Of course I struggle which are very effective nowadays, and the caricatures known
many annoyances and problems which you don't know. For widely in the marketing area don't agree with the philosoph of
example I sold my car so that 3rd issue of Don Quichotte can the caricature. One of the most important problems of the
be published. Since the last three years I have been striving to caricaturists is to be not able to earn money. I had explained
keep up Don Quichotte and organize the activities by money I the reasons of this in previous question. I can just add that: As
have earned as grapher. There is only one reason that I can if it seems an utopian goal, we, the caricaturists believe that
stand up to so much annoyance: I like caricature very much so we change the world by caricatures being transformation to
much so that it almost is a piece of my life. I sometimes think; drawing of our vital attainments but not by money. I am not
“What has caricature given me or taken from me?”... Unruly complainant from this but I would ask that we are able to have
and madcap Don Ouichotte who is within every caricaturist more humane living rights. Even if an organized struggle of
and who ventures everything bravely- is the most single and the caricaturists in the world seems such as an utopian thougt,
shortest answer of all questions! As the caricature is the I think that some day the great developments will happen in
unique art branch which keeps on at mistakes and injustices in this respect.
the world, there are many people who like caricature or don't
like. Particularly the politicians don't like us, we don't like them, N.O. - How do you look at internet, does internet has a
too. “Pinocchio” is much more honest in comprassion with positive or negative reflexes into caricature?
them. At least his nose grows when he told a lie. We are
intolerable to the world established on the “lie”. E.K. This question is very related to Don Quichotte. If I answer
As to the answer of your question; Don Quichotte has only one your guestion by only one sentence; I can say: “Internet is one
sponsor and he is Erdoğan Karayel. It just is possible to be of the reasons of the existence of Don Quichotte which I have
able to find a sponsor for the contests ordered by us. And this aimed such as a bridge between Turkish and German
can only occure with a great sacrifice and obstinacy. However Societies at the beginning- is going to being a bridge between
it cheered up that in the last times the German municipalities Turkish and German caricatures today. I have to add;
are interested in my activities particularly in Germany where I therefore we have organized the questionaire about “Digital
kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip
Caricatures” which I believe contributing to the world Around 1950s, characters and jokes became more genuine
caricature. Internet is a communication possibility serving and specific to Turkish caricature. During this time, which was
your goal what you have aimed. Addressing of the caricatures subsequently dubbed as “Modern Caricature era”, eminent
to the wide communities and particularly solving the problem artists emerged in this period that were later called “50s
about post expense and time considerably are only two ones Generation”. Turhan Selçuk, Ali Ulvi Ersoy, Ferruh Doğan,
of the great attainments. Ramiz, Necmi Rıza Ayça, Nehar Tüblek, Selma Emiroğlu,
Altan Erbulak, Oğuz Aral, Tonguç Yaşar, Yalçın Çetin, Bedri
N.O.- DQ International Cartoon committee... No one can Koraman, Mustafa Eremektar, Semih Balcıoğlu and Tan Oral
deny that it was a great idea... and it was the first of its are some of those artists.
kind... What are the main issues considered by it now? After 1960, turkish caricature moved into a standstill period. In
And in future? Does it have a direct impact on the world of 1969, Turhan Selçuk, Semih Balcıoğlu and Ferit Öngören
Caricature? founded the Caricaturists Foundation. Rapidly gaining
attention in the early 1970s, turkish caricature became even
E.K.- Eventhough these remarks are flattering, they surpass more active by means of the comic strip, “Gırgır” founded by
Don Quichotte's and my purposes since my capabilities and Oğuz Aral. Aloof from universal caricature culture, a new
talents are limited. What you are describing here can only be generation of national caricaturists emerged in this period.
achieved by team spirit and sharing. My only purpose is to Erdoğan Karayel is also a member of this generation. Gırgır
remove the borders in the world of caricature and promote became a very important comic strip with its positives and
solidarity as much as possible by caricatures. The interest negatives to the Turkish caricature. Today, on the other hand,
and participation of world caricaturists to the activities we with comic strips such as “Leman”, “Penguen” and “Uykusuz”,
have organized overwhelm my personal thoughts. I don't see which can be identified as mere derivatives of “Gırgır”, we are
the necessary capacity to do more in myself and I don't think I experiencing a national period that is dominated by an
have the right to do it. introverted humor concept. These papers are simply
I'd like to comment on our work on “Similar Caricatures”. I wish imitations of one another and they do not have any
that the artists whose works are published in this category do contribution to the image of the Turkish caricature in the
not get offended. As the title speaks for itself, the published international scene. Unfortunately, the number of Turkish
caricatures are “similar” to one another. They are never meant caricaturists who are renowned in the international arena is
to be entitled as “plagiarisms” or “copies”. Our goal is to make very limited. In my opinion, today, Turkish caricature is in a
the world of caricature an honest and neat environment free of stagnant state and it has to fight against an oppressive and
superficial works. I believe that we must distinguish the real conservative system as well. Some artists are persecuted or
artists who put their hearts and souls into their work from forced to leave from their organizations because of their
those who prefer easy and superficial work in caricature. Our works. Despite all this, the fact that Turkish caricaturists
commission is conducting research on this particular topic as cannot make any progress in joining forces is really
well as many others that are of concern to the caricature in saddening. Unfortunately, the only effort to popularize Turkish
general. We are publishing information related to our findings caricature in the world is limited to organizing competitions.
in our website occasionally. A recent example that illustrates Therefore, the role “Don Quichotte” is assuming today is very
the direct impact of Don Quichotte to the world of caricature is significant. In sum, Turkish caricature is suffering from not
our “Stop this Crime” campaign. This campaign has attracted being able to educate a young caricaturist generation to
104 caricatures from 23 countries which by itself portrays the replace the old masters. I believe that after masters such as
significance of Don Quichotte for caricaturists all over the Ali Ulvi, Semih Balcıoğlu, Ferruh Doğan, Necmi Rıza Ayça,
world today. Oğuz Aral, Mustafa Eremektar, Eflatun Nuri, and Semiramis
Aydınlık we must strive hard to rejuvenate Turkish caricature
N.O. - Could you please feed us more about the Turkish to carry it to the level it deserves in the international scene.
cartoons? What are the most prominent features of it? The biggest need in Turkish caricature today is a unifying
Where do you put it in the map of cartoon world today? force.

E.K.- In Turkey, the first caricature was published in 1867. The N.O. - What do you think about cartoons in the Arab
first comic strip was “Diyojen” which was published by Teodor world?
Kasap. Because of the oppressive ruling of the Ottoman era,
however, caricature moved into a dormant state up until 1908, E.K.- Arab world caricature has made considerable progress
when it revived again. Therefore, it is proper to divide Turkish over the last few years. For instance, I believe Iran caricature
caricature into three stages, namely, “Ottoman era”, has a high rank in the world. Iranian caricaturists created a
“Republican era” and “Modern Caricature era”. Although the plastic and aesthetic value in modern caricature. In particular,
very first caricatures that were drawn under western influence some of them are very good at “portrayal” drawings. Syria,
in Ottoman era were very appealing, they were subject to the Morocco, Algeria, Sudan and Egypt have very successful
monarchial rules and frameworks. In this generation, we caricaturists as well. The most important common traits of
could see emerging masters such as Nişan Berberyan, Ali Turkish and Arabic caricaturists are that primarily, they are
Fuat, Sedat Nuri İleri, Münif Fehim and Cemil Cem. anti-imperialists and they have similar political views. The
With increasing interest in the Rebublican era, the caricature harshest criticisms to USA and Israel on their military activities
found broader audiences thanks to the increasing number of against Lebanon come from Turkish and Arabic caricaturists.
press agencies after the Language Revolution in 1928. The But I'd like to point out something at this point. I have observed
western influence was also present in this epoch. Supported that some of the Arabic caricaturists are doing perfunctory
by subtitles and characters that are very similar to those work by making “the most obvious joke” on a subject. The
pictured in the West, caricature was having a transition at the days of slogan caricature is over. Creating works that turn
time. We could count Münif Fehim Özarman, Ramiz Gökçe, simplicity into richness and that can accent the magical power
Ratip Tahir Burak, Kozma Togo, Salih Erimez, Orhan Ural, of caricature will not only advance Turkish and Arabic
Necmi Rıza Ayça as the prominent artists of this time. caricature but also it will contribute to the universal caricature.
kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Erdogan Karayel - TURKEY & GERMANY

N.O. Last word…

E.K.- Of course, my last words are to those world

caricaturists who have believed in my cause for four
years and whose support have been invaluable to me.
Hundreds, thousands, millions of thanks to you! Thank
you for being with us! Don Quichotte makes much more
sense with your support.

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Nizar Outhman
Place of Birth: Lebanon – Beirut 1974
Nationality: Syrian
Address: Lebanon – Beirut
Mobile: 0096170852633
E – mail:

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International Cartoon Contest
/Czech Republic/

Czech Union of Caricaturists (FECO CZ)
The Museum of East Bohemia Hradec Králové


1/ Competition Theme for 2008: TWO

2/ Number of submissions: 3 max, A4.

3/ Cartoons for the competition will be sent as data files, JPG format, 300 DPI.

4/ To see the official biennale website please go to:

To join the competition, authors should complete the application form found on the website and
attach their cartoons (JPG, 300 DPI). The cartoons will automatically be named in the prescribed
manner by the form. The receipt of cartoons will be confirmed to authors by e-mail.

5/ An exhibition of selected cartoons will be installed in the Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec

6/ The best cartoons will be featured in a catalogue and sent to all the authors featured. The
catalogue will be available on request to other authors on receipt of the payment of 10€. (Contact: )

7/ Prizes:
1. prize VELKÝ HUMOREST /sculpture/ and 17,000 CZK (700 €)
2. prize HUMOREST / sculpture / and 12,000 CZK (500 €)
3. prize HUMOREST / sculpture / and 7,500 CZK (300 €)
2 x prizes awarded by the Jury / sculpture / and 5,000 CZK (200 €)
The Igor ŠEVČÍK AWARD – art print and 3,000 CZK (125 €) will be awarded for original artistic

8/ Time schedule of the Competition:

Deadline for work: 7. 9. 2008
Ceremonial announcement of the winners and opening of the exhibition: 16. 10. 2008 (The
Museum of East Bohemia, Eliščino nábřeží 465, Hradec Králové)
Exhibition in the Museum of East Bohemia, Hradec Králové: 17. 10. – 7. 12. 2008
9/ All participants in the competition agree that their cartoons might be used for the promotion of
the HUMOREST 2008 Biennale, published in the competition catalogue, the media and the
Biennale website, and any other websites providing information about cartoons. All participants
waive payment.
10/ By sending their cartoons into the competition, the authors accept entry conditions.
11/ Please go to
to download the specifications and application form for the Biennale.
to see the names of the authors whose cartoons have been accepted for the competition.
to see the results of the Humorest 2008 Biennale published after the meeting of the jury on 30. 9.
12/ Should you wish to attend the opening exhibition and the ceremonial announcement of
winners in person, please book your accommodation on: by 30.9.2008.

Phdr. Zdeněk Zahradník, Manager of the East Bohemia Museum

Hradec Králové, Břetislav Kovařík
Chair of the Czech Union of Caricaturists and FECO Czech Republic

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

I. Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz (Polska)

II. Břetislav Kovařík (Česko)

Results 7th International

Fór pro FOR -
Czech Republic, Praha

III. Sľawomir Luczyňski (Polska)

Theme: “The window – the eye of building”

301 cartoons, 146 authors, 35 countries.
1st place: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz - Poland (See top above)
2nd place: Břetislav Kovařík - Czech republic
3rd place: Slawomir Luczynski - Poland
4th place: Goran Markovic - Serbia
5th place: Bobo Pernecký - Slowakia
Prize for authors of Czech republic:
Cena Svatopluka Pitry: Jan Hrubý
Cena e-GAGu: Marie Plotěná
(Jury: president jury M. Barták, ČR - winner 2007; F. Vico, SR; K.
Kanala: SR; A. Vyjidák, CR; J. Skoupý, CR; L. Běhal, CR ; I.
Hanousek, CR - secretary jury).
kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip
The Rotary Club of Coffs
Harbour City invites you
to enter . . .
The 20th Rotary Cartoon
Winner of the 1993 Silver Stanley Award for
contribution to Black and White Art.

The competition is designed to recognise the best of Australian and International cartoons with prizes totalling over
$10,000. The Rotary Cartoon Awards are sponsored by the Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City to raise funds for various
Rotary charities and to promote cartooning through the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. All entries will be donated to the Rotary
Club of Coffs Harbour City for exhibitions at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery and other galleries in Australia. They will become
part of the Coffs Cartoon Collection. The cartoons may be exhibited and reproduced in a catalogue or similar, onto post
cards and copied, at the Rotary Club’s discretion, any time in the future, for sale through the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. The
First and Merit winners in all categories also receive a medallion.
Open ONLY to Australian citizens or residents of Australia over 18 years of age (The closing date for these entries is 29
September, 2008)
The categories are:
Best Cartoon with a Political Theme 1st: $750 Merit: $250
Best Cartoon Open Theme 1st: $750 Merit: $250
Best Cartoon Sports Theme 1st: $750 Merit: $250
Best Cartoon: Grey Nomads 1st: $750 Merit: $250
Best Comic Strip 1st: $750 Merit: $250
Best Caricature of a well known person 1st: $750 Merit: $250
Open to cartoonists worldwide, over 18 years of age. Closing date for entries, 29 September 2008.
The category is:
Special 2008 Theme: FUEL CRISIS 1st: $750 Merit: $250
One cartoon will be selected from all categories (National and International sections).
This prize which includes the category prize will be $3000 and a special Winner’s Plaque.
The Award Presentation will be held on Friday 21st November 2008 at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery, Coffs Harbour. The
Rotary Cartoon Awards 2008 are conducted in association with the Australia Cartoonists' Association and the Federation
of Cartoonists Organisations.
CLOSING DATE: 29 September 2008
Send entries to: The Secretary, Rotary Cartoon Awards
Bunker Cartoon Gallery PO Box 2474 Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Australia
International Section
1. The Rotary Cartoon Awards are open to anyone over the age of 18.
2. No captions are permitted in this section.
3. Identification of the subject must appear on reverse of the work, written in pencil, in the top left hand corner.
4. All cartoons submitted must be clearly labelled with the artist’s name, address, telephone number and email address
written on the reverse of the work, in pencil, beneath the subject’s name, in the top left hand corner. This makes for easy
identification of subject and artist and does not mar the work for exhibition.
3. There are no restrictions on the number of entries submitted and entries may have been published or be unpublished.
5. Cartoons must be originals and may be either colour or black and white. Suggested size of cartoon entries is A4
(210mm x 297mm) but oversized entries will be accepted.
6. Please do not frame entries.
7. Entry to the awards will be taken as an agreement to accept the rules and entry conditions.
8. The cartoons may be exhibited and reproduced in a catalogue or similar, onto post cards and copied, at the Rotary
Club’s discretion, any time in the future, for sale through the Bunker Cartoon Gallery.
9. The Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City will appoint judges for the competition. Judges will not be eligible to enter the
competition. Judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
10. Winners of the 2008 competition will be announced on 21st November 2008. The Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City
will notify all winners.
The Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City
Both International Section & National Section Rules & Entry-Forms at:
kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip
Last Year’s Winner CARTOON OF THE YEAR

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip



kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip



72. izložba u Galeriji Karikatura «OsijeK» Brazilskog

Na temu «Napad na Euro»
Večeri 30. lipnja u 19 sati imali smo priliku upoznati se s
radom Eduarda Baptistao.
Rođen je u Sao Paulo 1966. godine. Školovao se za oglašavanje I propagandu “Casper
Libero” 1988. godine. Djeluje kao ilustrator od 1985. godine, otkada je objavio svoj prvi
rad u “Leaf” of Sao Paulo. Surađuje s mnogim poznatim magazinima, časopisima, poput:
the Press, Circulates, Bundas, Republic, Who, Playboy, Placar… Također, radi ilustracije
za knjige I omote za medije.
Osvojio je mnoge tuzemne I inozemne nagrade
Na otvorenju nastupio je BullDovla s rap izvedbom... bilo je stvarno posebno dobar
dozivljaj. Zbog izložbenog karaktera sama izložba nosi naziv «Napad na Euro», sukladno
tome imali smo dva dječaka koji su, obučeni u dresove hrvatske nogometne reprezentacije,
za k i k s
žonglirali nakon otvorene izložbe.
Stela Dušanić otvorila je izložbu na svoj specifični način pokušavajući staviti naglasak na
činjenicu da svaki mjesec u Galeriji Karikatura daje se prilika mladim ljudima da se izraze
na njima unikatan način.
Izložba je bila posebna jer na ovaj dan naš kariakturista Eduardo ima rođendan, te mu
želimo puno uspjeha, proboja, još puno, puno, puno, puno ovako dobrih karikatura poput
ovih s kojima smo se večeras imali prilike susresti!!
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S ponosom predstavlja
«Retrospektivna izložba»
(12 renomiranih

N a k o n s m r t i To m i s l a v a
Dušanića - Tod, Galeriju je preuzela
njegova kći STela Dušanić. Od
preuzimanja Galerije do danas otvorila je
16 izložbi. S obzirom da je bilo izložbi u
spomen na rad Tomislavu Dušaniću,
izložba plakata Tomislava koje je radio od
68. godine na različite teme, izložba
fotografija, tek sada otvaramo
retrospektivnu izložbu, prvu u nizu pod
vodstvom STele Dušanić.

Izložba je otvorena 28. srpnja 2008.

godine. Ovom izložbom htjeli smo
podsjetiti na sve ono što smo radili u
prošloj godini. Izložene su po tri
karikature dvanaest renomiranih

Ilian Savkov – Bugarska, Athanassios

Efthimiadis - Grčka, Frans Mensink –
Nizozemska, Aleksandar Blatnik –
Srbija, Dalibor Pavić - Paky – Hrvatska,
Ivailo Tsvetkov – Bugarska, Davor
Štambuk - Hrvatska/Francuska,
Tomislav Dušanić - Tod – Hrvatska, Yu
Gai – Kina, Siniša Petrović – Hrvatska,
Eshonkulov Makhmudjon – Uzbekistan,
Tomislav Zvonarić – Hrvatska.

Svi redom poznati i prepoznati

u svojoj zemlji, o čemu svjedoče njihovi
radovi. Bila nam je čast i privilegija imati
umjetnike poput njih u Galeriji.
Novu izložbu, u kolovozu,
nećemo pripremati jer smo ove godine
prvi put pozvani na Špancirfest u
Varaždinu. Iznimno smo ponosni što ćemo
biti dio tog velikog kulturnog dogašaja
koji okupljamnogo glazbenjaka,
likovnjaka, karikaturista.....

Radosni smo i ushićeni, vjerujemo da

ćemo prezentirati Galeriju Karikatura,
jedinstvenu Galeriju u svijetu, u najboljem
mogućem svjetlu.
Zahvaljujemo svima koji su se svakog
mjeseca vjerno stavljali na raspolaganje
kako bi pomogli u organiziranju izložbi!!
Naravno, ne bi bilo isto bez vas.... a ovo je
tek početak!!
Stela Dušanić 16
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My name is Marko Ivić. I was born in
1963. In Drniš (Croatia). I live in Solin
and I work as Graphic designer and
marketing menager. Since 1990. I m a
member of Croatian Caricaturist
Society, and I coperative with number
of newspapers and comic in Croatia
and all over the world. I was lots of
Phone 395 021 215 - 771 international awards at Caricature
Mob: 098 - 330515 festivals worldwide. In 1998. I won the
Address: award for "Best Croatian Caricaturist ".
Bubići 50, 21210 Solin
Best wishes and sincerely Yours,
Marko Ivić E-mail: Marko Ivić

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip



1-This contest and exhibition is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists of any nationality religion and

2-Subjects-Topics: Cartoons against detroying the olive trees, olive, olive industry, olive oil, olive branch, olive tree,
cutting olive trees, benefit from olive etc...

3-The minimum and maximum sizes of each cartoon to be submitted must be A4 and A3. Cartoons can be drawn
in any colour… There shall be no frame nor any bandages around the cartoons…

4-The cartoons must be original... Photocopies and technically produced (from the computer) cartoons will not be
evaluated. This type of cartoons will only be exhibited or will be put in the albume if approved by the selection

5-The cartoons submitted to the contest which will be pre-elected will be put and exhibited on a web page for the
attention and objection of international cartoon associations to overcome copying and steeling… Any cartoon
which is copied, stolen or awarded in other cartoon contest will be disqualified…

6-All participants are allowed to submit maximum two cartoons… Name, surname, address, e-mail and telephone
numbers of the participants must be written at the back of each cartoon… A short resume and photograph must
also be attached…

7-All the cartoons must reach to the specified addresss till 30 August 2008… The cartoonists themselves will be
responsible from all losses, delays and damages…

8-Being publicated or not is not important for the cartoons… The important thing is that they should not be awarded
in any contest…

9-All cartoons eligible for an award or not shall not be returned and shall be stored in archive of the "Cyprus
Inernational Catoon Museum."

10-Besides those cartoons which will be awarded, all the cartoons approved by the selection committee will be
pubicated in an album and exhibited in Zeytinlik Village at 5-10 October 2008 during the “7th International Olive

11-The result of the contest will be announced in local newspapers…

·The transfer and accomodation expenses of the cartoonists who will win the first three awards will be paid
by the Municipality of Kyrenia…

·Only the accomodation expenses of the cartoonists who will win particular/distinctive awards will be paid
by the Municipality Of Kyrenia…


1st Prize: 1.500 Euro+Gold Medal... 2nd Prize: 1.000 Euro+ Silver Medal... 3th Prize: 750 Euro+Bronz Medal...
10 or 20 person “Special Prize” (Bronz Medal)



kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Davood Yarahmadi
Chief editorial Cartoon magazines
My date of birth was 1972 in
Khorramabad Lorestan. Now I live in
Designer and Photographer.
Member of Iranian graphic designer's
Society (IGDS).
Member of Icograda.
Member of International Federation of
journalist (IFJ).
I've been active as manager of Lor Cartoon
House for three years(196-1999).
Second international prize,Golden Mouflon
cartoon festival 1997 Nicosia Cyprus(Silver
Plate,Honor Diploma).
Award of success in international Aydin
Dougan Foundational cartoon festival
(Silver Plate,Honor Diploma & Festival
Award of success in Iran Young's cartoon
festival (Honor Diploma in 1996).
Honor Diploma from Anadolu University
the museum of world education cartoons
Prizes for excellence and Honor Diploma
from China LM international cartoon
exhibition in 2003.
One of the 30 cartoonists among the
Eurohumor International Biennal.
Excellence Prize from Peace Cup
International Cartoon Contest in 2005.
Chief editorial Cartoon magazine
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Franja Straka - SERBIA


kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Franja Straka - SERBIA


kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Franja Straka - SERBIA

Slobodan Srdić - SERBIA

kiks 20________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

Achmad Cholid - INDONESIA

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip
Bira Dantas - BRAZIL

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kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip

kiks 20_________________________________________________________karikatura i kratki strip


Bira Dantas - BRAZIL

Rene Bouschet FRANCE