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Queen of the Flies

By T. Patrick Rooney

Chapter 1

Ron Amos was one of the FBI's leading experts on

the Kidnapping and Missing Persons Task Force. He
had been in the bureau for 17 years, after high school
he had gone right into the marines. His aptitude tests
were off the charts, he was fast strong and brilliant.
He has been snatched up by the FBI in '92 after his
stint in the marines was over. He had been given
advanced courses in all of the criminal sciences and
had recently earned a doctorate in psychology. He
had found over 350 missing persons and had
successfully recovered 315 kidnap victims. His
record was over 90% success, but leaving the briefing
room today he felt lost. The woman missing wasn't
just high profile, she wasn't just a movie star. She
was the biggest star on the planet. Mentally he
reviewed what he had just learned as he walks into
his office and sits down.
She had been a star to millions. Hers was the movie
career that others envied. Her role as the leading
woman in blockbuster after blockbuster movie some
said was blessed. Everything from her first role as a
screaming girl caught by a serial killer to her most
recent 180 million dollar sci-fi epic has been praised
as a shining example of how to act. Her acting was
perfect and her private life was a mystery. The
paparazzi were stumped she seemed to simply
disappear after her appearances and her days on set.
The only candid photos ever taken of her that made it
to the news media were from the movie sets. Her
name was legend, her origins obscure. Her answers
to questions in interviews were frank and never
evasive she told the truth and only refused to answer
questions about her private relationships. She spoke
freely about her love of dogs and how many she
owns, she talks quite openly about loving to cook soo
much that she has to constantly work out. She claims
to have had a half-Russian, half-Chinese father and a
half-Aztec, half-Spanish mother. The results of this
mysterious mingling of racial characteristics were
astounding. She has been voted the sexiest most
beautiful woman alive for 5 years in a row. Her
parents were also a mystery she has stated many
times in press junkets that no they would not be
attending the premiere as they were both dead.
Several times people had come forward to claim they
were a parent or relative but DNA comparisons which
she freely volunteered for proved otherwise. She was
a mystery, she was Marica Chen. Her sultry almond-
shaped brown eyes, cappuccino complexion and
waist length raven-black hair drove men crazy. Her
voluptuous curves had women finally getting away
from the stick-figure ideal they had held for so long.
Thanks to Marica, the entire fashion industry
changed, the anorexic waifs were gone for the most
part and women with curves were in.
She owns an estate on a mountain north east of San
Diego, in fact she owns the whole mountain. The only
person ever seen going in and out of there though is
her controversial personal assistant Kim Green. Kim
has made the news countless times for her antics and
drunken debauchery. Her string of boyfriends and
lovers is almost as legendary as her bosses career.
She was a tiny, flat-chested reddish-blonde tattoo
enthusiast about 5 inches shorter then Marica and
pale as a white sand beach. Kim has said in
interviews that she met Marica on the movie set of
"Son of Shuggoth". Which was Marica's first movie.
Kim was an extra in the movie as a girl who ran away
as the killer tackled and then stabbed a screaming
Marica. It was a memorable scene, and it was Kim's
only scene in a proper movie. She did however have
14 sex tapes circulating on the Internet. She was a
walking scandal with both arms fully sleeved in tattoos
and short spiky hair cut. she too however had
Two women, both gone without a trace. It had been
5 days since Marica and Kim were due on the set of
"Pretty When She Dies". Neither had shown up and
the producers were fighting to get a replacement for
her as the movie rolls over budget before shooting
even starts. Marica was never late, never hung over
and never missed a mark. It was unusual to say the
least. The union was fighting to keep her on saying a
contract was a contract and that she would show up
eventually but after 5 days even they were beginning
to doubt. There were plenty of rumors, and the world
media has descended to report the falling of the most
famous actress of our times. The press was so bad
trying to get into the set that the police had been
called to quell the near riotous frenzy of the reporters.
Ron sat back and rubbed his brown eyes, with a
gentle sigh he leaned back in his chair. Where to
The flight from Washington to San Diego was boring
Ron slept through most of it. There was a car waiting
for him and they took him to his hotel. Agents Scirillo
and O'Reily were his contacts with the local office in
San Diego. They were, according to his brief at his
disposal. Dropping off his bags in his room he had
them take him out to her estate, they were meeting
her manager there who would let them in.

The gate at the base of the huge hill was black

wrought iron with spiked spears on top. To the left
and right ran a 2 foot thick brick wall that was 13 feet
high and topped with spiked spears. It ran all the way
around the hill, which encompassed Chen Mountain,
her personal get-a-way. As they pulled up a black
limousine was waiting for them and a very tall man in
an impeccably tailored Ralph Lauren suit got out. His
eyes were bright blue, evident by the sunglasses
perch halfway down his nose. His hair was spiky
brown and he was smiling at them as they got out of
the black sedan.
"Agent Amos? I am Jerry Jarnagin, Miss Chen's
agent. I was told to let you onto the property so I got
the security company to give me a pass card for you,"
The man said.
Holding out his manicured hand he smiled as Ron
took the card from him. The card had was
emblazoned with two words and a magnetic strip
along the back. Heimdall Security in gold letters on
the charcoal grey card was all it said.
"I may have some questions for you later, Mr.
Jarnagin," Ron said.
"Here you are then both of my numbers are on here
along with my email," Jerry said.
Taking a cream colored business card from Jerry,
Ron then watched him get into the limo and drive off.
Ron turned to Agent O'reily.
"Ben, get me everything we have on Heimdall
Security. While your at it get me everything we have
on Mr. Jarnagin as well," He said.
"Right away," Ben O'Reily said, turning away and
pulling out his cell phone.
"John get me that detective that took the call from
the movie studio when the report was filed have him
bring us the entire file, or at least copies of it. Get him
up here ten minutes ago," Ron said.
"You got it," Scirillo said.
While both agents were on the phone Ron turned
and walked over to the massive gates at the end of
the driveway. A helicopter was approaching, squinting
Ron looked up at it and there was a man in there with
a long telephoto lens on his camera. Suddenly
another chopper appeared with one was charcoal
grey with gold letters on the side. Ron could guess
who they were. Looking to his left he sees a box on a
pole where you scan your card to open the gates.
Next to the card reader is a keypad and a call button.
Punching the call button Ron turns to face the camera
on top of the Wall beside the gate.
"Heimdall," A voice said.
Holding his FBI identification up so the camera can
see it Ron says. "This is special agent Ron Amos,
The bureau sent me to investigate Miss Chen
disappearance. One of your helicopters just chased
off a reporter with a camera who was snapping
pictures of me and my team here at the gate. I want
that man's camera brought to me with the photo's
intact. I'd like to see what else he has been doing."
"We will follow him to wherever he lands and have
the police confiscate the camera and bring it to you,"
the voice said.
"Thank you," Ron said.
"The detective is on his way," John said.
"Good now lets get going up to the house," Ron said.
Ben snaps his phone shut and hops into the drivers
seat. Ron takes shotgun and John sits behind Ben.
The car moves up to the keypad and Ron hands the
card to Ben. Reaching out Ben swipes the card and
the gates slowly swing open. The camera above the
gate swings to follow them up the drive as the gates
close behind them.

Chapter 2

She stumbled down the hallway her long black hair,

matted with filth and gore hung loose and about
halfway down her back. Her once vivid almond-
shaped brown eyes glazed over with a film-like
whitish substance. Her mouth, once so pretty
continually emitting low grunts and groans as she
staggers. The hallway itself was once a fine access
way speaking of the financially affluent residents of
this high dollar apartment complex. Now though it is
torn and destroyed, blood pools and splatters cover
the ruins of the walls and formerly luxuriant carpeting.
A thick covering of flies constantly buzz around her
feasting and laying eggs upon her corpulent flesh.
Some of the flies peel off and fly under the doors to
either side of the hallway she is passing, a few come
back from under the door to apartment 2409 and she
stops. The flies seem to have found someone alive in
there, somehow she understands the insects she just
moves back in front of the door and begins pounding
on it with her fists.



Her eyes snap open, she can hear the constant hum
of the flies around her. Looking around she can see a
cloud of flies covering her as she lies half in a small
pond in the woods. She feels no pain nor discomfort
from the flies who have been breeding maggots in her
flesh as she lay there. She finds it strange at first but
what seems like thousands of tiny voices are telling
her its for the best. They are saying she can help
them, and they will in turn help her. Where she is,
she has no idea and looking around isn't helping,
nothing looks familiar. An image flashes before her
minds-eye, she is in a car with a man, he is beautiful
and he is kissing her. The image fades away and all
that is left is a hunger. A hunger so deep it hurts. She
moans as she stands up crushing flies as she uses
her hands to help herself. The stagnant water
dripping from her lower body means nothing to her.
The brackish water runs off her naked flesh in rivulets.
The flies swarm on her wrinkled waterlogged legs.
She is so hungry, she needs to eat something. She
doesn't know what it is but the flies are talking to her
in their thousand voices.
Down the hill, they tell her, there is food there.
Stumbling downhill from the tiny pond, she threads
her way slowly through the trees. She slowly walks
through the brambles and thorn-bushes ignoring the
gouges left in her legs. Looking down at herself
occasionally she can see the writhing under her skin
of the maggots growing there. The voices assure her
that it is ok, that she is doing good, not much further
now they chant. They are calling her their queen,
they are telling her how much they worship her.
The humming drone of the flies surrounds her as she
reaches the tree line. There is a huge house before
her, the flies tell her there is food in there. Moaning
she stumbles forward across the immaculate lawn.
There is a grill smoking on a slab of concrete by the
sliding glass doors of the house. There is a table set
up with forks and plates and such. She ignores it all,
stumbling onto the slab she reaches out and hits the
partially open sliding door. It opens enough for her to
go in, the swarm of flies precedes her. Her face is
caught in a curtain as the screams begin. Tearing the
curtain aside she sees a woman in a pair of cutoff
shorts and a bikini top choking on her knees. The
flies are streaming into and out of her mouth as first
she retches and then vomits. A man in a pair of
baggy shorts come running around the corner, he is
yelling something. She doesn't care, she must have
them. Her insides hurt, her head hurts, she is so
hungry. The man opens his mouth to say something
and the flies pour into it, they are sacrificing
themselves. He chokes and clutches his throat as he
falls over. He is gasping and vomiting as the flies
crawl into his ears and nose. Taking two steps the
queen falls onto the woman writhing before her on the
floor. She is on her hands and knees so the queen
bites down on the flesh between hip and ribcage.
Blood sprays into her mouth as she tears away the
first hunk of flesh. A cascading wave of pleasure
blasts through her as she chews and swallows. The
flies attack the wound burrowing into the womans rent
flesh between chomping bites of their queen. Another
image dances before her eyes surrounded by bliss,
he is still kissing her when the knife slides into her
chest. The image fades away and after four bites the
feeling subsides as the spurting blood starts to slow
down and the woman falls to the floor twitching and
bleeding out. The queen still hungers she crawls to
the man, who is still choking and trying to breath
through the cloud of flies suffocating him. Biting down
on his throat she tears a huge chuck of meat away as
the feeling returns and bliss echoes through her
being. Another image dances through her glowing
mind of looking down at her body from above as he
pushes her out of the car. The vision evaporates and
blood fountains from the wound as the flies pour into
it. The second bite she takes from the base of his
neck where is joins his right shoulder. Yanking and
pulling she gets a mouth-full of muscle and moans as
she chews in appreciation. After a few minutes both
of the people stop twitching and the queen stands up
drenched in gore. Rivulets of blood run from her chin
down her throat and across her perfect breasts. The
queen goes back out of the house through the sliding
glass door, her bloody feet leaving perfect prints on
the concrete slab. The flies swarming about her once
again and behind her in the pools of blood
surrounding the two still bodies thousands of maggot
squirm and flop.
Turning to the right she walks around the house and
down the long driveway to the street. The caked
blood dries on her skin in the sun and maggots fall,
leaving a trail behind her. Turning down the road she
heads downhill towards the city spread out below her.
Her raven-black hair blows in the breeze as massive
black storm clouds roll in above her. Violent spears of
lightning flash and thunder rolls across the city in the
valley below.
The clouds burst as she nears the bottom of the hill,
there is a house there where the road she is following
joins another. The flies soar into the windows of the
house and then return telling her of the food inside,
the flesh waiting for her. Stumbling up the front steps
of the house she pounds on the door. A few seconds
later she is still hammering the door when it opens
before her. The flies swarm the man holding the door
as she shoves him down onto the tile floor of the
entryway. They are singing prays to her, their tiny
voices raised as one in her mind.
Feast my queen. They exclaim.
The man sputters and gags over and over again as
the flies lodge in his throat, he turns his head retching
as she falls on top of him. Her teeth latch onto his
arm biting away a huge chunk of it's meat, she moans
as the pleasure races through her being. The flies
sing her praises. A flash across her brain shows her
body rolling downhill through the forest, then it fades
to a warm glow of joy. He starts to twitch underneath
her as she feasts and then he lays very still. The
ecstasy subsides and she rises, naked body
gleaming with its coating of blood. Her long waist-
length raven-black hair get soaked in the rain pouring
down as the flies sing to her that no one else is in the
house she must move on. Her coating of blood
washes away as the wind and rain batter her naked
Walking down the street she sees a man huddled
beside a neon-lit shop on her right. The gas pumps
are empty and the doors are shut tight against the
storm around her. As she approaches he says
something to her, and whistles. Her smile is grim as
the flies tell her to feast upon him. He rises as the
queen steps in close, his arms coming up to embrace
her. Something he sees in her eyes causes him to
step back against the wall of the building behind him.
Then the flies are swarming him, diving into his
mouth, nose and ears. He falls at her feet choking,
and kneeling she bites into his throat. Blood sprays
across her face as she chews, sensuous waves of joy
washing over her. After a few bites the feeling again
dies down and the flies pour into his wounds seeding
him with the maggots of their young, in hopes he will
rise too.
Standing she turns to see a car pulling up with blue
and red lights flashing on it's roof. The driver gets out
and points his gun. The flies attack him. He screams
only to swallow hundreds of them. He spins to the
ground beside the still open door to his car, spitting
and heaving. She stumbles to him and grabbing his
shoulders pulls him and bites into the back of his
neck. Blood fountains from his severed arteries
coating her face and hair. The flies sing out their joy
to her as she moans in rapture.
Letting the body drop with a thump at her feet she
turns as the rain washes the blood from her body.
The flies are telling her there is a man inside the
store. They sing out to her to go and feast upon him.
As the pushes open the door a little bell rings, the
flies swarm around the man behind the counter. He
has a phone cradled up to his ear. He seemed to be
frantically speaking into it as she approaches. Then
the flies are on him, waving his hands and arms he
yells. He dashes from behind the counter and almost
makes it to the back door of the store before the flies
get into his throat. He falls to the tile floor, and slides
face first into the beer cooler. She pounces on him,
grabbing his hair she pulls his face up to her and bites
down. Groaning and grunting she tears bites after
bite from him as sticky blood jets from his mangled
Rising she turns around, there are more cars
outside, three of them. With five different people out
there to feast on the flies call out. The sing to her to
open the door and let them attack. Five different guns
trained on her through the doors and windows of the
store. She stands pounding at the door she cannot
get open, helpless in her fury.

His eyes snap open, and in his ears the sound of
rain falling and flies buzzing over-come everything
else. A dim memory of a beautiful woman fade as the
flies speak to him. They sing to him, that he is their
king. They praise him as he stands. He feels nothing
except a gnawing overwhelming hunger. There are
bright flashing red and blue lights all around.
Staggering to the front of the store he can see even
more of the pretty flashing lights. In the distance he
sees seemingly hundreds of bolts of lightning lancing
down from the storming sky. The men and women
before him are pointing weapons at something to his
right. He pays no attention to whatever they are
doing and stumbles up behind one of them and bites
down into her soft neck. She falls forward carrying
him down with her. The flies raise their voices up in
glorious tribute as he pulls ropes of muscles from her
throat. Moaning he wolves down the gore as the
sensations cascade through his being. The others
turn and seeing him raise their weapons. The flies
attack them. As the closest one falls his gun goes off,
the bullet shattering the glass beside the door of the
store. The others open fire riddling him with bullets,
as he slumps over with multiple bullets through his
head, the flies swarm the officers.
The queen's flies pour out of the now shot-out
window, they completely obliterate the the cops who
fall to the ground trying to scream but only managing
strangled grunts as the flies choke off their air
passages. Staggering out of the window frame she
lunges for the closest officer biting deep into his
shoulder. He tries to scream but the flies, her little
minions are suffocating him. All he manages is a
squealing grunt as she rips open the muscles on his
shoulder and chews with glee. The feeling returns the
rapture running through her brain, as another image
flashes before her mind's eye. She is floating above
her body lying beside a tiny pond in the woods. A
huge greenish meteor strikes the ground nearby. A
wave of putrid force buckles the earth her body slides
half-in the water. The vision fades, as she staggers to
her feet and shuffles over to another cop.

On a blood soaked tile floor, a blonde-haired

woman's eyes snap open, in her ears the flies sing to
her. Her body convulses and twitches for a few
minutes and then she pushes herself to her feet.
Looking down there are thousands of tiny flies
everywhere, and they are speaking to her. They are
telling her where to go. Following their advice she
staggers out the back door and across the porch.
The rain soaks her body as lightning stabs down from
the sky over and over.
Minutes later she is deep in the woods climbing the
hill. Her feet don't work very good anymore and she
constantly smashes into trees. Moaning she
struggles further and further with the flies egging her
'We will show you our home mistress' they cry out to
Finally as she passes a tiny pond she sees a
massive green glow in the trees just above her. The
flies lead her to a huge crater in the ground. There is
a glowing green orb embedded in the ground. The
dirt around it is covered in phosphorous and seems to
pulse with life. Lightning strikes the ground beside
the glowing orb and the force knocks her off her feet.
When she finally struggles to her feet again a bolt of
green lightning arcs from the meteor hitting her full in
the chest. Her body absorbs the energy and she lies
down in the glowing soil. The flies implant thousands
and thousands of glowing green maggots in her. As
they burrow into her eyes and she is blinded the the
last thing she sees are bolts of green lightning
stabbing her chest over and over.
The queen pulls rope after rope of intestine out of
the cop's torn-open guts into her greedy mouth.
Smacking her lips she chews with glee. The flies
cover everything around her. The ground is splattered
with gore and writhing maggots. Three minions rise
to stand before her waiting patiently. The flies orbit
them and their blank eyes stare down at her. The
feeling of joy subsides and she rises to her feet. She
turns towards the noise of a siren getting closer and
closer. Lights flash as a police car and two
ambulances pull up before her. One of the men in the
passenger side of the ambulance is holding a radio
handset. He is talking frantically into it as she
staggers forward. In the window between them she
can see green lightning stabbing into the sky.
Seeding the clouds with a greenish tint it blazes a
path across storm and as she raises her arms it
strikes. A forked bolt of lightning impacts the
ambulances both at once. Her minions are knocked
to the ground as the metal of the vehicles is twisted
and torn open. The smoking remains are swarmed
over with flies as she reaches in and pulls out one of
the men. Her minions rush over as the flies attack the
policewoman who has gotten out of her car screaming
at them. She fires and one of the risen staggers as a
hole is blown right through it's chest. The queen bites
down on the paramedic savoring the blood jetting
from him as bliss engulfs her brain once again.
The second ambulance is torn open by the minions
the screaming driver and passenger pulled out and
torn apart. The flies lay their eggs and green-tinted
lightning begins jabbing down over the city in the