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CAT Regn. No.

Name Vikas Kumar
Statement of Purpose:

As I trace my roots back to the small rural area of Rajasthan and belonging to a small family of a
farmer, I find myself currently in a very good position thanks to my family who have been very
much co-operative & have always believed in me. My parents realized the importance of the
education, and have always motivated me to work hard day & night. From beggining, I have put
sincere efforts in learning, experimenting things, and secured good scores. I received my
primary education from the small school in the rural India where I dreamed about studying in
the premier institutes of the country. My hard work & persistence, nurtured by my parents'
constant encouragement brought me to IIT Delhi.

I am a person who aspires to have constant exposures and experiences. Moving out of the town, I
took the opportunity to come to IIT Delhi and face the newer world. Within IIT Delhi, I
undertook multiple courses in the discipline of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science,
Mathematics and Economics. I was very much interested in Machine Learning, Pattern
Recognition and the intriguing courses in Financial Mathematics, and Indian Economic policies
and challenges. My expertise in these areas have enabled me to find the career in the area of the
Finance, and I find myself placed as a Risk Analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland via campus

Although I am currently in a very good position from where I can kick start my career, but I feel
that one also needs to understand how businesses works round the globe, and how the clients are
dealt with. One cannot perform blind analytics without having any idea of Business Management
& the intuition behind the business policies being executed in the competitive market. I am sure
that the technical knowledge I have acquired with be complimented perfectly by the business
insights I shall get during the MBA.

Hence, I would like to express my desire to join one of the premier Institute of Management in
India, IIM Bangalore to acquire expertise & skills in the area of Business Management,
understanding markets under various economic situations as my primary objective to join IIM

Other than Academics, I have an interest in movies (especially French and German Cinema) and
sports(thanks to my father). I enthusiastically follow football, Hockey and Tennis. At IIT , I have
served as representative of Hindi Samiti Club, to revive whose popularity, I introduced the event
Anuvaad(Translation), which was a big success. Experiences like these have opened my mind
to the realm of ideas and art. The post graduate programme in management would equip me with
the necessary people and operational skills, necessary for a manager in a dynamic business
scenario. So, meeting with people from diverse backgrounds and interacting with IIM-B alumns
and faculty, to help me grow as a person is my secondary objective to join IIM Bangalore