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Issue 56 July 2010

Having played on over 1,000
albums, we quiz one of the bass
world’s most established players
on the business of bass

Regulars Interviews
Keep up with all the latest new gear and 36 TOM
industry news…
We catch up with
14 BASS TO THE FUTURE: Tom Hamilton as
SIMON SMITH Aerosmith’s ‘Cocked,
Introducing the talents of Simon ‘Spud’ Smith. Locked and Ready
to Rock’ tour arrives
Machine Head’s bassman muses over
his favourite bass albums.

We talk to bassists Jesse Wood, Matthew
Cohen, Troy Heaton, Jonny Thornton, Jay Gibby
& Yves Fernandez. 26 MIKE MONDESIR
BassicallySpeaking BassicallySpeaking

A vital force within the international music scene,

Bassically Speaking
Bassists tell us what they do in a minute or less!

Jesse Wood
‘I use a black Fender Jazz that
my old man gave me, with
we track down the ultratalented Mike Mondesir.
e Black HomeBrew electronics if
possible. I use a pedal called
Swan Effect a Hematoma Bass Overdrive
with The Black Swan Effect,
made by that company. My
amp is an Ampeg SVT-R,
Jay Gibby

which gives me a wicked tone
at any volume. The secret of
playing bass well is to have Escape
a good groove and feel. I
don’t play 5- or 6-string bass;
To Sea
I’ve never tried either, to be
honest. I like 4-strings at the Jonny ornton Night By Night ‘I would describe my bass
style as progressive. I try to

moment – maybe I should find a place between the
‘I use my Gibson Thunderbird notes that crisp, clear sound As I’m a huge 80s fan, Billy
Matthew Cohen
start watching Nathan East a rhythm and lead guitar. I get
5-string live, but I also have without losing power. Sheehan is a big influence. In

The Prince bassist tells us about life backing one

bit. My bass heroes are Aston bored following root note
a Warwick Streamer LX I would love to hear my my opinion, he epitomises the
‘Family Man’ Barrett, John Paul
Jones, Noel Redding, Bootsy
Collins, Darryl Jones, Willie
e Reasoning 5-string. In the past I used a
chorus pedal to give a little
Gibson through an Ampeg,
though – possibly the SVT-
notion of playing for the song
rather than overusing his vast
progressions, so I do my best
to find notes and chords to
more character to the tone, but PRO4. I’ve always been a big bag of tricks. Tom Hamilton offset the guitars a little and
Weeks, John Hogg, Alonza I’d say my bass playing is – making sure that what you develop my playing into
Bevan and my dad.’ rocking, riff-orientated, play doesn’t overwhelm the at the moment I’m just using fan of John Paul Jones: he was of Aerosmith is the reason
the great, solid sound of the one of the first bass players I started playing bass. Their something that builds up melodic and grooving. I overall feel or melody. I always throughout the song. I also
Gibson. My current rig is a I started to learn from, and solid, bluesy rhythm section

of the world’s most celebrated performers.

use Yamaha TRB6P and remember someone telling me

Joel McIver meets Ian Peres of Australian hard

Peavey Nitro through a Peavey I always loved his bluesy is what inspired me to join a only play with my fingers,
TRB6 basses plus a Warwick that the groove is everything, which is partly to do with
Streamer LX6 Custom and and they were right. My first 4x12 cab. The great thing basslines. Mark King is another band: they’ve got such subtle
about this amp is that it’s a personal hero, but more for groove and solid rhythms.’ the fact that I always used to
a MIJ Fender Precision. I am bass was a Marlin Slammer drop picks, but I really prefer
officially endorsed by Hartke 4-string in black – a Fender no-nonsense amp and great for his fluid lead basslines than
rock. It really gives the higher the funkier side of Level 42. nightbynightmusic the warm sound you get
and use a Hartke LH1000 amp Precision copy. I loved that from fingerstyle. 
in conjunction with a Hartke bass dearly, and wish I still had I use an American Fender
HyDrive 810 cab. I solely play it! My favourite bass to date more – I will study the other P Deluxe. I used to own a

rockers Wolfmother
6-string bass because I find it is my Yamaha TRB6. I still two strings. The greatest bass vintage 5-string, but it was
gives me the ability to cover all can’t believe how wonderful player that ever lived is Jaco fairly cheap and the low B
the sonic and melodic aspects it feels under the fingers, plus Pastorius. When I listened to sounded terrible, so I took it
required within my style of the sound is just amazing. The Jaco’s first album and heard off and changed the set-up

rock music. I love the fact that construction is second to none “Donna Lee” I was blown away. to EADGC. The high C was
I can hit the low notes and add and this bass just rocks. My bass I was just learning jazz then,
Troy Heaton A Plastic Rose
really cool and I used it to
that wonderful bottom-end heroes are Steve Harris [Iron so I couldn’t understand what play jazz. I have no effects:
heaviness to the guitars, but Maiden], John Myung on earth Jaco was doing. His I believe that the bass has a
‘I would describe my bass style I got this bad boy two years still have the option of playing [Dream Theater], John Paul groove, tone, feel and choice tone of its own – it’s there

Yves Fernandez
as aggressive, with plenty of ago and I still love it. It’s got a chords and melody lines with Jones [Led Zeppelin], John of notes amazed me, and still to drive the band. I use an
groove and too much fuzz. great sound and a great neck. the inclusion of the high C Deacon [Queen], Chris do. It’s almost like he created Orange OBC 410 cabinet,

I use a Fender Jazz Bass 2008
with Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys,
It’s quite sturdy too, which
can be useful for tours. The
string. They are very versatile
instruments indeed, and I
Wolstenholme [Muse], Pete
Trewavas [Marillion] and Jurojin and composed a new language
on his instrument. The
an Orange Bass Terror
head and a Boss TU-3
an EH Big Muff Pi with the tone greatest bass player that ever have never looked back. The Steve Lawson. They are all secret of playing bass well is

The legendary EWF bassist talks bass, boogie and

tuner. I don’t slap, because
rolled down, an EH Double lived was John Entwistle: the secret of playing bass well is extremely melodic, exciting and ‘I would describe my bass style 4-string Ruach bass, a 4-string dedication and a commitment it doesn’t really suit the style
Muff with the tone rolled up, one man who could gel The to understand when to hold tight players who understand as melodic and groove-based. US Fender Jazz and a Warwick to hard practice. There are no of my current band, and it
a Boss chromatic tuner, a Boss Who together. He played so off and when to let the music their instruments and roles I try to achieve a liquid, fluid Streamer. Although I’m not real secrets: it comes down gets me in trouble. When
Super Phaser and an Ashdown hard and with relative ease; breathe – the simplest of lines fantastically well. The greatest style with a deep pocket. I like currently using any bass effects, to disciplined and focused we recorded our second
T15-250S. The secret of playing he complements the drums can really make a song come bass player that ever lived is to give my basslines a crackle this is an area that I would like practice. After the pain barrier EP, I made the mistake of
bass well is keeping in the so well and no man could fill alive. It is also important to find Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. and buzz with energy when to explore in the future. I’ve of frustration comes progress. slapping while the engineer
groove and making the crowd his shoes. I slap, because there the groove and not to overplay. The guy just blows me away. playing. I aspire to play with played 5- and 6-string basses in Slap bass is an important sound was fiddling with my bass

about his recent induction to the Rock and Roll We meet one of the unsung heroes of
bounce. My first bass was a red is nothing quite like walking A clever approach doesn’t Every time I hear him or see empathy and sensitivity around the past and enjoyed it. Players that all bass players should take tone in the live room – it
Marlin Precision. It was in the around your house with your have to mean playing a million him play I am utterly transfixed: other musicians and artists. like Anthony Jackson and the time to learn and master. almost got me kicked out of
corner of my brother’s room for bass, playing old-school Chili notes all the time, but it does he makes everything he does At the moment I am playing a Jimmy Haslip have made these From Larry Graham and Louis the studio…’
ages and was eventually handed Peppers.’ require an understanding of look so effortless and exciting. 4-string active Cort bass. On instruments their own, and Johnson to Victor Wooten and
down to me. My favourite bass exactly what is needed within the Jurojin album I used three maybe in the future – when I’ve Marcus Miller, learn it all, man.’ escapetosea
ever to date is my Fender Jazz. aplasticrose the context of a given song thereasoninguk different basses: a custom mastered my 4-strings a little

Hall of Fame. American bass playing.

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Gear Reviews
Will this pair of upmarket
Polish-made basses impress?

The guys at Peavey have done it again
with this powerful valve stack

Bass Techniques

ractIve style FIle

Dave Marks: Inte
the Bunk and final ‘Interactive
Style File’ in my series.
Welcome to this, the

Dave Marks
Dave Marks is a busy
based musician. His
playing Bass Techniques
and recording credits
a wide range of bands
artists, including Larry

Andrew MCK
Albert Lee, Carl Palmer,

Carrack and many
At the moment, his
spread between
time is
How To Read Mus TuITIon TIp
out 8th-note rock with
Dirty Hands Band and
the The 12th in a series
on reading
ic: Lesson 12
Rick Parfitt Jr Band,
depping music notation
– 16th notes with
Thriller Live in London, and ties
writing and producing
Dave also
Clean Feet Studios.
in London

teaches at the ICMP
and maintains a heavy
on his own
presence, blogging
site and keeping his
with fresh
channel stocked up
content. He endorses
Man basses, EBS amps
Elixir strings.
Andrew McKinney Bass at Bass Guitar-X,
is Head of
part of Tech
Music Schools in
London, and is
my inTeracTiv
touring with the e lessons work:
Here’s How James
through stylistic playing, Taylor Quartet.
To conclude our journey
is a tune a transcription of the
a bit of funk. ‘The Bunk’ The magazinethe
For will fullcarry
Tuition Tip archive can get a special,
we’re going to try from HBO’s including sound the Internet, you
my favourite characters for you to study. On
In assocIatIon wIth inspired by one of
if Dr Dre was writing cop show
in-depth video
visit www.bassg
from either the BGM
files and videos,
lesson, viewable -
The Wire. I figured this.
80s, they’d sound like Interact – Tuition
site or my own site. Tips. Each this piece, I’ll have a
theme tunes in the way, with a low, full, deep Andrew want to get inside issue
all the If you really will be the
backing track with
The vibe is groove featuring
this up an octave with
a class taughtsong and also a specific
bass sound. I played copy of the full at the school, givingwww.davemarks.
more sense available from
pedal on, but figured it made bass
you a bite-size
removed, both chunk
of the
sub-octave lesson, and an insight a
to to tab it for 5-string. seamless,
com. like a challenge, post
into what
Dave’s column is brought to flow and sound it’s like
Finally, be onofa you
forto toInthe
with the The main riff needs hammer-ons
course. last
you playing along rhythms.willfew issues we’ve been looking
you in association the plucked notes, video response with at 16th-note
so work on keeping is we see this month Hopefully, this is giving you

Institute of Contemporar
y By contrast, the B section track. The best performancethe next issue… on with. Don’t plenty to be getting representing notes
and pull-offs all flowing. Take care to keep the notes and a picture in worry if this takes
you more than and last into the
that start part-way
through one beat,
win a prize to
Music Performance. syncopated and spacious.
get to grips with, and a month next, as in many
the gaps syncopated rhythms.
good muting to keep
even if you do Method For Reading
you bass
on, the feel ready to move
controlled, and use lesson on playing can always refer 16th-note Rhythms
For an in-depth video
back to previous The method I advise With Ties
up on specific tight and silent. scale. bass-related
as well as lots more our 16th-note areas. This month’s issues to brush for reading 16th-note
the A minor pentatonic parts in this song, and www. focus is adding ties is thus: learn rhythms with
T: 0207 328 0222 Most of this tune uses little work on rhythms. I’m afraid ties to to play the rhythm
ignoring the tie.
unfamiliar with it, a
the methods and
Perhaps, if you are master the content, check out add yet another to say that this
layer of complicatio does strategies I have
previously described,
might help you slow it down and
that scale (in five positions) not to rush ahead of the the increase in
n, once again due
to count the subdivision eg
care approach, I’m confident . However, using a systematic :
riffs and grooves. Take some attitude – it’s a cool that given time 1 e & a 2 e
it with work you & a 3 e & a
drummer, and play it out! will be able to
4 e & a

We test this intriguing

not gentle! We first looked
vibe, but definitely at tied notes in
BGM When you are
tie is a curved issue 49. To recap: comfortable with
line connecting a rhythm, add the the sound and
The tie joins the two notes of the tie back in. This feel of the
notes together, same pitch. will make the second
longer note out effectively creating the tied notes
one join to the first. of
of two separate this note as though The key thing is
As I have stated notes. you are playing to still feel
78 Bass Guitar 24/05/2010 10:20
before, 16th-note This will help you it – just don’t play
divided into units rhythms are normally keep time and it!
lasting no more downbeats are hold on to where
(a beat) in length. than one quarter – this is essential the
This means that note for reading syncopated

bass model from

16th-note rhythms.
In AssoCIATIon ties are very useful
Dave Marks_1nw.indd
74 wITh

Andrew’s column
is brought to you
in association with
Bass Guitar-X.

the States on its

020 8749 3131

international debut. 74 Bass Guitar

Andrew McKinney_1nw

.indd 70



WOODSHED Tuition Tip: Reading Notation

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