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Fast 1B Lessons 1 4

Oral Test
Lesson 1
1. Answer the questions:
a. Which sport is more difficult to play, soccer or volleyball?
b. Would you like to learn a lot of languages? Which ones?
c. Which language would you prefer to learn, Japanese or Italian?
d. Is So Paulo as beautiful as Natal?
e. In your opinion, whats the most beautiful country in the world?
f. Is Brazil bigger or smaller than Japan?
g. Is Italy as big as Russia?
h. Are you as tall as the person next to you?
i. Are you as tall as your teacher?
j. Is the weather in Brazil as cold as in Canada?
k. Are the streets in So Paulo as busy as in Belo Horizonte?
l. Would you prefer to live in a noisy and crowded city or in a quiet one?
m. Which culture is more interesting, the Chinese culture or the Arabic
2. Think about a city that you visited in Brazil or in another country. Then,
talk about this city. Say: the name of this city / country, if its big or small,
how is the weather, if the people are polite and friendly there, if its
polluted, the best means of transportation, good places to visit such as
museums, parks, etc.

Pronunciation practice Lesson 1

Say the following words and sentences
December options bigger beautiful expensive much interesting usually
vacation abroad choose picture introduce characters listen suggested
spend prefer attention thinner happier better soccer pollution worse
difficult popular faster course take graphic couch - comfortable

a. The best means of

transportation in my opinion is
the subway.
b. My mother bought a very
comfortable couch.
c. South Africa is famous for its
beautiful landscape, abundant
fauna, and fascinating history.

e. In South Africa, English is the

dominant language in the
government, media and
f. The avenues in the Capitals
are very crowded.
g. Korean is the language spoken
in Korea.

d. The official language in Brazil is

Fast 1B Lessons 1 4

Oral Test
Lesson 2

1. Answer the following questions.


Who is the most stubborn person in your family?

Are you stubborn?
Would you marry a talkative person?
What qualities would you like your husband / boyfriend / girlfriend to
e. Whats the oldest object you are carrying with you?
f. Whats the smallest object you have in your bag?
g. Whos the most beautiful actor/actress in your opinion?
h. Whos the most generous person you know?
i. Whos the most intelligent person in your family?
j. Is Spanish as difficult to learn as Greek?
k. Are boys more practical than girls?
l. Whats the best place to live in Brazil in your opinion?
m. Where do you work?
n. What do you do in your job?
o. Would you be an English teacher?
p. Do you have to work every day?
q. Do you have to talk on the phone?
r. Whats the best thing about your job?
s. Whats the worst thing about your job?
t. Whats your opinion about action movies?
u. What are the most amusing TV programs?
v. Whats the most fascinating country?
w. Do you know the origin of your name / last name?
x. How did your parents choose your first name?
Pronunciation practice Lesson 2
Say the following words and sentences
Angry problem divorce thats it couple argument argue fortune I see
your point importance actually make up key ring valuable models agency
absolutely regret puts out treats takes care fights crime designs advises
a. Did you notice something different with Michael? He looks more
generous than usual.
b. Lucas deserves a second chance. Think about it.
c. I want an ambitious, rich and famous boyfriend.
d. That girl in my classroom is so beautiful, attractive, popular and
intelligent. I think Im in love with her!
e. My cellphone is much more important to me than my keys.
f. Our new boss is very handsome, efficient and practical!

Fast 1B Lessons 1 4
Oral Test
Lesson 3
1. Answer the questions.

Which country would you like to visit on your next vacation?

What would you like to do there?
Do you have plans for your next vacation?
Do you usually travel on holidays?

e. Are you going to visit your friends next weekend?

f. What are you going to do tomorrow?
g. Are you going to study English this evening?
h. Where do you usually spend Christmas Eve?
i. Where are you going to spend Christmas this year?
j. Do you celebrate Valentines Day?
k. Do you wear white clothes on New Years Eve?
l. What do you usually do on mothers day?
m. When do you have English classes?
n. Are you going to travel in (August / October / etc.)?
o. When are you going to eat out?
p. When is your birthday?
q. Who are you going to invite to your next birthday party?
2. Tell about your plans for your next vacation. Mention where you are,
when are you going, who is going with you and the things you intend to
do there.
Pronunciation practice Lesson 3
3. Say the ordinal numbers:
11th 2nd 95th 100th 22nd
41st 55th 73rd 60th 14th 20th
4. Say the following words and sentences
Hiking boots Valentines Christmas amazing country including caught
attention caves southeast took spots landscape simply culture finally
cuisine truly co-workers destination work out
a. Its very important to take along a first aid kit, a flashlight, insect
repellent, a water bottle and sunscreen on a trip.
b. I intend to throw a party next weekend.
c. I hired a lawyer. I decided to divorce Brian.
d. Lets see my checklist: travel guide, one-piece swimsuit, comb,
camera, toothbrush and toothpaste. OK. Im ready to go!
e. I bought a beautiful bikini yesterday. Let me show you.