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English project about Science and Engineering

of Materials
The Science and Engineering of Materials
college is part of the "Transilvania" University
since 1990 when it was created as a result of
scientific advancements related to the
acquisition, processing and utilization of
materials.In all the activities taking place
inside of it , the college combines the rich
tradition of the tehnical schooling performed in
Brasov's university , with the new paths this
relatively dynamic field of research opens.
The future of industrial research is directly
related to the indentification of new materials
with amazing proprieties. These materials
must support the wish for durable
development.Taking in account the natural
resources are finite , the traditional methods
for energy production must be replaced in the
coming decades to avoid damaging the
environment with pollution.
The Science and Engineering of Materials
College trains specialists capable of handling
the complex problems of the present as well as
the probably higher in number problems of the
future.The faculty members are grouped into
research centers and the students are
instructed to learn globally acclaimed research
practies.For example:

Identification and development of new

materials , cheap and feasible , suited for

different industrial branches;

Development of new advanced

technologies for the production of

New technologies to replace the current


Non-polluting technologies.

The Science and Engineering of Materials

profile relased on the expertise and quality at
work , equipment ,security and health
standards at work.
That's why I chose to follow that way , to
protect workers from accidents and to inform
them about it .
Like any College of Engineering it takes 4
years to follow , the first 2 consisting of
general stuffs about engineering, then the 3rd
and the 4th to be based strictly on the chosen
profile ,that thing will help us to get
The place where is situated faculty is also a
nice place wich contains many tourists area
and a good industry.
To follow this college you need
determination , a good high school diploma
and some money to pay taxes and rent if
college is not in your city-home , also a new
lifestyle and equilibrated mind to understand
engineering cuz is not that simple and for

anyone who get into it .Aswell you need to be

friendly and capably to finish 4 years because
it's hard to start and try a different one .
Honestly I'm glad I followed that way and
now I'm in year 2 , I made some friends for life
I can say and it's happy to be here writing and
talking about this .

Project realised by Simion David student of

Science and Engineering Materials university of
Transilvania member of group 3351 in
Engineering and Security of industrial
services .