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The film is about the beginning of the legal and symbolic victory of the African

natives. The setting was anchored when most people believed that slavery was the
most natural means to pave the way for economic trade. (Maximiano, 2004)
The movie tells us the life of a slave, how does it feel to be in a class treated as
slaves, how difficult it is being born as slaves. It shows racial discrimination, what
happens to those being discriminated. It shows the inhumane treatment of those
situated in the higher class. Really, the world is cruel. It strongly supports the
realization that sometimes life is unfair, no matter how you look at it. You can't
escape reality that once you belong to a race treated as nothing in society, it seems
you're destined to such misfortune and the only choice left is it's better to die.
While watching the movie, realizations came into mind, what if I was one of them?
Can I escape my destiny? Will I be able to do something to escape what I am
destined for? What will I do to escape such cruel fate? Will I do the same as those
who choose to die? Or will I die because of too much physical and emotional pain?
And if I survive the life and death experience, will death is the only thing that waits for
me on the other side? I just can't express how I feel, it seems you'll lose your
consciousness while watching their hard times, your mind will float in the air and
youll start being numb.
I was thankful that I wasn't fated to those very cruel and horrible things they
What I like most in the movie that greatly moved my emotion was when the man
speak in a language he's not accustomed to, asking for their freedom, and the fact
that the judge was also a Christian. It depicted that there is really a supreme being
that God is always with us, no matter how difficult life may be, as long as you believe
in Him, He will always be there to help you. God will use other people as an
instrument of His blessing to lift you out of your misery as can be seen in the role of
the new young judge and those who helped them, the two black men and those two
white men (the young and the old lawyer).
It can be seen that there are still people whos in the side of light, in side of
justice and has still compassion for their fellow beings. Also, there are still those who
hated evil. Businessmen will do everything even if its very unjustly as long as it is for
money. There are those whom got easily fallen into the greed of money, those whom
who will trade their dignity and their fellowman just for weapons, a thing that is too
less of value in exchange of a person's life.
Above all, it will open our mind that we all are created equal, we all have equal
right to liberty, and we don't have the right to treat others unjustly. No one must
enrich himself at the expense of others especially at the expense of others life and
future. What count most is not the status youre in right now, but on how you attain
that status. We are humans, but its difficult to live like one.