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Jammy Thanyamas Chanchaiwat


Chinese Fortune
Ack-ack-ack-ackawooo-ack, early mornings in the middle of October, where the sky is
gold, where all chickens are crowing like their all have competition. Sounds of monks praying
are all over the village. A small village locates in south of Thailand name Cha-wang where
people are mostly Buddhist which has some Chinese blood and like to go to the temple almost
every day. Dang, a 45 years old head of Srichas family doesnt really want to wake up. Because
the weather in early morning is cool and conform not like other time in day. However he got
interrupt his daydream by an only women in Srichas family, Mom.
Dad wake up and quick take a shower! You might be late for the flower its might ran out
and bought some grill pork and sticky rice for Din, said loudly by mom.
Yes, Mom, Dang, the head of the family take a quick shower, dress up with a white
shirt with a loincloth pants and went on a motorcycle for go to the fresh market in a center of the
Argh! Dad dont forget to buy some food for offer to monk, yelling by mom.
Yes, mom, After Dang went to a market about a minute, a sound of an old women kind
yelling from the fence of the house, Its Aii a 38 year olds chubby talkative neighborhood.
Daow, are you here?! shout by Aii.

She doesnt really wear a cloth. All she wears is just a piece of sarong same like Daow
and other girl in a village. They like to wear a sarong when they are home because it really
comforts them a lot.
Why have to shout!!! Are you afraid that other is not going to hear you? Lets come in
first, A wrinkle moms shout back walking to the fence opening it for Aii.
Lets sit first, Doaw went to the Kitchen for a minute and back with two glasses of
water in both of her hand.
What bring you here? A sound of other motorcycle is coming toward the house, its
Dang who is back form the market.
Aow! Good morning Aii, long time no see how are you? What bring you here? said by
the head of family.
Im fine, sit down first sit down first. I have something interest and important to tell you
guys, said by Aii with her wider eye ball that likely seem to slip from her eye.
What was it why seem so exited? said Doaw.
There is a new kind of fortune in the tan-noi temple. Its not same like a chi-chi stick
that we ever use it before. Its it a new kind of new fortune. It is like an egg cut into 2 piece and
label with red color. Many people said it really make our wish become true. They said all you
need to do is just make a wish that you want and throw in front of you. If the 2 piece of rock
went in to different size like front side and back side. It is mean that you wish will come true. I
also heard from fortune teller that this half year left are the months that the fortune is the most
accurate so I came here for persuades you guys, said Aii

How can that thing really make us achieve our wish? Funniest story ever, said by Dang.
Its already 7.00 a.m
Its already time to wake up Din. Thank you for coming to tell us today. I might ask for
the meeting next time, said by Doaw.
What a funny story, let wake up Din and let him have some breakfast. said by Dad.
Wake up! Din goes get a quick shower, its time for school. wake up by mom.
While their son takes a shower, the head of the family sit in the front of the house
smoking with his eyebrows knit tightly. After finish his cigarette, he walks to the kitchen press
his hand on his wifes shoulder. Whisper to his wife
Mom, I have something to tell you. Lets talk after Dang go to the school. his face
getting more serious.
Mom, I dont have any money left. May I have some more? said by Din. She gives his
son money from her chest.
Bye, mom sees you after school. After theirs son left the house. They start to talk with
Mom, we dont have any money left and this house is going to be impounding soon.
What should we do? his voices seem hopeless.
Maybe we can try that Chinese fortune that Aii had told us. We can make a wish about
the lottery and buy it a lot so we can get a lot of money, said with exited voice by his wife.

He shakes his head with a small sigh, How can we know it can really make our wish
come true. Have you heard of someone who really won the lottery because of that fortune?
The day passed by it almost an afternoon, dad still keep smoke wherever he have nothing
to do. The school bus drop his son in front the houses fence. However, Dang doesnt move at all.
He still keep continue smoke his cigarette even his son shouted for him open the fence.
Dad, open the fence please! I have something to tell you, Din said with his exited
voice. His dad slowly walks to the fence and open the fence for his son. Din seem really have
something important to tell his parent. He grabs his dads hand and run into the house.
Mom, I have something to tell you!! said loudly by Din.
What the matter? Calm down first, said by Daow.
Do you remember the rumors about Chinese fortune that Aii told us? Its true!
How?! What about it!! ask back by Dang. He seem getting more interest. Maybe it
because of this time, his son is the one who tell him the story.
Its real. Its true. Can you remember one of my friend name Kla. His family won the 2nd
prize of lottery in this month. He told me that his dad went to wish with the Chinese fortune with
Tan-noi temple, Din speaks with nonstop speaking to let himself take a breath.
Okay okay, let take some shower first. You must be really tried from the school. Do you
have any dishes that you want to eat? said softly by mom.

I want to have an omelet, squid soup and chili sauce, Din smiles to his mom thinking
about the food that will be serving at dinner.
Dad, do you want anything out of this?
No, that is enough, Dang starts to be quite again like he think of something in his mind.
The dinner of this house had gone with no felling on the table. Its all silent. The only
thing that we can barely hear is the sound of the spoon hit with the dish. Dang still seem he have
something on his mind but not only dad who seem to have something on his mind, Daow also do.
After the finished the dinner, its always be a mother duty to clean up everything on the table and
other stuff.
Said mom, Din, go take a shower and finish your homework. Dont sleep late.
They all went to upstairs. The village is really dark and quite. There are not much light
appear in the sky. All the sound that we can hear is just a sound of an animal such as crickets.
Said mom, Dad, have you think of the Chinese fortune. I think, we should try just only
one time. We dont have much more way to solve this problem, She puts her arms on her
forehead. She always be like this when she have something too much going on her mind.
Said dad, Tomorrow, I am going to the temple. Can you wake up and prepare all the
stuff for me? I think, Im going to wish for the 1st prize.
Yes, sure.
Lets sleep. Goodnight my dear. I will try to solve the entire problem soon. I promise.
He kisses his wife forehead.

Ack-ack-ack-ackawooo-ack, the new morning has come. It does always be the same for
this village. The sounds of the monks praying are all over the place. The sky is gold. The weather
is fresh. However, there is something difference happen in Srichas family. The dad who never
believes about all kind of fortune is preparing himself to go to the temple since the sky still dark.
Dang get on his motor cycle and quickly go to the temple. Even it is still an early morning but
the temple is already full with so much people. Dang walks directly to the building where the
fortune is located, he meets Aii she is praying like she wishes of something.
Said Aii, Hi Dang, I never think that I going to meet you here, she sound like she feel
really curious about Dang being here.
I just want to try that the rumors is true or not, what is your wish?
I wish to meet the true love. I try to do it for many times but the fortune always flips into
the same side, Her face seems really disappointed.
How? The flip side?
Like I told you before, you need to wish first and throw the fortune. If the fortune went
into different side, it means that your wish will come true. I need to go now. I have to open my
store at the market. Its already late now. See you Dang.
Thank you, see you Aii.
Dang sits in front of the fortune, he feels really hopeful and exited. His heart beat really
fast. He began to wish silently (I wish I wish I won the lottery either on the 1st prize or 2rd
prize). He throws the fortune in front of himself and it went into different side!!! His heart
beating faster and faster, he cant control his face that keeps smiling. He ran to his motor bike

and quickly drives to buy the lottery. However, he is not truly believed on the fortune so he just
buys only 1 ticket.
Time passed by, in the mid of the first day of November. Many people are all sit around
the small radio waiting for the lottery prize announce. They all chat with each other but suddenly
they are all silently.
Said the reporter,The 1st prize is 005816. After the announce of the 1st prize. Dang went
into cheerful. He shouted out really loud, The 1st prize is mine. The 1st prize is mine. People
around him are all greeting him and congratulate to him. Dang quickly get on his motor bike and
went to drawl the money. After drawl the money, he decided to get back to his house telling the
best story ever to his family.
Mom! Din! I won the 1st prize of the lottery!!! We are rich now!!! Dad said loudly.
I want the new robot! I want new telephone! Dad, I think we should buy a new car!!
said Din.
I want a new cloth! A new bag! said Mom.
No, we need to pay back the money that we borrow the bank first. Otherwise, the back
can be bankrupt us, He said with his low voice.
Just buy something first! We still have many chance to win the lottery again, said mom.
Unfortunately, Srichas family is using money with the entire unnecessary thing. They
choose to give the money for other neighbor easily than pay back the money that they rent.

Ack-ack-ack-ackawooo-ack. Its nearly 16th of November, where the lottery prizes going
to be announce. Dang went to the temple again. He still makes the same wish (I wish I wish
I won the lottery either on the 1st prize or 2rd prize). Unluckily, the side of the fortune is gone into
the same side. His expression is really disappointed. He feels like he went back to his house with
Said dad, Mom, we cant buy the lottery in this time.
The side of the fortune went into the same side.
Its okay dad, we still have the chance next month she put her hand on his shoulder
touch it genteelly to soothe her husband.
But the money for pay back
Shu! Dont talk about it. We go to be fine. The money that they got from the lottery is
nearly running out. They need to find a way to solve the problem. Dang keep going to the temple
everyday wishing his wish to come true but the fortune never went into the difference side like
he expected.
The night 1 week before 16th of December, Dang and Doaw are looking really strain.
Said dad, Its nearly the end of the year, that Aii said the fortune will not be accurate
I will prepare the stuff for you tomorrow. Dont be serious. We are all going to be fine.

The morning has come; Dang feels like his heart beat really fast again. The temple is still
full of a lot of people. He wishes again (I wish I wish I won the lottery either on the 1st prize
or 2rd prize). The Chinese fortune went into different side!!!! His heart full with the hope again.
He quickly goes to the lottery store. He uses all the money to buy the lottery. All he has to do is
waiting until 16th of December.
People in the village are all sitting around the radio again. They all chat with each other
and quickly become silently.
Said the reporter,The 1st prize is 008916. Dangs hands shaking, he knees on the floor.
His face has no feeling going on. All his money is gone. He has nothing left like ever used to be.
He finally understands how the fortune and lottery might not be the answer for richness.



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