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Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) ‘Words and Music by Per Gessle Moderately a a fab Ey p iS)” wee the | sn, descends 2 one, 1 ran a |long, long way from eed 'a_ilit- tle time to get your| face’ right out of _ my when! T'[aneamehere’s a0” fe~ ply when’ I |reach out there's noth-ing to gh © 1991 Jimmy Fun Music ” Imemnatinal Capyight Secured Ai Fights Reserved Se to find a |heart that's made of — to see the When T through dif - rent break’ down’ ‘and Eve'ty time 'I see you, ob, I |try to hide a-way,| but when we meet it seems I {can't let mp y ny % To Coda DS. (take 2nd ending) © Bb Cc. al Coda % Ev. 'ry time you leave the room I |feel I'm fad-ing like a | flow-er. Tell me why- Pay a SS flower, fad-inglike a |rose, fadinglike a | rose, ‘beat-en by the |storm, talk-ing to myself, get-ting washed by the rain, I's such a cold, cold | town, DS. and fade 88