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PORGY AND BESS 34 SUMMERTIME Words by M DU BOSE HEYWARD GEORGE GERSHNN Allegretto semplice ——_ Piano: Uff espressivo cts ae Moderato . much expression) Bm6 che m6 CHm6_Bm6_—Chm6_— mb time an’ the liv - in’ PP Spr. = RH A re mnr/epoce nth ch ———_ ¥. — ‘Copyright © 1935 by Gershwin Publishing Corporation, New York, N.Y. Copyright Renewed Published in the United States by joint agreement with Gershwin Publishing Corporation and Chappell & Co., Inc. Chappell & Co., Inc., sole selling agant 35 ame me # rhe Ff ams hms Bmé Oh, yor dad-dy$ rich, ‘An yo’ ma is good - look - in, kh —— |, |_ —. Bmé 7 D> Bm E Agnus Bm "poco animato, oS (poco animato ‘mf espr 29-5 (x0 3rd) me Chm eo rie 39-5 m6 hme /B 9 por Tempo I One of these — morn - in's Bmé hms m6 cHmé — Bmé CHmé = m6 Em? Em7/G you goin’ to rise_up — sing - inj. ‘Then you'll spread yo’ wings— \ ° wre t ree tir eet l == Em7/B 8 # ctr ft fe Hr an’ youll take the €, ———— But till that ame chms Bmé E7 a ae cts ther’s a noth-in? can harm you