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Inception questions

Anna Rossio
Blended responses
2) In the movie if someone died in the dream then they would wake up but the pain felt is very
real. What this tell us about the nature of dreaming and experience is that our dreams are based on
events or people that have had an impact in the past. This could also be a glimpse into the future,
like a warning sign, about the kind of pain the individual has a chance to feel. The nature of
dreaming comes from the individual's mind and is a reflection of the individuals past experiences
and the impact those experiences left on the mind. For example, if they were stabbed in the dream
they werent necessarily stabbed in real life in the past. However, that is how they might have felt
metaphorically and that is how the mind perceived the event, like they were stabbed. Therefore,
the nature of dreaming sparks from an individual's past experiences.
6) The question Who are we to say otherwise? is the right question to ask because we dont
know what the dreamer is experiencing, or why they feel the way they do. Therefore, without
being in their shoes or understanding what they are thinking we dont really have a right to tell
them they are wrong. There is also the chance that the dreamer could be right and they are not in
what the other person thinks is reality, they could still be in the dreamers reality. If someone
thinks his or her dream is reality Who are we to say otherwise? is correct because we arent the
dreamer and dont know what they are going through so we arent in a position to judge.
8) There are some instances when breaking the law is justified, especially if you are fighting for
people to gain more rights or make things more equal. The obvious examples of when breaking
the law was acceptable is when people protest for the womens right to vote, and then the civil
rights movement. These people justifiably broke the law because they were fighting for a just
cause and were trying to improve society as a whole. Additionally, there are often the cases of
self-defense where someone could have been injured or killed but the only reason why that
unfortunate event occurred because they were trying to protect themselves from being harmed or
killed. There could also be unjust laws that should be broken in order to make a point, which can
be tied back to fighting for equal rights. Therefore, I do think that there are some instances that it
is justifiable to break the law because of some laws werent broken than society wouldnt be able
to progress and change.
9) I do think Cobbs actions were justified because either if he was taken to prison or fled he
would still be separated from the people he cares about most, his kids. Also, if he were in prison
he wouldnt have as much as of fighting chance to see them again like he does when he fled in
order to get back to them. He has more control on being able to see them if he flees and does
everything in his power to try and get back to them, whereas in prison it isnt really up to him.
Everything he was doing was an effort to try and get back to his kids, so I do think his actions are
justifiable. I would leave to person I care about most in order to protect them not to just avoid
legal consequences, that is not a justifiable reason. If fleeing gives me a higher chance to see
them again then I would defiantly decide to flee. I would always have the person I love interest in
10) An idea can grow that will either define or destroy you means that the idea will become your
new mission in life and define who you become and what you do. What it means by destroy you
is the idea will make you do anything and everything in order to achieve, even if it means
harming ones you care about in order to get there. For defining you, the idea changes you and
your beliefs and can make you question things in your life, thus redefining your values and moral
and who you are as a person. Then for destroy you is it will completely take over your life and
you will no longer desire anything besides achieving this idea so you wont be living your life the
way you actually want to. The statement shows the two contrasting effects an idea can have on an
individual and their mind. An idea will define you, change what you believe and values, or

destroy you, make you only concerned with accomplishing the idea and nothing else in life
11) I do think our dreams can reflect our subconscious feelings and thoughts. I think our dreams
are based off of past events or feelings. Therefore, the dream can be illustrating to us our true
feelings or thoughts on a person or event, a feeling we originally thought we didnt feel when it
first occurred. The mind is a very complex thing and is very hard to understand why or how it
does what it does. I do believe, however, that dreams are the key to our subconscious and we
discover more about ourselves through our dreams. The dream isnt going to be a literal
explanation of our true feelings and thoughts; however, different parts of our dream could
represent a thought or feeling. I think dreams are what lead us to our true feelings and thoughts
on something and are what connect us with our subconscious. Therefore, yes I do think dreams
can reflect our subconscious thoughts or feelings because they are the key to the subconscious.