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Equipment for paperless

- Three prong adapter

- Podium
- Viewing laptop
- Mouse
- Template

What you want and need in your paperless system

- Virtual tub is impractical
o When you have it perfectly prepared with it synergy is slightly faster
o When you don’t know your file well your files may not be as well organized you don’t know
what you are going to put in your file
o You don’t know what you are looking at
o No room for flexability

Setting up paperless
- Have a different user for paperless
o Have your desktop largely clear of files and foleders
o Have everything in different cornors
o Turn off windows updates
o Turn off hibernation and screensaver
o Taskbar
 Keep it on the side
 Create toolbars
• For debate files
o Create a speech document
 You can move an entire hat or card or block with ctrl alt right
 Ctrl alt left sends what you have highlighted
 Ctrl alt ent is to delete a block and u can do that with a hat card etc
 Ctrl alt up and down makes you able to move stuff
 It is better to be in draft view
 Use the document map
 Use the scroll button for appropriate size
 Use full screen read
 Document map allows you to skip around on the document map
 Mac uses counm break which doesn’t work well with templates
o Table of contents useless organize in terms of the document map
- Transition to paperless
o Practice debates help
o Engage in situational debates
 2As prepare for worst case 1NCs
 1Ns prepare for new affirmatives
o Prepare tubs
 Files by tourments – in case you remember wat tournament something was produced you
can do that and then have it so that is avaliabe in a folder
• It is an okay backup
 Have a speeches file
- File construction
o The more files you have to open the harder your life is but the longer it is the more inconvient
o Ideal file is 70-100 pages
 Most of the document is covered in the document map
 If something is a long file have a core file with all of your important in one file and the
put all the rest in other files that group certain things
• Ie. 2NC core files in one file
• Reduces the total number of total files
• When you are sure you want to keep things togather don’t put a page break
• Provide uniformity
- In debate
o Predebate
 2N
• Setup 2nc Extentions
• Construct a working document
• It includes everything you need
• What 1N arguments will you need and what will you not
• You can save this for future debates
 1N
• Make a core 1NC for your speech for the debate
• Has a list of all the 1NCs in one file and you can just remove stuff
 2A
• Have four core files
o 2AC answers to Ks
o 2AC answers to CP
o 2AC answers to DAs
o 2AC answers to T and Case
 1A
• Core 1AR with all your extentions
o Before your speech
 Jumping files
• Dropbox is a good alt if possible
• Have your memory stick already in your computer
• After you are done jumping to your opponents give it to your partner
o Your partner can look at it
o And if your computer dies it works well
• Cyberquest macros
o After your speech
 Keeping track of files post debate
 Every tournament there is a new tub and you are supposed to put everything into a private
tub with all the files you modified